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Cave Men Seen
!n Stone Age Play
A Kalem. Photodrama That
Carries Us Back to
Prehistoric Days
U 'A Miracle of Love" It Forcefully
Shown the Power of Determination
How the Mtn With a Purpose Saves
Both Himielf and the Woman He
"The Cave Mao's War,'' a new two
trt Kalcni production, takes ibe ob
server Xaik to the prehistoric stone tKe
ainj shows the incident! which led to the
invention of the bow and arrow. Ac
cording to the story. Ited Axe. n rnve j
dweller, lms his eyes ou the chioftancy
of his tillw To bring nlKiiit a contest
between himself aud Boar Face, the
present chief, Red Axe steal the for
mers mate. Members of the tribe bring
new of Red Axe's deed to Boar Fare,
who jjeires his great hp.ne hammer mix
roes forth to the fray Bed Axe awuitu
bis coining with easy assurance, and the
l battle begins It is of ihorl duration,
however. Two lightning-like strokes nnd
both of Red Axes v l ists are broken.
Turning to t no members of the tribe.
Boar 1? ace orders them to drnc Rod
Air forth
Helpless anil starving, Red Axe is dis
covered ty n party of the Shell people,
enemies of the Cave Dweller They nro
about to s!y him when Strong Arm,
their chief, intervenes and takes the fu
gitive to his cave, where he i? nursed
bark to strength The Cave Dwellers
attack the Shell people :iuJ o terrili'
battle follows, ending with the repulse
of thf invaders Boon after. Red Axe
trie? to steal Light Foot, Strong Arm's
ffomnn. but she resists, and her cries
bring the chief nnd his followers to her
id Bed Axe files anil returns to the
Cave Dwellers, who receive him back.
Tlnns ore made for a second attack on
the Shell people The latter are taken
by surprise and are overcome While
Strong Arm Hps unconscious, Red Axe
tarries off l ight Toot.
The chief f the Shell people acri
lentally discovers the principle of the
bow and fashions one. Ihe first weapon
tf its kind. Concealing himself, he sees
IReil A" dragging the resisting Light
Foot alone the lvieh.
A twnnglug sound reaches Red Axe's
ear The uexl moment he feel- a shnrp
priu ir. hi": side The man turns to see
nK foe, but nothing save n deserted
beech in.' the frowning cliffs meel ln
eyei Th pain in his Bide increases,
Dd Red Axe discovers a strain:- weapon
bqried i eep In hi; body lie ic!ls it out
M weakness ov rtakes him Red Axe
nr. mines th arrow curiously, surprised
thai so smell a thing should give him
hi mo'tnl voni'l The Cnve Dv.ilh r
raUr-. his head at the sound of foot
ltps. Strong Vrin a pproachos with an
other arrow reaily for use The boMT
md arrow sooti restore peace and pros
perity to the Shell people.
"A Miracle of Love" fLubinV The
i man with a purpu-. ', who has 1mm ii
falsely accused nnd convicted, escapee
from prison, determined to uncover evi
dence which will dear him III his
filch: h r.-.ert' a woman without a pur
pose, wlm, Mixwi-ring a whim. a:-lsl ;
him. The mr.n ai-ounplish' Ins pur
pose, but after clearing bis name is
haunted by visions of the woman He
return'- lo her She is an invalid Sn
tiitecl wnh all things good in life sove
hi!th, she rlin Ki-" to her illness through
sheer ennui, until the man. dir,. . ining,
WITT. rilO0''S, IVUUTIuro.!
turn, malrhr- 1 .- will a.imxl ben Lp-
' F 'parent i he lose- But out of the i m
fliet love is Imnv and it his call the
iw Ionian il i sea r lmg h(r fancied weak-
If ae-f, walks strong Inside the man up
Mo- the golden road of the future,
Tbe World Special I ilnis Corporation
t offers thi three-ieel Pasquali him "Th
i Golden Cms.-. " Founded ou up pi i
Uahau btorv, "The Golden CroM Is lull
i ii heart-interest and love w hu h ulaiup
; It ss a sum success. The atorj opeus
with Count Caxlon seen ou the deck ot
S boat as a deck hand. Before hnu
II passes the vision of Ids early infatua-
t Uou for an at tress which prompted him
to leave his wife und child ::ud follow her
I to Aim th a. She , vi-ntiu-.il leaves him
: for another, and he returns to hi- native
lmd and sinks to the lowest rUUKS ol
i depravitv. in whien condition he is found
hv a friend .uii advised to make Us
ssj? peace uiiii i.i- Naturally, his so-
- Tances are repuls-v. His daughter, hav
of CO" , Ldk grown up, is put in a boarding-srhooi
mtit&Z ; where Caston goes to implore the I'adre,
Zttr'f n old friend of his, to allow him just
Irfr & . one lo k a: I.: t I' ' .Mai..- I t!, u
ke should take hi.- ida.-e in line on 1 i r
lTfL Bundav v.u u v. u.um r i- t,. b- given to
rfM the jKior Inn he m-is! not r. veal bis
aflfl i Hentitv. The Tadre tell- him he will
rtTetfv! I kn 'hi- d.iuc'-ner Lv a golden crosB
il which lo v. ill bang about her little neck,
'h l ili'hl ha- I .ou- fast friends with a
" Mfi little orr.hai: rial, on Eastet Sunday.
U m be:: s!! ih. r little children ore pass-
ji C! t. . ...... ilw litlle wfllf
JOT1 'US null nifii I'.fMi-i'
I tit aloue and uisconsolate. in a beau--suB
i Wollv touehmp s-ne the daughter takes
Lfr W ft tbe ;,,.. fmni . t" i. r n.- !. :.nd 't
. oathit of i.e.- Ihth- friend ;.- ton. not
aariug een his daughter through all
tbeA venrs. naturallv mistake- the litt.c
Orphan for 1 . ov. o tl---h and Mood !"
ttfMi I 0tvi. ti. . t '
'klfl4 I dr.v she fni',-- to appear In.viKfT ecu
I taken violentlv ill The p.tor man. in dis-
ft' I trartlfn is br.allv iidmitted to the sick
iWJ'-jSl room and his grief on sennc the fvwr
tfl'Tj 9 Ckild u(T.-rin? in it- la.-t thrc--s is pltia-
WtV- , ble. The badm realize the awful mis
tke thai has Ihm u mad", but d ire not
iff krak m oa h.. p...-.r '.' "'- lo I 1'
J Dim tri :li Ut-i " d. alh of the
, t kiid tlie iri'th of ili' -iiii.il i cra.b
E lly brorght home to the man. and the
I ife realizing that he has suffered, re
lam : '' '"' : v' "
Xilt I le tr'ect Tiollon p;cture machine.
fl I ttnd lor ttlotue 24 with lull df.a'.l.
t0WM WCHOUfi POWER CO, 90 Gold St, NY C
Realism Carried To The Utmost Limit in the Production of
Hauptmann's Atlantis for the Screens More Than
$125,000 Spent to Secure Effects.
ihe Stranglers of Paris," David Re-
lascp's dramatization of Belot's famous
novel, is now announced by the Motion
Picture Drama Company of New York,
for presentation on the screens. Beloit's
story as issued in hook form, was in
stinct with dramatic thrill and interest
and each of its principal characters was
a strong, original creation. Bclasco's
genius v. as prompt to perceive its every
strong point and in his dramatization
they are all forcefully brought out with
! the skill and effectiveness of this wizarl
of stagecraft. The result, as tbe lilm
prrsent it, is a masterpiece of motion
1 picture art.
I The ilrainn is produced in parts
James Gordou appears iu a as Jagou,
the Stransler, and he is supported by a
strong company, every member of which
was cnrefully chosm with a view lo
capability of fitly ennctiug the role for
which he or she was cast. All who have
seon the production in the making. daxs
it with the strongest and biggest sensa
Mun features ever shown upon the
"Docs Max Snore?" (Universal).
The pretty Muriel returns from boardiug
b'houL Her mother receives a letter
from her god-sou. Max, accepting her in
vitation to viiit them and become ac
quainted with ber charming daughter.
She is delighted at lu6 coming, when a
thought strikes her. She tells her mother
she detents men that snore and that if
Mi'.x indulges m this unmusical practice
hi will not have anything to no with
him. max arrives and the two young
peODlC fall in lo vi ith eai h t I her
After luncheon they sit around the
table. Max, after repeated efforts to
keep awake, falls asleep Mother and
daughter steal away nnd conceal theui
Mlvea behiud a curtain and intently lbten
fur the tirst evidence of a snore. Mean
while, Lmile. the butler accidentally
dr.'rfc a tvay of di-bes aud awakens tbe
sleeping voiitig mau. Much ashamed ol
himself. Max arises and goes in lean h of
l is fair one. The butler helps himself
t 1 the wine and st.;tinK himself in a va
cant cnair amxes a Knoo cigar iu nw
mouth and "proceed to tak" up the Dap
where Mai left off. Me is oue of our
best little pnorers. und the sounds which
o ii, e torth from hi- nasal oil:. in are l.oth
tearful and wonderful Poor Muriel,
beating tht-rc, breaks into tp.irs. She and
her mother cuter the dining-room and.
much to their astonishment and the poor
girl's relief, find Mux has an understudj
r.s far as snorlnc kocs. At thi point
that uow wide-awake rOUDg man himself
,-nti r aud th-- three of them oust -ii, 11:--OOtnflted
butler from his comfortable
position. Two fond hearts arc thus
united without Ihe semblance of a snore
to break the peaceful calm of lovers'
sweet dream- (
The Great Northern Film Co.
110 W. 40th St.. New York
For State Rijhts or Boolunrs tor
JACK LONDON 55 Masterpiece. In Seven Reeli.
Write or Wire
Gen sales manage!, boswohtm, ic
The ,reat .Northern Film Company Of
New York, is now ready to offer the In
tensely realistic multiple feature photo
drama, "Atlantis," dramatized from the
novel of that name by the German
author. Gerhart Hauptraann.
In producing this film play realism was
carried to its utmost limit. To begin
with, an ocean steamship, with her full
complement of officers and crew, wns
Chartered and on board in addition were
five hundred "passengers" actorr,, trained
supernumeraries and expert swimmers,
divers ami professional life savers
Id the North Sea on hoard this Meamer
is enacted the thrilling scenes represent
ing panic on board a sinking vessel, the
rescue of passengers in life boats nnd th
saving of panic-stricken passengers who
leap overtniard.
Then, with the suhsfitutlon of a steam
ship fitted up to exactly resemble the
chartered vessel, a" purchased for pre
ordained destruction, come the final
scenes of the sinking of the doomed ves
sel, the struggles of those who still re
main aboard nnd their rescue by the life
Iu addition to the work of novelist,
playwright and directors In preparing
this drama of the sea, an expenditure ex
ceeding $123,000 was required to pic-tur-
the scenes that will now be placed
before the photo-play theatre public of
this country
Howard Crampton, the well-known
aud talented player, hn.s scored a suc
cess in Universal pictures, which, ui
view of his many years of triumph on
the legitimate stage, will not surprise
'his hobts of admirers. Mr. Crampton
as on interpreter of difficult character
parts has few equals. Patrons of the
drama will recall d splendid perform
ances in "The Hello of New York" corn
1 ey; sj tbe King in B, 0. Whitney's
"Isle of 8picc" company, and as Will
If Hi nice in "Lichteen Miles From
Home.". He was two years in vaude
ville with his wife in a sketch called
The Politician aud tbe Suffragette."
Cleveland's newest and mo?t beautiful
playhouse tbe Miles Theatre which eost
jr.00.000 to build, has contracted with
B t'harnas, manager of the Cleveland
office of Warner's Features, Inc for the
exclusive program of Warner's Features.
The theatre seal - 2,100 people, and there
an three floors, the second being desig
nated as the mezzaulne. nnd this is given
entirely to Parbian automobile boxes.
When C. n. Miles elected to open his
"theatre beautiful" with the program of
Wrtrru-r's Features, he was merely car
rying out his policy of providing the fm
esl a 1 traction- obtainable for the photo
play loters of Cleveland and vicinity.
Ask Your Mutual Program Theatre for
(Th-nliouser ''nolal
Pour Reels
Stale Rients dol J by
Gossip Gleaned
In The Studios
Makes An Auspicious Debut
On The Screens In "Friday,
the Thirteenth"
All Star Feature Lorporallon Announce
Thomas W. Ron io "Checker" A
Theatre Within A Theatre Staged m
the VictorStudio An Ingenuous Comp
liment to Madeline Traverse.
The handsome, dark-haired, dark-eyed
nan tvho plays opposite Muriel Ostrichs
m the Princess films, is playing his first
"picture" cugapement. He is Boyd
Marshall, from the miusical comedy stace
and long a favorite with Kolb aud Eill
in f?an Francisco and at the New York
llinjioilrome, lie makes hi film botv
In the Trincess reel entitled "Friday, the
Thirteenth,' ss MlJ-s Ostriche's super-I
Miiious husband.
Peter Lang scored success as an actor
on he speaking stage and acquired an
enviable reputation bj his characteriza
tions. Lie was moved to become a "pie
lure" actor and has doubled his- preccd
ing successes Now he is a devotee of
reeni and bus determined to devote
himself wholly to this latest phase of ar
tist ie expression. Mr. Lang is one of the
charter member), of the New York Screen
Club, and no one on its roster is more
popular with his fellows.
"Checkers," with Thomas W. Roso in
the title role, is definitely announced
SS the next release of the I1-Star Fea
ture Corporation, whoso first release,
"Arizona," was Hmly put ou the mar
ket. Tn one of the Florence Lawrence pic
ures, j'it completed by Director Harry
Salter, at the Victor Studio there is an
interior theatre scene that surpasses any
thing yet attempted in this line. It was
b lit under tbe direction of Mr Salter
md consists Of one stage twelve feet by
twenry-fonr feet, two boxes seating
twelve people, nn orchestra of seven
c ici.es nnd a full audience of over one
hundred and fifty people.
Beautiful Madeline Traverse received
Tvlint fche eoniders the most horn M
compliment of her stage career during
the taking of a Kcene on the Inrce open
air Reliance stage recently V lanky
youth, evidently from some rural district.
no en Interested witness of the pro
ceedings. Deeply engrossed In his work.
Directoi Travers Vale did not notK-e
the presence of th stranger, and when
tin- camera stopped grinding nn a scene
in which Miss Traverse was the sole
o. , iii:,nt of the stage, he turned r,nv-
inusly to the camera man and asked.
How nianv feet was thnt?" "Sev
mm answered the camera man.
"What! Seventy: Wall, by cracky!
It's v.urth it!" blurted our rnrsl friend,
who s,i hnd his eyes glued upon the
beautiful actress.
Proved -n M t&jZU& A1 E
onsl nthu and c.e-.u.l bookjna onlrolltd by
Motion Picture Drama Co.
'world's special films corp.
1 10 W. 40th ST.. NEW YORK CITY
Harry Mainhall Appears In Striking Presentation of a
Bowery Tough and Thief C. J. Hite Strongly
Reinforces His Los Angeles Company
Heavily fettered in a double-bam d
iron cage, "Muse," one of the largest
male lions in captivity, has arrived at
Universal City. This beautiful beast
was acquired by the Universal Film
Manufacturing Company especially to be
used in Edwin August s production, "In
to the Lion's Tit " On the way to this
country he became maddened by 11 storm
nt f-ea His cajje was broken open by
tbe pitching of the boat and in his r
capture a Portuguese sailor was killed.
The taste of human blood remained with
Mose and upon his arrival in this eoun
trv. hen liiK training began, he struck
nith his paw and killed a vioman
trainer. The matter of LrniniDg him was
I "xL Woir ' IjgT 'JoU c , (iV ,- t $??$ "a SteNIdtilnti I B rJPr j , c,r, (sj
Bo.tvorlh. lac.) Mggl H' rr.) I ppgpjyAMj "Who KilledUlioCrT,'(lrap.) B
then abandoned The facilities for
handling ferocious beasts at Universal
City will no doubt prove a ili-.irecuble
surprise to the man-killer
With an eye to strengthening the West
Coast companies, the Universal Uilm
Slanufacturnaj Company ha-, made sev
eral Changes nnd realignments of its
ploying aud directing forces nt the Hol
lywood (Cal.) studios. Edna Maison,
who has been playing leads in the Mon
day Towers Company, has been ad
vanced to the feminine lead in the
Thursday Rex. playing opposite Bob
Leonard! aud under the directum of
Oli.s Turner.
Alhm Dwun has returned to the Uni
versal fold, bringing with him Pauline
Hush, M. J. MaiQuame and other
member, of his company. He will as
semble an caitra company for large pro
ductions. James V ill will be attached
to this company as hading man The
hitter's position as director of th
Wednesday "Joker" will be filled by
Allan Curtis, who will continue to direct
the .Saturday "Joker" alo.
. Donald Macdonald. who has been lead
ing man with the Friday Nestor under
A. E. Christie, will direct the Monday
Powers. In his company will be found
Howard Hickman. Laura Oakley, m uric
V11lcan1p and I.ick Itossou. Mr Mac
donald will le suc-eeaen as ic.nnug man
of the Nestor Company by John A.
Sterling, who has beeu playiug comedy
roles fur the past two years, with the
Essuuuy c'ompuuy.
Emery Johnson is the latest rceruit to
the ranks of the regular stock company
nt the Bssansy studio at N'lles. Gal H.
is .n mii, bricnl looking youngster, who
1 1 ui nfely be entered ill tie- I.:.:mI
souie" class and will give some of the
other Adonises in the business a run
for their money nnd their looks. John
son is the son of one of San Francis
co's beat known and oldest business men
nnd is enthusiastic about the pictures.
For some time he has been assisting the
camera men around the studio md at
last decided to lieinme a regular player.
; If, Anderson saw he had the ability
ss well a, the appearance and grave him
the hance be has befO waiting for.
The Etisanay Film Manufacturing
Company has produced an unusual
drama In which Harry Mainhall iwho
will be remembered for his excellent por
trnyal of the famous character in "Sun
shine ") will play the leading role. Mr.
Mainhall has given a punch to his part
that absolutely makes the piece. His
acting is snperb. As a tough of the
Bowery and n thief who could never
turn rlRht, so he thought, he is taken in
by an ana,-l of the slums. He admires
her interest ju him anil in gratitude he
saves his guarnjan angel's sweethenrt
from the hands of the law The cast
has been well chosen and the photog
raphy Is excellent.
I C. J. nite has derided his New Majes
Jtic "stock" in Los Angeles isn't big
enough. So more players have been
Added Howard Davis, of legitimate
sjtage fume, is one. Then there is Vera
Sisson, who is a bcauliful girl of the
very-very kind. Billie West, who
worked in American pictures, i.s another.
Then comes Victory Batcman. who was
a MajcMie about s year ago, but quit
U go back on the stage. Mr. Ilite says
tho increasing of the company won't
aSop with the signing of the players de
nsmiiuateil olove. He intends to make
it the biggest picture "stuck" on the
Coast J- C. lapping is the uew busi
ness manager.
(Another prominent star and Inter
nationally popular stage favorite, Cecelia
Loftus, has been engaged by the Fa
mous Players Film Company. She will
djppear as Cloriuda, the hcadstroug and
tempestuous hoyden in the famous play,
"The Lady of Quality," dramatised
from Frances Hodgson Burnett's novel,
he play is nn idyllic blending of the
bjeauty, romance und darlug of the dayB
of knighthood, and the film version bids
fair to develop into 0. brilliant repro
duction of the warmth und color of a
picturesque period.
It was certainly like watching ft cir
cus when Jack Adolti, of the Majestic
Company, put on his latest comedy "Le
xinssy's, Hobday." The wild man, tbe
.snake charmer, the human skeleton, the
oriental dancer and the bearded lady
were all there. William Nigh, as Levin
sky, is certainly destined to make a big
hit in this scresching comedy, and it
may probably result In a demand on tho
part of the exhibitors for a scries of
Lewinsky pictures.
"Our Children," a Keystone comedy,
recently released, la the first f the "Kid
Comedies " The six tuel in this pie-ton-
are the hrt graduates of the class
under tuitiori of Mack Sennett. the muu
SSjing director of the Keystone Com
. dii a
' sad
"The Blind Sculptor
Staged In Paris
A Drama With Keen, Pathetic
Interest Released By The L
World Special Films I
New York Motion Picture Corporation's
California Fleet Now Ha a Flajihip I
With A Lone, and Picturesque I
Racord Hcjjun in Dsyi Before the j
Cevil War. I
The niiud Sculptor." a two-reel I
Eclair him made In Fnri. will be an il
early releaae by the World Special
l Corporation, The story of the
bloy opens In the studio showing Arden !
feverishly at work on a Urge block of I
marble, still shapeless whence, how-
ever, n n adorable woman's bead is dis- H
earned fur which the master's daughter
has snt. A init passes before his eyes I
and he is compelled to stop work. The f
nil nl of Hobert, the favorite pupil of I.
the master, brings a timely diversion.
While the 1, mster's back is turned Rob-
. n makes an avowal of his love to Jan
au.l the two are discovered in a fond L
1 ml race. The futher drives Robert out i.
Of the house. lUsnromg work, a new L
atiaik seises him and, Iragically extend- B
ing his arms, he realizes that the light B
has gone out "f his eye. Jane send 1
for Robert and nsU him to complete 3'
the work that has been begun. He
comes in. and in the stillness of the g
night Carries on the work begim by th ft'
master When the status It almost fin- Ir
Ishedi ihe master, lying In his bed, hears f
the chiselling in the studio. He grabs (
a knife to attack the marauder. Lurch- I
Ing into the p.run, he lifts bis arm to !
strike, but accidentally touches the pol- j I
ished marble and his bands tremulously I
n inder over the harmonious form. He
cries OUl with unmistakable jnv, grasps I
the Statue with Infinite tenderness and
crclaims, 'Jake my Jane, Robert. Let 1
us exchange masterpieces and he happy."
Tbe N cw ork Motion Picture Corpo- 'H
ration has purchased the three-masted
sailing veaseL. the 'b'remont of New B
York." outbidding all competitors end
seeuring her for $12.i.HX. Built in the I
Philadelphia Shipbuilding Yards in 18of,
the eremont has had a varied career, f
1 "r.iiig the Stars and Stripes to al- if
1 c very corner of the earth. Iu 18rtl m
she was pressed into servlee by the r
Union forces. Shortly after the war her L
owner brought ber around the Horn. t
and from that time San Francisco ha
been hi r home port Now, after leading h
an almost unknown, existence for many 1
ears, (he nli I barkeutine is to suddenly
breall i..l the limelight and to b viewed
with Interest by millions through tho J
medium "f the motion picture screen. l
Standing on the deck of this old barl.- I
1 r. tine the very air seems charged with I
romance and ."Iventure. It requires very 1
little imagination ! picture the same as
an old pirate ship with the murderous
Crew swarming over her deck. Again,
she might bo an old slaver with her I
cargo "t" unfortunates down in the dark. 1
dank hold. With its old fashions fish J
head nnd round stern, In snch a vessel I
the Pilgrims u.iclit have landed, or, i
sgain, the story of the Boston Tea
Party seems to pervade th- atmosphere. 1
Sound and hardy as when sh was
G ret launched, ihe vessel looks as though
-'ie might hrave tl.e winds and seas for L.
all time. With a length of 155 feet and
B 20-fool I". nn. she is admirably suited II
to photo piny purposes The Fremont j
will be tittfil up in go.nl condition. Tn
addition i" iodine for pictures she will .
be ome the headquarters of the dmiral,
Mr Thomas Ince, of the S"ew- York Mo-
ii"n i hioi- m jiorii i ion s ijeci. uumoer- f
' f( -f l-, now lying on the Pacific I
"His Wife's Child" (Universal). Klo
is n child whom circumstances have dealt
nli bard. Her mother, years before. :
bad di rted her wealthy husband fer a I
profligate, and we find her In filth and I
iiov.nv. wiib a husband who ill treats
lier Jobu, her hUSband, had loved his J
'wife. .lane, but he foiled to show ber the
-1 1 ) .i 1 1 attentions which one of her nature r
required 1 -', iJie dissolute, demands I
Dtoncy "f Jane sin- r-fus--- htm hoping I
to keep i gh by her i" feed the girl I
l-"lo. Events contrive to make the man
furious with the woman; he kills her ami
C c i 1 - Plo goes 1 1 1 live with the fam- f
ilv ir. Here she comes iu contact .
with old Marcus, the Fagin, who schools
bei in th. art ol picking pocketa In the
park she picks the pocket book of John's
ilqtcr John, unaware that she U tbe
daughter of his unfaithful wife, saves
her from tie- clutches of the law and
gives la r work in his sister's dressmak- 1
iiij; shop. With new surroundings she
and contented, ' parity
ig strong in bis heart John gives the
Eld i little fiat. Jl
Win n Flo is commencing lo appreciate T
the higher and l.-Huer life, her futher g I
appears to threaten her welfare. He fl
Duds her oul and discloses to John the
id'-mitj Jobu is drawn lietwecn
conflicting emotions on learning that Flo vj.
is the daughter Of his dead wife. At first . uL
o - entLdrives the girl out. But ?
lister, with the true heart of a
"vuiuu. c-1 iuoo.1 n r. liis lh.-ih.-i iiu.urr UU'i
Iffl takes the child back convinced, after
ail. ibat he is under obligation to Flo,
though she is not his child.
Jane Quirk is known throughout film
dom as a very beautiful and a very tal- Sfl
ented actreas. she ii the wife of Billy
the most popular juvenile come
diau in motion pfetures. Mrs. Quirk is
;it present making a brief excursion into
vaudeville with "Leakey's Red Heads."
She b ads the orchestra with all tbe skill
and einpressement of a seasoned con-
dncto '
i , i
Kay Bee, Broncho, Ksystone & Domino
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