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i , r" - ..I . ilB
I 7
I the man's
f gift store
where "gifts for men" have been select
ed by men who knov.r what men like
let us advise you, it will surprise you to
see the many acceptable things we have
for "him."
I The Christmas Question What to Buy
( Just a Few Suggestions:
NECKWEAR Dainty, always pleases. . 35c to $2.50
HANDKERCHIEFS Hand embroidered to plain linen
and lawn.
; STOCKINGS The finest Silks and Lisle.
BED-ROOM SLIPPERS For baby, daughter and
I mother. Soft warm Shawls and Hug-me-lights for
Bootees Jackets, Bibs, Mittens, Sweaters, Dresses
; so many things for Babv can't mention all.
Only a few short weeks to Christmas shop early and
get the best at Hohdav Prices.
For Editorial, News and Society
Department, Call Or.ly Phone No.
For Subscription and Advertising
Department, Call Phone No 56.
Aavertlsers niii6l have their copy j
ready for the Evening Standard the,
evening before the day on which the
am ertisement is to appear in order to
Insure publication. - i
Returns Home John Bailey 01
I Well bvI lie. Utah, who has been the
I guest of Mr. and Mr6. F Earl West
f during the past week, returned home
At Once Good, clean, soft raps at
the Standard Office Higiiet prices
C. J Ross representative of the
' Kimball-Riehards Co.. of Salt Lane
City, spent yesterday in Ogden.
I Old Mau for s:le at standard office.
25 rents per hundred.
From Montpeller Miss Mary Hunt
er of .Mont peller, Ida., who hub been
upending the Thanksgiving holiday I
visiting at the home of Mrs. Grace
Taylor at 3059 Grant avenue, went
to Salt Lake City this morning Mls
Hunter jK attending school Hi
f-cn at the Collegiate Institute In S.ill
Lake 't
Firxt-Class Auto Service Call up
Elite Cafe. Phone 72.
K At Once -Good, rlran. who rags
m'y at the :-..;-.O.r-: n: . Hignes' pr. -
i Returning M issionanes 1 1 y rum E
Jndklns and T. J. Brown, missionaries
from North Ogden. are expected
home from the eastern states mis
sion by Christmas.
Wanted I'N-.mi r.us, i nlored or
hite. Brine them to the Standard
Walter H. Berrett and family of
Salt Lake nvf visiting relatives and
frieuds in North Ogden
Ola papers for sale at the Standard
Jffl?e, 26c per hundred
Smallpox David Iff. Randall ot
North Ogden Is down with smallpox
Butter that continues to win the
first prize must be A-l. That's B &
G. Why use any other?
Missionaries William ! Blodgett,
P, N. Reynolds and Isaac S Camp
bell of North Oguen have been called
on missions In the eastern and south
ern states and they will be given
farewells on the evenings of Decern
ber 'nd, 5th and 19th.
ormaii ivauies aw BOCie.lf will
j hold ihelr bnraar December .1 and .
J in the basement of the church. Re
jfrrsbments; all invited 3t
New Residence Thomas Ballan- ,
I tyne Is erecting a residence on Brink
er avenue, between Tw rnty Prili an I
Twenty-sixth streets, that will cost J
In the neighborhood of 15Q0
Ecdes Skyscraper Tli r ..i r oil
' the Ecclea building are finishing
1 their work and the brick masons will
; :egiii in the next day or two. Tho
J brick and terra cotta are on hand 1
Concrete men will have the floors on
( the cast side of the annex laid with- I
I in ten days.
Sheep Need Snow Fred Herring
Ion States that sheep men are no' 1
elated over range conditions, a there 1
has not yet been sufficient snowfall
to permit the herd-, to move to the
desert where gr;:-. Ik bet The
I herds depend on the snow for water
I on the winter range, as there are but
I WWTTnr Mil Ws i i I iHII nt HHIHifll II Mi I
I A Glimpse of California for You 8
Wou'J you like to fee pome nf the wonders of California'' Haven t ypU S
been dreaming about the Golden Sf' ' I long lul- 1 Wouldn t yoil w
like tovsee w ith our own eves some of the world's fi'.mout- reeorts and
B hotels"' Wouldn't yo' like to Know i " to nrrl enjoy thee big.
hospital) homelike hotels? Wouldn't you like to look at the green
j hills ami iHinllln- valley the frarant er:.ne lhi,i. tbe folks at play
;j in the winterjesfl paradise 01 the Pacific.
Ye? that if i'ossJble. If you will send us ten cents merely to cover
co of mailing, r will end you frree a liooklct descriptive of Call- to
f-i formia's famous resorts In an addition the lug Christmas number of
Sunset Magazine with a big story" rf the progress of the Panama-Pacific
International Exposition and further views of the Pacific Coast wonder- I
land Be sure to mention this Qew&paper and address your letter to I
SUNSET MAGAZINE, San Francisco, California I
f I
I Tew watering places In the desert re
1 gion. ,
Mentally Sound After an ex
amination by a lunacy board con
sisting of Judge N J Harris
I and Drs. A. S Condon and (i. W.
i Green, Saturday aflernoon. Barney
McSpirit was released. It Is alleged
that the man had been acting oueerly
but the doctors found him to be men
tally sound.
West Warren Oc.iool. -Arrange
menta are being made for the
dedication of the new school house
at West Warren December 19 when
an elaborate program will be given.
i The building cosi b little more than
04.000 and is among the best school
buildings of its size in the country, it
was completed some time ago and
has been In use since the beginning ot
j the school year.
From Morgan ( E. Condle of
Morgan i"uh is registered at the
Marlon hotel He is one of the state
inspectors of weighs and measures
Bound Over W Kershaw and
William Chappie the men who nre
alleged to have broken into the Sav-
age blacksmith shop on the night Of
November 2nd, and charged with bur
glary In the third degree, waived pre
liminary hearing and were bound
over to Ihe district court
Bicycle Stolen A Princeton bicy
cle was reported stolen from the
home of Joseph Baxter last night
Enlarging Barend Denkcrs, pro
' prletor of the second hand store at
! IM'.'S Grant avenue will enlarge his
business in the near future, occu
pying the building adjoining his pres
cut establishment.
The Indies of the German Evangel
ical church will give their annual ba
) zaar at the church parlors Wednes- J
' day and Thursday when one of the
successful affairs yet given by their
efficient ladles is predicted. On j
J Thursday evening there will be a
f;.mily gathering that Is always a
' happy event The procram for after-
; noon and evening of both duys has j
, been nicely arranged.
Women of Woodcraft Will give 1 ,
! card party Wednesday evening, De I
eeniber in the Fraternity hall Ad
mission 25 cents. Refreshments and
i prizes; everybody welcome.
Rural Carrier The United Stated
Civil Service commission announce
! an open competitive examination on
January 1 to fill a vacancy In the j
I position of rural carrier at Hooper
1 The usual entrance salary for rural
carriers is from 6Q0 to $1100 per
Drifting Sando Make Desert of LOCO
Acres of Fertile Farm Lands
Every Year
The great enemy comes from the
east. Our yellow peril does not ap
pear In human shape. It comes In a
much more dangerous and Insinuating
form than Mongol Invarlon. Slowly
but surely It Is advancing upon us and
' Its vanguard has already reached the
gates of KiefT."
Thus spoke some mars ago. Vladi-
, mlr Solovitch, the well known Russian
srlon'lst, who foresaw the danger to
RuF5lt.n agriculture of the drifting
masses' of sand which are being stead- I
I ily blown across Bora" of the most
fertile parte of Southern Russia.
The urgent nature of the danger Is
once more emphasized by General
Mistchenko. the commander-in-chief
of ihf Don Cossacks, who has made
' a report to the St. Petersburg govern
ment In which he points out that
every year 1,000 Fquare miles of fertile
land in the Don Province and 1.500
square miles In the government of
Astrakhan are being swallowed up by
the Invader and rendered unfit for
During the past year, the drifting
masses have done the greatest damage
within living memory One large agri
cultural colony in the Don region has
had to emlgtate In a westward direc
tion for the fourth time in fifty years.
General Mistchenko urgently advo
cates affcrestatloti as the only way
I to stem the spread of the 6and plague.
The cost, it Is figured, would only
amount to a fraction of the 1750.000
which Is now lost every year to Rus
sian agriculture New York Sun.
More Restful Than Other Countries,
Is the Reason Given by Dis
tmguished Writers.
It Is impossible for anyone who
Knows I'Tnnce, ana nas reii me charm
of the country and Its people and
who has not? to approach French
problems In a severely critical spirit
The beautiful cities, the broad
stretches of wonderful Corot land
scape threaded b marvelous roads,
form the playground of travelers from
other lands No matter what is
sought, there it can be found The
gay life of the streets, the opportunity
for the spending of money for bcautl
lul things, tho charm of art and mu
sic, are offered to the guest of Paris
Those who seek the quiet and freedom
of plain or forest have not far to go,
nd a thousand places, each seeming
! more attractive than the other, make
their appeal for a longer stay than
the visitor can afford
The greatness of France is of so re
cent a dale that one forgets it Is not
more distant The whole country
gives the impression of a quiet back
water where one can put in for rent
and enjoyment, and without discom
fort watch the turgid stream of life in
other lands as It rushes by No other
country suggests this feeling in such
a compelling way . vet In these push
ing limes of modern material prog
1 jress It la all counted as against her
success In the Internal ional Struggle
for tho trade of the world, thai price
which costs annually mere blood and
money than did the final political dis
memberment of Europe James Dav
enport Whelpley In the Century
Jimmy Were oinz to have an
awful gay time at our party ueAi
Johnny How d'ye know J
llmmy All the women mothe s In
I ite have said ihey were cominfgt and
every one of em savs she hasn't a
thing to wear Judge
Due to the inability of the af.or- i
neys Interested, In the case, to be pre
pared, the preliminary hearing ot
fosoph K. Hluginbothain, changed
with -inu the mails to defraud, has
iieeu continued By 1'nlted state
Commission. ! 5 T Coin until Decern
bei 9 The bearing was set or to-
It .having been shown to Commie-
sloner Corn that neither tho govern
ment nor the defendant would he
ready for the examination tomorrow
the continuance was granted, after
the lawyers had agreed upon a time
when they would he ready.
It is expected that Harold I Peery j
to whom the blackmailing lettei was
addressed, will return from Califor
nia by the time of the hearlnc; which
has been set for a week from tomor
I Society
Mrs I I, Thompson and family ot
l". I Twenty seventh street have
moved to Richfield, Idaho, where they
will make their home
Mrs. ES. R. Kaiser who recently re
turned from abroad and who has
since been stopping at the Arlmg
ton hotel left for San Francisco this
morning where she will remain un
til Christmas.
Members of the Five Hundred club
were most pleasantly entertained last
Saturday aiternoon at a progressive
luncheon given by Mrs. Harold C
Dav Twenty four guests were pres
ent. Six small table were prettily deco
rated with pink tulle and white
chrysanthemums. Painty place cards
ot white lunbonnet girls sketched In
Rater colors adorned the tables while
tiny w hite birds were the favors Fol-
low ing each course, two of the guesU
at each table progressed. The misses
Nadine Dunn, Marjorle Knudsen and
Luis Ward assisted the hostess in
serving luncheon
The bidden iie-,is were: Mes
dames K. L. Van Meter. H. C. Blge
lew. Abe Kuhn. Patsy Mealy. Ambrose
P Mibbs. A. P. BIgelow, Ezra C
R'ch. Arthur lioothe. William G.
Lowe. Alexander W. Walker. David
P. Porter, Chapin A. Day. Chamber
lain. Richard T Hume. David C Ec
cles. W. Lee Holt. Ernest Moore. Hor
ace G. Nebeker. Ovid M Butler, Wil
liam G. Dalrymple. E T. Hulanlskl
i, nil Miss Luella Knudsen
Prizes were awarded to Mesdames
Abe Kuhn. David Eccles and Horace
G. Nebeker.
The affair was nicely planned and
quite one of the dost charming given
this season.
The Martha society ladles are hold
ing a meeting this afternoon with
Mrs. Patsy Healy.
Wednesday. November 26, Robert F.
Holmes and Sarah Chard both of Og
den were married In the Salt Lake
Temple A short honeymoon was
spent at the Hotel Utah.
Upon their return to this u an
plat rately pro pa red supper and re
cepiion was tendered them by the
bride's parents. Yellow and white
hry s;.nthe:num9 were used in decor-
Mrs Holmes looked wonderfully
charming in a gown of white crepe-de-I
chine with trimmings of gold lace and
carried a bouquet of bride's roses she
was the recipient of many costly and
useful gifts from a host of friends and
Pdlowlng the reception a supper
was served, covers being laid for a
: large number of guests.
Vocal and instrumental selections
I were enjoyed throughout the evening
The happy couple will make their
home In this city.
A big benefit ball is being arranged
for by the Amusement committee of
the Third ward, to take place acxl Fri
day evening in the ward hall and i he
proceeds will be sent to the mission
jarles who are at present ab'-ent from
I the ward.
The hall will be in excellent condi
I tlOD for the occasion Crawford's or
I chestra will furnish the music and in..
J committee promise a most enjoyable
evenins to all who may attend,
Carlysle Biackwell
Is featured at the Oracle today and
continued till We. In. day In "The
Plot of India's llillnv n " This great
! picture In two reels presents a ter-
rifle battle between English soldiers
F and htllmen K rousing battle scene'
v blch culminates In an explosion
Ihat wipes out th tnlie-men Also
D beautiful scene presenting the tem
' pies and statutes of Rome, ami a j
! good BlOgraph comedy. Orchestra
afternoons (Advertisement).
Chicago, HI . Dec 1 General sell
ing, due to fin1 weather for tbe Ar
gentine harvest, made prices earlier
todnv in wheat. The opening, which
varied from 1-8 to l-lc lower to a
I shade advanre. was followed by a
moderate sag.
Unsettled weather tending to delay
receipts brought about n show of
strength In corn, b t the gains were
not held bv the deferred options. Prl-
Icos started unchanged to i-s fi I -4c
higher and rose still more for Decem
ber. Heavy selling pressure, chiefly
'from brokerage concerns, weakened
oats One firm alone unloaded a
million bushels in the pit.
The wheat close was steady, 1-4
(j g i to i-J5"a et higher.
q 25 Sets of $20 Sample Furs at a set . . $12.00 I
I 15 Sets of $22 Sample Furs at a set . . $1400 I
ff j. I 75 Misses' and Children's $5 to $10 Coats 1 f
1 1 I L Last year's styles, your choice $1,98 1
If 75 $4.50 to $650 Misses' and Children's I
it Coats, your choice $3,98 I I
r M 15 $12 Ladies' and Misses Sport Coats, 1 I
Jp ' your choice $7.98 1 I
f - 10 $10 and $12 Ladies' and Misses' I I
Cutaway Coats $7.98 1 jl
45 $20 Ladies' and Misses' Cutaway Coats . . $13.98
125 $12.50 to $14 Ladies' and Misses Sport Coats I I
your choice $9.98 I I
350 Ladies' Walking Skirts at HALF PRICE 1 I
350 pieces of Ladies', Misses' and Children's Knit I I
Underwear at HALF PRICE i I
Hats, values to $10.30 $1.98 1 I
BsBHBsWslsHiiBslBHBiffE'i I
The corn (lose was firm 8-1 to IS
.'.-Sc ahove Saturday niRht
t orn No. 2, 729 73c. No 2 white.
7:'. l-:c. No. 2 yellow. 75 l-2tfi7Ge; No.
71 l-4fj73c; No. 3 yellow. 7:5'&
74c; No. 3 white, new. t'i;fi67c; No. 3
yellow, new. fiS l-2.i69c.
John T. Bandlford, who runs a
store at 214 Thirty-first street, was
held up In his place of business,
iibout S o'clock. Saturday eveninR.
There were three men in the aiiR.
and, while two of them guarded the
entrances to the store, the third, im-
c r pretense ol pur hi -in,: some i"
batco. got the store-keeper to turn
:iround and, when Sandlford faced
him again, he was covered by a re
volver and told to band over the
monjey In thj cash drawer This he
I did slowly and the robber, growing
Impatient, reached over and took out
part of the money himself He then
backed to the front door and left
! .v bout $4i dollars was secured from
the till.
As soon as the robber was out of
the store. Sandlford ran for his gun
but found that he had forgotten to
i get any ammunition. He then called
lor the police and several officr
came direct to the scene but failed
to find any trace of the highwaymen.
The robber w ho took the cash is des
cribed as being a Mexican and about
5 feet 8 inches tall.
Deaths and Funerals
HENRY Sunday afternoon at 1:30
(. clock Ma Henry, w ife of Andrew ,
Ift-nry lid of tuberculosis at the
family home. 2322 Lincoln avenue, i
Deceased was born July 1S6 in Salt
Lake City; from there she came to j
Ogdeh where she resided until death.
Hfsiilcs her husband, two daughters j
.md one son survive. Tomorrow at 2 j
. m . funeral fr Ices will be held
from the Lindquist cbapcl. Bishop j
W l. V'anDfke officiating, luter
ment in Ogden City cemetery.
HILL F, neral services foi Ifn
Sarah B. Hill who died at her rel
dence Saturday evening on West
Twentieth street of heart failure and1
tuberculOHip will he held at the Third
ward met ting house Tuesday after
noon at 2 p. m. Tho interment will
he in the D;den City cemetery. The
remains may be viewed at the fam
ily residenee tomorrow between the
hours of 10 a m. and 1 p. m.
.Mrs Hill had heen poorh for some j
time, but w is Feeling as well as u
Donl Run on Flat Tires
--USE -
Brown's Automatic Puncture Signaj
Dr. F. H. Brown and F. C Bandamar Are in Ogden Today and
Tuesday, Selling Stock. See Demonstration at Browning
Bros. Garage.
The device is a small machine hav
ing the appearance f an ordinary
valve stem and can he attached to
jany wheel. It Is so arranged as to
Iglve the driver a sunal light at any
two points of pressure, one for high
and one for low. For Instance: Sup
! pose yon never want your tires to get
below 5 pounds pressure Set tbe
duice at 50, and the instant your
pressure gets down to pounds, el
ther from puncture, neglect, or any
( ause, the sl.nal llsht on the dash,
rkht in front of the driver will flash
with each revolution of the wheel, un
til you stop and remedy your trou
'hie, thus giving you time to stop be
mie the weight of the car ban had
time to Injure the casing or tube.
Then for hlch pressure it is so ar
ranged that you may set it also. Su
pOM you don't think your pressure
should ever get above 1,H pounds. Set
the other end at Mm. and if you are
out ou a hot run and you get up over
pressure you will receive the same
signal, giving you time to stop and
reduce the prossuie. saving you a
blowout. This placing your pres
sure between two safety points reliev
ing the driver Of what Is today the
Igireatest mar In nulolng. You don't
i have to worry about your tiros be
cause the little device will tell you
when your pressure Is too high or
too low. There is also a pressure
gauge in connection with the device
so y ou may just look at any time and
see what pressure ou have.
The Brown's Automatic Puncture
j Signal Company is incorporated un
'der the laws of Utah for the purpose
of manujlVctniing the Brown'a Auto
matk Puncture Si-nal and other de
vlca pertaining to vehicles. The
i officers of the Company are:
JUr. J. H. Brow n.-Inventor
Dr K M Chnstenson
i Vice President
iGeorge E. Hemphill Manager
j Leon L. Olson Treasurer
iC H. Spencer, Jr Secretary
W. T. Vincent Director
H. U Conuelly Director
j are placing 00 the market a
limited amount of stock to be sold at
1 25 cents per share, and we ask those
who are interested in building up
home Industries to invest with us. Our
aim Is to have our factory In opera
tion bv January IS. The factory Is
to be located in or near Salt Lake
City. Advertisement.
Saturday afternoon until a few mo
menta before she died. She had been
out riding late In the afternoon, but
when she returned home she was
seized with a fainting spell and died
within a short time. She was 3 H
years of age and is survived by a
'husband Horace W Hill, five children.
five sisters and the same number of
brothers and a mother. H
FERRIN This morning at 10:3O
o'clock the remains of Rudger Ferrm
arrived in Oeden from Preston, Idaho,
where he died yesterday from In
Juries due to a fall of 94 feet from a
tower on which he W8B working while
employed by the Phoenix Construe
t:on company Tbe accident occurred
last Wednesday about fifteen miles
northwest of Preston Several others
were injured when the tower broke
Deceased was bom July IS, 1816
at Eden. Utah, the son of Heber C.
K. and Martha Jane Ferrln who. with
three brothers Enoch B ol Jacksnpi H
Wyo., Israel and Earlger Ferrin of
Eden and five sisters. Mrs. Geneva
Peterson of Canada, Sallie E. Kinney
of Colorado Jennie Wangsgaard and
Veda Wangsgaard of HuntBvllle arid
Etuth Perkins of Idaho, survive. Fu
neral services will be held at Eden
Wednesday at 1 p in., conducted by
Bishop George Fuller. Interment in
Edeo i - in' H
j J. S. LEWIS 4
& CO. , I
You Know Our As
sortment Is the Lar
gest and the Finest
No Inflated Values jj
Everything Strictly
if- 1

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