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I mmmmmWmmmmmmmm T - JF
HE '
i '" """ " I i
h nBBHHiiam ' " I
I I July Clearance in the
H I Basement
i U Bargains beckon you in the
j 9 busy Basement Store.
Some imported enamelware
j which was slightly damaged in
1 i the shipping.
Large and medium Dish Pans,
excellent for the preserving
B season; $2 values 69c
i Lip Preserving Kettles, medium
and large sizes, $1.10 val-
i ues 69C
Handled Lip Sauce Pans, large
J sizes, 85c values, on sale. .39o
I Blue Enameled Sugar Bowls
I with white inside, 55c val-
I ue 29c
J Blue Enameled Milk Pitchers,
1 white inside, 55c value 29c
I i Tea and Coffee Pots, blue en-
I ameled, $1.00 values ... 48c
Supply all your wants now
i these prices may be withdrawn
any day. Complete new stock;
1-pt. Mason Jars, doz . . ,48c
i 1-qt. Mason Jars, doz. . . . 58c
) 1-gal. Mason Jars, doz .... 69C
if New Rubbers for Mason Jars,
I ! dozen 6 c
j Good heavy Tumblers, clear
I I glass each 3c
I Brown Glass Thin Tumblers,
decorated, each 6C
I 1 Long Lemonade Glasses, thin,
j each SC
Colonial Goblets, footed,
j each 12c
J Sherbet Glasses, footed,
J each 9
Sherbet Glasses, handled,
j each 13c
1 Handy pieces from broken sets
I in china and semi-porcelain.
y a Bowls, cups and saucers, vege-
' , 'I table dishes, covered dishes,
I v j platters and plates all good
I 'M designs excellent . ware. To
; :''m close out at just half price.
I (M I Complete clearance will now
JjMjj J I be made of the entire stock of
0 ! hammocks. Only a few are
. l mentioned.
$7.50 Hammocks on sale $4.98
$2.50 Canvas .Hammocks, on
;W I sale $1.69
I $3.00 Hammocks on sale $1.98
l; Strong fiber Suit Cases, very
&3m light and very strong, made
f&M with leather handle, brass cor-
sffm ners brass locks and well made
MM, $2 value on sale $1.39
&jB Brown fiber Suit Cases, looks
like leather and will wear just
qM as well ; light and strong, brass
j lck and trimmings; $3 value,
S I on sale $1.98
jgftjB Brooms which are made es-
K9; pecially for us and are of the
BjB I very best quality
W fl 40c Brooms on sale 2 4c
H B 50c Brooms on sale 35C
ySH B 60c Brooms on sale 4Sc
HB ! Non-poisonous Matches, the
HH best matches now being ship-
K I ped into the state; sold every
Wm where at 5c a box. Not more
H j than two cartons to a customer ;
H i carton contains 8 boxes ; at per
H D0X 2c
Wm $1.50 CEDAR MOP 96c
H1 Genuine Cedar Oil Mop, in tin
can with long handle; limit the
sale one to a customer ; regular
If' $1.60 value for 459
J&m Cedar Oil, for polishing and re
Wm newing the mop, 90c full can
on sale 48i
Large roll St. Regis Toilet Pa-
Per- fabric finish, the very best
paper on the market, on
sale 5C
H J l1 ,Tablc mt f or e under
m I hot plates on the dinine table
V I Bet of three different size3 8c
5r r .rrt tt Remnants
C d ydlU of wash goods
which are slightly soiled. In the
lot are lawns, batistes and a great
assortment of wash materials of the bet
ter sort the materials which sell from the
piece at from 1 5c to 20c a yard. Because
these are rumpled we propose to close
them out quickly at 5c a yard. Prices will
not be cut. Basement.
Soiled embroid-
d ydlU eries worth to
50c a yard A lot of embroidery
remnants in the Basement. The
lot includes edges and bands and flounc
mgs which are worth up to 50c a yard.
Some of the flouncings are 45 inches wide.
The edges are becoming soiled, hence the
very low price of 9c a yard. Basement.
Miss Mabry Sells Many
Handsome Switches
Miss Mabry, an expert hair dreser from the
east, is in our store with one of the greatest
lines of hair goods ever
jjZ2 brought to Ogden The
jrxr hair is much finer than
(T&&Mi'r'ffi that whlch we have of-
(.SIkf fered before and there is
STwS Positlvelv every conceiv
MS&r ' able shade and color.
k y f With every sale, Miss Ma
li D1T dresses the hair for
SSm the customer- demonstrat-Uff'-il
mg the latest and most
Wf-'VTt'i -fjil becoming styles of hair
drf dressing. She will be here
8 but a short time. Main
Ladies $10 Summer Dresses
July clearance of ladies' summer dresses at a price which
should take every one out the first day. Dresses of lingerie,
ratine, crepes and some of woolen materials; dresses which
were here last season and some of them are slightly soiled
Many prudent women will buy these and use them to good ef .
feet. Actually worth to $10. For quick clearance. . $1.9S
Ladies' White Dress Skirts 89c
White wash dress skirts for the summer season all are of
this season's styles and skirts offered elsewhere at $1.50. There
are not all sizes here most of them being for small women.
0n sal S9C
Ladies' 415 Silk Dresses $7.95
While this is the end of the season's selling, it represents a lot
of silk dresses which have not been in the store sixty days
The styles are all new and attractive and the materials of the
season's most wanted patterns siik crepes, silk ratines, etc.;
$15.00 values, on sale $7.95
Ladies' Suits and Coats $2.95
There are so few of these suits and coats which were here last
season that we have placed them all in one lot for a complete
celarance at a very low price Many women who sew will
alter these suits into good looking styles. Values to $15 on
sale $2.95
A New Brocaded Petticoat 98c
Colored petticoats which are made to fit under the newest style
dresses narrow flounce of accordion pleating. The material
looks like silk and will wear better; the patterns are brocaded
m silk-like thread; all colors; $1.50 values 98c
New $1.50 Shirt Waists 98c
There are two great tables of these excellent shirt waists on
second floor and a hundred different styles The materials are
voiles, batistes and lingerie materials with newest collars and
raglan sleeves all are of the usual $1.50 value. On sale 98c
All of This Season's Suits
When fall styles appear, you'll find that these suits of this
spnng: s defining will not be much unlike the fall fashions
We have dmded the entire stock into three assortm nte and
offer them at these reductions
$27 New Suits .$9.85 $35 New Suits $12.95
$40 New Suits $16.75
$1.50 Jaunty House Dresses 79c
Clean looking house dresses of percale and cinhamn..w
patterns and new styles-every dress in this loth of sea
w.t 1' and a" S'ZeS arc here f who come earlv
Well made m a variety of attractive styles; S1.50 values. 7f
$3.50 Junior Wash Dresses 98c
smairwtr fewj&E irri and ais m
styles are ?ood udtott.'S
Odd Lots of Muslin Wear
The Store Cleans House
July is the month of clearance. Since the first
of January new goods have been coming in going
out. July is the middle month of the year the
space between summer and fall.
Fall goods are not yet here the stocks on
hand represent the tag ends of the spring and sum
mer selling. Sometimes you ask : "Why these
summer reductions?" and that is the reason; we
have finished the first half of the year the goods
still here are the "left-overs." Unless we clear out
stocks now at drastic reductions, these same goods
will probably be here until next season. July
Clearance means more cash for fall bills more
room for fall goods. July Clearance also means the
year's best savings to our customers.
Girls' Straw Hats 19c
Straw hats for the younger
girls, fancy straws and plain
straws, some with ribbon trim
mings. In the lot are excellent
patterns which sold originally
up to $1.50. For quick clear
ance the price will be .... 19
Second Floor.
Childs' Rompers 19c
An excellent lot of play romp
ers for the smaller children 2
to 6 years. Materials are chani
bray and gingham in the values
which you have seen at 75c.
July Clearance Price is.. 19c
Knit Underwear
Ladies' Summer Vests the
"Cumfy-Fit" style which is the
most comfortable vest made.
On sale lOo
L, D. S. Garments. These gar
ments would be twice this
price if we had all sizes, but
there are now only sizes 32 and
34. Summer weights .... 38
Children's Vests, summer
weights, high neck with long
or short sleeves; 25c values
nly 19C
Children's Pants, summer
weight, both knee and ankle
lengths are offered . . 19c
Hosiery Specials
Children's fine ribbed Hose,
either black or white, sizes 5 1-2
to 9 1-2 12c
Infants' black cotton Hose,
sizes are 4 1-2 to 6 1-2. On
sale, M0
Ladies' cotton hose in either
white or tan, excellent value,
all sizes .... 8c
Ladies' white Hose, silk lisle,
extra garter top, double heel
and toe 19
Toilet Goods
Any of our best 50c bulk Per
fumes, most all odors, per
ounce 28c
Pound can of Sterling Talcum
Powder, borated ; 25c value
oy 12C
Cuticura in fresh stock 20c
50c Demra Viva Skin Whit-
ner 33c '
Madam Isabell's Face Powder,
the usual 50c package . . . 28c i
25c size Ponds' Vanishing t
Cream for sunburn and chap a
r 19C a
Woodbury's Dental Cream, th?
very best dentifrice 19 ,J
Epsom Salts, fresh stock, abso-
lutely pure, 1 pound 19c v
Bi-Carb. Soda, 1-lb. can..l8C
Chloride of Lime, 1 lb . 18C 1
1.98 Summer Millinery
in values to : $7.50
July Clearance Prices apply to all millin
ery. One of the best attractions will be a
line of trimmed hats in the newest sum
mer styles, while hats included hats
which are of the actual $7.50 values.
There will be a great assortment to choose
from at $1.98
yQr Untrimmed fiats
OC in values to $5.00
This means the newest untrimmed shapes
the hats which are being bought now
for summer wear. In the assortment to
be sold at this price are black, white and
colored and every one is positively a new
shape 69c
Girls White Dresses 98c
Some white dresses for the girls of 3 to 6 years.
These were here last season and white dresses
are easily soiled hence the price. Lingerie
materials with trimmings of lace and embroid
ery good styles in values selling regularly up
to $2.50. On sale 98c
July Corset Clearance
These are some numbers in our corset stocks
which have been all but sold These are styles
of this present season some with low and me
dium busts. All fresh stock with strong hose
supporters. There is such a variety of prices
that we do not mention all. Find them on the
corset counters.
1 Q.75 Men's Suits All New
Ay values worth to : : $27.00
This' is clearance time in the Men's Department. All of
the handsome Hart Schaffner & Marx Suits which are
of the $27.50 value and which are all this season's best
styles best materials are now offered at $1 9.75. They
are selling very fast and we urge selection while the sizes
are nere $19.75
Young Men s Suits at Half
Suits for the young men who wear long trousers.
These are all good materials and the styles are much
like those of this season.
fuits $4.00 $12.50 Suits feag
$9-00 Suit $4.50 $13.00 Suits $6.50
Boys' Knee Pant Suits
Suits which will be proper weights for this fall and
winter as well as the summer weights. All of the very
newest styles having, the knickerbocker pants and the
Norfolk jackets.
g-U5 2mts S1-65 $5.00 Suits S3q,
f3.00 Suits $1.95 $6.00 Suits SqS
Suits $2.45 $7.00 Sui gf gf
J" $2.65 $9.00 Suits J i ' g'S
$4-50 Suits $3.15 $10.00 suits . ; : . ; ;$.6i
Mens Summer Shirts 98c
On one of the counters in the Men's Department is this line
of new summer shirts which is offered at 98c. The patterns
are those which have been popular this year and most of tSE
are from our regular $1.50 stocks. July CleancT . 93
n t o-H .
juiy uearance or dims: Linens
Probably you will be able to buy now the matwai. .
will be wanted for fall and winter dreseT matmals whlc
$1.50 FOULARDS 88c $1.50 BROCADFn
Fancy Foulards and Tourist RATIwr co
Stripes, in new colors and BrnrVil tT 8 C
designs .. 88 5 rcaded Sllk Ratines, a f ull
e ooc yard wide, in most nf tt
$2 BROCADES $1.39 mason's 45
Fancy Brocaded Silks, 40 shades
inches wide in light and dark 75c WHITE GOODS 2
colors. $2 values $1.39 Novelty White Goods -!
$1.25 PONGEE crepes ratines' crepe voiles
SILK 48c SfeftTSS frm 2i
Just a limited quantity of 3or WHITF nrk25
these Pongees which are of jSrTwlF 9DS
the actual $1.25 value, on g?U hlte Goods, includ-
le 4Sc Swes, Medeas, Rcpps
$1.25 SHAUTUNG 48c JC"? tC' July cIe
This Shantung Silk is 32 in. TABLE LINFNic
wide and is guaranteed all $2 Mercerized t,k7
pure silk, $1.25 value 48 SSSSL
25c SECO SILKS 19c 64x71 inches "g
The genuine Seco Silk, in a $2.5 Mercerized " T a b
full assortment of colors. Cloths, floral designs
The 25c value 19C 64x107 inches, ready io u
r5c SILK RATINES 48c l 9, M -. ...... . $1.98
Silk Ratines, 27 inches wide, ,a Mercenaed Napkins
n plain and brocaded, all of !J fxl in attrac
he best patterns. On sale "ve lloral desi8ms, per doz-
48c ?7K M 88c
;i.75 SILK RATINE 68c fh Kln
Chis offer includes the entire 20 inched on safe fZ
me of Fancy Ratines all $1.98 Mercerized w 7-
colors all designs, plain and ready hemmed neat
rocaded, 40 to 48 inches designs, size ?299 u1
de, yard 68c at 22x22 Jft
July Clearance of I
Wash Goods I I
1 35c Voiles, all colors 15C i
25c Ratine Crepe, all col- j
; ors
25c Good Dress Poplins 15c
25c Cream Mercerized Suit-
j ings 15C
35c double width Ratine, all
colors 15
68c Ratines, yard wide, all col
ors 3c
35c flowered New Cloth. 15c
25c Brocaded Crepe with silk
stripe 190
40c Wool Challies on sale 15c
38c double width crepes 124c
25c Tissues, checks and stripes
65c Black Voiles, on sale. 38c
Good Calico, light and dark 4C j
Apron Ginghams, extra qual-
ity 5c 1
36-in. Percales, all colors 10c
15c Pillow Cases, on sale. .10c
65c Sheets, muslin, on sale 58e
75c Sheets, muslin, on sale 68c
$1.75 Bed Spreads, on
sale .$1.48
$2.00 Bed Spreads, on
sale 31.79
$2.75 Bed Spreads on j
sale $2.39
Shoe Clearance I
You'll find a word of shoe
bargains this month in the Shoe
Ladies' Bed Room Slippers; u
red, brown, black, no heel, pon
pon trimmed ; all sizes . . . 60c H
Infants' two and three-strap I
Sandals, patent leathers; sizes
1 to 5; on sale 68c i
Table of shoes, sizes 5 to 8, 3
vici kid and calf, lace or but-
ton; very sturdy; on sale 98C
Boy Scout Shoes in black or t
tan, full stock calf skin, elk I
soles, sizes 5 to 8, $1.33 ; 8 1-2 J
to 13, $1.58; 13 1-2 to 2, $1.83; I
2 1-2 to 6 $2.19 &
Children's Shoes $1.48 i
Odds and ends of misses' and S
children's Shoes in sizes 8 1-2 I
to 2. Values to $2.35; on sale g
$1.48 fl
$4 OXFORDS $2.39
avwn. VI littUJCS D U HUH
Oxfords, suede, gunmetal, pat- I
ent leather and vici kid ; value I
to $4.50; on sale $2.39 i
Art Needle Work I
Linen Centers, tinted and solid, '
for outline embroidery, from 16
to 27 inches diameter; values 3
to 75c; on sale 2Sc I
White Linen Centers, 22 and j
24 inches, stamped ready for
embroidering 60c to 75c value I
011 sate 38c S !
Tinted Scarfs and Pillow Tops gj
to match, all ready for use; on B
sale at 38c n
Tinted Cushion Tops and Backs 1
for porch and summer home
made of a good quality of linen! B 1
ready to use ; on sale .... 28c
Stationery Dept. I
Large assortment of box Sta H
tionery, 24 sheets and 24 envel
opes, 25c kind . . . X2c i k
Initialed Stationery ' in box I
splendid linen finish I k
Steamboat Playing cards, pack j
Waldorf Playing Cards." 24c I i
Envelopes, linen finish, pack I
Chair Seats 7c j j
&athber hair Scat8 ks I J

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