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Forty-third Year-No. 292-Prlce Five Cents. OGDElCfTX DECEMBER 1 "1 5
' ! ' ' UdCMPEK lyiJ. Entered as Second-claBS Matter a! Ihe Portoff Ice. Ogden. Utah.
Resident of Sinaloa, Convicted
of Flotting Against Consti
tutionalists, Is Executed.
Receives Blessing of Priest,
Places Bandage Over Eyes
With Own Hands.
Hernioslllo. Sonora, Mex , Dec. 3
A wealth Mexican resident of Sina
loa was shot to death early today
by a force of rebel soldiers.
He was Antonio V. Caballero, con
victed of plotting against the constl-
tutionaliat government of his state.
It was at the darkest hour, just be- I
fore dawn, when Caballero was plac-1
ed against a wall of suii-uaked brick
facing the cemetery where his body
row rests. A group of army officers
and a few curious civilians stood by.
The prisoner walked alone to the !
wall, received the blessfnp of a priest
and placed the executioners" bandage
over his eyes with his own hands.
"Mark veil the heart," he said
' W.f hi n r. t.-oo --ikl o. i I
uien except the silhouette of his
shlrtslee es and the white bandage
j over the head.
The firing squad moved to within
10 feet of their human mark and the
five rifles fired as one.
Findings of Courtmortlal
According to the findings of the
courtmartial, Caballero had been con
fronted with letters signed by his
name which gave details of the in
surgent strength In Cullacan, recent
ly taken by the constitutionalists
Moved to pity by the presence here
ol the doomed man's wife and two
children, a score of women of Her
mosillo called on General Carranza at
It ,hr' Iast momont t0 ;tk mTc The
I W constitutionalist commander told
them they had come too late.
Sharp Fight With Zapata.
Mexico City, Dec. 3. A sharp fipht
occurred today only a few miles from
the federal capital between a small
detachment of rural guards and a
body ot followers of ESmlllano Zapa
. ta. The rural puards returned the
fire of the rebels for twenty minutes,
after which the rebels are said tr
t have fled to the hills. The casualties
m ol bo: b parties numbered ten dead
i and twenty or thirty wounded.
I oo
Robbers Take $10,000 Man
ager Goes in Pursuit and
Is Killed.
r Winnipeg, Dec 3 A report that a
branch ol the Bank of Montreal at
Plum Coulee in southern Manitoba
E had been held up and the manager
of tbe branch killed hy robbers was
I received here this afternoon by tole-
R phone. Mounted police are said to
j be closing in on tho baadita
Manager H. M. Arnold was uione
I in the bank when the rebbers en-
I tered. He submitted at the point of
B ' revolvers while the robbers took
K 510.000 In currency from the Bate
g When the thieves ran back of the
building, however, Arnold armed hun-
B self and went in pursuit. The rob-
I bers turned and shot him.
a oo
Cripple Creek Volunteers Con
tinue Digging for Entombed
Miners Dangerous Work.
Cripple Creek, Colo.. Dec. 3. With
1 out hope of finding alive any of the
three men caught in Monday's slide
in the Golden Cycle mine, volunteer!
today continued the task of diggiug
their way through yesterday's second
elide. So dangerous was the work
considered that only volunteers from
tho Golden Cycle employes were per
mitted to work.
H oo
Berlin Dec 3 The Imperial par
liament was set lu un uproar today
by a provacatlve speech delis t red by
the German minister of war, Major
General Erich You Falkenbayen. The
minister defeuded the army vigorous
ly )' for Its conduct In connection with
the disturbances at Zabern In Alsace
It looked at times as though the sen
sion would have to bo suspended.
The situation at Zubern mean
while has not Improved.
m '
Spanish Morning Papers in
Mexico Papers Offer Bit
ter Criticism.
Prediction of Fall of Huerta!
Indicates Daring and Bad
Faith of President.
Mexico City, Dec. 8 An outline
of the message delivered by President
Wilson to congress at Washington
was prominently displayed by all the
Spanish morning newspapers today
The only paper printed in English,
' however, burled It on an inside page.
In commentlnK on the message, the
Independlente. which Is controlled J
by the government, says:
"The man at the White House has
dared to affirm (apalnst the truth
universally conceded) that Provision
al President Huerta is losing sym
pathy every day and that his fall Is
to be expected. It was hardly be
lievable that President Wilson would I
have the temonty to assert such a
thing. He thereby gives testimony
of his bad faith toward th'ngs Mex- !
Diplomatic officials here had no ad
vices to support published reports
that Queen Wilhelmina. speaking for
the Hague tribunal had addressed a
peace proposal to Huerta State do
partment officials were confident thai
the United States would be notified I
before a&y such proposal was made.
Only vague Impressions of the ac
tual contents of the message were I
conveyed in the dispatches published j
In the newspapers. The general Im
pression was that President Wilson
intends to keep his hands off and
leave Provisional President Huerta at
the mercy of his enemies.
To the administration and It ad
herents this course is satisfactory
They declared today that all they
desire is to he let alone The iact
that no recognition is accorueJ to
the rebels in the message seems to
be a great relief to the followers or
Hopes to Avoid War.
Washington, Dec. 3. During the de
bate in the house today on the I Jay
bill for raising volunteer forces In
time of actual or threatened war, Re
publican Leader Mann s.nl
"I don't see any escape from chaos
and anarchy In Mexico tinder the
p'aD we are now pursuing: If this
situation runs on very long it means
war I hope we will avoid trouble
with Mexico."
Judge Has Faith in Jurors and
Proceeds With Prosecu
tion of Case.
Los Angeles, Dec. 3. The trial of
Dr. John Grant Lyman, charged with
having misused the mall In a Pan
ama land deal, were resumed today
in the United Estates district court,
Judge Wellborn having decided that
the newspaper article Insinuating
communication between certain jur
ors and agents of the defense did not
warrant ordering a mistrial.
When the newspaper story was
called to the attention of the court
yesterday both Edward W Regan,
special prosecutor and Paul Schenck.
Lyman's attorney, slated they believ
ed It Impossible to continue the trial
tairiy Decauae of tpp impression the
article had made upon the Jurors
Judo Wellborn said today h had
an "abiding faith In the Intofrrlty or
tbe Juroi g," and would proceed with
the trial
Lyman was called to the stand to
! continue hi? direct examination.
Secretary Substitutes for Bry
an to Officially Open Rivers
and Harbors Congress.
Washington, D. C, Dec. 3. The
tenth annual convention of the Na
tional Rivers ami Harbors congress
which will be In session three days
besan today.
Secretary Lane was substituted at
the last moment for Secretary IJryan,
who had been originally placed on thq
program to represent President Wll
son. but who was prevented at the
last moment from coming. Secre
tary Iane read a message of greeting
from President Wilson congratulating
the congress on what It had a I read
accomplished and expressing the hope
that river and harbor Improvement
could be i uihIui led ,,n I, road national
lines of benefit to the whole country
Berlin, Dec. 3 The German cruis
er Dresden is being fitted out at
Kielto sail for Mexican waters at
the end of December. It will replace
the cruiser Bremen, which is to re
turn to Germany for repairs,
' ' " " -"1
' '
U. S. field artillery on border line (top") and members of '.he U. S. signal corps with field wireless apparatus.
The war department has just ordered another n,fantry regiment to Fort Bliss, near El Paso, Texas, to
defend El Paso from possible attack from south of the border Inc. This increase in Uncle Sam's armed
force in Texas wr.s urged by the Texas delegation in congress, who were alarmed by the strength of the
rebel army near Juaicz.
M exico Orders General Ra
bago to Establish Govern
orship of Tamaulipas.
Railroads Without Fuel All
Traffic Except Military
Trains Suspended.
I Mexico City, Dec. 3. The seaport
city of Tamplco was today officially
declared the temporary capital of the
state of Tamaulipas General An
tonio Iiabago. the military governor,
who was forced to abandon Ciudad
Victoria and who was erroneously
reported to have committed suicide,
has goue to Tamplco under orders
irom the federal government to re I
establish his governorship In the tern
porary capital.
The war department announced to
day that General Arizmendi and oth
er federal officers who fled from
Ciudad Victoria to Cerritos in the
state of San Luis Potosl had been
ordered to reorganize their forces
and to march against Victoria. This
task had first been entrusted to Gen
eral Navarrete, who retreated to
Monterey after his failure to relieve
me dot presseu garrison of Vic
On account of the nature of the or
ganization and equipment, as well as
the lonu distances and broken topog
raphy of the country, the federal gov
ernment will find it difficult to han
dle Its various military expeditions
without trains now that the railroads
have been practically deprived of fuel
by the oil producing companies
On some of the divisions of the
lallroad system coal may be used,
and sufficient supplies of that fuel
are available to operate trains for
some time, but at the best It Is prob
I able all traffic except military trains
shortly will be suspended.
Reliable new as to tho military
operations in various parts of the
republic is meagre in the federal cap
ital and what little there Is docs not
favor the government.
Telegraphic communication along
the lino of the National railroad has
been re-established but it Is under
stood this has been done with (he
consent of tho rebels They are
I known to dominate the line south of
Saltlllo and to a point within sov
cnly-five miles of San Luis Potosi.
People Without War News.
A consular report received here
from Saltillo shows that residents of
that city are still In Ignorance ol
the military operations in the sur
rounding country, on account of the
Interrupted telegraphic communica
tions. Extra-ordinary methods are being
employed here to gain recruits for
the federal army Servaut girls
display marked caution when they
appear In the streets because they
are aware that scores of their fel
low servants have been drafted Into
the army as female soldiers.
Cunning Scheme of Recruiting
One plan, utilized by tho recruiting
olflcers netted the federal army 66
conscripts In a single haul yesterday.
Bills posted outside a moving picture
I show announced that the exhibition
; was for men only." The little room
was crowded some time before the
I performance began. A series of re
' legions pictures were thrown on the
i screen, i he first I), Ing "The Virgin ol
Guadalupe1' patron saint pf Mexi
, Tho crowd greeted this good Batured
I h but when it was followed by two
other religious picture ihx men
I who hud looknd .m- a different kin I
of entertainment, started an uproar.
1 his resulted in the raid hy the po
lice, who marched the .Majority ot
the men to the barracks, where the
were at once placed in ti ranks or
i he army.
Preparations for defense in case
of local disturbancesare being con
tinued by the foreign colonies other
than the American Leaders of the
American colony are Inclined to be
lieve that any move in that direction
ti.ken by them would be mis con
sulted by the Mexican government.
In order to avoid being regarded as
organised combatants, the Americans
lu case of necessity will take refuge
brie ith the protection ol the various
European flags.
District Organizer of Mine
Workers Held Incommuni
cado by Authorities.
j riniuau. coio.. i-'ec. .t. uooeri un
lleh, rllstrii I organizer of the Uni
ted Mine Workers of America, vice
president of the Colorado Federation
of Labor, member of tbe executive
committee of the Socialist party ol
Colorado, and president of the Trim
dad union. United Mine Workers ol
America, who laast night was adjudg
ed a 'dangerous and unuesirable
allou," by the military commission, is
still being held Incommunicado by
the military authorities. Tbe com
mission recommended that he be helu
The findings of the commission,
made public la6t night, were based on
L'hllchs testimony given during the
course of a three-day examination in
which he declared he was not In s in
pathy with the principles and work
ings of the federal and state goveru
ments He also admitted having pur
chased arms and ammunition for strik
lng miners at Ludlow which he de
Uvered to them on October 26. On
the day following a mine guard was
killed nt Tobasco In a battle with
strikers and several others were
Call to Unions.
Denver. Colo., Dec. 3. The formal
call for a convention of rcpresentu
lives of every labor union In Colurado
to meet in Deuvcr, December 16, wa3
Issued today by John McLennan, pres
ident and W. T. Mickey, secretary ot
the State Federation QjC Labor.
The convention Is called to consldi I
and decide the question of calling a
stale wide sympathetic strike In sup
port of the United Mine Workers ol
America, whose members are now on
strike in the Colorado coal fields.
. vvr
Buenos Ayres, Argentine. lec. 3.
Colonel Uoosevelt arrived today at
Bahla Blunca on the Argentine coast,
after passing through the territory of
Neuquen without Incident.
Seven Federal Generals to Be
Headed Off Before Reach
ing Border.
Flight of Officers and Men
From Chihuahua Means
Abandonment of North.
Juarez, Mexico. Dec. 3. Confident
that the seven federal generals, who
evacuated Chihuahua City with the
troops intend to seek refuge In the
United States and thus be beyond
danger of being taken prisoners by
tbe rebels, General Francisco Ilia
toda) sent more Constitutionalists to
nttemjii to inten ept them
The generals, led by General Sal-
adore Mercndo. whose desertion of
Chihuahua and whose statement thav
he had no money to pay his troops are
regarded as a virtual breakdown of
the Huerta dictatorship so far as the
north of Mexico Is concerned, are
headed Tor Ojlnaga on the border. It
is thought they will cross the river
to I'residlo. be arrested by United
States military authorities, aud taken!
to San Antonio
With the generals are many subor
dinate officois. about L'fiiMi federal reg
Ular soldiers and more than 1000 pee
pie of the wealthier class of Chlhua
hua, who took flight rather thau face
an attack by the Insurgents.
Villa Not Hopeful.
Villa hud little hope that his sol
iliers would be able to overtake the
federals who left Chihuahua seveVal
days before the fact of their flight
became known.
That General Mercado. after hand
ing over the portfolio or chief of stafl
to General Ftederico Moye. civil go
ernor ad interim, would offer to sur
render on behalf of himself nnd his
subordinates and then fly to the bor
der, was regarded by Villa as an un
usual procedure.
"The only place they will surrender
will be In tho United States," said
Villa, as he sut at breakfast in Juarez
headquarters today and patted an
automatic pistol
Charles lleberlein of Los Angeles,
Cal., who came from Chihuahua with
the peace commission requesting Vil
la to occupy the cjty, said the state
penitentiary had been emptied of all
the political prisoners.
Everything possible was done by
General Mercado to treat the citizens
humanely," said Heberlein
Huerta Begins Crumbling.
Washington. D C Dec. 3 The
flight of Uuerta'S generals In northern
Mexico, federal evacuation of Chlhua
huu and tiuaymas and the refusal ot
Mexican oil companies to furnish fuel
lor movement of federal troop trains
were po'nlt'o! oui by officials here to
da) as such events to which President
wilsou referred In his message to con
gress yesterday w hen he declared the
Huerta regime was crumbling "little
by little every day."
Diplomatically He re have been no
,e elopmcnts.
Waco, Texas, in Serious Trou
ble Train Service in
State Interrupted.
Business Thoroughfare a Mill
Race Police and Firemen
Save Lives.
Dallas, Tex, Dec. 3 Swollen by
heavy rains, creeks and rivers reach
ed a dangerous stage today In central
Texa.;. much of west Texas and soutn
Oklahoma. Waco was the onh city
of consequence In serious flood trou
ble. but Dallas expected a rise In the
Trinity river The flood had receded
at Austin and Fort Worth
Interurban trolley service was stop
ped by numerous washouts in north
Texas. On the Denver & Rio Grande
International and Great Northern, aud
the Houston & Texas Central lines
train service was Interrupted
Waco. Texas. Dec. 3 Water ten
feet deep flowed through the princi
pal streets of Kast Waco todav, while
tho Brazos river flow passed all ,r
ious stages and continued to rise.
The Fast Waco section began flood
ing last night when a levee gave
i way There was no loss of life.
Laredo. Texas, Dec. 3 Six hun
dred refugees, mostly Mexicans, ar
rived here from Monterey today.
Some of them declared that an exo
dus of their countrymen to tho Unit
ed States, greater than any that has
hereofore taken place, is expected
n the national railway lines can re
sume traffic. i
Washington, Dec. 3. Charges of
j iobbjing In connection with the bill
! to permit Sun Francisco to Like a
water supply from the Hatch Heteby
l valley, involving Glfford Plnohot and
Theodore A. Bell, foruier congressman
I ol California, were tla made In the
senate. During a speech attacking the
bill. Senator Works remarked:
"If you will go out Into the corrl
! dors of this capitol now. you will
; find GiffonJ I'inchot lobbying In ta
or of this bill At least he was
I here this morning."
I "While you are mentioning lobby- !
) ing." interrupted Senator Thomas,
I of Colorado, "why not include Theo
dore A. Bell, former congressman of
California, who is here opposing the
"1 am not here to defend Mr. Bell."
replied Senator Works, "but I don't
know of his attempting to influence
the Judgment of a single individual
"I have thought for ?omo time." In
terjected Senator Kenyon of Iowa,
"that the lobby committee, which has
not yet concluded its investigation,
would do well to take up the lobhle-
which have been working on this;
Washington. Dec 3 When debate
on the Hetch-IIetchy bill was re
sumed in the senate tml.iy. Senator
Perkins, who favors it, .presented u
petition from the mayor of San Frnn
olsco, containing 20.000 names or
those endorsing tho measure.
Senator Works, who opposes the !
mil. preseiuen peiiimu-s Mnen iij
2760 water users on irrigated lands
lr. San JoaQtUn valley. protesting
against it. Petitions and telegrams
were presented by other yenators,
most of them favoring the project to
give San Francisco a water supply
from the Hetch-IIetchy basin
Works Resumes Attack.
Senator Works resumed his attack
en the bill In vigorous fashion. He
declared it would require ten years
I to finish a system that would supply
Sim Francisco from the Hetoh-Hetchy
Valley reservoirs, and that other
sources of water supply "lay at the
doors of San Francisco, much more
available and ample for the city's
use " The plant of the Spring Valley I
Water company, which now supplies,
the city, he contended, could be de
veloped to satisfy the needs of the
Closes Two-Day Speech
Senator Works closed his two-day
speech with the declaration that he
represented a substantial part of the
people of San Francisco and of Call j
fornia in his opposition to the bill.
"I am afraid some other representu j
tives of California have lacked the
Courage to stand in the face oi the
appeall made to congress and to de
fend the rights of the people of San
FranclSCO agalnsl this plan," he said
Thomas Supports Bill.
Senator Thorn is of Colorado, who
followed Senator Works. vigorously
supported "he bill. He pointed out
that the entire Caliiornia delegation
In the Mouse endorsed It and thai ev
ery member of the House public land.
committee had voted for a favorable
"I have reached the conclusion," he
said, after mature deliberation, that
the pa usage of this measure Is essen
tial to the future welfare of the oil
of San Francisco and the otlu i ml)
nicipalitles which eU8t.r about San
Francisco baj."
Men Caught Like Rats in Trap
in Cheap Boston Lodging
Bodies Burned Beyond Identi
fication Blazing Roof Mass
of Shrieking Humanity.
Boston, Dec. 3. Twenty-seven men
were killed in a fire which swept
through the upper floors or the Ar
cadla hotel, a lodging house in the
south end. early today. Others are
n '-ing. Scores were taken to hos
pitals. Nearly si or the bodies were ter
i lim ned making Identification
Impossible The victims were men
in poor circumstance Caught In
the crowded bunks on the top floor
of the five story brick building and
in the small rooms on the fourth
floor, they were helpless When
they were moused the stairway 3
re in flames and there was a mad
I ush for the fire escapes at the rear.
Men Flee Without Clothing.
Practically all the men were naked.
Manj uero rescued by the firemen
'iid police. Some escaped by walk
ing i shakey plank stretched to an
adjoining building or by jumping
across a five foot alley to neighbor
ing roofs
The property loss is onlv $25,000.
1 1n- Arcadia was located at the cor
ner of Washington and Laconia
Street! The lower floors were oc
cupied by stores.
The fire apparently started In a
hallway closet on the street floor.
The flames swept up the wooden
stairs nid burned through the roof.
According to William Walsh, the
nlgbl clerk there were 178 lodgers
in the building when the fire was
discovered by a passing newsboy. Af
tt i "irniim in an alarm, he rushed
into the building, ami began awakeu-ii-
the rceii with his shniit
Cut Off From Fire Escape.
The top floor was one large room,
tilled with cots and bunks On th
fourth floor, where the loss of life
was heaviest, there were thirty tiny
looms, like cells, with two cots in
each A hallway ran through the
ci titer. The men in the rear rooms,
i pening on the fire escape, had lock
ed the doors when they went to bed
and thne in front were unable to
reaob the fire escape.
When i he fireman arrived flames
were shooting twenty feet In the air
from the windows on the fourth and
lifth floors and the fire escapes and
the roof were a mass of shrieking,
struggling humanity. Despite shout?
ol assurance from below, three men
jumped from the roof. Two were In
Btantly killed The third, who had
ripped a mattress about himself,
escaped with a few bruises.
Life nets were stretched quickly
by the firemen and many rescued In
this manner. Others were taken
down ladders with the flames sweep
ing about them. The Intense heat
"ii drove the firemen from their
ladders ami made it necessary to
fight the fire from the street and
From i he ,l, va i,-d railway structure
ia front of the building
Two more bodies were found dur
ing the forenoon, bringing the death
list up to twenty-seven.
Secretary McAdoo Figures on
Immense Grand Total for
Year 1914.
1915 Receipts to Exceed Dis
bursements $26,000,000 to
Apply on Canal Fund.
oahington, Dec. 3. Secretary Mc- t (j
Adoo estimates thai the revenues for 3 I
the fiscal year exclusive of postof- 1
rice receipts will be $728, 1 10 only
.S.'.m Iss tan the estimate for SmJ
the fiscal year 191L' To make that
tol H he expects the customs to bring
In (249.000,000 ordlnsrj Internal rev
enue $315.000 000, and the Income tax
jli'.'i 0, of which $40,000,000 is
to come from corporations, the re- '
malnder from Individuals. t
From sales of public lands he ex
pectS to put into the treasury' $'.- sj
0 100 and from miscellaneous
sources $56,000,000. .
n- expresses the belief the ordi
nary receipts for 1H15 will exceed i
tl.e fligb ursements sufficiently to pay
tut almost 120,000.000 from the treas
ury's general fund for tbe i'auamoj
canal. '
Bison, s n. Dec Joseph Rick
man. a negro, the coutessed murder- jj
r of Mrs KM, ii Poi and her M-year-
old daughter, was hanged here lod&y
Rickmao murdered Mr Fox and
her daughter upon their claim near
Uixb lu September. I

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