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S Tne AMoelated Press has a special B Wt
wire Into The Standard office, supply- I I fj
In this p.per with the same news I
service that flven tne larflett pa. Lj V&J
pars In the United States. i
1 .
forty-fourth Year No. 140-Prl Five Cent..
Bcjdy of College Student
( Found in the River Has
Been Identified.
Ex-State Treasurer Dahl a
Candidate For Governor
on Republican Side.
Milwaukee. June 12 -(Special to the
Sf? x? roni lh, Maukee Jour
nai.i -The murder victim found in the
t nyr yesterday has been Identified R
I, Albert Bieber of Cudahy. Birbe,- was
4 ears of age aud a student of Moler
Barber college a sight draft drawn
in Greenbay. found in one of the dead
man's pockets, led to his identiflca
rion The officers now have a clew
to the murderer and an arrest Is mo
mentarily expected to be made at
1 Green bay.
New Car Service.
Milwaukee. June l:The plat-.- tor
the 'skip-stop" street car service are
now being completed and are expected
to be put into operation within the
next few weeks
'fi, Rebuild on Fair Grounds.
Milwaukee, June 12 (Special to the
Standard from the Milwaukee lour-1
ill nal) The state board of insurance ad
J Ju8ter6 has awarded $25,000 to the
State Fair Board a8 insmance on the
in buildings that were recently wrecked
fli ! by the high winds. The hoard has
1 reached a decision to rebuild the des
troyed structures and will have thei
work Btarted as soon as plans can be
prepared and contracts let.
jib Found Covered With Blood
Milwaukee, June 12. -The body oi
ill" an aged man was found on the mill
gj road near Hales Corners. It was cov
ered with blood and has not as yet
Iff been identified,
.j. Progressives Indifferent.
Milwaukee Junp 12. According tc
V a report of the Bull MooBe Central
In, Committee meeting, but little Interest
Is taken by the Progressive organlza
IB 'Ion in the local political situation
Interest in the state ticket, manifest
ed at the meeting, was decidedly
we a i
t Candidate for Governor
1 Milwaukee, June 12. The name a
iy -Sta'e Treasurer A H Dahl was in
jected into the state political discus
' - on last night by his announcement
fjj, that he was out for the nomination
for governor on the Republican ticket
ff Bonds Are Sold
, Milwaukee, June 12 Sp t al to the
I Standard from the Milwaukee Jour
f nal.j -The county authorliies yestei
j day had sold to the public er tl.
counter over 175,000 worth of count)
SE bonds I
i,i rse party of repreaentatlve
business men. member of the Mil i
I rvattkee Merchants and Manufactur-j
crs association, is being entertained
this afternoon by the Weber club.
The Aislturs arrived In ifie city at
7 05 a. it tod ij fro i i I I ,"
on special Oregon Short Line train!
and went on through to Sal
jig. i itj 'or n briel Bight si 1 1
' pt Salt Lake ag iId i the ape
for Ogden at 2:0 and arrived here
at. P. : no p ru At the Union depot;
thev were met by a committee from;
the Weber club and escorted to the
ripen Ogden canyon cars of the Ogden
jp Flapid Transit company, which tooh
the place ot automobiles owing to the
extra ampunt of traffic jn the
, but"l Htreel i aused b the pi 1 1 f the
'fcnmf' Sells Floto circus In the c '.
The Milwaukee people left for the,
Sl ip canyon about 3 45 p. in. and ari now
nds ' i the beauth a ol Ogden b
mountain gorge.
The committee expected to keep
ater,0f' the guests m the canyon two hour-1
oW IJ after which all were to return to the
he I , Lty for a reception at the P i ber
C,The nartv heduled to leave
Ogden for the east at 7 p m. via the
U IP8mS Party and the business
D; A thev renresent folio
H M Oberndorfer, clothing R L.
Syff nine- i insurance; O. J- Scho ah
SJ. ,r chocolate SSliH
BWWflt ;,1 K I' lt'i : ,v!
3 i p Lann 1 tln68 G ( '
SJT OR-ar Loeffler. wholesale dr
goods; Walter Gerhardy glow ijw
T facturers; Oust Meyer, wholesale mil-
I liner W R Helmhols. mitteii man
1 rprc Fred Hoffmann, plumbera-
CT B O Hoffmann, wholesale
l. supplies, Fischer analyt -
1. Brpcers; Dr 'l BUi henbergi r . est
i; cal chemical. J. .jM n Lmdsay
.ICC manufacturers Willi
IC farming mvUnr- aJJ
J-! w (; glddleton riove manu.
lgc facturers; To-" ( ; raliway; L
J0C f 11 Yunker. fire Inr.in
Bangs, photo stjpplles; R. B Plxley
sentinel, G C Mueller, furnaceB)
Paul R. Ellsworth, chemicals manu
facturers, Lewis C. Gens, chBmical
manufartnrers; John M. Behling, lifp
insurance; F H Sqilier, brewers; H.
C. rarr. packer?; Phil. Polacheck, gas
and electric fixtures, I'ranz W'ollap-
len, wholesale hardware Herbert TJlh
len. brewers, H. C. Schranck, flavor
Ing extracts; W, L C,hene, bankers;
T A Wllllngton; H B Stnnz cheese,
butter, P G. Toepfer. castings, Wil
liam D. Vllter. refrigerator machin
ery, P. A. Oliver, sausage manufac
turers. F II Mohr, telegraph; Wl'
Ham H Greer, mantel and tile manu
facturers; V. H Lincoln, telephone;
1 P. M. McSmlry, telephone; L. J Wol
laeger, furniture manufacturers; John
I A Bell, wholesale saddlery, Charles
i Ziegler, candy manufacturers; Her
! bert Ziegler. enndy manufaclurprs
Cup Yacht Wins Fifth Time
Over Vanitie Defiance
Not Entered.
Associated F'ress Boat, off Sandy
Hook, by Wireless, June 12- Reso
lute, the flag officers" yacht, triumph
ed today for the fifth time over her
rival cup candidate Vanltle on the
Sand Hook course winning without
I her time allowance. The official time
gave Resolute a lead of nearly three
minutes ar the finish of the triangular
course of thirty miles, over which
the contest had been fought
Resolute linished at 2:23:57, Vani
tie at 2 26 46 elapsed time
Defiance on account of the neces
sity for re-rigging was not entered
In today's race
Yaqui Raiders Attack Town
and Appeal for Aid is Made
to Pima Tribe.
Douglas. Ariz, June 12 I'.ina ;md
Vaqul Indians fought one another for
several days in a recent attack upon
and defense of the town of Cnmripa.
Sonora, and in the end the Yaqui as
sailants were driven off. according to
advices that reached Douglas to
When Yaqui raiders attacked the
town, an appeal for aid was sent to
the Pima tribe, which inhabits the
surrounding valley At one timp the
Yaquis heid half the town, and the
fighting was proceeding at short
range when the Plmas appeared and
turned the tide oT battle. Heavy losses
were Inflicted upon the Yaquis, and
a number of defenders of the town
were killed.
When the Yaquis retreated, they
took with them a number Of captured
Mexican women
Paris, June 12- The new French
cabinet decided today to ask the
ITrem b parliament to authorise the
itsue .i loan of $160,000,000 at 3 1-2
per cent, payable in 25 years and not
exempt from Income tax The pro
ceeds of the loan are to be spent
for the extraordlriar) requirements of
the army and navy and also to cover
French expenditure in connection
with Morocco.
Berlin, June 11. Grand Duke
Adolph Frederick of .Mecklenburg
Strelitz died today.
Grand Duke Adolph Frederick was
born iu 1848. the son of Grand Duke
Frederick William, whom he succeed
ed as reigntng grand duke on the
latter' death in P'i4 and PrJncoss
Augusta, the daughter of the late
Duke Adolphus of Cambridge.
In 1907 the grand duke announced
that he would grant a constitution
to the duchy but thi.i met w,tn much
opposition from the nobles and Inter
he offered to make a fre iit of $2.
.".(iii.uhi to the national treasury of his
grand duchy if the nobies who con-1
Btituted the overwhelming majority
of the diet would abandon their op
position to the grant of a constitu
lion similar to that of the other So
crelgn stntes of the German empire.
I A form of constitutional govern
ment it is understood. ;s now about
I to be Introduced
Washington. June 12. The senate
today passed Senator Roots resolution
turniiigi over to France the Steam
launch liOUlse, built In France in lss"
and used by both the French Canal
company and the United si ::es lu
construction of the Panama canal.
Plying the French Hag. the Louise will
he accorded the place of honor at the
opeulug of the canal.
HHHBHalaWHSBa aaaaaaaa- IHmk3S01H
flkutclllkrb'. Hariri
WJ- '7?l ( WEATHER Tonight end 8aturday bI'Jx
Generally Fair; Except Thunder H
J Storms North and East Portions This EKjtc
. . Afternoon or Tonight; Cooler. mF$yfty.!-
OGDEN CITY, UTAH, FRIDAY EVENING, JUNE 12, 1914. Entered as Seccnd-Class Matter at the Po6tofflce, Ogden, Utah. !, &j5-tSi
London police driving militant snfFrairet-s from gates of Buckingham palace.
A concentrated raid by the militants on Buckingham paiaco called out the cordon of police drawn around the
Aing's residence to cope with the strenuous women who were I esieninp; the palace gates. The photograph shows
what the police had to cope with. Some of the women are seen in an attempt to pull the reins of a policeman's
Blackhander Who Threatened
to Blow Up Cunard Steam
er in Jail.
May Waive Extradition Con
fesses Guilt Others Be
lieved to Be Implicated.
New York, June L2 While arrange
ments were iu progress today for
the extradition to this clt) of Henry
Westcott, the young negro arrested
last n'g'nl near Bogota, N'. J . charged
with attempting to obtain $10,000 un
der threats of blowing up ; Cunard
steamer with dynamite, city detec
tives continued their investigations in
the belief that Westcott or Joseph
Burton, as he later admitted bis name
to be, had the aid of one or mor'
Burton is in jail at Ilackensack. X
; J., but it was believed today that he
' would waive extradition and be
! brought to this city for arraignment.
I To the New York detectives and sec
ret service men of the West Shorn
railroad. Burton is said to have con
fessed the authorship of the letters
! in which arrangements were made for
i tin- payment of 110,000 demanded a'
I immunity for a Cunard line steamer
I which !he writer declared would be
; blown up at Hea by placing dynamite
I lh the coal
Three Distinct Fires Set by i
iVlilitants Are Extinguished
By Rector and Villagers.
London. June 12. A determined at
tempt wiis made by militant suffr.u - -tes
this morning to burn the ancient
church of st Margarets, at Gtgpstead,
14 miles -outheast of London. Three
' distinct fires, fed by fire lighters com
I posed of squares or Telt saturated with
oil. was set by the "arson sc,u:td."
The rector. Hev William H. Stone,
and the villagers extinguished the
llamas before much damage had been
done. The church dates Irom the
' elftb century
Tainpico. Mexico, June 11. (Via
Laredo, Tex. fane 12). The steam
ship Antilla from New York today
discharged her cargo of ammunltiou
for the constitutionalists.
Sixteen hundred cases of ammunl
tlon and two aeroplanes were imme
diately dispatched north on a special
Until after her arrival at the wharf
here the Antilla knew nothing of the
projected blockade of the pori or th
nresenre 0f the federal gunboats
Zaragoza and Brao outside the har
bor. The Antilla will sail tomorrow for
Tatttoyuca to recover the body of
Weston Burweii. the American report
er murdered by Federals April 22.
Chicago. June 12 --Notice was pos1
ed on the Board of Trde today that
Sidney Long A: Company had failed
in pay their debit balance at the
i learing house The firm has been ac
tive on the bull side of the wheal
market which has recently Buffered
from a sharp decline.
mm jury is
Alleged Combination of Com
mission Merchants to Con
trol Prices to Be Inves
gaied. Chicago. June 12 The federal
grand jury today began an Investiga
tion into the alleged combination of
commission merchants throughout
the coiuitrv to control prices of Irnlts
and vegetables. Criminal prosecution
le sought by District Attorney Wllkcr
6on. Witnesses Included Chicago
commission merchants and testimony
is said to have concerned the opera
tions of the western cantaloupe e.
chance through two boards of con
trol, one here and one in Brawley,
Cal It is said the attorney general
ha directed grand Jury investigations
In New York. Pittsburg, E&ejUSaa City
and Denver as well as Chicago.
j Constitutionalists Making Con
centrated Attack on Fed
eral Fortifications.
On Board U. S S. California. Mazat
Ian. June 11. (By wireless to San
Diego. Cal.. June 12 I The- constitu
tionalist array under Genera) Obregon
today began Us first concentrated as
sault on the federal fortifications at
Mazallan, commanded b General
Rodriguc-s. The battle raged all day.
and, although the besieged garrison
held its posit loub, It !o I. heavily iu
killed and wounded
The first heavy rains of the wet
season began here today and will add
to the hardships of the combatants.
The federals, who are short of sup
plies themselves und must in addi
tion keep under control a starving
and hostile populace within their
Hues, will suffer most from this new
burden. The besiegers have plenty
of provisions, and, by reason of their
superior numbers, can keep the gar
rison harrassed uight and day, be
tween assaults, while a majority of
their number rest.
The rebel gunboat Tamplco. it was
learned today, has been floated at
Topolobampo. and if she, can be
brought south to azatlan. will greatly
aid in the attacking force by cov
ering with her artillery fire tln-ir ad
vances on positions they have not yet
dured attempt.
mm house
Chairman Asks Body to Con
cur With Senate Without
Further Parley.
Statement in Revised Measure
Should Be Accepted as Ex
ceedingly Opportune.
Washington. June 1 2 Without the
formality of a conference, the house
today by a vote of 2Xfi to 7J accepted
j the senates aniendmept to the repeal
of the Panama tolls exemotlon and
Bent the lull to President Wilson.
i Washington, June 12 Fresh from
the long and spectacular fight in the
senate, the Panama tolls exemption
bill returned to the house today for
act Ion on the Norris-Simmons com
promise amendment before going to
President Wilson for signature.
Chairman Williams of the com
merce committee, in charge of the
bill, at once moved that the house
concur with the amendments instead
of sending If to conference.
"Tho senate amendment," he said,
"should lie acceptable to all advocates
of uniform itolls. It Is exceedingly
opportune ifyt the statement contain
ed in the amendment should be made
and promulgated In connection with
iho repeal bill Itself It is nothing
but the truth and substantially th
BBine declaration has been made by
us on the floor of the house and else
where many times."
Administration senators nought
conferences at the White House to
day to lay the lines for the pending
legislative battle, the enactment of
President W llson trust program. With
the Panama tolls repeal out of the
way after weeks of long debate, the
administration forces will bend their
energies toward passage of the trust
bills, already approved In the house
and now awaiting action in the sen
ate Judiciary and Interstate commerce
Rome, June 12. Movements of a re
rolutlonary character were reported
today throughout the proviuces of Fer
rara, Bolgna. Raveuna and Forll,
forming what is known as the Pam
Although n cessation of the general
strike which began on Monday had
been ordered by the labor organiza
tions, the workmen oi extreme views
In those districts have refused to re
turn to work.
St. Joseph, Mich.. Juuo 12 Cap
tnln Joseph A. Napier, S9, who. during
his forty years' career on the Great
Lukes, saved CO lives. wa;5 found dead
In hlH bed here today.
in ISol Captain Napier alone res
cued :2 of the passengers and crew
of the schooner Merchant, which
foundered off Chicago. In 1877. con
gress voted him a modal.
Warning to Turkey by Greek j
Premier Little Short of
Formal Declaration.
Situation Very Grave Gov
ernment Sends Vigorous
Demand to Empire.
Athens. Greece, June 12 A warn
ing to Turkey, which fell little short
of a formal declaration of hostili
ties, was uttered today by Premier
Venizeloa of Greece in the chamber
of deputies He was speaking on the
treatment of Greek subjects in Tur
key The premier's attitude showed that
the tension between Greece and Tur
key was near the breaking point and
that the danger of war was immi
M Venlzelos obviously found it dif
ficult to restrain his language when
he spoke of the way in which the
Turks had treated his fellow country
men 'l do not wish to allow to escape
me words which cannot be recalled,
but I should fail in my duty if I did
not inlorm the chamber of deputies
that the situation has become grave
even very grave." he said. "If a
stop Is not put to these conditions,
the Hellenic government will be
forced not to content Itself with Join
ing in the lamentations of unhappy
The Greek government today sent
a vigorous note to Turkey demanding
the cessation of the persecution of
the Greeks in Turkey and the repair
of damage caused to them and their
London, June 12. An Exchange
TelegTaph company's dispatch from
Athens today staled that the Greel
foreign minister Informed represent
atives of European powers that al
though his government desired peace.
! it could no longer remain indifferent
j to the continued expulsions of Greeks
from Thrace.
Strong Animosities Aroused.
The threat of another Greco-Turkish
war did not come as a surprise
to diplomats here today. It was
f pointed out that events in the near
, east during recent months had been
j kindling the strougest animosities be
; tween the two peoples.
Greece acCtlsei Ti;rke of the
wholesale expulsion with great cruel
ties of Greek Christians from the
proi ince of Thrace, while Turkey ac-
cuses Greece of oppressing former
Turkish subjects in the region of
, Saloniki, which was taken by the
Greeks in the recent Balkan war.
London, June 12. An official ties
! patch from Mitylene, an island off the
coast of Asia-Minor, says that Turkish
regulars, with machine guns and a
torce of Bashi-Raseouks. today com
menced nu attack on the town of Aiva
11k on the coast of the mainland. As
the town is inhabited by 25.000 Greeks,
a massacre is feared
"Million Population Club"
Flyer Meets Disaster Pilot
Hurt Probably in Cas
cade Mountains.
Portland, Ore.. June 12 A carrier
pigeon arrived here at 1 p. m.. with
this message from the balloon '.Mil
lion Population Club '
"Balloon struck by lightning Berry
hurt. Come back.' (Signed)
The message did not say where the
balloon had descended to earth. The
Berry referred to is Captain John
Berry of St Louts, who was piloting
the balloon. Ceorge G. Morrison, his
passenger, signed the message.
Officials hers are absolutely at se.i
as to where to look for the wrecked
balloon and Its injured pilot If to
presumed the balloon came down
somewhere In the craggy Cascade
mountains, probably many miles from
a habitation.
A little white carrier pigeon, one
of three which the balloon carried,
arrived al its home here today, wet
and bedraggled and with the hastily
scrawled note fastened to its leg
The .Million Population Club" was
the second ballon reported wrecked
in the terrific- electrical storm which
raged in the mountains last night,
the other being the "Uncle Sam."
whose pilot and passenger escaped in
jury. Anxiety for the two balloons still
unheard of increased with the report
of the "Million Population Club" dts
aster. The storm last night was
general and there Is doubt If any of
the balloons escaped It. Every point
for I'OO miles southeast of here Is be
ing requested to send searching par
ties Into the densly forested mountains.
Washington. June 12. Representa
tive William G. Sharp of Elyria 0-,
was nominated today by President
Wilson to be amba-ssHdor to France
succeeding Myron T. Herrlck. Mr.
Sharp is a Democrat.
State Bank Examiner Arrives l
and La Salle Street Institu- . :
tion Suspends Business. I ' ;
Corn Exchange Refuses Clear :
ance Wild Run Caused I
by Statements Made I r
by Politician. Ir
ChlcagO, June 12 The LaSalle
Street Trust & Savings bank, organiz- I,
ed by William Lorlmer five years ago. I
when he was United States senator t
from Illinois and or which he hos 1"
since been president, was closed to- If
day by the state bank examiner.
While rumors of the financial trou- ll-
ble had been whispered of late, the I
actual closing of the institution was I
a surprise Coincident with the clos-
ing of the LaSalle Street bank, state
examiners were sent to three state ft.
banks which had heavy deposits with
the larger institution. No statement
of what the closing of the bank ac- f.
tually means in dollars was made E 1
by the examiner Recent reports to E
! the state auditor's office plac-Ml the B
J deposits of the LaSalle Street bank f
at more than $0,000,000. 1
Chicago. June 12 The La Salle t
Street Trust and Savings bank, of 1
which former Senator William Lori-
mer is president was taken in charge if
today by the state bank examiner t
No business was done in the bank
today and the examiner reported tha- .
i conditions were such as to warrant it
the closing of the J
A mild run started on the bank two f
days ago. according to the secretary H
of the La Salle Street, trust and Sav-
ings bank and today more depositors H
gathered in front of the institution.
which Is a few doors from the hoard jfl
of trade building In La Salle streel H
An hour after the arrival of the H
State bank examiner the doors oi the H
bank H
Subsidiaries Are Examined
Examination of subsidiaries of the H
La Salle street bank would be taken H
up by the state bank examiner H
William Lorlmer, president of th H
i bank, was conference with Uie 91
rectors of the institution through the
in th" statement issued by the H
bank) its capital stock was placed at H
I Jl.uiiu. nitii with a surplus of $260,000 H
1 and. undivided profits of $98,631, Its H
stock was then held at par J
The statement gave the deposit--. H
as $5.053. 5S6 and placed the loans a' H
Tnree Branches Suspend.
Later the state bank examiner an-
nounced he had sent examiners to
three banks in Chicago classed as H
subsidiaries of the La Salle street in-
stitution The examiners caused a
suspension of business in the three. J
the Broadway State bank. In the H
north side; the Ashland and Twelfth H
in the west-side ghetto district, and H
the Illinois State bank of Chicago iu
North Clark street H
In financial circles it was reported H
that the Corn Exchange bank yester- H
: day refused to allow the La Salle H
Street Trust and Savings bank to H
I clear through it H
Mi d Run Made. 1
The run on the bank, which was H
characterized by bank officials SS H
i "mild" was attributed to allegations H
1 made in connection with the suit of H
John 11. Coyne against State Auditor H
Brady, In which Coyne charged in his J
declaration In a suit for damages that
the La Salle Street bank had COtf-
tributed to the Brady campaign fund H
and that the contribution had been
made the basis of a claim that it H
Bhould be consulted regarding ap- H
pointments to be made by the state H
Rough estimates of the amount J
withdrawn by depositors In the last J
three weeks place the figures at
more than $1,000,000.
Following the closing of the bank f. H
doors there was a crowd assembled H
In front, but there was no disorder.
A policeman was detailed to stand H
guard, but there seemed to be no call
for his services. IH
Daniel V. Harkin, chief state bank H
examiner for Cook county, explained
that he had not intended to close the
bank when he entered It today. '!
Soon Discovered Trouble f
"I did not mean to lake possession." 1
he said, "but I soon discovered I
must It looked extremely doubtful
If the bank could continue to weather I
the situation At present I cannot it
say whether the bank will ever re
sume operations. The three smaller j
banks will, I believe, resume busl
ness In a short time."
The LaSalle Trust & Savings bank I
was not a member of the Chicago j
Clearing House association.
According to the cashier. Charles C.
Fo. the bank deposits had been over
Mr Hnrkln said be. did not believe
the disclosures In the Coyne-Brady
Bi andal had any bearing upon the ti
ll condition of the bank. The. j
city of Chicago had $650,000 on de
posit. City Treasurer Flynn attempt
ed to withdraw- tbe funds following
the rumor that the bauk was in
trouble. He was refused by the cash- I
ier, who told him no funds could be
paid out while the bank was in charge
of i Li" bank examiner.
Board of Trade markets were made !
to reflect to sonic extent the troubles a
of the Lorlmer banks A considerable j
part of a decline of out cent from top I
figures of the day in the price of
wheat and of 3-4C in corn was gen 1
arsJly attributed to speculative nnd B
other selling more or less the out
growth of the bank difficulties S

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