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Want advertisements cost on cent
per word each Issue, or 5 cent per
line of five words per day, no first
Insertion less than 25 cents, or two
or more Ones per week at the rate of
25 cents per line per week, or 75
centa par line per month. Remember
five average worda make a line. All
advertisements on this page must be
paid in advance. No exception to this
CHAMBERMAID at the Virginia.
EXPERIENCED girl or women for
housework. 709 22nd. Phone 1531.
0 TVill pay good wages 9-8-tf
GOOD girl for general housework; no
washing, good wages. 674 24th St.
J 9-3-tf
GIRLS wanted at the Troy Steam
(Laundry. 9-3-3t
GIRL for alteration In suit Dept.
Horrocks Bros., 2427 Wash 9-2-lwk
EXPERIENCED lady clerk at 2341
Wash. 9-2-1 1
FOR housework In small family B18
27th. Phone 1078-W 9-2-tr
A GOOD girl can get good wages at
2341 Adams. 9-1-lwk
FRUIT pickers and packers at once.
Applv Ogden Fruitgrowers Asen
Phone 510. 9-1-lwk
GIRL for general housework. Apply
2621 Mad'iBon ave g-SO-lWk
TOUNQ lady to take care of children
1914 Lincoln. 8-29-lwk
GIRL for housework. 667 25th st
SHOEMAKER wanted. Steady Job
to right man Goodyear Shoe Re
pair Co.. 364 24th. 9-2-tf
BOY at Horrocks Bros Store to work
all day, 2427 Wash. Ave 9-2-lwk
YOUNG man of good address to so
licit Ogden and Weber county; good
proposition to right party H D.
Standard. 8-26-tf
WANTED A good canvasser to se'l
real oil palntlngB, made by hand,
pood commission Address Oil Paint
. ings, care the Ogden Standard, good
references required 7-11 4t
WANTED By reliable woman wash
ing to do at home for private homes
or school teachers. Phone 2125-M
8-80-1 wk
WANTED A position as housekeeper
by young woman with child of 6,
widowers home preferred B L care
Standard. 8 29-lwk
fc MVN and wife want employment tor
i chamber work Address 661 23rd
k it 8-28-1 wX
QUIET, respectable home for con
1 finement and non-contagious sick
b cases Mrs Dalton. 473 31st St
Phone 1221-W. 8-21-lmo
M .
J WANTED Clean, wmte old rags, at
the Standard office. Phone 66. 360
24th St.
GET in line for a good position. Cen
tral Business College offers special
Inducements to first 25 to enroll Op
poslte the P. O. 8-26-tf
MEISELBACH'S Private Business
College, 2656 Adams, is personall
conducted by an experienced Mer
chant and competent teacher. Enroll
lor the new course. 8-22-lmo
LISTEN here' Madam Yogis, the
1 greatest farseer. astrologlat, palm
and card reader Call and be con
a vinced she i6 the best 132 1-2 25th
jfl 8t. Newdale rooms.
5? WALLET between 16th street and
jftfl Five Points on Washington avenue,
a black wallet printed Kansas City
I Life Ins Co , on inside of wallet. Re
ward. Windsor Hotel. 105 25tb St
SPECIAL policeman's badge In Lester
park. Return to Police Station
, 8-28-1 wk
RING with moonstone Betting, be
tween 23rd and Monroe and Union
depot Return to Standard; reward
FARM near town for house, close in
fg C. D. IVES. 3SO 25th St 1-16-lyr
Washington, Sept S. The day in
tf1 Resumed consideration of tariff
Zsfj ! bill.
, 9y American Bankers association
cfc i committee outlined before banking
cHp committee views on currency leglsla
0f tiOtL
Foreign relations committee report
ed favorably nomination of Henry'
Morganthau as ambassador to Turkey
Lobby committee temporarily clos
i ed Its hearings.
'I' West lrglnia coal strike committee
( Tesumed its investigation, Ith coal
operators testifying
JJ House.
Passed Hetch Hetchy reservoir bill
gi anting San Francisco us of Hetch
lfi U Hetcby basin.
' M. M. Mulhall continued hie test-
m money before lobby commute
NICELY furnished 5 room apartment
strictly modern, ideal location,
no children. 2341 Adams avenue.
8- 28-lwk
LARGE comfortable rooms, with
bath Convenient to Ijp-wIs. Pin
cree and Washington schools. Board
if desired. 335 28th St. 9-3-lwk
ROOMS for light honsekeeping, light,
gas and bath. 2S13 Wash 9-2-lwk
FURNISHED honsekeeping rooms,
strlctlv modern. 569 22nd St.
9- 2-lwk
THREE furnished roomB for honse
keeping, 2137 Grant. 9-7-lwk
LIGHT housekeeping room and alcove
evervthlng furnished, room cared
for Phone 484-R. 9-l-3t
FURNISHED rooms for housekeep
ing 2630 Adams. 8-28-wk
THREE elegant furnished rooms for
light housekeeping, close in, cheap
J. J. Brummltt, Phone 69.
FURNISHED rooms 2746 Adam?
FURNISHED flat In Spencer Terrace
Inquire Arlington Hotel. 8-28-lwk
SIX room modern furnished house,
large barn, all in good condition
2035 Adams Phone 1677-R 8-28 13
THREE-roomed house, one block from
car line; cheap If taken at once.
886 12th Phone 900-W 8 28-lmo
THREE furnished housekeeping
rooms Call evenings or Saturdays
2846 HudBon avenue 8 26-2wk
5-ROOM modern cottage Best loca
tion. Phone 482. 2624 Jefferson
FOR rent or for sale, nicely furnished
eight-room modern house. 639 23rd
FURNISHED flats. 2634 Grant. Ave.
FOR RENT FurnlBhed. new, clean.
comfortable housekeeping rooms, $2
week up 536 31st St 3-13-lyr
3 ROOMS, pantrv, 6hant , light, wa
ter. $10. 222S Monroe avenue
8-ROOM modern brick house close
in Phone 2031-W. 9-2-lwk
FIVE-room modern house. Including
gas . 569 24th St Inquire Horrock s
Bros. 9-2-lwk
5-ROOM modern house, 2663 Qulncy.
Inquire 2218 Adams. 9-1-lk
A MODERN 7-room brick hou6e,
large basement, an abundance of
6hade and fruit trees, good neighbor
hood $25 J J. Brummltt, Under
Utah Nat 1 Bank.
FOUR rooms, lights, water, lawn,
shade. 3 blocks from Reed hotel
Purdy, 2478 Washington. Phone 4S5-J
A CHICKEN ranch, consisting of 5
room house, one acre of land, large
trees, plenty of water, well located
close in, only $10 per month J. J.
Brummitt, Phone 59.
THREE rooms $6 50, close In, water,
lights, can partly furnish. 2155 Ad
ams 8-28-lwk
A MODERN 8-room house with base
ment, grate, trees, garage, on 24th
st. $22 50. J J Brummltt Under
Utah Nat 1 Bank.
FOUR-room, $12, 6-room, $15; clore
in; water, lights. 2155 Adams
8-28 lwk
MODERN 5 room house, 2361 Madi
son, $20 a month. Phone 328 J
8-28-1 wk
SEYE.n room oricK, modern house.
basement Apply 2026 Jefferson
Phone 2380. 8-25-tf
3- ROOM house. 1 acre land; 27th
and Harrison Ave; city water
Bicbsel, 2411 Washington Ave
4- ROOM flat, unfurnished. Over Smith
Grocery, 26th and Wash. Phone 254
COREY apartments, modern and rea
tDnable 2566 Washington ave,
STORE for rent 620 24th St 8-26-tI
STORE room 2464 Grant, reasonable
Inquire A G. Fell, Mayor's office.
SPECIAL police badge in Lester park
Return Police Station 8-28-lwk
STORE room 2238 Washington; 2
story, full basement, 100 feet deep
! Rent reasonable. Inquire A G. Fell,
I Mayor's office.
ROOM and board for two teachers
2671 Monroe. 9-2-lwk
HOME cooking, large pleasant out
side rooms and bath, 447 21st St
Rates to teachers 9-2-lwk
Calumet. Mich., Sept 3. Women
strike pickets attacked non-union
miners today in the streets of Red
Jacket and turned on cavalry men.
throwing stones and cans Two wom
en were arrested and will be prose
cuted. It was necessary tor the
mounted patrol to use force In driv
ing back the women and strikers
The president of a small college
was visiting the little town that had
been his former home and had been
asked to address an audience of his
former neighbors In order to assure
them that his career had not caused
him to put on airs, he began his ad
dress this:
"My dear friends I won t call you
ladies and gentlemen 1 know you
too well to say that" Ladles' Home
HOUSEHOLD furniture of five rooms I
Good as new. Will sell at sacrifice. '
966 Wash 9-3-lwk 1
SATSUMA, Japanese plumes. Far-
ley Grocerv, 2246 Wash. Tel 605 ,
9-3-lwk :
60 LINEAL feet of iron front fence.
with Blngle an d double gates; sec-1
ond band doors, windows and frames
Second hand lumber 2952 Wall Ave
Phone 373-R. 9-3-lwk
J A TICKET to Omaha, Neb., from Salt
Lake or Ogden over U. P. Can be
I used any time till Oct. 31. Inquire of
I 2313, Care Standard. 9-1-lwk!
TWO-CYLINDER Indian rootorcvele,
1913 model 517 22nd. Tel. 1386-M
8-30 lwk
ROLLER top desk; good aB new; rea
sonable. Inquire at 2357 Grant Ave
YOUNG, handsome driving mare,
rubber tired buggy, $150 00 A bar
gain Call 738 24th St 8-2S-lwk
GENT'S wheel, good condition 2651
Lafayette avenue Leaving city.
8-28 lwk
GRAVEL bed, first class gravel and
sand; close In. Phone 1490-M.
THE COW MARKET Corner 7th and
! Wash. We buy and sell all kind
of milch cows on approval Also in,
; carload lots. Phone 2129-R
; i
I YALE motorcycle, 1912 model, in
good condition Call 89S-W or
1298 J 7 19-tf
Cheap for cash, owing to a change
I in our press room the following are
offered for sale. Can be seen at the
, Standard office.
36 feet of 2 3-16 Steel shafting
with seven (7) 12 1-2 Inch drop hang
ers. 1 32-lnch 6 1-2 face wood pulley.
1 18-inch 6 1-2 face wood pulley.
1 14-inch 6 1-2 face steel pulley.
1 16-lnch 8 1-2 face steel pulley.
1 12-lnch 6 1-2 face steel pulley
1 17-lnch 6 1-2 face steel pulley
1 24-lnch 6 1-2 face 6teel pulley.
These are all split pulleys and can
be used upon any size shafting.
1 6-inch, 4-inch face, wood pulley.
1 12-lnch, 5 1-2 inch face, wood . al
ley. 1 KINDLING wood. Yard on Hudson
Ave., bet 23rd and 24th Sla. Phone
17-J. 12-2-ti
i FULL sized ink barrels, $1.00 apiece.
Inquire Evening Standard. 360 24tn
! 8u Phone 66. i-18-tf
MONEY advanced salaried people on !
easy payments, no security, also
loans on furniture, pianu6, etc. Drake,
j over Paine Sc. Hurst.
I ON farm or city property . Any amount
Purdy, 247 S V. asbington. 6-11-tf
MONEY on first mortgage real es
tate loans. Kelly & Herrick.
ANY amount on Real Estate. Bichsel
ln6., 2411 Wash. Ave.
LOANS on improved fan., or city
property. HUNTER & KENNEDY,
423 24Lh St, opposite court house.
MONEY to loan on city and farm
property. Any ainuunt, no delay
Mathews-AlcCuiloch Co, under First
National Bank. Phone 301-W.
MONEY to loan on watches, dia
monds, Jewelry, firearms, etc. Un
cle Sam'6 Loan Office, established
LSS5. The Money Lenders of Ogden
278 26th St. C. H. Smith. Prop.
MONEY to loan on real estate secur
ity. J. J. Brummltt 4-27-tf
bm pmm mmmmmammtm i
Notice le hereby given by the Board'
of Commissioners of Ogden City,
Utah, of the intention of said Board
to make the following described im
provements, to wit:
To create both sides of Ogden Ave
I nue between 7th and 8th Sireets for
a distance of 396 feet, and on Second
Street we6t from Washington Avenue i
beginning at a point on the south J
side of Second Street 344 4 feet west,
of Washington Avenue, thence east to
Washington Avenue and on the north
side of the 6treet from Washington
to Wall Avenue as a sidewalk dis
trict, and to construct therein a con- ,
crete walk four feet wide and tour.
Inches in thickness w ith the neces- i
6ary intersections together with the j
necessary grading therefor, and to j
defray the whole of the cost thereof: I
estimated at $1200 00, by a local as-I
sessment upon the lot6 or pieces of '
ground lying and being within the
following district, being the district I
to be benefited or affected by said
improvements, viz.
j All the land lying between the out
' er boundary lines of said street and
aenue. and a line drawn 60 feet out
ward from and parallel to the said j
outer boundary lines
All protests and objections to the
carrying out of such intention must
be presented in writing to the City!
Recorder on or before the 12th day
Of September, 1913, at 10 o'clock a
m.. that being the time set by said
Board of Commissioners when they
will hear and consider such objec
tlons as may be made thereto, at th
mayor's office, at the City Hall, Og
den City. Utah
By order of the Board of Commis
sioners of Ogden City, Utah.
Dated this 18th day of August 1913
H J CRAVEN. City Engineer
First publication August 20, 1913
Last publication September 11, 1913
A. G Fell. T Samuel Browning and
Joseph C Nye, Commissioners of Og
den City Utah, sitting as a Board of
Equalization and Review of the spe
cial and local taxes to be levied and
assessed by ordinance upon property
abutting both sides of Brinker aven
ue from 25th to 26th Streets 2'Uh
Street frcm Washington to Wall Av
lonues and Wall Avenue from. 20th to,
is here to purchase some Real Estate that is
from 30 to 50 per cent below actual value.
A 5-room Modern Press Brick House,
located close in, for $1850.00, on easv pay
ments. 6-room Frame House, pantry and closets,
nice shady lot; will sell for $1400.00, $100.00
down and $20.00 per month.
Vacant Lots on 22nd St., between Monroe
and Quincy Avenue; will sell on easy pay
ments. Also vacant Lots in Any part' of the
city to suit you.
We will build vou a home to suit you on
easy payments in any part of the city, we also
have several places to trade if so desired.
We are building an up-to-date Modern
Press Brick House with all modern improve
ments, large sleeping porch, on Quincy be
tween 26th and 27th Streets; we will sell for
$2750.00 on small monthly payments
See us before you buy.
Phone 115. 350 24th Street I
21st Streets, known as Sewer District
No. 116, hereby give notice that list
of property in said district to be tax
ed has been completed and they will
meet at the mayor s otflce in the 1
Hall, Ogden City, Utah, from 9 o'clock
a m to 6 o'clock p m , for five con
secutive days, commencing September
2. 1913, to and Including September 6
1913, and will remain In session on
each of these days during said houro
for the purpose of hearing any ppron
feeling aggrieved, and to make correc
tion of any tax deemed unequal or un
just, and during the sitting of said
board said lists of property and the
taxes proposed shall then and thre
be open to public inspection By or
der of the Board A G FELL.
First publication August 30 1913
Last publication September 5, 1913
For a limited period I will reduce
the sale price on my five room brick
modern home at 3051 Grant avenue
$16 every da Sale price Aupnst
27. J260O.
If Interested get busy, take option
tu mature at some deferred date hen
if the house is still unsold on that
date. our option payment will apply
on purchase price and if sold before
that date optioin money will be re
funded You can get an option by
paying $1 per day from taking of op
tion until deferred date Terms part
cash, balance on time.
Illustration Selling price will be
52420 on September 8. Option to buy
on this day costs $12 If home is
6old before your money will be re
funded, if not, vou have first chance
to buy on $2420 day.
Do not delay Go and see the home
and arrange for your option at our of
fice. 420 24th St. 8-27-tf
. 1
5-ROOM modern bungalow, lot 50x
165, good lawn and shade; on car
line close to busines center. An ele
gant house In the best location in
Ocden Good terms price $4500.00.
Mathews-McCulloch Co., under First
National Bank. 9-3-tf
WE HAVE absolutel the best bar
gains in improved farm land to be
found anywhere near Ogden Twenty
live acres at $90 per. .Tust outside city
limits Hunter & Kennedy, 423 24th
6t 9-l-6t
AN ELEGANT modem 5-room bung
alow, bath toilet, stationary lava
tory, trees, near school, near depot,
I only $2,100, Bmall payment down,
balance same as paying rent. J. J
Brummitt, Phone 69.
A GOOD 4 -room cottage with city
water and electric light, well locat-
ed near depot, only $1,400. any kind
! of terms J J Brummitt, Under Utah
Nat'l Bank
! THREE choice lots two modern 5
room cottages. 8-room modern reel
I dence. all located on Bench, close In.
j See Dr Frelday, ever ltahna Drug
8-26 1 mo
FINE store, good new slock Owner
leaving town. Easy terms Phone
STORE Fine cement basement; new
stock, deliver) outfit, cheap Phone
; 1427 8-21 U
ROOMING bouse of 30 rooms, cheap
rent. 160 1-2 25th SL 8-12-lmo
66 FEET by i rods on Hudson nar
24th, 59 ft. by 18 rds on Washing
ton near 21st, 100 by 8 rods on Wash
ington near 12th Inquire 2220 Lin
coln or phone 6S3-R. B F Shepherd
8-6-1 wk
AN ELEGANT lot 60x115 feet with
in two blocks of Utah National
Bank onlv $1,200. Any kind of term?,
low rate of interest J j. Rnimmltt.
j undpr Utah Nat'l Bank
Is 1-2 ACRES, good water right; 1
acre orchard, all under cultivation
'4-room house gas engine and other
'farm tools; close in; a big bargain
1 must be accepted at once. Terms.
! price only $2000.00 Mathews-McCul-loch
Co., under First National Bank
AN ELEGANT lot on Harrison, be
' "un 27th and 28th streets, over
I looking the city, within one block of
land that is selling at $15 per front
foot I will sell this for a thort time
at $10 per front foot on any kind of
terma. J. J- Brummitt, Phone 59.
GOOD home, greatest bargain in Og
den. Owner leaving town Phon
j ONE of the greatest snaps in the city,
an elegant 7-room modern bunga
low, with large basement, screen
porch, large lot, well located on the
bench in good neighborhood. This
property is well worth from four to
fhe thousand dollars, for only 53.000
,$500 down, balance same as paying
I rent, low rate of interest. J. J. Brum-
j mitt. Phone 59
I AN ELEGANT 5-room bungalow, lo
cated near Sacred Heart academy,
j large basement, screened porch and
I large lot, for only $2,700 $300 down.'
j balance same as paying rent, low
rate of interest J J Brummitt, Un
' der Utah Nat'l Bank
I ,
ONE of the finest lots on the bench
176 feet deep to twenty foot alley,
located near Farr school building
! $100, $10 down, $5 per month J. J
. Brummitt, Phone 59.
A NICE, sightly lot on 23rd street.
I 50x135 feet to alley, city water in
front of lot. Only $200. $10 down. $10
per month J J. Brummitt, under
Utah Nat'l Bank.
Sealed proposals for furnishing ma
terials and doing the work of building
concrete curbs and gutters In curb
and gutter district No. 109. being on
the east side of Monroe avenue from
21st to 22nd streets and on both sides
of Monroe avenue from 22nd to 25th
streets, where curbs and gutters are
not now built, under plans and speci
fications prepared by the City Egl
neer and approved by the City Board
of Commissioners, will be received at
the office of the City Engineer in the
City Hall at Ogden City, aforesaid,
until 10 o clock a. m , on the 17th
day of September, A. D 1913. at
which time all proposals receded will
be publicly opened and read aloud.
Plans and specifications can be ob
tained upon application at the office
of the City Engineer in the City Hall
'after September 9. 1913.
The right 16 reserved to reject any
or all bids, and to waive any defects
By order of the Board of Comnns
City Engineer
First day of publication, August 25,
Last day of publication, September 16,
1913. :
Notice ie hereby given by the Board
of Commissioners of Ogden City, of
the intention of Eaid board to make
the following described improve
ments, to w it
To lay out, establish and open a
public street, to be named Doxey ave
nue, east and west through block 6:
plat "A," Ogden City survey, said
street to be 66 feet wide, being Si
feet north and 33 feet south of the
lot line between lots 1. 2, 3 4, 5, 6, 7.
8, 9 and 10, block 6, plat "A ', Ogden
City survey, the whole distance be
tween Lincoln and Wall avenues and
to defray the whole of the coat there
of, estimated at $3,500,000 by a local
assessment upon the lots or pieces
of ground lying and being within the
following district, being the district
to be benefited and affected by said
improvement, viz.
All the laud lying between the out
er boundary lines of said avenue
when opened as proposed, and a line
drawn 50 feet outward from and par
aliel to the said outer boundary 1 nes,
being part of iota 1. 2. 3, 4. 5. 6, 7, 8,
9 and 10, block 6, plat "A," Ogden City
survey All protests and objections to the
carrying out of such intention must
be presented in writing to the city re
corder on or before the Sth day of
September, 1913, at 10 o'clock a m..
that being the time set by the board
of commissioners when they will hear
and consider such objections as may
be made thToto. a' the mayor' of
rice at the City Hall, Ogden City,
By order of the Board of Commls
sioners of Ogden City. Utah.
Dated this 14th day of August, 1913.
A. G FELL Mayor
City Engineer.
First publication August 14, 1913.
Last publication September 5. 1913
St. Petersburg. Sept 3 -Provisional
President Yuan Shi Kai of the Chi
nese republic today issued a decree
announcing his intention of resigning
office as soon as peace is restored.
I according to a telegram from Muk-
den today.
MASONIC Queen Esther chapter
No. 4, O. B. S.. regular meetings held
at Masonic hall on Washington ave.
between 25th ami 26th sis., the first
and third Fridays of each month. So
journing members cordially invited to
attend Fannie M. Whlttemore, W.
M ; Callle E. Cave. Secretary.
Unity Lodge No. 18, F. & A M..
Masonic Temple, 2550 Washington
avenue. Meetings every Wednesday
evening at 7.30 o'clock Members of
sister lodges and sojourning brethren
cordially Invited to attend S W.
Whenv, W. M. Felix T. Moore. Sec
retary. Ladles of the Maccabees. Silver blve
No 1, L O T M , meets every first
and third Thursday evenlnes at 8
o'clock and every second and fourth
Thursday sftemoor.s at 2.30 o'clock.
In Eagles' hall, 2411 Hudson ave Vis
iting members cordially Invited to at I
tend. Kathryn Eggleston, L. C, L. j
Jennie Prout, R. K.
Silver Tent No. 1. Maccabees of the
World : meet second and fourth Mon
day nlphts at 8 o'clock. p m. All vis
iting Sir Knights cordially Invited.
E A Stephenson. Commander. W.
B Ogletree. T.ecord Keeper
Queen City Rebekah Lode No. 4,
I O O. F., meets second and fourtn
Friday eveninRs at Odd FellowB hall
Visiting members Invited. Nona Har
rington, N G . Emma Meid, Record
ing Secretary. 718 Twenty-third
Women of Woodcraft Ocden Cir
cle No. 5S1. meets ovcrv Wednesday
night at 7 30 o'clock. K. of P hall.
Visiting neighbors invited. Dues can
be paid to Dr. Alice M Ridge. M D ,
57 58 Lewis block. Eliza Bremer. G
N.. 464 22nd St St Marie Crltes.
cierk. 2731 Monroe avenue
Knights of Pythias Ojcden lodge
No. 2, Knights of Pythias, meets at
Castle hall, Utah National bank build
ing, every Monday evening All K. or
P's are requested to meet with us
W H. Luddlngton, C. C. W. G. Kind, I
M of E-. W. L. Underwood, K. of R.
and S.
Royal Neighbors of America Meets
every second and fourth Monday
niehts of each months at 8 p. m , at
the new Odd Fellows ball, Fraternity
building. Visiting neighbors Invited.
Dues can be paid to Mrs, A.nna Rles
Finley, M D , room 21 Lewis block
India Sawyer, Oracle, 2453 Harrison.
Lillian Newton, Recorder, 27th and
Order of Owls Ogden Nest No.
121S, Order of Owls, meets every
Friday evening in their own hall (the
old Elk club rooms) at 8 o'clock
Visiting Brother Owlg are Invited to
attend the nest meetings. Fred Cal
ilhan, President, J. Oliver. Secretary,
2416 Washington avenue.
Woodmen of the World Weber
Camp No. 74 meets in K. of P. hall in
the Utah National bank building ev
ery Thursday evening at 8 o clock
lsiting Woodmen cordially invited
to attend D. C E GanBke. C. C; E.
Auth, Clerk, First National Bank
Modern Woodmen oi America Utah '
camp No. 9990 meets every first and
third Tuesday evenings at i o'clock at
K. of P hail, Twenty-fourth st. and
Washington ave. Visiting members
invited. W. H. Draney, Consul. J.
M. Shaier, Clerk.
Sego Lily Circle No. 174 meets ev
ery second and iourth Thursday
nignts at S p. m., in L O. O. F. hail.
Visiting neighbors cordially invited.
Mary E. Blixt, G- N., 451 Jlst St. Kate
Heyman, Clerk, Bell phone 1247-J.
Brotherhood oi American Yeomen
Ogden Homestead, No. 1505, meets, on
first and third Thursday evenings in J
new L O. u F hall, Fraternity build-j
ing, Washington avenue. Waiting
Archers arc cordially invited to meij
witn us, Addie L. Williams, Fore
man, l&o 1 wenty-nrst street, J, A.
Junk, Correspondent, 3202 Wasning-
I ton av enue.
i :
Fraternal Order of Eagles Ogden
I Aerie No 118, Y, O. E., meets every
i Wednesday evening at Eagles hall.
Hudoon ave., at 8 o'clock. Visiting
orother Eagles are muted to atteau
ihe aerie uieeiiQijB. Club rooms open
at 11 a. m- u Grltlin, W. Prcsi
dent. L. R Geiger, Becretary. Dr. C.
tl Waruleitb, er;e ruyaiciuo.
ORS. Wisatch Division No. 124. O. R.
C neets 6cond sua lourtn Friday
at-J . i W.i ln 1,1 - rtai' corner
Wfshineiou aveiiue and Twenty
to riu oireet ah brotners are cor
al iiy invited to aitenu. C. H Pear
i. a c. c. u L Boyle. S and T.
NOTlUt: -r I N T t N Tl ON.
Notice is bt-rby given by tbe board
-f commiosiuuerb ot Ogdtn City, UtaQ.
oi the mteution ot taiu board to make
ine follow ing described improvements,
To create Hudson avenue lrom 22nd
to 24lh sireets, and Lincoln Avenue
from 19th and -'t-'th streets as a sewer
district, and to construct therein a
pipe sewer together with the ncces
-ars manholes, and connect all with
the manholee of the present sewer
system, and to defray the whole of the
cost tnereof, estimated at $3,168 o0 by
a local assessment on the lots or
pieces of ground lying and being witn
in the following district, being the
district to be benefited or affected by
said improvements, viz
11 the land lying between the outer
boundary lines of said avenu-s and a
uue drawn 132 feet outward from and
parallel to the said outer boundary
lines All protests and objections to the
carrying out of such intention must :
be presented in writing to the city re
corder on or before the 4th day of
September. 1913. at 10 o'clock a m ;
that being the time set by said board
Of commissioners when they will hear,
and consider such objections as may j
be made thereto, at the mayors of
fice, at the City Hall. Ogden City,
By order of the board of commis
sioners of Ogden City. Utah.
Dated this 12th day of August. 1913
City Engineer.
First publication August 12, 1913
Last publication September 3, 1913.
Advertisement in this column
coit 75c per line per month, pay
able in advance.
DONE in all lengths. 2568 Cole's
Court, rear 240 26th St TeL 11J0-M.
Clothing Store. 2411 Wash. Ave.
Phone C93
E. T. HT'LANISKJ. First National
Bank Bldg. 12-ll tf
BAKER'S Billiard room, 2462 Grant
BEST We have the coziest cozy Bil
liard Room in Ogden. and all standard
high grade; no cheap; four slate U
bies at Baker's
j J. WILSON Book and loose leaf de
vice msnufacturer Upstairs, 2465
Wash Ave Phone S50. 12 30-lmo
Graduate Chiropractor.
No drugs, surgery or osteopathy: try
I chlrr.pratic (spinal adjustments.)
2411 Washington avenue. Room 14
Phone 311. 6-7-tf
Ik. VAN KAMPEN Phone 8S3 for up
holstering, mattress making, re
stretching of bed springs
C. STUART, estimates free Don t
miss mm. 2952 Wall, phone 373-R.
HATS cleaned, blocked and retrlm
med Ogden Hat Works, 221 1-2
25th SL 6-13-tt
any kind of junk, phone us up. We
will call for it. Tel. 210. k "
PAINTING, paperhanglng and tinting.
J. Den Harthog. Phone 571-R.
DR. A. FERNLUND, Physician and
Surgeon. Office hours 11 to 4 p. in
New Peery Bldg, Hudson Ave Phone
1900-W. Residence phone 2L29-W. 645
Washington avenue. 6-li-tl
C. D. IVES, S80 Twcnty.flfth 8t.
219 25th Street
Floe Art Photography.
Come and have a sitting.
work. 2465 Wash. Ave. Phone S50.
VOIR garbage hauled regular. San
itary cau furnished tree. Sanitary
Garble Co. Phone 020.
272S Grant, Bell phone 2018 -W.
cloihlng and shoes, bougbt, sold or
exchanged, also trunks and Suitcase
cheap. A Siner. Phone 1321. 179 1-2
Twenty fifth St. 6-13-lyr
GALLAGHER repairs trunks. 250
25th Bt 6 25-Lmo.
ONE DOLLAR per day, delivered and
called lor. Electric Service Co..
Phone 88. lp -4th St.
Sealeo. yropoeais will be received at
the ofnee oi the City Engineer, ln
:ne city Hall, ugden City, Utah, up
to ana including Saturday, September
6 1913, at 10 o clock a m., at which
ume said bids will be publicly opened
aud read aloud, for furnishing ma
tena.s and doing the work of paving
with 3 Inches or asphalt on a 6 inch
concrete base, and to extend private
seer connections from the line of the
present btwer to the curb line of said
street, together with all the necessary
grading tberefor, of Fowler avenue,
Trom 2th to 26th streets
To be hereafter known as paving
district No 110. All work to be done
under plans and specifications pre
pared by the City Engineer and ap
proved by the Board of Commission
ers. Plans, specifications and full infor
mation can be had upon application to
the City Engineer after August 25,
The right is reserved to reject any
or all bids and to waive any defects
By order of the Board of Commis
sioners H J. CRAVEN, City Engineer.
First publication August 14. 1913.
Last publication September 6, 1913
Classified advertisements on this
page cost one cent per word, each In
sertion But no first insertion can
be leei than 25 cents. Or you can
run the classified advertisement for
;'5 cents per line per week, but no .
weekly advertisement can be less than
50 cents. u
rosp He said he would kiss me or
die in tbe attempt. jj
Rot.e He has no life insurance, and
1 pitied his poor old mother. Ohio
State Sun-Dial.

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