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I Woman's Page
f Two New Apple Recipes for Apple Day Menu Utah Apple
:5i pay jt Tuetday, November IS Five Scientifically
Selected School Lunch Menus School Lunches Should
Be Varied in Form and Material Parisian Tunics
Modified toSuit American Women Plaits at t
Waistline Still in Vogue Don't Give Way to
Despondency Be Happy as Possible With
. What You Have.
Blushing Apples 6elcct eight red
I ppl RI1i co in bollin water uu-
tJl soft, turning them often Havp
W ; itrater hnlf sourround apples. Re
J I move skins carefully, go that the red
r celor remalnB on the fruit, and ar-
rtn(tc on serving dish. To the wa
! ter add one cup of siyrar. prated rind
i of one lemon and tho Juice of one
' orange; simmer until reduced to one
cup Cool, and pour over apples
.gerrc '"h whipped cream.
Coddled Apples Pare and core 8
' medium sized apples and cook In syr-
up made with three cups of water
and one cup of sugar, tum'ng fre-
iuently. Kep covered until almost
compltel cookrd. Then remove
I cover and reduce svrup until it bo
f comes very thick, continuing to turn
apples occasionally When cool fill
centers of cooked apples with Jelly
or stewed prunes (with stones remov
ed) and cover tops with whipped
Though good at any time apples
prepared according to either of these
recipes fit in especially well with
, the following menu.
A ll.it rrntMtct tffi
Sk Dreaaed lettuce.
5a Baking ponder biscuits
Blushing apples with whipped
EH I cream or coddlod apples
No 1 Plain bread and butter sand
i withes; cheese candwiches, bottle of
Bilk; 2 or 3 cubes of sugar, tapioca
pudding; fresh prunes
No. 2 Brown bread and butter,
chicken sandwiches; bottle of milk;
sponge cake, ralelns nnd mils
J No 3 Nut and celery sandwiches;
lit boiled eggs, bottle of milk: corn
llltarch mold 2 cookies, pears
I NO 4 Peanut butter sandwiches,
I tfK sandwiches; bottle of mtlk, On
' fcim crackers; orange cream; grapes
No 5 Sardine sandwiches; fruit
lid nut sandwlchea; pottle of milk
leall piece of chocolate cup custard,
fcBlJ pple-
fell Tunies ar.i conilnK in clos3r conta- r
s !ks with the oriental Ides and In a wa'.,
ikW too, that is endearing them to the
fiMte lieart of the American uomau For
etfttU the American woman is far removed
afltfle from the Parisian She villi not
Hikn tolerate fads that the woman of the
filg Latin race holds precious and sho
j will embrace other styles that her
rtasan , cousin across the waters regards as
NT SI ItmciOllB
illjfca I For Instance, in the matter of the
lenrjf I Binaret tunic the French woman is
I olte willing that it should flare out
atdlik Airectlj from the waistline at awk
sijfM ward, absurd angles Nor does she
object particularly to the whalehon i
ittMMlf 'nK at its dse lf fashion decrcos
i hois) It so 1' ' k -)Hate
J Plaits at the waistline are nor In
lb (tap lay way diminishing In favor Often
sasis- ow- however, much of the excessive
bit) plaiting of the eklrt is in the tunic
' Nt U i
Instead of at the waistline to avoid
being clumsy or awkward.
One stunning evening gown of rose
""harmeuse was made up with the Ori
ei.al folded yoke falling six inches
below the waistline Below that were
two tunics of black net startlingly em
broiderod In pink and gold thread of
un oriental design The yoke was
of black velvet embroidered in the
same shade and edged with rhinestone
beadinp; The tunicB were stiffened
with small cord instead of with whale
bone, and each plaited and cought
down to the skirt beneath
Double tunics In lace hanging
straight In front and longer in the
baek. assuming something of a coat
online- are extremely smart just now
Ruffles placed on tunics of different
material are another interesting nov
elty in the flounce and tunic line
From all present indications it ap
pears the determination of the Ameri
can woman not to accept the exag
geratedly stiffened tunic and minaret
has been felt over here and is actu
ally modiyflng the style and tenden
cies of those two particular articles
of dresB to something sane and sensl
ble and thoroughly comfortable.
The idea that there are people who
live without cares and worries Is a
world old fallacy But It js one which
women especially are prone to cher
ish. Women in quiet and lonely places
long for glimpses of the life which
they Imagine exists in cities. They
long to be one of the women whom
they imagine live in a round of so
cial pleasure without care or trial
They envy their sisters whom trrey
see endowed with all the things thej
long for
T'nless a woman Is very shallow
and judges merely from the outward
show, a little sojourn in fashionable
life would help if not entirely euro"
She would soon see Uiat the real
Jos of life are not for the few but
belong to the common lot Sho
would find that there Is friction and
care and annoyances in every walk of
life, and unless she were very' stu
pid and lazy she would rejoice to get
home again freed from her 6plrit of
We are more easily influenced into
moods of despondency at this time of
year than at any other. The dull, mo
notonous color of the landscape and
the dead and dying leaves is reflected
into the house, and unleB6 we bar the
doors and windows to our soul with
good, common sense philosophy we
fall into unwholesome wonderlngs as
to why we are allotted to the road
of quiet dutlec and commonplace
If you are a noise mother and aro
tempted into rebellion at "the general
scheme of things" as you see the bar
realities of the kitchen with Its faded
"hit and ml68 ' carpet, the sitting room
battered and worn by the tramping
feet of irrepresi lble children, the cur-
3itak ...
We'll tell YOU the Secret of
mj Al Quality BREADS W apped
"The delightful mystery" is the subject on everybody's
JJJ lips and Hess' surpassing-flavor Breads are the Breads on
Zi EVERYBODY'S tongue the e dars.
We can hardly supply the demand. Visit our sanitary
' 4 bakery and see us utilize the finest ingredients in the most
sanitary manner. BUY A LOAF TODAY.
j', - We deliver fresh bread and cake twice a day.
j -
I tains soiled and dusty, don't wish you
could run away from it all to find a
new world where there Is neither care
nor worry, and where sunshine and
summer reign always. No such
world has yet been discovered.
The woman w ho can make a jjleas
nnt and heartsome day for her family
: has a tremendously important place
in the general scheme oi things
So, instead of pitying yourself and
asking yourself if ycu must go on
fo er sweeping up the same floors,
gleaning the same thlngB, cooking
three meals a day without any sense
of appreciation of recognition, try to
remember that yours is a great, big
responsible job and that tho women
who get out of It are only those who
are not big enough to undertake it.
Washington. D. C., Nov 13 Sad
dled with debt the nations of the
world are feeling, no less than indl
lduaJs the pressure of the "high cost
of living " This Is clearly set forth
In a report Issued today by the bu
reau of foreign and domestic com
merce dealings with th" national debts
of the principal governments. The ag
gregate debt is upward of forty-two
billions of dollars, an Increase of 20
per cent in the last decade and dou
ble what it was forty years ago
The debt of France is the heaviest
of any single government Then
comes Russia, the United Kingdom.
Italy Spain, British India Japan. Ger
many and the United States In the
order named The debt of this coun
try grew a little more than one hun
dred million dollars in the last ten
The rates of interest on this Aft6t
volume of Indebtednebs are a source
of especial comment in 'ho report and
range from 2 to 10 per cent.
Mexico City. Nov 13 The rebeis
have begun a campaign directed
against traffic between the capi'al
and Vera Cruz. The first efforts were
highly successful for they seized sil
ver bullion and currency estlma'ed
at a value of nearly one million pe
A train wa6 held up on the main
line of the Interoceanlc railway abou'
100 miles from Mexico City. The
engine and train crew were beaten,
but the passengers were not mistreat
ed to any great extent, although they
were robbed of all their valuables
From the express car the rebels took
a largo quantity of slher and curren
cy which had been shipped by the
government and a bag of silver bul
lion consignment of the Rear Del Mon
te company.
Mexico City, Nov U -The employes
of the Waters-Pierce Oil company, an
American corporation, and their fam
i lies numbering about 70 persons, left
here last night on three special cars
for Vera t nil, to embark on a steam
er for the United States. The gen
eral manager, J N Galbraith. who
has been in Vera Cruz for aeveral
days ordered the departure of the
employes from the Mexican capital
j They include practlcalh all Amerl
cans In tho employ of tho company,
some of whom recently took refuge
in the capital from points farther
Salt Lake City, Nov. 13 With hun
dreds of students at the train to wish
them success, the University of Utah
football Bquad left here today for
California. The players, who were
accompanied by Coach Pennion, num
bered If. and all were !n good condi
tion They will meet Occidental col
lege next Saturday In Ios Angeles
and on November 19 will play Pomona
college at Claremont ChI
Although Utah has been defeated
by two Rocky Mountain conference
teams it is expected that their games
in California will show the relative
merits of the leading coast and moun
tain elevens
A rather elaborate slingshot fea
X 90)ta ut pi's on iqSis h Aq pajnj
has been patented by two Pennsyl
vania imentors.
11265,000 AND NOT A RIP I
,jd mm mm mamm m
im 1 This vast army of western toilers purchased
last year, and enjoyed the satisfaction of wearing the best overalls that
StSji improved machinery and skilled union labor can produce. The peer of
fttu; them all for comfort and long wear. Don't fail to ask for
$ r "NEVER RIPS" eb
if you care for your share of the "wear."
Si3 11
of2 mmmmm
JiiiJ W, H. Wright & Sons Co. t Watson-Tanner Co. N 0. Ogden Cc.
, L L. Clark fe Sons Co. Horrocks Brothers A. Kuhn & Bro.
t tti Buohnuller & Flowera Benowitz Brothers The Leader, 232 25th St.
: 'red M, Nye Co. John McCready Model Clothing Company
ssj JOHN SC0WCR0FT & SONS CO., Manufacturers
Ex-President Guet of Honor
at Banquet Is Called
"Great Pacificator."
Buenos Aires. Nov. 13 Friendly en
thusiasm was ehovn towards the Uni
ted States at the banquet given hers
last night In lionor of Colonel Theo
dore Roosevelt and the distinguished
xlsitor liitnself was armly welcomed.
The national hymns of the United
States and tff the Argentine Republic
were sung In a spirited manner while
hundreds of women in the galleries
threw great quantities of flowers down
upon the floor of the banquet hall af
ter Colonel Roosevelt's speech.
M. Krers, a member of the house
of deputies, whe delivered the speech
of welcome, referred to the vlslto.'
as "the defender of the integrity of
Ihn ImorlrsR " nnd aftnr na vln Kim
the tribute of having entirely dispelled
any feeling of suppklon that may have
lurked among the Latin American
countries of the friendly advances
of the United States, he said
Defines Monro Doctrine.
"We will he Justified in calling him
the great pacificator,"
In his replv Colonel Roosevelt de
fined the Monroe doctrine, explaining
that it was not an international law.
but a policy of the United States for
all America He said times had
changed since the adoption of that
policy, so that Argentine was now a
great modem nation which needed
no protection and he added:
"I hope that the example of the
Argentine will be emulated by all
the other Iatln-American republics
and that they will all accept the Mon
roe doctrine aB the leading article oi
their policy."
Explains U S Policy.
The ex president entered into expla
nations of the policy of the United
States In Panama and Santo Domingo
and Ins audience manifested Its ap
proval When he concluded with th
expression of a fervent hope that in
dependence and peace should always
exist throughout the new world the
women In the galleries threw down
their volleys of (lowers while the ap
plause of the men on the floor con
tinued for several minutes.
The minister of foreign affairs. Ce
sario Can-era, the justices of the eu
perioT court, and the members of the
diplomatic corps were among the
guests at the banquet.
The old adage "in numbers there Is
safety." was given a hard Jolt at the
Weber academy esterday afternoon
when eight stalwart seniors went
down to ignominious defeat at the
hands of five gritty Juniors in a
game of basketball played to decide
the class championship of the
For the first half both teams put
up as fine a game as the 6core, when
the pistol was fired the first time, of
7 to 2. in favor of the Juniors, would
Indicate. In the last half the seni
ors were rushed completely off their
feet and the Juniors carried away the
championship with a score of 38 to
There was a large crowd of student
fans present and the Juniors among
them were highly elated over tho vic
tory of their class mates.
The line-up was as follows
Brown . . ... If V. Belnap
Layman ....if Wildes
Richards C Fife
Grlx Ig Miller
Harris rg Ferrln
Referee BasBett
Minneapolis. Minn, Nov 13. Gil
bert Sinclair, a substitute on the Min
neapolis football team, and a student
In the College of Minnesota broke
his leg in practice-yesterday It was
announced that it was not certain
Captain Donald Aldworth who suffer
ed an attack of rheumatic fever two
weeks ago would play Saturday
;igainst Chicago.
Detectives and Police Aboard
Barges Under Brooklyn
Bridge Capture Pirate.
New York, Nov. 13 A miniature
naval battle was fought under the
shadow of Brooklyn bridge Just af
ter midnight this morning; wheu de
tectives, concealed aboard barges
and policemen In barges exchanged
shots Tylth armed river pirates Four
detectives were Injured but thrie
pirates were captured and threa mo
tor boats loaded with stolen coffee
were recovered.
Watch had been set because the
New York Dock company complained
that coffee valued at more than Sl'SOO
had been stolen during the last two
nights from tho warehouses on East
river. Early today thre- large mo
'orboats with engines muffled were
seen to draw up alongside one of the
coffee barges. Three men cllmbod
aboard the bare and began to throw
bags of cotfe- into their motorboats.
The hidden detectives ordered the
meu to throw up their hands, but In
stead each drew a revolver and be
gan to blaze away The detectives
closed in. however, and a hand to
hand fight ensued In which one of
tne detectives wa thrown into the
FOR formal and all
other occasions the )
glove that is correct in
style) should be chosen.
are ALWAYS correct i
J I and are well made
) There is no substitute for
Fownes Gloves, any more
than there is a substitute
for good manners or
good taste.
Sold by ood stores jjtZ
everywhere never tA
under iny ther nine Xvv"?'
than Fownes Ytyjfoiffl'
river and three others were slightly
One of the pirates succeeded In
getting away in his boat and was
roundlDg the battery at full speed I
when two police launches intercepted
him and effected a capture The
other prisoners were taken on board
the barge.
Bcteton, Mass. Nov. 13 An annual
saving of 1100,000,000 in flro losse?
and the reduction of the cost of the
nation's fire departments by three
fourths of its Present total is predict
ed by Fire Commissioner Charles H.
Cole, with the proviso that the cam
paign for flro prevention be started
now and continued vigorously for ten
years. Thi commissioner was speak
ing yesterday before the executive
council of the Massachusetts board of
trade. He argued for a complete
reform of present methods of dealing
with the fire problem in the city, state
and nation On of his demands was
that authority should be takeu from
the police
tor 15 years
The Standard Skin Remedy
H N H K B mun autTrribR and
' Sxm mm &?
'nb'rrs prniuce m a? r. result! br attacking the
INTERNAL CAUSE. I h ar dried op and
permanently rvrod 24 da' treatment. $100
DR. LEONHARDT CO Buffalo, N Y 'reobookM
Badcon's Pharmacy j
aching mm
We eat too much meat which
clogs Kidneys, then the
Back hurts.
Most folks forget that the kidneys,
like the bowels, get sluggish and clog
ired and need a flushing occasionally,
dee we have buckache and dull
misery in the kidney region, sevei e j
headaches rheumatic twingc6. torpid
liver, acid stomach, sleeplessness and
all sorts of bladder disorders
You flimply must keep your kid
neys active and clean, and the rao-i,
ment you feel an ache or pain in 'hoi
kldne region, get about four ounces
of Jad Salts from auy good drug store
here, take a lablespoonful In a glasa
of water before breakfast lor a few
days and your kidneys will then act
fine. This famous salts is made from
the acid of grapeH and lemon juice,
combined with llthla. and Is harmless .
to flush clogged kidney6 and stimu
late them to normal activity It also i
neutralizes tho acl ls in the urine so
it no longer Irritates, thus ending!
biadder disorders.
.lad Salts is harmless. Inexpensive;
makes a delightful effr e9cent llthn-i
water drink which every bod v should
take now and then to keep their kid
ueyg clean, thus avoiding serious com
plications A well-known local dnurgist says he
sells lots of -lad Falts to folks who be
lleo in overcoming kidney troublo
while it Lb only txouble. Advertisement!
Commission Government Now
Rules Over 7,000,000 Peo
ple in 600 Cities.
Toronto. OnL Nov 13 The "city
manager plan" of municipal govern
ment was endorsed at the nineteenth
annual meeting of the National Mu
nicipal league today by the special
committee appointed two and a half
years ago at the Richmond meeting
to study commission government and
Its developments.
Commission government at pres
ent rules more than 7 000,000 per
sons in Son chips and towns The
supporters of the plan are divided
as to whether commissioners should
be elected for specific posts, as in
Lynn, Mass., or on a general ticket
with power to divide the departments
unions; themsehps after election, as
'n Galveston and Des Moines The
majority of tho committee however,
reported ihat neither solution was as
solid as that of electing a commls
slon purely representative and lcKis
latlve in function, permitting the
mnmbers to gie only part time to
municipal work and receive nominal
salaries or none, and leave th. chief
executive work to a city manager
hired by thp commission from any
where In the country' and holding of
flcp at 1 1 6 pleasure. This manager
controls the remaining city employes
under civil service provisions.
Seattle. Nov 12 Officers of the
l'nited States coast and geodetic sur
vey steamer. MacArfhur. which re
turned today from the season's work
In Alaska, reported that while the
MacArthur was in Cook inlet. Mounts
Illlamna, Augustine and Mount Kat
mal. all well known volcanoes, were
It's Grandmother Recipe to I
Bring Back Color and i I
Lustre to Hair. I
. ' ; ':.
That beautiful, even shade of dark. 1
glossy hair can only be had by brew- 1 I
Ing a mixture of Sage Tea and Svil- II I - I
phur " our hair Is your charm It : ,
makes or mars the face. When It
fades, turns gray, streaked and looks
dry, wispy and scraggly, Just an ap- I; ,
plication or two of Sage and Sulphur -enhances
its appearance a hundred- I I
fold l'
Don't bother to prepare the tonic; H I
you can get from any drug store a SO I
cent bottle of "Wyetn's Sage and Sul- j
phur Hair Remedy," ready to use. II I
This can always be depended upon to j ..
bring back the natural color, thick- I I
ncss and lustre of your hair and re- jj I
move dandruff, stop scalp itching and
falling hair j
Everybody uses 'Wyeth's" Sage
and Sulphur because it darkens so . I
naturally and evenly that nobody can !
tell It has been applied You !
dampen a sponge or soft brush with
it and draw this through tho hair,
taking one small strand at a time, by H
morning the gray hair has disappear-
ed, and after another application it :
becomes beautifully dark and appears
liss.. lustrous and abundant. I
Agents. A R Mclntyre. j
j emltlng smoke, and Mount Douglas.
' at the southwestern end of Cook in- j
, let, was showing signs of activity for
the first time in tho mcroory of the
oldpst natives in the surrounding
-VLV iadleat A!i yop UroEn'M for
iCLJRk In nV.l It i Uald ir,.,:.-SJ
h"l,' J with B:.o RJte. Y H
W riJ Xake Br fir v Jmm
I j flf D-nicl.J. AikforCMI 0ITKS-TEB8 sH
If JO yean kooita u Erst. ?j lest, R'!i: 1
lllljl Come In and hear Mr. Ed-
Ijiry" -Tf : i,on's areat new machine. ; J
ffl rCVvjn ' T The now Edison reproduces
ijSS l Bin9er was right in the room jj
II W III I wltn you- !t nas a diamond j
j reproducer (no needles to
bother with). Records are j
J Indestructible. Call at ones
II II II I and make arrangements for 9
' J week's trial In your home. I
i' fflil Thl8 machln8 ' lH a new I'
iH liil ,a""' w 9uaranteo
351 and 353 24th St.
iBECOHDS j RtCDHOsJ lttC0MS jutccwps m cub as I jKCOTOsB
Ladles' Sewed Soles 50o
" Rubber Heels (any kind) J5o
"v E?r" time for shoe repairing from I
WPlfc, rCjCS. 6 a. m to 9 p. m.
sFVTaflMLES OX All Kinds of Shoes Done Whlls
You Walt
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This New Illustrated Book For Every Reader! 1
I 1 ffOgden Standard," Nov- 1 Wj J!s j I I
See the Great Canal in Picture and Prose fg J M
Read Hoiv You May Have It Almost Free
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ko da T'"5 beautiful big volums is written by Willis J. Abbot, H
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0 ri Ki i . It is a splendid large hook of almost 500 pages, 9x12 ( i H
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" C A ILLUSTRATED llt'e s,3rr;Pc 10 wl,b inlaid color panel: containa ( Wa
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