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I 7?u SSFSpou i I fASWL fool- weLLfwm address IktRS BAcir RSSam -BE. VERY I -1 -xf
H salt Lake won ihe Ia3t gHme of the
season from Ogden yesterday bj the
HI store of 10 lo !. breaking even with
HI the locals on the scries Ogden won
Hf two and lost one game In Ocden and
Hi Salt I.ake on two and lost one in
HI Salt Lake.
HI The game was a fast one. but hj
( f tilled wth errors Ogden had six
boots to Its discredit and Salt Lake
had three The game was practically
lost by Ogden s errors
Knight anil Pourroy were the bat
tery for Ogden during the entire
game. Johnson and McClaln worked
until the ninth when a threatened ral
ly on the part of the Ogdenites caused
n hurried consultation and Erickson
was put in to dampen anything like
HI a rally He was successful
With the games played yesterda
hn Salt Lake Helena and Croat Kails.
the third year of the Union assocla
HI tlon came to a close with Great Falls
! winning the pennant.
' Ogden went to the cellar early in
the season and got so far down that
II even the excellent ball play Ing of the
I last few weeks failed to brine the
team above the lowest position
I Before the team disbands for th
I season, the players have planned a
barnstorming tour Th- bis leature
will be today when, under the ausp;
ces of the Salt Lake Press club. Og
' den and Salt Lake will battle in .1
postseason game for the champion
ship of Utah
On the tour. Pocatello. Twin Falls
and other Idaho cities wall bo visited
"Kitty" Knicht Is Koing to San
Francisco to play winter ball during
the off season He played with the
Stockton team last year
I Pourroy will play with Emeryville
a fast California team. Perkins and
Risberg will also play winter b.dl
They reBlde in San Kran Isco.
I Paul Cobb and Mrs Cobb will re
turn to Lincoln. Neb.
Sinclair will remain in Ocden where
I he will work for the telephone com-
I pany.
j Ballinger nill practice law in Den-
1 ver. Rustenhaven and Woolums will
I also go to Denver,
j,! Moorehead is to work for the Ox
I den Rapid Transit company Wessler
$ Is going back to the cigar business
U fnd Jones likes the town so well tha'.
J he is to stay here throughout the
.jji Ray Blsusser. Ogden s best hitter.
and Roy Blauaxer. his twin brother.
J who played with Boise, wtl leave for
'jj. home in Kewanee 111 The boys look
fS so much alike that a. slight acquaint
:S ance cannot tell them apart
1 ' Dad' Clmlin will remain here dur
ing the winter as Ogden is his home
.1 Present indications are that "Dad"
' i will be manager next yar and con-
I sequently he will work at organizing
I a new team
.1 Wessler. 2b 4 1 0 1 4
.I Woolums. lb 5 2 I 12 0 1
Risberg. ss ... 5 8187 1
3 Blausser. rf S 0 "
Moorehead. cf n 2 2 3 2 0
'3s Pnnrrnv 4 0 12 0 0
' Knight, p 4 0 ! o 3 0
A Totals 41 9 11 24 17 6
TJ Murphy, rf 4 1 1 2 0 0
Vvl Spencer, cf 5 2 2 t 0 '
Huelsman. If 5 2 2 3 0 0
'J Dressen. lb 4 0 0 8 0 0
'! Bauer, lb 0 0 Q 1 ,0 0
Davis, 3b. .i 1 n l 1 0
M I ' Schimpff. SB 4 2 2 2 6 2
TO Pendleton. 2b. ... 5 1 1 2 5 1
im Johnson, p 3 0 2 0 1 0
Erickson. p 0 0 0 o l o
jM McClain, c 3 1 1 K 0 0
fiS Totals 38 10 12 27 14 3
$.1 Ogden 1 23456789
Vm Hits 0 2 1 0 2 1 0 2 3 11
fj Runs 0 2 0 0 3 0 0 2 29
13 Salt Lake ...123456789
Hits . 2 14 1110 2 x 12
JSg Runs 1 1400103 x 10
EM First base on errors Ogden 3, Salt
jgl Lake 3 Two-base hits Jones, Huels-
81 man. Spencer 2. Schimpff. Three-baa
Oj hits Moorehead. Knight, Risberg.
gUl Runs batted In Moorehead, Risberg
gj 2. Knight 2, Jones, Huelsman 2. Pen
gjj dleton. Johnson 2, Schimpff. Stolen
mm bases Moorehead, Spencer 2, Dress
HB' en 2, Huelsman. Left on bases Og-
Hj den 7, Salt Lake 9. Double plays
Btt Moorehead to Jones. Knight to RVs
H berg to Woolums. Hits Off Johnson
IH - 11 In 8 Innings: otf Erickson 0 In 1
RB inning. Struck out By Knight I, by
HH Johnson 5. Struck out By Knight I,
Hb by Johnson 5 Bases on balls Off
HB Knight 5, off Johnson 2. Passed balls
H McClain 2. Time 1. 43. Umpire
Won Lost.. Pet
Great halls 77 4."5 .H12
Salt Lake 7.". 47 .616
Butts 54 w: 466
Missoula 64 6S 443
I Helena .'.2 '"7 437
Ogden 49 74 .393
Won. Lost, Pet
New York 90 U 667
Philadelphia 80 4!i H2t
Chicago 78 69 Jj9
Pittsburg 72 64 619
Brooklyn 58 75 4 ''.'.
Boston 67 74 4.;S
Cincinnati 59 S2 418
St. Louis 48 94 .338
Won Lost. Pet
Philadelphia 87 M '.44
Cleveland 81 57 587
Washington 78 5S 574
Boston 69 64 .519
Chicago 71 68 ,61 1
Detroit 58 78 426
St. Louis 52 S8 .371
New York 49 84 36S
No games scheduled.
Helena, Mont . Sept 14 Helena
wound up the season of 19LJ by de
feating Missoula 14 to I. The Vim
lantes fattened their batting averages
at the expense of the visiting twirl
ers. making a total of eighteen hits.
Although the getaway game with
nothing for either team to gain or lose
so far as final standing was con
cerned. It was a fast and snappy con
test right up to the moment the I lit
tain was ning down for the season
Cordtz. cf 5 1 1 8 0
Changnon. 3b 5 1 2 " it
Perrlne. 2b 4 0 2 I I
Carman, lb. ... 4 0 2 7
Daschbach ss 4 Q 0 1 0
Auer. c 4 0 1 I 1
Welsher. If .. 4 0 1 1 U
Kelly, rf 1 0 0 0 0
Finch, rf.. p S 0 1 0 1
Bohen, p . rf 4 0 1 1 D
Totals 38 2 11 24 5
Spencer. If 5 6 0 3 0
Cronin. 3b 5 2 1 2 2
Menges, ss 5 3 3 3 7
Qulgley. 2b 5 2 3 4 3
Lussi. lb 5 3 3 11 0
Gibson, rf 5 2 4 1 0
Murray. c( 6 0 0 2 0
Crittenden, c 4 1 1 0
Fowler, p 3 2 3 0 0
Totals 42 14 18 27 12
Missoula 601 OdO 000 2
Helena 160 t10 13x 14
Errors Daschbach. Welshrr. CTO
nin. Two-base hits-Bohen. Menges.
Quigley. LubbI. Gibson Home runs
Qulglev, Lussi. Gibson. Fowler Sac
rifice fly Fowler. Double plays
Cordtz. Menkes. Struck out By
Finch 2. by Fowler 1 Hits Off Bo
hen 9 In 2 innings: off Finch 9 In 6
innings Ieft on bases Missoula 9,
Helena 5 Time of game 1 10. Ufa
pli e LaRocque
Great Falls, Mont., Sept. 14. Great
Falls and Butte played a rerord game
today, finishing the eight and one-half
innings In 56 minutes. It was fas',
snappy and good naturcd contest In
which the cocals excelled in hitting
and base running and in shutting
Butte out the Electrics took their
fourth out of the five games played
Both Kalllo and Hildebrand pitched
good ball Score:
AB. R H. O. A
Demaggio. If 3 0 3 1 l
Turgeon. lb. ....... 2 0 0 8 Q
Duddy, ss. ...t 4 t t 2 6
Kafora, c 4 0 1 7
Cllnes. rr 2 0 0 o n
Whaling, 2b I 0 1 2 3
Marshall, 2b 3 0 0 3 0
Oriet, 3b 3 0 0 3 0
Kalllo, p. 9 0 1 0 0
Totals 26 0 6 24 13
Potts, ss 4 l 3
He6ter. lb. 4 1 0 10 0
Faye, If. 4 1 2 1 i
Kelly, rf 3 1 1 fj n
Toner. 3b 4 0 1 4 4
Galena, cf 3 0 1 1 0
Weaver, c 3 0 0 5 2
Hildebrand, p 3 0 0 0 3
Totals 31 4 9 27 1J
Butte 000 000 0000
Great Falls 101 00t) Olx 4
Error Orlet Three base hit -Pottt.
Sacrifice hits Demaggio. Tur
cpoii, Clynes. Double plays - Potts to
Slner lo Hester; Toner to Hester. Sto
len bases He6ter 2. Faye. Kelly, To
ner. Bas"s on balls- Off Kalllo 1.
off Hildebrand 2 Struck OUl Bj Kal
llo S, by Hildebrand 3, Left on bases
Butte 4. Great Falls 4. Time :56.
Umpire Elsey
Cardinals Beat Dodgers.
St. Louie. Sept. 14. St Louis won
the opening game from Brookln to
day. 7 to 6. The home team put over
two runs in the ninth when Yingling
made two wild throws to third base
Hnd wound up with a wild pi t r h, al
lowing Beck to score.
Quakers Beat Reds.
Cincinnati, Sept. 14 Philadelphia
nosed out Cincinnati In the ninth In
ning today and won an exciting Kam.
7 to 6. Philadelphia took an early
lead by good hitting, aided by errors
by Cincinnati, but the locals made a
game, uphill fight, and tied the score
in the eighth Inning. They could not
bold the visitors, however, and lost
by a one-run margin
In the eighth Inning. Marsans. the
first man up. singled, and Hoblltzell
followed with a triple Camnltz then
retired in favor of Seaton who. with
none out and a man on third, passed
Tinker Dod.ce. the next man to bat.
lined out a single, scoring Hoblitzc-ll
and Tinker. Seaton then settled down
and prevented further scoring In
the ninth Philadelphia secured two
hits off Suggs uhlth. nlth a sacrifice,
scored the winning run Dooln was
hit In the knee by a foul tip In the
second Inning and retired in favor -ot
Burns The score.
Cubs Shut Out Giants.
Chicago. Sept. 14. Chicago 6hu;
out New York 7 to 0 In the first game
of the visitors' farewell series here
today. The locals played a careful
game behind Cheney, who was hit
hard, while the league leaders took
too many chances on the bases.
In the opening inning. Leach sin
slfd and Cnrrirlen kmi rlflcerl SrhiiltM
followed with a slngie and Leach
Marquard then settled down and tha
locals were unable lo place a safe hit
until the sixth when n Bingle by
Archer, and doubles Into the crowd by
Leach and Sohulte. netted two more
Marquard retired and Fromme was
sent to the mound. In ih eighth In
niug Fromme yielded a volley of hits
which netted four more runs
Cheney was hit to all corners of
the field and the Giants had numer
ous chances (o score, but their ono
aim seemed to be to steal bases on
kreher, whose accurate throwing
nipped the runner each time.
Before the game had Rott'-n under
way, Manager Evers was banished 10
the club house by Umpire Rigler The
umpire had thrown a new ball to
Cuenej who immediately began to dis
color the sphere This was followed
by the players tossing the ball around
the field, until Rigler told Evers the
ball was uufit to piay with Tin n
upon the local manager threw the
ball over the stand and was ordered
off the field.
In New York's first inninc. Snod (
grass attempted to steal second, and
when Umpire Byron tailed him out.
he commenced an argument winch re
sulted In his being sent to the clubhouse
. 00
Brookllne MaBs., Sept. 15 The last
day of practice for the American op n
golf championship, which 6tarts to
morrow at the Country club, found
nearly all the contenders hard at
work studying the distances and thr
run of the puttlnc greenu Included
In the ranks were a score of amateurs
who will match their game againri
the professionals In the hope of fin
Ishing In the "plate" If not in the
"money." So large was the number
of players at the first tee this morn
ing that half of the field bgan at
the eighth hole
Trenton, N J, Sept. 15 The re
moval of a growth of bone: one and
a half inches thick from the skull
where it had been pressing against
the brain. trauB. formed Janos Szlke
ly. an inmate of the New Jersey state
prison from an insane and vicious
convict to a normal one. He was
convicted two years ago of killing a
Hungarian In a drunken brawl. Doc
tors discovered that he was suffer
ing from the results of a fractured
skull. He failed in health gradually,
became a maniac and unable to care
for himself.
An operation (was performed and
since then he has Improved rapidly,
and keeps the attendants busy find
ing work for him to do about the
hospital ward.
Giants and Athletics Playing
. Stronger and More Con- ,
sistent Games.
.New York Sepi 14. Ground was
gained last week by both the major
league leaden in line for world's
championship honors and with both
Giants and Athletics playing a strong
er and more consistent game than for
weeks previous there seems hardly
a chance remaining for an upset h
fore the close of the season, now a
bare three weeks away.
The most marked Improvement was
shown by McGraw s men While the
Athlotica dropped two games to the
White Sox before they braced and
evened up the series, the Cleveland's
broke under e Washington attack
and again missed a splendid chance
to work themsohea into a osit!o:i
where the Muckmeu would have had
the fight of their lives for champion
ship laurels
Washington. Cleveland's nemes.
since the early days of the American
I league, has thus to all appearan
j put the final check upon the Nape
chances for the flag and In the last !
few days even the Cleveland titio
to second place has been threatened
Birmingham s men, however, made .1
good start In Philadelphia by downing
the Athletics yesterday In the first
game of the series.
In the National league the Giants
lead as the week opened was an even
eight games, and though they met j
defeat in Chicago today, their advan
tage Is so commanding that they
would have to lose the great majority
of their future games while Phila
delphia was winning steadily to glv
the Quakers a look :n for ultimate
honors. The Giant boxmen with the possibl--exception
of Marquard are showing
claes Marquard. Indeed, won his on
ly game of the week, but was mauled
with some severity by the Cubs as
Ihe new wek opened .Mathewson.
Tesreau and Demaree are swlnjin-;
along In world's series form. Dema
ree. by the way. Is v. orkmc up a re
markable record for a first-year man.
being tied with Humphries of Chica
go for the lead among the leagues
twlrlers. who have taken part In L''t
or more games The New Yorker,
however, has the edge on th? Cub
boxman In having pitched through a
greater percentage of the 23 games
he is credited with having won. Each
of these two men have lost but three
ga ines.
In the other camp of probable post
season contenders. Bender. Plank.
Brown and Shawkev. th twirlers ex
pected to do the bulk of the work
against the National league champ,
ons. have been holding their oppo
nents to close scores entirely, but
the bold hitting power of the team
has not ben strongly In evidence
In the National league, Chicago
still is In third place, with 6mill
chance of being ousted Pittsburg lost
considerable ground and apparently !s
booked to finish In fourth place.
KanoBh. Sept 14 Attended by
more than L'''0 gucsrs. the wedding of
Miss Vie George, daughter of Mr and
Mr? George A. George of Kanosh. and
;u Reinment, also of this place, was
solemnized here last Thursday Tho
ceremony was performed at the re?l
1 dence of the bride's parents. The
I guests included fnendB from numer
ous towns of this sectlou. both youn
people being popular and well known
I A brilliant ball in the evening brought
the festivities to a close.
Salt lake, Sept. 16 - That the
man who was arrested Baturdaj BU
pected of being Hueh Whitney, the
I bandit and who "c:ie the name of
.Joseph Gabriel, i not Whitnev. but
I a 'Mexican, is the opinion of the po-
lice agter several persons who knew
the bandit failed vesterday to iden
tify him. At least six Salt Lakera
lsited Gabriel's cell SJ"1 declared!
that he Is not Mie much I wanted out
law The police aHo discovered sev
eral discrepancies In the similarity
of appearance jf the two men. Whit
ney is Bald lo be about 6 feet. S Inch
es tall, while the man in custody is
little more t'.an ."i feet, 6 inches.
Then, too, hi t eyes are brown while
Whitney's ar blue.
Among those who visited the cell ,
was John A. Jen6on of 505 South 1
Fourth Eas1 street. Jenson is a
sheepsheare" and formerly worked
each year In Cokevllle, NVyo. Ho last
saw Whltntv about four years ago.
and declare he would know him any
where. "That mti is sure Hugh Whitney '
he said before he had seen the eus-i
pe t
How do von know?" he was ask
ed. Well, 1 s?w thaj picture this
miming in The Tribune."
( was cxplalnedd that the photo
graph in the paper was really a like
bees of the notorious outlaw, but not
of the suspect, and he was given a
view of Gabriel
"No." he aald. after ho came out.
"That Is not Whitney I would know
I him among a thousand."
Gabriel Is belnr; held on an open
charge. As he was arrested at 6: in
o'clor! Saturday night the lepal
time for holding a susi e : will not
I expire until tonight. in the event
thai l briel has nothing connected
with him besides his general rcsem-
j blanoe to Whitney, it is probable thut
he will he released before the legal
forl-c!zht hours elapse.
Naple?, Sept. IB. A depth ol 1-'""
1 feet was reached b Prof. Mailed ra
'and his two companions In their re
Iccnt descent of the crater of Yesuv
j ins. This Is a record. It said. The
; party spent an hour making scientific
experiments on the brink of the great I
funnel at the bottom of the crater
which they were able to sound to
a depth of 200 reet.
The explorers found the inside of
the fennel to he an immense fiery cav- j
ern. They lost their thermometers,
the steel rope on which they were
suspended becoming fused by tho ac-1
tion of the acids and the terrible
heat. However, they had obtained
.a registered temperature of "2,I de
grees Fahrenheit before the mishap
New York, Sept. IS. The death of:
Ma90f William J, Gaynor in a letter'
delivered yesterday at her Brooklyn
home by a delegation of ten toys
The letter speaks of Mr Gaynor as
indeed n champion of the weak and
! the defenceless," and says his death
i la regarded by the east side as an
' irretrevlable logs."
More than a thousand children of
j the tenement district will participate
! In a general service to be held next
Saturday afternoon at an east side
park There will be a parade of the
.children, each carrying a flag draped
In black and a rose to be laid on the
, ni
coffin of Mayor Gaynor at City hall.
1 Itizens c; the Brown Hie seniaoo
of Brooklyn, a tenement district have ' a
organized a fund to build a monument '
In memory of Mayor fJaynnr It has 1 1
been decided to secure funds by pop- j I
plar subscription, teachers and prhool 1
children contributing one penny a 1
week. jjT
New York. Sept 15. The New York 1
Academy of Polm- al Science w in de- :
vote Its fall meetings to the subject r-
of the 'cure of banking reform," it $
was announced today. The meeting -Ml
will tak the form of a conference to 'H
consist of three session to le held if
at Columbia university October 13 fl
and il with a banquet on the even- V3
ln' of Ot toiier 1". a' which Senator
Owen, halrman of the banking and i
currency committee of the M-n.ite.
Carter K Glass, chairman of the
house committee on hanking and cur- .iE
rency. and others w ill speak.
oo fju
Presently we shall have a brief In-9 1
tcrlm between the trled-to-chan?e- ,
--.it . drownings and the thought- J j
the-lce-wassafe drownings. 1
i -uimiini ct mmc j If
I "Watch Her Eat! 1 j
I She used to leave half of i
1 her food till I let her chew 1
p fWV &ves ker an appetite.
u2CO She Iikes lt better than
I jr ( V things not good for her
Ircl jA X Vi anc cosis me less. 'The j
H it X Beneficial Confection' is
) SvT OW a ctehri118 pastime that j
Bi") hi I improves teeth, appetite,
BT JlJ ffiT nerves and digestion." j
1 Chew it after every meal I ;
of twenty packages it costs less of
any dealer and stays fresh until used
Hi t16 Spear Avoid hmtationsH

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