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I 1 f r$ KtKKUKummmKmmm i wmi i j - I, I
I. tar ees
The Picture's Future
Gene Gauntier Surveys the
Photoplay Field and Tells
Us What Is Needed There
George Siegniann Moulded by Nature
to Assume Heroic Roles. Kvcln
Selbie Sings in Mournful Numbers
of the Trajjio Fate Tbat Befell
Her Kat.
Recently Miss Gene Gauntier, the fa
aious motion picture actress appearing
in Warner's Tbrcrt Part Features, was
approached and asked to give her opin
ion of the future of the motion picture
industry. She replied In her characteris
tic style as follows:
"I believe thoroughly in the future of
the moliou picture, but to what heights
it may reach I would not dare to pre
dictit depends on the manufacturers.
At present wc arc compelled to give the
audience what it wants not what is
good for it We may not carry out our
ideals or we would bankrupt our em
ployers or so they think The great
crying nee I is for good original scenarios
not adaptations of books or pluys.
There is a new field of literature awalt
ing those who have the unique talent
necessary for their production. We need
f jlf I i
fl 5 I'MXg 111 J
Jj " I !
It , . i
tug writers not necessarily those who
bave risen to heights in other tie-Ids of
literature, but thoe who possess orifri
nality enough to create this new litera
ture. "But how few pessess the talent to be
come great in it! For it requires not
only a solid technique to stend on, but a
vivid itoagir.r-.t'.f z. that can express in ac
ticn without wrds all human emotions
it requires a tne sense of dramath pro
portion, end, above all, that indf Suable
quality we call, for want of a 1 etter
name, 'The Picture Eye ' When we
have masterpieces in the new literature,
when we have producers who are artist?,
with ideas, when we have actors who do
not act, but are living and breathing tho
characters they portray, then, and not
till thn. will the photoplay become the
dangerous rival of the theatre."
George' A. Siegmann holds a prominent
place in the Reliance Stock Company,
and this prominence is due both to bis
ability .is an actor and to his innate
personality. Fie is cast in heroic mold,
and naturally finds himself cast for roles
that demand dominance, virility and
forcefulness. Mr. Siegmann is popular
with all with whom he comes into so
cial association, and especially with his
brother members of the New York
Screen Club.
Evelyn Selbie, of the Western Essa
nay Company, is in mourning for her
eat This was no ordinary cat, and its
demist has left an aching void on the
back porch of Miss BelbTe's bungalow,
to say n- trine of her heart The V.c
reaved refuses to speak to V. A. Totel
for an indefinite period. Potel recently
kicked the cat In the dark, but it must
have hurt the feline elsewhere as well for
death ensued within a few days. The
funeral was quite an elaborate affair,
Harry Todd being chief pall-bearer. An
ill-timed grin decorated his features dur
ing the performance of his sad duties,
but everybody knows that Todd is a cat
hater and that he was therefore deriv
ing pleasure and profit from these post
mortem proceedings. The Essanay Koo
Koo Kluh was present in force, and the
following epitaph was engraved by Mins
Selbie over the grave under the lone
some California pine;
Here lies my kat; Potel'n the rum
Who boasted he would stun it:
He kicked my kat to kingdom kum,
( ! I seen him when he done it.
Here lies mv kat
And if Potel
I r-nies the de d,
He lies as well
H Kay Bee, Broncho, Keystone & Domino
J Most Popular Films on the Market.
H W. Y. Motion Picture Co. s'.'y.10"
Famous Play brs Ftlm Co.
rPJ cKtKt? productions
rrH mari; YOU "hv.k htaiix"
A " . - , . . " ,
The Famous Players to Present Mrs. Frances Hodgson
Burnett's Drama, "A Lady of Quality", as Its
Important January Release.
For its release of January the Famous
Players will present the prominent star
and international stage favorite, Cecilia
Loftus. in the famous novel and play,
"A Lady of Quality," by France Hodg
son Burnett. The play is an idyllic
blending of the romance, beauty and
daring of the days of knighthood, and
tho film version has developed into a
brilliant reproduction of the warmth and
color of i pi turcsqui- period.
In the role of Clorinda, the head
strong, tempestuous hoyden whose fath
er's contempt for the other sex extends
even to his own daughters, but who
later wins his respect and grows up
among his dissolute companions, learn
ing to drink, smoke and swear as freely
as any of them, until the derision of the
man she loves at her masculine manners
and dress prompts her to renounce thra
and become a Lady of Quality, Miss
Loftus has a part that lends many op
portunities to display her unusual tal
ents as a character actress 'I he thrill
ing and sometimes pathetic incidents
that enter into the character's later ca
reer, the successful wiles of Sir John
Oxen, the beau ideal of London Town,
to win her untutored heart, after which
he coldly spurns her. her piqued but
faithful marriage to the old Earl of
Dunstanwolde, and the terrific and
tragic scene, subsequently, when she!
comes face to face again with Sir John
Oxon, art faithfully portrayed.
Cecilia Loftus began her dramatic ca
reer under the direction of Daniel Froh
rnan. abandoning a vaudeville income of
$2,500 a week to accept a much smaller
alary in order to acquire dramatic ex
I erience under Mr. Frohman's guidance I
Within two years she had succeeded sol
capably that Mr. Frohman mad- her
loading lady with E II Sothcrit, then
under his management Py a strange
coincidence, as in the euso of James K.
Haekett, Miss Loftus now returns to
Mr. Frohman's direction, under vitally
new conditions, through the medium of
the motion picture.
Trapped in the Castle of Mystery
(Warner's Features 3 parts). Colonel
Harton's automobile breaks down n.:ir
the quaint old village of Doromy. While
talking with the inn keeper he lr-arns
that Doromy castle is peopled with ghosta
and that travelers who venture within
are nevpr seen alive nain. Id a spirit
M adventure the Colonel sets out for tho
eastle. resolved to spend a nifrlit ill-rand
disprove the villagers' superstitions
Marcaret, the attractive d:i njrht r r r,f
Gontran, leader of a can? of counterfeit
ers who have their headquarters in old
Doromy castle, is quick to carry word of
the colonel's visit and to warn "the coun
terfeiters of their dancer. That nirl,t
1'olonel Barton is intimidated and tor
tured by Oontran's men dressed as
ghosts. He soes mad and the next day
is found wandering in the fields
Then fate takes a hand in the game.
The colonel's sn, Charles, Hills in love
with the counterfeiters daughter, who
saves him from a horrible death at the
hands of the counterfeiters. Escaping,
he assists the police to break up the
ganc, and takes Margaret to bis home
when her father is killed. In an intense
ly dramatic scene Colonel Hnrton is con
fronted with a whit- vele,l figure that
the shock may restore his reason. Tho
experiment is successful and Margaret
although the daughter of a counterfeiter'
marries Charles
The Cod of Girzah (P.ison 2 parts).
Au English colonel steals an idol of
Buddab from the temple of Girzah,
thinking it will never be missed. How
ever, the result of this act overshadows
bis entire life. Priests of Oirzah de
maud its return, but the colonel denies
that he has it His servants league
themselves with the priests against him.
IIi life is attempted through the agency
of the deadly cobra, one of the many un
usual and thrilling scenes, and bis liquors
:ir- poisoucd.
Fifteen years later, he comes to rho
Fnited States with his nephew. One
night, bis eyes failing him. he semis his
valet for a private secretary. A moment i
ifr - : i '
it (Wtmer 8 Eeutarc ProgmmJ "
v v I
before the secretary a girl is ushered
into the room, two Hindu priests enter
and stab the colonel to death. The girl
is accused by the valet, who finds her by
the body. She makes her escape by
jumping fifteen feet frutu a window, and
three mouths afterward meetb the neph
ew and marries him When the nephew
brings his wife home, the valet recog
mzes her, threatens hoi with exposure
ar.d succeeds in blackmailing her Her
life is made unbearable until she finds
the colonel's diary, which tells of the
former attempts upon his life She con
' ' pvirj-thinr to her husband nnd is
cleared of suspicion, while th- valet is
Devotion (Domino 'J pf-rts). Colonel
I. rush, a staunch Southerner, whose
daughter, Edith, is in love with Walter
Boyd, a Northern physician, during an
argument ctr:ks the doctor across the
fe.ee wh hia whip, le:iMnR a Vcrv bad
scar ihe colonel prepares to join his
:regis:ent at the from Before leaving
he hides his wealth in an old well, giving
tiimon Holdt bonds to cover the mort
K.ive whi li Hol.it hold-, on th- c.lonel's
home. l)uring a retreat, the colonel is
rut eff frcm his men and changes clothes
y-tth a Northern private, hoping to make
Lis escape The Northern private Ls
found and buried ns the colonel, while
the colonel ir. wo-nded bv an exploding
shed, becoming almost an imbecile. He
18 discovered in a Southern prison bv his
faithful servant, Pete, and taken home
to his daughter who, now that Boldt haH
foreclosed the mortcngc. is forced to live
with the negroes f ir F.oyd )s the chief
surgeon of the Northerners that take the
town in which the colonel lies He op
erates upon the colonel and restores his
Her Legacy (Kay-Bee). Jed Conners,
a Teallhy but miserly farmer, starves
Ins daughter, Mary, in his greed f..r gold.
A snarling, grouchy lawyer named f:aleb
Mmi.lv, wishes to marry her. but she
docs not love him, and refuses Mm
falls in love with her father's hired mari,
Jun Grace. Jed Conners m ikes bis will,
with Caleb Mundy as witness lie then
bi les the will, also some monev in a
DOUOW tree Connors, being very' ileaf
fails to hear a runawav horse one day,
and rn. a result loses his life Marv can
not End the will. Tliis fa. t gives Mundy
the ideu that he can forgi one success
fully. In the CorgeS will Marv is only
given the wood lot. She marries Jim
ir.ice nnd they B0 to live in a shanty ..n
the wood lot. Mundv is conscience
stricken one nicHt. and thinking he sees
a ghost, runs, nnd fallmc ..ver a cliff, is
Later found .bad. Mary dreams thnt b-r
father bid the will and some money in
th- hollow tree and she Htid Jim "find
them the next day. The original viill
bequeaths everything to the daughter
Sioux Indians
Take to the Tango
Isadore Bernstein Introduces
the Motion Picture Within
a Convent's Walls
The I coturc Film Protective Association
Organized to Protect Feature Film
Men From Pirates. Tho Killing of
Madero Filmed for Warner' Features
as "The Fugitive Law".
The thirty-two Siou Indians of the
Broncho Motion Ficluro camp at Santa
Monica canyon have become so versed
in real American ways and manners that
they have taken up the tango craze.
Isadora r.ernteiu. general manager of
the racilic Coast Studios of the Univer
sal, at Hollywood, Cali., has invaded a
virgin territory with motion pictures.
M: Bernstein's little daughter is receiv
ing her education at the Ramona con
vent, near Alhambra, Cali. Beiuie i& I
jp (Famoat Plaer.
f mm
-v pfi'
m 3
nil wrapped up in his child ;md princi
pally to afford her amu8emenl he has m
sncnrate.i the practice of taking to the
convent every week a few thousand feet
of film and a projecting machine. The
pictures are run off in the gmnas!ujn
of the school. The firs! picture be took
was "Thf Battle ,f Bull '--n." It vas
the first motion picture the k'""d sisters
at the institution had ever seen That
they were delighted with it goes without
saying The tilms were furnished by
the courtesy of the California Film Ex
change. Lillian Christie, formerly with the
' it a graph and Kalem companies, has
joined the Western Essanay ranks at
Niles, CaL, where she was warmly wel
comed by her new fellow players. Miss
Christie has a remarkably pbuant per
sonality nnd is full of life both of
which desirable attributes she fuel.' little
difficulty in reproducing in her screen
Mr Moe Strimer, of th" Theatre Film
Company, has been elected president of
the newly organized Feature Film Pro
le. tive Association. The object of the
association as announced is the getting
of be ter features, the improvement of
the condition of exhibitors in general
and the devising of ways and means to
protect all feature film men from the
so-called pirates
; Irvinp Cummings, well known as a
leading man on the legitimate stage for
enrs, and a screen star of great popu
larity, has accepted n flattering offer
from the Universal Company to join
them as a leading man. Three play thai
have made Mr. Cummings fan oi -throughout
America and Europe are:
"Success," "Ashes" and I'The Man from
The Creat West Mot ion Picture Co., I
maniifa. turinc three-reel picture.- for the
program of Warner's Features, Tn. .. has
planned a unique campaign in the Culf
Of Lower California. Their first three
reel picture entitled, "The Fugitive
Law,' which is a faithful expose of the
killing of Mad'To, and more recent i verts
of Mexico, win followed by three
reel features manufactured off the west
coast of Mexico
Arrangements have been entered into
for the tenipornrv charter of a schooner
which will skirt" the western coasl of
Lower California and exolnre the waters
of the Gulf. During tins nip pictures
will be made of the Japanese Ashing
concessions, objected to by the United
States Government. Exciting plots will
be written around the situation, teeming
with international intrigue, and American
Japanese interests. The waters of ih'
Gulf of Lower California will be cruined
from San Bias up to the Cannibal
Islands Which oxmt in the northern parr
of the Gulf. Although cannibalism is
extinct, the remnants of tl
i rib.- can I
still be found there nnd will be utilized
in a three-re. i picture entitled, "The Last
of the Cannibals."
;i 10 W. 40th ST. NEW YORK CITY ;
"A Son of His Father", A Lubin Release, Illustrates the
Strength of Heredity. A Supposedly Bogus
Count Proves to Be the Real Article
When the World Special Films Cor
poration announced their advent into
the feature end of. the motion picture
business, they said they would handle
nothing but what the considered the
best of the world's output of both the
ESuropenn and American manufacturer
which it was possible to secure
Up to the present time they have fully
lived up to their promise. Hundreds of
lil ins. have ben offered them for .ex
ploitation, the vast majority of which
they refused as not being up to the
standard. Phil Gleichmnn and Emanuel
Mandelbnnm are both pioneers in the
film game, and their sole aim is the up
lift of the motion picture business. In
order to carry out this policy they real
Ised that they would have to be in a
position to market (heir films all over
the United Ctatcs. In order to accom
plish this purpose they have already
opened seventeen branch ollices, extend
ing from X. w York to Minneapolis in
the North, New Orleans in the South
and Kansas City in the West, and they
anticipate baring a half-dozen more of
fices open, extending oul t the Coast,
by the first of January. Every man con
nected with the organization is ranked
among the topnot dies in the business.
There is Jules It n rust ein . nl the head of
the rental department, a man of excep
tional ability and wide popularity; J. K.
Burger, the auditor, and alilton B. Hoff
man, the brilliant Ides man Mr Bur-
U'r has established an auditing depart
ment that is without parallel in the busi
ness M. E. Hoffman is another pio
I'cer in the motion pi. tore game and is
well prepared to p1Ve the exhibitor the
ben :fit of a l"t of new ideas that will
tend to elevate the tone of the motion
picture theatre. The motion picture ex
hibitor has travelled iloiig the same
lines in business for several years, reap
ing the harvest of a few dollars, but
i.c-.T piving thought to the morrow but
the patrons of the motion pit tares are
demanding more and more of th. exhib
itor and the motion picture manufac
turer. It stands to reason that no firm
can make pictures all of which are
ilwa.is g. .Oil. I Tow much bett r is the
plan of the World Special They are
absoluti Ij unlimited in scope both of
I'luniifeeturer and subjects Nothing is
too big or too small for them to ex
ploit, provided it meets with the ap
proval of Messrs Gleichman and Man
rlelbaum. As witness, PasqualTs "The
Last Days of Pompeii." Tins photo-
tlrama IS undoubtedly the greatest crea
tion ever offered the American picture
B icr Produced at a cost of a quart r of
a million dollars, amid the rerv scenes
where Bulwer Lytton's wonderful novel
is laid depicting all the characters of
tne storj amid the very surroundings in
which they lived; showing the customs
and manners of the time and Snalh the
eruption of Vesuvius in nil its awful ma
jesty, one cannot fail to realize the
greatness of the picture. Another ex
cellent example of their endeavors to
give the exhibitor "the best' is their
five-reel thriller "Protea," which has
crested n greater stir than anv film ever
marketed "What the Gods Decree."
which will soon he readv for the ex
hibitor is another It is. if anything,
more beautiful than "Protea ."
Bron.ho Billy'a Christmas Deed (Es
sanay) -rhnsnnas-tho onr. r!(lv m
year when hearts should be free and gay
7w5n lit'- on earth should be heaVi
A 1 i- 'nnn, the father of h young child'
wants his offspring to have Christmas
such as every child is deservjdg of. He
--'fr- "r tU(lloV0 Of his child he
commits burglary. A happy Christmas
morn hi the result The father is ar
rested. Broncho Rillv, the sheriff with
fhatn-i? KV1" Chmas iPWt; sSS
f th Tk7IKr,a rl"',k f,,r tne amount
f ,, ' ,r"",K' !lt0leP b 1,10 I'rif,r '''" nnd
ces the father o enjoy the remainder
of the holiday with his wife and baby
A Son of His Father (Lubin Special
2 parts). Will Temple, a gambler,
leaves his wife, Mary, alone most of the
time with their baby boy. Harry. The
night Mary can stand it no longer is the
night Will is the heaviest winner. Will
decides to leave bis home and wife nnd
go bis way undisturbed. lie leaves a
note to her to that effect and that sh
will be well cared for, and also an en
closure to bo given to the boy when he
becomes of age Then he goes away and
eventually becomes proprietor of a gam
bling joint out West.
Harry grows to manhood and on the
day of Ins majority barns from the note
his fath.-r had left that there is $1,000
sud interest awaiting him In the bank.
Inadvertently his lather has told him in
L jZZ" 1 Ti" y
mm .
the letter that if is his poker winnings,
and the thing that his mother most fear;
comes to pass a desin t.. gamble. Har
r g.-ts ins money and very soon hnds
In way, despite bis mothers pleadings
i" the gambling table. At first he wins!
and b( lies to his mother about what he
is doing, but eventually he loses till, and
rather than face her he runs away West
He winds up in his father's gimblin
house and not knowing it is his son. the
father engages him. The son enters his
father's employ unconscious of the fact
that it is his father who has given him a
helping hand. He be, ,-,mea dealer
through his wonderful and instinctive
ability. Liater he rescues a Western "irl
lennie, fr0ni the insults of a strange
gambler and they become swe.-th arts
lhe stranger shows up again and in a
game sitting opposite Harry, he falsely
accuses the boy of cheating. Harrv draws
first, and the gambler falls wounded,
I he father, thinking the bov wrong
'tarts with the others to get him. but he
holds them all back. Escape is cut off'
ne Bees Jennie coming and retires to th"
adjoining room. There the fight is kept
Up With the barricaded door between
I he girl learns of the trouble and goes
f..r the Bheriff In front of the saloon
the sheriff finds that the gambler is a
notorious crook, wanted bv" the authori
ties of many states and Immediately goes
to the rescue of Harrv. When they
burst into the room they find Ilnrrv has
fainted from a wound and a scrawled
note beside him tells only to advise his
short. On the reverse ajde, however, the
father finds his own letter, and revises
thnt he has sent his bov wrong I
a -e, on. ilinion follows and tl,,. father
puts up his joint for sale and both Har
ry and the girl go back with him. Rack
in th.- hast the rami, ;8 reunited and 5
daughter added.
Incognito (YiCtor).-.Refualng to marrv
the woman of his father's chbice Z
wn of the Marquis de V,ii..r. B dfsiS
herhed and goes to the I Hited State
to beg,,, life anew us a plan, America,"
to ma-'e t lT' ,,avin8 attempted
in a n u n toon ""nes stranded
1 e,TPayr ho ri'uds " -'Ivertise-u-nt
calling t..r n competent valet He
fnqws the dutfea of valet and appl e,
to a banker for the position The KnE
er has just had a poVtraii pain ted Si a
woman artist During his ,i - 'h
'fives a jii.in uf revenue nf!n .
He offers Rene S500fJ nSS V pli
case of love at first sieht 1 1 , ' 3
to the banker and ac. e, f. L't returns
Rene wins be t " s PQPotIon.
After the wedd?n?fhehvYn3"! !BVr,V
announces to the JE? V-1"",'"" f"nk"r
rid my ralet!" IIot,ver",;,'1",V"
eves are opened whe,7nVe ? " Knnkr 3
steps forward with 5 '-onsnl
that Rene has been . , SPd,,nci?
heir of the Marouis de V ?! g M t,1C
Eva Unscll Now
on Universal Staff
Has Made an Eruiable i 1
Reputation as a Writer of
Successful Scenarios
Irvin Willat in Foremost Rank of
Photoplay Photographers. Thomas
Ince, of the New York Motion Picture
Compdoy, Secures Miss Tsuru Aoki
as a Recruit.
Mi--s Eva Unsell, who has until now
been a reader with the De Mille Plar
Agency, and who is also known as ono
of the best scenario writers in the conn
try, has joined the Scenario Department
of the Famous Players' Film Co. Mlss
Unsell has written many scenarios for
the Kalem Company, the most notable
among which is "The Pawnbroker's
Daughter.'' She has made a careful
study of the work, and has some ong.
inal ideas on the technique and construc
tion of film stories. She has had a valu
able training as a magazine writer and
journalist, having been associated with
the "Kansas City Tost."
Irvin Willat has won much well-dp-M?rved
praise from an appreciative pub
lic and from his confreres in the picture
world for the strikingly excellent photo
m : . ... J I
graphic work he turned out In the films
of the "Soldiers of tortuno." When I
Augustus Thomas selected a company I
to go with him to Cuba to-produce this
famous military drama for the All-Star i
Feature Corporation he chose -Mr. Wdlat
as photographer, and the choice proved a
wise and fortunate one. Mr. Willat had I
previously given ample proof of his abil
ity as photographer for Imp, the New
ork Motion Picture Company and Iteh-
a nee.
F red B. Murphy, well and favorably
known in motion picture circles, is re
ceiving the congratulations of friends
on his rpturn to his post as manager of
the watervillc, Main.-, Exchange of the j
Mutual Program. While he was away
businesH fell off, but immediately as
sumed its former volume on his return.
Peter Lang, the justly popnlar phoro
p.ayer, celebrate his silver wedding an
niversary last week at his handsome
home in Vow York City. Richard Mor
ris, of the Lubin Company, acted as
Master of Ceremonies and the occasion
was made memorable by many pleasing
tokens of esteem which were' showered
on Mr. and Mrs Lang bv their hosts of
friends and admirers in and out of tho
Thomas Ince, director for the New
iork Motion Picture Corp.. at Eden
dale, seems to be in the held for every
big attraction, regardless of cost. Re
cently he signed a contract with clever
Miss Tsuru Aoki, whose work with the t
Majestic Company in the film, "The Oath
of Tsura San," has been meeting with
such Success Mr. Ince has live new tilm
dramas in which he wil feature Miss
Aoki. Miss Aoki was contemplating a
season in vaudeville when the pictures
"got" her.
ver Morosco is now considering an
offer from Thomas II. Ince, vice-prcsi
dent and general manager of the SpTl'
York Motion Picture Cbrooration for the
motion picture rights of Mr. Moroseo'"
successful Hawaiian drama, "Th Bird
of Paradise." Mr Trie js :.,, negoiiat-
mc with Dnvid Belasco for the motion
picture rights for several of the termer
Belasco successes. This would include
"Darling of the Gods" and "Madam I
Director Albert W. Hale, of lhe Ma-
jestic Motion Picture Co s Btndioa at Los
Angeles, has given unusual cur- to fl"
Btaging of the import., nt two-reel produc
tion of Elmer Harris' "Uommce sad
Duty." u requires scrtjnea in h,u
America and Europe, miri in it appear
German urince ami a company of eaii?
uniformed fhlans
The perfect motion picture machine.
Send lorcattloruc 26 with full dc.ml.

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