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Bandit Supposed to Have Suc
cumbed to the Deadly
Bingham, Lter. 2. (3 a m i Ex
Sheriff M. M Bush of Tooele county
reporter! from the Minnie tunnel a
fen minutes that hp hai received
a message from the Phoenix mine, a
part of (hp A. pes property, saying that
l.opez ctild be heard paring harl anf
forth behiml the btllkkhe&d on the
1 TC.fi-foot Ipvp!
It is possible tbal if Lopez is there
he is untouched by thp smoke There
Ik snld to he a stope there and as the
draft draws the fumes upward rapidly
they might pass the stupe and leave
the Mexican untouched.
m In case the report Is definitely veri
jf fied It is probable that the Andy tun
nel bullikhoad will be opened in the
morning and a force of men will go
In and cave in the raise so as to hold
the smoke back in the lower part of
the mine, thus causing it to spread out
and reach Lope.
Fx Shehff T. A DeVine of Weber
county, Patrolman H. A. Olsen and
Juvenile Officer George Robinson of
Salt Iake Just completed a round of
the upper hulkkheads They reott
that the sulphur fumes are very nau
seating everywhere except at the
Andy hulkkhead, which is 700 feet
from the portal. There they said
they felt no ill effects from thp
smoke, though there wais plenty of it
Before darkness Kettles over the
hills tonight the body of Raphael Lo
pez, murderer, may be taken down
the hill in the same sleigh that
day night carried the bodies of his
last two victims silently to town If
there is any indication that the pois
onous fumes whirh have been filling
Hip mine all day have done their
work, the Andy tunnel bulkhead will.
be opened and a posse of volunteers
will go In to bring out the derelict,
abandoned by lis fiendish spirit
through the deadly work of the
Yesterday morning Lopez .ntered
what is now believed to have been
his last word It was "Julius " Face
to face at last with an enemy which
his death-dealing rifle could not af
ie t, the Mexican went into the Andy
tunnel and made his way to the hulk
bead Twenty feet deep and of stur
dy mountain timber, it presented an
Impassible barrier to the tired man
killer The fumes were thick around
him He groped blindly about him
HIs move roubl be heard by ihe
guards on the other side
Then came "Julius" in a voice that
was full of despair weak and very
hoarse He as calling his partnpr.
the man whom he scorned a few days
before when Tullus Corrello begged
him to allow the bodies of llulsey and
Manderlch to be removed It was
his appeal now
Corrello was railed into the tunnel
to the bulkhead. He called In Span
iah to Lopez But there was no an
swer Perhaps thp fumes had caused
him then to sink Into a faint from
which he will never awaken. That
is the belief of those who were there
Deputy Sheriff C L Schettler, A ;
Robinson and J. D. Cortelle three of
the most indomitable man hunters,
and Julius Corrello
The men could not tarry to see
whether more sounds of life or an
othpr apppal would come later The
fumps that leaked through the small
crevices in the bulkhead were too
much for them They had to seek
the outer air. The density and dead
lines?, of the smoke on the other side
of the barrier could only be imagined
Life could not exist In it long, and for
this reason the guards believe that
the end has come to Lopez.
No sound of a shot was heard
throughout the day bv the guards
None of them believe that Lopez has
rommltted suicide. They believe he
died fighting. Rut his last enemy was
an invulnerable one.
Sheriff Smith said last night that
the bulkheads might bp left In and
the smoking continued for forty-eight
hours. He is determined that no
more chances will be taken There
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Is no chance of taking Lopez ftllve,
ho the sheriff has decided that the
fumes must do their work before he
trill risk the life of another man.
Howevpr. It Is believed that if there
is no sign of life by tonight the smok
ing will hp discontinued, as the mine
will by that time be dense with the
fumpp. In that event the Andy tun
nel bulkhead will probably be opened
and a search made for the body In
ita vicinity Schettler. Robinson and
Cortello believe the body will be found
ery close to the bulkhead They
do not believe he got awav after call
ing for Cotrello.
Salt Lak, Dev. 2. Attempts to
Capture the murderer of a Mexican
laborer has thus far cost five lives
and at least $0000 in treasure.
Whpn Raphael Lopez killed hlfl
friend, Juan Yaldez, at Bingham one
week ago last Thursday at midnight,
Chief of Police Grant and Deputy
Sheriffs Witbeck, Jensen and Soreu
son, looked upon the pursuit and
rapture of Lopez as only a part of
their routine duties as officers They
expeeted to effect his capture In a
tew hours.
Sixteen hours later all of these
officers, except Deputy Sheriff Sor
rnson, were dead, murdered by the
Mexican assassin. Then began In
earnest the great man hunt that is
still In progress. During the next
three days Salt Lake county spent
$1000 per day in the effort to capture
the bandit Hundreds of men were
made special deputy sheriffs and
placed on the trail of the murderer
Automobile? were requisitioned ; rl
lies and ammunition were purchased,
i-ood was brought from lone dis
tances to feed the men who were
hunting down the murderer.
Once in those three days the pur
suing posses were close to the mur
drrer Then m a natural fortress
high up In the mountains, he held at
bay till nightfall a handful of bia
pursuers, while his bullets flew close
to their bodies Under the protec
tion of the night the bandit got
Frozen and footsorp. the bandit
Mumbled back to Bingham, while tlie
pursuers were chasing down a false
alarm many miles awav After the
Mexican was definitely located In
Bingham the expense to the county
in money was lessened, hut the ef
forts to capture Lope, in the mine
cost two more lives.
Since the officers have been guard
tag the mine at Bingham the cost i
per day has been about $300 This j
was distributed as salaries to the
men, automobiles and horse hire, pro
visions for the men and fuel for the
fires which were to suffocate the
murderer or drive him from the mine
The total cost from the beginning oi
the manhunt aside from the loss of
lives, has been in the neighborhood
of $6000.
This sum dees not take into ac
count the damage done to the mine
by cave-Ins made to restrict the ter
ritory of the hunted man. nor the
loss of time of more than 200 miners
who have not been at work for the
lost two days. The miners may not
work for another day or two, and
this expense may run into several
thousand dollars If it Is assessed
against the county, the expense In
money to hunt down the Mexican
may be doubled.
Brlgjiam City, Dec. 1 A thrpp
days' lecture course will be delr. cred
in Garland, commenring tomorrow, by
Miss fieri rude McCheyne, superintend
ent of home economics of the Agri
cultural college of Utah The series
of lectures will be given in the rooms
of the Garland Commercial club, and
all the women of the town, as well
as surrounding country. have been
extended an Invitation to attend. The
series will include a free lecture Wed
nesday evening The subject an
nounced by Miss McCheyne Is "Voca
tional Training and the Home"
The program for the three days is
a:-, follows:
Tuesday. 2pm Subject, "Feeding
Children of School Age."
Tuesday, 3 p. m Demonstration,
"Cookery That Fails and Why '
Wednesday, 2 p. m Subject, "Ideas
for the Home Laundry-"
Wednesday, .1 p. m. Demonstration.
"The Invalid'! Tray."
Thursday, 2 p m Subject, "Sanita
tionPersonal and Civic."
Thursday, . p. m Demonstration
Suggested Menu for Christmas.'
Provo, Dec. 1. George Lyons, the
boy who entered a plea of guilty to
second degTee burglary Saturday was
sentenced today by Judge A. B. Mor
gan to 6erve from one to twenty
years In the state prison.
Tooele City Dec 1 Mrs. Etta Mil
ler Brown. 34 years of age. wife of
! George T Brown, died here today
from a complication of diseases. Mrs
Brown was born at Murray In 1879
and was the daughter of David L
Miller In addition to the husband,
and parents, two children survive Mrs
Brown The funeral will take place
at Murray Thursday afternoon at 1
Mr. Brown Is general foreman at
the plant of the International Smelt
iug and Refining company, and so pop
ulur have Mr. and Mrs." Brown beeu
In this city that a special train has
been engaged by residents of Tooele
City for the run to Murray on Ihe
day of the funeral.
Brigham City. Dec. 1 Information
was received in this city today from
the operators of the oil rigs one and
one-half miles west of the city that
the pipe, having now reached a depth
of more than 1200 feet, itt In close
proximity to oil
The pipe being used now is six-Inch
casing, but on account of striking wa
ter at this depth. It Is anticipated by
the promoters that an eight-Inch cas
ing will be necessary in place of the
six When the 1200 foot mark had
been reached a hard formation was
encountered, and it was here that In
dications of oil were noticeable. The
promoters think it very' probable that
a flow of oil will be encountered as
soon as the pipe Is driven through the
hard pan.
Provo, Dec 1 James O'Connor, a
man about 46 years of age. died in
the sand house at Thistle Sunday
The body was brought down by Depu
ty Sheriff C H. Clark and taken to
the undertaking parlors of Graham &
Jones, and Is being held pending a
reply from the miners' union at Park
City in which he carried a member
ship card. O'Connor had comee from
Price to Thistle.
Ketonen Winner of Spectac
ular Wrestling Match
Greek Outclassed.
Salt Lake Tier 2. Another con
tender for the middleweight wrestling
honors of the world loomed into the
spotlight last night In the person ot
W'aino Ketonen Ketonen threw
Chris Jordan, who held the hum
plonship for a few months last sum
iner, two straight falls in one of the
most spectacular matches ever seen
in Salt Lake The time for the falls
was one hour and twenty minutes
and six minutes, respectively The
match was promoted by Harry
The bout was staged as the main
event of a program of sports, the
other event of which was a ten-round
boxing contest. The Garrick theater,
i bere the sports were held, was well
filled, and the excitement of the
( rowd at times was tense Ketonen
won the first fa II by means of a com
bination hammer lock and quarter
nelson. He obtained his second fall
by a quarter nelson thrown Into a
partial hammer lock.
The wrestlers ramc on the mat a'
o'clock Neither seemed anxious
ti start things, and for a while It
seemed aB if .i repetition of the re
cent Yokel Jordan match would be
given For more than an hour the
men did not ko to the mat. Shortly
thereafter, howpver. things livened
and after a few exchanges of holdt;
the wrestlers went out of the ropes
V hen they were brought back Jor
dan immediately took the offensive
and endeavored to pin his opponent
by b toe hold This failed, however,
v hen Ketonen tin ned and, by a splen
did piece of work, managed to get a
new hold on Jordan. The crowd
arose In Its excitement, for it. seemed
certain, with the change that affairs
had taken, that Ketonen would get
a fall Jordan managed to wriggle
loose from a hammer lock hold. He
went at his ai;cressor with renewed
strength and each man gained slight
advantages over the other.
Second Fall Quick Work.
Keionen again became the aggres
sor this time with a result He got
to Jordan for a combination hammer
lock and, by a slow but steady pro
cess, pinned his opponent to the mat
The fall was clean and decisive The
hammer lock applied to Jordan was
apparently so strentibus that It tem
porarily weakened his arm. He was
unable to get up from the mat for
several minutes He declared that
he was not Injured and that he would
finish the match Kxamination re
vealed that the arm had not been
seriously Injured.
When the men entrrcd the rlnc
again Jordan seemed to have recov
ered his previous aggressiveness, and
for a few minutes he successfullv
warded off the attempts of Ketonen
to get holds. Within five minutes
however, the men grappled, and It
was seen that the Finnish champion
would have little difficulty In get
ting one of his favorite holds He
brought Jordan to the mat, and with
a quarter nelson got him In such a
position that, with the application of
a partial hammer lock, the fall was
Ketonen demonstrated last night
that he. has much class as a middle
weight He displayed as much sci
ence of the mat game as did Jordan
and the strength he exerted at times
was remarkable. He has a splendid
build and also every requirement for
a contender for the middleweight
honors. He wrestled Jordan once be
fore In Indianapolis The match re
sulted In a draw and both men were
anxious to meet each other again.
The first event of the double-head
er program was a ten-round feather
weight boxing contest between Lonny
Tucker and Sing Hosan, a Chinese,
both of Salt Lake. The fight was de
cidedly close, although the decision
made by the referee did not meet
with the approval of the crowd. For
the reason that Tucker took the count
of nine in the eighth round the ma
jority of those present felt that he
ought to have been awarded the fight
for his one effective blow alone. It
seemed that the Chinaman had so
much the better of his opponent in
the fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh and
eighth rounds that he had outclassed
Tucker. But it must be taken Into
consideration, and the referee must
be given credit for deliberation In
the matter that Tucker was clearly !
the aggressor in the first three
rounds of the fight He made his
blows count on the Chinaman and hi
led in a majority of the attacks.
Takes Count.
After Tucker had taken the count
ol nine In the eighth round, he. came
back strong in the ninth and tenth
and gave Hosan a stiff fight He re
covered entirely from his weakness
of the eighth and had the chinaman
on the defensive for the most part
in the final rounds.
The blow which brought Tucker to
the mat in the eighth followed other
blows which had effect and Tucker
stayed on the mat until nine count
had been announced. As he arose
to resume the battle, time for the
end of the round was announced The
Intermission allowed Tucker to recov
er from his blows. The fight was
snappy throughout and furnished
plenty of excitement for the audi
ence. Hardy Downing was referee for the
boxing bout and Ben Harker of the
Deseret gymnasium officiated for the
wrestlers. J. a. A 9tanley announc
ed the various contestants and in
troduced challengprs for both wrestl
ing and boxing The Tribune last
r.lght received a telegram from the
Globe Athletic club. Chicago, propos
ing a match between Mike Yokel and
Ernest Kartje for the first week In
January In Chicago The message
has been forwarded to Yokel, who
Is on his ranch in the Jackson's Hole
country, and an answer Is expected
fioni Mike as soon as the mall serv
ice to that somewhat remote part
can fetch it.
The challengers introduced by Jim
Stanley were Clarence McFarland of
Kansas City and St, Louis, who wish
es lo take on anyone In a ten-round
toxlng contest at 122 pounds, and
George McLeod of Salt Lake, who
wishes to challeige any lightweight
wrostler to a match The weight for
this class Is 135 pounds.
Los Angeles. Cal. Dec 1 Board
ing the Sunset express train No
on the southern Pacific at Pomona,
a one and unmasked bandit tonight
held up and robbed a number or pas
ngera in the forward Pullman of
MOO In money and valuables, sho and
instantly killed Traveling Passenger
u'',r" H U Montague when hei
sought to interfere. Jumped from the
train at El Monte and escaped. Sher
iffs' posses were immediately organ
ised, and a systematic man hunt was
started, bu tat a late hour tonight
no trace ol ihe bandit had been found
.-Wording to Pullman Conductor J.
W. Compton, thp bandit was evidently
an amateur and verv nervous. He
entered the Pullman from the day
coach and terrorized the passengers
With a large automatic piBtol. which
he waved from side to side and threat
ened to shoot every one lu sight un
Ipsb thoj "shelled out." Many of
the passenger-, quickly obeyed
Traveling Passenger Agent Mon
tague was standing In ihe aisle about
the center of the car when he was
i-hot When the robber got to within
a few feet of him he leveled his pis
tol at Montague s heart and told him
to give up his money. Montague.
Instead, took a step forward and grab
bed for ihp bandit's nun. and was shot
through the heart
Pullman onductor Compton -aid
the bandit was younc. smooth shaven,
about 5 feet 11 Inches high, weighed
about 183 pounds and won- . dark
I suit and black derby hat. Several
i Suspects have been picked up at Bl
Monte and Pasadena and are being
j Salt Iake, Dec. 2. The damage
!sull d Miss Mathilde Demenge. a
Citizen of France and French teacher
;ln Salt Lake high school, against the
Icity of Salt l ake and Charles U.
ETeuser and Arthur B, Sim. contrac
tors, which has been in the federal
court for many months, was settled
yesterda' by stipulation, judgment be
ing given the plaintiff for $1000 dam
ages without costs This was agreed
on outside of court by attorneys for
the various parties
Miss Demenge began suit against
thp city and the contracting firm fol
lowing and accident which sin- suf
fered January 26, L913, at Eleventh
Fast and Sixth South streets She re
ceived a broken limb and sprained
ankle as the result of falling into an
open sewer ditch being constructed
for the city by the contractors The
complaint alleged that there was no
danger liqht at the place, and that the
defendants were negligent.
Washington, D C , Dec. 1. On the
recommendation of Secretary Lane,
President Wilson has issued an or
der creating a power site reserve In
Boulder canyon on the Colorado riv
er, about twenty miles east of Las
Vegas Nevada. This reserve is c re
ated In order to permit applicants be
fore the department to complete their
formal application for a right lo de
velop water power under the water
power laws. The development pro
posed inc ludes a dam at the mouth of
the- canyon that will raise the water
level about 125 feet and c reate slack
water for a distance of nearly twenty
miles up stream. Such a construc
tion will develop sufficient head for
the production of about 40,000 horse
power with the minimum flow of the
stream, which In this locality h about
6000 second feet.
The land Involved In the reserve is
practically all unsurveyed, and is in
a rock canyon where it can have lit
tle U6e for any other purpose than
power development. It appears prob
able that the necessary construction
can be accomplished ;n such a man
ner as to provide very cheap power.
Brigham City. Dec 1 Today at
1:30 p in., funeral services were held
In the stake tabernacle over the re
mains of Mrs. C Hol6t, who died
Friday afternoon in the Dee hospital,
Ogden, after having passed through
B c lit leal operation. Mrs. Hoist had
been confined to her home and bed
for many months, during which time
she suffered Intensely.
Mrs. HoIm was the wife of C. Hoist
former mayor of Brigham City. She
was one of the most prominent wom
en ot the city. The services were
well attended by relatives and sym
pathizlng Lriends, the speakers pay
Ing a high tribute to the life and
character of the deceased. .Mrs.
Hoist ift survived by her huoband.
three sons and fh e daughters In
ti rmcnt took place in the city ceme
tery. Business houses closed their doors I
al 1 oclock today, and all business I
was suspended while the services,
were In progress.
Denver. Colo.. Dec 1 W. S Mer
rill, who lost his memory lore la-;
week. is believed to be a Salt Lake
City man, from rambling remarks he I
made today. To spoke of Myrtle" and
"Dan," and mentioned different build
Inga in Salt Lake, but gave nothing j
tancible to work on.
A board of alienists will examine
him tomorrow when his identity, it
Is hoped, will be learned.
Merrill was picked up on Seven-
teeuth street with n bad wound on
the back of his head He had recov
ered from the physical Injuries, but
his mind Is still a blank. It is be
lieved he was slugged and robbed.
W. S Merrill is not known to the
Me rrills living In Salt Lake and the j
name of W. S Merrill does not ap- i
pear In the city directory
Provo. Dec 1 Alex Barr. the I
sheepherder who was brought over
from Lehl Thursday, died at the
Provo General hospital today. He
v.as apparently 56 years of age. Per
sons at Lehl for whom he worked
have been notified
Pittsburg. Dec 1. Dave Fultz.
head of the Baseball Players' frater- I
nlty. was elected president of the I
federal league at the recent Chicago I
meeting, according to unofficial an
nounceoieut made here today. Chris-
tj Mathewson Is slated to succeed -I-'ultz
as leader or the fraternity.
This announcement included the
Information that Pulta' new contract
, ;,ls for :"" the tux eai . ?S
the second year and $0000 the third.
It Is explained thai Fultz' election as
president will noi be officially an
nounced until certain pending uls
putea between the players and the
national baseball commission have
lppn settled
Provo. Dec. 11 An order was 1
made today by Judge A. B Morgan
ol the Fourth district court, in thl
application for guardianship of ,
Cleona llulllnger, a ten-year-old girl,
bv her grandmother Mrs. N'lcolme
Borgeaon of Santaquin revoking the
appointment of the t;irl 1 father W
S llulllnger. made al Vernal, and ap- 1
pointing Mrs. Borgeson was contest
ee by Mr. llulllnger and he wa- glv
en thirty days to file a bill of ex
ceptions. The child's mother is I
Salt 1-ake, Dec. 2. A? a result of t
taking a bottle of whiskey with him it
when he went from Vernal to Fort 1
Duchesne to attend the l intah fair,
which took place this fall. Judge
'.lames A. W lls-m prominent attorney
lof Vernal, is now out of jail unde
bond of 13000 and has a federal in
dictment hanging over him Lucian H. I
'Smith, deputy United States marshal i
returned yesterdaj from Vernal, I'
I where he arrested Wilson and took j
!hlm before the federal commissioner!
at My ton. There his bond was fixed L
'and he was released
According to Judge Wilson's Btorj
of the affair as related to the mar- i
shal, he and a party of friends went
lln an automobile tu the Fort Duchesne
ifair and took some whiskkj with them
'for personal use When they arrived
the acting Indian agent found that
they had the liquor and confiscated ;
the bottle. indictment returned by j
the grand Jury at Its November ses-1
slon charged Wilson with "taking In
toxlratinc liquor Into Indian country,"
Fort Duchesne i o i n on the reservation.
Pocatello. Idaho, Dec. 1. There
were two large mass meetings of
the Law and Order league of the rh.
one on the oast vide in the PresbytC
rian church ami the other in the Meth
odist church. Sunday evening. Both
rhurches were crowded to their ca-1
iaci(. Special music was rendered
by the choirs of all the c hurches The
address on the east side was dellv ,
ered by the Hon. W. H. Witty and on I
the west side by the Rev. Mr llulion
of the Congregational church, and
President Hy de of the L. D. S. church.
Pocatello, Idaho. Dec. 1. Charles
Foster I hapman, well known In this
city, was taken to the Blaekfoot Bay
lum for the mentally deranged this
morning. Chapman had been a bar
tender in the "wet" days, until re
cently he has been in the employ of
a pool hall here.
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or 1" pounds cf healthy "stay there
like to increase their weight with L0 1
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with Ihcdr meals for a while and uote
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trying. Pint weigh yourself and
measure yourself Then take Sargol
-one tablet with every meal for two
weeks Then weigh and measure
again. It isn t a question of how
you look or feel or what your friends
sa) and think. The scales and the
i.ip" measure- will tc-ll their own story
and most any thin man or woman can
easily add from five to eight pounds
In the first fourteen days by follow-!
Ing this simple direction A nil best
of ail, the new flesh stays put
Sargol does not of Itself make fat,
but mixing with your food, it turns
the fats, sugars and starches of what
you have eaten into rich, ripe fat pro
cluc'ing nourishment for the tissues': I
and blood prepares it in an easily!
assimilated form which the blood can I
readily accept. All this nourishment
now passes from your body as waste- 1
But Sargol stops the waste and does
it quickly and makes the fat produc
ing contents of the very same meals
you are eating now develop pounds
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your skin and bones Sargol is sale, j
pleasant, efficient and Inexpensive
and Other leading druggists in Ugd-n
and vicinity sell It in large boxea j
forty tablets lo a package on a guar
antee of weight ini rease or money
back. Ad v-rt Isement.
His Art Instincts.
Jones had invited a friend to dinner
and asked him to carve a chicken that
WM placed before him. The guests
Bet to work with a good will, but after
a deal of muscular exercise was com
pelled to acknowledge himself beaten.
" hiire In the name of leather did I
jou get that bird'1''
"I don't know. " replied the host, !
"unless It should prove to be tho oh If
spring of Borne hard boMed egc "
Chicago News.
I banO
Oden, rHBS
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how many people are after It? 1
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sure to add It to his bank ac
count Why not bank it yourself?
Combs, and
Manicure Sets.
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Drug Co. 1
Prescription Specialist.
2463 Wash Avo. Ij
Phone 38.
Jpa OB Bk rrriimtlv Allkinria
H ajA k alt internal.
ftBBSilfi' ir l.-.-n h ardl'l
tahlrn pi-..! .. nna.-inir i-nlih) at ta -kin t Vi
prmr.rfcllv -rl .' I .).,. . rrlirn-rii
DR. LEONHARDT CO B !?). N Y 'f bookJ
Radeon's Pharmacy.
- - .
Have Your Printing Done
"Printers of the Better Glaus"
2454 Grant Ave. Phone 385
Made in Ogden by
Ogden People
John Scowcroft &
Sons' Co.
The "New-Life" Vibrator
$35.00 machines now $25.00 and
the $2500 ones now $18.00 In
stant relief for rheumatism, neu
ralgia and other pains too nu
merous to mention. We guarantee
Phone L949-W 318 25th St.
An early orde." for Christmas
Pictures would be appreciated
Call and see new styles.
320J. 25th St.
"The Photographer In Your Town "
Al Prices to Defy
I We are located in a low
rent district, our expenses
are light, therefore we are
in a position to do your
repairing much cheaper
than anyone else. Give J
us a trial and be con
vinced. All work guar
anteed. GRANGE BROS. I
In rear 2566 Wash. Ave. I
Entrance on 26th St.
Capital $ 150,000 00
Undivided profits
ana surplus 350. COO -rO
Deposits 3,500.000 00
M. S. Browning, Pres.: L. R.
Eccles, Vice Pres , G. H Tribe.
Vlce Pres.; John Watson, Vies
Pres.. John Plngree, Cashier; Ja j.
F. Burton, Asst Cashier.
Slade's j
1 ransf er I
Phone 121. G8 25th Street
V c have thc largest van in ths jH
city Quick service Moving, ship
ping and handling pianos. Prompt
freight deliveries. Furniture- mo
Ing specialty. Storage at reason
bis rate.
S ff SJ
4 1

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