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I Woman's Page
Fall Shoes With High Heels Coming Into Favor How to Take
the "Sting" Out of New Shoes Care of Feet Very Important
ghoes Should Fit Perfectly Headaches and Eye-Strain, Spinal
Difficulties and Disturbances of the Internal Organs, Result of
Extreme Heels, Tight or Illfittmg Footgear Shoes Too Large
as Bad as Shoes Too Small Tortured Feet Bring Wrinkles to
Face, Ruin One Walk and Throw Body Out of Poise Recipes.
(Copyrighted, Lillian Russell )
1 received letter recently from a
i woman w ho possessed of a method
of taking the "sting" out of no
6hoes, was anxious that this knowl
edge be given all the publicity possi-
y correspondent referred to the
ra'inful. burning sensation experienced
ith the wearing of new shoes The
actual agony of "stinging : new shoes
Is so wearing in its effect upon the
whole body that everyone should be
in possession of a method of render
ing shoes incapable of becoming in
truraentB of torture
The method is one which 1 hate
jonp employed myself and always
found of great salue. It Is simply to
pour a little household ammonia Into
a saucer, moisten a cloth with it.
then 6ponge out the Interior of the
8 hoe.
In the deing of leather many chem
icals are used, and some of thm are
Injurious to the skin If these cbem
Icals are not thoroughly removed from
the leather before It Is made Into a
I ' fhoe the wearer of the shoe will suf
I t fer pain The ammonia removes the
poisonous dyes and cleanses the
leather, so that when the shoes are
worn for the first time there will be
no burning or stinging of the feet
It Is very important that even pre
caution should be taken against ior
ture of the feet. If the feet are in
pain the effect is quickly apparent
upon the entire body
The face more readily reflects pain
of the feet than pain elsewhere Then
too, the general pol6e of the body is
interfered with.
It Is a fact that many cases of
chronic Illness had their actual be
ginning in aching feet, which, chans
ir.g the poise of the body, oppressed
various functioning organs slightls u
first, but rendering them subject to
lasting ailment.
Let a person wearing tight shoeB,
or suffering from aching feet, no mat
ter what the cause, enter a room filled
with cheerful, happy people, and his
presence Is like a single cloud in .i
clear sky
Aching feet can by constant effort
and the exercise of the simplest of
precautions he avoided, the wonder
of It Is that so many people will con
tinue to suffer when the avoidance
Is such a simple matter.
Sorry to See High Heels Again
I am sorry indeed, to see high
heels coming Into favor again with
wmien Women adopt this abnormal
footgear with the Idea that they Im
prove the general appearance of the
foot from an asthetic point of vie-a,
It Is true they shorten the appearance
I I in a Bucket of Water."
L I These are the directions that
I have been taking the drudg-
ery out of housework for
I over thirty years.
I is Pure, Concentrated Soap
I in powdered form. It cleans
I better than soap, without the
I rubbing,wear and hard
I work.
I PEARLINE is useful from cellar
' I to garret, in the laundry, the pan-
I try wherever dirt ought not to be.
I Try PEARLINE next time and
fl I see the difference. There is only
m mxi win one PEARL- I
1 Ififi?55Fll INE-Pyles
I tHrJfr? of cbr DOnJr. ''
I P&RKIldKi nAUNLhJ'hhy
I rWW 111 Get the large
it I ATrV sized 25c.
LT package
iOirai WIND motorsNDS F
y Electric Service Co.
MmCTMzmigmMaiMaiiii iniiiiiwi iiiimi mi'ii mm
p. '! Men's 8ewed Soles 65c
LI jj ' Ladles' Sewed Soles &0c
H ..- , -t&. S. Rubber Heels (any Kind) 36c
1 CC AQt 0ak Tan Leatner Used.
j jfc ITIL J All kinds of shoes dona whlla
of the foot by an Inch or 60 and that !
the arch Is heightened considerably.
Bat a short, stump fool Is never as
attractive as a foot dressed In a shoo
that gives a slender appearance.
Mans women wear these high
heeled shoes with a view to increas
ing their height But what atlractiou
they might add with an additional
two or three Inches Is easily lost in
the general bodily discomfort the face
of the wearer of high heels reflects
One of the first of the bodily dis
comforts that result from the wearing
of high heels is that the wearer tires
easlh, is Irritable, and symptoms )f
nervous breakdown arise The bones
of the foot are forced into an unnat
ural relation to each other. But the
abnormal position of the bones is a
matter of comparatively minor Im
port a nc
The serious effect Is that, the heels
being raised and the toes remaining
so near the grovind. the upper part of
the body Is thrown forward so that
the equilibrium may he maintained. In
this position It Is impossible to keep
the shoulders thrown back They fall
forward and the chest sinks In P'ull
or normal breathing Is impossible, and
as a result there are areas in the apex
of each lung that remain unused. And
the apex of each lung has long been
recognized as the most frequent starr
ing point of pulmonary tuberculosis,
because the bacillus grows best where
fresh air does not come In contact
with It And withi lessened lung ca
pacity every organ of the body suf-
111 D .
Shoes Should Fit Perfectly.
The high heels force the Joints out
of position and thrust the big toe Joint
so much out of position that on wear
ing these heels habitaally can icarce
ly fail to hase a bunion. The whole
equilibrium of the body is changed
It Is not, therefore, surprising that
headaches and eye strains should fol
low the adoption of such footgear or
tbt spinal difficulties and disturban
res of the Internal organs should re
The shoes should fit the feet per
fectly. If you cannot buy a satisfac
tors ready made shoe you svould far
better do without something else ami
have your 6hoes made to order The
shoos should be three-fourths of an
Inch longer than the foot, for the foot
works forward In walking Short
shoes force the toes back and finally
the joints become distorted and bulge
out on the sides and above Thus
corns, bunions and other disorders are
ShoeB that are too large are as bad
as shoes that are too small. An In
tclligent shoe salesman along with pa
tience and common sense of the pur
chaser will solse the question.
Beauty of face and form are mor
distorted by tight shoes than b sor
row and calamity Perfect, healthful
circulation of the Mood includes the
toes as well as any other part of the
anptomy, and a correctly poised body
moans ease and grace.
The heels should be moderatply loss
and broad The natural arch of the
foot should nes er be exaggerated fur
with an exaggerated arch the muscles
become strained, giving much pain
If you are on sour feet much of the
time or do much walking shoes wi'h
broad soles are much the bpst. as
they afford a support for the ankles,
w hich become sw ollen when low shof s
are worn
An imperfection often seen In a
shoe is that the Insidp line, which
should be straight, curses outward,
thus turning the big toe tosvards the
others and throwing the big toe Joint
Into prominence so that a bunion r
likely to be formed
There is nothing that will brin?
wrinkles to the facp more quickly
than ill fitting shoes Tight shoes
are neither attractive nor healthful
Tbey simply spell out corns and bun:
One can ruin one's svalk by tryinv:
to svalk In shoes that are too tight
The whole body is thrown out of poise.
"During warm weather when:
cream turns sour quickly, you will
find a good was to put It to use. The
following mayonnaise dressing svill j
keep in the icebox until used It is j
simple and quickly prepared in a
double boiler
"One cup vinegar, one cup sour
cream, three eggs, one teaspoon
ground mustard, two teaspoons sugar,
salt, pepper, and paprika to taste Mix
all ingredients together and boil, stir-
ring constantly until smooth. Just
before removing from the fire add a
lump of butter the size of a svalnut.
"Recipe for walnut torte Six egg?,
quarter pound shelled walnuts, si
lady fingers, two tablespoons flour
one teaspoon baking powder, one oof i
fee up sugar, juice and rind of half
lemon. Beat yolks of eggs, add sugar
gradually Mix baking powder and
flour; grind lady fingers and nuts and
put In stiffly beaten whites of eggs
last Bake in moderate oven forty
flse to fifty minutes; spread with I
plain white Icing or serve with whip
ed cream."
Chicago, Sept. 3 Thomas Yates 60
years old, a cook, was burned to
death and forty-eight firemen ami
one spectator were overcome b
t-moke or injured in a fire which des
troyed the Central hotel at 440 South
State street and an adjoining build
ing. The fire started shortly after
11 oclock Tuesday morning and burn
ed until 5 o'clock this momliie eight -een
hours, before the fire department
succeeded in extinguishing the
flames. The body of Yates was not
found until today.
Chicago. Sept. 3. Discovery that
two women promoters were to rerr .
one-fourth the proceeds of an autumn
flower carnival for charity, planned
for Friday by the Order of the East
ern Star, aroused such forceful pro
trsts by Masons that today the event
was indefinitely postponed The Ma
sons also objected to their wives and
daughters selling flowers on the
street, tearing that they would be In
sulted by some pedestrians as hns
been the case In previous sales or
this nature
! Washington Sept. 3 An attempt
I to tamper svith the purity of Score
tary Bryan's official tipple, the grape
; juice highball, came to light today
when vigilant inspectors for the de
partment of agriculture seized a keg
of what they declared to be spurious
Juice when It crossed the line into
the District of Columbia. The keg
wtJ s-hipped by a California firm The
, tirm and Its agenta here will bp
I brought to trial. .
Great Superstructure ot Bless
ing a Little Way Ahead.
God Only Can Roll Away th Curs
of Deth and Redtm Man Earth
ly Pity ! Ineffective The Human
Arm of Power Cannot Restore
Adam and Hn Race God Alone Is
Able to Meet tho Conditions and Res
cue the Perishing The Divine Plan
Is Outlined In the Bible Only the
Foundations of It Are Yet Fixed.
for his text todnj
jLTlY en did the Lord
v ' 1 behold the earth
to hear the groaning of the prisoners,
to loose tlinse that are appointed to
death " Psnlm 102 18-20.
The Fnstor opened his address with
the declaration tbnt the Bible reveals
the only Gnd of love and pity. The
heathen gods are vengeful, tyrannical,
merciless. The picture of God In our
creeds, formulated In the Dark Ages,
misrepresents Him even more than do
the hpnthon Idols To rid himself of
the misconceptions of the Almighty,
furnished by our creeds, and to, appre
ciate the God of the Bible, should be
the endeavor of every person.
Next the Pastor called attention to
God's sympathy for His fallen crea
tures, ns expressed In the text, and to
the fact that It Ifl a direct contradic
tion of our tbpp,ri-s respecting the Di
vine predestination of more than ninc
tenths of humanity to an eternity of
torture The Lord did not wholly aban
don His rrpntures because of the dls-
. V II J VAr,
Human Wretchedness In God's Sight.
Pastor Russell then described human
conditions as they must appear from
the Heavenly viewpoint The sight Is
terrible enough to make angels weep
I Some are demented to the extent of
' wallowing In the mire of sin. some so
1 depraved that they love wrong and
hate right: others so weak that they
cannot do as they should, many In prin
ons; hundrpds of thousands in hospl
tals; other hundreds of thousands In In
sane asylums; thousands of mlUlrns
gonp down Into tho tomb; with a fe
In comparative health, rushing head
long seeking happiness, or fitrbtlns: ano
cheating to amass fortunes, which, dy.
inc. they must leave. As God look
dnsvn, the earth must look like a vast
hospital, cemetery, mad-house.
The Almighty foreknew man's way
i ward course and Its penalty of sin and
death and from the beginning planned
to rescue man That rescue Is not
from a fiery hell of everlasting torture
' but from tho terrible eondltlon of sin
and death In which we find ourselves.
Freeing Death-Appointed Prisoners.
Adam's entire race, shnokled w-itli s'n
nnd under sentenee of death have for
Fix thousand years been marching to
the great prlson-ho;ise of the tomb
Tbey are now entering the prison
house at the rote of ninety thousand
every twenty four hours. God has sym
pathlzpd vdtb them and has provided
a redemption.
The Pastor theu demonstrated that as
one man s sin brought death upon hu
mnnllr m Hiving W" I s;l run hfis RT
ranged that n Savior should give Hlm
Bolf a Ransom for Adam and his race
This hns already been accomplished in
Christ's death But this is only the be
ginning. The thousands of millions of
Adam's ehlldren must aotually bo set
j free from sin and death conditions.
But life must be restored ere they can
profit by the Redeemer's sscriflce.
The Nov Creation.
Pastor Russell declared that GodM
benevolpnt design for the re-creation
of humanity began its work at Fen
toeost. In His ucceptarice of the Church
and the besetting of Its members by
! the Holy Spirit. This work will con
tinue until the entire number of the
fore-ord;ilned Voir Creation are exalted
by the power of the First Resurrection.
These will be a kind of first fruits to
God of His ereaturcs The after fruits
1 will be much more numerous, though
less choice in quality Again, the
Church now being selected Is "the
Church of the First-borns, written in
Heaven." The Inference is plain that
there will be ofter-borns.
In the Regeneration Times,
Then the Pastor showed conclusively
from Scripture that the reign of
Christ's saints ts the long-promised
Millennium, or thousand years of
righteousness, during which Satnn will
be bound. 3t Teter shows that then
i Triii he the time of human Restitution
to the orieinal perfection, lost by
Adams disobedience, redeemed bv
Jesus' obedience, AH the willing and
obedient will be raised out of sin and
death re-created in God's image. This
, is the resurrection of the unjust, men
tioned by St Paul.
The rest of the desd aside from the
Church, constituting: the First Resnr-rectlon-wlll
not fully live strain until
! the thousand years of the MesMnnie
Kingdom are finished 8t Paul de
clares that the groaning creation shall
be delivered from the bondage of GOV
j mptlon-nlarery t-. death.
. 00
Waabiugton, Sept. 2. After several
weeks' delay the senate special com
mitter selected to Investigate strike
(.onditlons In the Cabin Creek and
Paint Creek coal districts of West
Virginia will resume Ita hearings to
dav in this city M ' " e owners will
be' given an opportunity to present
their side of the controversy.
Phone 23 FREE DELIVERY 2420 Wash. Ave.
Mrs. Joseph Ferraro
Announces the following course of instruction:
Piano Technic and Interpretation.
, Elementary, Theory and Ear Training Children's Class. ,
Elementary, Theory and Harmony Class for Older Pupils.
Studio: 2329 Monroe Ave. Phone 2C71-M
i -
As previously announced The Stan
dard ia presenting to its readers
'Panama and tho Canal In Picture
and Prose " This latest book was
written by Willis J. Abbot, the well
Known svriter on International sub
jects, and is the acknowledged refer
ence work of the great waterway It
1b a beautiful large book fully dou
ble the dimensions of the usual size
novel, printed from new type, bound
in tropical red vellum cloth, with the
title stamped in gold and Inlaid with
a beautiful color panel showing the
famous Culebra cut It contains more
than 600 splendid illustrations, which
include magnificent water color stu
dies reproduced in full pages in all
their natural beautiful colorings.
While tho older members of the
family will gladlv welcome this book
the children should also familarlze
themselves ssith its contents, for it
' contains valuable knowledge concern
, Ing this new little "old" strip of land
j between the two Americas. It ac-
quainte you with the people of Pana
J ma and the Canal Zone, telling you
of their appearance, their dress, their
home life, their social life, their in
dustries, their sports and pastimes
This is not only entertaining, but It
is highly Important information from
an educational viewpoint, and should
he read by every man, woman and
child who is interested in the world's
development and progress.
Under usual conditions this beauti
ful big book would readily sell for
at least $4, but realizing the world
svido interest in the Panama Canal,
dally newspapers throughout the Cul
led States and Canada are making
this great distribution for the bene
fit of their readers, recogniaixng the
fact that exact knowledge on this
timely subject la an essential part of
the education of all who would ad
vance So for a short time this vol
ume will be presented to readers for
onlv six certificates and the small ex
pense amount named therein to cover
the expense of distribution.
Clip the certificate today It is
printed elsewhere In this Issue.
London, Sept - Republican ex
tremists in Portugal are plotting to
embarrass the deposed King Manuel
by seizing the present which he is
basing made in Lisbon for Princess
Augustine Victoria of Hohenzollern,
who will become his bride tomorrow,
according to the Lisbon correspnn
I deni of the Daily Mall It is expect
ed that Manuel had proposed to have
all the wedding presents engraved
"Manuel, king of Portugal,' an act
which has aroused resentment among
the Republicans. The deposed king's
present to bis bride bs a diadem of
platinum studded with two thousand
nlamonds and emeralds The royal
ists In Llslon are has ing a number of
presents made incritwd to their
"king " According to the Daily Mail
the Carbonarios, a republican secret
society have been on svatch at
places svhere the presents are being
made and the jeselers have request
ed the police to protect them, and to
insure the removal of the presents in
safety It is said that steps were tak
en to send the gifts through one of
the foreign legations, but the gov
emment objected.
New York, Sept. Z Discovery that
the Amazon and Orinoco rivers both
have their origin near the same spot j
Is claimed b Dr. Hamilton Rice, tbe I
noted English explorer, and his com- I
panlon, Lieutenant P P. Ritter von
Bauer, of Vienna, who have just ar
rised from an expedition Into the
South American Jungles. For thirty
months they searched for the sources
of the two great rivers and tra
versed country through svblch they
believe no human being had ever
The country we entered." said Dr
Rice. ' was wilder than Africa at the
time' Livingston entered It.
"We discovered that the Amazon
and Orinoco have their origin near
the same spot, in fart their small
feed streams Interlock, and are not,
as most maps Indicate, widely separ
ated For fifty days at a time we
did not see a human being outside
our wn party of 12. but we came
across tigers and tapirs which were
almost as tfime as a household pet."
New York, Sept. ? Tho grnnite
blocks, from which the Aster house
was built in 1836, making what svas
then the largest and finest hotel in
the world, will be turned into tomb-1
stones The public service commls-'
sion which Is taking up part of the. I
Astor house property in connection
with the building of new subways, has
awarded a contract for the wrecking
of the btructure to a bidder who of
fered to pav the city $3.83:: for tbe
prisilege If it co'i'd keep the mater
ial. Tbe company proposea to turni
the dingy granite blocks over to a
Long Island city tombstone maker.
Juneau, Alaska, Sept. 3 Forty
three members of the International
Geological congress arrived here yes
terday on the steamship Princess
Maqulnna to study the geology of
southeastern Alaska. The expedition
which is n charge of Director R. W.
Brock and Dr. D. D Calrnes of the
Canadian geological survey and Noel
J Ogllvlo, head of the Canadian
boundary survey, will visit Mulr and
other glaciers and then go to Skag
way. where the expedition will dis
band Monday.
helps to women's comfort, physical
well-being, and beauty sure to pro
mote healthy, natural action of the
organs of digestion and elimination
the tonic, safe and ever reliable
Tht Large it Sale of Any Medicins tn the World
Sold rrwhere. In boxen, 10c-, 2Bc
105 Broadway,
New York, N Y , Aug. 27. 1913
The annual meeting of tho stock
I holders of Union Pacific Railroad
company will be held at Its office at
Salt Lake City. Utah, on Tuesday,
October 14. 1913, at 12 o'clock noon,
for the purpose of electing fifteen di
rectors of the Company, and of trans
acting such other business as may
j legally come before the meeting.
For the purposes of tho meeting,
the books for the transfer of stock
(both preferred and common) will
be closed at 3 o'clock p. m., on Mon
day. September 22, and will be re
opened at 10 o'clock a. m . on Wed
nesday. October 15, 1913
ALEX MILLAR Sc-crefary
A G. Fell, T Samuel Browning and
Joseph C Nye. Commleloners of Og
den City. Utah, sitting as a Board or
Equalization and Review of the spe
cial and local taxes to be levied and
assessed by ordinance upon property
abutting on both sides of 7th Street
from Washington to Madl6on Aven
ues, known as Sidewalk District No
119: hereby give notice that list Of
property In said district to be taxed
has been completed, and they will
meet at the Mayor's office, at the City
Hal Ogden, Utah, from 9 o'clock U
m to 5 o'clock p m , for five consec
utive days, commencing September 2,
1913, to and including September 6.
1913 and will remain in session on
leach of these days during said hours
for the purpose of hearing any person
I feeling aggrieved, and to make correc
I tlon of any tax deemed unequal or tin
i Just, and during the sitting of said
Board eaid lists of property and the
1 taxes proposed shall then and there
be open to public inspection
By order of the Board.. August 29.
A. G FELL. Mayor
First publication August 30. 1913
Last publication September 5. 1913
Consult County Clerk or th Resp
tlv Signer for Further
' In the District Court of the Second
1 Judicial District of the State of
In the matter of the estate of Brig
ham Ballantyne. deceased
Notice is hereby given by the un
! derslgned administrator of the estate
of Brigham Ballantyne. deceased, to
the creditors of and all persons hav-
Ing claims against said deceased to
! present and exhibit such claims, svlth
I the necessary vouchers, within ten
months after the first publication of
this notice, to the said undersigned
administrator at the ofHce of Boyd,
DeVine & Eccles, 301-4 First Na
tional Bank Bldg. Ogden Utah; and
which said office the undersigned
selects as the place of business In all
matters connected with said estate.
Administrator of the estate of Brig
ham Ballantyne. deceased.
Attorneys for Administrator.
Date of first publication August 6th,
1913 5t
In the District Court of the Second
Judicial District, within and for
Weber County State of LJtah
In the matter of the estate of Lewis
C Jarvis, deceased.
Creditors will present claims with
I vouchers to the undersigned at the
I law office of W. R. Skeen, under th
1 First National Bank Building, a
! Ogden. Weber County. Utah, on ol
i before the U'th day of December, 1913
Attorney for Administrator
Dated this 6th day of August, 1913
Notice Is hereby given by the board!
f commissioners of Ogden City, Utah.
of the intention of eald board to make
the following described Improvements
to wit:
To create both aides of Chester,
streot from Washington avenue eBt to
Jefferson avenue, also both sides ot
Capitol avenue from Harrison to Van
Buren avenues as a sidewalk district,
and to construct therein a concrete
sidewalk five feet wide and fonr
inches in thickness, with the neces
sary intersections together with the
necessary grading therefor, and to de
fray the whole of the cost thereof, es
timated at $2,100 00, by a local assess
ment upon the lots or pieces of ground
lying and being within the following
district, being the district to be ben
efited or affected by said improve
ments, viz.:
All the land lying between the
outer boundary lines of said street
and avenue, and a line drawn 60 feet
outward from and parallel to the said
outer boundary lines.
All protests and objections to tbe
carrying out of such intention must
be presented In writing to the city re
corder on or before tho 4th day ot
September, 1913, at 10 o'clock a. m.,
that being the time set by said board
of commissioners when they will hear
and consider such objections as may
be made thereto, at the mayor's of
fice, at the City Hall, Ogden City,
By order of the board of commis
sioners of Ogden City. Utah.
Dated this 12th day of August, 1913.
City Engineer.
First publication August 12. 1913.
Last publication September 3, 1913.
Sealed proposals will be received
at the office of the city engineer, in
i the City Hall. Ogden City. Utah, up
to and including Thursday, September
I 4th, 1913. at 10 o'clock a. m.. at which
j time said bids svill be publicly opened
I and read aloud, for furnishing mate
I rials and doing the work of paving
I svlth either asphalt, Utah Rock As
I phalt, Bitulithic or Dolarway pavement
svith the necessary concrete founda
tion, together with all necessary ex
cavating and grading therefor, of 26th
street from the east side of Washing
ton avenue to the east side of Harri
son avenue.
To be hereafter known as paving
district No. 108. All work to be done
under plans and specifications pre- J
pared by the city engineer and ap
proved by the board of commission
Plans specifications and full Infor
mation can be had upon application to
the city engineer after August 25tb,
The right Is reserved to reject any
or all bids and to waive any defects.
By order of the board of commla-
! sioners.
City Engineer.
First publication August 12. 1913 j
Last publication September 3, 1913.
Notice Is hereby given by the board
of commissioners of Ogden City. Utah,
of the intention of said board to mako
the following described Improvements,
To create Lincoln avenue from the
south side of 26th 'street to the north
side of 30th street as a paving district,
' and to pave therein with concrete 7
inches thick, and to do all the neces
sary grading therefor, and to defray
the" svhole of the cost thereof esti
mat&i at 116,016.50, by a local front
age assessment upon the lots or parts
of lots fronting thereon to the full
length of said district to be benefited
and affected thereby.
All protests and objections to the
carrying out of Buch Intention must
be presented in ssnting to the city re
corder on or before the Sth day of
September, 1913. at 10 o'clock a. m .
that being the time set by said board
of commissioners when they will hear
and consider such objections as may
be made thereto, at the mayor's of
fice, at the City Hall, Ogden City,
By order of the board of commis
sioners of Ogden City, Utah.
Dated this 14th day of August, 1913.
City Engineer.
First publication August 14, 1913.
Last publication September 5, 1913
Notice 1b hereby given by the Board
of Commissioners of Ogden City.
Utah, ot the intention of said Board
to make the following described im
provements, to w it
To create Hudson avenue, north
from 29th street as far as Hudson
avenue i6 now opened through block
10, S. O. S.. as a sewer district, and
to construct therein a pipe sewer to
gether svith the necessary manholes,
and connect all with the manholes of
the present sewer system, and to de
I fray the w hole of the cost thereof, es
timated at $700 by a local assessment
on the lots or pieces of ground laying
and being within the following dis
trict, being the district to be benefit
ed or affected by said improvements,
All the land lying between the outer
boundary' lines of said avenue and a
line drawn 13 feet outward from and
parallel to the said outer boundary
lines Said district to be assessed
for the cost of putting in the sewer
between 28th and 29th streets, also
for securing the right of way for 6ald
sewer, from the north end of said Hud
son avenue to 28tb street.
All protests and objections to the
carrying out of such intention must
be presented in writing to the City
Recorder on or before the ISth day of
September, 1913, at 10 o'clock a. in,
that being the time set by mid Board
of Commissioners when they will hear
and consider such objections as may
be made thereto, at the mayor's of
flee at tho City Hall, Oijdea City,
By order of the Board of Commis
sioners of Ogden City. Utah
Dated this 26th day of August. 1913.
City Engineer.
First dav of publication August 26,
LaBt day of publication September 17,

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