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6 and then will enable (
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selection from our un-
I A usually complete and
f beautiful stock of o
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I The Store With the Guarantee,
if 384 25th St.
William A. Chappie and A V Per
ehaw werp arrestod last night by Pa
trolman Janips Hearn, on suspicion
of having stolon some tools from tbe
Savage blacksmith shop un Tuesday
Officer Hearn, while on an Inves
tigation of the pawn shops and second
hand stores, found the tools and it
was Intimated that the two men ar
f rested had sold them to the second
hand store for a small cum.
ilfiiL AWAY
Jtflft An attempted holdup occurred at
I m I about 12 30 last Dighl at the tlreek
J : coffee house. 142 Twcn fifth Btreet,
7 ' In which Frank Kypsuck, with the
Iji WOldd-be robber's gun p-essed against
J hlfl body, defied thai person ami cm
J 'h it. the robber becoming
txjM frightened and fleeing.
"JA There were a number of persons In
thp coffee hous? at thp lime and tho
H police have a good description of the
II Have Your Printing Done
"Pnnterr, of the Better Cla:c"
2454 Grant Ave. Phone 363
For an hour and fifteen minutes
last night a crowd of wrestling cn
) thuslasts that nearh filled the Or
I pheum tliatpr, witnosed a match
i that was worth going a Ions way to
I Fee Soon after that, however, the
l" fans got .more than they expected,
when Jordan, coming out of a bar
' and single arm headlock which had
almost put him hors du combat."
started the iahbing tactics that ha 8
m.ule lilm notorious. Harbertson, af
ter standing for the rough stuff for
several minutes, retaliated and the
match from then to the finish was
more of a boxing contest
Referee Tom Iong, after warning
both men seven or eight times, fi
nally dlso.ua llfled both of them and
called the match a draw, with all
bets off
In an instant pandemonium
reigned, the entire audience on Its
feet, and the calls to finish the match
or to refund the money became in
sistent, but neither was done and It
was nearly an hour before the crowd
Manager Joseph Gors took the
stand that the decision of Referee
Ivong had been a legal finish to the
match and that th fans had received
their money's worth
The match In detail follows:
The men were Introduced at 9 20
P. m . and were photographed a min
ute laier. They shook hands and
worked a minute head to head Tor
dan rushed a little and then they
worked each other to the knees but
wero up again They worked head
to head for about three minutes and
Jordan went to the mat with Jack on
top Harbcrtson punished Jordan a
little during the next six minutes
when Jordan turned the tables and
Jack went on the defense Jordan
labored the next three minutes for a
toe hold but Jack broke away and
both men straightened up again head
to head with Jordan grinning At
this juncture Jordan worked his
thumb and fist stunt under Harherf-
son s armpits and Keterco iong had
to stop him. The crowd cheered the
referee. Jordan got mad and rushed
Tack out of the ropes near the foot
lights. Jack retaliated and droo
Jordan to the Topes on all side? of
the mat
At 0 4S. Chris went down agalu
with Jack on top. Jack secured a
further-arm nelson that made Jordan
iTingo. but the latter worked out.
Jack then tried a bar and arm lock
twice but Jordan worked out of them.
Both men were slick with perspira
tion which made it hard to get a
At 9:51 Harbertson had the Greek
In a tight place with a bar and single
headlock, Jordan escaped again but
was caught with the same hold an In
stant later but again broke awa with
a grin Jack punished him a litUe
with a further arm nelson and Jordan
got to a sitting position and tried
his old method of escaping but Jack
proved too strong, turning him over
again, obtaining another single arm
headlock which Jordan worked out
cf. struggled hard and came up on
top, with Harbertson on the defen
sive Jordan punished a little with a
single arm bar lock Jack worked
out Kaeh got a toe-hold and in the
struggle Harbertson landed on top.
In quick succession, the Ogden man
gained n further arm nelson and a I
single arm bar lock. Jordan worked
to nis leet aiyi went down again du'
struggling hird, got up again ajid
both men went out of the ropes, then
In again. Jack went on the defen
sive with Jordan on top
The Greek secured a toe hold
which Jack broke, but he fell into
a further arm bar lock, and worked
out again. Jordan tried for another
toe hold, failed, and Harbertson riiuo
up. both men going to the center of
the mat head to hend. Both did some
punishing with Jordan grinning, but
Jack as usual, Intent on the work
FUN IN Hi-SKULE f? , "rsj fefc "
H The four Marx brothers head the
Hi Pantagcs bill this week They Iih
HA with them company of eighteen
B& in a Hi
jHHv Sknle" In the title or an offering that
Mr ho.i been classed hs A-l by every city
HnE cn the circuit.
H4 reputation of the four Marx
HL brothers . -dians and dancers
H'E wf" known, ,ind tin nghti-en pla-
Ht' surrounding Iheman said to be
HB iglng and dancing "Fun
II Ha. Hi Skule" one riot ol fun
Ha li H beginning to the ond.
u 'K soother headline offer
HR, Hit g called "Mr. Green'i Re
HH'ij . Bh" i r. rntcd by
HBj: Hirx brother., and companj lf
Hp .' H different from the first of
l0HHLh Hand has for its features a
It The tango is a dance
Hals the Texas Tommy In
Hi the eon
IB Harlouo members of the coin-
' I ? $3l!
pany participate. In addition to the j
dance feature a number of excellent
musical offerings are given at "Mr.
Green'i Reception."
1 hen by way of the third big fea
' ire Greve and Green will present
a "Page Krom Minstrelsy Both are
clever comedians and accomplished
Kddb' Howard, the 'crasj tumbler,"
provides more laughter und any
amount of thrills. Evident I) How ard
doesn't care whether he break'-; his
neck or not, and he keeps his audl
ence hovering between laughs and
The Harris boys have a bright spot
on the program. These two boys
are remarkably clever dancers.
There are new motion pictures and
the new concert orchestra may be
depended on to provide an enjoyable
patl of the program All In all, It
looks like another big week fur the
I before him. At every opportunity
i while the men were standing. Jor
dan w orked his thumb and fist under
Hsrbeitson'B armpits.
At 10 17 both wrestlers were on
their knees; an Instant later they
wero up and out of the ropes Jack
went to the mat with Chris working
on him At 10:19 Jordan got a toe
hold and Jack a reversp hammer
lock. In the struggle, Jordan lifted
his opponent bodily and carried him
against the ropes on the east side
of the mat when both men broke
p.nd Iong brought them to the cen
ter of the mat.
The ilrst hour found the men work
ing head to head, Jordan smiling.
Jordan secured a head lock, which
Harbertson broke, amid the cheers
of the crowd Both rushed and went
out of the ropes, worked in again and
Jack secured two successive head
locks which worried the Greek con
siderable before he broke them. Jor
dan backed Harbertson to the ropes
and they were again brought to the
middle of the mat by the referee
At 10:87 Chris forced Jack to the
mat and tried a little punishment
which Jack evaded At 10 4L' Jack
got on top for a second and both
came up and were working head on.
At this point Harbertson got the
headlock that made It apparent to
Jordan and to the crowd that the
Greek could not win by clean wres
tling for when he finally worked out
of it he began the rough work by
jabbing his opponent, getting Jack s
bead down nnd coming up on his
face with his arm. The local man
did not stand It ery long and.
urged on by the crowd, came back
with the same kind or methods Time
and again Referee Long warned both
men and, finally, he disqualified them
both and called the march a draw.
Long said that he thought the
match would end up that way and
that he would never referee a match
It was the consensus of opinion
that had the contest gone to a fin- j
Ish, the local man would have won.
but that the Greek, fearing such a
result, had worked for dlsqualiflca
tlon rather than defeat
At the close of the match Jordan
posted $300 for a return match, pub
lic or private. Harbertson stated
that he was willing to meet him
again either way.
There were two good preliminaries,
the first between Rill Belnap and Art
Smalley and the second between Ray
Christopherson and Chester Sharer
Fred Freshaw refereed and called
each event a draw.
An Easy Way to Get
Fat and Be Strong
The trouble with most thin folks
who wish to gain weight Is that they
Insist on drugging their stomach or
stuffing If with greasy foods, rubbing
on useless ' flesh creams, " or follow in
some foo'.lsh physical culture stunt,
while the real cause of thinness goes
untouched You cannot get fat un
til your digestive tract assimilates
the food you eat.
Thanks to a remarkable new scien
tific discovery, It Is now possible to
combine i.ito simple form the very
elements needed by the digestive or
gans to help them convert food into
rl h, fat laden blood This master
stroke of modern chemistry Is called
Sargol and has been termed the great
est of flesh builders. Sargol alms
through Its regenerative, reconstruc
tive powers to coax the stomach and
intestines to literally soak up the
fattening elements of your food and
pass them into the blood, where they
are carried to every starved, broken
down cell and tissue of your body.
You can readily picture the result
when this amazing transformation has
taken place and you notice how your
cheeks fill out. hollows about your
neck shoulders and bust disappear
and you take on from 10 to 2u pounds
I of solid healthy flesh. Sargol Is
absolutely harmless, Inexpensive, of
flclent. A. ft. Mclntvre Drug Store,
and other leading druggists of Ogden
and vicinity have it and will refund
your money if you are not satisfied,
as per the guarantee found in ecr
CAUTION: While Sargol has given
excellent results in overcoming ner
ous dyspepsia and general stomach
troubles It should not be taken by
those who do not wish to gain ten
pounds or more Advertisement.
In Judge N J. Harris' division of
the district court this morning the
case of Ezra I'ufter against C. C. Ran
tead was taken up for trial.
The suit was Instituted to recover
$724 on an alleged breach of contract
and tort, the plaintiff averring that in
the month of Ma) 1912, he purchased
of the defendant 23 1?, "Pearl goose-!
berry bushes ." valued at $820, the
defendant agreeing to plant and prune
the bushes at n later time.
The plaintiff states that the bush
en were delivered in October of the
same year but that thev were not of
the arlety or kind designated in rh"
agreement and that '! defendant did
not take care of the hushes.
The defendant denies the allega
fudge Harris rendered a decision in
faor of the plaintiff, on ex-iarte tes
timony The defendant otfored no
testimony In support of his answer!
to the complain' The judgment is '
for 784.
Lincoln, Neb., Nov, 20 Several men
are under arrest, one of v. horn Chief
of Police Malone declares positively
is one of the two robhern who last
night attempted to hold up a street
ear here, and killed Fred Wise, a
passenger Search for the other
highwaymen, who Motnrmmi William
Ladd alleged he shot and snw stagger
as he moved away from the car. h-
continued toda) Tbe identity of the
man whom Chief Malone declines Is
one of the pair of holdupmcn was
not disclosed, the officer refusing to
give out any more information regard
ing the man
In an answer and counter claim to
a complaint filed by attorneys Tor Dr
Luther P Warren of Ann Arbor,
Mich., against George A. Whitmeyer.
the defendant In the district court de
nies the allegations and claims to
have been damaged In the sum of
The Ann Arbor doctor brought the
suit to recover $71.71 for alleged med
leal services for Morris Whitmeye?
son of the defendant In his Illness
and death at the Michigan school In
April. 1912.
The answer of the defendant makes
a general denial of the allegations
and claims that the medical services.
If any were rendered by the plain
tiff, were given voluntarily and with
out the approval or consent of the
defendant and in the counter claim
the defendant claims that the sen!
oes were not of the character to get
the best results In a case of pneu
monla. which the young man is
claimed to hae had.
Mr. Whitmeyer says that a proper
diagnosis was not made and adequate
medical treatment and attention was
not given, the young man dying after
a few days' illness, all to the dam
age of the defendant in the sum of
Reports from all parts of Weber
county are to the effect that rain fell
during the torenoon A warm south
wind of the early morning presaged
the rainstorm, and the temperature
kept well up. the mean point bein
about 44 degrees.
Snow has been falling in the higher
altitudes and the mountain tops are
covered with a gootf Tayer of the
beautiful. In Huntsville, however,
which is considerably higher than Og
den. there was snow at last reports,
but rain was falling heavily
To tho we9t. In the vicinity of Roy
and Hooper, rain has been falling
since the morning hours and a regu
lar downpour has prevailed along the
Interurban car line between Ogdeu
and Brigham To the south It has
rained heavily.
In the city, outdoor construction
work had to be suspended, Including
all street work
The storm will be beneficial to the
farms, as It will fill the ground with
moisture that will remain through tho
winter months. Dry farmers are re
joicing The opinion prevails that
the culmination of the warm wave and
ralp of the pa6t two or three days will
bo " a Thanksgiving snow storm "
Will Pay City Warrant.
Notice is hereby given that the un
derslgned Treasurer of Ogden City,
will at his office, on and after this
date, pay City Warrants bearing reg
iiui tn -nm oil In.
IBir UIUUUVIB .-ii'i-i iu --i ....
elusive, nnd further that all such War
rants not presented to mp for payment
a ill cease to draw Interest after No
vember 24 1913.
Dated at Ogden, Utah. Nov 20. 19L5
City Treasurer.
In a play such as "The Lure." Geo.
ScarSorough's remarkable drama deal
ing with the White Slave Traffic,
which has proved to be the mos".
t.tlkcd-about footllght nuc?ess of the
present season, its appeal to women
Is above all. a most notable factor in
determining Its real value because It
eelM to assist that eei: la its s'ruc
Kle for social reform.
Thte great drama will play the Or
pheum Theatre, Ogden, next Sunday
night. Everybody interested in tbs
problem of th. hour "Th? White Slave
Traffic."' should witness the plav.
Seat sale opens tomorrow -Advertisement.
Israel Frodsham and Joseph I
Smith, well known Ogden residents,
returned vesterday from a trip
through Idaho. Mr Frodsham Is a
representative, of the Bennett Glass
1 Paint company of Salt Lake City
and Mr. Smith Is a member of the
Smith Brothers Mattress company.
Mr Frodsham says that Idaho Is
in the most flourishing condition that
ho has ever known It to be, with
Ricbardson-Hunt Co.
Dinner Sets'
"A Little More for a Little Lese."
. the potato and sugar beet crop the
best In quality and the largest in the
history of the Btate.
O. A Paxmley waa the donor yes
terday of a complete set of the En
cyclopedia BrltannJca with bookcase
to the Ogden High school library.
The gift is appreciated by the en
tire school
M. C. Myers, chief physician and
surgeon and head of tho medical de
partment of the Utah Construction
company, with headquarters In San
FranciBco, is registered at the Marion
Mr. Myers. In his work, travels
from camp to camp, Investigating
health conditions, establishing hospt
tals and employing physicians
He returned from Price Utah, yes
terday, where he has been making
a study of the causes of tho largo
number of cases of typhoid fever in
that locality among the employes of
the company. A number of the men
had been taken 111 with the fever
shortly after arriving at camp, but
the causes of the fever have been
traced to other sources.
The students of the Ogden High
school are holding an enthusiastic
assembly this afternoon for the pur
pose of practicing songs and yells
with which to cheer the Orange and
Black boys on to victory Saturday
afternoon when they meet the Red
and Black team from the Salt Lrtke
High school on the Glenwood
The injured members of the team
are improving and, when the whistle
blows to start the game, they ex
pect to go In with their usual vim
and stay In the game until it Is fin
ished. Confidence In their ability to
win out In the big contest Is growing
The increased local Interest In the
game is having good effect
In addition to practicing the songs
and yells, this afternoon the students I
are endeavoring to work up enthu
siasm in the sale of tickets for the
game as they realize that a big crowd
of loyal supporters will be a big
aid to their eleven
The Salt Lake High school has
been holding assemblies for several
days past and the outlook is that thr
Red and Black will bring up a big
delegation of fans
Kiev. Nov 19 The first extended
Interview given by Mendel Belllss
since he was released from prison
upon being acquitted of the charge
of murdering Andre Yuehln6ky. was
'granted the International News Bar
vice correspondent today. The in
terview took place in the little parlor
In the Bellies home In the suburbs
of Kiev. For more than an hour tin
man lived over again his trouble and
suffering of the past two years, and
at times he was so overcome by thn
memories that It was necessary for
him to pause a few moments In order
to regain his composure.
"In March. 1911. the body of the
Tushinsky boy was found in the brick
yard where I was employed." he said.
"I had been busy all da and did not
pay much attention to the discover
In fact, It waa not until the day of
the funeral that my attention
really brought to the case. On that
day a friend of mine, Mr. Zachar
chenko. who owns the house Where
Vera Chebenak lives, said to me.
Mendel. I have just been to the fu
neral of the Tushinsky boy, and while
there I saw a lot of handbills distrib
uted and thfy said that the rotten
Jews had killed the boy '
"Even then 1 did not pay much at
tentlon to mv friend's words, and
forgot the matter entire! until some
three months later
"It was then that tho local prose
cuting attorney called at my home nm!
examined the premises thoroughly
He also went to the brickyard and
carefully went over the works and
grounds He went away without
saying anything to me Two days Is
ter a number of spies 'lrt,8ed as
tramps came to my house. They be
haved like animals, talked about rit
ual murder and tried to frighten m
In numerous ways. It was then that I
mj frieuds began to tell nie that Ve
ra Cheberyak had been telllnc every
body that I had murdered the boy.
"Some time elapsed before I re
ceived another visit from the local
prosecuting attorney He examined i
the house again and finally aaked me
why I did not have a mazuza (Jewish
talisman)- I told him that as I work
ed lu the brickyard where a lot of
Christians were employed I could not
very well be strictly orthodox. He
then left.
"On July 2?, 1911, i was awakened
at ! o'clock in the morning bv ;1 noise
uhich I thought at first were the ex-
plosions from a cannon. Finally I i
hoard a terrific knocking at nr. front
door and 1 hastened to open It. W hen
I did so 1 was greeted by a Bight
which frightened me nearly to death.
Right at my door were a lot of police
men, and behind them was about a
regiment of soldiers, while the. prose-'
cufr was standing beside me. He
said, 'Are you Mendel IMUss?' and
when I said I was, he sad, 'You are
under arrest.' I asked fr what, but
I received no reply. tas trembling
like a leaf and my wif was fainting
and the children were '-ry lug and run
ning about trying H' bide, for they
were terribly scarei I remember
they told mc to dres, and that I was
to be taken to prison.
"I was put In a eel away from the
other prisoners, but about an hour
after I reached tho prison I heard a
hoy crylnc and sobbing something
After listening for a few minutes I
recognized that It was my son David,
then 8 years old My ieart almost
Btopped heating and I bounded my
head against the wall of n cell in mv
"A few minutes later thl governor
jof the prison came to m p. cell and
j said, 'The little son of Venj Cheber
yak says that ho wan play inpt. Ith the
Tushinsky boy In the brick Vnl and
onr son says he was not nr son
is" p. bg big har, and that Isyhy he
was arrested.
"The governor refused to lisVa to'
my -explanation. Finally I U'n t0 1
cr and ask him why I was in pipon
the only answer I received wasj1at
I would be sent to Siberia if I dioVfH
tell tho truth
' The man left me alone, .md Vr
several hours 1 could hear my y i
erring, and at each sb my heart blfi,
l All I could do was to think of n:
unfortunate family.
oo a
Claremont. Cnl.. Nov. 1ft The foot
ball teams of Pomona college and th.j
University of Utah played a tie game
here today, the final score being 7
to 7.
Pomona had slightly the advantage
In the first half, although Its team
did not scoro until th? third period
In the last few minutes of the gani-.
I'tah rallied and by forward passes
I reached Pomona's one-yard line, after
I which Travers skirted the whole Po
mona team and planted the ball be
hind the goal posts. "When, tho goal
was kicked Just 45 seconds was left.
Heath, for Pomona, executed a de
layed pass, which put the ball on
Utah's seven-yard line, and then by
a fake pass. Clary scored converting
his own touchdown.
Don't make any difference you
are cordially invited to attend the
Danish Brotherhood Masquerade ball,
Friday, November 21, Eagles' hall,
Hudson avenue, S:?.u p. m.. 50c per
couple, extra lady 23c. If you don't
come we'll both be sorry
Costumes can be had at reasonable
prices at Eagles' hall all day Friday
and evening. Four fine prizes will be
given for the best sustained characters.
Former Harvard Students
Travel Half Way Round
World to Witness Harvard-Yale
Boston, Nov 20. NaJ Aab, a mer
I chant of Bangkok. Slam, and Sanshl
' Ahe, a Tokio merchant, are coming
hall way around the world to 6ee the
Harvard-Yale game in the stadium
next Saturday, according to word re
ceived here. The Siamese enthusi
ast was a freshman at Harvard in
1909, while the Japanese was a grad
uate atudent at tho university eight
years ago.
The Harvard Athletic association
has received checks from the two
men reserving tickets for the game, j
oo -
New York. N. Y.. Nov. 20. As the
forerunner of a big municipal Christ
mas tree which will bo erected in
Madison Square during the yuletide.
a "star of hope" will be lighted there,
touight. to twinkle regularly until
Christmas. The star, t omposed of
a large number of incandescent lamps.
Is atop a plain iron shaft about 35
feet high. It was recently announc
ed that the Idea was backed by "a
group of idealists" who seek to an
chor idealism in New York. The
mystery of their identity has not been
Read the Cia ': I Ada
Tomorrow will be a big flay at th jSSfaa
"Weber academy, with the Alumni as- IfMfi
sociatlon in charge of affairs. All ar- "jjBh
rangements have been cqade tor the MeS
program of the day and ev'anlng.
The big feature of the evesing will
be a basketball game In which -will
be seen a number of former basket - Iltw
ball "sharks" who expect to show f'jr
the regulars how to play the game. f ?
The "sharks" have also engaged a
number of substitutes to be prepared v
for what the 1913-14 team may do
to them. it - a
The game will commence at 8 p. If'te"
m., sharp and the men will be seen f:vr.
In action in the following order: .. '
Webed Academy. Alumnus M V
Belnap rf Torgeson ir
Bassett lf Brown
Richards c Peterson
Harris Ig McKay
Perrin rg Watson
Referee Passett
i From 9 to 10 a. m., an excollent I
tarogram of songs and speeches will
IVe rendered In the assembly hall and '
Iter the basketball game in the eve-
tog a reception will be held '
rtn BH
Vanguard of Spectators Ar- 1
rive Demands for Accom- j
modations Exceed Hotel I
Cambridge, Mass, Nov. 20. T JM
vanguard of the spectator army foiMsfl I
the Harvard and Yale championBhlpH
football match in the stadium onH
Saturday reached here today. TheH
main body will arrive this afternoonH
and Saturday morning. The demandsS
for accommodations exceeds the cafl
pacity of the hotels and reetaurantf
about Boston.
The Vab team will arrive at AuH
burndal" late today and at the sajn
time the Harvard squad will leavJ
Cambridge for forty houra of quiet H
at Is Island Home of the Vesper
Country club, near Lowell.
Prices for tickets are far ahead
of previous years and the tickets
j that have found their way into brok
I ers' hnvds are offered at $50 to S100
a pair, the latter price for seats In-
sid the 20-yard lines.
Harvard continued the favorite In Misil
the betting, but the early odds of
10 to 7 nirrowed today to 10 to 8 and
lu to 9.
Media, Pa.. Nov. 20. Two farnfl
hands, arrested on suspicion of knowj
ing omf-thing about the disappear!
ance of S. Lewis Plnkerton, tax col4
lector of Edgemont township, con)
led early today that they had mur- 1
dered him and burled his body, ac- l . H
cording to tbe Delaware county po- . v
lice. The two prisoners, Roland
Pennington and George Marsh of
Glen Mills, ra.. were taken to the
woods where the body was hiddat
and the police found It covered with
leaves According to the police ths
m o Bald they attacked Plnkerton H
for the purpose of robbing him.
Pink'-rton. who w-as 26 years old,
last seen on November 7 At
the time he had about 5300 in his
pockets piuI wore a ring. The money fl
and ring were missing when the JH
bodj was found. Plnkerton's head
had been crushed and the body rid- fl
died with shot. fl
Richardson-Hunt Co. fl
Carving Sets J
"A Little More for' a LHtle Less." '
As a special inducement for you to call at our Tea Store j
and see our immense new line of Christmas presents,
all given free in exchange for coupons that you receive
with every purchase of our goods. We have selected aa
our souvenir a package of Luden's Famous Menthol j
Candy Cough Drops, free, to everyone purchasing our
goods to the amount of 50c, in addition to the tickets
usually given.
On the above date only, we will also give free with one
pound can of our Baking Powder, a double Turkey
Roaster or a Lace Table Cover. See display in our show
2436 Washington Ave

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