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$10,000 FOR 100 WORDS.
"The Million Dollar Mystery" ttory
will run for twenty-tiro eonecutit'e lOtekt
in thit paper. Of an arrangement iri!h
the Thai.hijurcr Film oontpony it hat been
made possible not only to nod the ttory
in this paprr but also to ire it eae'i week
in thr various moving picture theaters
For the solution of this myntery ttory
$10,000 trill be given by the Thanhouscr
Film corporation.
coxDirioys GOVBRjrrira the
The prise of $10,000 trill be '.con by thr
man, irotnan. or (Ait :rho tc.'rt he most
acceptable solution of the mystery, from
which the latt tico reels of motion picture
, drama trill be made and the latt tiro
(hapten of the ttory icritten by Uarold
Solutions may be sent to the Than-
V" ho user Film corporation, either at Chicago I
or Sew York, any time up to midnight,
.Ian l!f. This allows several treeks after
the lust chiptcr has been published.
A board of three judges trill determine
which of the many solution) received t the
most acc(ptah!e. The judges arc to be
Harold Mactlrath, Lloyd Lonergan, and
Miss Mac Tmee. 'The judgment of thit
board will be absolute and final. Nothing
oi a literary nature will be considered in
the decision, nor given any prefetence tn
the selection of the winner of the $10,000
pstze. The last two reels, which will give
th" most acceptable solution to the mys
tery, will be presented in the theatcrt
having this feature 04 soon as it is pos
title to produce the same. The story corre
tponding to these motion pictures trill ap
pecr in the newspapers coincidentally, or
as toon after the appearance of the pic
tures as practicable With the lest two
reel will be shown the ptcfurct of the win
ner, his or her home-, and other interesting
features. It is understood that the news
paper!, so far as practicable, tn printing
the last two chapters of the ttory by Har
old MacGrath, will also show o picture of
the successful contestant.
Solutions to the mystery must not be
more than 1G words long. Here aro some
quettiont to be kept in mind tn connection
with the mystery as an aid to a solution:
X o. 1 What becomes of the millionaire T
Wo. 2W hat becomes of the $l,000,000t
Wo, S Whom docs Florence marry
4, Wo, -i What becomes of the Russian
conn trssf
Xobody connected either directly or in
directly with " The Million Dollar Mys
tery " will be considered an a contestant.
Munley Hnrirreave, millionaire, lifter a
nalraeuloua ncipp from the den of the
Kfinet of brilliant thieve known aji the
Dlnck Hundred, llVcS the life of n reduce
for eighteen yearn. Ilarg-reavc acci
dentally meet" Bralne. lender of the
Black Hundred. Knowing Bralne ttIH
try to get him he eacnnea from bit onn
home by a balloon. Before eacaplug he
vrrlfea a letter to the Rlrls' school,
vrlierc eighteen years before he mysteri
ously left on the doorstep hln bnhy
daughter, Florence Hrtiy. That day
Hargreare also drawa one million dol
lars from tho bank, but It ta reported
that thla dropped Into Ihe sea. t hen the
balloon he escaped In was punctured.
Florence arrive from Hie girls' r.ohool.
Countesa Ulgn, Hrnlne'a companion.
l. U - r- r.,,,1 rOnlm. .. l. m MUflv, I ....
bupu detectUcn mil. but (iiclr plot la
foiled by Norton, n newspaper innn.
By bribing the captain of the Orient
Norton lays a trap for Bralne and his
fTOtig. ( ounless Olpra uls visits the Ori
ent's captain and slio easily fnlls Into Ihe
reporter's snare. The plnu proves abor
tive through Brnlne's good luck, and
only hireling fall into the hand of (be
V After falling In their first attempt the
Black Hundred trap Florence. They ask
her for money, but he escapes, agniu
foiling them.
, ...... 4 . onnntoaa .nil fM Dnr.
enee the neit day, one, more aafe at
home. The visitors having gone, Jones
removoa a section of flooring, and frcin
n canity takes n bo. Pursued by mem
bers of the Black Hundred, he malic to
the inter front and succeeds In dropping
the box Into Ihe sen.
Brnine concelvea the Idea of giving a
conchlng parly, to which Florence la In
vited. Jones and Norton both go along
and are fortunately on band to save.
Florence from being Imprisoned In the
country house to which she li lured.
Florence goon horaeback riding and La
captured by one of Bralne'a men along
the roadside. Norton rescues her. They
Ore pursued, however, and the pnlr make
their complete escape only after Norton
ha exploded a tire on the fnat approach
ing machine rrlth a bullet.
rH FTFR the affair of the auto bandit
, three of whom were killed a lull fol
r V lowed. If you're a sniW you know
0 t kind of a lull I mean: blue-black
A ClOUuu u. tho aniitha horizon, the water
crinkly, the boom Wauuuug, Suddenly a series
of " accident! " began to happen to Norton,
At first he did not give the matter much
thought. The safe which fell almost at his
ftet and f rnfbt.'d through the sidewalk merely
induced him to believe he was lucky. At an
other time an automobile came furiously
around a corner while he was crowing the
rtreet, and only atuazing ozility saved him
fnm bodily hurt. The car wnt out of sight
when he thought to recall the number.
Then came the jolt in the subway. Only a
desp rate crab by one r,f the guards saved him
froin being Crushed to death. Even then be
thetight nothing. Put wbn a new box of
cigarets arrived and he tried one and found it
strr.ngely perfumed, and, upon Further analy
sis, found it to contain a Javsn bc narcotic, a
fclow but aure death, he became wide awnke
fnough. They were after him. He bennn to
wnlk rnrefully. to keep in public places as
oftn as be possibly cOUld-
He was not really nfrnid of death, but he
Cid abhor the thought of its coming up frora
c blpind. Except f"r the cigarets tbi'.v were all
'ticcldenta ; he could not have proved any-j--
'ing before a jury of bis intimat'- friends.
He never entered an elevator without scro
pulons rare He never passed under covering
over the sidewalks where construction wns
going on Still, careful as be was, death con
fronted him once more. It was his habit to
have his coffee and rolls he rarely ate any
thing more for his breakfast set down out
side his door ev ry morning. The coffee, being
in a silver thermos bottle, kept its heat for
hours When he took the stopper out and
poured forth a cup it looked oddly black, dis
colored. It is Quite probable that had there
bren no series of "accidents" he would havo
drunk a cup and di-d in mortal agony. It
contained bi bloride f mercury
Wry QUletlj1 he set about to make inquiries.
This was really Incoming serious. In th-
.... . f U W. 1 J
kitchens UOWnexain UOtOiUK cuuiu oe ir;iru u.
Tbe maid bad set the thermos bottle before
the door at 10 30. Norton had opened the
door at 1 -30 three hours after. The outlook
was not the cheerfnleSt He knew perfectly
well why all these things " happened " : he bad
interfered with the plana of tbe scoundrels who
wpre making every possible move to kldnnp
Florence Hargreave.
One afternoon he paid Florence a visit. Ot
course he told her nothing. They had become
secretly engaged the day after be had rrscued
her from the auto bandits. They were secretly
engaged because Florence wanted it o For
pnee Jones suspected nothing. Why should
he? He had troubles enough A9 a matter of
fact, Norton was afraid of Jones. He was
afraid of him in the same sens as a boy is
afraid of a policeman
Put on this da, when the time came, he
accosted the butU-r and drew him into the
" Jones, they are after me now."
" You ? Explain."
ind. There had been neither past nor future,
only the present in which they knew that they
lov d With her he was happy, for he had no
time to plan over the future. Away from her
he saw tbe inevitable barriers providing
against the marriage between a poor youn
man and a very rich young woman- A man
who has any respect wants always to b'- on
equal terms with his wife, financially more
than in any other thing. It's the way this
peculiar organization called Society has writ
ten down it rules. Doubtless a relic of the
stone age, wh-n Ah went out with his club to
sfik a wife and drag her by the hair to his
den, and there to care for her and to guard
her with his life's blood. It is one of the few
primithe Bensatfoni that remain to us, this
wamiDK me ieujaie uepeuuui uou iuc luuic.
Perhaps this accounts for man's lack of inter-
est on the suffraget question.
Only Susan suspected the true state of af
fairs, being a woman. Havinz bad no real
romance hjrse'f. she delighted in having a sec
ond hand one, as you might say. She inter
cepted many a glance and pretended not to
see tbe stolen hand pressures The wedding
was already full drawn in her mind's eye.
Theae two young people should he married at
Susan Farlow's when the roses were climbing
up the sides of the house and the young robins
were boldly trying their fuzzy wings. It
etruck her as rather strange, but she could
Dot conjure up (at this wedding) more than
two men bpsides the minister, tbe bridegroom,
and the butler.
By forsaking his accustomed haunts, under
the advice of Jones, the hidden warfare ceased
temporarily. Tou can't very well kill a man
whan you don't know where to find him. He
ate bis breakfasts haphazardly, now here, now
""here. He received most of his assignments by
Norton briefly recounted the deliberate at
tempts against bis life
" You see, I'm not liar enough to say that
I'm not worried. I am. devilishly worrl d.
I'm not worth any ransom I'm in the wnv,
and thy seem determined to put me out of it."
"To any ether man I would say tr.iv,-l Put
to you I say vhen you leave your rooms don't
go where you first thought you would that l,
some usual haunt. They'll be everywhere, near
your restaurants, your clubs, your office.
You're a methodical young man ; become er
ratic. Keep away from here for at len-t three,
days., but alwn call me up by telephone somo
time during the day Never Under any cir
cumstance, unlet? I s,.u( for you. come here nt
night. Only one man now watches the house
during th day. but five are prowling around
after dark. They might have instructions to
shoot you on sluht. I can't spare you just at
present, Mr. Norton. You've been a godsend;
Dd if it seems that sometimes I did not trust
you fully it was Ix.-cause I did not care to drag
you in too de p."
Deep? Norton thought of Florence and
smiled inwardly. Could anybody be in d. eper
than he as? Oncf. it was on the tip of his
tongue (0 confess his love for Florence but
the gravity of Jones' countenance was an ob
stacle to such move, it did not invite It
To be sure, Jones had no real authority to
eay what Florence should or should not do
with her bart. Still, from all points of view,
it v, as better to keep the affair under the rose
till there came a more propitious hour in
which to make the disclosure.
Love, in the midst of all tb se alarms!
Sharp, desperate rogues on one side, millions
en the Othat, and yet love could enter the
scene serrnely. ik,. nu actor who bad missed
bis cue and came on too aoou.
Oddly enough, there was no real lovemaking
such as you often read about. A pressure of
the hand, a glance from the ey there was
seldom anything more. Only once that mem
orable day on the river road had he kissed
her No word of love hud been spoken on
ntber side. In that wild moment all conven
tionalities had disappeared like smoke in Ae
telephone and nte hi? stories, sad articles 1n
his club, in the writinc rooms of hotels, and
Invariably dispatched them to the office by
messenger The managing editor wanted to
know what all this meant , but Norton de
clined to tell bim.
1 1 irked hiffl to be forced to rearrange his
doily life his habits. It was a revolution
bis ease, for he loved ease when he
was uot at work. He had the sensation of
having been sudd n y robbed of bis home, of
having been cast out Into the streets. And on
top of all thi" he had to go and fall in love!
There was no longer a shadow opposite the
apartments of the Princess PerigotL Bralne
' riud went nightly without discovering
any one. This rather worried him It gave
him the impression that tbe shadow had found
out what he had been se king and no longer
needed to watch the coming and going of
either himself or the Countess Perigoff.
" Olga. it looks as if we were at tbe end of
our rope," he said discoijragedly " We hare
failed In all attemptB so far. The devil watches
over that girl."
"Or Ood," replied tbe countess gloomily.
" In nearly every instance their success has
been due to chance. Somehow I'm convinced
that we began wrong. We should hav let
Hargreave escape quietly, followed him, and
ns.de him fast when the right opportunity
came. After a mouth or so his vigilance would
have relaxed; h would have arrned at the
belief that he had eluded us "
" Indred!" ironically. " He wasn't vigilant
nil these years in which he did elude us. Hovr
about the child he nenr sought but guarded?
Vigilance! He never was nn thing else all
these s venreen years. The truth Is, success
has develop d a coarseness In our methods.
Aud now 1 1 Is too late for finesse. We hove
tried citrj device we can think of; and there
they are tbe girl f r e, Norton unharmed, and
ihe father as secure in Mr retreat as though
he wore an invisible cloak. My bead aches.
I have censed to be Inventive."
"The two rr- in h.e with each other."
" Are you sure of that?"
i have my eyes But I begin to wonder.'
About what "if"
" bether or not Jones suspect me and Is
civ -ing me rop,. to bnrut myself with. Not once
have the police been cnlle.l jn aml to'd what
bai really happened They are totally at sea.
And v. hat has become of the man over tho
way ?" -
" By the Lord Harry '." exclaimed Braine,
clapping hi hands. " I believe I've solved
that. We shot a man coming out of Har
greavr's. Since then there's been no on
across the way. One and the same man !"
" But that knowledge doesn't get us any
where." "No. You say they are in love"
" Secretly. I don't believe the butler has
en inkling of it. It Is possib'e, however, that
Susan has caught the trend of affairs But,
being rather romantic, she will in no wise
Braine smoked in silence Presently a smile
twisted his lips
The next afternoon the countess, having
matured her plans against the happiness of
the young girl who trusted her. drew up be
fore the Hargreave place and alighted. Her
welcome was the same as ever, and this
strengthened ber confidence.
The countess was always gesticulating. Her
hands fluttered to emphasize her words. And
tbe beautiful diamond solitaire caught the
girl's eye. She seized th- hand. Having an
affair of her own, it was natural that she
should be interested in that of her friend.
" I never saw that ring before."
" A gift of yesterday." The countess as
sumed a shy air which would have deceived
St Anthony. She twisted the ring on her
IT HAD ALL THE HALlHrVu- - - " " " JE EM&i&CE
"You have thought of something?" she
"You might try it," he said "They have
accepted your friendship; whether with ulte
rior purpose remains to be learned. She has
been to your apartments two or three times to
tea and always sot home safely."
"No," she said determinedly. "Nothing
shall happen here. I will not take the risk."
" Wait till I'm through Break up the ro
mance in sui b a way that the girl will bar
Norton from the bouse. That's What we've
been aiming at. to get rid of that mddling
reporter. We've tried poisons. Try your
" What do you mean?"
" Lies."
" Ah ! I understand You want me to win
bim away from ber. It cannot be done."
"Pshaw! You have a bac: full of tricks.
You can easily manage, to put him into an
equivcM al position out of which he cannot pos
sibly squirm so far as the girl is conernd.
A little melodrama, arranged for the benefit
of Florence, Fall into Norton's arms at the
right moment, or somethlug like that."
" I suppose I could But if I tailed ..."
"You're too damnably el ver to fail In your
own particular work. Something has got to
be done to keep those two apart. l'e oftea
thought of raiding the house boldly and tarry
ing off the whole family, Susan and all But
a wholesale affair like that would be too noisy.
Think It over, Olga ; we hae gone too far to
back down now. There's always Russia ; and
while I'm the boss over here they never cease
to watch me. They'll mako me answer for a
failure like this."
She eyed him speculatively. " You have
" O, the money doesn't matter. It's ths
game. It's the game of playing fast and loose
with Society, of pilfering it with one hand and
making it kow-tow with the other. It's tho
sport of the thing. What was your thought?"
" We could go away together, to South
Am rlca."
" And tire of each other within a month,"
be retorted shrewdly. "No; we are In the
same boat. We could not livo but for this
never ending excltem-ot. And, more than
that, we never could get far enough nway
from the long arm of tbe First Ten. We'll
have to stick It out here. Can't you see?"
. Yea, I can eee."
But in her heart she knew that she could
have lived in a hut with this man ti'l the end
of her days. She abhorred the life, though she
never, by the slightest word, lei him become
aware , . f it. There was always that abiding
fear that at the first sittn of weukness he
WCuld d sert her Ami she wn wive in her
deductions Hraine was loyal to lor because
she held hi, interest. Once that failed, he
would ! off and away.
" Tell me !" cried Florence " You are en
gag, d?"
" Mercy, no !"
"Is he neb?"
" No. Money should not matter when your
heart is involved "
As this thought was in aceord with ber
cwn, Florence nodded her head sagely
" It is nothing serlons. Just r. fancy. I
shall never marry again Men ar gay de-
will be. Perhaps I'm a bit wicked; but I
rather like to prove my theory that all men
are weak If I had a daughter I'd rather
have h' r be an old man's darling than a
yoi;1Sr man's drudge. I distrust every man I
know. I i.ame to ask you and Susan to eo to
the opera with me tonipht. You will come to
my apartments first You will come?"
" To be aure we will ! "
"Simple little fool!'' thought the Russian
on the way home. " She shall see."
" I believe the countees is encaged to be
married," said Florenco to Jones.
" Indeed, miss? "
" Sfes. I couldn't get anything definite out
of ber, but 6be had a beautiful ring on ber
finger She wants Susan and me to go to
the opera with her tonight. Will that be all
right? "
Jones gazed abstractedly at the rug. When
ever u problem bothered him he seemed to find
the solution Ln the delicate patterns of th
Persian rugs. Finally he nodded. " I see no
reason why yon should not go. Only, watch
" Jodos. there is one thing that will make
me brave and happy. Will you tell me if you
are in direct communication with my father?"
" Yes, Miss Florence." he answered prompt
ly. " But do not breathe this to a single soul,
neither Susan nor Norton "
" I promise that. But, ah ! hasten the day
when he can come to me without fear."
" That is my wish also."
" You nood not call me miss. Why should
you ? "
" It micht not be wise to have any one
hear me call you thus familiarly," he objected
"Please yourself about that. Now I must
telephone Jim."
"Jim?" tho butler murmured.
He cSught the word which was not lntende-1
for his ears. Put for once Jones had been
Mnrtled out of himself.
" 16 it wrong for me to call Mr. Nortoa
Jim?" she asked with a bit of banter.
" It ( not considered quite the proper thing,
Miss Florence, to '"all n young man by his
first name unless you ar engaged to marry
bun, or grew up with him from childhood."
" Well, suppofiug I were engaged t him?"
That would be a very grave affair What
bar you to prove that he may not wish to il
marry you for your money?" Im
" Why, Jones, you know that I haven't s H
penny in tbe world I can call my own 1 Thr
Is nothing to prove, except your word, that I H
am Stanley Hargreave's daughter." HB
" No, there is nothing to prove that you are H
bis daughter. But hasn't it ever occurred to eBj
you that ther might be a purpose back of RH
this? Might it not be of inestimable value aH
that your father's enemies should be left in H
doubt? Might it not be a means of holding affi
them on tho leash? There is proof, arapl HH
proof, my child; and when the time comes 191
these will be shown you. But meantime put HUd!
all thought of marrying Mr. Norton out of IbEs
your head." KS
" That I refuse to do," quietly. " I am at HfrH
least mistress of my heart ; and no one shell Hi
dictate to me whom I shall or shall not marry.
I love Mr. Norton and be loves me, knowing mKi
that I may not be an heiress after alL And Eii!
. some da I shall marry him." BH
Jones bowed. This seemed to appear final Kgi
to bim, and nothing more was to b said. HBr
" I have a right to be happy," ebe added, in
defense of her attitude. V
" No one denies that. Are we not a!" of H'
us striving that in tbe end you may be happy? BBp
Have we any other thought?" In
" We are quite willing to wait till the snarl WWW
is untangled." 1WW
" I am sorry that this has happened. I do Ww
not consider it quite honorable of Mr. Norton,
wben he knows how really helpless you are. B
But of course 1 have no authority. 1 can An?
only warn you." He bowed and walked to- fl
ward the kitchens. R
Florence flouted her head and rejoined aK!
Scsan and forgot to telephone Norton. Had IBI
she done so she would have been saved many E
a heartache At any rale, she had unburdened
her conscience and she must tell Jim that the bHI
secret waa out. When, eventually, she did laH
can turn up ne was not to oe touna. rne ifit BEX
word, however, for him u cell after tbe opera ftfiB
and escort her home. ibUb
Norton did not return to his rooms till 7. V
He found tbe telephone call and also a note BLv
in a handwriting unfamiliar. Ho tore off tbe He
envelope and fouud the contents to be from flinF.
the Cnintess Perigoff.
" Call at 8 tonight," he read. " I have an
important newg story for you. Tell no one, Bfo
I cannot be involved in the case. Cordially,
Olga, iountess Perigoff. ' fffv:
Humph! Norton twiddled the note ln his k
fingers and at length rolled it into a ball and Wife
threw it into the wastcbasket. He, too, made fii
a mistake he should have kept that note. He gpy"
dressed, dined, and hurried off to the apart-
ments of the coUttteSB. 1U
He arrived ten minutes before Florence and I
Susan :
And Janes did some rapid telephoning
"How long, bow long!'' the butler mur-
mured. How long would this strange combat C
las, .' The strain was terrific. He slept but
little during the nights, for his ars were .
always waning for sounds. He had cast the L
chest into the see, and it would take a dozen
expert divers to locate it. And now, atop of V
all these worries, the child must fall in love f,
with the first comer! It was heartbreaking. 1
Norton, so far as he had learned, was cool
and brave, honest and reliable in a pinch , but H
as the husband of Stanley Hargreave's daugh- (
ter, that was altogeth'r a different matter. f
And he .must devise some means of putting a I
stop to it, but . j
But he was saved that trouble.
Mongoose ana conrn, inai an me Kume orr-
ing played; tbe cunning of tbe one against I
the deadly venom of the other. If he forced jr
matters he would only lay himself open to tbe jr
strike of the snake. He must ha-.v patience. jfc
Gradually they were breaking the ..risc-?a- -
tion, lopping off a branch here and there, but
the peace of the future depended upon getting
a grip on the spine of the cobra himself. V
The trick was simple. Tbe countess had I
news; trust her for that. She exhibited a I
cablegram, dated at Gibraltar, in which the
British authorities stated definitely that no
such a person as William Orts. aviator, had 1
arrived at Gibraltar. And then, as he rose,
she rose also and gently precipitated hers-lf I
into bis arms. Just at the moment Florence I
appeared in the doorway. I
Very simple, indeed. When a woman falls jj
toward a man there is nothing for him to do !
hut eitend his arms to prevent her from fall- L,
ing. Outwardly, however, to the eye which I
saw only the picture and comprehended not I
tbe cause, it bad all the, hallmarks of an
affectionate embrace. f
Florence stood perfectly still for a moment, I
then turned away. i,
" I beg your pardon !" said the countess. I
"but a sudden fainting &pell seized me. My
heart is a bit weak " if
" Don't meation it," rplied the gallant Nor- t.
ton. He was ss innocent as a babe as to what
had really taken place. h
Florence went back home. She wrote a
brief note to Norton and Inclosed the ring
which she bad secretly worn attached to a
little chain around her neck. W
When Norton came the next day she refused
to see him. It was all over. She never wished M
to see bim again. L .
"He says there has been some cruel mis- .jr-
take," said Jones. L
" I saw him with tbe countess in his arms
I do not see any crud nmtske In that. T saw ft
bim. Tell bim so. And add that I never k
wish to see him sgain." v
Then she ran swiftly to her room, where
t.he broke down and cried bitterly and would I
not be comforted by Susan H
"In heaven's name." demanded th" frantic "
lover " what has happened"'" I
The coined v of the whole affair lay in the I
fact that neither of the two suspected the
countess, who consoled them both

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