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W j
I The Confessions of Arsene Lupin
I Author of "The Crystal Stopper," "813," Etc.
J , Arsene Lupin Confesses!
f Some of the Stories . ; Some of the Stories
j 1 hat alone is extra-
J 200 Thousand Francs Re- Ordinary. But the crimes Shadowed by Death
I ward to which he confesses are A Tragedy in the Forest of
f, The Wedd.ng Ring yet more SO. He solved Morgues
j The Sign of the Shadow the Baroness Repstein Lupin's Marriage
ft The Infernal Trap murder case for which Tne "v'8lbe Prisoner
I Th Red Silk Scarf 200 thousand francs re- Edlth Swan Neck
I I . ward was offered but as I
1 quickly withdrawn when the Baron disappeared abroad. He stole the Sparmiento
I tapestries under the very nose of the police. He saved but you will have to read
I these stories to fully realize his cunning. First j'ou marv! at his clever thefts, then
1 i you roar over hi6 irrepressible humor, then you are amazed at his detective powers.
1 You think he's caught at last when he finds he's married, but you've thought that
1 often before and you doubtless will again. Here is this versatile genius at his best.
JUST OUT Illustrated by John Henry. Net $1.25
I :
Mclntyre Home Ranch. Nov. 26.
"We will have Lopez, dead or alive,
on Thanksgiving day '
This was the message srnt here to
ntjrht by Sheriff Hnry But of riali
-ounty. who is camped on the trail of
the outlaw at the foot of Maple moun
fain, twenty-five miles west of here.
I The Indomitable Utah county eher
Wm iff who has chins doggedly to the
trail of the outlaw bum last Friday
night, picked up the trail early today
a Bbort distance west of the Mclntyre
summer ranch cabin, where Lopez
srM.nl last Monday night. The tracks
were in the mud and led southwest
toward the pumping station of the
Mammoth Mining company
More snow was found on the ground
in this vicinity and the trailing be
came easier. The trail led west of
the company ranch five miles south
west of the pumping station and turn
ed directly west to Maple mountain,
a point about twenty miles west by
OUthweBt from the Mclntyre summer
rum h. Sevpral im hes of snow was
found on this mountain and (he track3
were easily discernible. At night
!alt the posse camped on the trail,
preparing to continue on the trail to
ill j ''"N- morrow.
With Sheriff East on the bandit's
trail are Patrolman Lester Wire of
Salt Lake, Captain J. W. Smith of
Bingham, former Sheriff M. M Bush
of Tooele, and Maurioe Yaldez, the
Mexican who shared His ranch ratcn
with Lopez Monday night When
the posse stopped for the night Sher
iff Kast believed that the outlaw was
less than twenty four hours ahead of
his men and that the mounted officers
would reach him early tomorrow.
Sheriff East sent word of the dis
covery of the trail by messenger to
the pumping plant of the Mammoth
Mining company From there word
was telephoned to Sheriff IVYine or
Weber county and Sheriff Harris of
Davis county who were at Silver City
in the Tintic mining district. Both
officer? loft to Join Sheriff East. Thev
will stop tonight at the Mclntyre sum
mer rnnrh.
There are only one or two tele
phones in the entire country west of
here to the Nevada lino and the off i
cers are greatly handicap. d in their
pursuit of the brigand by bHoc un
able to keep in touch by telephone
with the other officers. Several of
ficers are at ranches not far from
where Sheriff Bast found the trail be
lieved to be that of the Mexican, and
It Is believed that he 6ent mounted
couriers to tell them of his discov
ery. The footprints of a man proceed
Ing westward were clearly discern
ible, according to Sheriff East, and
the tracks resembled those made h
Lopez, when he was near Lake Bfoun
tain. If they are those of Lope,
they would indicate that he was go
ing westward to the desert ll a
peared to have been nearly thirly-six
hours ahead of his pursuers when
the trail was discovered. The posse
in pursuit, however, is mounted and
the way is not difficult for the hor
ses. The horsemen are much faster
than Lopez 16 on foot, and if thes"
are his iracks they hope to catch up
with him either on Desert Mountain
or Just beyond
The officers think there Ir a possi
billty of Lopez doubling his trail and
going southwest. toward Rockwell
ranch In any event, they believe
that if the trail Is really that of the
I Mexican he cannot escape capture.
The hunt for the bandit was re
sumed in earnest this morning at
sunrise from the ranch Sheriff Phil
ip Aljefs of Tooele county and Depu
ty Sheriff R. L Eddlngton stopped
at Stockton early this morning to in
restlgate the rumor that the Mexican
brigand was in that vicinity. They
cornered a man in the South Portal
tunnel of the Honoiine mine, but he
proved to he an Italian prospector.
Sheriff Henry East of Utah coun
ty, Sheriff Gus Henroid of Juab coun
ty, Captain J. W. Smith of Bingham,
former Sheriff M. M Bush of Tooele,
Patrolman lester Wire of Salt Lake.
A L Corey of Salt Lakn, and Frank
Mclntyre left this ranch at 4 o'clock
this morning ou horseback for the
summer ranch.
There they met Maurice Valdes. the
Mexican ranch hand, with whom Io
pez slept Monday night Valdes said
that when he ci.me Into the cabin la'e
Monday night after a long ride over
the range, he found a Mexican in bed
asleep The description Valdes gave
of hiB uninvited guest tallies In every
'letail with that of Lopez.
Lopez told Valdes that night had
overtaken him white hunting, and that
he wanted shelter for the nigln Af-
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ter smoking a few lgareites both mcr.
wenl to deep, and in the morn In r Val
des i onkf, l.ronkfat. Iopez out
before 4 o'clock, but Valdes didn't
notice in which direction he had gone
liter Lopez had cone. Valdes discov
ered that about forty rouuds of am
munition had been stolen from him
by i ho outlaw.
Valdes rode ovor to the mam ranch
and t(j James McCordell. the ranch
foreman, of th suspicious visitor. Mr
iCordell iinmedlateU notified the offl
oert which brought the search for
the bandit Into the Tintic range
When the mounted posse nt out
from the summer ranch, Valdes ac
companied it a a guide Sheriff Hen
rold. A. L. Corey and Frank Mcln
tyre wnt due weat to a place called
Cow Hollow, while the others in tho
j party followed the Indistinct trail to
the southwest
Other officers set out in other di
i lections until the leaders of the par
ties are now convinced that thej
, have th.- Mexican completely sur
I rounded. Coming east toward tho
1 bandit Is Deputy Sheriff Mieklejohn
j of Tooele county, with a pose of
I mounted Indians. To the north of
1 the trail of the Mexican is Sheriff
Hen roil 'a party Behind him is Sher
iff Kail's posse, soon to be reln
! torced by Sheriffs Harris of Davis
county and DeVine of Weber county.
who stopped tonight at the summer
I ranch. South of the trail at Rock
. well's ranch are Deputy Sheriff Earl
j of Salt Lake. Deputy Sheriff Gold-
berg of .Tuab county and Sheriff
Dougherty of Millard county.
Should I,opez double his tracks and
return to the railroad he would have
difficulty in escaping detention, even
if he were able to elude the pose
in his immediate vicinity There is
no possibility of his escaping by a
railroad 'rain All trains on the
Salt Lake route are being searched
at all important stations Deputy
Sheriff Schettler of Salt Like and
Special Agent Hedges of the Salt
Lake route are patrolling the tra-U
in a motor and making headquarters
at Lynndyl Eton Cooley Is search
ing trains at Oaais and notifying
ranchers, sheepherders and range
riders to be on the watch for the
outlaw ( D llendrlckson is per
forming a similar service at Milford
At Jericho Deputy Sheriff Schettler
found a woman who said her name
was Senora Mariano and who line a
Lopez well. She said that Lopez
would never be taken alic
She warned the deputy that
should harm come to him war would
be. declared against the United
States by Mexico. The woman told
the officer that Lopez had brothers i
in Frisco and the officers are che k
ing up the story, thinking it possl-i
ble that Lopez might try to get to
Frisco. The officers also learned i
that Lope, had stopped for R few !
days at a hotel at Eureka, coming
there from Frisco. A trunk belong
ing to Lopez was found at a board
tag house at Ophir, where the out-1
law stayed for a while last spring
and where he had lived four years
ago while in I'tah The trunk was
opened but no letters or papers I
winch might disclose his identity,
and hit antecedents were found The
trunk contained only clothing and a
few local letters relative to mining
Sheriff Smith and a number of dep
uties attempted to reach here by an
tomobile last night, but the machine
broke down. They returned to Salt j
Lake, but came back to Eureka to
night They will set out to join
Sheriff East s posse.
Sheriff Smith estimates that Sher-I
iff East s posse will overtake the I
outlaw tomorrow afternoon some- j
where in the vicinity of Desert moun
tain. He expects the bandit to put
up a desperate fight and fears that
It will be necessary for one of the J
officers to kill the fugitive The
snow In the hills near here makes
it possible to follow the murderers
trail with comparative ease. The
snow is deeper In the Tintic moun
tains than on the Lake range and
the country is not nearly so broken
The officers bellee that it will not
be necessarj to abandon the horses
in order to follow the trail.
Deputy Is Injured
Lehi, Nov. 26. The explosion of a
rifle barrel so mangled the thumb of
Edward Branson of Eureka today
that amputation may prove neces
sary. Branson was s number of the
posse searching for Raphael Lopez,
ilu- Mexican murderer.
A. R. Mclntyre. druggist, 2421
W'ashingt.-n Avenue has the Ogden
agency for the simple mixture of
buckthorn bark, glycerine, etc. known (
as Adler-1-ka, the remedy wfalcb be
came famous by curing appendicitis !
This simple remedv has powerful ac
tion and drains such surprising!
amounts of old matter from the body j
thai IFST ONE DOSE relieves sour
stomach, gas on the stomach and con
stipation almost IMMEDIATELY
The QUICK action of Adler-i-ka is
astonishing. Advertisement.
oo '
The general exercises at
the Weber Academy yesterday
morning, perhaps in recognition of
Thankscivlng recess whih begins to
day, was of a nature to delight as
well as Instruct The llrst number
was by Mr-. Man .Tones, who sang,
in fine voice, and with the especial
merit of distinct articulation, Lite -Mirror"
by Alfred Wooler. and for
an encore, Herbert Johnson's "Face
to Face."
Mrs. Jeannette Morrell occupied
the remainder of (he program. After
a few well-choseu remarks to show
Whj the school should feel strop i0
the spirit of the approaching season,
she read a Thanksgiving story hr
Louise Moulton Chandler
It described the pathetic home
coming of the wandering boy, after
three years of absence and silence,
and brought tears to the eyes of the
wrap; lIstf-nrr-H
After the victory over the Alumni
Stalwarts laat Friday niKht, the ban
ketha.ll team departed on yesterday's
train In high spirits The boys meet
the Grantsvllle teun tonlghL
New York Nov. 2ti. Iewls H Ac
ton of inland, Ore., and Laredo,
'Tr, arrived here today from Sonth
America and told a thrilling tAle of
being torn from his bride of less
than a year and then thrown into Jail
1 in Rio de Janeiro
Acton said he had been In the real
estate buslnens n Buenos Avres and
went to Rio on October 6. the next
day while talking to friends he savR
be was arrested and taken to Jail
without belns Informed of tho charge
acalnst him
After a day or two I was told I
was charged with murder and white
Slavery," said Acton. "I wa? then
pent back to jail, where I was placed
in a little cell with twenty men.
wome and children. The conditions
there were unspeakable. Several of
the prisoners died or starvation and
r 'he children were smothered,
as we frequently slept three deep.
"I was released on October and
I found my wife, who was wealth v,
had left for Germanv on the dav I
was imprisoned and had used her in-
I fluence In Germanv to secure mv release."
Salt Lake, Nov 27 The state
gambling law as applied to the oper
ation of pool rooms Is again to be
the subject of court proceedings. Joe
Linkelspeel. who aome months ago
operated a pool room for thr bettinc
on the results of horso races will
today reopen a room at Tenth South
and Stato streets, just without the
city limits Dinkelspeel will Invito
arrest by the authorities in order to
bring to 8 est the state law and its
application to the operation o f a
system about to be tried out
DinLelspeel. according to his state-
ment yesterday, is now an employe
of the Wyoming Brokerage company,
a concern operating from Bvanston,
Wyo Bettors will be enabled to go
j to the pool room and place their
bets and tho bets will be telegraphed
In the regular course to the Evans
ton company, which can turn down or
accept the wager. After the race i6
run, the Lvanston company will tele
graph to Dinkelspeel those bets that
are to be "paid off."
Dinkelspeel said yesterday that he
has engaged Booth. Lee, Badger.
Rich and Parke, the law firm head
ed by the United States district at
torney. to represent his interest
Soren X. ( hrlstensen w ill also be
associated In the case
According to the contention of Din
kelspeel he will, In his new relation
ship. Btand in th-- same position as
an Individual who telegraphs a bet
to ;-.iim- point from this citv He
contends that to place a bet by tele
graph has not been held Illegal, and
cannot so be done, and hence he can
operate his pool room.
It Is expected that Dinkelspeel will
be arrested at onco and charged with
B iolation of the gambling law His
attorneys, it is said, will endeavor to
hasten all proceedings in the lower
court in order to get an early deci
sion from the supreme court.
Ivogan, Nov. 27. As was intimated
last week, the Thanksgiving football
game of the U of U. vs Agricultural
college, which makes all roads lead
to Logan toda . will be played on the
campus east of the college This ac
tion was made necessary on account
of the muddiness of the Adams field
The east field has a sod foundation
and even if the weather bureau gives
bad weather, the battle can still be
fought out there.
A force of men have been busy all
this week erecting the new bleachers
and ihis morning saw the seating ca
pacity on the campus trebled Here
tofore the grandstand would seat 800
i lotto people, today seats for about
jOOrt were in place to receive the
large crowds. These border the field
on the east and west, being fifteen
sections on each side.
While it is regrettable tha' the av
iation feat had to be called off be
cause Mr. Tyler found it necessary to
construct a new machine, which he
has not yet tried out, yet the football
fight between Utah's two chief teams
one of the most interesting; events In
lagan's history, was sufficient to
draw an enormous crowd of spectators.
Park Clti Sot. 26. Jack Downey
of Salt Lake and Jim Boyd of Colo-j
i ado boxed six rounds to a draw here
'onlght The bout waa scheduled to'
go twenty rounds, but owing to the
slim attendance, the boxers agreed to
quit after the six round point. Al
though brief, the match was one of
the iest exhibitions ever seen in Park
City, and the crowd was well pleased
with the show. The men were equal
to weight Downev had a shade In
del enters bul Boyd was the younger '
fmd stronger. James Byrne of Park j
City waa the referee.
Nick James and Mike Drodsrer. both
Of Colorado, showed in a preliminary j
' Is your son, the young doctor, get
ting any business?"
"Yes. he did very nicely during the
green apple season, and he says the
football season promises well."
Washington Herald.
Try Grandmother's old Favor
ite Recipe of Sage Tea
and Sulphur.
Almost everyone knows that Shco
Tea and Sulphur, properly compound
ed, brings back the natural color and;
lustre to the hair when faded, streak
ed or gray; also ends dandruff, itch
ing scalp and stops falling hair.
Years ago the only way to got this
mixture was to make It at home,
which is mussv and troublesome
Nowadays, by asking at any drug I
store for "Wyeth'e Sage and Sulphur
Hair Remedy' you will get a large
ittle of this famnus old recipe for
about 50 cents.
Don't stay gray! Try It! No one
can possibly tell that you darkened
your hair, as It does It so naturally
land evenly You dampen a sponge or
soft brush with it and draw this
through your hair, taking one mall
strand at a time; by morning the
gray hair disappears, and after anoth
er application or two, your hair be
comes beautifully dark, thick and
glossy. Ageuts, A. R. Mclntyre
In the caae of C. A Smurthwaite
Grain & Milling company of Ogden
versus Oregon Short Line, the n
terstate commerce commission has
decided that the rates charged for
the transportation of wheat In car
loads from points in Utah and Idaho
to Galveston. Tex . are uot unreason
able nor unduly discriminatory.
Complainants declared that the
rates charged from above points to
Galveston should at least not exceed
the rates charged from same points
to New Orleans, which is farther
The commission decided that Inas
much as the rate to New Orleans is
8 terminal rate and that the rate to
Galveston permits of a back haul on
u.r:iln prodw ts it 200 miles or more
Che GalveBton rotes are not unreason
i ble nor unduly discriminatory
The rates Involved are as follow
2 2.5? S
z: ra
r O -.
it 4 IC
v. Z
o 5
3 J
Vellsille. Utah 65 60
Terrils, Utah 65 60
Hyrum Utah 65 60
Malad. Idaho 65 GO
Alexandria, Idaho . 66 60
Hurley. Idaho 70 Si
Swan Lake. Idaho . 05 60
Oakley. Idaho "' 6M
Provo, Nov. 26 State Fish and
Game ommlssioner FYed Chambers
brought Deputy United States Fish
Commissioner Johnson to this county
1 Monda nilu and they spent the eve
ning at Springville looking over the
Btate hatchery on Spring creek Tuee-
day morning they came here and were
met by a large delegation of Provo j
j people, w ho are anxious to get the
j big government hatchery for this
I countv
i , .
Take a glass of Salts if your
Back hurts or Bladder
troubles you.
No man or woman who eats meat
regularly can make a mistake by
flushing the kidneys occasionally.!
says a well-known authority Meat
forms uric acid which excites the kid
neys, they become overworked from
the strain, get sluggish and fail to j
filter the waste and poisons from the
blood, then we get sick Nearly all
rheumatism, headaches, liver trouble,
nervousness, dizziness, sleeplessness
orwl ni-lnnr-. A I enr i t r nmn frnm ahie.
glsh kidneys
The moment you feel a dull ache
in the kidney or your back hurts or
If the urine Is cloudy, offensive, full
of sediment, irregular of passage or
attended by a sensation of scalding,
stop eating meat and get about four
ounces of Jad Salts from any pharma
cy; take a teaspoonfnl in a glass of
water Ihofore breakfast and In a few
days our kidneys will act fine. This
famous salts Is made from the acids
of grapes and lemon Juice, combined
with llthla, and has been used for
venerations to flush and stimulate!
the kidneys, also to neutralize the
aelds in urine so it no longer causes ,
irritation, thus ending bladder weak j
lad Salts is inexpensive and cannot
injure; makes a delightful efferves-1
cent Uthia-water drink which anyone;
should take now and then to keep I
the kidneys clean and active and the
blood pure, thereby avoiding serious j
kidney complications Advertisement.
ftr 15 years
The Standard Skin Remedy
Culloy Drug Co.
Idaho FalLs, Idaho, Nov. 25 Whit
promises to be one of the best wrest
line matches ever staged ln
Vails is booked for Friday- night
the Scenic theater, when .Tw r,t
noldh, the undefeated welterweight A
Cedar Rapid.. Iowa, the horn, J,
Frank Gulch, will meet Chris Jordan
the man who once beat Mike Yokel In
Salt Uake. onily to lose to the latter I
in that city a month or so ago aftr
three hours and thlrty-six minute If
the hardest kind of work.
Reynolds, who is training here fnr
jthe match. Is one of the hest welter
! weights at the game, and has recent '
I ly addei to his laurels in this section
I by defeat! nc several men within I
radius of ion miles north and nr-rth I
east of thu city He ls au a5piran'
for the middleweicht champlonU. j
'of the world, and should he it Jor.
dan he will camp on the trail of Yo-
kel until he gets a match with '-.a
latter. I
Reynolds came here some tw0
weeks or so ago, and after giving the
tli to a couple of local promoters
went out to the "bush" where he
re-orded nmre victories to his credit
His wrestling partner. -Young"
Gordon, will take the mat Frldv night
with Claude Sllfor. one 0f the local '
promotors of the main go. and a clev.
er lightweight himself, for one of the
Sfe BR Kirtl M "-r.'u.-atle. AtHnrvd. 1
U ftf Kji -n iutTnnf .d i
W0 U liPi W Tt. CAUSE
UhM pmHur nmazmr results by tttnrklni th !
INTERNAL CAUSE. I he pin ar drW up and
fcR. LEONHARLVT CO.. Bult.lo. N. Y. Lfribookj
Badcon'B Pharmacy, j
The "New-Life" Vibrator
$35.00 machines now 525 00 and
the $2500 ones now $18 00 In
stant relief for rheumatism, neu- 1
ralgla and other pains too nu- j l
merous to mention. We guaranteo
, Thone 1949 AY "is L'"0i St
An early orde.' for Chrlatmai ff
Pictures would be appreciated y!t
Call and aee new style.
320 yt 25th 8t - :
"The Photographer In Your Town." ,
At Prices to Defy II
Competition U
We are located in a low Bjti
rent district, our expense Hpu
are light, therefore we are I
in a position to do your I
repairing much cheaper Kf
than anyone else. Give wH
us a trial and be con- E?,J'
vinced. All work guar- m-'"
ui teed. W:J-
In rear 2566 Wash. Ave.
Entrance on 26th St. I
Capital IM.OOMljWer
Undivided profit J'OUiu
- 1 and urplu
iiMiiiiiiiii-Hiiii iiiiimiiiiiHiiiiiiiiimiii'iii.i'i iiiiiiii!iii!iiiii!:'iiii!iiiiiiiii'!iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii'iirniiiiiiiinii:iiiiiiBi I i Depo.it. 3,500.00001
aipBHMqnn HP m S Browning, Pres.; L. KJ
rVaT T1 Mk WlM il HB t?Allrj Ecclet. Vice Pres.; G M. Trlbji
Hsm Wl" P J SIbV Wl fj, FJ P JP tl 1 i 1 I Vice Pres.; John Walaon, V,elbr'r
nSfWmowVlnM Pre..; John Plngree, Cashier; JlB,ju';
'JmSkSbmMlMbftomkm F Burton. Aatt Mb, (,
MB u. MBMS ffl) . j n
II Unquestioned Security j SlddC'S
a is assured when you deposit your money in thlu old. I ld"'
Btrons bank 1 haa earned Surplus and Undivided S TsPfi 1 1 id B!6
H Profits of ovrr SI 50.000.00. Its officers and director 0 t.M W
Phone 321. 408 26th Sta,Lw'l
ar well known for their lntpmty and ability and ev- jfi rilr ,
en-thinK 18 done to safeguard tho Intoreu of our de- H hv, ,,h ''T'VoJir-aB'hi
positore. ng and hjndiina piano fl R Ca
c3 B fralflht deliveries. Furnltu- HP Pln
Wa LBrIv7ifl7rTTi -Ji I 1 1 1 J s MSilrSraj .-ate. H i!r
M I chat

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