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i . - ' -, M!iir x xau.OXjjft H, .
I a vast army of men and
boys have left our store
since our great removal
sale commenced with
555 more than their money's
l have you been in for
your share of the good
if Ywo-Focr-One-Three Washington Ave. hpc
HE '
Wanted Girls at Craig Canning
'Jfrctory, Five Points. Steady work
pin make good wages
J W. C. T, U The twenty-third an
Tliuil convention of the Utah W. C T.
gJP which is now being held in Salt
fcakc is attended by a number of Og
Jjea women Mrs. J. C. Nye respnnd
jEd to the address of welcome yester
Bay. Mrs. J S. Gordon spoke today
iMd civic responsibility of women. Dr
wAnna Rles Finley will give an ad
Eire is tomorrow on the tobacco trust
lEnd its propaganda.
IV G. W. Tripp, the Photographer in
:f your town. 32014 Ii5th St
M Law m Farce Fred Massa. the Og-
dtB art dealer v. ho has recently re-
turned from Atlanta, Ga., declares the
i wohibltion laws in that state are a
1 farce He said there are a number
J of soft drink establishments where
if BMJ beer 1b sold so near beer that it
2 beer.
H AdTertiaers must Dave tbe:r copy
4 Mady for the EveniDf Standard the
I Tnmg before the day on rhich .he
.advertisement Is to appear In order to
M. Insure publication
j From Yellowstone Paul Beemer.
Kslty ticket and passenger agent of
jrtbe Union Pacific system, returned
Kytaterday from Yellowstone park
Kirltb a party of Salt Lake railroad
ft 1MB, He reported an enjoyable time
i-wita but one accident E. F McDon
f lid, traveling passenger agent of the
It Chicago fc Alton, stepped off a smal!
jBjdiff but was not badly injured. He
Vu able to proceed with the others.
M In the Kingdom of Butter, the B
d G Brand la "IT."
Z . An Addreaa Dr. Alice M Ridge of
t( Ofden gave an address today in Salt
i flike at the state gathering of the
Mbdy Maccabees. There will be a re
flHpptlon followlRg the business meet
y Ess today.
1 l Opens Studio Arrangements for
He opening of a atudlo in the Lewis
0 Wock in Ogden have been made by
2 T. Ea,rl Pardoe Mr. Pardoe also has
t I atudlo in the Hotel Utah in Salt
Lake where he has a number of pu
pils. Lsavsa For Ranch President H
1 If. Rowe of the Weber club left yes
1 fcrday for his Colorado ranch to su
pervise the work going on there.
I Stork'a Vlalt The arrival of the
Stork bringing an eight-pound boy to
the home of Mr. and Mrs E. M Pet
brson of KanesYllle, Monday, is being
pPPily announced by the proud fa
ther Mother and child are doing
Fire on Bench A shed In the rear
of the John Whltton residence Twenty-first
street and Qulncy avenue, was
damaged by fire at 11 30 o'clock last
night. Both departments responded
It ib believed the fire as 'aused by
hot ashes dumped near the shed
Steel Arrives Steel for the Peery
building on Hudson avenue arrived
yesterday and the contractor will im
mediatelv commence the completion
of the two-story structure.
We most sincerely thank the ngia
I slonarles, co-laborers with our son.
Leonal. and others who made most
encouraging remarks in eulogizing the
many noble characteristics In the life
of our 6on. Especially those who
were obliged to come so far from
Also to express our gratitude to
wards all who furnished the hand
some floral designs and sweet strains
of music, both of which were em
blems of the kind disposition he pos
sessed and appreciated to the extreme
by the family, as. flowers and mu6tc
were two things Leonal most dearly
Also to thank all who took part
and helped console the family in their
hours of bereavement
Marblehead. MasB , Sept 2 The
Americans defeated the Germans
even more decisively than yesterday
In the second of the international Bon
der yacht series today. The race was
a repetition of yesterday so far ns
lack of wind was concerned, and was
won by the Ellen, owned by Charles
P. Curtis of Boston, with the Clma
owned by Guy Lowell, second, and the
Sprig, owned by John L Saltonstall,
The Serum led In the German divi
sion with the Wlttelesbach X a poor
fifth Angela IV fouled the first turn
log mark and dlsriunllf led herself
Try one pair of Cats' Pav:
rubber heels and you will
know what solid comfort is.
Containing all new Brunswick-Balke-Collander Co., pool
I tables. Open now under the management of J. B.
H Wallace. New tables, good service; coolest place ill
I town. Come and see us.
4" McK. I
Sanitary Inspector George Short
en's report for the month of August
shows a decrease in the number of
contagious diseases The department
is cheerful over that fact for the rea
son that children will be returning to
school and dthe small number of af
; flictlons will lessen the possibility of
the spread of disease The report
states that there were six cases of
1 whooping cough, four of typhoid fev-
er. four of diphtheria, two of pneu
monia, two of chlckenpox, two of
meningitis and two of tuberculosis
The total number of contagious dis
eases reported is 22 while last month
the number was 40,
Twenty-three males and twelve fe
males died during the month, an In
crease of four over the preceding
month. The number of births is re
ported at 92. of which 54 are males
and 58 females
In the milk and dalrv department,
the report states that 17 samples of
milk were examined and four dairies
were inspected with the result that
all were declared up to standard.
During the monthm, 2 17 inspections
were made, 26 written notices were
served, nuisances were abated, six
loads of garbage destroyed, 2S dogs
killed. 11 horses were destroyed and
two sheep and two hogs condemned.
1 oo
The Sahatlon Army has addressed
tbe following letter to the people of
"Dear Friends W'e extend to you
our heartfelt gratitude and apprecla
Hon for the favoi3 and kindness you
have ever shown to us You hao
been very good and kind to us in
many, many ways And we reallzo
and appreciate it tar more than pen
or words can tell. We are in a posi
tion to know that there are man a
good Christian heart In this little city
of ours today and if the last grent
call should come at this moment
there are main in the city of Ogden
who would meet with His approval
"There maj be a few who have an
idea that the life of the Salvation Ar
my soldier Is one of ease. But, If
you could come with us day after day,
night after night, you would soon
find out it is a hard and strenuous
one But we are happy in our belir-t
that the little good we are trying to
do. In our small, weak way, will meet
with Us reward.
"And now, dear friends, e want
ou to know and to feel that It Is you
doing the good, and to you we give
tbe credit And if you knew as we
do how many a poor burdened heart
you have made happier by your kind
ness through us, we are sure you
would feel happy and satisfied
"Dear friends, you have been very
kind to us in the past You hae
trusted us and we still ask you to
have faith In us. And to those who
hae wealth and are able to give, we
ask you to do so freely and willingly,
whenever you feel disposed. And to
those who are unable to give, there
Is still much that you can do Give
us all our kindly thoughts and speak
word6 of kindness, wherever you
may be. Kind words never die. but
grow and spread outward and on
ward, making life better and brighter
for us all. And now, dear friends,
let us thank you once more. May
your life be full of Joy and bleaslng3,
is the earnest heart's desire of every
member of the Salvation Army.
( Signed)
"Salvation Army Industrial "
George E. Buei:. an Insurance
agent, formerly of Kansas, now in
the city jail with a charge of obtain
ing money under lalse pretenses
against him, found, after being ar
ralgned before Judge Reeder this
morning that he is between the devil
and the deep sea. The dev il is rep
resented by the city and the deep sea
i6 probably the state, represented by
Insurance Commissioner Wlllard
Done From present indications, it
looks as though one will get him, if
tbe other does not.
According to the complaint, which
was sworn to by Y. O Jackson of the
Newman and Jackson company, Buell
accepted $8 from him for which. Buell
was to have given a policy In the
Crcat Eastern Casualts company, and
then failed to deliver the policy The
arrest was made when Jackson tele
graphed to tbe head office of tbe
company and received an answer to
the effect that Buell Is not their
agent in Utah
In police court this morning here,
Buell pleaded not guilty. He admit
ted that he had accepted S from Jack
son, but based his right to sell insur
ance In the company because he
claims to hold a license that was is
sued to him in Kansas where he was
the company's representative. He
also admitted that he had not pro
cured a license in this slate from the
commissioner of insurance. Buell
was sure, however, that the policy
will be delivered to Jackson
"Very well," said Judge Reeder, "II!
give you two days In which to de
liver the policy. Otherwise you mu6t
go to jail."
"it can't be done," declared the de
tendant "I must have more time '
The judge declared that two days
is all he could give and directed Buell
to telegraph to the company to learn
of their decision In the matter.
If the company Issues the policy,
the company and Buell are liable un
der the state law for selling Insurance
without a permit from the commls
sioner. If the company refuses to is
sue tbe policy, then Buell must serve
a sentence for obtaining money under
false pretenses In the meantime, he
is In Jail for lack of 5100, tne
named In his case.
J. M Peters, a deputy sheriff of
Osage county, Kan . arrived in Ogden
this morning and left this afternoon,
taking with blm George Skaggs, the
negro wanted in Llndon, Kan., for a
statutory crime alleged to have been
committed last December. The man
mn also he charged with wife deser
tion, according to Sheriff Peters, as
he has a wife and two children llvlns
near the scene of his alleged offense.
Sheriff Peters stated that the de
lay In sending for Skaggs was caused
by the fact that the sheriff of the
counU had been called away on busi
ness ' Peters Ib an under-sheriff and
it was necessary for him to await the
return of his superior before coming
to Ogden
Peter6 said tbere is no question but
that Skaggs is the man wanted, as he
rocognlied him when seen In his coll
When asked concerning the reports
from Kansas thV 'be crops are de
stroyed bv the heat of the last few
weeks. Sheriff Poters stated that the
reports were exaggerated He said
that Osage county is considered a fa
vorable district and that even there
not more than 10 bushels of corn will
be the vleld per acre. In many In
stances, he said, one bushell will be
the limit He declared, however, th.tt
the farmers will not lose so heavily in
wheat. The hay, he said, Is about
half destroyed
The sheriff declared that the first
mud he had seen In fle months was
In Ogden today
Joseph Hadley. charged with com
milting an assault with a deadl) weap
on on the person of Robert McFar
land. was arraigned before Judge W,
H. Reeder this morning. He asked for
a limited time in which to decide up
on a preliminary hearing. The ball
was fixed In the sum of $500
Before being told that the court
had no right to hear his plea. Hadley
stated that he would plead guilty, but
had struck McFarland in self-defense.
We wish to extend our ulncere and
heartfelt thanks to all those who aid
ed us In the hour of our bereavement
in the death of our son, Kenneth. Es
pecially do we wish to thank the
singers, speakers and those who gave
floral offerings
nn .
William Smith, the man who car
ries U. S mall from Ogden to Hunts
ville, reports that the recent rains
have not caused materia! damage to
crops in Ogden alley Some hay wa6
on the ground when the storms came
which was damaged to some extent,
but most of the crop had been cut
and stacked The second cutting of
alfalfa Is on but most of the farmers
are holding back until the weather
"Crops are good In the valley,"
eas Mr Smith, 'and there has been
plenty of watr. There s more now.
however, than at any other time since
the spring freshets Tbe ditches are
all full and the river has raised about
a foot In the last ten days.
"Potatoes are fine tils year and
the yield will be a little above the
Tomorrow Judge Howell wil open
the September term of the district
court. The first case to be tried Is
that of tbe City of Ogden against
Jane Doe Ross, accused of selling
liquor without a license. It Is an ap
pea case from the municipal court.
There are seventeen cases set for
hearing this month and It Is expected
that they will all be considered The
criminal calndar Is short, there being
only four cases on the docket, as
City of Ogden vs Jane Doe Rosf,
appeal, September 4
State vs August Bodh. assault with
intent to kill, September 15.
City of Ogden vs., Peter Salitls, ap
peal, September 17.
State vs. Wong Sing Quon, felony,
September 29.
The sheriff's office is busy sum
raonlns the jurors, it being neces
sar In some Instances to go to the
homes of the men to get service on
them In most cases, however, they
are easily' reached by registered let
ter or by telephone. The sheriff says
that a good many o fthe men drawn
for jury sonice read the Standard
and they virtually accept service
when they see their names in the
paper A complete list of Jurymen
for the September term has been
published In this paper.
Women of Woodcraft. Circle No
5S1 Hereafter we will meet every
Wednesday evening in the W. Q. W.
hall, Fraternity building.
Frank Roselle of tne Strw-Sumsion
compan and H. Lee Boyer of the
Boycr Brothers company, both of
Sprlngville, are in the city today se
curing a carload of construction ma
terial from the Utah Construction
company to be used on the Interurban
road which Is now being built through
Utah county.
Both companies are construction
firms and have done, much of the
work in changing the roadbed of the
Rio Grande, nead Soldier Summit
The gentlemen state that the con
structlon work on the Soldier Summit
dhislon Is nearing completion and
that the attention of some of the
sub-contractors is turning toward con
struction work on tbe Utah county
electric road, the building of which Is
proceeding at thU time northerly
from Proo, the county seat.
Speaking of the Midland trail,
w-hich crosses the Soldier Summit di
vide. Mr Boer stated to a Standard
reporter this morning that the propo
sltlon really amused him and that he
could see no legitimate reason for any
one to even suggest that route for a
transcontinental automobile highway
In the first place," he said, "the
expense of building the road over that
route from Grand Junction to This
tle, In Spanish Fork canyon, would
be so great that the taxpsyers could
not meet it and, secondly, there is no
well thinking person who would ex
pend his Individual money to make
tbe road In the country from Col
ton, which is noar the summit, to
Price and Grand Junction, ravines
over which the road passes have
been filled in with dirt, no culverts
having been provided to carry the wa
ter under the roadway. Every freshet
and freshets are numerous In the
spring of the year, aud, even at this
time, washes away the entire roadbed.
Machines approaching tbe washouts
usually are on the brink of the
cavern before It Is observed and they
go plunging into tbe gulley "
Mr. Boer 11. es on the line of the
proposed Midland trail, but he thinks
It i6 absurd to undertake to build the
There will be a Mutual Improve
ment association conjoint meeting on
Sunday eenlng, September 7tn, In
the Lynne Ward meeting house, at
which meeting ludge Howell will be
! the speaker of the evening.
There will be a solo by Robert
Greenwell and a reading by Miss
Kathi yn Bassett.
Night school opens this evening at
the Central Business college at Twen
t -fourth and Grant aenue. There
Is already a large enrollment In this
department of the work Many more
oung people should avail themselves
of this opportunity to secure a hii6i
ness training The famous Grea;g
system of shorthand will be taught,
saving the student time and money
j It is easy to learn, et6y to write, and
easv to read. Come tap to the school
this evening prepared for work.
Spend your evenings profitably at
evening school and prepare yourself
to earn more money. Tel. 764.
Soeul, Korea, Sept. 3 Suspension
of the sentence of 18 months penal
servitude pronounced on August 1J
on James Mason, American manager
of the gold mines at Un-San. for
manslaughter, was ordered today as a
result of the prisoner's appeal
At the trial Mr Mason pleaded the
"unwritten law" In defending himself
against the charge of killing a Chi
nese mine employe who had commit
ted a criminal assault on his twelve-year-old
The suspension of the senence is
regarded here as equivalent to an acquittal.
Ottumwa, la., Sept 3 Two persou3
are dead a third expected to die, and
two others seriously injured, as cho
result of a friendly road race between
automobiles near here late last night
Harry Botteroff of Farson, la
driver "of one of the machines was
Instantly killed when the vehicle
turned a double somersault William
Cheeck, his brother In law , died with
in two hours, and Mrs Cheeck a sis
ter of Botteroff, Is expected by the
physicians in a local hospital, to dlv
any moment.
oo 1 w
Washington. Sept 3 The Army
Naw football game will be played at
the New York Polo grounds on No
vember 9. This was arranged today
at a conference between Secretary
Daniels, Assistant Secretary Brecken
ridge and the athletic directors of
West Point and Annapolis.
Haverford. Pa. Sept. 3 The thir
ty first annual Intercollegiate champi
onship lawn tennis tournament opened
todav on the grounds of the Merlon
Cricket club. The new cup. donated
with William J- Clothier of Phllade
phla. former national champion, is
competition for the firBt tlnje this
ear and rivalry for the first leg on
It is keen among the colleges The
old cup was captured last year by
Princeton after having been In com
petition, for six years A win in sin
gles and doubles count one point each
and the college first securing seven
points becomes permsnent possessor
of the trophy.
Harvard, with R Norrls William
the Davis cup crack, and G. S Caner,
both Philadelphia boys, Is favorite-
Speaking Voice Specialist. I
j Public Speaking Impersonation I
t j Dramatic Reading Body Culture
Play Coaching Stage Art A I
Students enrolled for prvate instruction. Evening olasses in I
Public Speaking and Dramatic Art. I
STUDIO: Lewis Block, Ogden; Hotel Utah, Salt Lake.
for the year's honors, but Yale wltb
R. Evans, Jr , who made a strony
showing at New York, Is well up In
the running, aB are also Princeton
and Pennsylvania.
In 1894 the legislature passed an
act that authorized the Boston Tran
sit commission to build what we know
as the Tremont-street subway Dur
ing the same year the legislature
passed an act Incorporating the Bos
ton Elevated Railway company.
In 1897 almost simultaneously the
lease and the subway both became
operative The subway was the first
of tho Rapid Transit lines to be built
It was the first underground railway
for street cars In tbe United States
It also made the construction of an
elevated railway feaeible by supply
ing tracks on which the traloa of the
elevated company could be run
through the central section of the
lty The next provision w-as the, East
Boston tunnel, which we believe to
be the first structure ever built un
der tide-water for street cars. Mav.
erlck Square is one and one-half miles
from the old State houi&e, et before
the tunnel was built It took thirty
minutes t travel this mile and a half
now It takes five and one-half min
utes. Further, the annoyance of
changing to and from ferry-boats is
eliminated. Approximately sixty cars
an hour are now being operated In
rush hours M C Brush in the Aera,
Camp Perry. O Sept 3 The stand
ing at the end of the second dsy's
work on the firing line In the Inter
national matches, as officially an
nounced today, give the Swiss shoot
ers the lead In three stages of the
grand International re-entry match.
The United States leads in the "best
three score" prone shooting while
Sweden is showing higher scores than
The following are the fifteen high
men in the "bt6t five score" shoot
ing, which includes the kneeling,
standing and prone positions
Unler. Switzerland, total 412, Bjork
man. Sweden, 408, Reich, Switzerland,,
i 405: Heidenrelch, United States, 401, '
Sweeting, United States, 397; Sturapf, '
Switzerland, 396, Eddy, United State,
389. Kneubel. United States, 388; XJ li
ter. United States. 388: bong, United
States, 387, Christiansen, Sweden,
387, Tewes. United States. 385; 01 I
son, Sweden, 385; Simons, United j
States, 383. Keough. United States,
382. . ;
The following have the lead In the
"best three score" shooting, at auni
lng position, out of a possible 90:
Widmer. United States. 86, Reich, i
Switzerland. 83; Eddy. United States. !
83, Brunner, Switzerland, 83; Uhter, j
Switzerland, 81; Llndfer6, Sweden. !
79. Bjorkman. Sweden. 70, Helden
relch. United States, 78; Metter, Unl
ted States, 78; Johnson, France, 71.
In the best "three score," knetllng
petition, Uhler and Brunner, both of
Switzerland, are tied with 87 points. j
Thn comeB Kointzer, Switzerland. 86; (
Reich, Switzerland, 86; Stahell, SwiU
erland, 85; Bjorkman, Sweden, 85;
Widmer, Switzerland, 84; Long, Un- j
ted States. 83. Olson, Sweden. 83
In the best "three scores," prone
position. Sweeting of tbe United j
States Is higb witb 87 points. Then hV
comes Miller. United States, with 86,
Bjorkman. Sweden, 86, Simon. United
States, 86, Heldenrelch. United
States, 84, Uhler, Switzerland, 84; !
Long. United States, 84, Keough, Un: !
ted States, 84; Tewes, United States.
83; Stumpf, Switzerland, 83, Kean, '
United States. 83. i
In the Individual re-entry raateh,
Pan-American shooting union, tbe Ar- 1
gentlne Republic holds first place,
Petit having a score of 241 Alvernoi,
Peru, is next with 238 Then folio.
Toledo. Peru, 237, Reall, Unite
States, 226, Bloor, United States, 220;
Tealdt, Argentine, 218; De Felln, Ita
ly. 261; Perkuali. Argentine, 212.
Moore. United States. ?12; Smoote,
United States. 202
Three men are tied for high place
In the running deer match Dillon.
Pennsylvania; Bjorkman. Sweden,
and La Tourette, Arizona, with 43
apiece Next come Olson, Swaden, i
with 42, Cobb Navy, 41; Seyala, Art- 1
zona, 40. Yorkman, Sweden. 40; Lan, Id'
New York. 40.
The Individual revolver match at I' iB
fifty yards finds the United States In
the lead Delsing of the National Ri
fle association has a total of 169. Car
rere. France, has 164; Glardt. France. I j I
162; Orr, National Rifle association, 1
1160; Regaud, France, 159
j lUlZK 44okl !
VJl Four II
" Gossard Corsets HMm
of International Vogue 11
These four models express the perfection of modern i
Corsetry. The front-lacing principle (introduced by The
H. W. Gossard Co ) has accomplished much for the con- i
veruence of woman's dress.
Of greater importance has been the genius displayed in
the actual designing and making of Gossard Corsets.
A fitting in one of the models here shown will reveal the
added beauty of your figure and an unrestricted comfort, such
as you have never enjoyed.
Note carefully the descriptions and prices.
Model 364 Model 408
This coret conform! perfectly to th An ideal model for the wemifl Jrv
litest style recrements. Ii is very lovv listing on an extreme corset at a medi-
in bust, large in waist, and uraightover um price. The back line is flat, waist
hips and bade with long incurved skirt iArse the jfcn long, Elasac sec-
The woman who cannot invest in the at sltjcs hide permit of the
finer qualifies .will find in this model the umojt ,e4tcd or w-Jbng.
correct style features at a small cosl It ? M I
Is an cept,onal value. 3 5Q izcd Broc. $8.50
Mte of Sterling Cloth . U' uco urocr
Model 205 Model 412
The graaiest value at five dollar to The final word in the interpretation
be obtained anywhere. It is made e st ultra styles for Fall is ex-
along tm line dictated by the highest preuJ in thisconet Back line ii per-
fashion authondo. large waisr very fjy U,, ,he lver portion fining the
low bust and Mong closely fined skirt Skirt is extremely J
the comfort of which is insured by an 7 . n
elasac section at the back, a feature new long. The material is an exqu.site Brc-
in a corset at this price. tfC Afl che which fits the figure like rft M
Made in Mercerized Bauste P?.UU an elastic fabric yi..Ji
Be fitted today. We guarantee an improved figure when m
fitted in a Gossard. i
Other Gossards $6.50, $10.00, $15.00 and $25.00.
K Mm

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