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I Gowns for Ian??. 60c, 75c, $1.00, $1.25and $1.50.
! Paiamas for lattice c 7
Gowns for children 50Cl c
Pajamas fer children il'Vl"'72
Outing Fkirrs for ladles 35c to $1.00
Outing SWrts for children ... , 35c to 40c
Dr Denton's Sleeping Garments for Children.
Just the garments for the sleeping porch.
For Editorial, News and Society
Department, Call Only Phone No.
For Subscription and Advertising
Department, Call Phono No. 56.
Advertiser must nav met: ropy
ready for the Evening Standard vbe
evening before 'he dsy on -'hlch .he
advertisement is to appear In order to
jjj. -.r.f.irc publication
Clsr6 Meeting Th" class for th
Study of the Emmanuel Movement
will meet thl evening at 8 o'clock
ir the Ep!scooal par'sh house
uai '' '
German Ladies' Aid Society Rum-
"SS;'i' nnc Snlc. Tuesday Wednesday and
jgjo i'j' Thursday. 358 24th St.
rrcm La Sal Forest A C McCain',
vj.j s had o! the operation department of
i jc the forest service, has relumed from
arj'Tpl' ! the La Sal forest In southeastern
tjf P Utah, where ba spent a couple ol
I : weeks making a general Inspection
Bwlijjj OIc papers for sale at the Standard
Hti( I 3ft"i; '-'5c per hundred
Barnard White Estate In the mat.
tit j ler of the estate of Barnard White.de-
V! ' ceased, the administrator has filed
a petition in the district court ask-
ing for partial distribution of the
. ; ii property.
i is! Mr H2rsainf at th Presbyterian
i Rummage Sale Friday and -Saturday
'I 'I oi i his week Giant aieiue near 24th
III ' ' r '" l
James H. Spargo Co. J N, Spargo,
president. Mrs Margaret Spargo. vice I
president and Fred Scriven secretary
I ' nf the .lamea H Spargo company
I I ;' have filed their oaths of office1 in
; ! the county clerk's office The par-
j - ties hold the same offices in the!
Spargo Book Store company and they
all are directors of the two com
panies. Mormon and all other church pubil
Hl' 5' al Bramwell's.
At Dee Hospital Enoch Farr. .Ir,
I ' who was operated upon Sunday at
j;, the Tee hoBpltal for appendicitis, is
V j improving nicely
' ance tonight. Five Points, 35c por
I ! t couple. Extra lady. 10c
Presbyterian Rummage Sale Fri
day and Saturday. October 24th and
25th. Grant avenue near 24th St.
Cali 421 for th news, editorial and
jor-let.y department of the Standard
Seriously III Mr; Sam Austin and
Mrs George Edwards have received
word from Boise, Id3 , to tpo effect
that rheir father Alvin Bailey is se
riously 111 of typhoid fever
First-Class Auto Service Call Up
F.llte Cafe. Phone 72.
Title to Water In Judge J A
ffj Howell's division of the district court
Kij today the case of Nicholas Bangerter
' against R. Barber is being tried 1
is a suit brought to quiet title to I
certain irrleatlon waters In Center
i villa, Davis county,
if, Bramweil carries everything In
ij B?oks, Stationery and Office Supplies.
Serenaded The Junior band from
the Weber academy serenaded in the
buBiness district this afternoon to ad
v?rtlse the carnival to be given nt
the Acadamy Friday. October 24
G. W, Tripp, the Photographer in
L'jJ your town 320 25th St.
City Board The city board of com
missioners met this morning author
Ised the payment of a $5 claim for j
6tampB and adjourned
B & Gs the Butter that never faihl
ill to "fill the bill "
Court House County Commission- I
er TV C, Hunter made a tour of In- j
spection of tie county court house
this morning with a view to ordering I
certain repairs on the Interior. He I
states thru he expects to give the
entire building an overhauling and
cleaning up.
Join the crowd at Five Points
iBnce Hall tonight. A good time as
snred to all.
Eccie6 Building The terra colta :
for the rooms in the Eccles Skysrrap.
ST is a' hand and th partitions have
And Wednesday Night
Only Two More Shows
The Girl Show that is
different at prices that are
10c 20c 30c
. I been placed on the second floor of
the building. The work of excavat
ing th basement for the annex is
I nearlng completion and steel con
traction can begin at most any time
as bases for the steel have already
I been placed at the west end. The
I pit for the heating apparatus has
! been made.
Marriage Licenses- Marriage licen
p hap been issued to Edward C
Knoder of Evanston, Wyoming, and
enthc M Henry of Salt Lake; Ai
thur C H'infer of Salt Lake and Hl
en .1 Hesse of Ogden ' Ernest Wlllard
Fl?nsen and Eva Millie Crtddle cf
- recuse George Davis Green of Og
dt n and Hannah S Nlelson of Hunts
ville. and to Levon O Halgren and
Ber i H Green well of Ogden
Occupying New Building The bug.
tiesa block of George H Tribe & Co.
n Washington avenue, between Twen
tj third and Twenty-fourth streets has
j been finished and the company today
s moving a siock nf goods Into th
J G. Read Building The brick work
on the J G Read Brothers company
on Hudson avenue Is finished to a
po hi above the second floor and the
entire wall will be completed before
the end of the week.
Farewell Party Joseph E Wright
nd ife are to be given a farewell
part at the Weber academy tomor
row evening to which everybody Is
invited Mr W right has been a mem
ber of the bishopric of the Sixth ard
i and he is about to move to his new
home at the corner of Washington i
renue and Thirty-second street This
in I is an evidence of the esteem
with which the family Is held In the'
I Sixth ward
Seventh Ward Bazaar The bazaar
given by the members of the Sevenih
ward for the benefit of the new meet
ing house fund was opened at noon
today and will be held for three davs
in the Seventh ward meeting house
on Twelfth street Booths have been
arranged in which various articles of
interest to men, women and children
.ire displayed There will also be
music, both vocal and instrumenta1
during the afternoons and evenings
Lunch will be sered In the evenlnt
Parents' M eeting There will be -parents
meeting at the Ogden High
j' hool at 8 o'clock tonight to be ad
dressed by Dr. E G Cowans, super
Intendent of the state Industrial
school. The meeting is to be held
for the purpose of acquainting par
ents with the plans and methods of
the school authorities Those attend
Ing will also visit the school fmr in
the Hlph school building
Goes to Texas Edwin Kirk left th?
city today over the Rio Grande for E)
Paso. Texaa.
Off to Ohio -Daniel Sla left lodilj
for Cincinnati. Ohio, bv the Rio
Boy Caught Louis Renburg. who
escaped from thp state Industrial
hool a few days ago has hen cap
tured and re'umcd to ihp institu
tion He was apprehended In Salt
Lake. The young mau gave no ex
cuse for running awav and he die
i laima any knowledge of the wherea
bouts of his companion Arthur Mr
Gillls, who escaped with him No
trace of ttu- runaway girls of Monday
has been found
Elective System Superintendent J.
M Mills of the city school? has writ
ten a report Ln favor of the elective
sy.sreni as followed in the Ogden high
school Th report, explaining wh
th" system is a progressive one and
how It works out, will be read to the
beard at the next meeting.
House Broken Into Follow Ing a tel
ephone message to the police station
this afternoon that the door of the
Leggett residence on Adams avenur
near the Catholic church was open.
Detective George Ward law and Guard
Thomas Lever ins est:gatd and found
that the plate glass of th door had
been broken Because the family is
away and the valuables have been
boxed up. it was difficult for the po
lice to d" ermine whether a! y thing
has been taken
J J. Turner, charged with forgery,
waited his preliminary exam'nation
when arraigned before Judge W H
Reeder this morning and was bound
over to the district court. His bond
I wdas fixed at $50C but up to a late
' hour this afternoon hp had not been
able to secure his release, and was In
! the city jail waiting to be taken to
i the county JaM by the sheriff
There were sixteen separate counts
I to the complaint against Turner this
morning Each count charged that
he forged the name of Louise Turner
to receipts for money drawn from thp
i Ogden Savings bank
Turner was arrested in days ago
' when Mrs Ix)ui6e Turner, the wife,
applied to the Ogden Savings bank
j for her deposit of ?4000 and was
told that it had been withdrawn b
J J. Turner who had presented or
ders with her name signed to them
All poll fax for 1913 should be paid
, at once as I am preparing to sue d-
hnquents Pay at treasurer s office
City Hall, or at the residence of V
6 Harris Poll Tax Collector, 2342
I Adams Phone 235-W.
j Free Dance at Hot Springs,
I Thursday night, Oct 23.
The twelre 1 W W. men confined
in the county jail, chargec' with a
misdemeanor, made urgent requesis
to Sheriff De Vine this morning for
1 their release The said that they
could not see that they had committed
an grave offens and they promised
If released, that they would Immedi
ately leave the city Thy were ad
vised that a charge had been preferred
agains' them and that they rould he
released only upon an order from the
Railroad officials at the sheriff's of
fice this morning protested against re
leasinc the men. as they were locked
upon as a menace to the public good
if nt large Hn offir er Bald thai If
these men were turned lou-e :u ih
city. It would be necessary for the
Kuards at the depot to cany sawed
off shotguns and that In all likeh
hood some one would be killed he
fore the men left the citj
The men show no dlspof tirn to
make trouble and thev a ) that thev
desire to move on to other quarters
The railroad people, howevir do not
take kindly to a company nf mn who
take it upon themselves to ride nn
their ears free nf charge anc without ;
rhe consent of the railroad officials
It Is the opinion of the official; that
the men should be punished fo? their
Although a complaint charg'nc the
2" Industrial Workers now In the citj
and county jail with unlawfully rid
ing upon the Oregon Short Line
freight train has been Issued h
County Attorney David Jensen under
the state la . thf- authorities are not
certain that the men will be arraign- j
ed on that charge In fad many of,
the city and county officials are de
bating whether H is not better to turn
the men loose with orders to set our
Of the city limits at the earliest op
portunity Chief of Police W T. Norton and
Sheriff Tom Devlne are expecting
other 1 W W t the coneri r, oi
those in jail leading the officers to I
expect that a conention is io he held i
In Salt Iake within the nextfew
days y
The reel of films taken of the Fa
shion show features and scenes at he
South Fork dam arrived from the east
today and was declared to be hichis
satisfactory after a trial run had been
made In the Is.s then tie The pic
lures will he shown at the Glob, oi
three das, beginning tomorrow after
For clearness and general excel
lenre the reel will rompar- ravorabl
wljh licensed films exhibited here Fn
ces show up distinctly In the cronrdu
that were photographed. The picture
of the big dynamite explosion .ii the
damsite is interesting.
oo '
All but two members on the mascu
line side of the faculty were prompt
at the 6 45 bre-jkfast vesierda ten
I dered by Mi69 Cragun and her two
: score young lady students in domes
' tic science The spacious table was
j garnished with autumn spra E BUT
j rounding a large pla:e of pansies in
j gorgeous bloom But the pictures
I iueness of the Bcene um' chiefly
' from the circle of mischievous look
( ing girls, whose faces, more charm
1 ing than the pansies. were set In
orioles of dainty caps and white
gowns The staid professors, in
, rather sober livery presented the
j necessary contrast They were sand
I wiches in among their fair hostesses
1 in a fashion, which might well hae
made their vlves sit up and take
notice, could they ha-e caught a
glimpse of the dazzling circle.
Some of the professors had accept
ed the invitation in verse, and so the
sirl hit upon the unique idea of con
certing all the repUeg into rhyme,
and of inscrolllng th"m on all sorts
of scraps of card and waste paper
During the progress of the banquet
these fragments were exhibited and
' the verses read to the astonishment
and chagrin of the guests It proved j
I a very merry occasion
Last Monaa) Professor Hanson
discussed the "team-work. ' drawing
hit illustrations from the daily re-
ports of national games. He in
stanced how one great football team
outclassed by rheir opponents as to
Individual players yet held the rival
'earn from scoring for three consec
utive onsets, by pure team work I
( This quality m ghi have given them
! the laurels, save that at the first 1
break by tbe other side som on
lost heart, and so made a weak link
in the team. Professor Hanson found
many opportunities of bringing the
lesson home to the daily life ol th'
Next Saturday at B P m there will i
; be given the first number on the
i Academy lecture course. There are ,
three artists In the company, Miss .
Grace Lewis, spoken of as a "marvel. 1
ously talented reader, ' Miss Crete-hen !
Scheidt. contralto and p'anist a grl
I of. fin tfmnerameni and exceotional
musical ability; and William Roller.!
assistant professor of violin In the
American Conservatory of Music in
' Well, young man, read for col
lege" " ep."
"What important subjects will von
take up this fair"
j "The first thing is the matter of
I the forward pass."
Manuel Trcvino, charged with sell
ing intoxicating liquor without a li
cense when arraigned before Judfc
W H Reeder this morning entered a
plea of not guilts. The witnesses for
the city Here Sergeant H C. Peterson
and Special Officer Joseph llarbert J
Judge Reeder took the case under
Following the hearing Of J D L-
man, colored and Nirk Unguino, bo h
h.HrHrl with disturbing the peace bj
lighting the colored man was Risen
'ispended sentence, while Tngulno
was given a sentence cf 15 davs or
The ,-irresring officer stated that
when he took the two Into CUStnr
last night. Lcman had the other ma;1,
dour, mi the sidewalk Leman said
that he was returning heme when ht
camo upon a group quarrellne and
v.as unwittingly drawn Into the fra;
Jack Probst and William Duggan. I
two self-confessed drug (lends, i harg
ed with n cranes were g'ven senten I
ces ot six months each. The arre-si
Ing off-.rers Detectives Burke an. I j
Chambers, stated rhe men hase been
ciispe-r ted "i celling cocaine to minors.
Probst has been In ing in one of the i
Hian' ' ribs in Electric alley
P Porsei. charged with disturbing
the neare in the Crescent rooming
house, was found guilty and war, sen
fenced to three days or $?
Peterson and Charles .Miller both
charged with drunkenness were giv
en suspended sentences suspend
ed sentence was also recorded In the j
case of Harr Kohn charged with va
gram H confessed that he hail
begged mone from an officer
n elaborate blrthdaj part) was
I given at the home of Mr and Mrs.
Arthur Nelson. J055 Adams In honor
! of the siX'h birthday of their n ece,
Miss Oiga V adman. The party com
l menced at 3 o'clock p m , when a
large number of friends and plav
. mates surprised and presented Miss
I Olga with s number of beautiful
presents After which they were en
tertained with man enjoyable games
'mingled with vocal and Instrumental
I music. This part of the entertain
i mem lasted until five o'clock when
they were served w'th a beautiful
supper consisting of all the dainties
of the season th" centerpiece being
a very pretty birthdav cake lighted by
six candles
Delicious punch and other refresh
ments were served during the entire
partv At the close of the party each
J child was surprised with a piece of
I birthday cake carefully wrapped In
paper and tied with a pretty piece of
ribbon, and a beautiful little backet
full of nuts and candy, and then tak
I en to their homes in an automobile
Among those present were. Her
I grandparents Mr. and Mrs A J.
; Bhupe, Mrs H C. Sanders Mrs. A
J. Gibson Mrs Arthur Nelson. Mrs
Brigham Shupe, Ruth and x'erna San
ders, l.o'.el Cunningham. Ida and Al
fred Gibson. o'eita and ( lyde Saun
der Glen Nelson. Illma and QlgS
V adman, Erma, Josie and Anena
Last evening i Kh I en members of
1 the St Cecelia Guild were pleasantly
entertained D5 Mlsfi Budlong at her
home. 638 Twenty-seventh street
Following a social good time, the
hostess served a dainty luncheon N
pretty centerpiece of aters adorned,
the (able.
St Louis Mo. Oct 22 The report
from New York that Kdward Ko
j netchy. first baseman of the St. Lou's
I Nationals, is to be sold or traded to
I New York, practical Is confirm'''
here, though no formal announcemen'
ha: been mad'
Konetcby has been, or is to he
traded for Catcher Wilson nutfieid
c- Snodgrass or rtii!t Player Thorpe
Mrs J It Rhine wife of Lnion
i Pacific conductor Rhine has left for
an extended lsit with her son and
I daughter who reside at Rno, Nev
Miss Edith Hutchlns ent-rtained a
a parcel shower at the home of Mr
nnd Mrs. B. K Lund Monday evening
in honor of Miss Rosella Stanger. who
Is a bride of today The rooms were
j prettily decorated with festoons of
pink and white and pansies. sweet
peas and fall flowers wer prettily nr
ranzed Jack-O '-lanterns peered from
iariou poinis at the merry part and
eunlds suggested a reason for the mer
ry making
Various social diversions were en-
n ed together with the opening
parcels and the usual forecasts of r 1
h.ipp;. future for the young bride-to h
after which ? temptina menu was
ser ed In the prettlh arranged dining
room. ach cnest finding his or her
r'ace card which was cunningly con
'rled on the table
The jjut of hand painted China pic
t'ir-o cnibroii'red linens and various ,
useful nnd dainty articles were well J
selected and beautiful.
Those present were Mef dames J ,
W, S':inv-r Grund? Frank Grundy,
ES. K Lund. " W Cottle. A C I
Pielirz, Clarence Hadley, Frank B nq
h.ani. lielw'in Hutchthi KA VlcPali I
Manine Krumperman Joe Krumper
man. Misses F-dlth Hutehlr.s. Ruby
Gllmore, Iva Hutchins and Rocella
Stancer Messrs. Dan Wadman. J.
W. Stanzor Iewis Stacger. Frank
Grundy. E. E Lund. I W Cottle. A I
I Fiehtr C arence Hadl- Frank
Bingham. Delwin tutch n' Joe j
Krumperman, Dr. F. L Naramore,
Horace Farr
m I
Mrs A. c Fielit rn'erta ;ir-d at her
home Saturdav lat from 4 p m , to
7 P m., for Miss Roiella Stanger
The home was bright with festoons
of red and hearts of anous slz
and an .ffectle placing of pot'ed
Plants and ferns V delicloui sup
per was serveeJ and the ottering of I
gifts was a happy feature.
u p Throngs of happy buyers are sav-
fflfe ing money at the Harvest Sain. 1
Join them tomorrow,
? Wrights'
1 he new barn and hospital build
ing at the state school for the deaf
and blind are nearitig completion
The barn will be read for use with
in a few days and the hospital will
be in use in about "n days. The lat
ter building should have been com
pleted bv the fifteenth of the pres
ent month
Fortunatelv there has been no sick
ness among ihe students so far nnd
the necessity of completing 'he hos
pital has not been fell Lail par
the school experienced an epidemic
of chickenpox and measles and it
was neceesarv to me Improv se.d
quarters for the afflicted This was
done successfully and without evil
results The hospital building in use.
the school will have perfect quar
ters for sriidenis who become ill.
Deaths and Funerals
ERICKSON Funeral services for
j Carl R Erie kson were held yesterday
afternoon at the residence of Louis
Bitton. 3355 Washington avenue, with
Bishop D h. Ensign officiating The
Speakers were President C F Middle
ton Joseph 1 Cannon of Salt Lake
1 Bishop E A Bing'Jaui and Professor
J Jensen of rhe Webr academy. Walter
! Stephens sang "Love Divine" Mrs
; llernice Brown Erickson gave Broth
er Thou Art Mild and Lovely," "One
I Sweet) Solemn Thought," and Son'
Time. Somew here The Interment
was In the Ogden City cemetery.
JENSEN Mats Peter Fensen
at 2 p. m. yesterday at Huntsville
from a paralytic stroke Deceased
was born in Denmark September I
131 emigrated to 1'iah 43 years ago
and settled in Huntsville where he has
since resided. Res'ds a good citi
7.en. Mr len8;n was 3 member of the
Latter-day Saints and a faithful work
er in church affairs. A daughter Mrs
James Gosnell ol 0;;den and fhe
' grandchildren survive. Funeral ser
vices will be held from the Hunts', ille
meeting house tomorrow at 11 a m
' Bishop John Hill officiating
KAMMEYER Hern MaphiaS K:in
meyer died cf paralysis at 5 a m.. at
j Roy He had been ill thre-? years He
, is survived by lhree sous and three
I daughters, by his mother. Mrs A
I Rownian and bv three brothers John
Ernest and Paul. Dd a sister Mrs
Rose Jenkins Gf BUSCh Cree',; H" was
i horn in the Netherlands in 17" and
;..me to I'tph in 1 SSf The time of
i fviueral will be announced later.
Superior, Wis. Oct. 22 Martin
Pa'ttison of Supe-ior formilh with
drev as the Progress. c par:' ( .m
d'date for goxemo'- toda- Mr i attl
son was ee'ected ;he party s can-
I dldate at a conference of s'at lafid-
I e-rs held this sprni"
The letter of withdrawal repealed
J his faith in the Progr s Ive party,
business reasons being given as the
cause of hs unwillingness to se his
time at present to poUi cs.
Atlanta. Ga Oct 22 Attorneys
for Leon M Frank sentenced (0 bang
or the murder of Mary Phagan tods
argued a motion fe.r a new ir.ai
The defense hsrges th.it before the
tilal some members of the Jury were
prejudiced against Frank and that &)
w 're influenced b applause in the
cc.ur; room
Problem to solve
Nn n ork Oct 22 - The nine-year
; old question of negro representation
'in the Hons of Bishops WS.S the com-
manding topic of 1 e fr! 1 a t i c r: to he
.dealt with this aftemcm bv the gen
eral convention or :he ProtSStanl Epis
I copal church The outlook was for
I stormy metint nf nn hour j dura
j lion in th lo er house and for a;i
: unlimited debate in th Hcu. of Hih
I ops.
Both houses must concur on lecis
Nation before the present status of ne
gro communie-nnrs ran be t banged Al
'present th negro membership is nn
de th- direction of lh- white dlOCSS
an bishops A minority of th depu
ties' committee on racial episcopate
i would place rhls entire memberahin
1 inrier the direction a sinel colored
; bishop pnd give to ihls biShOP a seat
and a of In ih-' irif of Bishops
v majority of the committee opposed
'be plan when it was proposed vester
The Incorrect handling of a south
ern bishop caused an error in the an
nouncement of the election of th1 .
bishop of Spokane last Monday which I
was not discovered till today. The
1 ? nnounr imn made then was that the
office had been filled by the selection
o' the Km 1 1 r Y B fapers or Co
lumbia Tenn. Examina'inp Loda o!
the original draft of the resolution
adopted showed that th new blsho
of spokan Is the Re Ir W T. Gi
pers, rector of the Church of the u o
postles of Philadelphia, a brother nj
W R Capers
Washington, o(ct 22 "it looks like
a head-on collision.' said Attorney
r.enerai McRenolds cryptlcaM tod..
when asked about the nature of hi"
decision on the five pr cent differ
ential for American shipping pro
vided In the new tar ff law
Mr McRenolds declined ;e explain
what he meant but his remark was
interpreted as meaninc he holds that
ihpe law and the treaties with a
number of countries are 'n direct
ftnnXlittt He on'd pot 9iv whan the
decision would be made pub'ic
The French army has as a part of
I Its latest equipment the most power
j ful searchlight in Europe, designed
I particularly for military work It is
learned on an especially built mili
I fary automobile and receives its cur
I rent from a dnamo run by the ear's
I engine. To make possible the use of
I the searchlight in places where the
I automobile cannot go Hie huge pro-.Je-tor
is mounted on a four-wheel
j truck, with a portable sMd and win
ches anil a lone cable to carry cur
rent from the dynamo All Its con-
trolling devices are electrical BO tbaj
' the operator can manipulate t from
' hi- seal In the car. Popular Mechan
ics Magazine
While the high price of platinum in
1 iv I'cited States n irM2 encouraged
prospecting for rhis rare metal, th.
production in I Hal year was but AHgbt
Ij larger thnn that of the precedin
ear Accordina to David T Dav o,
the Cnited States Ooo'ogicai purvey,
n an advance chapter from Miner.""
Resources for DH2 on th production
of platinum and allied metals, receh
1 ly published by the survey, the output
Of crude platinum in lrM2 was TJil
ounces, compaicd to ii2v ounces
1911. With tim exception of a srnaU
Meld from the cw Rambler roppffj
mine? in Albany county. Wyoming, thd
entire domestic production came, frond
California and Oregon The greatM
part of she California platinum Waffl
1 tamed as a b-prod:,c :n ;r,M dr?r
, ing In Rune Tuba, Sacramento ani
Calaveras counties j
The United States supply comsj
1 h efl; from me unmanufactured an'
manufactured platinum imported 91
I directh from Russia In addition,
580 ounces of platinum sand were lnl
ported into the United stales jn ipp
h h by the usual estimate of so pert"
cent fine metal, would yield 315,224 '
ounces, of refined platinum In
'he refined platinum produced In do'1
mestie refineries from both domestic
; and foretan sources amounted to jm S
proximatch 18,029 fin ounce.: rah
at $1.732 221, compared with 29,Ufl I
fine ounces similar!',- obtained (gS
if'll The total value or our platlntunjB
i imporiatinns In 2 -both raw ravS
, terial and mauufartured prodgcts-A
I was ?4.5i'3.fi$2, against ?4.866.207H
iti'i 1,
00 I
In the eight-track bridge carrying
the tracks of the Pennsylvania Rail
road company o.er Rroad street.
North Philadelphia, kitl and gtudv n
the treat men I of an inclosing mask
of concrete thai primarily series to
protect the -tcel work together with
an artistic desisn for the parapet
abutments and wing walls, have transl
f irmed a forbidding lookme stnirturl
tri a plca.sin one, ivhicb is o.naiuen
tal in general effect without mater
ially Increasing the expense or da
tracting from the efficiency of th
i rl I. The ornamental features weri
in conformity with the suggesiion ol
the cii vi ( 'ommls.Mon Engineen
Ing Rei or 1
A :-".!), er I .1. 1 ;: 1 i;e lost L
Trduble thai isn'l contlnualy''hrew
l. kind of pariencc thai 11 er first
A grudge that cannot be pald W
cement that will iim ri .1 i'.-i'-nt
romise. Wh
I Re--nl Lbe CI3 U
PauJ Poiret, his wife and some of his gowns.
Paul Poiret of Pans, "the hitrh priest of color and he master- j
builder of gowna," is now in the United Sta with his wife. He j
visiting some of the larger cities of the cou: and showing all
latest creations on the cinematographic screen,
Headline Musical Act on New Pantage3 Bill Opening Tomfl4
row Matinee at the Orphcum An Excellent Dill f his WeelV
102030 Cents.

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