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. i
Round Trip Excursions.
Chicago and return. . .$59.50
Omaha and return. . . 40.00
Kansas City and return 40.00
St. Louis and return. . 51.00
Denver and return .... 22.50
Oct 25; Nov. 22. 24; Dec 20,
22 Limit 90 days.
3an rran. nd return . . 40.00
San Francisco and return, via
Los Angeles 40.00
San Francisco, returning via
Portland 58.50
Low Rates to many other
Oct. 19. 21 ; Nov. 22. 24; Dec.
20. 22, 29th. Limit 60 days.
Electric Lighted Sleepers. Din
ing Car Service. Best Any-
I F. FOUTS, Agent,, Ogden.
I. wA ; BENTON G. SA. P. D..
J Salt Lake.
BULY-S and bull ciilvea for
sale. WelLbred. .Well dc
velopecL Fflree from tuber-
culosis. Price que ed f. oj
b. your railroad station.
FARM, Anaconda,, Mont.
I We have no veneered Iteather In
j our repair shop. It's alfreal oak
j tanned stock.
I, " CLARKS' '
Five Per Cent Discount Would
Rehabilitate the Ameri
can Merchant Marine.
Washington. Oct 15 Represents
live Underwood, an rarly White
House eallor. today, defended the t
per cent clause Of the tariff law gl
inp a discount to imports in American
ships by declaring; It was merely
remm to the original Democratic doe
trine of Madison and Jefferson and
would rehabilitate the American mer
chant marine.
"I am not hunting a trade war."
said Mr. Underwood, "but the presi
dent has the right to cancel any trade
agreements we have that may con
flict with this provision The f per
cent clause Is not nearly as drastic as
the maximum and minimum pro islon
3 Z4 iti
The Only Jfew unabridged die
tionary in many years.
Contains the pith Bnd essence
of an authoritative library.
Covers overy field of knowl
edge. An Encyclopedia in a
single book.
The Only Dictionary with tho
New Divided Page.
iO0,000 Words. 2700 Pages.
6000 Illustrations. Cost nearly
half a million dollars.
Let us tell you about this most
rcmarknblo single volume.
Fire and Burglary Protection ?
Every day you read in the newspapers of fires I
and burglaries. I
YOUR home might be the next. I
Take the proper precaution NOW and be on
I the safe side.
For about a cent a day you can rent a Safe De
posit Box in our Absolutely Fire-Proof and
Burglar Proof Steel Vault.
I Home Visitors' Excursion
V Optional Routes Stopovers
I On Sale October 1 9 and 2 1 .
H Final Return Limit December 3 1 .
A''' For tickets, reservations and
f;-v further particulars apply at
II City Ticket Office
jfe 2514 Washington Ave.
H I PAUL L- Be:me:r
gij City Passenger and Ticket Agent.
m i phne 25-
, nr ih Payne-Aldrtou 1 don'tl,
: believe In subsidies The shipper
of merchandise under this arrange
i ment would get the ," per rent reduc
lion and the ship owner would bone- I
fit by tho Increase of business both
of which objects are desirable.
loiter It be nine known that Presi
dent Wilson hold practically 'he same
view of the situation m did Mr i n- i
derwood and that tho whole matter
I would he threshed oul In diplomatic
I ehannels Instead of hj an effort to
repeal or modify tho law
San Francisco. Oct. 16. George
Weill ho comamnded a rebel gun
boat iit Woosung during the rerml
rebellion In Fhlnn. is at his homo In
this rlfy today recovering from in
juries received when his crew mutln
led and blew up one of the ships
magazines Wells and the white of
floors of bis staff stood off the mo
(IneerK In a desperato hand-to-hand
fight until help arrived from another
Rebels' oaptured by cnernmen
troops. Wells said, were subjected to
terrlhlo torture.
Qalumet, Mich Oct 16 The WOO
deputy sheriffs In tho Houghton coun
ty copper minors strlko zone today j
slartod to serve ecry striker with
I tho state supromo coan s restraining i
order against picketing. A largo
number Of strikers in tho Keweenaw
county district aro retried to have I
refused tho service and arrests may j
be made There was some peaceful
picketing this morning at the Allouez j
and Mohawk mines
Men Who Violated Postal
Laws Released From At
lanta Federal Prison.
Atlanta. Ga.. Oct. IS. After more I
than six months' imprisonment In the
federal penitentiary hore for violat
ing the postal laws. Julian Haw
'horne and Dr W J Morton of Bos
ton, today are free. They planned
to leave for New York. Hawthorne
and Morton wen sentenced March 21
last to terms of one year and one dav.
but It was ordered that their senten
ces date from the time of their arrest,
four months previous.
"Good behavior" brought about a
further shortening of their senten. e
Since he entereJ the doors of the
Atlanta prison, Hawthorne's record,
according to the officials, has bet a
I such as to prove particularly helpful
1 to his fellow prisoners. He has mndi
noteworthy contributions to the pris
on paper, It was said, and ,ir onsld
ered a valuable counsellor by his fel
low prisoners
I C. T. II, of iron
Tho posstbllit of the inauguration
Of a movement to have the W. C. T.
,l of Utah withdraw from the na
tional organization as a result of the
I attack on Mormonlsm made In the
I Illinois stale convention was voiced
I In Ogden yesterday by some of the
J members of the Ogden W c T U
i when the nature of tho attack on the
Mormons became known
Tho wire was In reply to a tele
gram of Inquiry to Mlas Helen Wood.
president of the W C T. U. of 11
llnot8. with reference to her speech
at (ialesburv. Ill last FriHav in
1 which she was reported to have cast
I some reflections upon Utah morality
as appertaining to Mormon church
l practices, and In which telegram of
j Inquiry from Dr. Woodruff It was In
timated that something In the nature
of an apology would bo accpptahle
From the character of tho reply It
lis evident that Miss Wood and other
officers of Iho Illinois W C T. 13.
were under (he Impression that the
exact wording of statements made and
the resolution passed at the Galeaburg
meeting was requested Following Is
the full text of tho reply yesterday
received by Dr. Woodruff
"The president's address referring
to Mormonlsm. said 'Notwithstanding
the declaration against plural mar
riages made by the Mormon hlerar
chy, It was stated that these mar
rlages were still being practiced This
decided our national W. C. T I
to work to secure an amendment to
our federal constitution to prohibit
this abomination, for the American
harem Is an insult to all womanhood,
and not only our country but every
leading European one has joined wltn
us In stamping out this dangerous sys
tem The resolution adopted was:
"Whereas, The Mormon church con
tinues to teach polygamy and their
leaders permit and, according to their
own testimony before the senate com
mittee, oven practice, polygamous co
habitation In violation of the law of
God and man: therefore
"Resolved, That we acquaint our
selves with these facts and do all In
our power as Individuals to rid our
communities of their books aDd their
missionaries, that wo heartily favor
Investigations by the national govern
ment of the commercial Investments
and monopolies of the Mormon hler
archy and that we deplore the seat
ing of Apostle Reed Smoot in the Uni
ted States senate
President Illinois W C. T. U.
"Chairman resolutions committee.
Illinois W. C. T. U."
Read tho ClassUled Ada.
We Are Giving Away $150.00
. 1 ij
BLi 1Z.UU aDd Up. satisfied Made of J
MfiBBHl $5.00 down nno m umr home gpfeSBBfe
y $ i oo ""' i Every Buck Range 25 Per Cent Off, ;
Ogden Furniture & Carpet Co.
. f.
Brlgham City. Oct. 14 The twen
tieth annual session of the Utnh Fed - !
oration of Women's Clubs met here
this morning with about 75 deleat'--In
attendance. The majority of the
delegation arrived on the official
train over the Oregon Short Line at
10 o'clock. The train was met at
Ogdon by three members of the lo
cal hospitality rommlttee, Mrs. J. L.
.lames. Mrs. J. Scott Jenson and Mrs.
Wynn L, Kddy, and the visitors were
asn!fned to the homes of Iirighum
t'ity residents, where they will be
entertained during their t.i here
The opening session of the conven
tion was held at the Third ward
chapel, beginning at 10.30 o'clock.!
and was pretld- uv.t i Mr- A l
Merrill of Brlfiham ity "Amefica1
waB sung Mrs. Sarah P Stone ;i
the lnocatlon and the addns of
welcome from the city was made by
Viijor R L Flshburn .lr
Mayor Fishburn said that most of
the civic and moral Improvement of
Brlabam City iru due to iti wouum
c ubs He dwelt upon the excellence I
of its school system the beauty of
Its homes and considered the fact ,
Ibal the town w.is free from nloons '
and ambiinK houaea an especial
cajse for conKratulation The lasl 1
he thought directly due to the mfiu- ,
ence of the Brlgham City 61ub wo-
re e n
Welcomed to City.
Mrs Wynn L. Kddy welcomed Lhe
vhitors on the part of the eluh wo
mtr. She also emphasized the fact
that Brlgham City was dr town,
and said that prohibition was one of
the greatest advantage. Sh- B d
that if th club women of Salt Luke
and Ogden would get buey toward
eliminating the pa!e of liquor from
their cities thai tho Brigham ' if
men would not o often go BOUtb
with large suit caeei
Mrs. A. J. Gorham of Salt Lake,
prepldent of tho federation, respond
ed to the words ol welcome In place
of Mrs J W. Alrd of Provo, who wai
unable to be present al the meeting
Mrs. Gorham wittil) remarked that
she was glad to be assured that Prig
ham City was such a safe place If
the saloons and gambling houses
verc not closed she was afraid that
the delegates to the convention
n ight fall by the wayside.
The meeting was turned over to
Mis. Gorham and the first buslneaa
b shion began
List of Delegates
The following are In attendance
Mepdamea A J. Gorham, Salt Lake;
E. BIchBel. Ogden. Ira I). Trals. Suit
Luke; K D. Ball. Logan N K Nlel
son springiiie. J. T. Beleea, Salt
Lake; R b. I'orter. Ogden; loseph
Cohen, L. M Bailee ( E Rlchafda,
D. H. Chrateneen, C, H McMahon,
Tohn Dougall, G W Frlel. . M.
Stewart M. R F.vans, W M Hae
nor, W. D; Rlter, W ' McDonald,
Byron CummlngB, D D. Houta, L E.
Hubbard. H, J. Hay ward. Joseph
Merrill. harlen i rismon, H B. Har
kn, Gould R. Blakely, A. J. Johnson
C C Countryman, H M Hoot Hugh
Cannon. A N McKay, James F Mar
RUttU, V. H Pease. John P. Cowan,
Wlllard Done Emma Whitehead, J
A. Borlase Sinclair, Adolph Simon,
E W. Senior Miss Lucile May
Francke, Mesdames Jennie Cheever.
A. V. Taylor W B. Traughber, Salt
Lake; Mrs W ( Porter Miss Ger
trude McCheyne Logan; Mesdames
P W. Knlsely J M. Browning. H
M. BarrowB Joseph 1 Clark. Frank
Clark. Fred'ciark, E. G. Gowans. P
T. Wright. I) J. Sheehan. Thomas
Dee. Edyth Mark. Archie Bowman.
W. L. Watters ('. E. Coulter. Ogden;
Mi. -dames W l Wherrltt. Annie
Fisher. W. S Wllles. Heber. Mes
dames A I) Sutton. H E. Beauman.
A C Wall. ML Pleaaant; Mrs. J. H.
Ma.sters. Provo. Mesdames J H. Hor.
nuug. Alice Wooley. John Riddle, G.
W. Martin. Crawford, Manll; Mes
dames Eliza Thorne. Matthews. John
sou. Springvllle. Mesdames S W
Rosh, J. Fyffo, Lehi; Mesdames Anna
II Koip, E P Lecompte, Park City;
Mrs. J. W. Whltmore. Nephl.
i ttn
j Bridlington England. Oct. IS. The
American balloon Goodyear, one of
the contestants in the International
r.?ce for the James Gordon Bennett
aeronautic cup. in which representa
tlvej; of eight nations started from
Paris on Sunday, had an adventurous
journey. The balloon, with the pl
j lois. Ralpd A. I). Preston and Ralph
H. I'pson on board, landed near
i i n
nborough Head on the North sea j
. .'nil ,ir.ls ul the file of the
rMis R'impton cliffs, which fall I I
! sheer into the sea.
no . '
Lexington, K - Oct l"i The ('as- 1
tleton cup, the pacing division of the H
futuritv nd dlvl-
slon ol the 2:11 trot and a - Pi pace 8
were on the card offered for toil
r.i . Ing ol the Kentucky trotting honss fl
hri edr rs' m. i
fv ) An Astonishing Discovery Which, it is Believed, 1
Will Increase the Average Length of Human
Life 20 Years. j
A Marvelous New Treatment for Cure of Chronic Constipation and Kindred
Complaints. Jane Foster, Humanity's Benefactc P, Gives Long-Sought Secret
to the Waiting World.
' Yes," and Mrs Foster generating in the colon is the now , said the benevolent old
W.hdee sunny continuance chief cau uf our .inp;ualie- I a i i-eflocti el . Much ol my
crowned by the luxuriant growth ly premature old age." My life has been spent in service'!
of grey hair testified lo a method of treatment rcmoses for others. Now the precious
long life spent In the service of this poison hence will doubt- privilege of doing a great work
humanitl. "It's true thai I have less increase the axeragc length for humanity has been vouch-
cured many people by my mar- of life of the human rgce safed me I plial! ib dn-ate nr.
velouB remedy. As a matter of "What is the real secret of few remaining years to thh j
fact I've yet to find a single your lUCCeaafUl treatment, Mis treat cause want ever man
case, either man or woman, who Foster "? I asked and woman in the country who
has failed lo complete cure !v "Wall a da r two until my needs mv treatment to write
following my treatment. new free book Is off the press for my free book. Tiiere s no
For nearly 20 cars I mself. was the answer. Til jive ou obligation involved 1 am only !
Was a -.Ictlm of chronic cons.tip- a copy that should .answer too glad to be of senlce. One
atlon and Its kindred com- your question. But I'll say this lesson I have learned thorough- j
plaints It seemed as though much, s0 far as I know my ly from this privilege of Hie: i
tried everything physics, laxa- treatment js entirely different that is lhat life is a school- 1
tivBS and purgative! innumer- ft from an method e or in general room were here to learn
able. They helped me tempor- use It is not In an sense a grow to expand to
arily but were followed by an purgative r laxative everx one build character lo help i
lne Itable reaction lea iug me in of which, even the mildest. Is the race progress. Now ;
worse condition than originally. eventually followed by the re- that I am descending the sun- j
Then I tried various laxative action leaving the patient wor e s.-t -lope I deem II an IneBtim 1
foods they were of little bene- off than originally. It Is not a able privilege Indeed, lo do my ,
fit phyalcal exercise was onh disgusting enema, nor am sort little pari In helplug humahlty.
a temporary relief Finallv I of laxative food or diet, nor "When I think of the vast
was reduced lo taking disgust- does It demand physican exer hoards of people who are drag-
ing enemas and internal baths: cis or masaage, nor la it an in- glng out a miserable existence
still no prernanent Improve- ternal remedy t.. be absorbed feeling dull, stupefied, lifeless;
men) Dostor after doctor des- l the svstem nor it is Internal the result of insidious poisoii3
paired of heiim,' me conatipa- bathing which is aeif-evJdentlv tboj are generating In their
Hon merely hecame more stub- opposed to every law of nature own systems. I tell vou Its a j
burn my headaches and mental No. my treatment is. I flrml) BOurce of deep and abiding hap-
depression constantly Increased. believe, entir. lv dificrent in piness to think that 1 can help
Alandoriing all hope of help principle from an) icrneds ever them -that I can hrini; the
from the regular channel I de In general use in th. hjatpr ol bl I of health t.. their pallid
cided that I myself, would make the human race. It js be- cheeks that I can start the
a thorough study of tho problem lleve. something new under the pure red blood hounding
Involved and see if there were sun. through their Byatem, that I can
not some remedy for my seem- For hundreds of years human- lnuc tie sparkle of robust vi-
iugly hopeless condition -some it h... suffered trom the t$a rallty to their lack-luster cos-,
cure for my longstanding trou- caused by constipation. Head- Already scores of happy, healthy i
ble I never completely lo t aches, pile, hemorrhoid aui..- men and v om.-n bless "the name
somehow somewhere - I Intoxication, menial depression, of .lane Foster: soon I shall
nou-i find a remedy. For torpid liver biliousness lai I- of number m grateful friends
mouths I pursued my Invesli- energy, muddy, ellon complex- b) the thousands Just send for
gatlon. I will not bother vou ion. Belf-polaoning, and main the ir.'c book 'How- I Added
wlih the details lei It suffice cases of Indigestion and appeh- 20 Years to Mj Life Qon'l
bo say that final!) after months dlcltls: these are but a few delav do ii todaj Fill out the
of research I stumbled upon of many ailments which rei-ult coupon and mall it or drop me
Ihis wonderful and utterly slm from oonsHpation u'i which mj a postcard Remember there is
pie remedy hurled in the treatment has never failed to no obligation Invol ed It's a
bosotu of old Mother Nature cure Constipation the fuhda- pleasure to help you if you
ever blue tho creation of the mental cause removed, the at- don't need my. treatment your-
j world at last It was discovered tendant complaints disappear as Be If clip this announcement and
It cured me I believe It will If bv magic give it to some friend who
1 cure an.hod. It has ne. r yet "1 am geettlng along in ears would benefit I
As a matter of fact the modi-
cal profession baa given this Mrs- Jane Foster, Apt. 618, 207 So Broadway, Los Angeles, Cal
remedy Its unqualified endorse- . ,, . . .
ment. Professor Metchnlkoff. Please send me your free book, How J Added I'U Years to My
the famous Bulgarian scientist, e'
In talking to Dr. Lane, the emln- Name Address h
ent Bngllah surgeon who strong-
ly Indorses this treatment said. city ...State
'the explanation Is simple -you
get rid of tho germs that breed i
In the lower bowel The poison Jane Foster. Apt 618. 207 So. B'dwy, Los Angeles, California.

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