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Morgan Denies Charges Di
rectors and President Re
fuse to Discuss Report.
Commission Branded as Politi
cal Tribunal Officials to
Retaliate Against
U. S. Action.
New York. July 14 While J r
Morgan and company consistently re
fused to discuss tho report of the In
terstate commerce commission se
verely censuring the decision under
the administration of Charles S. Mel
len for "reckless and profligate ror
porations," may cost stockholders
ifrom 565,000,000 to $90,000,000, J. p
Morgan himself denies the chargo
that tho commission's examiners
,were not accorded full access to the
firm's books bearing on the New Ha
rden. Correspondence made publir at
Washington told of Commissioner
McChord's directing the chief exam
iners to cease the work as it "was
J. P. Morgan's Reply.
; Late last night Mr. Morgan issued
ibis statement in reply:
t "The information with regard to the
withdrawal of the interstate com
merce commission's examiners from
,tbe examination of the books of our
firm is the first intimation that I
have bad that they have been re
called." Tho New Haven situation is now
out of the hands of the Interstate
commerce commission and what ac
tion, if any, is taken on the recom
mendatlons that the railroads be
I prosecuted lie with the department
fit Justice and the district attorneys
In the states in which the New Ha
en has lines.
The prosecuting attorneys at New
.York, Boston, Hartford, New Haven,
(New London and other point 3 had
received no copies of the evidence
koday. It is understood, however,
that copies are on the way.
District Attorney Whitman who
liaa been in Newport was expected
3iere today.
Directors Refuse to Talk,
j Directors and former directors of
the road generally have refused to
.discusa tte commission's report. Mr.
iMellSD, however, under whose admin
istration the alleged acts complained
n were committed, branded it as "a
.report of a political tribunal made for
political purposes."
1 The full board of the present New
Haven directors is to meet in New
Tori on Thursday. At that time
' some statement bearing on the char
ges may be issued.
President Mellen Defended.
. Mr. Melton's counsel, J. W. McCrlm
Zaeuod a statement, defending Mel
laa's actions. He said that Mellen's
private fortune whe he took charge
of the New Haven was a million dol
lars Now, he added, it was far less
than that. He added that if the
government or the stockholders bring
action against the directors of tho
New Haven railroad as suggested by
tos commission, the directors would
retaliate with what he termed an "af-!
finnatlve action in which the other;
action would be nulliTled and much
io the credit of Mr. Mollen and the
directors would be ecUibliehed.
Duluth. Minn-. JV47 IS. The "Git?
or the Future" 722 described at the
convention of the National Aasocla-
1 1
tlcn of Building Owners and Man
agers here today.
Graphic pictures of skyscrapers con
nected by an elected system bv side-
walks across the street levels " venti
lated with washed air and heated like
the buildings of the ancient Romans
with radiators in the walls were
drawn by speakers.
Building owners and managers con
ceded that it was difficult to make
Miyserapers pay, as elevator space,
ircreased cost of maintenance for
each succeeding story are problems
that have defied the genius of architects.
Atlanta, Ga., July 13 Four hun
dred dollars reward for the finding
of Mrs. Elois Nelms Dennis and Miss
Beatrice Nelms, dead or alive, was
offered here today by Mrs. John W.
Nelms. wealthy mother of the missing
woman, who disappeared mysteriously
while on a trip to Texas.
Tho belief grew today that the
death message received by Mrs
Nelms last Tuesday from San Fran
cisco may be true. It was signed
with Mrs Dennis" name and indicat
ed the had killed her sister in New
Orleans, was preparing to kill her
brother. Marsh-ill Nelms. in San Fran
eis 0. and would then commit suicide.
The letter wa6 typewritten but Mrs. I
Neims believes the handwritten signa
ture to be genuine.
. r
Philadelphia, July 13. Nancy Car
penter. 2-year-old heiress to millions
anu niece of United States Senator
Henry A. DuPont, of Delaware, was
drowned today in a shallow pool on
the estate of her uncle, Pierre S. Du
Pont, at Kennett Square, near here
The child was the daughter of R.
R M. Carpenter, a banker of Wilming
ton Del. The accident happened dur
ing the absence of the child's nurse.
New York, July 13. Harry W.
Walker said today that Richard Crok
er is coming home in the fall to join
the fight to oust Charles F. Murphy
pa Tammany chief.
Walker, who just returned from a
visit to the tormer head of Tammany
hall near Dublin, added:
"Mr. Croker has in his possession
confessions which he will make pub
he. which will have an important
bearing on his fight against Murphy
He means to make it a knockout
punch for Murphy "
Walker said former Judge of Po
lice William S. Devery would meet
Croker and help in the anti-Murphy
John A. Hennessy, who spent a day
with Richard Croker in Ireland a j
monih ago. said tonight:
"Mr. Croker is not coming here to I
fight Murphy. He told me it would
I be of no use for him to do so. At
the same time he said victory for the
Democratic party in New York state
would be impossible so long as Mur- 1
phy continued the leader."
1 Orrni. Algeria. July 13. Crazed by a I
vision of his wife and three children
torturfd by Arabs. Captain Gouze, of
the Foreign Legion seized a pistol I
and lolled them as they slept, in an 1
effort to have them from horrors I
worse than death. He then shot and
killed himself.
The captain left a letter saying that
he had suffered from hallucinations
of ever increasing force for some
months. The last and most vivid
passed as quickly as the others and
he was confronted with the bodies of
his victims.
Overcome by grief, he resolved to
join his family in death and fired a
bullet through hi6 brain.
31,000 RAT TRAPS
New Orleans, La., July 13. More
than 31.000 traps will be used in the
war of extermination on the 400.000
rat blamed for the spread of the, bu
bonic plague here, it was announced
today Rush orders have already
beeu placed for this number of traps
?nd they will be used as soon as re
ceived. Dr. William C. Rucker, assistant
surgeon general of the United States
public health service who is in
charge of the plague eradication work
has also arranged with the port com
mifcsioners for the ratproofing of the
eutire water front.
No deaths from bubonic plague oc
curred today and no new cases were
1 nn
San Francisco. July 14. Mistaken
In the thick underbrush by his hunt
1 ing companion, Elmer Cox Jr., as a
deer A. J. Francis, a well known club
man of this city was shot and dan
gerously wounded last Sunday in .Ma
dera county. Word of the accident
was received here today.
Assisted by their hunting guide, Cox
and a fellow hunter, they succeeded
in getting Francis to a hospital 25
miles from their camp, the trip oc
cupvir.g more than thirty hours.
Provo, July 13. William Bullock of
American Fork was taken before
Precinct Justice E. L. Jones today on
a complaint made by his wife. Mary 1
Bullock, charging failure to provide.
Thursday was set for the prelim
inary examination
Mrs. Belmont's Chinese tea house;
Duchess of Marlborough (left) and
Mrs. O. H. P. Belmont.
Mrs. Oliver H. P. Belmont formal
ly opened her Chinese tea house at
Newport, R. I., Wednesday, on the
pecasion of the .onference of the
Political Equality association. The
Dueheci of Marlborough (nee Con
suelo y-indcrbilt) was one of the
The tea house was taken from
plans of famous tea houses of anci
ent China. It will cost over $100,000
to complete and furnish with every
In known Chinese art, all brought from
M China after being personally selected
I , I i py an agent of Mrs. Belmont. The
furniture is now being installed by
Mrs. Belmont and her daughter, the
Puchess of Marlborough.
Greatest Gun in World to Be
Shipped to Panama Canal
Washington, Jul 14 When its!
breech-locking device has been per- .
fected at Watertown arsenal, the I
great 16-inch gun, the biggest piece
of ordnance in the world which has
just been shipped from Sandy Hook
proving grounds, will be practically
ready for service on the Panama ca
nal fortifications. The carriage for
this giant gun is now under construc
tion at the Watertown, Mass . arsen
al. Tt probably will bo taken back to
Sandy Hook for tests after being
mounted and will not be shipped to
Panama before next spring
Some idea may be gotten of the j
tremendous power of this gun, des
tlned to protect the Pacific entrance
to the Panama canal, by the fact that
it is fifty feet long, weighs 142 ton-;;
and tires a projectile about six feet j
leng. The projectile itself weighs a
ton and is discharged by 685 pounds
of powder. It requires eight men to
carry the powder clnrge Thie gun j
has a maximum range of from twenty-1
two to twenty three miles or half the
distance between New York City and
Wast Point The elevation permit-;
ted by Its carriage will enable the,
l '
"Gains 22 Pounds in 23 Days"
"I was all run down to the very bottom," writes
H . F. Gaguon "I had to quit work I was so weak.
! VSJ OW' thank'S t0 SHr-"1 1 ilkf a npw I
sMji "Sargol has put just 10 pounds on me in H
m days," states W. D. Roberts. "It has made me
,' Vfl slnPp V" 11 PQjoy what I ate and enabled me to work
BBFJ with interest and pleasure."
--TSS weighed 132 pounds when 1 commenced tak-
ing Sargo After taking 20 -lays T weighed 144
pounds. Sargol is the most wonderful preparation
S f";i' A for flesh, building I have ever seen," declares D.
Martin, and J. Meier adds: "For the past twenty
r - 'a 'ears I have taken medicine every day for indiges-
- JBB tl0D aili et thlnnPr every year I took Sargol for
'' .J9B forty days and fV-l better than I have felt in twent
Jj years. My weight has increased from 150 to 170
When hundreds of men and women and there
are hundreds with more coming every day living
H in every nook and corner of this broad land volun
j tarily testify to weight increases ranging all the wav
from 10 to 3." pounds given them by Surgol, you
i ffljjjHiflHIP must adniit -Mr- Wd Mrs. and Miss Thin Reader,
I Jfp there must be something in this Sargol method
Hadn't you better look into it, just as thousand;
' 'BmL 1 of others have .in' Mam thin folks say: "I'd
Wmti ' M give most anything to put on a little extra weight."
A I hut when someone suggests a way they exclaim,
JH "Not a chance Nothing will make me plump. I'm
. vzLjro3jB h to sia- thin " T'ntil you have tried Sargol.
you do not and cannot know that this is true.
ij Sargol has put pounds of healthy 'stay there" flesh
on hundreds who doubted, and in spite of their doubts
I You don't have to believe in Sargol to grow plump from
its use You just take it and watch weight pile up, hoi-
I lov,'S vanish and ycur figure round out to pleasing normal
V j proportions. You weUh yourself when you begin and
f again when you finish and you let the scales tell the story.
Sargol is absolutely harmless It is a tiny concen
m trated tablet. You take one with every meal It mixes
I j with the food you eat for the purpose of separating all of
; 7 flesh producing ingredients. It prepares these fat
' making elements In an easily assimilated form, which
the blood can readily absorb and carry all over your body.
Plump, well-developed persons don't need Sargol to pro-
I duce this result Their assimilative machinery performs
its functions without aid. But thin folks' assimilative
organs do not This fatty portion of their food now goes
V to waste through their bodies like unburned coal through
Mfcifia' an Pen srate A few dav&' test o Sargol in your case
Hl surely prove whether or not this is true of you Isn't
If you want a beaut.;;! and well-rounded figure of
;4w; symmetrical proportions, if you want to gain some solid
iaPSk pounds of health stay-there flesh, if you want to in-
SWfeb- crease you weight to normal, weigh what you should
mj&'jfiBBB weigh, go straight to our druggist today and get a
,npSHHBi package of Sargol and use it as directed. Sargol will
either increase your weight or it won't and the only way to
know is to try it A single package of Sargol easily en
! ables you to make this test. Sixtv days use of Sargol.
y according to directions, Is absolutelv guaranteed to in-
- A J .': crease your weight to a satisfactory degree or our drug-
ii gist will refund all the money you have paid him for it
Sargol Is sold by leading druggists everywhere and in
Olden and vicinity by
gun m fire a p.'ojectlle about eleven
miles acrosc the Pacific ocean. It has
; t-ufflclent power. theoretically, to
1 plercu two feet of the best armor
' plate at the muzzle. At eleven miles
tne gun is calculated to pierce a 12
Inch armor plate, or any side armor
V, hen a shell leaves the gun it is
revolving around Its axis at about
four thousand revolutions per min
ute find develops a pressure of 38.000
I pounds to the scpuare inch. The pres
: Bure to the rear on the gun and for
ward on the project! amounts to 7.
G00.O00 pounds. Tho projectile's ve
j loclly of 2250 feet per second gives a
I murzle energy of somewhat more
j than 84 foot ton6 that is. an energy
; cnpitble of raising 42 tons one foot
I every second.
Army ordinance officers believe
Itlil gun will he a tremendous lustru
ny at of peace when It Is finally In
position on the Panama canal.
The Utaii Agricultural eel'.ega will
eangUQt ''Jlaund-upb" at four places
flesj- yar, This was decided upon
I I'reaiilenL Widtsoo, and Dr, Peter
son at a recent conference. Th. ;!.i
ees sa far chosen, and the dates upon
whitn the meetings will be held are
86, follows; Richfield, January 4 to
Iogan, January 18 to Cedar
( l,y. February 1 to 13 Tha prugres
af. i'.tid tfiYvH of Milford in Heaver
a'vuni flaking a tscruug uffort to
3fgi?g Ho faupm mootr.H '.vnich is
i'.uiAti fef February 16 to 27.
faflggggf piiilej1. iho foremost au-t'-ifitV
pii apwmilture In tlie United
S'lAtss, Bfi editor of tho famous "Ru
oe;encG Sc-ieb," has expressed his
,-.i:pe to he praaeat ac these meet
igsg While an :noriif.tar a; the Cor
pniverBity 6nooj ?,f Arleultu?o.
e.ghf ef the present faculty of tho
Uiah institution catiia undet' his influ
eneo He likes t 6Pak pf these
men as bis "boys,7' and bays it would
h.'Rl great plure tq visit tpejn
and observe their work. The men
who are numbered In this family are:
Dr Frank Harris. Dr. R. J Evans, Dr
C. N. Jensen, president of the B Y
C ; Dr L B. Batchelor. Dr. George
R Hill, Dr. E. G. Peterson. Prof.
John T. Caine, Prof. J C. Hogensen
and Prof R. B We6t.
The annual "Round-ups" have dem
onstrated their practicability by the
great increase in attendance which
has accompanied them the past few
years. Last year the attendance at
these meetings made a total of 2,088
Individuals proportionally divided be
tween the following towns at which
meetings were held;
Logan, Richfield and Cedar City
Tho long list of eminent agricultur
ists who ore being engr.ed for this
yenr will be appreciated undoubtedly
by tho farmero end housewives who
attended last yenr or who contem
plate attending the coming sessions.
"Home, Sweet Homo," the big alx
part photo drama which will be seen
at the Ogden theatre tonight and
Wednesday night with Wednesday
matinee, lueiudea in Its cast of act
ors, such well known .-.tars as Blnnche
Sweet, Henry Walthall, Mm Marsh,
Hohert Harron. Lillian tnd Dorothy
Oish, Owen Moore nnd a ieoro equal
ly famous lo patron of tho silent
driinia. The feature film liielf which
will be shown &a tho lending part of
a nlne-re-el show, Inoludlna 'The Por
tia of Pauline," and n fltood comedy,
la eald to be one of the mot boau
vilul pnd uplifting photo dramas oyer
atuged und it la produced on an elab
orate and lavish scale. The show
i,uiib two hours; first at 7, second at
t) o'eloek,
"Even &:naag the srat film mn
;erpiei'es, wh:ph we have engaged to
ohovv at b0 theatje," ssid Manoawr
gandera of the Ogdan, 'I am sure
Horno, Sweat jlom' will ptaaid out
as ene of Ihs moat wonderful and
beautiful ever spown, Like the song
pf the Bame name, this extraordinary
drama is filled wjth purifying inspi
ration and reaches every human
heart It should be seen by every
man. woman and child in Ogden."
Cecilia Loftus In the Famous Play
ers' production of "A Lady of Qua!1
ty," another big feature photoplay
wUl follow "Home. Sweet Home" at
the Ogden. appearing Thursday, Fri
Jav and Saturday evenings and Sat
urdaj matinee
We regulate the price. The
biggest and best features made.
10c always at the Oracle, Isis
and Globe. Advertisement
orth Yakima Wash., July 14
Damage estimated at S75.0UO was
caused by hail late eeterday In an
area two miles square near here.
Fruit In the area was destroyed,
rouitry and some pigs were killed
and cattle and horses were severely
X like storm Sunday In Sherman
county. Ore. Is reported to have done
dnmcRP estimated at $100,000, de
stroying thousands of acres of grain.
Now York. July 14 Heavy selling
of New Hnven forced that stock to
tho new low level of 54 1-4 In tho
courrtu of today's early session. The
balance of the list was extremely
Kupene Levering, president of tho
National Bank of Commerce, says
that one of the most cheerful signs
Is the stability which tho money mar
ket has shown under adverso condi
tions. He citeB tho Claflln receiver
ship and various other failures as
proTins that tho market must be
sound to bear up under them.
An Easy Way to Get
Fat and Be Strong a I
on undine their stomach or stuW- It
with greasy foods, rubbing on um1m
i.STi crCRm"-: or following norae fool
physical culture stum, while the real
.use of thinness soes untouched Tou iH
cannot ct fat until your dljjostlve trac'
Hsslmllares the food you cat
Thanks to a remarkabl nei scientific '
discovery. It is now possible to combln
2 Jtt! th0 very element I'M
rif-cyled by the digestive organs to ho!P
them convert food Into rich, fat-ladek
blood This mHter-stroke of modern I
chemistry called Sargol and has been
termed the greatest of flesh-builders.
Sargol alms through its re-gencratlve. re
constructive powers to coax ths stomach i
and intestines to literally soak up th
rattening elements of your food and pass
them iuto the blood, where they are car- H
rled to every starved, broken-down cell 1 H
and tissue of your body You can read- 1
ly picture the result when this amaz- fl
Ing transformation has taken place and
you notice how your cheeks fill out
hollows ahout your neck, shoulders and
bust disappear and you take on from 10
to .0 pounds of solid, healthy flesh Sar
go! Is absolutely harmless. Inexpensive
efficient. A R. Mclntyre Drug Store and
other leading, leading drulsts of Ogden
and vicinity have it and will refund
your mmey If you are not satisfied, a
per the guarantee found in every pack-
I CAUTION. -While Sargol has given ex-
cellcnl rpyuit--, ii, overcoming nervous , ifl
dyspepsia and general stomach troubles lilijH
It should no be taken by those who do
not wish to gain ten pounds or more H
Thin People J
Can increase Weight M
Thin men and women who would llk
to increase their weight with 10 or 15 M
pounds of healthy "stav there" fat IHI
should try eating a little Sargol with 'H
thHr meals for a while and note results H
g Here Is a gond test worth trying. First I ' fl
Q WPl"h yourself and measure sourself flH
Then take Sarpol one tablet with everv
I meal for two weeks Then welsh anil WM
M mf.-iFure again It isn't a question of SI
j how you look or feci nr what your IH
friends say and think The scales and
I the tape measure will tell their own BH
stoi-'. and most any thin man or woman uKtm
il cm easily add from fle to eight pounds I
a in the first fourteen davs bv following 'iEI
this simple direction. And best of all.
the new flesh stays put. M
Sargol does not of itself make fat. but Bfl
mixing with your food, it turns the fats. BB
sugars and starches of what vou have iB
eaten. Into rich, ripe fat producing nour- HEi
Ishment for the tissues and blood pre- iH
pares It in an easily assimilated form
which the blood can readily accept All lH
this nourishment now passes from our HBH
body as waste. But Sargol stops" the Hflu
waste and doe it quickly and makes WIS
the fat producing contents of the vrv HiW
same meals you are eating now develop Hul
I pounds and pounds of heaithv flesh be-
tween your skin and bones Sargol Is WSfit?
safe, pleasant, efficient and inexpensive KFrc!
A. R Mclntyre Drug Store and other HS?1
Itddlng druggists In Ogdeh and vclnit H
sell It In larse boxes forty tablets to Kr"
a package on a Ruarantee of weight in- ffHfx'
crease or mone back wj
IHow Thin People H
Can Put On Flesh
A New Discovery fall
Thin men and women that big. hearty. EbuiBS
flUlnic dinner you ate last night. What
became of all the fat producing nourish
ment It contained? Yon huven't gained
in weight one ounce Th?it food passed F v ,-v"
from your body like unburned coal L
throuxh an open trrate The material ' p
was there, but your food doesn't work
and stick and the plain truth Is you J
hardly get enough nourishment from fl
uv meals to pay for the cost of conk- i&
Ing. This is true of thin folks the world
over. Your nutritive organs. our func- I I
ttons of asslmlllation. are sadly out of B
gear and need reconstruction. 'W
Cut out the foolish foods and funny '
sawdust diets. Omit the flesh cream p
rub-ons Cut out everything but the &
meals mu are eatlnjs now and eat with 1
everv one of those a single Sargol tablet. F
In two week note the difference. Five f
to elht good solid pounds of healthy.
"stay there" fat should be the net re- il
suit , Sargol charges your weak, stag- h
nant blood with millions of fresh ntv
red blood corpuscles gives the blood the I
carrying power to deliver every ounce rf At .
fat-iiiakinir materia: In your food to evcr
part of your body. Sargol. too. mixes y
vith vour food and prepares It for the if-
blood ln easily assimilated form. Thin
people sain all the way from 10 to 25
pounds a month while taking Sargol. and S
the new flesh stays put Sargol tablets H
are a scientific combination of six of the H
best flesh-producing elements known to h
chemistry. The come U tablets to a
package, are pleasant harmless and In- f
expensive, and V i Mclntyre Drue
Store and all other druggists in Ogden r
-ind vicinity sell them subject to an ab- :
solute guarantee of weight increase or -
money back.
Majority Ranging From Five j
to Ten for Chicago Man I
Is Assured. I
Washington, July 14 Administra- I
tion senators after a canvass today I
reported to the White House that j
President Wilson's nomination of I
Thomas D Jones of Chicago, to the j
tederal reserve board would be con- j
firmed by a majority ranging from
five to ten. J
There were no developments in the
nomination of Paul W. Warburg of 1
Xew York Indications were that the I
Wbtto House would not begin the I
fight for his confirmation until after I
Mr. Jones liad been placed. k
The fight on Jones was carried into jfe
the senate by acting Chairman Hitch-
cock of the banking committee, lead- f:
ing the opposition, because of Mi.
Jones' connections with the so-called f
Zinc and Hurv ester trusts With ad- tU
ministration supporters predicting a a
victory, the fight went on behind I
closed doors.
Junction City. Kan, July 14. Thou-
sands of pieces of scrap iron is tho ,
loomorlal that John Rush left when f t
he died at his home near here jes- (
terUaj. For years he followed a hob j,
by of collecting scrap iron, as many E
a wealthier man collected paintings f
He never refused to buy a piece o.
iron and porsistently refused to sen
even the amalleflt ploce. At the time m
of his death be had a junk pile forty m m
feet high coverin several acres of his a
farm. I

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