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per. in the Urvfted State. 7 V W We.ther-F.lr and warmer today
I r r fj J and Thurdy; warmer In outh por- HH
I ' my ton tonight. iFjaSH
Forty-fourth Year-No. 138 Price Five Cent.. OGDEN CITY, UTAH, WEDNESDAY EVENING, JUNE 10, 1914. Entered a, Second-CU.. Matter at the Po.tofflce, Ogden, Utah.
langerou Obstruction on Vital Point Threatens Failure of
Mexico United States Proceedings Mediators Insist
That General Huerta Be Allowed to Appoint New
Provisional President American Government
jf Absolutely Refuses to Accept Proposition.
Transfer of Power Must Be to Carranza Followers in Order to
Insure Peace U. S. to Try to Obtain Guarantee of
Amnesty for Dictator and His Adherents Asks
Only Restoration of Peace and Stable Govern
ment Mediators Must Recognize
Insurgents' Rights.
"r . , i
Niagara. FallB. Ont., June 10. A
dangerous obstruction to progress on
a rlta point In the mediation proceed
ings has arisen, which again threatens
failure of the negotiations,
j The United States has said to the
mediators in unequivocal terms that
it cannot consent to any method of
transition from the existing regime to
' the proposed new provisional govern
I ment of Huerta's administration.
The mediators are insisting that
General Huerta be permitted to make
the appointment of the man agreed
upon here for provisional president
This, the American government abso
lutely refuses to accept, not only be
cause It is committed against recogni
tion of Huerta, but because It has been
Informed by the Constitutionalists that
under no circumstances will they ac
'ccpt a peace plan which permits Huer
ta to exercise the constitutional func
tion of naming his successor. On this
point the mediators and American del
egates are blocked. One side must
give way before any advance is made
Mediation May Founder.
Some of the principals have actually
lost hope for a settlement, but there
is a growing confidence that the medi
ators will devise some method of
bridging the difficulty rather than al
low mediation to founder on the rocks
Involved in the question of method
In choosing the new provisional presi
dent is an underlying principle which
if not settled now, will certainly pro
voke other disagreements before any
protocol can be signed. The American
government is firm in Its belief that
the Constitutionalists, having conquer
ed the greater part of Mexico, should
be given the controlling share in the
new government, that the Constitu
tionalists are moving forward to un
doubted conquest in Mexico City and
that, to prevent such a contingency
concessions should be made which will
make their acceptance of the peace
plan immediately possible.
Constitutionalists Real Party.
The 1'nlted States beliees the Con
stitutionalists with their large army
form thp real party which must be
pacified and that the transfer of power
must be to them in order to insure
Amnestv for the Huerta followers
and a guarantee of their propert
rights has been undertaken by the
American government also, the nit
ed States considers it has acted right
r eouslv in declining to ask for a war
indemn.tv as a result of the occupa
tion of Vera Cruz. It wants, as repar
atlon, the establishment of a stable
government and to have peace restor
ed It will ask nothing more
Unless the mediators find a way to
Straighten out the differences , which
have arisen, the proceedings will con e
io an abrupt end On the otbe. hand
intimations have come from the Mexl
can delegates that they will J?1
on technicalities In the method of
transfer, though they seemed JgJ
determined that a neutral be chosen
provisional president and I that n one
activeh identified with the COM
tlonalist cause be considered eligible.
Club Topsail Proves Handicap
Resolute Holds Advan
tage and Vanitie Foots
LHoclated nss Boat, off Sand:
Assoc. tea wtrclcss)
0k- fiance owned bj a syn
The yachf JJJSJpiJew York Phil
'STSSSS ned the Vanltle
rlolphlii and liosu. ,.
and the p-J2: ?re UmSfriea
? Biy.rt.d a worklni club top
,hf, ESlta risSd a the last minute,
sail hastily Wen handicap that the
had proved BUCb a M bc
!& T Toon ffiUSSK an
hiad Bj noon Defiance ns
Iffi ftmUera of Resolute and
lanltie H-olute led at the star.
The course today was an eleven-
mile beat to windward and return
stretching southwest toward Long
Branch from the Sandy Hook light
An hour after the race began. Reso
lute still held the advantage gained
at the start, with Vanltle footing fast
and trying to overcome her rival 's
The official starting times were:
Resolute 11 18:27
Vanitie 11:17:00
Defiance 11:17.00
Amos Pinchot Makes Public
Confidential Letter Sent to
Theodore Roosevelt.
Pro-trust Propoganda Places
Progressive Party in False
and Fatal Position.
New York. June 10 Amos Pinchot
made public today the text of the con
fidentlal letter he recently addressed
to Theodore Roosevelt, the members
of the Progressive national commit
tee and other leaders, denouncing
George W Perkins, chairman of the
national executive committee, as a
menace to the party, principally be
cause of his affiliation with theUnit
ed States Steel corporation and the
International Harvester company,
"two great monopolies which ha e
succeeded most completely In exploit
ing the public and crushing organized
labor. "
The letter opens bv declaring that
a "situation exists in the Progressive
party which must bo terminated be
fore it can command general popular
"The situation I refer to. Mr. Pin
( hot continues in his letter, "is this.
First, an element in our party leader
ship, headed by George W Perkins
favors the protection of private mo
nopoly in American Industry aud since
the party s formation has beon taking
active steps to commit the parly to
I that polk-. Second the chairman
i of the executive committee (Mr Per
I kins I is actively opposed to recogni
tion of labor's right to organize and
! deal with capital through labor unions.
and has frequently gone on record
j to this effect."
Progressives Oppose Perkins.
Mr Pinchot then goes on to say
the Progressive party has placed it
self poeitlvelj and definitely on re
cord In opposition to Mr Perkins, anJ
adds 'hat "through the Progressive
party's official bulletin, through pulp
lie speeches and interviews and In
pamphlets, printed as Progressive par
ty literature and distributed from the
partv's headquarters in New York and
Wnshincion. Mr Perkins has conduct
ed an extensive pro-trust propaganda
calculated to convince the party .nd
the public that the trusts are useful
and sacred institutions; that itmso
who attacked them are bent upon the
destruction of nil healthy Industry on
a large scale and flnallv that the
Progrep-ie party fully agrees with
him in these vleus As a result w e
have been placed In a false and fatal
position '
Washington, Tune 10 -The ( ham
ber of Commerce of the United States
today sent to every member nf (he
hnu-e and senate a letter containing
an analysis of the referendum vote
recently taken by the chamber rela
tive to the proposed Interstate trade 1
commission bill.
Analysis of the whole rote shows
that business men genoraJly favor
the measure. A scrutiny of the vote
case shows, however, that there Is a
wide divergence of opinion between
the organizations of different locali
ties The analysis by states shows
the eastern stales voting 75 in favor
and 84 against the commission; the
southern state 51 In favor and 2
against; the central western states
179 for and 12 against and the west
ern and Pacific coast states 61 for
and 12 against National trade organ
izations cast otes In favor of the
commission and nine against
Washington, June 10 John M
Dunn a seaman on board the Amphl
trite has been awarded a silver life
saving medal by the treasury depart
ment for gallant conduct In rescuing
a seaman from drowning at the Mare
Island navy yard in California on
March 9.
Constitutionalists C u 1 1 i n g
Down Large Estates Under
New and Satisfactory Plan.
Small Farm System Proving a
Success Poor Men Get
Land for Small Sum.
Juarez, Mev , June 10 The agrarian
problem In northern Mexico, which
has been discussed by the Nicaraga
! Falls mediation congress, already is
working Itself out satisfactorily un
I der constitutionalists direction, ac
I cording to Information given out to
day by officials here. They a?sert that
the plan of cutting up the enormous
j estates of the ranch owners does not
mean confiscation, and that in manv
cases the large land owners will be
glad to havo their estates divided
and sold under government supervls
The constitutionalist-; point out that
heretotore the large land owners, be
Ing in control of the state govern
ments, have paid oniy such taxes as
they saw fit They say when the land
Is assessed at its proper value many
of the large estates would not pay
enough under use as cattle rang
to pay the taxes If this land were
cut into small farms, however. it
could be made to pay splendid re
turns. While the payment of these
farms would be slow, it would be gu
aranteed to that government.
Many Land Owners Satisfied.
It is said here that a dozen land
owners of Zacatecas, realizing these
conditions, already have asked that
portions of their estates be cut up
and sold by the government at a fair
price to small farmers It Is pointed
out here that the taking over estates
of absentees and those who have been
active politically against the consti
tutionalists does not mean conflsca
tlon. It is planned to take these es
tates and hold them lor a few years
as a punishment, operating them for
the benefit of the state as a war tax
In taking these estates and in cutting
up the large holdings into small farms
the holders of mortgages on the prop
erty, especially foreigners, will be.
protected The pro rata amount from
each plot will be turned over to the
mortgagees each year until the mort
gages are paid off
The operation of the small farm
system as shown in Tamaulipas is
instanced as an example of the In
crease in prosperity possible under the'
constitutionalists plan (leneral Lucio
Blanco cut one of Felix Diaz's estates
iDto small farms for his soldiers
These farms. It is said, have paid
over a hundred per cent more than
under former conditions The dis
tribution of municipal lands already
has been begun here Two-acre plots
of ground on the outskirts of Duran
go have been sold to poor men on pay
ments of $1.60 a month for 100 months.
These lands are now being cultivated.
. rvr
Delaware, O. Tune 10 Four bish
ops of the Metbodist Episcopal
church were given the honorary de
gree oi doctors of laws at Ohio Wes
leyan's seventieth annual commence
ment today These were Bishop
Napthali Luccock, Kansas City Kan
Bishop William J. McDowell. ('hi
cago. Bishop Edwin Holt Hughes,
San Francisco, and Bishop Francis J.
i McConnell, Green Castle. Ind
Ml are alumni of the Institution
I and were present today
Pullman, Wash. June 10 The cor
nerstone of the James Wilson Hall
at the Washington state college was
I Inld here today A bronze bust of
lames Wilson, former secretary of
th'1 department of agriculture. lot
whom the hall Is named, was present
ed to the college.
Mr Wilson was prevented by III
uess from attending the exercise..
Henry Wallace of Des Moines. la..
was the principal speaker.
sfl bbbW tH
sawfe j. 9HLV H i'
Dr. Bererly T. Galloway (top) and
Dr. William A. Taylor.
Dr. William A. Taylor, at present
ehief of the bureau of plant industry
in the department of agriculture at
Washington, will succeed Dr. Beverly
T. Galloway as assistant secretary of
the department, it is officially stated.
Dr. Galloway is to resign the first of
August to become dean of the New
York College of AgTicultnre at Cor
nell university and the unofficial re-
Eort says that Dr. Taylor will havs
is present place
Upholds Civil Governor in!
Clash With Military Author
ities at Capital.
Editor of Paper, Who Caused
Bloodshed, Departs With
Staff on Special Train.
Noagles. Souora, Mexico, June 10.
How a message from General Car
ranza brought quiet to Hermoslllo, the
capital of Sonora. after Civil Gover
nor Maytorena, with the aid of Yaqul
Indians, had gained the ascendency
over the military authorities under
Colonel P Ellas Calles wa- detailed
in despatches which reached here lo
day. The crisis in Hermoslllo was reach
ed last Friday Maytorena retired
into the governor's palace, surround
ed bv a loyal guard, while Calles and
his followers held control of the re
mainder of the capital
Indian Troops Arrive.
Bloodshed seemed imminent when
Chief Urbalejo. with L,00fl Ynqui In
dians, arrived in respouse to an ap
peal from Maytorena, who with their
advent, regained control of the situa
tion The Yaquis disarmed Calles.
the members of his persona! staff and
many soldieis of the Thirteenth bat
talion. A number of the military lead
ers were imprisoned.
All of this occurred without the loss
of a life, but with the arrest of the
editor of a newsaper which had sup
ported Calles there cajne B ( hange.
The editor was dragged through the
streets by soldiers and hustled to the
Jail, which he found in control of the
guards from the Calles faction. He
appealed to them to save him They
responded, attacked his captors and
rescued him after several men h;id
been killed and a number wounded.
News Wired to Carranza.
News of the situation In Hermoslllo
was telegraphed to Carranza, who sent
a message declaring he supported
Maytorens In the dissension When
this message was receiveds Calles a
number of his personal friends and
the members of the staff of the pa
per published bv the editor, u (un
arrest precipitated the bloodshed, de
parted from Hermosillo on a special
train for Nogales Yesterday Calles
started back to the caphal with 200
mm summoned troni Cananea, but he
ga p no Intimation of his plans
One of Maytorena's first acts, after
gaining control of Hermoslllo and a
larfje part of Sohdrs a g well through
Carranza's decision, was to free his
political appointees who had been ,n
rested hy the military authorities and
taken to Hermosillo to stand trial on
various charges.
Cincinnati. O., lune 10 President
August Herrmann of the Cincinnati
National league team, today notified
the Chicago Federal league club that
he bad signed Pitcher I'eter Schnei
der of the Seattle club The Chicago
federals notified Mr. Herrmann last
week to "keep hands off' of Schnei
der, inasmuch as they had signed
him. Herrmann claims Schneider says
he haa not signed a Federal league
contract but the local president fur
ther stated that in case the Chicago
federals can show a contract signed,
by Schneider, he will Immediately
wire Manager Herzog not to use the
player under any circumstances
Washington, June 10 The intense
heat in Washington has greatly taxed
the strength of Justice Lurton of the
supreme court, who was able to re
sume his duties with the tribunal onh
a few weeks ago after a prolonged
absence The justice was present In
court Monday for several hours, but
left early asking Chief Justice White
to announce opinions he had prepared
Outlines Conflict Between
Capital and Labor Propor
tions Change in 60 Years.
Usurious Interest Displaced by
Usurious Profit States
Duties Should be Slogan.
I Orono, Me June 10. Vice Presi -I
dent Marshall delivered the principal
j address here today at the University
of- Maine commencement exercises,
i He said in part:
"Slight knowledge will not enable
the young man to assume the man
! agement of life's affairs In the ir
I represslble conflict between labor
and capital, he cannot assume that
either property or labor is everything
without tending to establish a peon
class in American or an obllgarchy of
wealth. Complete knowledge may
convince him that it will better for
the republic to be controlled by nel
ther of these classes.
"In 1850, we had a republic where
labor was satisfied, where respect
for religion and reverence for law
I and order and a sincere attachment
to the constitution were strong In
that year the proportion of the an
nual wealth created in the country
bv the joint efforts of labor and cap
ital was one-fourth to labor and three
fourths to capital. Sixty years later
the proportion bad changed to less
than one-fifth to labor and more than
four-fifths to capital This dispro
portion, to my mind, has much to do
with our present discontent.
Usurious Profit.
"Usurious interest is no more but
! usurious profit has taken Its place
j The young man in assuming leader
Bhlp must create a public opinion and j
develop a moral sentiment against
j usurious profit as against usurious in
terest Evidence of a disposition on the
part of corporate wealth to accept;
this iew is not lacking I dare the;
prediction that the railroads of thej
(.ountry would welcome a permanent'
5 per cent of i per cent accumulative j
profit In exchange for their greater!
profit and the doubt, risk and abuse'
which come with it
"The doctrine of states rights is
now seldom heralded save in opposi
tlon to needed reforms 1 must Bub
scribe to the doctrine hut I realize
that subjects which formerly were
purely of state cognizance have be
come of common interest between the
states and that the doctrine of states
rights must be supplemented by the
doctrine of states duties.
' If states rights are to be pre
served, the young men of tomorrow
must take up this cry of states du
ties, otherw ise, our pleasing vision of
Uncle Sam ns a patriarchal gentle
man with a beneficent smile toward
manhood striving for success will
change to that of a quack doctor plac
arded: When others fail, consult
me.' "
Miss Belle Wyatt Willard and
Kermit Roosevelt Married
by Judge.
Madrid. June 10 The civil marriage
or Mib-s Belle Vvatt Willard. daughter
of the American ambassador to Spain,
and Kermll Roosevelt, son of Colonel
Theodore Koosevlt, was performed to
day. The ceremony was performed ai lh
office and residence of the chief of
police by the magistrate of the Beuua
Vista district
Police headquarters aro located in
a populace section of the city and
the passage of the wedding party In
Bve automobiles attracted considera
ble attention
Moving picture men were in force
In the vicinity of the building a small
crowd gathered which was kept from
approaching too closely by detectives
and polkemeu
Colonel Roosevelt and Ambassador
Willard were among those present at
the ceremony after which the wed
ding party left the city to pa&e the
afternoon at Toledo.
Two Men and Indian Boatmen
Drown Colorado River
Sweeps Over Bridge.
Two Hundred Chinese Work:
All Night Raising Levee at
Volcano Lake.
San Bernardino, Cal., June 10.
Two prospectors and an Indian boat
man, names unknown, wer drowned
In the flooded Colorado river todav
near CaJcona, riz. Their boat cap
sized while they were attempting to
All along the river the situation
waa reported todav as critical. Engi
neers and river men believe the crest
of the flood is yet to come.
Needles, Cal . June 10 The Colo
rado river flood swept over the abut
ments of the big Santa Fe railroad
bridge twelve miles south of here to
day and reached up to the track ties.
Officials, however. became more
hopeful when the river guages show
ed a fall of a few Inches, due prob
ably to levee breaks nhove here.
Calexlco, Cal.. June 10 Two hun
dred Chinese worked all night rais
ing the levee at Volcano lake, which
is threatened by the Colorado river
flood. The river water was within
eight inches of the levee crest last
night and was still rising today.
Captain J. G. Harbord. commanding
the American military forces on the
border here, reported to headquar
ters today that the situation seriouslv
menaced the great Imperial Irrigation
system Men and - teams were being
recruited rapidly for duty at threat
ened points
! Official Recognition of Games
at Panama-Pacific Exposi
tion Voted by Olympic
Lyons. Prance, June 10. Official
recognition of the athletic games to
be held at the Panama-Pacific expo
sition at San Francisco was voted at
today s meeting of the International
Amateur Athletic federation The
resolution was proposed by James E.
Sullivan, secretary of the American
Olympic committee. and carried
unanimously Representatives of all
the nations present promised to do
: their utmost to encourage the send
I ing of teams to the games
The first meeting of the full con
I gre6s was held in the stock exchange
Saloon Keepers and Whole
sale Liquor Dealers Warned
to Keep Closed.
Pittsburg, June 10 Three carloads
of men, presumably strike-breakers,
arrived here todav and aroused in
tense excitement among the striking
employes of the Westlnghouse plant i
The strike leaders urged their fol
lowers to be peaceable.
Saloon keepers in Ea.st Pittsburg
have been notified to keep their sa
loons closed the remainder of the
j week Wholesale liquor dealers have
been warned not to deliver liquor In
the strike district
Rome, June 10 Farther outrages
were committed today by strikers in
various parts of Italy who caused
damage to several minor railroad sta
tlons The authorities in conse
quence have extended their measures
of precaution and have posted troops
and police to guard structure liable
to attack by the strikers.
The working men's movement was
started on Monday when a general
btrike was declared as a protest
against the repressive measures of
the government in connection with
popular demonstrations at Ancona on
Sunday wheu several men were killed
and wounded.
Milan. Italy, June 10 An encount
er between the troops and riotous
strikers here today resulted in the
wounding or a number of soldiers and
workingm-Mi The strikers used the
pavlug stones of the Cathedral square
as missiles. Many of the men were
w 1
Spnngv-ille, Juno 0 Dunn Tavlor,
the 12- ear-old son of Mr. and Mrs. J.
C Taylor of this city, met with a very
serious accident by falling from a tree
and striking on his head on a cement
walk He war, picked up unconscious
by his mother.
Mexican Cruiser and Fleet of ?
Steamships May Remove ,
Troops From Guaymas.
Non-Combatants at Mazatlan
Fear to Leave Homes j
Fighting Continues.
On Board U. S S. California, Ma
zatlan. Mexico, June 10. (By Wire- 1
less to San Diego, Cal.) The cruiser
New Orleans, which in company with
the Mexican cruiser Guerrero arriv
ed at Guaymas. on the Gulf of Cali-
fornla, yesterday, reports that the
federal government is concentrating
St Guaymas art available steamships
of the Naviera line. This seems to
indicate that the federal garrLson Ifl
preparing to evacuate Giiaymas, and
will retreat by way of the sea. using
the vessels of the Naviera line as
The situation at Mazatlan continues
substantially unchanged. In spite of
the permission of General Rodriguez, j
the military' governor, to all non
combatants to leave the city and en-
ter the lines of the besieging constl-
tutlonallst army, many of them have
thus far preferred to remain in their j
homes, and bread riots continued yes
terday. The federal fortification shelled
the constitutionalist positions across
the harbor all day. I
Washington, June 10. Active work
has been begun by the newly organ
ized "Chevron" society to help ttul
enlisted men of the army through all
non commissioned officers, according
to advices received here today from
Father Thomas E Sherman, sou of
the late General William Tecumseh
Sherman. Father Sherman, a form
er chaplain in the armv, waB chaplain
of the Frst artillery, New York na j
tlonal guard, through whose efforts ;L . . .
the new military society was recently
formed here, announces that the or- j
ganlzatlon tyas been incorporated has
adopted a constitution and by lawa
and has begun enrolling members and
form squads, companies and rogi
ments Already offices have been
opened In New York and It is ex
pected that the society will soon es
tablish offices in other cities All
active sergeants in the army are mem
bers in the society and it. is through
them that the "Chevron" intends to
get In touch with the enlisted men
in the service
I Vanitie Follows Four Min
utes Behind in Race Off
Sandy Hook.
Associated Press Boat Off Sundv
j Hook, N J., June 10 (By Wireless!
-The New York Yacht club s sloop i
! Resolute today won the fifth race 1
of the series preliminary to lhe se-
lection of the America's cup defend
er. Over a winward aud leeward
course. 22 miles In all off Sandy
Hook, she beat Alexander Cochrane.
Vanitie by about four minutes with
out takiDg advantage of her time al
j lowance. The Defiance owned by th j
i tri-city syndicate, made her first ap
pearance in the cup preliminaries but 1
dropped out of the race on the first
leg. Trouble with her untried rigging I
caused her to lag hopelessly behind. I
This was the third victory for Reso
Washington. June 10. That
eggs can be marketed success
fully by parcel post is the conclusion I
reached by the department of agricul
ture today as the result of extended
experiments. It was demonstrated to
the satisfaction of the department
that this method of shipment fre
quently secured a better price for
the producer and a fresher article
for the consumer. The experiment
it is stated further showed that the
parcel post was of particular value
to the man whose flock was too small
or who lives too far from express ser- I
vice to permit him to ship his eggs
in regular commercial cases
In rhe course of rh experiments
which extended over a period of five
months the department shipped 9,131
eggs in 46C lots by mail from various
points under varying conditions and
in different types of containers Of
these 887 or slightly lesB than 3.6
per cent were broken, but only 209
or a little lesB than 2 3 per oent I
were absolutely wasted The others
though broken, could still be used
The percentage of breakage will o
greatly reduced. It Is stated, when
postal employes become more ac-
customed to handling such fragile j
matter i

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