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No. 317 Total Adder No. 337 No. 416 Total Adder
J No. 421 Total Adder No. 442 Total Adder Wk
Print Sale-strip Prints Sales-strip Prints Sales-strip Print Sales-strip Prints Sales-strip Wm
i Issues Printed Receipt 1 Kl!
$65.00. $80.00. $110.00. $135.00. $210.00. J
National Cash Registers I
New Prices New Terms J I
Oscar Groshcll, Sales Agent j I
Prnits Sales-strip and issues ... . . 3mL-a&WKt g
Primed Receipts Established Zo Years, b I
$260.00. No. 562-6. Electric Sign 1 I
249 State St. Groshell-Forshee Building, Salt Lake City. six complete cash renter. I
I in one 1 k
! $605.00. I I
Write and have my representative call on you. I
I ! No. 442. Electric Sign for Bart No. 522-2. Electric Sign for Bart No. 542 Shows four separate Printed Recefpt """
Prints Sales-strips Shows two separate totals totals, issues Printed Receipt, Prints Sales-strip '
f Issues Printed Receipt Prints Sales-strip and Issues Prints Sales-strip OUr "'"inon' regstcrs ;
$285.00. Printed Receipt $390.00. $525.00.
At a special moctinc last nlcht, the
; Toard of education discussed the
j hiring of teachers for the 1914-15
season and the salaries to bp paid
No definite action was taken, although
i the session lasted over three hours
end no other questions were taken up.
The last pay roll for the present
term was completed yesterday after
noon and totals $24,000, or double the
! regular monthJy roll. This Increase
j Is caused through the holding out of
10 per cent of the salary of each
teacher every montb. to Insure the
board against the breaking of con-
Salt Lake, May "Jack" Gled
bill, whose home is in this city,
j turned from San Diego, Cel., yester
day, after a prolonged absence. He
tells an Interesting story of the cap
ture of himself and two companlous
by Mexicans Just across the border,
! eouth of San Diego.
Mr. Gledhlll and his companions
'Were in the employ of a construe-
tlon company. While thus engaged
they strolled across the border They
I were quickly arrested iy Mexicans
and taJten to Tijuana, where they
were charged with being spies.
They were taken before a magia
trnte at an early hour the following
morning and given a hearing For
tunately one of Mr. GledhlU's com-
panions could speak Spanish and aft
er he had explained that they were 1
worklngmen and not interested in the J
slightest degree In warfare, they were
released with tlo- admonition that it
would be well for them to return to
the American side of the border as
quickly as poslble. ThlB advice wad
I hurriedly taken.
i uu
Salt Lake. May 27 "Kid " McCoy.
j the well-known prize fighter, reached
Salt Lake City yesterday, coming di
rectly from Paris, France, where he
has been living for the past three
years He is taking a flying trip
across the continent to the bedside
of his mother in Los Angeles, who
I has been skk for some time. He
stopped over in Salt Lake for a few
hours to visit old friends.
Speaking of fisticuffs. McCoy said
that the French were developing as
fine a set of men as can be found
in the world, and It is his opinion
! that the coming champions from the
lightweight division down will be
Frenchmen He does not think, .bo'-
I ever, that there will be any heavy
weight boxen of note come from
France for many years to come, as
the Frenchman generally is a small
man. The entire French nation is
enthusiastic about boxing, according
to McCoy, and gymnasiums where the
art is taught are springing up all
over the republic They are a shifty
set, too. and use both hands with
equal faclUtJ
' The big Johnson Moran bout is the
tnlk of the day In Paris, so he says
He would not be surprised if they
had a $160,000 house. He says in
bis opinion Moran has a fighting
chance to win. If Muran wins it will
bo because Johnson has not taken
care of himself, and it is possible he
will not be the Johnson he was when
he won the heavyweight title.
McCoy was high in his praise of
Ritchie. He says the lightweight
champion is a rare ring general, and
never spends his strength on the air
He has the art of saving himself and
Is good for a lonp bout. He also has
a punch that Is a sleep-getter, and is
all around the best lightweight since
Gaiu- was In the riug. In thU divi
sion, however, he thinks that "Young"
Ahearn is the coming lightweight
champion The Brooklyn dancing
master is developing Into a wr
shifty boxer, and he thinks that In a
short time he will be able to defeat
the French champion
After visiting his mother on the
coast, and if the state of her health
is at all favorable. McCoy will return
to Paris, where he has established
a home.
r, r
Provo. Utah, May 26 That their
position might bo clearly defined,
farmers of Juab county who have
made application for water under the
Strawberry .valley reclamation pro
ject, have sent a communication to
A. A. Jones, first assistant secretary
of the Interior. The letter, drafted
after conference with local managers
of the project, outlines the views of
the farmers as follows:
"The land owners in the vicinity
of Nephl desire to purchase L'u.OOO to
30,000 acre feet of water from the
Strawberry alley project, to be ap
plied and used on lands approxlmatinc:
20, acres, located In east Juab
"Said water is to be delivered at
the head of a main carrying canal to
be located at a point about three to
four miles northeast of Diamond
Switch, said canal U) be known as
i be Nephl canal
The responsibility of the United
Slates shall cease when the water
Is delivered Into the head of the pro
' posed Nephi canal on Diamond Fork
'The land owners under the Nephl
district propose to form an Irrigation
district under the state law- and issue
bonds for the purpose of raising the
necessary funds to pay for the con
struction of the main carrying canal
and distribution system
"The irrigation district to be given
twenty yearB In which to pay for the
water if the present contemplated le,
, islatlon. regarding time of payment, is
passed by congress.
"The total cost of the water Is not
to exceed $35 per acre foot, delivered
j at the head of the proposed Nephl
"The Nephl district is to receive
the same proportionate benefits as
other units of the project from the
revenues accruing from the power
plant and grazing lands
' If the foregoing conditions ahe
found acceptable to the United States,
the Nephl district is to be given nine
ty dayg after a satisfactory contract
is agreed upon, in which to further
investigate the matter and ascertain
whether or uol the probable cost of
the main carrying canal and distribut
ing system, when added to the orig
inal amount required to be paid for
the water will make the total cost
of the water delivered to the Irriga
tors more than the benefit to accrue
I therefrom will Justify."
Salt Lake, May 27 Miss Lulu
Parks of Myton. Utah. yesterday won
the permission of the state of Utah
to follow the calling of a barber,
i Miss Parks was the only woman can-
dldate examined. Twenty other can
: didates out of thirty three succeeded
in meeting the requirements of the
j state board of examiners and were
' legally empowered to wield razor and
I brush with impunitv Miss Parks has
not decided where she will make her
start In her chosen work, but Is se
riously considering Salt Lake. It Is
The twenty who succeeded In pass
inc the examination were: Joseph
Baum John Corrlgan. Gus Foundas.
Frank If, Komi. R Konda. H. Mlyalei,
J B Nlller. C J Overman. Thomas
Powers. V T Redman. W T. Smith,
Edward Yarkey. D, F. McElroy and
S H Henrv all of Salt Lake; James
Dine and C, C. McCurdy of Price;
H 8 Graham of Murray; EmJI Pear
son of Meadow; Tony ecchio of Hia
watha, and D. B Willis of Eureka.
NOTICE is hereby given that on
the 5th day of June. 1913. at Ogden.
Utah Mbern Allen, In order to secure
the payment of 1125 00, interest and
Attorneys' fees. made. executed,
acknowledged and delivered to the
undersigned S H. Weston, a Chattel
Mortgage on one Studebaker Lamdau.
then situated at 536 25th Street In
said Ogden City; which said mort
gage was filed In the office of the
County Recorder of Weber County.
State of Utah; that there Is now
due and unpaid on said mortgage at
the time of the first publication of
I this notice, the sum of $129 21. prin
' clpal and interest, and $25.00 a rea
I sonable attorney's fee for foreclos
' ing said mortgage making a total of
$144 21. and that said mortcage will
be foreclosed by a sale of said prop
erty at - public auction to the hlch
est bidder for cash. In front of No
840 24th Street. Ogden City, Weber
Countv, I'tah, at 2 o'clock p ra., on
the 2nd da of June, 1914. said sale
j will be made subject to a prior lien
of $113.75
Dated .May 15, 1914
First publication Notic e. May 15. 1914
Consult County Clark or the Rtspe
thva Signer for Furthar
I Estate of Agnes Williams. De
Creditors will present claims with
vouchers to the undersigned at the
law offices of Halveron k Pratt No
203 Col Hudson building, Ogden.
Utah, on or before the 15 day of Aug
ust. 1914.
Haherson ft Pratt,
Attorneys for Administrator.
In the District Court of Weber County.
State of Utah.
George Lucas. Plaintiff, vs. Clara
M. Lucas, Defendant
The State of Utah to the said Dr
fendant :
You are hereby summoned to ap
pear within twenty days after service
of this Summons upon you, if served
within th Count (n whirh this ac
ilon is brought, otherwise, within
thirty days aftpr service, and defend I
the ahne entitled action; and In case
Of your failure so io do. Judgraen J
j will be rendered against you accord H
ing to the demand of the complain'. jj
i bit b has b en filed with l he Cltrk j
i of said Court.
This anion Is brought to recover 0
judgment dissohing the bonds of mat
rimony heretofore existing between
vou and the plaintiff.
riamtiff'8 Attorney -
p n Addn ss. No :il First Nation
al Bank Bldg.. Ogden. Utah. i
New York. May The recent re
riuctlon in the sail area of the cup
yachl Resolute by shifting the mas
forward and i hanging from a double J
to a single headrlg has gained her
over two seconds a mile in time al
lowance, according to an estimate
made today So far as can be seen,
the Change has not reduced her speed j
Utlca. N. Y. May 26.--George War
ren Latham, who played first bas-
with Boston in 1S75 when Al SpaM I
in" was pitcher, died at his home here
todaj He was 6fi years old. He
played on many teams throughout the
Mrs John U Glenn of New York. j
who was elected president of the
National Conference of Charities and
Correction., at the recent convention f
In Memphis, is the second woman -
ever to be honored with this office. j

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