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H . 4 . ..... .:T7r.rin Is without moral fceMng I as M, they would be
SI JRandirl
1 An lnciDenSent Newspaper. Published
jj .very evening except Sunday, without a
. , i nauiile or k club
il Daiiv in 0Jn City. per month
I Daily In Ogden City, per year . . .
. '3 Dft'.-y o'juld of Ofdn, per year ... g
I 1 Billy outride of Ogden. J months . LN
j tf.niirday ixaue only, per year-
I N noi.ymou communication PUD-
I linhed Wlillam Glasmann. Publisher.
I Yesterday our local column critl-
I cised the wisdom of organizing n
i Young Men's Republican club at tins
time, because the methods adopted
I bv the IcaderB of the club bore all
1 the earmarks of a political machine.
I It Is customary to form a polUU nl
I club after a party has nominntcd Its
I candidates. To form such a club at
I this time, a few weeks before the
vention will have a fenden-
I y to Injure the party rather than
' help it. in the present tempe of the
I oter6 of this part of Utah
1 Boss rule In the Republican party
' r.r Weber county will mean certain
I defeat this fall. By that we do not
I mean that : ie hybrid party of the
Bull Moose ami 'he Hon key can ad
$ minister such defeat, as there Is a
I sentiment against the fusion combinn
I t;on. We believe, however that it
I would not require much of an effor,
I for the independent voters nf Weber
J county to place a Hfizens ticket In
I J the field. That Is why we warn th
f, Republican bos-es
The Examiner, the orsau of 1 1 1
1 bosses this morning runs to the res
cue of the would-be machine and
I 1 says:
M "Bill does not like the looks of a
1 M machine unless he is the chauffeur.
S and nobody is willing to risk his neck
n with Bill in charge of the steering
S ae;ir as he was recently disqualified
I for repeated Jumping the track. So
when Bill yells "machine," toot your
horn and go right ahead "
Now let it be known that the said
"Bill" does not seek to be ihe "chauf
feur" or anything else In any po
litical machine Neither has he any
apology to make for "jumping the
track," It ws a crooked track and
voters who respected their backbone
did not follow such a track
Again, the Examiner says t hi-
morning :
"One clause of the constitution
adopted on Wednesday evening by
the new Republican club caused much
favorable comment, thai prescribing
that the club shall not participate, R8
an organisation, in any pre-conventlon
campaigns, but shall work entireh to
stir up general interest In the regular
campaign that will follow "
That resolution is what causes the
trouble. It is just "dut' to blind
the voterB.
Think of it. the bosseB appoint a
committee In each voting district pre
sumably to get the Republicans to
6ipn the club roll. Sure, every Re
publican can sign ihe said club roll
?nd become a member of the club,
but the bosses already have selected
the men to act as leaders In each
voting district. The machine !s
formed and Is In running order. For
what? The bosses sa simply to ere
ate Interest in the part How un-
Iseuisn: mow patriotic these bosses
are! Now we want to state the Stand
ard has no candidate The Standard
seeks nothing politically. But we
want, Republican success at the poles
this fall In Weber county and in the
6tate which only can be secured by
giving the people an absolutely free
rein politically.
The Progressives cast the largest
vote tn thla country two years ago.
The Progressive vote is independent
The Progressives walked out of the
Chicago convention because the boss
es packed that convention That leB
son should not be so soon forgotten.
Just look at this vote in 1912, the
' same being the total vote in Weber
ounty :
For Colonel Roosevelt j.JJj
For President Taft J-JJJl
For Wood row Wilson - JJ
For Eugene V. DebB "
For RelmeT
Total vote 1V
The question is who is going to
get the Progressive 3,608 votes? Who
is going to get a majority of them
We believe, if the vote were taken
lodav, the Republican ticket would
get two-thirds of them. But no ma
chine, no matter how well it is oiled,
can afford to take chances on that
vote Better let that Young Men B
Republican club rest until the candi
dates are nominated, and see to it
that the Progressives are not only In
vited to vote the Republican tlekn.
but Invited to help make the ticket.
The Standard has said enough
There is no intention to pursue this,
matter further at this time
Remember, forewarned is forearmed.
W know the people. It Is dangerous
to challenge them.
! oo
Count Leo Tolstov In 1910 forecast
war in Europe in 1913. In a prophecy
given bis grendniece In 1910, the fa
mous Rusplan made this prediction
"I see floating upon the surface of
the sea of human fate the huge sil
houette of a DUde woman She is
with her beauty, poise, her smil
her jewels a super Venus Nations
rush madly after her each of thflm
eager to attract her especially But
she. like an eternal courtesan flirt
with nil. In her hair ornaments, of
diamond! and rubies is engraved her
name, 'Commercialism. As alluring
and bewitching aa she seems, much
destruction and agony follow In her
wake. Her breath, reeking of sordid
transactions her voice of metallic.
character like gold, ana her iook oi
greed are so much poison to the na
tlons who fall victims to her charms
"And behold, she has three gl
Kantlc orms wlih three torches of
universal corruption In her hands.
The first torch represents the flame
of war, that the beautiful courtesan
carries from city to city and country
to country. Patriotism answers with
flashes of honest flame, but the end
Is a roar of guns and or muskets
"The second torch bears the flame
of bigotry and hypocrisy. It lights
the lamps only in temples and on al
tars of Bacred institutions It car
rles the seed of falsity and fanati
ism. It kindles the minds that are
still in cradles and follows them to
their graves,
"The third torch is that of the law .
that dangerous foundation of all unar.
thentlc traditions, which first does its
fatal work in the family then sweeps
through the larger world of literature,
are and statesmanship,
"The great conflagration will start
about 1912, set by the torch of the
first arm in the countries of south
eastern Europe It will develop Into
a destruction and calamity in 191.
In that year 1 see all Europe in flames
and bleeding. I hear the lamenta
tions of huge battlefields.
"But about the year 1915 the
strange figure from the north a new
Napoleon enters the stage of the
blood drama. He is a man of little
militaristic training a writer or a
journalist, but in his grip most of
Europe will remain until 1926.
"The end of the great calamity will
mark a new political era for the old
world. There will be left no empires
or kingdoms, but the world will form
a federation of the United States of
Nations There will remain only four
great giants the Anglo-Saxon, the
Latin, the Slavs and the Mongolians.
"After the year 1925 I 6ee a change
in religious sentiment The second
torch of the courtesan has brought
about the fall of the church. The
ethical idea has almost vanished Hu
manity Is without moral feeling
But then a great reformer arises
He will clear the world of the relics
of monotheism and lay the corner
stone of the temple of pantheism.
God, soul, spirit and Immortality will
be molten in a new furnace, and 1
see the peaceful beginning of an eth
ical era The man determined to
this mission is a Mongolian Slav He
is already walking the earth a man
of active arfalrs He himself does
nm now realize the mission nsslpncd
to him by Superior Powers.
"And. behold, the flame of the third
torch which has alreadv begun to
destroy our family relations our
standards of art and morals. The re
lation between woman and man ib ac
cepted BB a prosaic partnership of the.
sexes. Art has become realistic de
generacy Political and religious disturb
ances have shaken the spiritual foun
dations of all nations.
"Only small spots here ami un-re
have remained untouched by those
three destructive flames The anti
natlonal Vars in Europe, the class
war of America and the race wars
In Asia have strangled progress for
a half a century By then, in th?
middle of this century. I see a hero
ine of literature and art rising from
the ranks of the Latins and Persians,
the world of the tedious stuff of the
"It is the Hghl of symbolism thai
shall outshine the ligh' of the torch
of commercialism In place of poly
gamy and monogamy of today there
will come a poetOgamy relations of
Hie sexes based fundamentally on the
poetic ( onceptlons of lif
"And I see the nations growing
larger and realizing that the alluring
woman of their deslln Is after all
nothing but an illusion There will
be a time when the world will have
no use for armies, hypocritical rellgl-
One ana degenerate an " -lution
and evolution is development
from the simple to the more compli
cated forms of the mind and body.
"I see the passing show of the
world-drama in Its present form, how
It fades like the glow of eening upon
the mountains One motion of the
hand of commercialism and a new his
tory begins '
A movement should be started In
the Cnlted States without delay to
make the ending of the war in Eu
rope deoid of the inflicting of un
bearable hardships on the defeated.
At present no one can foretell
which side will be victorious and
while that uncertainty prevails would
be an opportune lime to enlist all
levers of fair play in the cause of
a generous termination of the strug
gle The terms of peace, if they were
made without thought of inflicting a
lasting sting and humiliation on the
vanquished would do more in bring
Ing about the disarmament of all na
lions than anything else, because war
"ould then cease to be a thing of en
during hatred, bitterness and ag
grandizement, and the weak would
cease to fear the strong.
The criminal law at one time sent
offenders to the dungeon and the
the judge who is possessed of real
ability labors to lift the criminal out
of the rut, seeking reformation
Terms of peace In war should be
marked by that same higher concep
tion of right and wrong
If France and her allies were to de.
feat Germany they should serve no
tice on the German people that there
Is no hatred in their souls; thai there
Is no desire to weigh them down with
a crushing obligation, that the
wrongs of the past would not be multi
plied, that the Germans would be giv
en an opportunity to go on to the
beat of their ability to mak this
world a better, happier field of labor,
Last chance at our entire stock of Summer Footwear
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and, as neiRhbors. they would be as
sisted In the hope that the future
would witness the brotherhood of
man without regard to boundarv lines
A declaration 50 magnanimous
would extinguish In Germany the very
last spark of militarism it would
mean 100 years of peace and, per
haps, peace forever
Just before the war broke nut a
$ 11 uOii.noii corporation was contem
plated to build an electric line from
Ogden into southern Idaho, but the
great uncertainty prevailing In the fi
nancial world has prevented the ma
turing of the plans
While the conflict In Kurope may
I temporarily check this enterprise, .t
I will not be long before the incorporat
I ing of the company will be proceeded
with and the line built.
Nothing would so build up Ogden
as a distributing point as an electric
road from here to the heart of the
agricultural districts In southern Ida
ho, where population is rapidly in
creasing and much business is to be
obtained by the wholesalers of Og
den. 00
Turkey, so the cable information
states, has purchased the German
cruisers Goeben and Breslau and, as
a result, Turkey may be drawn into
the war This action on the part
of the Turks undoubtedly discloses
more than friendly relations with
Germany and a desire to succor the
warships of the kaiser found in dis
tress. The nations of the triple entente
; may decide to make a formal declara
tion of war on Turke because of
this attitude, but It would be well for
them to proceed cautiously in this
matter, as the European struggle may
start the " holy war" so long predict
ed in which the hundred of millions
Ot Mohammedans will rise to devas
tate and slay.
One or two missteps and the whole
world will be at war.
Ships are beginning to pass through
the Panama canal and, if the Euro-;
pean war continues any length ot
time, it will not be long before much,
01' the shipping now passing through!
the Suez canal Is diverted to the'
American waterway because of the,
J neutrality of our canal which is guar
I anteed bv treaty obligations Even I
the warships of the powers will be
gin to use the new waterway
Suez is a neutral canal, but under
the direct supervision of Great Brit j
ain. and the English have fortified
positions commanding the lanes of
travel to and from the canal This
will tend to force many ships along
the Panama route.
The orchardists of Weber county
should sun-dry all the fruit they are
unable to get to market this fall
That is the ew of an Ogden busi
ness man, who says that if the war
Is prolonged dried fruits will be in
big demand before another crop is
ready to harvest.
There are thousands of bushels of
peaches and other fruit allowed to
rot in the orchards in and around Og
den that might be saved by a little
extra effort on the part of the fruit
With wireless communication estah
lished with Berlin, we should begin
to get the other side of the war story
So far all our news has been from;
French and English sources, colored
to suit the purpose of the censors
With both sides given, a better es-1
timate of what Is occurring in the
war rone can be reached.
August if. and 29. Very low round trip
rates to northern Utah and to Idaho j
points. Excursion also on other dates
in September. Fishing is fine this I
year WHY NOT GO? City ticket
Office, 2614 Washington Avenue.
With the major league quality of
bhaeball that ia being offered daily
at Glenwood park, it seems almost
certain that every cltixen who can
spare the time will attend the games,"
President A P. Blgelow of the local
association said today "But I want
to remind the fans that the directors
have reduced the prices to the low
est possible figure. We have a most
expensive club now and one that jus
tifies the best support from all who
regard a winning basball team as an
asset of the community
"We are charging only 25 cents
for ladles, which admitB them to the
grounds and the grandstand General
admission for men is only 25 cents
and 25 cents additional for grand
stand seat. At these prices, it takes
a large attendance to make much ot
a showing with the treasurer. We
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Last & Thomas
are not in any way complaining about
the attendance, it has been good, but
I would like to urge every loyal Og
dnlte for the lew days remaining of
this series to make a most special
effort to turn out for the games.
In baseball history, the present
Ftruggie will stand for years as one
of the most notable. The two con
tending teams are composed of the
star piayers from six Union associa
tion organizations. Long in existence,
the well-known rlvalrv of Ogden and
Salt Lake City in all matters of sport
has reached the boiling point' and
the air has become so charged with
feeling that lctory has become
personal matter to players on both
teams. Salt Lake and Ogden are im
bued with the do-or die spirit. The
three games already played have
"been sensatlonull thrilling. Thurs
dav's game, alone, was as near ma
por league baseball as it is possible
to get. It was plaed in the remark
able time of one hour and twentv
lliree minutes and it was marked bv
scores of spectacular features This
ie not so much an appeal for support
as it is an effort to acquaint all lov
ers of clean sport with the magnifi-1
cent opportunity that It afforded:
them every afternoon at Glenwood . ,
"Today, tomorrow and Sunday the
teams are to play here Then Tues
day and Thursday there will be,
pames at Glenwood. On Wednesday.;
the regular league game Is transferred
to the Lagoon diamond h'ridav, Sat ;
urday and Sunday of next week, the;
last three games of this series will,,
be played at Salt Lake City. If Og
den succeeds In taking two more
ames of the remaining nine, the lo-,
cal team will be eligible to contest for,
the association champion The pen
nant winner will be determined by a I
series of seven games, to be divided
between the two cities Prom every (
standpoint, the situation Is a thrilling
one and I hope every person iuterest
ed in good sport will let nothing keep
him away from the games."
In the district court in the case of
the Pillsbury Flour company against
The Hess Bakery company, the de
fondant has filed an answer and COUn-1
terclalm. The answer contains a
general denial of the facts stated .n
the complaint, except as to certain al
legations which are admitted.
The counter claim sets up that un
dor the contract, for a certain grade
of flour with which to make 'Home
Delight Bread, the plaintiff compa
n did not conform to the agreement
and shipped to the defendant an in
ferior grade of flour, to the damage
of the baker company in the sum !
of $7"4 'i$ and interest, for which
amount the defendant asks judgment
j on GIRL
of Broadway and "Pink Lady" fanv
will be seen on the screen again to
night and tomorrow with matinee Sat-
I urday at the Ogden theatre on thn
occasion here of the first presentation
of One of Our Girls " This comedy
drama which is based on the play by
Bronson Howard Is the latest produc
tion of the Famous Players Film cod:
pnn and was directed by Thomas H
Heffron Those who saw a private
showing of this remarkable pictqre
declare that in Hazel Dawn the
screen has captured a new and 4e
lightful girl actress who Is bound to
become Intensely popular. Despite
the dominating attractiveness of Miss
Dawn, "One of Our Girls" is by no
means n one-part film, for in even
role, and most of them are important,
the director has been particularly for
tunate In choice of players, which ef
fords an ensemble rarely encountered
In the screen drama. Advertisement
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