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Do you know that your garments will last longer
and look freshrr if you have them dry cleaned J
Our process of
is the latest By its use we clean the most delicate gar
ments, without injuring the fabric.
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tion to mail orders.
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H Was-'iirurton. Oct 15. The United
H States Geological Survey, in co-opera-J
H i rion with the State of California, pros- j
H ,; seated for a period of three years an
H j investigation and study of the waters1
H ! of the principal river? of California
H ; for the purpose of determining their
H jhv.iea! characteristics and seasonal
H ; rariatlon fn composition and rh dam-
H- age caused through pollution. The re-1
' BQltfl of this investigation are avail-
nle in Wafer-Supply Paper 237 of the
Oeoloclrol Survey, a free copy of
which may be obtained on application
to the Director, I'nited States Geolog
ical Survey. Washington, D. C. Tho
report contains a large amount of in
formation concerning the streams and
lakes of California In the .7 rivers
studied in detail the average mineral
iontent was found to bo :"S parts
per million, the average in the hu
mid region of the State being 166
parts and In the semiarid region 028
parts. A large number of analyses
of the various waters are Included,
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I anfi tho valiio Of th waters wMh ret-
Iorrnc to their steaming qualities ts
Washington, Oct. 15. ' Potash in
Western Saline Deceit" la the title
of a report ly James H Hanc of
the I'nlNMl SiateH (Jeologlra) Survey.
Just Issued. The examinations of var
ious saline lakes, marshes, flats, and
will- ilcscnln-d In th- report were
made in connection with the broad
tin of search which the (Jeolngical
Survey in making throughout the
eSt in Qtiesl Ol commercial potash
; deposits While non of the localities
j In question are shown to be promls
i Inn as possessing potash In suffl
etenl quantities to warrant develop
ment, the descriptions and analyses
'are published bv the Survey as a con
tribution to the general subject. A
Icopv of the report (Bulletin 540-P)
may le obtained on application to
I the Director of the Geological Survey,
I Washington, D. C.
R There are 19 mining districts in
8 Lemhi county, Idaho, which in gen
B eiml is on' of the more Important
II mining regions of the west. Sltua
ted in the cast-central part of Idaho,
i the county has uutll recently been
difficult of access, but with the ex
tension of the railroad to Salmon in
I 1910 mining activity in parts of the
area took on now life. In this con
I nection importance and interest at-
taches to the comprehensive report
on the geology and ore deposits of
Lemhi counts . by J. B. I'mpleby, Just
issued by the United States geologic
I al survey as Bulletin 528.
Placer gold was discovered at Lees
burg in 1866. and soon thereafter lod?
deposits were recognized. Lead-silver
deposits were worked actively in the
eighties, but not until the advent of
the railroad did. this Industry reach
Its maximum importance. The total
j production of the county has been
about $20,000,000. two-thirds of which!
baa come from gold, three-fourths of
the remainder from lead, about 640
000 from copper, and the rest from sil
ver. The ore deposits of Lemhi oun
iv may be grouped as gold placers,
and lodes, lead-silver veins and tabu
lar replacements, copper-bearing gold
veins, cobalt nic kel deposits, and
tungsten-bearing veins. Important
j placer deposits occur about Leesburg,
on Moose t'reek. and along sonif of
the streams which flow from the Bea
verhead mountains Lode deposits.
I on the other hand, are widely dis
tributed In the county, each of the 19
mining districts containing several.
The most important gold veins are
widely distributed In the northern,
central, and western parts of the conn
ty. They are predominantly veins of
coarse-textured clear-whit" quartz,
along which ore shoots occur at Ir
regular intervals Few bonanzas have
been found in these deposits. al
thouch many of the ores are of sub
I stantial grade.
Large Deposits of Lead Ore
Probably 80 per cent of the lead
j ore mined in Lemhi county is the
product of the oxidation and carbon -,
afion of galena, pyrlte and zinc
blci.de. The ore is remarkable for
its even tenor, averaging about 35
rer tent of lead and 15 ounces of
silver to the ton. The deposits are
large and show even, evidence of
, continuity In most of the mines of
I about 200 feet of oxidized ore re-
mains between the deepest workings
I and the water level, below which pri
mary ore may bo expected. It Is a
n attr of considerable Importance to
. know In what respects the primary
j ore will differ from that now being
j mined. Studies of the volume ( hang.
es involved in the oxidation and car-
lonation of galena, sphalerite and'
: rite lead to the conclusion that
l aching has been important in the
c Mdized zone. From a consideration
' of the relative solubility of the oxi
dation products it appears that lead
i has remained essentially stable, that
iron has probably been removed
j somewhat, and that zinc has been
I removed In considerable quantities
It follows, therefore, that below the
lone of oxidation lead will decrease
appreciably In amount per ton of ore,
iron will increase somewhat, and zinc
will probably Increase considerably.
The copper deposits of the county
have not proved of great commercial
importance. Cobalt-nickel deposits
are confined to the Blackbird dis
trict. They are little developed, but
home of them are known to contain
about '1 per cent each of cobalt and
nickel. Tungsten is mined In the
blue Wing district, where It is asso
ciated with zinc, copper, lead, mol
'ybdenum. iron and silver mlne1als In
lenticular quartz veins. A little Rold
is aiso present. Sixty-three mineral
species are recognized in the ores of
I 1 1 uu) county.
ijMitlook for a steady growth
I In tlflgynlnliiK Industry of the count)
is bright A large tonnage of base
gold ore remains. Placers are uow
being worked by dredges, which are
converting into an asset ground here
tofore valueless for mineral. The
annual production of lead-Hllver has
increabffi greatly since the advent of
tee railroad and seems destined to
become the largest item in the min
eral output of the county Tungsten
will probably become an aseL but
the luture of cobalt and nickel is
more uncertain.
San Francisco, Oct. 14 A lone ban
dit climbed into the mail car of the
San Luis Obispo local train at Bur
llngame this afternoon and at the
point of a revolver made George Srott
and Mortimer Titus, railway mall
clerks, put sacks over their heads and
creep under a desk. The robber then
rifled the registered mall sacks and
stole money and Jewelry to tin- value
of $1000. After rifling the mall sacks
the bandit svvuug off the car and dl6
appeared, leaving no alew to bis Iden
! tlty.
The two railway clerks did not re
move the mail saeks from their heads
or attempt to climb out from under
the desk In the car until th- cai
leached San Francisco Then they
were discovered by James Smith, a
lip! I wagon driver Smith rolled the
car door open and shouted to the muil
clerks before the merged from their
uncomfortable positions with the sacks
still over their heads.
Lewis says that Just as the train
pulled out of Buriingame al 3:30 he
1 I noticed a man climbing into the car
I' Your Winter Supply of Pineapples
can be bought to advantage now. We have just laid
in a large aock of the new pack and are prepared to
make it worth vour while to buy a dozen or so of this
delectable fruit.
No. 1 Cans 15c each $1.60 doz.
No. 2 Cans 25c each 2.60 doz.
No. 21 2 Cans v .30c each 3.25 doz.
This fruit is all canned ripe, in Hawaii, where the best
pineapples grow.
338 25th St HARRIS GROCERY CO. Phones 2215 2218
from the open door from the opposite
side to the depot. The man had
handkerchief tied over the lowr part
of his ta. e and in his right hand he
held a revolver In another moment
he was In the mall car. was directly
at the side of Titus, vvho for a mo
ment could not realize whether some
one was playiiiR a practical Joke on
i he two of them or whether it was .1
real holdup. Titus then shouted i
word of warning to his fellow clerk.
Boott, bul the bandit In a determined
manner ordered him to "shut up."
The mall robber then ordered both
clerks to hold up their hands and
,,k-l S(i.n to nhw him where the
registered mall was placed The
robber then opened the mony sacks,
which contained postal receipts n
cash from Santa Marguerita. Clayton
and Park View. He also opened a
dozen packages containing Jewelry
and extracted the contents
Washington. Oct. 14 Senator;
Smoot having been advised that Wll
ham C Whaley of .Montana has dis
posed of his interest in a butter man
ufacturlng concern at Helena, has
withdrawn bis objection to Whaley'B
confirmation as collector of internal
revenue for the district of Utah. Mon
tana and Idaho, for which he waB
nominated two months ago.
The finance committee has author
Ized a favorable report on the noml- j
nation and Whaley will be confirmed,
It is expected, at Thursday's session
of the senate.
The Montana senators are making
an effort to have th collector's office
moved from Salt Lake City to Hel
eon, but have expressed doubts that
Sr. retarj M Adoo will authorize tho
remov al.
Brlgham City, Oct. 14. In order to
more fully explain the outlines of the
school credit system for home work,
Introduced Into the schools of this
county last vear by Superintendent
D. C. Jensen, the Box Elder county
board of education has issued a cir
cular letter, a copy of which will be
sent to all parents having children In
school. The letter sets forth the
prizes offered and rules governing
the system. The letter also encour
ages the parents and guardians to
reciprocate with tho schools and offer
" home credits for school work." to
work in conjunction with 'school
credit for home work." The credits
allowed each week are as follows. Ris
ing before 7 a m . five minutes; re
tiring on or before 9 p. Dl., five min
utes, primary trades. Ketiring on or
before 9: SO, five minutes grammar
grades, brushing teeth morning and
OTenlng, five minutes; sleeping with
bedrom window open, five minute?;
iiatlilnc (each bathi. ten minutes.
On the quartorlv report the pupils
will be graded as follows, and all stu
dents receiving an av orage of 00 prr
cent or more w ill be granted one holi
daj e&Ch half year:
Grades three and four. 1" per cent
for each twenty mlnutc-s' credit per
week until loo per cent has been
Grades five and six, 10 per cent for
each twenty-five mlnutee' credit per
week until 100 per cent has been
Grades seven and eight, 10 per cent
for each thirty minutes' credit per
week until 100 per cent has been
The forfeitures are as follows: Ex
cused absence forfeits all right to the
holiday. Coming to school without
hands and face washed nor hair
corned and clothing In order, 10 er
cent off, and work not done cheerful
ly at home will not be credited at all.
World's Greatest Athlete Mar
ries Oklahoma Girl in His
toric Catholic Church.
Carlisle. Pa., Oct 14. -James
Thorpe, the Sax and Fox Indian from
Oklahoma, world's greatest athlete
and a member of the New York Na
tional league baseball team, wa6 mar-r.-d
here today In historic St. Pa:
rl k'i ( luirch to Margaret Ivg Miller,
a native ol Oklahoma, and a former
student at the Carlisle Iniian school.
The wedding is the outcome of a
romance that had its Inception when
rhorpe met Miss Miller after a game
he had won by field goals he had
Mr. and Mrs. Thorpe leave tonight
for New York to Join the New VorB
Giants on their tour of the world.
Mantl, Oct. 14 The tint move
raent in the city campaign was made
laflt evening when the Democratic
i.nd Progressive committees met In
joint meeting and decided to put up
a fusion ticket for city officers un
der the name of Cltlzons' ticket."
Tho dale or the primary was set
for October 18, at the Library build
ing. From present advices the Ropubll-cant-
havo decided to put up n
straight party ticket and will hold
thtir primary at a later date.
So far. there has been bul one per
son announce himself as a candi
date: S. Peter Peterson, lor city re
corder; subject to the action of the
Republican primary'.
J. B. Jacobson, tho present mayor,
will In all probability be placed on
the Republican ticket for re-election.
P. H, Madsen. Ernest Munk and
other have been talked of as head
ing tho Citizens' ticket.
Washington. t 14. Charge
O'Shaughnessy wa Instructed today
to formally notify the nutlioritles at
Mexico City that the United States
could not recognize as constitutional
th election to be held October 26, In
view of General Huerta's decree e.n
nouncing his assumption of legislative
pow ers
J. P. Aliman. a painter, is confin
ed in the clt jail, where be will be
charged with a serious crime or ex
rmlned as to his sanity a.s a result
of his alleged attempt to shoot his
I'.'-v ear-old daughter Jessie last
An automobile party passing the
family camp just below the Sanitar
ium site heard screams coming from
a tent and Interfered in tlmo to pre
vent Injury to the girl. The weapon
was wrenched from the frenzied
it an s hands and Altman was held
while a call was sent to the police
from the nearest telephone a mile
away. Sergeant Layne responded.
Dr. W. E. Whalen was summoned
to attend the man and he was given
medicine last night to quiet him.
Jessie Altman, the daughter who
w8 attacked, rode into town in the
automobile to her work. She stated
that the father has resented her ap
pearance at the tent. Last night she
stated he was more violent than usu
al and attempted to shoot her.
The police state that the family Is
in destitute circumstances. There
are five children living In the small
tent and It is said that the daughter
Is the sole support of the familv.
I pon seeing a light burning In the
Vestibule of his home at 2 o'clock
this morning. Sigmund Kobn sus
pected burglars and telephoned for
the police. When tho officers arriv -ed
they found tho rooms had been
ransacked, but Kohn does not be
lieve that much of value was taken
Mrs. Kohn is visiting In California
una Mr Kohn has been living with
It J. W. Vidcock, with whom he
was returning when he saw tho l'Kht
in his untenanted home.
Eureka, Oct. 14. At a convention
oi the Citizens party held tonight In
the city hall the following candidate
for city offices were chosen : For
mayor, Hugo Dcprizen; for treasur
er. Mrs Julia White; for recorder.
Alex Robertson; for councilman, four
year term, George T. Castleton: for
councilman, two year term. William
Douglass. Joseph E. O'Connor and
Arthur Irons.
Members of the city committee
were chosen as follows. Precinct No.
1 W. J. Tregonlng, George M Ow
ens. No ', George M. Hayes. Wil
lb;ra Tlte; No. 3. B. W Redmond.
Joeoph Phillips; No. 4. H. S. Goar.
T. J. Fennell; members-at-large,
Lawrence Blackett and Edward Dug
gan. There was a fair attendance at the
convention. Lawrence Blackett pre
sided and Edward Duggun acted as
secretary It was decided to hold a
meeting of tho city committee Fri
day afternoon at 6 o'clock.
Spanish Fork. Oct. 14. -laBt night.
In the opera house, the citizens' par
ty, a newly organized ultra-prohlbl-tlon
league, held Its primary and nom
inated a complete ti ket Isaac E
Brockbank, Republican, was nomina
ted for mayor. Albert Swcnsen. Dem
ocrat, wa6 put forward for long-term
councilman, with David J Evans,
Democrat; John T. Hales and Herbert
R Williams, both Republicans, as
short-termers. 0, W Booth runs for
city treasurer nnd Frederick T. Lew
Is, Jr . for recorder, both Republicans
United States Assumes Sup
ervisory Powers Over Pres
ent Mexican Government
Trial of Deputies to Be Close
ly Watched Foreigners
Concur in Action.
Washington, Oct. n. The admin
istration has assumed supervisory
powers over the present Huerta gov
ernment in Mexico.
Official notification was sent to
day after a cabinet meeting by Secre
tary Bryan to John Lind anil Charge
O'Shaughnessy that the I'nited States
docs not nnd will not recognize the
Huerta plans for the proposed elec
tion, and that It will not recognize
any one chosen as such election.
Further Instructions were sent to
O'Shaughnessy and Llnd to scrutin
ize the conduct of the proposed trial
of the arrested deputies.
Informally Secretary Bryan had al
ready Instructed Mr. O'Shaughnessv
and Ma Lind to atate that this gov
ernment would view with "disfavor"
any harm that might come to those
The state department understands
by advices from Mexico City that
throe or four of the European nations
have taken the same view as this
country as to the acts of Dictator Hu
erta. This foreign action Is not,
however. takn coniolntlv with ih
Cnlted States, but concurrently.
The official report that Germany is
rushing a cruiser to Mexican waters
Is regarded as one of the highest im
portance by all officials of the gov
ernment for these reasons:
l -"That it has been announced
that even after the withdrawal of
American citizens from Mexico on the j
president's abandonment policy, the
Cnlted States would still continue to
exercise a paternal, sympathetic care
over foreigners in the republic.
2. "Cntil the present time Ger
many has indicated that she was sat
isfied with the conduct of affairs in i
Mexico by the Cnlted States on be
half of the other nationalities.
3. Germany knows that if there
should be any dancerous popular up
rising in Mexico City, the sailors and
marines of the I'nited Stales would
be 200 miles away.
3. "For the last reason it Is be
lieved by some officials that the
German sailors and marines will not
stop at Vera Cruz, but that if the
German foreign office concluded
there Is personal danger to her le
gation on the tJerman colony at Mex
ico City, a naval detachment would
go on to Mexico City."
So far as the White house and
state departments are concerned, ac
cording to their statements today,
tbey are In the dark as to the real
purpose of Germany taking a hand In
tho situation.
Secretarv Bryan, In fact, said that
he could not comment on the act of
Qerman) as reported, for the reason
that there was no official communi
cation of the German views to this
gov ernmenL
Usually all Hip moves of this gov
ernment are communicated to the
foreign powers, when they affect
Mexico It was reported to him tin- j
officially that Great Britain mediated
withdrawing her recognition of Hu
erta. Mr. Bryan would not comment
on this statement. nr iiiou tho con
clusion from It that Huerta ought not
be recognised as dictator, as he has
changed tho form of government un
I der which be was recognized by Great
Britain. He has also chanced the
government which the United States
consldved de facto.
"The acts of this government,"
said one official today, "seem to show
that the time Is approaching when I
the United States Itself must cease
to recognize Huerta as a dofacto
rnler under his new assumed au
thority." oo
Philadelphia, Oct 14. Twenty-six
checks were distributed hero today
by John E. Bruce, secretary of the
j national baseball commission, to the
officials anu players of the Philadel
phia American leaguo ball club as
their share of tho world's series
money. Tho club received a check
of $69,333.79, of which $10.00u had
I- en put up as a forfeit to comply
with the rules of tho scries. This
i was the not amount after 25 per cent j
I had been deducted from tho club's
totals, which will bo turned over to
President Johnson of the American j
league for distribution to the other
seven American leaguo clubs.
Each of the twenty-five players el- '
Igible to compete In the series re- I
celved $3,243.94.
Coburg, Germany. Oct 14. The I
dowager Duchess Mark of Saxe-Co-burg
Gotha today authorized a denial
of the reports published in America
and Europe of the betrothal of the
Princess Elizabeth of Roumunia to
Crown Prince George of Greece.
Wilmington. Del., Oct. 14. The sur
prise of the day in the first match
play for !he women's national gclf
championship on the course or tho
Wilmington club, was the defeat of
Miss Margaret Curtis, of .Boston, the
present American champion She was
defeated by Miss Caroline Painter of
the Midlothian club. Chicago, by one
of every description Oat, Barley and Wheat,
new and second hand. Get prices.
2270 Wash. Ave.
i BANK I f
Ogden. HHM '
Painter has twice held the!
women's pr.lf championship. A larjfl
o ed the pair, The wind!
bothereu both players and eacfa took j
a total of 100 strokes for the 18 holed
181 Muriel Dodd, (he British and
Canadian champion, easily VOn rjtrl
tnatcfa from Miss Edith nhht 0f Will
mington n the other foreign play-l
rs matched against Americans onl
their games. I
Hughes Ideal Hair Bruihea.
Double Bristles, Rosewood
Back. While they last
75c j
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comes to many homes from the re-
suit of a drinkiug husband or son. j
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"Drink'' that is needed in the home j
to purchase food and clcthicg. OR- j
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men. It Is a home treatment and can I
be given secretly. Your money will jj
!'. refunded if. after a trial, it has ij
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Made in Ogden by
Ogden People
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Vote For
To Be Nominated Candidate
Primary Election,
Tuesday, October 21st, 1913.
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