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I arc becoming more popular every day 1
I They are clean, bright, sanitary, inviting. Cheery
1 in appearance and desirable in every way. Our com- I
plete variety of patterns and colors in printed and in- I
1 laids permits selection to harmonize with furnishings. 1
I American, English and German Inlaids priced from I
$1.50 to $4.00 per lineal yard. f
1 Potter's, 'Nairn's, Blabbon's and Wild's Printed j
1 Goods priced from 90c to $1.40 per lineal .yard. I
1 Congoleum and Wood Grain Rug Fillers, 50c to 60c I
I 1 it ninrrg
1MH , , - i iib1
I Agents Monarch Ranges and Hoosier Kitchen Cabinets. 1
Logan, March 5. Dr. George Thom-
1 1 -.r, ns in a lecture Tuesday said that if
f rural communities do not wake up to
the need of sanitation the health of
p the people of those -communities will
I ; soon be far poorer than the health
I . of those of the cities.
About thirty students of hortlcul
' turc are busy pruning orchards of
citizens of Cache county, under the
- j dfrection of Dr. L. D. Batchelor.
These pruners go from orchard to
orchard doing the work gratis in or
der to get the necessary practice in
pruning. They cover from five to
' fifteen acres per day, according to
the size of the trees.
Monday night, in the college II-
bran' room, Miss Maud May Babcock
I of the State university gave a dra-
j matlc reading "The Scarecrow" by
r: ' Percy Mnckaye. before the U. A. C.
i Faculty Women's league, the U, A. C.
I Women's club, the Clio circle and the
I Less Dyspepsia Now
fee's the Reason
The fact that there Is less dyspepsia
and indigestion in this community
than there used to be Is largely, we
believe, due to the extensive use of
Kexall Dyspepsia Tablets, hundreds of
packages of which ve have sold. No
wondor we have faith In them. No
wonder we are willing to offer them
to you for trial entirely at our risk.
Among other things, they contain
PepBin and Bismuth, two of the great
m est digestive aids known to medical
j. science. They soothe the Inflamed
W v stomnch, allay pain, check heartburn
and distress, help to digest the food,
and tend to quickly restore the stom
ach to its natural, comfortable, heal
thy state.
There is no red tape about our guar-
antee. It means just what ,it says,
i We'll ask you no questions. Your
I word us enough for us. If Rexall Dys
pepsia Tablets don't restore your
stomach to health and make your di
gestion easy and comfortable, we
want you to come back for your
money. They are sold only at the
7 000 Roxall Stores, and in this town
only by us. Three sizes, 25c, 50c and
$1.00 T. H. Carr, Druggist, Ogden.
Webycn organization of the B. Y, C
The audience was highly pleased with
Miss Babcock's rendering. A. good
orchestra furnished excellent music,
and refreshments were served. About
350 men and women were in attend
ance. Students in the machine shops are
becoming expert In the turning out
of threading dies and caps, twist
drills reamers, which require ex
tremely fine workmanship, and mill
ing' cutters. They also expect to be
gin work on a model steam engine. A
blacksmith in visiting the machine
shops asked from what factory the
pieces in the show case had been re
ceived and was astounded when ho
was told that they were all products
of the students' labor.
Visit From Government Service Man.
J. W. Jpnes of Malad, Idaho, a
graduate of the Agricultural college
class of 1932 and now in the em
ploy of the bureau of plant industry
in the government service, left Lo
gan for Washington, Wednesday
March '4, after a visit at the college
of a few days.
Mr. Jones entered the service of
-the- department of agriculture in Sep
tember, 1912 and was assigned to the
office of cereal investigations, with
summer headquarters at Cheyenne,
Wyo., and winter headquarters at
Washington, D. C. 'Recently he re
ceived a promotion that testifies to
the good work he is doing and the
esteem in which he Is held by the
There are good prospects for em
ployment In government work, says
Mr. Jones, for .young men who fit
themselves for such positions by
agricultural education. He gave fur
ther assurance that "U. A. C. gradu
ates generally In the employ of Un
do Sam are considered among the
P. y. Carden, another Utahn, re
cently was transferred from the of
fice of cereal investigations to that
of cotton Investigations with his field
in the south. This change Ib also
regarded as a promotion for Mr. Car
den. on
Fertilizer For Lawns.
We sell a pure fertilizer, free from
weed seeds, at $1.50 per cwt. It re
quires 10 pounds to 100 square feet
of lawn. Should be applied In early
spring by sowing broadcast and wa
tering immediately after application.
Will produce a beautiful, clean velvet
green lawn. It is far superior to ma
nure. TermB cash on delivery. De
livery days, Mondays and Thursdays.
Read the Classified Ads. 1
To William Schwab, conductor on
the Sacramento division of the South
ern Pacific company, has been award
ed the replica in bronze of the Har
riman Memorial Society medal given
by the 'American Museum of Safety
to the employe in the operating of
the winning road who was most con
spicuous in the promotion of safety
by suggestions and otherwise.
Conductor Schwab received the:
medal a few days ago. He also re
ceived a letter from Julius Krutt
schnitt, chairman of the executive
committee of the Southern Pacific
company, commending him for his
safety promotion efforts.
Conductor Schwab niade a remark
able showing in the matter of prac
ticable suggestions and of general
interest manifested in the Bafety first
campaign of the companj'. Many of
his suggestions were adopted and
proved of exceptional value In the lur
therance of safety. All were consid
ered meritorious. He proved an ac
tive member when on the safety com
mittee of his division, nnd after re
tirement from the committee dis
played the same untiring zeal and In
terest In safety promotion.
The Southern Pacific company was
awarded the Harrlman memorial safe
ty me.dal by the civic body as the
safest railroad In the United States.
Schwab's winning of the replica con
fers upon him the distinction of being
the employe of the operating depart
mcnt who, as an emplo3'e, contrlbut
ed most to the company's success in
making the wonderful record it did
Other great records made by em
ployes who displayed greatest In
terest and effort in connection with
"safety first" were those of Engineer
J. H. Dumphrey of the Portland di
vision; Master Car Repairer M II
Warren of the San Joaquin division;
Conductor W. H. Brennan of the Coast
division; Engineer W. E. .Smith of
the Coast division, and Engineer A
Livingston of the Shasta division.
They, too, will receive letters of
commendation and appreciation from
the company.
The directors of the Utah Fruit
Growers' association held a meeting
in Salt Lake on Tuesday and elected
the following officers:
Hugh J. Cannon of Salt Lake, presi
dent; Joseph E. Wright of Ogden.
and G. W. Palmer of Farmington, vice
presidents, and W. H. Homer, Jr , of
Pleasant Grove, secretary.
An executive committee was also
elected with the following members.
George Romney, Cache; John P. Holm
green, Bear River City; H. H. Thomp
son, Roy; C. W. Palmer, Farmington;
W. H. Homer, Jr,, Pleasant Grove.
The birthday of Lillian M. N. Ste
vens, national president of the W.
C. T. U., was celebrated yesterday at
the home of Sarah Chapman on Ad
ams avenue, by a union meeting of
the Ogden Women's Christian Temper
ance union.
A fine program devoted to expres
sions of respect and lovo to the na
tional president of the association was
enjoyed. It consisted of several mu
sical selections and the following
other numbers:
A sketch of Mrs. Stevens' Life, Mrs.
J. W. Welch; a paper on the achieve
ments of the W. C. T. U., by Mrs
J. C. Nye; a paper on the benefit
of prayer, by - Miss Jessie Minos; a
recitation entitled "The Two - Glass
es" by Mrs. Sarah Way, and selec
tions from the Union Signal.
Twelve new members were initi
ated and a nicely appointed luncheon
was served.
The Union is1 making plans for a
public meeting to be held on March
20 In honor of the birthday of Neal
Bow, the father of prohibition.
I ' r
O. J. Stilwell of Ogden, who Is
touring Europe with Mrs. Stilwell, has
written the following letter to a friend
In Ogden from Florence, Italy:
"We came on from Nice, starting
January 23, and stopping two days at
Genoa, two days at Pisa and shorter
stops at other points.
"The auto roads are not so good
as In France, but there has been
some of the finest mountain climbing
by easy stages that I have ever
seen. Nothing in the west surpasses
this scenery along the Mediterranean
and over the Appennines. We were
in orange groves in the morning, 20
miles of snow near noon and orange
groves again at night."
Thin People
Can Increase Weight
Thin men and womon who would Ilka
to IncrcjLso tholr wclsht with 10 or 15
pounds of healthy " stay there' fat
should try eating: a little Sarjjol with
tholr meals for a whllo and note results.
Hero Is a good test worth trying-. First
weigh yourself and measure yourself.
Then tako Sargol ono tablot with overy
meal for two weeks. Then welch and
measure again. It Isn't a question of
how you look or feel or what your
friends say and think. Tho scales and
the tape measure will toll their own
story, and most any thin man or woman
can easily add from five to eight pounds
In tho first fourteen days by following
this slmplo direction. And best of all,
the now flesh stays put.
Bargol does not of Itself make fat, but
mixing: with your food. It turns the fats
sugars and starches of what you have
eaten, Into rich, ripe fat producing nour
ishment for tho tissues and blood pre
pares It In an easily assimilated form
which tho blood can readily accept. All
this nourishment now pnsscs from your
brdy as waste. But Sargol stops the
waste and does it quickly and makoa
the fat producing contents of the very
me meals you are eating now develop
pounds and pounds of healthy flosh bo
tween your skin and bones, Sargol Is
Eafo, pleasant, efficient and Inexpensive.
Druggists sell It In largo boxes forty
tablets to a package on a guarantee of
weight Increase or money back.
The resignation of John Pingre.!
as cashier of the Jirst National bank
was accepted yesterday at a direct
ors' meeting held at 4:30 p.m., and W.
J. Beattie of Salt Lake was selected
to fill the vacancy. K. B. Porter was
elected vice president at the same
meeting to fill the position left vacant
by the death of George H. Tribe.
Mr. Beattie, the newly elected cash
ier, has been connected with some of
the largest financial institutions in
the stute and has been for a number
of years, national bank examiner for
Mr, Beattie expects to change hi?
place of residence from Salt Lake
to Ogden Immediately and will resign
from the federal service to take up
his new duties.
Aside from the election of Mr. Be
attie and Mr. Porter, the directors
made no other chnnges in tho list of
officials of the institution.
Maude Fealey, in "Frou
Frou," today at the Globe
and "The Mutual Girl." , -
00 '
The M. L. Jones Coal & Ice com
pany, having withdrawn from tho Og
den City Ice company, wish to an
nounce that we are In a position to
handle the ice business, both whole
sale and retail in connection with our
Coal business, and under our own
management We will handle exclu
sively pure distilled Artificial Ice.
Thus insuring, to tho public, the best
and purest to be had. Watch for
the Green Wagons. Ogden City Ice
Co. coupons that were purchased
prior to March 1, 1914 will be accept
ed by us.
Office 413 24th St. Where the
flowers are. Telephone 1C03. Miles
L. Jones, Manager.
Read the Classified Ads.
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I BURTS' 1 1
is sunk SPECIAL
Lenten seasons affect the railroads,)
as it does every other business, add
ing to railroad traffic. To supply
the demand for fish In the states of
Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana and
eastern Oregon and Washington the
Union Pacific system has put on ehe
"Shark Speciul," which runs two days
each week east from Portland. Fish
of all kinds and descriptions are car
ried on this train. The canned va
riety of salmon and "French" sar
dines are placed in cars with the
staple halibut. As there is a well
defined rumor current on the north
Pacific coast that fishermen off the
Columbia river bar and in Alaskan
waters are n"ot too particular as to
the pedigree of the halibut they
catch, the train has been named the
"Shark." It is said, In Avhispers of
course, that many times young and
tender man-eating shark find their
way Into the "unsophisticated" in
land country under the label of hali
but. The train is run as a second section
of the fast mall in order to carry
fresh fish to the inland markets. The
demand for fish during the Lenten
season is so great that the large or
ders cannot be carried on regular!
trains. Herald.
Physician and Surgeon is now over
Carr's Drug store; extending a wel
come Invitation to all friends and pa
trons. Phone 535. (Advertisement).
New York, N. Y.. March 5. Forti
fied by large speculative orders for
the principal stocks and signs of a
better demand for a wide assortment
of minor specialties, the market, dis
played general strength for a time
today. Appearance of railroad state
ments, including Reading's, showing
further decreases In earnings, had on
ly a temporary influence, and it was
not until acute weakness developed
in Chesapeake &. Ohio that the up
ward movement was checked.
The provision of the Chesapeake &
Ohio note issue calling for expend!
tures of $17,000,000 for improvements
in the next five years, before divi
dends are paid, caused the stock to
sell down five points to 59. Bear op
erators made the most of this slumu
and sold stocks all through the list,
depressing prices under yesterday's
Bonds were Irregular.
New York, March 5.--With the an
nouncement today of an issue by the
Chesapeake & Ohio railroad of $33,
000,000 five per cent five-year notes,
the stock sagged abruptly during the
first hour of the market, declining
to 60, against C3 7-S at yesterday's
close. Trading was unusually heavy
and Implied some doubt as to the
stability of the dividend. It appeared
that one of the provisions of the Is
sue prescribes that during the term
of these notes, the company Is to
set aside from its earnings $17,000,
000 for improvements to the proper
ty before further dividends can bo
paid. That is to say, fixed amounts
must be set aside each year, $2,000,
000 the first, $3,000,000 the socond
year, and $4,000,000 for each of the
remaining three years.
Officials of tho road refused to dis
cuss this feature of the situation ex
cept to express the belief that earn-'
luga would be large enough to cover
the additional charges.
Loudon, March 5. The underwrit
ers of the $25,000,000 Canadian gov
ernment loan have "been left with 78
per cent of the Issne on their hands.
Chicago, March G. After an easy
start today, wheat rallied, but the
hardening of prices was due more to
absence of offerings than to any spe
cial demand. Notice of export sales
at Omaha tended slightly to help the
bulls. There wore also advices that
tho crop outlook In RusBla had bc-
come less favorable and that clear'
ances from that that country were
lighter. The opening was unchanged
to l-S(fJ)l-4c lower, but the reaction
carried the market above last night's
level all around.
Prospects of country roads soon
breaking up gavg firmness' to com.
Interior Illinois "points reported an
active call from feeders. Prices,
which at the outset varies from l-8c
off to a shade advance, rose gradual
ly (o a material extent.
In the oats crowd, buying on the
part of cash houses strengthened the
market. Selling was only scattered.
Falling off in receipts of hogs at
western centers as compared with a
week ago furnished an excuse for a
slight upturn in provisions. Demand
was chiefly for lard.
South Omaha Livestock.
South Omaha, March 5. Hogs Re
ceipts 10,500; market lower. Heavy,
$S.258.35; light, $S.108.30; pigs,
$7 00(9)8.00; bulk of sales, $8.208.30.
Cattle Receipts 3500; market
strong. Native steers, $7.509.00;
cows and heifers, $G.258.25; west
ern steers, $6.258.25; Texas steers,
$5.857.65; range cows and heifers,
$5.757.25; calves, $7.7510.25.
Sheep Receipts 9500; market low
er. Yearlings, $G.25(cj7.00; wethers,
$5.506.25; lambs, $7.007.75.
Chicago Livestock.
Chicago, March 5. Hogs Receipts
23,000; market slow. 5c under yester
day's average. Bulk, $SJ5S.55;
light, $S.358.G0; mixed, $8.358.70;
heavy, $S.208.G0; rough, $8.20S.3o;
pigs, $7.35g7.-10.
Cattle Receipts 4500; market
steady to strong. Beeves, $7.20
9.75; Texas steers. $7.108.10; west
ern steers, $6.808.00; stockers and
feeders, $5.50(5)8.00; cows and heif
ers. $3.658.55; calves. $7.00g11.00.
Sheep Receipts 22,000; market
steady. Native, ?4.85(g6.85; western,
$4.85G.25; . yearlings, $5.857.10;
lambs, native, $6.757.65; western,
Kansas City Livestock.
Kansas City, March 5. Hogs Re
ceipts 4000; market steady to 5c low
er. Bulk, $8.308.50; heavy, $8.30(5)
8.55; packers and butchers, $8.35
8.55; light, $S.208.45; pigs, $7.50(g
Cattle Receipts 13,000; market
strong. Prime fed steers, $8.60g)9.40;
dressed beef steers, $7135 8. 50; west
ern steers, $7.008.50; southern
steers, $6.508.00; cows, $4.357.75;
heifers, $G.759.00; stockers and
feeders, $650S.OO; bulls, $6.25(6!
7.50; calves, $0.50(5)11.00.
Sheep Receipts 8000; market
steady to strong. Lambs, $G.757.G5;
yearlings, $G.00G.75; wethers, $5.25
5.75; ewes, $5.005.60.
New York, March 5. Sugar Raw,
steady. Molasses, $2.3G; centrifugal,
$3.01; refined, quiet.
New York, March 5. The New
York state commission on relief for
widowed" mothers, announced today
that there is a need for government!
assistance for widowed mothers with Sal
dependent children and that It Is JMBB
feasible to provide efficient machin- 1HH
ery for the state to meet this need, Skfl
LANCHE. , iffl
Vienna, Austria. March 5.HrSeveral njfl
soldiers of the emperor's rifle regl- Ull
ment were killed today by an ava- . lH
lanche. They were engaged in ma
neuvers on the Ortler mountain in
Jacksonville, Fla., March 5 Reports' ilfV
from Florida indicate that the vege-
table crop waB injured from 50 to Dl
75 per cent by the recent frosts. JB?
Take Salts at first sign of fj
Bladder irritation or
Backache. H
The American men. ' and -women
must guard constantly against Kidney 'j
trouble,because we eat too much and ; j
all our food is rich. Our blood is fill- ij
ed with uric acid which the kidneys
strive to filter out, thoy' weaken from 7 lH
overwork, become sluggish; the ellm- I
ination tissues clog and the result is m jf
kidney trouble, bladder weakness and 'X 'lB
a general decline In health. ) Jl
When your kidneys feel. like lumps 'H
of lead; your back hurts or the urine
is cloudy, full of sediment or you are i
obliged to seek relief two or three
times during the night; if you suffer j
with 6ick headache or dizzy, nervous -spells,
acid stomach, or you have
rheumatism when the weather Is bad,
get from your pharmacist about four
ounce of Jad Salts; take a table
spoonful in a glass of water before
breakfast for a few days and your TWk
kidneys will then act fine. This fam- lH
ous salts is made from the acid of fiH
grapes and lemon juice, combined p-H
with lithla, and has beer, used for j
generations to flush and stimulate
clogged kidneys; to neutralize the '
acids in the urine so it no longer is JfjH
a sourco of irritation, thus ending f
bladder disorders. P
Jad Salts is inexpensive; cannot in- fH
jure, makes a delightful effervescent I
lithia-water beverage, and belongs in 1 M
every home, because nobody can make
a mistake" by having a good kidney ' lH
Hushing any" time- A, R. Mclntyre, ' 'M
PR m Sk arc curable. Allklndt
H H ml rWk mean sutferinp nnd
M ffl Mm MftbT danger The CAUSE
m H Jfc Is always interr.'J. 'H
mm mm sar H EM-Rpip
tablets produce nmniinir rejulta by attacking tn WM
INTERNAL CAUSE. The pilea are dried up and .H
purmanonlly cured. 2i days' treatment, IU. jWm
DR. LEONH ARDT CO.. Buffalo, N. Y. tfrtc book) "
A. R. Mclntyre, Drugs, 2421 Wash.
for the one who economizes, and opens a savings account at THIS H
BANK. The road may be a little hard to travol, but with persis- &
tent efforts you will surely reach the goal. Begin by opening an &
account at THIS Cank today. Dollars deposited with' our savings . M
department are dollars working day and night earning -1 per H
cent interest, compounded quarterly, H
I Capital & Surplus $loo.ooo ikW
M.S. Browning John Watson L.R.EccIes Chas.H.Barion
Vice Pres. "Vice Pres. Cnslttar

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