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$M After endeavoring for a number of
"jM weeks to find out tbe whereabouts
&m of Mrs. L. M. Larson, who is wanted
ln OR4?n on the charge of obtaining
money under false pretenses), the JO-
cal police department receied word
ifjm Oils morning that she was arrested
''M in ParI- Idaho, on the same charge,
fl9 a couple of days ago. Chief Norton
aHi immediately wired Sheriff Oltsen at
M Paris, to hold the woman,
V$S The offenfie toT "'Wch the local
:' authorities Issued warrants for Mrs
Larson's arrest were the passing of a
I bad check on the Last & Thomas
I ' WM company and on Mrs Blair, n res!-,
i' viM dent of Ogden. The checks were
v jrM passed about a month ago. Mrs Lar
son was a stranger In Ogden and
''fflw ,eft the city immediately after se
curing the money She was traced
I 'Jam to Preston, Pocatello and Rexburg,
'S and from Rexburg to Salt Lake City.
' ZM The police lost the trail in Salt Lake
City, and, when it was found again,
the woman was In the Bear Lake
&3 country She is described as of me
tfj d!um height, about 35 years old, with
p auburn hair.
I 'The House on the Hill,"
comes to the Isis tomorrow.
Vitagraph's Broadway star
feature. Don't miss it. Advertisement.
mm among
Once more the duck malady con
fronts the sportsman and lover of
wild life. William Simpson of Hoop-J
-AViS the. number of ducks on the
FT grounds near the mouth of the e-
her river Is unusually numerous, but
I that tbe annual fatalities are appear
ing among tbem.
The ailment has not attacked the
J ducks as early this year as usual, ow
I ing, possibly, to the fact that more
water has been coming down the riv-
I .mm Mr. Simpson thinks that something
should be done at once by the w.d-
)S ens to relieve the situation just
H what, seems a different proposition
. the dncks are allow cd to die b
I miMtyii-'as In the past Several vars
m they -mi bCPBe VfctfShe passenger
I . - - go
Ceneral Counsel N. H. Loomls ot
the Union Pacific was in Ogden for a
short time thiB afternoon While
"j here he had an informal visit with
I Asst. Supt. G. O. Brophy. and, In the
V course of conversation, recalled the
receiving of a box of Weber county
I cherries from Mr. Brophy at his Oma-
ha headquarters.
Ho stated that they were tbe best
he flfcd ever eaten. He was inform
Leoby Mr. Brophy that Utah produced
V many-OjUier varieties of fruit of equal
F ly good 'JJuallty and that he would be
I remembered with a quantity later in
tbe season.
II oo
Why should a poor man worry, over
troubles as they pass,
J. If meat Is thirty cent a pound, he
can always live on grass.
Why should a rich man worry, when
he loses a million or two.
He knows he can easy get it back,
from suckers like me and vou.
269 27th St., Ogden. Utah
The Morgan Canning company's ex
clusive pea company, the largest of
its kind in the world, has been suffi
ciently completed so that this sea
sou's run of peas can be handled
The plant itself cost $100,000 In
Bddltlon, there Is a large warehouse
with a capacity of 300.000 cases. The
cannery's capacity ib 120,000 cans a
day. Jamea uuerson, president ot
ihejeom parry . also controls a canning
factor v In Uinta and when the six
H Worth $1.25 to $2.50.
H Our Great Removal Sale
M Ends Tonight.
H Get Yours, Men.
Buchmiller sl Rowers
" Drssscrs ef Mer"
I weeks to two months' pea season is
lover the entire force will be moved
to that factory, where tomatoes Win
be canned . , ,
The peas are divided into s.x
classes, and for the best peas higher
prices are secured than for the best
California peas Only about M p
, cent of the production is marketed in
i this state, the rest going to Califor
nia The first run this year has been
the largest ever handled by the com
I party.
The Ogden Rapid Transit companv
this morning ran two extra sections
of three cars each to the Hermitage
to accommodate the employes ana
their families of the Salt Lake Prear
ed Brick company
The visitors arrived in the city at
10 o'clock and were Immediately con
veyed to tbe Hermitage.
The visitors arc spending the day
in general recreation, picnlcing and
social festivities.
! Deaths and Funerals
COLEMAN The funeral of James
T. Coleman will be held at the Wood
men of the World hall tomorrow af
ternoon at 2 30 o'clock. The body
may be viewed at the family resi
dence, 437 Twenty-eighth street, this
nvstuniT on, I I r. rr rr-r-n n- until 1 ( n
m. The funeral cortege will leave
the residence at 2 o'clock, the body
being accompanied by the Woodmen
bodyguard The Interment will be
made in the City cemetery.
SMITH The funeral of Evelina
Edith Smith will be held tomorrow
at 4 p m. in the Ninth ward meet
ing house The body may be viewed
at the family residence at Thirty
sixth street and Jefferson avenue, to
night and tomorrow until 3 p. m. The
interment will be made ln the Moun
tain View cemetery.
HADLEY Funeral service! for
Florence Hadley are to be bald in
the West Weber meeting house to
morrow at p. m The body may
be viewed at the home of Daniel
Drake In Wilson, this evening and
tomorrow meriting until 9 o'clock,
and at the V.me of Ezra Hadley from
10 (o 12-30 o'clock
i F.DDLE Thursday at 3 p m, fu-
I nsral services were held for William
f.O- Blddle. son of William A. Blddle
Bishop N Tanner presided. Musi
cal selections were given by Mrs Ber
nice Glazier and Miss Jennie Thors
tensen George W Larkin, D. H. En
sign and C, F. Middleton were speak
era. FARR At 6.40 a. m. today occur
led the death of Doris Florence Farr.
2-year old daughter of Walter M. and
I Elizabeth Parry Farr, 340 Parry ave
' nue. Heart failure was the cause ot
death. Bishop T. P. Terry will con
j duct funeral services Monday at 4
p. m. in the Tenth ward meeting'
hcusc. From 4 p, m. to 9 p. m. to
I morrow and from 10 a m. to 3 p. m
Monday friends may see the little
I cue In her casket at the family home
HADLEY Funeral services for
Florence Hadley, will be held tomor
row at 1 p. m in the West Weber
meeting house. Bishop George Eth
frington presiding The caeket will
be open this evening at the home of
the grandparents, Mr. and Mrs Daniel
Drake in Wilson Lane and tomorrow
morning until 12 o'clock at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. Ezra Hadley ln West
Webet. Interment will be made in
West Weber cemetery.
The health and sanitation survey of
the city is progressing rapidly, accord
ing to a statement made today bv the
sanitary Inspector.
Since the survey was started over
150 nuisances have been brought to
light by the deput. inspectors and no
tices have been mailed from the of
fice of the health department to the
householders to abate them. Most of
the notices were to residents of the
sewer districts, who have not yet
had tneir premises connected with the
sewer and legal action will be taken
against them, if necessary
The only disease at all' prevalent
in the city at the present time la
whooping cough and this l8 now on the
New York. Aug. 15. With the ex
ception of tbe Rochambeau and the
Patria of the French and Fabre lines
respectively, which sailed with an
proxlmately 1,300 reservist,, for Havre
and Marseilles, cabins and steerage
York Ins"1 fI0t Bai,,n fr0m Ne
Rl rSSSF W6r? fr?ctlca' deserted.
The Cedric carried less than 200 per
sons, the Mlnnetonka an even dozen
the Kroonland 40; the a9rnnia il.
than 100; the
Zl Bm" numbers.
JXSSt J ,the Anc6or u Anson"
announced for today, was postponed
til omorrow morning. Inability to
get the cargo aboard today waa riven
ae the reaeon for the poatponTment
The Bishop of London says tht t
all countries where the women hav
vote the infant morUl!tyWtoh.aI2lla
It ranges from very low in Rnlandto
the loweston record in New Zealand
Pd at Classified Ads,
Twenty-eight happy boys said "au
revoir' to their anxious mothers
early this morning and. after meeting
at tbe Ninth ward chapel, hiked to
the Union depot The lads formed
the major portion of the Ninth ward
Boy Scout troop and their home-leaving
was the final preliminary to a
trip from Ogden, tbroagh the Yel
lowstone National park The troop
was In charge of Scoutmaster Robert
The hike along Washington aenue
and Twenty-fifth street about 7 30 a
m., created considerable attention
nmong the early morning pedestrian?
and before the train left the Union
depot at 8.20 o'clock there was a
large crowd of friends and relatives!
at the station to bid them adiou
The boys, ranging in age from 12 1
to 18 years, were all clad In the regu
lation Boy Scouts' khaki uniforms!
with colors of their different patrol
Accompanied by Dr. John G. Llnd,;
of the Weber academy faculty. Blsh-j
op W, O Ridges of the Ninth ward,
and Arthur Hah orsen of the Weber i
Stake Mutual Improvement assocla J
tlon presidency, the scouts were es
corted to 6teel coach No. 114 attach )
ed to Oregon Short Line train No.
13, by Depot Master John Shields, an
after getting settled down, the roil
was called by Scoutmaster Robert
Wilson. The troop is known as Na
tional M. I. A. Boy Scouts of Amer
ica, Troop 3, Ninth ward, Ogden, and
the members answered to the roll
call as follows, their colors also be
ing given;
Buffalo Patrol, Colors, Rod and White
Leland Richardi. patrol leader;'
Wallace Norton, assistant patrol lead-i
r; Leonard Thompson, Earl Corey.
Harold Shupe, Kenneth Canfteld.
Francis Lathem, Thomas Norton
Elk Patrol, Colors, Violet and Black
Gordon Croft, patrol leader; Leon
Treseder assistant patrol leader; ,
Glen Cordon John Croft Sydney Wil
cox, Ellsworth Wilcox, Vernon Rich
ardBon, Howard Watts.
Eagle Patrol, Colors, Green and
Warren Hussev, patrol leader,
Owen Ridges, assistant patrol leader, i
Llewellyn Roberts. Mertlyyn Roberts, j
Ezra Steele, Leonard Croft, Delias
Murphv Maynard Hurphy.
Robert E. Wilson, scoutmaster No.
12S38; George A Croft, assistant:
6coutma6ter No A3031 : Lowell Rid-1
ges, bugler; Thomas Norton, color J
(bearer; George Q McFarlane, scout i
! Scribe.
The scouts will be absent from tht
I city for two week6, their schedule be
I Ing from Ogden to Pocatello, one hour;
I ftopover. to Rexburg by rail; Rex
burg to St. nthony, on foot; St An
! thony to Yellow stone b rail. The i
j trip of 166 miles through the park is
J to be made under the direction of M
I A Hounger of the Hounger and Houtzj
! Touring company of Salt Lake City I
One of the things that the scouts!
planned to do before leaving Ogden
w-as to advertise their home town as
much as possible all along the roul5
and in the park and for this purpose
loaned a number of "yells," with the
word "Ogden" as a dominant fea I
Chief of Police W. I. Norton, whos1
IWO sons are in the party, may join
the troop at St Anthony and raakp I
the trip through the park with them
First Presbyterian South corner
AdaraB and Twenty-fourth street
Sunday school at in a. m ; no other
Ellm Lutheran Corner Jefferson
avenue and Twenty-third street. Erik
Floreen, pastor Sunday school, 10
a. m.; services 11 a. m. Tuesday af
ternoon and evening outing of the
Sunday school at Lagoon.
First Church of Christ Scientist
Masonic building. Washington avenue.
Morning service at 11 o'clock, subject,
"Soul." Sunday school, 9:46 a. m.
Wednesda nvnnlnp tosHmnnUi
ing at 8 o'clock.
First Episcopal Church of the Good
Shepherd Corner Twenty-fourth and
Grant avenue. BiBhop Spalding of
Salt Lake will speak tomorrow morr.
ing at 11 o'clock.
If .
The Poppy dance given at Lagoon
for the benefit of the W. R c La
dies, by Mrs Virginia Matthews, was
a most pleasing number on the pro
gram The dancers showed careru)
training, grace and abllUy .
The daucers were: iueen Norma
Hussey, page. Virginia Chrlstenson
leader Esther Doty; Ruth Pardoe,
wrginia Stevens, Edna Keener Lu- -
cine rnomas. Florence Coleman Mar
guerite Wheelwright, Elsie Upton.
Grace Burton and Fanny Mills musi
cian, Mrs Pearl Elliott.
Next Monday, August 17 the Re
beccas of Ogden will entertain at the
Thlmr2!f firove in gden oamon
lnvl?tn ?l0WS and thelr wives" are
nvlted to be present and each lad
is requested to bring a basket lunch
At b o clock the lunches will be
served. uo
Last Wednesday, August 12 the
Misses Oertel and Clcone Rich, daugh
ters of Dr and Mrs Edward I Rich
SlSESS frv 1 tW0 month3' 8ta in
California where they attended sum-
5t TnhiHau)Berkeley C0l,8e- Bke.
w a.dudltion a pleasant trip
etaTe outhern part of the
i i!fi lT uenry K,enke f this
visit in Chicago, New York and Bos
Brer w
jjjj jjlllll
3 The Coffee You Will Eventually Buy
, s
A Call for it Insist on it
s ,
a If your grocer hasn't it in stock, he can get it for you. J J
H & K Coffee i
I J She best coffee A l
1 lL 1 (T in wn by a j
a wj long way. 1" v 3
I A Fine Finish for Your Morning Meal 3 j
It always tastes like more. I
I The Coffee with the headache eliminated not a head- 1
S ache in a whole carload. 1
The foOoving "Live Wire" Grocers Have It -Boost It j I
! Sell It. I
J Mrs. L. M. Barnes, 227 21st St. Mrs. A. T. Hestmark, 475 22nd St. B
f F. J. Ross, Cor. 22nd and Grant Ave. Pickett Grocery Co., 2340 Wash. Ave. H
3 O. Farnlund, 2168 Lincoln Ave. j. S. Carver & Sons, 2354 Wash. Ave. S
Domestic Science Bakery, 2258 Grant Ave. C. R. Shearer, 445 27th St. Fj
Tribe & Jones, 2216 Wash. Ave. W. E. Hart, 1890 Wash. Ave. pi
J Wilson Bros., 28th and Wall Ave. Jos. Bingham, 2857 Grant Ave. 2
i A. P. Christensen, 3154 Pacific Ave. Peterson Bros., Huntsville. 3
R. Marra, 2786 Wash. Ave. Wilcox Grocery, 2462 Wash. Ave 3
Fred Foulger & Sons, 740 24th St. Marshall Grocery, North Ogden.
? P. A. Garner, 620 24th St. Boyle Grocery, 540 28th St.
Wm. Weaver, 3284 Wash. Ave. Tom Karadames, Cor. 24th and Jeff Ave if
! J. S. Campbell & Co., Wholesale Grocers, Ogden, Utah, Distributors. ' I
ton. in Chicago. Mr. Klenke'a par
ents and relatives will be visited anil
at Boston, where a number 01" Mra
Klenke'a relatives reside, a short
visit will be made Mrs. Klcnke waa
formerly Miss Ida Baxter. A pleas
ant trip i8 anticipated.
Miss Mary Maher, daughter of Mrs.
Mathew Maher of Salida, Colorado. Ifl
an Ogden visitor, the guest ot Miss
Florence Furness. Miss Maher ar
rived last Thursday afternoon and
will remain here through the month
The Federated V. C T. U. of the
city will meet with the president. Mrs
W. S. Flewelling. 321 Twentieth
street, next Wednesday afternoon at
2:30 o clock. All members are ex
pected to attend as the state preoi
dent, Mrs L. L. Shepherd will be
present and several Important bus!
nesa matters will be discussed.
Only one morn meeting will be held
before the state convention which
meets next September 9. 10 ajxd 11
at the Mettaodlst-Episcopal church o'
this city.
One of the pleasant social events of
the week was the parcel shower glv
en Tuesday evening at the home of
Mrs May Shipp In honor 01' Mis6
Anna Newton, a September brlde-to
be, Miss Newton being the recipient
of a number of pretty and usi-fm
gifts. Games and nvisk were indulg
ed in, which were greatly enjoyed by
all. especially the singing by Miss
Grace Atkinson
Those present to enjoy tin- '
ing's pleasure were Mosdamos J. A
Johnson. F. B. Newton. J. D. Grange.
May Shipp. th Mie?es Vilatf John
son, Florence Tracy, Mary Bell. G r
trude Bell, Llllie Johnson, Grace At
klnson, Maude Faiue, Klizabeth
Moves, Gertrude Grange and Emma
Reverend U D. Zimmerman of the
First Baptist church performed tho;
lrunresalve rixu: ceromony this morn-
I Ing uniting in marriage Misa Neva D
! Hanson ot Lima, Ohio, and Fred G
i Powers of Cleveland, Ohio The wed
1 ding was a quiet one, onlv witnesses
being present.
Thn happy couple will reside in Bic
Piney Wyo., wnere the groom is in
Mr and .Mrs .;. 0. Brophy enter
tamed Mr nnd Mrs. Alex Scott of
Stronwburg, Neb., at luncheon today.
Mr. Scott and Mr, Brophy are old a'c
Quaintances and the former's ston
over in Ogden. with his wife wis
while en route from the Yellowstone
park to Nebraska
Quite one of the most delightful
affairs of the week was that giver,
b the Mesdames A. C. Stone and Rky
. btone at the home of the latter
in compliment to Mrs C Clvde'l
Brown, formerly Miss Myrtle Stone '
daeJir' a,nd Mrs- A- I- Stone!
of 42 Twelfth street.
During the afternoon about thirty-1
five guesta were received by the hos
tesses, assisted by Mrs. C. Clyde
j Brown and Mrs. A I Stone Rugs
and comfortable chairs were placed
under the trees and appropriate
amusements were enjoyed by every
one present.
About 5 30 o'clock a most temptinc
y prepared dinner was aerved. two
long tables being nicely set.
Mrs Brown was the recipient or
many exquisite gifts, among them be
ing articles of silverware, cutglass
china and choice hand embroidered
Following are the names of thos
bidden Mesdames Chris J. Brown, M ( a
ger. C W. Frey. a. f. stone, Joseph
Baumeis er. William H Knight, ffo
both McClean C. C. Knight. Charles
Carlson, Herbert Snyder. c Clyde
Brown. Frank E. Moore, Edgar Webb 1
Ernest Shaw. A
Misses Eva Brown. Leantine Bark- 9k
v? Brker- JosePbine Baumeis-
Hianche Stone, Vanessa Webb and
Lmar Ssiniord.

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