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Kept Awake With Itching and Burn
ing, Face Was Pitted, Affected
Different Parts of Body. Cuticura
Soap and Ointment Healed.
Netrport, Ore. " I was trnt)hlvl with '
pimple all my life-. They wrc tbr kind
that o.mr under th" ikln In big mi hlotrhr.
I wjm kept aa.ke nljrht aftrr nlftht with the
lt-h!riK and liumlne My faro ws pitted.
Bctcmn also alfTd different portr. of my
hody and I would wrairb till the skin was
all raw an-! vr.
" I took pral.'oris of blood medicine without
doinj? any jrrod. No external treatment
did mc any Rood till I trWl f'utlrtira Soap
and Olntmnnl The ointment relieved Iho (
ItchJng thf moment It was applied. I used
the Soap and Ointment ttt-radlly for three ,
month" and they healed DM." isigne0
Mrs B A. Tnzer. Juno A, 1914.
1 Nw Rharnn. lows " Two or three years
SCO p4mpls hegan to come on my face and
I had dandruff. The pimple made a very
unklfrhtly appearance. They were red and
numerous some e-arr.e to a head and festered '
aod fche Itching caused mo to scratch them.
The damdruff on mv head rould he plainly
seen. I utd two rake of Outfciira Soap
and two hoxat of Cuttrura Ointment and
am now free from pimples and dandruff."
(SHcned) Clyde Plrehaugh. May 11, 1914.
Samples Free by Mall
A liturle rake of Cutlrura Soap (25r ) and
box of CXjtdcura Ointment (50c i arc often
sufficient when all elie has failed Sold
throughout the world. Sample of each I
raaHed free, with 32-p Skin Book Address j
poet-card ' CutU'ura, Dept T, Boston. '
Provo, Aug 14. The Republican
county central committee met at the
headquarters of the Voting Men's Re
publican club rooms this forenoon to
fix the date for the county conven-
tion and to suggest dates tor primar
ies In the various districts for the
state congressional and county con
ventions Primaries were called to be held
in the different districts not later
than Tuesday August 25, for the se
a lection of the delegates for the two
state conventions to be held in Salt
' J .ake, August 31 and September 1
Wednesday, Sepp.-mber 16, was the
date fixed for the county convention,
which will be held this year at Lehl
The apportionment for the delegates
to the county convention was made
on the basis of one delegate for ev
ery ten votes cast for Joseph Howell
tor congress in 191;;, making the num
ber of delegates for this convention
Park Cii. Aug. 14 Arrangements
ha vp now been completed for the
state firemen's tournament which is
to be held here next Wednesday,
Thursdav and Friday .Main events
have been arranged for the enjoyment
of the delegates, including a parade,
a baseball game and athletic stunts,
and concluding with a carnival and
New York. Aug. 14 The cornmit-
tee of citizens selected by Major Mit-
chel to investigate the rise in the
price of food organized today and ap
pointed sub-committees to co-operate
v Ith departments of the city govern
The district attorney has begun a
separate investigation.
Already borne dealers are reported
i - to ha', e reduced meal from l to 3
V cents a pound
Washington Aug. 14 Venustiano
(arranza was named provisional pres
ident of Mexico in the agreement
signed outside of the Cltj of Mexico
by General Obregon ami representa
tives of Federal Governor Iturbide.
according io an announcement tonight
by the constitutionalist agency hppv
Dispatches io Rafael Zubaran Cap
many, head of the agency, said the
, grpemem provided that Carranza
should fill all offices necessary to
conduct the government unlil a gen
eral e'ectlon can be held. The fed
Ipral garrison evacuating Mexico City,
t is said, will form in groups of noi
iver 5000 along the railroad, to be
Rh9utnalimUGone A
" "Keeling flue this morn- a
I rk, thank ou' i tell w
' J I Bmitli 11 : mi. cvei gel y
fl rheuip&tlsnii you vunt to f
f j Ket j pat lease of j
B Rhoumatliim Powders
i Th- knock t he rheumal Ism
i i rrj tltne, antl bj 81 Irn i -
t latlng the i 1
ft eliminating uric, acid and
l& other impurities tnej tend
yj to . use rheumatism to
f . ompletely dlaappea r
You cap absolutely depend
j upon this rini'. it Insirs
th endorsement "f the
I American Di-uk Preaa
I Association, 'nd our positive 1
I guarantee, why sutler any 1
Pi ! EOi l i sale bv fl
1 Exclusive Agency tj
i disbanded and disarmed by constitu
tionalist commissioners, while the
Federal uarrifon towns near Mexico
fir. and fronting the troops of Za
pata remain at their posts until re
lieved by constitutionalist forces. Gar
risons in the southern states are lo
lay down thplr arms and the federal
navy Is to be turned over to the pro
visional president.
Notice of Carranza's entry into the
capital had not reached the agency to
New York. Aug. 15 Word of the
orth-German Lloyd liner Kron
Prinz Wllhelm. which, like ihe Ger
man cruisers has become somewhat
of a phantom of the Bea since she
i slipped out of New York harbor more
than ten days ago. was brought to
port todaj h the steamer Aztec from
Norfolk. The Aztec's skipper report
ed that on August 10 he sighted a
four funnel steamer which he believed
was the Wllhelm. He did not give
her position.
The last previous report of the
Wilhelm was that she was sighted
coaling the German cruiser Kalsrnhe,
BOUthweSt of Bermuda, on August b
The coaling was Interrupted by the
British cruiser Bristol, which fought
an ineffective long range duel with
the German cruiser.
The five-masted German freight
steamer Bohemia arrived today from
Hamburg after having made the run
across with lights darkened and fun
nels painted to resemble a White
Star liner.
Panama, Aug. 14 The canal was
the scene of activity tonight in prepa
ration for its opening tomorrow
On board the steamship ncon, of
ficer and men were busy setting e
erything ship-shape for her start earl;.
In the morning on the first voyage of
a big ocean-going steamship through
the new highway. The Ancon. 10,
OOu tons register, owned by the Uni
ted States war department and leased I
to the Panama railroad for the New
York to Colon trade, has not discharg
ed her cargo, as it is planned to make
the Journey fully loaded.
On her trip down from New York
she received a new coat of paint and
with the finishing touches ghen her
tonight will look as though fresh from
the builders' yard. The first thing
in the morning signal flags will be
strung from foretruck to keelson and
the flags of all nations hoisted on the
ship to denote the international as
pect of the occasion Outside the
ship will be gay with bunting Kven
the deck hands will be rigged out in
spotless new white uniforms.
Ordeis have been issued for the
Ancon io leave her deck at Chrlsto- i
bal promptly at 7 o'clock, in order1
thai Bhe ma arrive at the Gatun
locks at about S She was boarded
tonight by John Constantine, canal
lii 1 it uhfi Drill ti-jvo fhorffD rif f h r.
Bhlp during h-r passage tomorrow.
He hopes to get her through to the
Pacific vitbi'.i eleven hours, although
twelve hours Is the set time for the
average trip.
Filtering the Gatun locks at 9, the
eleven-hour run will bring ihe Ancon
to the end of the deep water channel
In the Pacific at ti In the esenlug.
The passage of the Cncaracha slide
n Culebra CU1 will be made shortly
before noon. The canal regulations
provide a speed ilmit of fifteen knots
in the wider and deeper channels of
Gatun lake, but in ibp Culebra cut
not more than six knots an hour will
be allowed
Every move which the ship makes
will be recorded on platting charts
in the port captain's offices at either
end of the waterway The ships Io
cation will be reported at everj turn
by telegraph
In order thai the Ancon's journey
may be wholly unimpeded all other;
traffic on the canal will bp suspended
Those aboard will include Governor
Coethals, the canal builder and nu
merous other high officials, and Pres
ident Bellisano Porras of the reptlb
lie- of Panama, and members of hio
cabinet. Most of them will be ac
companied by their wives. During!
the voyage buflet luncheon will bo
served, but without wine, as the canal
zone is "dry" territory.
The Ancon has a complement pi
spventy-four officers and men antl Is
commanded by Captain G. E. SuUe
A. federal investigation ot food
prlcps in Ftah to determine the rea
son for the increase in prices of su
gar arid all sorts of staple foodstuffs
win he begun at once to determine
whether there js any unlawful com
bination ot conspiraC) to raise the
prices arbitrarily.
Leon Bone, special agent of the
I'nited Statps department of Justice,
yesterday received a dispatch from
Washington ordering him t0 lie-in the
in estlgatlon at once. Mr. Hone will
rivi aigate retailers, w holesalers com
p on men, merchants and manufac
turers. nr
Brlgham City, Vug 14 - Word
resetted this city this evening that
William Baty of Harper ward diod
suddenly at his home about noon to
day He was one of the promlneir
residents of the county and the fa-
thcr of fourteen children
The want ads bring the other man's offer i0 y0ll ail(j
your olfer to L i id
in either of these phases of their usefulness to you they offer
t- PECULIAR SERVICE not to be obtained otherwise, and for which
? there is no substitute'
E Ii the workei vou're looking tor doesn't advertise today you ad
M vertlsc FOR HIM tomorrow! And the same double-capacity lor ser-
ice hold:, rue of all the want ad classifications
Warm Praise Is Given Ger
mans for Kind Treatment
Before Leaving the
London, 10 45 a m.. Aug 15. A
dispatch to Reuters Telegram com
pany from Amsterdam says that 700 j
Vmerlcans from Berlin arrived at the
strtion at Amsterdam during th
night Some hundreds were shelter
ed at the hotels while others proceed '
etl to The Hague and Rotterdam
where arrangements arc being made1
for ships to take them home
Many of the Americans warmly
I raised the treatment which they had
in Berlin When they were leaving
the German capital, the American
consulate the railway station, tne
carriages which carried them to the
railway were decorated with flowers
The dining cars of their trains were
abundantly stored with food Man)
of the refugees had lied In Germany
for years and are now returning to
the United States because serious dif
ficulties would confront them if they
remained In Germain It is expect
ed that about 25,000 Americans will
leave that country.
Minister to Meet Americans.
The Hague, via London. 11:30 a.
m . Aug 1.5. Henry Yan Dyke, Amer
ican minister to The Netherlands, has
gone to Rotterdam to arrange tor the
housing of the Americans who have
arrived there from Germany He also
will arrange for their early trans
portation to the United States
The American minister has offered
to help all the subjects and citi
zens of the nations at war and to
assist in repatriating them.
Lorraine Is Chased by German
Cruiser Drieden Later
Two Other Warships Are
Close on Heels.
Paris. Aug. 15. 4:55 a m The
French liner Lorraine had a narrow
escape from capture by German cruis
ers during her voyage from New
York to Havre, where she arrived
Wednesday, according to Rene Des
Bvaux, one of her officers
Soon after leaving port the ship )
was chased b the Dresden, Des
Bvaux said, but. she soon distanced;
this cruiser Later the Lorraine In
tercepted wireless messages between)
the German cruisers Strassburg and
Karlsruhe, from which the officers
gathered that the warships had been!
ordered to capture the Lorraine 1 he
last day out the Germans nearly,
caught the liner, which only escaped
through the faor of the fog
London, Aug I 20 a m A Ren
ter Telegram ccmpanj dispatch fr.m
St Petersburg gieg an imperial,
I ukase, which has just been issued and
which orders the following
First The suspension of all rights
and privileges which subjects of hos
tile states now enjoy bj virtue of past
Second The arrest as prisoners -f
war of all subjects of hostile states
who are m the active military ser
vices or In the reserve
Third The grating to the authori
ties f the right to expel BUCb alien8
or lo transport them to other ports
of Russia.
Fourth The confiscation of vessels
belonging to hostile nations which
might sent for military purposes.
Fifth The authorization to subjects
of neutral states to continue business j
In Russia
Sixth The observance on the con 1
dition of reciprocity of the followins
agreements regarding war- The naval
derlri ration ( Paris, which js dated
1856; thr declaration of St. Peters
burg which prohibits the use of ex
plosive bullets, the declarations whli h
were signed at the first Hague con
ferencp concerning usphvxlat ing pases
and explosive bullets, the convention
Ol Genes a, which concerns conditions
for territorial warfare, and the trea
ties signed at the second Hague con
London, Aug H A ppecial news
paper dispatch i r.im Rom.' todaj saj s
the Montenegrin troops, aided bj the
inhabitants of Herzegovina are BUC
eessfulh Ipvadlng Austria, whose
blockade ol tae Montenegrin coast has
practlcallv ceased
A dispatch from Cettinje, Montene
gro, i" the Exchange Telegraph com
pany officially denies the occupation
of Scutari by Montenegrin troops and
also all other reports of hostile In
tentions against Albania.
The Kxchange Telecraph company's
Rome correspondent sends the outline
of an official communication from the
ienna xovernment to Rome notifying
the Italian government of threat Rrlt
ain's declaration of war on Austria,
The Austrian note says:
'Austria's war againsl Servia, an
independent state, and which did not
affect other International pontics, can-1
n-l be considered as the cause for
the present European war."
(ire.it Britain's note to Austria, the
statement continues, falls to point out
the fact that Austria was Obliged to
declare war against Russia because
i the latter's mobilization threatened
Austria It Is denied that Austria sent
troops tn the frontier, a fact, the
statement says, which France already
knew- from the Austrian ambassador. '
'it is evident." " the note says In I
Andreas Hofer- -Hie Inn-keeper Patriot of the Tyrol ' I
r I 0 THIS Deasant-leader Liberty was as much the breath of life as it is to the strong-winged eagles fSj I
of the Alps.lb achieve it for himself and his mountain brothers he gladly laid down his life No less rlf I
X a personality than Napoleon vanquished him, and it was because he feared him that the Great Emperor MM H
ordered Hofer shot Every atom of Andreas Hofer loved liberty He demanded it for himself and willing- fH H
ly gave it to others In this respect he is no different than are our thousands of Tyrolese citizens. Personal and frfm H
National Liberty to those of Tyrolean blood is a religion To a man they will fight for it and to a man they will p-liM
die for it. When asked to vote for Prohibition they do as would do the great patriot HoferVCTE AGAINST jjSpH H
IT Thou shall NOTeat this thou shah NOTdrink thaf is insolent legislation to those of Tyrolean blood.
Anheuser-Busch are proud to serve their thousands of Tyrolese patrons. For 57 years these people have been modr I
erate users of their honestly-brewed beers BUDWEISER is a favorite wherever they reside. Seven jgjSffiaL B
thousand, five hundred people are daily required to meet the constantly increasing demand for BUDWEISER. iSStm I
Its sales exceed those of any other beer by millions of bottles. ANHEUSER-BUSCH ST LOUIS USA. 11 " I
conclusion, "that Great Britain's ai
leed reasons for declaring v.ar not
only are arbitrary alterations of facts,
but deliberate lies. England has thus
llghtlj broken her traditional friend
ship with Austria in order to support
France, but, nevertheless she -vill
not find Austria unprepared."
San Francisco. Aug if The Ger
man consul here has received the flo
lowing telegram from the Herman am
bassador at Washington.
Poland has been evacuated bj the
Russian troops, which are now mass
ing their forces farther back The
German north army, alter having tak
en possession of the greater part of
Liege, advanced Its outposts as far as
Tirelemonl and Namur where .1 de
cisive battle Is expected. It is only
a question of a short time before the
forts will fall.
The outer foils of Longwy are sil
enced The French ; rniy corps at Belfort.
which passed our advanced Kuaids,
was thrown back to the Vostjes moun
tains with heavj losses by the Four
teenth Baden corps, whose left wing,
assisted by the Fourteenth Austrian
Tyrol corps, has taken up the often-
Salt Lake. Aug 15 The European
war will be over In six weeks in the
opinion of T. A Liebler, a New York
theatrical producer, who is in Salt
Lake on his way from the Yellowstone
para to New York Mr Liebler thinks;
the enormous cost of the war In lives
and treasure will bring 11 to an end .
In a very short time He Is of the
opinion that the Germans will be the
heaviest losers in the war irrespective
of how it terminates.
Though on a vacation trip Mr
Liebler is doing ,ome Incidental work
for his productions While In Suit I
Lake he visited the various theaters
v. ith a view to learning whether or
not it would be possible to produce 1
1 )r Garden "i Allah ' Ui" bl Lieh
ler spectacular production He round
the static of the Salt Lake theater
well adapted for the production and
confirmed the booking of the attrac
tion at that theater for early next ;
This is Mr. Llebler's first trip wn I
or Chicago He went to British Co
lumbia to look after hi mining Inter
ests and then took a vacation trip to
the Huget sound, tho Yellowstone
park and Salt Lake He is so favor
ablv impressed with Salt Lake that
he intends to bi Ing Ml Lit bier here
ni xt summer and spend B part of the ,
vacation season here.
Mr. Liebler had been In Salt Lake 1
only a few hours whim he became an
enthusiastic Salt Lake fan He spoke
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; , j
particularly of the cleanliness and the
beauty of the city la a business
v.av. he said, conditions appeared bet
ler In Salt Lake than anv other city
he visited.
Sees Boom Ahead
With reference to the theatrical
business, Mr Liebler said
"Like other businesses in Amer
ica, the theatrical business suffers
somewhat from the first shock of the
European war. whether the war con
tinues long or not the recovery from
the shock will be rapid and in a short
time things will be booming here Our
fat tories will soon be running to ca
pacity to supply the demands of the
homo market heretofore met. at least
partially, by imports, and to Buppl)
loreign markets that have been sup
plied by the countries now at war
There will be lots of work tor the
laboring man. and where there Is
plenty of work the country is always
"One effect of the war will probably
be the difficulty 01 getting Knglisii
and continental stars over here for
the fall season. I anticipate the war
will be over before the theatrical sea
sou is well started, but it is possible
that it may not Our firm has no
European interests, though: of course
we use European stars in some of our
"Our firm had a good year last
year, though cur profits were not as
large as we had hoped We had esti
mated that we would make about
$300,000 for the season As a matter
of fact we cleared a little more than
$150,000. This coming season I think
we will experience no difficulty in
doubling this amount. The outlook
L bright fpi the theatrical business
and I think all theaters will enjoy a
particularly prosperous year"
Taking advantage of the sudden
rapid rise in the price ,,t rjulcksilveri
which in the past few davs has gone
from $37.50 per flask of seventy-five
pounds to $5.", the Nevada Cinnabar
company, operating three and one-h3!f
miles east of lone, Ne.. is pre$a !n?1
a shipment and will send out a car
within a few davs. The manage
ment is at present working out plan
by which ihe walls of the furnace
mav be swept without thf necessity
of men entering the furnace In the
event the plans are successful the
company expects to receive so mucb
additional meUil that a shipment of,
500 flasks may be seut out
Tln re are 200 flasks of the metal
at Austin at present, the point from
winch tiu- company snips Accoruing
to advices received by the manage
ment lrom th" two purchasing firms
in the United State3, the Hass Broth
ers of San Francisco and New York
and the Bruan-Knecht-Heimann coin
panv of San Francisco and New York,
the market in the United States is
practically barren of quicksilver
The total production in the United
States for the year of 19tS, accord
ing to the government report of 1!
D. McCaskey. was 19.6S1 flasks of
seventy-fiv e pounds eac h According J
;o the same report the domestic mar
ket appears to demand 20,000 flasks
per year
Quicksilver Is used mainly In the
manufacture of fulminate for explo
sive cape, of drugs, of electric appli
ances and scientific apparatus and
in the recovery of precious metals
especially gold by amalgamation. A
new use In Scotland is the floating
Of lights of lighthouses upon a body
of quicksilver A use in England.!
in the United Slates, and possibl)
elsewhere is the coalinc of ships' bot
toms with a paint containing quick
silver to prevent organic growth. In 1
creasing use of the metal is expect-,
ed in the manufacture of electrical)
appliances and of fulminates and pos-j
sibly of paints for protective coat-
ings on metals
Salt Lake Aug. 15. After sojourn-1
ing in Europe for more than a year
Mrs Anne Dinwoodey of 815 Basl
South Temple slreet, with her grand- ;
.Oi,s, Gordon Jennings of Salt Lake fK
and William T, Dinwoodev of Berke- rfl
ley, Cal , arrived In Salt Lake Tburs- K
During her stay In .Europe Mrs. Din- M
woodey visited In various cities in Ger
many, Italy, France, Switzerland and
England while her sranchsons ire .'B--
attending a hoarding school, ilf Lau
sanne, Sw it;ei land The members of H
the part.v left Berlin on Jul 12, and. H
after v Kiting in England about two H
,nAi. ; 1 r :. i r r..
ton on the Red Star line boat Arabic fl
After nine das at sea during which
It wa chased hy a Cerman man-of- A
war ami then trailed into American fl
waters hy .1 British cruiser, the Ara- )fl
hie rocl;e, at Boston on August &
Having left l iverpool before war had
been declared hv England and , H
many, the 1 assencers on the Arabic S
knew nothing of the beginning of hos- ft
hostilities until advised bv wireless 0:1 JK
the third day at sea. r"
Immediately upon receipt of the 'B-
news the captain of the Arabic or- fe-
d'-p-d all the light- on the hoal ex- p
tingulshed and pushed ahead at full "j-J
speed. A day or two latT n German I
man-of-war sighted the linr and ini- t..
mediately ave chase. Fortunately i W
dense fog arose, In which the Arabic jfc;
eluded her pursuer. Later an English M
cruiser overtook the Arabic and ea- .
corted her Into Boston harbor. H
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