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Forty fourth Year-No. 229. OGDEN CITY UTAH, THURSDAY EVENING, AUGUST 20, 1914. Entered as Second Class Matter ?.t the Postofflce, Ogden, Utah, I
Allies Inflict a Heavy I
Defeat on the Germans
I London, Aug. 20, 6:45 p. m. A despatch to the Star from Brussels says the German occupation of Brussels is imminent. The Burgomaster of the Belgian capital has 1 1
I ordered the civic guards to disarm. J
I London, Aug 20, 7:50 p. m.- The correspondent at Ghent of the Exchange Telegraph company has sent in a despatch saying that troops of the allies have inflicted a M
I defeat on the Germans, who retired last night from Tirelemont with heavy losses. I
of . .
01 Germans Find Opening to the North and Have Gained
Ground on Both Sides of the Meusc Now in Contact
A With Allies Belgians Now Join British and
French Combined Forces Brussels Said to Be
r in Hands of Kaiser's Troops.
German Soldiers Occupy Tirelemont Great Masses Push in
From Frontier Battle Occurs at Charleroi Germans
Supposed to Have Loss of 6,000 Killed Japan's
Ultimatum Turned Down Russians Take
nj German Town Important Occuring
in Belgian.
" .
An entire change in the plan of campaign may be brought
about by the finding of an opening to the north by the Ger
many army in Belgium. This was admitted in an official
communication from Brussels today, which said the Germans
"had gained ground on both banks of the IVleuse and are in
contact with the allies." It adds that the "Belgians, having
Idone all that could be expected by holding the invaders in
check for 1 5 days, their trategy concludes with the significant
sentence that "the retrograde movement does not mean de
feat" implying that the Belgians have been operating hitherto
it by themselves in checking the Germans, while the French and
JJf British were making preparations to meet the advancing Ger
ry man forces.
Rumors that Brussels has fallen into German hands were
persistentlv current in Paris, but no confirmation could be ob-
r taincd. The Belgian capital was known to be threatened by
Iff German cavalry, who had reached the forest of Soignies, j
flanking the city. All the approaching roads had been bar
ricaded and entienchcd Four of the Brussels hospitals are
filled with wounded soldiers.
Antwerp apparently is the temporary goal of the German
troops in Belgium. They are reported moving slowly but
E steadily in the direction of the great fortified port on the river
Scheldt. The German soldiers have occupied the town of
Tirelemont, and their masses, pushing in from the frontier!
are believed to have come in contact with the allies' front.
Reports in Brussels asserted a battle had occurred near
Charleroi, in which the Germans were supposed to have suf- j
fered a loss of 6,000 killed. This was not confirmed by any
official source.
Reports were current in many European quarters today
that Germany had decided not to. comply with Japan's Ulti
matum calling for the German evacuation of Kiao Chow and
if the abandonment of the eastern seas by German war vessels.
t Holland is said to feel uneasiness in regard to her East Indian
colonies, in view of Japan's attitude.
Gumbinnen, a German town, 20 miles from the Russian
frontier, has been occupied by the Russians, who, according
to Russian official advices, captured twelve German field guns
and took many prisoners.
News of military developments issued by the official
bureaus becomes more brief as the great masses of Germans
and Austiians approach the opposing forces of the Belgians,
French and British, and indications of the positions occupied
are entirely suppressed. This morning's note sent out by the
French war office just mentions that important events are:
occurring in Belgium and adds that there is nothing new along
J the front in Alsace-Lorraine.
French official advices announce the rapid progress of
the French column invading Lorraine in the direction of Metz.
Two sons of Emperor William, Princes Eitel Friedrich
and August William, are said to have passed through Liege on
the way to the front.
A corps of Amazons is reported being raised in Berlin,
I, according to a statement made by Chinese medical men who
have arrived in Rotterdam from the German capital.
J Montenegrin troops have invaded Austrian territory in
Herzegovina, where they have been incorporated as an army
corp3 in the Servian army.
( The small German and British forces stationed in the
African colonies are carrying out raids in each other's terri
tory. The Germans in east Africa today invaded the British
The question of providing work for those thrown out of
employment by the war occupied the attention of the French
cabinet council, which decided to start workshops and labor
La Croix of Paris alleges the blind bishop, Kannengiesser,
an Alsatian, was shot by Germans, who believed he possessed
plans of the strong fortress of Istein-Glotz, in Baden.
St. Petersburg, via Lndon, Aug. 20, 12:50 p. m. A
body of Russian troops, according to an official communica
tion given out today, has occupied Gumbinnen, 20 miles from
the Russian frontier of East Prussia, capturing at the same
time twelve German guns and a large number of prisoners.
London, Aug. 20. 5 : 33 p. m. The following information
was given out by the official bureau this afternoon:
"The Belgian troops have admirably performed their
duty in delaying the hostile advance and enabling their allies
to complete their concentration."
Paris. 11:40 a. m . Aug 20. An of-1
ficial communication received here
from Brussels sas:
"The Germans have gained ground
on both hanks of the river Meuse and
are in contact with the armies of the
"The enemy, finding the routes to
the southward strongly held by
French and Belgians, discovered an
opening to the north. This may en
tirely change the strategy on both
"The Belgians, having held the 1n
aders in check for 1" days, have
done all that could be expected Bel
gian strategy will now be merged in
to the general plan of the allied ar
mies "The retrograde movement does not
mean defeat."
No War News from Brussels.
Brussels. Tuesday, Aug 18 Via
London. Aug 20, 6 3u a m.) The.
Belgian papers, becouse of the rigid
censorship, have ceased to be sour
ces of war news They are publish
ing chiefly local matters unconnected
with the war. The mails also are be
ing held tip
An order has just been issued pro
hibiting the granting of further mili
tary passes to newspaper men or oth
ers and without these. It Is impossi
ble for correspondents to go outside
the city.
The populace does not appear un
duly excited oer the prospect of
fighting In their streets The crowds
s i in placid and the peo-ple are at
tending lo their business as usual.
Japanese Ultimatum Arrives.
Tokio. 10 4o a m . Aug. 20. Con
flrmatlon has been roc Ived here of
the arrival in Berlin of the Japanese
ultimatum No hostility is shown to
Germans here
Archives and Cash Removed.
London, 1:35 p. m Aug 20 -Arrivals
In Home from Vienna according
to a dispatch to the Central News
from the Italian capital declare that
all ih'5 government offices, archives
and rash have been withdrawn from
Lemburg in Galicia; Czernowltz in
Bnkowlna Trent In the Austrian Ty
rol, Triest on Adriatic. Spnlato in
Dalmatis and Sarajevo in Bosula.
The Ausiro-Hungarian government
is eoncenlrating all Its official depart
ments in Vienna and Kudu Pest
Briefest Dispatch Given Out.
Paris, 10:22 a m . Auk 20. The
communication given out by the
i French war department this morning
was one of the briefest for somedays
h announced onh the hare fuuts of
, important developments now in prog
i ii in Belgium and added that there
v. as nothing new aloni the front in
j Alsace-Lorraine
( hristlania. N'orwav. ug 2). via
' London. 12:25 P m The National
Bank of Norway today reduced its
discount rate to .r, 1-2 per cent. The
previous rate has been 6 per cent
Washington, Aug 20. The hill to
provide $5,000,000 war risk Insurance
by tho government for ships of Amer
ican registry during the European
war, waB ordered faorably reported
today b the senate commerce com
mittee, after a brief hearing.
Hearings on the bill began today
lo the house and senate committees
Approximately 300 foreign-built
ships are ready to apply for American
registry if they could get government
war risk Insurance, according to a
committee of banker- shipping men
and others which appeared before the
senate committee.
Before the house committee, Ma
jority Leader Underwood declared
that while the business ought not
rngaged in the marine insurance bus
Iness as a permanent enture. the
present bill was urgently necessary
as an emergency measure.
"Major Glleon, whose nose had
been broken bj a bullet, took Charge
of the Belgian rear guaid which
fought so stubbornly that only seven
out of his orco of 28S men returned,
"When Major Gilson reached Ghent
a friend suggested telegraphing to his
father At first he refused, remark
ing that his father would learn about
his wound from the newspapers Fi
nally, however, he consented, saying
" 'I am at Ghent. No need to wor
ry Will quickly rejoin mj regi
ment.' "
; San Francisco Authorities
Make Vessel Discharge
Sacks of Coal Intended
for the Leipzig.
1 Scheme to Tow Vessel to Sea
and Deliver Cargo Falls
San Francisco, Aug. 20. The tramp
steamer Mazatlan. which at one time
or another, has flown the Mexican
and German flags, was forbidden to
day to leave port until she shall have
discharged 500 tons of coal, laden In
sacks, which It is alleged was intend
ed to be transferred at sea io the
German cruiser Leipzig
Th.' Masatlan is owned b Fred
eri k .Jebson & Co . German shipping
agents of this city She was osten
sibly to clear for Mexican ioris of
the west coast which Is her regular
Suspicion was directed to I he ves
Bel lasi niqht, when it became known
she had coal on board Collector Da
vis hod before him today John Roth
schild of the firm of John Rothsehild
k Co., who are dealers In supplies.
v. ho admitted that the coal on board
the Masatlan imd been ordered by
htm from the Western Fuel company
on August 11 for delivery on board
tho cruiser Leipzig at sea. He was
told to look for his money, he said,
to Simon Relmer. who styles himself
a special agent of the German con
sulate here. ThiB act acting Ger
man consul. Baron Von Schack, de
nies Rothschild's share In ihc trans
action was that of a commission mer
chant, or middleman.
In Trouble With Authorities.
If the original id an hadboen fol
lowed, the coal would have been tow
ed to sea by the tug boat Retriever,
whose captain, G. W. Beers, was to
receive $6000 for his services, after
the coal had been delivered safely
on board But about that time the
launch Active, carrying newspaper
men and a representative of the Ger
man consulate, cot Into difficulties
with the naval authorities beeause she
carried newspapers and Information
out to the Leipzig and the Retriever
gave up the venture. Then, it is al
leged the attempt to smuggle the
boa! bj the Mazatlan was planned
Fuller investigation has been placed
in the hands of W. H Tldwell, a spe
cial agent, of the treasury department.
A search of the manifest of tho
Cosmos liner Alexandria shows that
"Dr. Relmer" was transferred at sea
to the Alexandria from a vessel not
named at some point between Tampi
co, Mexico, and San Francisco.
"The act speaks for Itself," was
Collector Davis" comment
Desires to Know American At
titude If Germany Cedes
Back Kiao Chow.
Peking, China Aug. 20 China to
day Inquired of the United States
what Its attitude would be toward
the cession by Germany to the Unl
tod States ot the territory of Kiau
Chow for Immediate cession thereaf
ter back to China.
The inquiry of the Chinese go em
inent was made to the American
charge d affaires and It was under
stood to be based on Intimation from
Germany that such a course might
solve the problem
The Chinese government Is not
sure that such a move would meet
with the approval of Japan and Great
Britain and the opinion Is freely ex
pressod that It will not But China
has informed the United States that
no matter what action Japan may
take as a result of her ultimatum, the
Chinese republic will preserve an ab
solutely passive attitude.
Sounding United States.
Washington. Aug 20. Officials
here were silent today with reference
to the inquiry of the Chinese govern
ment as to whether the United States
would undertake the transfer of Kiao
Chow from Germany to China.
It was predicted in official circles,
however, that the United States
would not assent to the proposal un
less it had previously been assured
that such a course would be accepted
by Jajian and Great Britain.
I It was believed here that China's
1 inquiry was made to sound the United
States government on behalf of Ge.-niany.
Mexico City, Aug 20. General Vo
nustlano Carranza, the supreme chief
ot the Mexican revolution, and from
tod lj provisional president of the re
public entered the capital at noon.
He was given an enthusiastic recep
tion by the crowd3 on the streets.
Pittsburg. Pa . Aug 20. Directors
of the Pittsburg steel company today
decided lo defer the declaration of the
dividend on preferred stock usually
payable September 1 as the company
announced it wishes to onserve it
cash resources and protect its cred
its Although the directors announc
ed the dividend has been more than
earner! during the last three months,
the uncertain condition growing out
of the Kurope-an war was reported to
have influenced the action.
Severe Battle Precedes Victory Six German Cannon and Six fv
Ammunition Wagons Captured Situation in Vosges I
Mountains Remains Unchanged French Occupy f:
Guebwiller in Upper Alsace Lines Ex-
tended in Lorraine.
German Cavalry Supported by Machine Guns and Artillery
Open Fierce Attack Belgians Outnumbered But Put j
Up Fierce Resistance Troops on Both Sides Figb t.
Like Demons Battle Soon Became Veritable r
Butchery Distinguished Belgian Troops f
Hold Invaders in Check for Two Hours.
Paris, Aug. 20, 3 p. m. The re-occupation of Mulhausen, I
Alsace, by French troops is announced officially here today. I
The recapture of Mulhausen was preceded by a very se- I
vere battle during which the French troops took one of the
suburbs at the point of the bayonet.
They also took as the result of their victory six German
cannon and six ammunition wagons.
The official note says the situation in the Vosges moun-
tains is unchanged. In upper Alsace the French have occupied I
Guebwiller, 14 miles southwest of Colmar. j
In Lorraine, it is stated, the French lines extend from
the north of Saarburg, passing by Morhange to Delme. j
The situation in the Duchy of Luxemburg and in Bel- J
gium is unchanged.
London, 4:20, Aug. 20. The almost
complete ahsence of news from the
theater of war today is the best evi
dence that big events are in progress
which w ill test the real calibre of j
the battalions today engaged In the
"new Waterloo" or the "new Sedan "
That the great German advance is
being pushed with vigor and determi
nation can be safely asserted, Jpdg
lng from the intelligence permitted
to the outside world On both banks
of the Meii3e the Germans are crowd
ing southward toward the entrenched
French army waiting to stem their
progress toward Sedan and Paris
The invaders already have reached
a line between Dinant and Neufcha
teau, the latter point being less than
27. miles from Sedan as the crow flies.
To the northward their advance
troops have reached the River Dyle.
near Malncs almost midway between
Brussels and Antwerp Before this
northward rush, the Belgian forces'
are retiring on Antwerp In Brussels
they call this a strategic retreat.
Germans Gaining Ground.
Whether the movement is strategic
or forced, the Germans have gained
much ground In tho direction of Bni
sels Should they, however, take ad
vantage of this tempting opening for
a raid on the Belgian capital they
may find the now retreating Belgian
army sweeping down on them from
"All is going well Tor our arms.'
continues to be the tenor of official
French dispatches concerning thes lt
uotion in Alsace-Lorraine.
Tme official information bureau an
nounced this afternoon that commu
nication with Brussels since early
this morning has been difficult
Hot Fighting at Aerschot
London. Aug. 20, 510 p. m.-A dis
patch from Router's News Agency
from Ghent. Belgium, says:
"Yesterday's fighting at orsehot
was extremely hot. The appearanco
of two German avlatorR wmis the first
Intimation that the Germans, who had
been repulsed on the previous eve
ning. Intended to renew the attack
"Plying low. the German aviators
surveyed the positions and then re
turned to report
"Soon afterwards tho German Cav
alry, supported by machine guns
and artillery opened a fierce attacK.
"The Belgians were outnumbered
but put up a desperate resistance.
Troops Fight Like Demons.
"The troops on both sides foughl
like demons and the battle soon be
came a veritable butchery
'Two Belgian regiments, which al
ready had distinguished themselves Id
the frost of Liege, held the iDvader9
in check for two hours I
"Both sides were losing heavily
when the retreat was sounded 1
i I
London Aug 20, 7.05 p. m A dls
patch to the Exchange Telegraph com- 1,1
pany from Cracow, dated today, says I
that. Austrian troops have occupied I
the town of Bflei how Russian Ho
land, after a stiff fight with Cos- I
The Austrlans surprised a detach- I
ment of 1000 Cossacks while they I
Blept and succeeded in killing or
wounding 400 of them. The Aus
trian casualties are given as 140
Mlabl, Arl. , Aug. 20 The fight be- j
tween Mexican horse thieves and a j
posse of Americans. Which began near
Ray yesterday became a battle at j
Devil's canyon today when the fight- ;
lng was reopened and another Anier-
lean was added to the four slain yeK f
ttrday Twelve Mexicans, It was re
ported, also were killed 1
A force composed of citizens of Ray,
8 mining town, was preparing late to- j
day to assault a house In the canyon n .
where the cornered baudlts had taken
refugi I I
Tlo American d.-fni are: I
EARLY MILLER, time keeper for
the Ray Consolidated Mining com
pan. bflfl
FRANK MILLER, his brother
YOUTH name not yet ascertained
Tlv youth was killed in the fight
ing today, the other Americans wer
killed In the fighting yesterday.
After the first brush between tnt
horse thieves and the posse. Ray cltJ
.. ns drove all Mexicans out of in i

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