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$10,000 FQR 100 WORDS.
y u The Mitlien Holler Mystery" story
will run for ticcnty-t ir0 consecutive Weekt
in this paper. Jig a-n arrangement irith
the Thanhouser Film company it has been
made pottible net only t0 read the story
in this paper hut also to see it each icreL
in the various moving picture theaters.
For the solution of this mystery story
! tlO,000 will he -itvn by the Thar.honser
Film corporation.
The prise of $10,000 irill he icon by the
man, uoman, or child mho write th most
acceptable, solution of the mystery, from
which the last tiro reels of motion picture
drama trill be made and the last ttr0
chapters of the story written by Harold
Solutions may he sent to the Than
housor Film corporation, cither at Chicago
or Sew York, any time up to midnight,
Jan. 1 . 27ms allous scleral toeeke after
the lost chapter has been published.
A board of three judges will determine
which of the many solutions received is the
most acceptable. The judges are to be
Harold MarGrath , Lloyd Lonergan, and
Must Mae Tmee. The judgment of this
hoard icsll be absolute and final Nothing
of a literary nature irill bo coniulered in
the dreisu)n, nor given any preference in
the selection of the winner of the S10,000
prize. The hist tiro reels, irhieh icill give
the most accept able solution to the mys
tery, irill be presented in the theaters
having this feature as soon at it it POS
sible tO produce, the same. The stat u corre
sponding to these motion pictures IcW ap
pear in the nr irspapcrs eomcidentolly, or
as soon after the appearance of the pic
tures as pi acticable. With the last twej
reels tcill be ehown the pictures of the irm
tin, his or her home, and other Interesting
features It is undcrstoed that the newi
papers, to far as practicable, in printing
the last tiro chapters of the ttory by Har
old MacGrath, tcill also show a picture of
the suocettfal contestant.
Solutions to the mystery must not be
more than 100 tcords long. He-e are some
question to be kept in mind in connection
infi thi mystciy a aa aid to a solution:
No. 1 What becomes of th millionairef
No. 5 What becomes of the $1000,000?
i No. 3 TVhovt does Florence marry?
i No. ' What bccome$ of the Russian
i Xohody connected either directly or In
I directly toith " The Million Dollar Mys
tery" will be considered at o contestant.
Stanley- Ilnrtrrcave, millionaire! after a
inlrncTJ Iouh pnospc from tbe Son of tb
jranjc of brilliant thieves kronn a the
Blnck Hundred, llv the life o-f a roolue
for elublcen rear, HarftreiTe acct
drnlnllT moot Brnlnc. UaOfr of the
BlncU Hundred. KnnnlD Braino vrlll
try to net btm, he encBprs from his otto
home bj- a balloon. Before ewcaptnn he
write a letter to tbe girl' aehool.
where eighteen yearn before be mysteri
ously left on the doorstep his fonby
daughter. riorenee C ray. That day
llBrpn ai nlv draws one million dol-InT-s
Cram the bunk, but It 1h reported
tbnt this dropped lolo tbe sen. ubm the
balloon he esenped In was punctured.
Florence arrives from the tjMsf BChOsL
Countess OJga, Bralne's oompnnlon. vis
Its her rind claims to be a relnle. Two
boo detectives call, hot ihelr plot 1st
foiled by Norton, a neiTspnprr man.
By brlblnc tbe captain of tbe Orient
Norton lays ix trup for Brnlne and bin
(jan:;, Connte-s 'ili;a also llts tbe Ori
ent's captain and she easily falls Into the
reporter's anare. The plan proves abor
tive through Bralne's (rood luck, and
only blrillngs fall luto the bauds of the
After falling; In tbelr llrst attempt the
Black Hundred trap rioreuoe. They nsk
t her for mouoT, but sho escapes, uaaln.
zollln them.
Norton find the eonntens call on Flor
ence the next day. once more Hf at
borne. The visitor hnlnp oiic. Jones
remove a section of flooring:, and from
m cavity takes a box. Pnraued by mero
bera of the Black Hundred, he rusbea to
tbe wnter front and ancceeda la drop
ping tbe box Into tbe sea.
Brolne conceives the Idea of giving a
Coaeblnjr partr. to which Florence la In
vited. Jones and Norton both fro nlonic
and are fortunately on band to save
Florence from being: Imprisoned In the
ronntry house to which she Is lured-
Florence ifoea horseback riding and la
captured by one of Bralne's men along
the roadside. Norton reseUM her, 1 hey
are pursued, however, and the pair make
their complete eicspe only after Norton
baa exploded a tire on the fast approach
Ina; machine with a bullet.
Countess Olgrn, acbemlnc to break the
cneug;ement now cxlbtlng between Flor
ence Harajrenve and Norton. Invites
them both to her apartments and pre
tends to faint In the reporters arms.
Florence appears in the doorway Juat at
the planned moment, and ns a result
gieji Norton back his rlnff.
4 0 fnr an Jones was concerned, he was
rather pleased with the tarn of affolrx
k This waa do Lime for lovemaklnK; no
tirao for Hillr, Innocuous Qiiarrele and
bickering, in whlcH love rnuet indulge r die.
Florence no longer ro.le horseback, and Nor
ton roturnerl to his accustomed haunta, where
no one made the s!it,'htet attempt upon his
lir- In ail present state of mind he would
haTo wekumed it
" What's the mnltpr with Jim0" caked the
night city editor, raising his eye ehade.
" I don't know," nnwere'l the copy reader.
4 Goes around as ir he'd been eating dope;
humped into the boss a while ago and never
topped to apologize."
" Perhaps he's mapping out the front pa?e
for that Hargrcave stuff, ' lausherl the copy
reader. " Between you and tue and the gate
post. I don't believe th're t-rer was a mau
by the name of HargrsaTe."
, "0, there was a chap by that name, all
right He's dead. A man can't fwim 300
mileF In rough water, life buoy or no. They
night to have funeral services, and let it
at that."
"But whm Nsa the reason tor that f-'o
cable from Gibraltar saving that Orts was
alive? I don't see any aenae in thjit "
"The man who pulled it off did. I think,
for my part, that both Oris and Harj;reavo
ere dead, and that the innn picked up by the
tramp steamer Orient was riding somo other
balloon. "
"You're wrom: there, The description of
it proved that it tvos Orr' machine 0, Jim
probably lio.H pot a man's size yarn up hLs
sleeve, but he'M a lonp time In clelirrr:n; thn
goods. lie's beginning to mope a good deal.
omnn lack of it Komewhcpv Haven't hold
down this copy job for twelve year with
out being able to make some tolerablo
gueRes. Jim's a star man. When he ?ris
Ktartc-d DOtbing ran stop him. He eovoreil
tbe Chinese Bo.vcr rebellion better than any
at once, and T requeptsd yon to come to the
house, and you sjild you could uot. I de-
lined to stir."
"What do you think?"
"Exactly what you're thinking thit they
have come to 1 if apnlu."
"Jones, ia Mi- Florence aviuke?"
" No."
" Do you think there Ir any hope of having
her understand what really happened?"
' I am her? only to guard her. I cannot
undertake to r'ad her thoughts '
"You're not quite In favor of a reconcilia
tion ? "
" 0, yes. if it wpnt no further. Yoiini?
people are young people the world over."
"What does that mean?"
"That they would not create imaginative
other correspondent there. I Wonder how old
he Is'1 "
" O, 1 should ay about thirty-one or two.
Here he comes now. 'I, Jim! "
"Hello! Wher' Ford? He gave me a
ticket to the theater tonight1 and I want to
purirh his head. What's drama coming to,
nnyliow? Cisarcts and DOOM and mlsmated
couples. Can't they 6rid good enough things
out of doors? O, 1 know. Tbfv cater to
loft of fro!s who believe that what thy see
Is an expression of high life in New York
and London. And It's rot, pluin rot. It's
merely the wuin on the boiling pot. And
any old housptrife would skim it Off and
chui k it into the slops. Life? riffle! "
"What', the grouch?"
Looking for th dramatic Job?"
"No. I've just len w.ndfiing how far
theeo theatrical managers can go without
slitting the golden l-v;:v."
Norton nought his desk and began rum
maging the drawers. He v:ik not hunting
for anything; b was merely passing sway
the time. By and by, when the pastime no
;ouger served, he pulled bis chair over to l ho
window and sat down, staring at stnrn su b
ns Copernicus never dreamed of. Ships going
down to sea, ferries Swooping diagonally
hither and thither, the clockwork signs: but
be took no note of these marvels of light.
"Not at home!" he muttered.
He had called, written, telephoned. No
use. The door remained shut, Jones an
swered the telephone, and the letters came
back lie hean to think very deeply con
cerning tho Perigofl woman. Had she played
a trick? Had that fainting spell been bun
combe for his benefit as well as Florence's?
But he bad ul a shadow of s proof. The
thing that puzzled him equally with this wa
tbut all attempts against liis life had mirac
ulously ceased: no safes thundered down in
front of him, and do autos tried to carve him
in two. The only thing that kept him active
was the dally call of Jones by wire. Mis
Florence was well: that was h11 Jones wan
permitted to say.
Restlessly Norton f primed his chair and
walked over to tho telephone booth. It was
midnight H.- might or rcipht not be able to
pet ,Tons. But almost instantly a voice
said, " What is It "
" Jones ? ''
" Yeg. Who is it? "
" Norton.'1
" Why, you called me up not ten minutes
ago "
"Not I!"
"It was your voire, as plain a 'lay."
"Wbni did I want?" keen all at unee.
Tho reply did not come immediately. " You
are certain it was not you?"
" Wait a moment and I'll call the editor.
He will prove t . yon that 've been bi re for
an h'oir, and that tbbv is tho tot call l'e
made. Somo one has been imposing on you.
What did they ank you t, do?"
ou aolxril ine. to COtUS frown to the off! 0
heart aChea if they were not young. Better
let things remain exactly as they are. When
all ihse troubles are settled finally, the lesser
trouble may be talked over sensibly. But
this is not the time. There is no news.
Norton returned to his chair, gloomier than
eTer. With his feet upon the window sill,
he stared and stared aDd dreamed and
dreamed till a hand fell upon his shoulder.
It belonged to one of the ol&Yc boy6.
" Note f'r you, sir "
Norton read it and tore it into little pieces.
Then he rose and distributed the pieces ia
the several yawning waste baskets which
strewed the aisle leadlug to the city desk.
11 I'm not wanted for anythinc? " he asked.
" No. Clear out!" laughed the night city
editor. "Tbi sight of you is putting every
body in the gloom ward."
Norton went down to the street. At the
left of the entrance he was quietly joined by
a man whose arm was carried in a sling.
He motioned Norton to get into the taxlcab.
They were dropped in a deserted spot in
Biverdale, On foot they went forward to
thcit destination, which proved to be the
deserted hangar of the aviator William Orbs.
" I want rou to tell Jones that a tug and
sevoml divers ere it work on the spot where
he threw the client That's all. Now, doc
tor, rewind this arm of miue."
The amateur surgeon made n very good
job of it: nt for nothing had he followed
fighting armies to the front.
" Did they find anything?"
" Nt up to date. But we might If wo
cared to. They have left B buoy over the
spot they're exploring. But just now It floats
a quarter of a mile to the east of the spot "
" Who were the men in the motor boat
that chased Jones? "
" Only Jones can Ml you. Queer old
codger, eh?"
A bit stubborn. He wants to handle it
without police assistance."
" And he's right. We are not aiming to
arrest any one," siniitorly. " There can't be
any draw to this game. Here, no smoking.
Too much gas afloat."
Norton put the clgtrels back Into his
pocket. "What's tine real news?" he de
manded. "You would not bring mc out here
Juat to rebandage that arm. It really did not
need it. t'orno, out with it"
" You're sharp."
" I'm paid to be sharp."
"I've found where- the Black Hundred
holds its sessions."
" By George, that is news! "
"Tho room above in vacant. A little bolts
in the celling, and who knows what might
happen ? "
"What do you want mo to do?"
"Tell Jones. When the next meeting
cornea around I'll adviso you I've stumbled
upon a dissatisfied member. Ho. buck up,
they say. We've got two ends of Hie net
J"b, and v.ilh a little care we'll have theiji
all. Now. let me have a hundred."
Norton drew out a packet of bills and
counted off five twenties.
"Why don't you draw the cash yourself?"
" It happens to be in your name, son."
"I forgot," said Norton. "But what a
chance for me! Nearly five thousand, all
mine for a ticket to Algiers!"
A grunt was the only reply.
" 1 want you to tell me about the Pcrigoff
" I know only one thing that Braine is
there every night.''
" No! "
"The orders are for you to play toe game
jnst as you erf playing it Whpu we strike,
it must be the last blow. All this hide-and-seek
business may look foolish to you, It 'a
like that Japanese game called 'jo.' It looks
simple, but chess Is a tyro'R game beside It.
Can yon find Vour way back all right?"
"I can."
" Well, you'd better he going. That's all
the light I have, In this torch here. Got a
lot to do tomorrow and need sleep."
Norton stole awny with great caution. His
first intention was to proceed straight to tho
city, but despite his resolution he found
himself within a quarter of an hour gazing
up at the windows of the Hargreave house.
" Not- at home! "
Quite unconscious of the fact, he was as
close to death as any mortal man might care
to be. The policeman, suddenly looming up
under the arc lamp, proved to be his savior.
The lull made Jons doubly alert. He wan
positivo that they were preparing to strike
again But from what direction and in what
manner? Hs had not the gift of claiivuv
ance, o he had to wait; and waitiug is a
terrible ame when perhaps death Is ba!
aucing the scales. It Is always easier to
make an assault than to avioit it: and it is
B good general who always Bnds himself
But It made his heart ache to watch the
cLild. She went about cheerfully when any
one was In the room with lier. Many a
lime, however, he had stolen to the door
of her bedroom and heard the heart renting
sobs, a vain attempt being made to stido
them among the pillows She was only 16;
it was first love; and first loves are pale,
evanescent attachment, It hurt now; but
ahe would got oer It presently. Youth for
gets. Time, like water, smooths away the
ragged places.
The Countess call-d regularly. She was,
of course, dreadfully sorry over what had
happened. She had heard something about
Lis character; newspaper men weren't always
the best. This one was a mere fortuu
hunter, a two faced one, at that. She was
never more surprised in her life when he
threw lus anus around ber. And so on, and
bo forth, half lies and half truth, till the
putleut Jnnet; fff wrluglng her neck.
From his vantage point tho butler smiled
Ironically. He could read the heart of this
Perigofl woman as he could read the page of
a book. The effrontery I And all the while
he ruuft gravely admit her and pretend wheu
the b! iod rloteij in his veius at the sight of
her. But he dared not swerve a single Inch
from the plant lmd down. It was a cup of
bitter gall, and there was no way of avoid
ing the putting of it to h!s lips. She ema
nated poison as nightshade- emanate it, the
upan tree And he mut bow when Khe en
tered nud bow when she left! Still, she had
done him an indirect favor in breakiug up
this love business.
One afternoon Braine summoned his run
about and called upon two physicians. When
be w iia ubhered info the deserted office of tho
first he veut hi cn rd In. Hie doctor replied
In person. His fnrs was pjle and bis hands
" Good afternoon," said Braine, smiling
Tbe doctor eyed him like a man hypno
tised. " You . . . you wished to 6ee me
on some, particular business?"
" Very particular," dryly. " My car is out
Jde. Will you be so good as to accompany
me? "
The doctor slowlv wpnt Into the hall for
his hat and coat. He left the house and got
into the car with never a word of protest.
"Thinking?" Md Braine,
" I am always thinking whenever I see
your evil face. What devilment do yon re
quire of me this time?"
"A mere stroke of the pen."
"Where are we going?"
"To call on another physician of your
standing," significnntly. " It is a great thing
to have friends like yoa two. Always ready
to 6erve ns, for the mere love of it."
' There's no need of using that kind of talk
to me. You have me in tbe hollow of your
hand. Why should I bother to deny if? I
have broken the law. I broke it becauso I
was starving."
"It i9 better to starve in freedom than to
est fat joints up the river. Todaj it is a
question of Eauity."
" And you want mo to assist in signing
away the liberty of some person who is per
fectly Kane? "
"The nail on the head," urbanely.
" You're a fine scoundrel!"
" Not so loud! " warningly.
" As Loud ns I please. I am not forget
ting that you need me. I'm no coward. 1
recognize that you hold ihe whip hand. But
you can send me to the chair before I'll
crawl to you. Now, leave me aloue for a
The other physician had no such qualms
of conscience He was ready at all times
for the generous emoluments which accrued
from his dealings with the man Brnne.
The Countess Perlgoff was indisposed ; so
it was quite in the order of things that she
should summon physicians.
There is a law in the state of New York
jui-t or unjust, whichever you please that
reads that any person may be adjudged in
sane If the signatures of two registered physi
cians are affixed to the document. It does
not say that these poysicians shall have been
proved reputable.
There were, besides the physician a
motherly looking woman and a man of benign
countenance. Their faces wore valuable
asets. To gain another person's confidence
Is, perhaps, among tho greatest human
achievements. A confidence man and woman
in the real Ben; of the word. In your mind's
eye you could e this mnn carrying the con
tribution plate down the aisle on Sunday
mornings, and his wife Kate putting her
mite on the plate for the benefit of some poor,
untidy Hottentot.
On Tuesday of the followiug week
Florence and .Susan went chopping. The
chauffeur was a strong young fellow whom
Jones relied upon. If you pay a man well
and hold out fine promises, you generally
can trust him. As 1 1: "ir car left the corner
another followed Leisurely. This second auto
mobile contained Thomas Wendt and his
wife Kate. The two young women stopped at
the great dry goods shop near the public
library, and for the time being naturally for
got everything but the marvels which had
come from all part of the world. It is a
natural for 8 woman to buy ft ii is for a
man to sell.
Ia some manner or otLer Florence becaiuo
teparated from Susan. She hunted through
aisle after aisle, hut could not find her for I
the simple reason that Susan was huntin I
for her. It occurred to the girl that Susan B
might have wisely concluded the best place t
to wait would bo in the taxicab. And so i
Florence hurried our into the street, iuto C
the arms of tbe Wendt family, who were E
patiently awaiting ber. I
The trusted chauffeur had been sent I
around to thr- Md entrance by tho major I
domo. The young lady had so requested I
so he said. I
Florence struggled and called for the no- f
liceman, who came running up, followed b7 f
the usual idle, curious crowd. L
"The poor young woman is insane," said i
tbe motherly Kate, tears in her eyes. The j
benign Thomas looked at heaven. " We are
her keepers." j
"It is not true'" cried Florence dee- J
perately. J
"She has the hallucination that she is I
the daughter of the millionaire Stanley $
Harcreave." And Thomas, exhibited his
document, which was perfectly legal, so far
as appearances went. I
" Hurry up and get her off the walk. I f
can't have the crowd growing any larger." I
said the policeman, convinced.
So, despite her cnes and protestations,
Florence wa hustled info the automobile, J
even the policeman lending a hand. (
"Poor young thing!" he said to the j
crowd. " Come, now, move on. I can't f
have the walk blocked up. Get a gait on
He was congratulating himself upon tho I
orderliness of the affair when a keen eyed
young man in the garb of a chauffeur j
touched his shoulder. 1
' Whnt's this I hear about) an insane I
woman?" he demanded. If
"She was inssoe, all right. They hal
papers to prove, it. She kept crying that i
she was Stanley Hargreave's daughter." J,
' My God!" The young man struck his f
forehead in despair. "You ass; she wai J
Stanley Hargreave's daughter, and they've I
kidnaped her right under your nose! What f
was the number of that car?" f
" Cut out that line of talk, young fellah:
I know my business-. Tbey had the proper F
" But you hadn't brains enough to inquire
whether thtjy were genuine or not! You I
wait'" shrilled the chauffeur. "I'll have J
you broken for this work." He wheeled
and ran back to his car, to find Susan aud (
the countess in a great state of agitation.
" They got her. they got her! And T swore L
on the book that they never should, so long
as I drove the car "
Susau wept, and the countess tried Is
vain to console her. I
And when Jones wa& informed he fright
ened even the countess with the snar' of
rage which buried across his lips. He tore '
into the hall, seized his hat, and was gone.
Not a word of reproach did he offer to the
chauffeur. He understood that no one Is
infallihle. He found tbe blundering police
man, who now realized that he stood in for
a whiff of the commissioner's carpet. All !
he could do was to give a good description j
of the man and woman. Word was Mnt j
broadcast through the city. The police had
to be informed this time. V
Late in the day an officer whose beat in
eluded the ferry landing at Hoboken said J
he had seen the three. Everything bl 1
looked all right to him. It was the mother
ly j'ace of the one and the benign counte
nance of the other that bad blinded him.
At midnight Jones, haggard and with the
air of one beaten, returned home
"No wireless yet?" asked Norton.
" Tbe George Washington of the North
German Lloyd does not answer. Something j
bus happened to her wires; tampered with, M
possibly." l
"So long as we know they are at sea, j
t. e can remedy the evd. They Will not be
side to land at a single port. I have sent
ten cables. They can't get away from th
wire. If I could only get hold of the names
of those damnable doctors who signed that
document! Twenty years. ' J
Jones rnt bis head lo his hands, and
Norton tramped the floor till the souud of his 1
footsteps threatened to drive the moaning
Susan iuto hysterics.
"If is only a mutter of a few days."
" But can the child stand the terrors? "
questioned Jones, ' Who knows that they
may not really drive her insane?"
On board the George Washington every
one felt extremely sorry for this leautiful
girl, it was a frightful misfortune to be so
stricken at her age. I
"She Is certainly insane," said one of
the passengers, who had known Hargreave
glightly through some banking business. J
"Hsrcreae wasn t married. He lived
After the second day out Florence was j
permitted to wander about the ship as she j
pleased )
A good many of the passengers, wers
mightily worried when they learned that
the wireless had in some mysterious way
l.eeD tampered with .r:'r the boat had mad' JM
the open sea. It was Impossible to put I
about. The apparatus must be fixed at sea. I
And when finally Norton's wireless caught I
the wires Of the George Washington he was
Bravely luformod that tho young lady re
ferred to had leaped the rail off the Bank
at night and had been drowned. She had
not been missed till the following morning.

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