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. i JL il vtaVI 'QL'i'Vli vvX 4 p. m. city edition I
ee QuJX vl0 0U laMaiU. I
X-X WEATHER Tonight and Tuesday
pers in the Unitod States. J generally fair; not much change in fl
, i
5J Fortyfourth Ye.rNo. 232. OGDEN CITY, UTAH, MONDAYEVENING, AUGUST 24, 1914. Entered a. Second Class Matter 2t the Po.toff.ce, Ogden, Utah.
Terrific Fire Puts Five
I French Army Corps to Rout 1
If Washington, Aug. 24. The German embassy today received the following message from the foreign office in Berlin: "The army of the German crown prince has I
won a decisive victory northwest of Diedenhosen over five French army corps. The retreat of the southern French wing on Verdun has been cut off. The French troops I
were repulsed across the river Meuse in complete rout. The crown prince's army, giving chase, took many prisoners and it is declared the French troops are no longer 1
able to face the terrific fire of the German infantry." 9
Guns, Flags and Several Generals Included in Captures
Kaiser's Troops in Hot Pursuit of French Forces Sec
ond Army West of the Meuse and Advancing
Against Manbeuge English Cavalry
I Brigade Defeated.
Conflict Extends Along Complete Line of Contact in Belgium
Without Advantage to Either Side Japanese Fleet Bom
barding Tsing Tau Russians Occupying Territory
Fifty Miles Wide on German Frontier Aus
trians Concentrating Against Czar's
Forces Cruiser Dismantled to
Avoid Further War.
A despatch to the Associated Press from Berlin by wire
less telegraph has brought news of German victories over the
Official announcement is made in the German capital
that a German army has defeated a French army at Neufcha
teau. capturing guns and prisoners, including several generals.
The Germans are pursuing the French vigorously, in one case
beyond Longwy. Another German army captured 1 50 French
guns in the French Department of Meurthe and Moselle.
German armies under Prince Kupprecht of Bavaria,
Crown Prince Frederick Wilhelm and Grand Duke Albrecht
are reported west of the river Meuse. advancing against
Maubeuge. They have defeated an English brigade of cav
alry. The great battle between the allied forces of England and
France against the bulk of the invading army continued again
today, with no word as to whether a decisive result had been
reached. Official information given out in London states that
the British forces were engaged all day yesterday with the
enemy in the neighborhood of Mons. Belgium. The English
held their ground, according to an official statement.
The conflict between the allied forces and the Germans
in Belgium extends along the complete line of contact, and
the French embassy at London has received information that
up to the present the battle has been without advantage to
cither side.
1 Reports were in circulation in Paris today that the Ger-
r mans have occupied the unfortified town of Nancy, France.
The bombardment of Tsing-Tau, China, by the Japan
ese fleet has begun, according to the Yamato. which published
an extra edition in Tokio today. The message giving the news
of the bombardment was passed by the navy department cen
sor at Tokio.
The German troops, according to reports from Upper
Alsace, are making another offensive movement against the
French army which is occupying Mulhausen and vicinity.
The Russians, according to Paris reports, now occupy
territory fifty miles wide on the German frontier.
A Vienna report filtering through Udine, Italy, say that
the Austrians are about to abandon their operations against
the Servians on the Drina river in order to concentrate their
forces against the Russian force.
The agreement of Austria to dismantle her cruiser, the
Kaiserin Elizabeth, now at Tsing-Tau. has removed the dan
ger of war between Japan and Austria, according to diplomatic
information in Washington today.
The Standard Oil company, United States Steel corpora
tion and the United Fruit company have notified the govern
ment that their fleets will be put under the American flag.
Japanese war moves in the Far-east are proceeding under
k sphynx-like silence of the officers of the army and navy.
Communication between Japan and China has been severed
for 24 h ours and it is believed the cable between Shanghai and
Nagasaki has been cut.
Count Von Bernstorff, the German ambassador to the
United States, arriving in New York today, denounced as
false the reports that the German crown prince, Frederick Wil
liam had been shot, either in the streets of Berlin or in the
battle at Liege. Only 5,000 or 6,000 German soldiers were
engaged in the assault on Liege, said Count Bernstorff.
Geneva. Aug. 23, via Paris, Aug. 24, 4:15 p. m. De
layed in transmission.) Italian troops, according to thorough
ly reliable information reaching here, are concentrating on the
Austrian frontier.
The French frontier on Switzerland has been virtually
stripped of its garrison owing to partial mobilization by indi
vidual summons and not by public order.
According to reports in Geneva, the Italian army has
been raised to 800,000 men.
London. Aug 24. 3:58 p. m. A despatch to the Central
News from Rome says fishermen in the Adriatic report that
the entire Austrian fleet of about 40 units is proceeding south
ward from Pola. the Austrian naval base. Their objective is
thought to be Cattaro, in Dalmatia.
According to recent reports a French fleet is cruising in
the Adriatic.
Berlin. Aug '4 (By wireless to
Associated Press from Nauen, Germa
in. to Bayvllle, Lond Island I Official
announcement was made here today
that the German army, commanded
by Grand Duke Ubrcchl of Wuertem
berg, has defeated a French army at
Nuefchateau It captured mans
guns flags and prisoners Including
several generals
Vigorously Pursuing French
German armies under Rupprecht
Crown Prince Wilhelm and Grand
Duke Albrechl are vigorous pursu
Ing 1 he Fron h.
7'he army under Rupprecllt captur
ed 150 guns at Lnneville Blnmont and
l irey (in the French department of
Meurthe and Moselle.)
The army commanded bj (he crown
prince pursued (he French beyond
Long y,
The Germans are west of the river
Meuse and advancing against Man
beuge They have defeated an Eng
lish brigade of cavalry
N'ew York. Aug 24 Coutll Johan
on Bernstori'i . German ambassador
to the United States, announced on
1 his arrival here today irom Rotter
dam that his government had been
informed that Russian civil and mili
tary authorities had withdrawn from
Poland and that the Poles had set up
an indepndent government with War
saw as its capital.
Washington, Aug 24. Danger of
war between Japan and Austria was
I removed today through the agree
ment of Austria lo dismantle her
cruiser, the Kai serin Elliabetn now
at Tsing-Tau Tin- Austrian ambassa
dor had been preparing to leave Tokio
when the Japanese government io-
dicated Its approval of a suggestion
I for dismantling the cruiser Austria
; accepted the proposal and instructed
the officers to interne it at Shanghai.
The Austrian ambassador then let it
be know n that he saw no occasion to
leave Japan.
London. ug. 24, 2:35 p m The
I official bureau of information today
gave out the following announcement;
"British forces were engaged nil
da) Sundaj and until after dark with
t., enemy m llir neighborhood ol
I Mons, Belgium I hey held their
ground "
Basel. Switzerland. Aug. 24. via
j Paris. 10 22 a. m According to re
I ports received here from different
I points in Upper Alsace, the German
troops are making another offensive
movement ngain?i the Fr QCh arm)
occupying Mulhausen and environs.
London. 6.20 p i" . AUB 24. A dis
I patch received here from Paris says
I that according to official announce
i ment in the French capital, the Ger
I mane are making a great effort
against Namur which is resisting vlg.
orouslj. AIJ the Liege forts are .-till
holding out The entire Belgian army
has been concentrated and entrench
ed at Antwerp.
Peking China, Aug 24 The block
ade of Tsing-Tau. the fortified sea
port of Kiao-Chdw, has begun Brit
ish, French and Russian vessels of
war are taking part in the move
ment Paris. Aug 24. 3 in p m An of f i
clal announcement made this after
noon Bays that Luneville Amance and
Dieuloard, in the department of Meur-tbe-et-Moselle,
have been o cupit d bj
the Germans. The French position
otherwise has not been modified
Manila, Aug. 24. The North Ger
man-Lloyd line steamer Prin ess
Alice, which left here August 14 lor
an unknown destination, has put In
at. Zamboanga. There is a rumor
that she has been damaged by a Brit
ish cruiser but this lacks confirma
tion. The steamer is believed to car
ry a large amount of specie
London. Aug 24 7 4". p m. The
correspondent of the Daily Telegraph
at Amsterdam says it Is estimated
that the total loss of the Belgians. uj
to date, has been 10,000 in killed,
wounded and prisoners
Paris, Aug. 24. 12:10 p m - The
Figaro today publishes a -tor quot
ing the words of a French gen ral
commanding a corps in the north tc
a friend beforo leaving Paris for his
post. "1 leave with the most Blncere
and reasonable hope of victor.',, the
geiieral said, "but If unforeseen and
unfortunate circumstance oblige as tc
tetreat. the enemy will be In such 8
Btate that he will not be ah.- tc
pursue us."
London Aug 24. 7 06 P m - In a
dispatch from Paris, the correspond
ent of the Exchange Telegraph ".mi
pany says the Excelsior this afternoor
pubilsbes a message from N'ish, Ser
via. saving that an Austrian tnonitOl
struck a mine In the Adriatic and wac
destroyed. The crew or the monitoi
pi rlshed The location of this acci
ri rut is given as between Orehuva am
London. Aug. 24. 7:. la p m Tb
Central News has given out a mos
sage from Us Rome corresponden
saving that a dispatch received in tlif
Italian capital from St. Petersburg de
dares that Emperor Nicholas ha;
gone to the headquarters of the Rus
sian army, which has now taken th(
offensive" in full strength.
London, Aug. 24, 7 35 p m. Tele
'graphing from Rome, the correspond
ent of the Exchange Telegraph com
pany says a message has been re
ceived there from Avlona, Albania,
declaring that Albanian insurgents
have entered the citv and raised their
New York Aug 24 The decision
of the I nited States Steel corpora
lion, the Standard Oil company and
the United Fruit company to place
their vessels under the American flag
creates as a nucleus of a new Ameri
can merchant marine nearly 100
steamships with a gross tonnage of
about 400,000 tons The Standard
Oil fleet of tankers numbers 70, of
which 25 are British. 36 German ami
the rest Italian and Dutch.
The i nited Fruit cbmpanj controls
23 vessels and the United States
steel corporation's five vessels flying
the British flag.
Rush on Barbed Wire Defen
ses Before Forts in Darkness
and Many Are Electro
Two Column, of Germans At
tack Each Other Belgians
Increase Slaughter by Fir
ing Into Both Sides.
Paris. Aug. 24. 9 ; 30 a m The
Petit Journal publishes the following
details of the fighting around Liege,
obtained b) it from a Belgian offi
cer; German tioops rushed on the
barbed tire defenses before the forts
. of Liege in the darkness ol night a
erv strong current of electricity was
being maintained in these wires and
as a result the first ranks of the
Germans were electrocuted
"Unchecked, the assailants follow
ed In masses, but they were blinded
by the glare Of powerful search
lights They hesitated and started to
retire At that moment a heavy fire
of rifles and artillerj was concen
trated on the mass of German troops
and they were cut to pieces The
nias-s of bodies lormc-d a mound, in
some places many leet high.
Martial Airs Drown Groang
"To drown out the groans Of the
1 wounded, the German bugles sounded
' martial airs, and the troops still alive
, united in cheering
Near one rort two oiumns or Ger
mans, blinded by the glare ol Belgian
' searchlights, attacked each other.
' This incident was seen from the fort
In n one side seemed to have the
1,, u. i of the struggle." the Belgian
offict i got - "n to Bay, "our artillery
1 fired into both sides alike, thus mak
ing the struggle more even."
Washington. ug. 14. The United
States Steel corporation, the Standard
5 Oil company and the United Fruit
company have notified the govern
) ment of their intentions to put their
fleets under the American flag, under
the new law extending home registry
to lorcifin built craft
French Troops Are Taking Offensive in Conjunction With
British Army Allied Forces Have Ranged Against
Them Nearly Entire German Army, Both Active and
Reserve Field Operations in Difficult Wood
ed Country Fighting Wages Along
Extended Front.
Both Sides Suffer Serious Losses Main Body of Troops Hold
Front Between Badonville and Luneville Army From
North Attracting Germans on Right Bank of the
Semois Third Army Corps Advancing to
Attack Right Flank of Kaiser's Troops.
London. Aug 24, 6:30 P m A dis
patch from Paris conveys the follow
ing official announcement:
"A great battle on a vast line ei
tending from Mons in Belgium to the
frontier of Luxemburg is raging.
"The French troop:, everywhere are
taking the of tensive. Their action IS
I being carried on w ith regularits in
! conjunction with the British arm
The allied force have ranged
against them nearly the entire Ger
man army, active and reserve
Wooded Country Difficult
The field operatious. especiallv on
the right, are being conducted in a
wooded country; consequently they
are difficult.
"The battle for the last f w da a
has been waged along a very extend
ed front The number of effective
men engaged make? it impossible tn
follow the movements of each army
step b step
It will be necessary to await a
definite result before being able to
reach some conclusion as to the out
come of thi first phase of the combat-
otherwise we would be in the
position of supplying the press with
divergent information, while at the
stime time we would risk giving the
enemy valuable intelligence."
Paris, ug. 24 2:57 p m. 'The
genernl engagement continue today
with desperation," is the wording ot
an official communication given out
this afternoon.
Already both sides have Buffen a
serious losses."
"Our armies had resolutely taken
the offonsive between the Moselle
and Mons in Belgium A general bat
tie Is now being fought in Upper Al
sace on to Vosgcs mountains and
aiong the river Meurthe. The main
body of troops is under command of
General Pau. These forces hold the
Tront. roughly speaking, between Bad
onville and Luneville "
Great Armies Converging.
"An army from the north ot Wavre
Is approaching Neuft bateau and is
attacking the Germon lore, b which
have detiled through Luxemburg and
arc now on the right bank of the
"Another army from the direction
of Sedan has crossed the Department
oT Ardennes and is engaging the Ger
many army corps which hos been
proceeding between the river Less?
and the river Meuse
' A third army corps from the neigh
borhood of Chlmay is advancing tc
attack the German right between the
river Sambre and the river Meuse.
This third army is supported by an
Bnglishp army which has come from ft J
the vicinity of Mons. fl
I "The movements of the Germans,
who sought to pass our left wing,
were followed step by step, and their I
right now finds itself attacked by the j
left wing of our army, which is work
ing in conjunction with the English.
Prom this side the battle continued M
vigorous!) for more than 24 hours
the field extending over the remain
der of the front." H
Mexico City, Aug 24 n official !
announcement i the war department
that General Orcveo w.is defeat- I
cd Thursdaj by Col Salinas in the I
Sierra Del Ajo, near San Francisco.
in the district ot Pan-as. General ;
Orozco Is said to be fleeing north- j
ward and a force of constitutionalists
is endeavoring U intercept hlra.
General Pablo Gonsales is reported
to have entered the city of Puebla
with the constitutionalist forces
General Eduardo Hay, recently ap
pointed BecretarF ot war. has resign
ed No reason is given for his re-
tirement. A successor has not yet
been named fl
Streel demonstrations in which t'"m
workmen participated were held here
yesterday In honor of the memory of
th, ate President Pranclsco Madero
and in favor of the new regime.
There was no disorder. L" H
The -National Railways will not be
opened tor traffic until the govern
ment payfi si million pesos for the
a8e ol the lines When this sum Ib
forthcoming the government will op- j
erate the roads between the federal
capital and the American border

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