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No Name. Address Description
2251 T H' Bradfleld MJlford Overland Touring
6066 S. M Hawley Oasis Ford Touring
6067 Casten Olsen Salt Lako Oldsmobilc Touring
6068 William Balrd Richmond Oldsmobile Touring
6069 C B Barrett Salt Lake Buick Roadster
I .6070 O. H Pierce Fayette . Ford Touring
6071 Frank Davenport Salt Lako Ford Touring
6072 Philip Dern Co Salt Lake Buick Touring
6073 M M. Taylor & Co Midvale , Reo Roadster
6074 John H Larson Ogden Hupmoblle Touring
6075 Mrs A. R Williams . . Salt Lake Ford Touring
6076 William H Capwell Tremonton Ford Touring
6077 A Shreves Ogden ...Buick Roadster
6078 Charles Munnm Garland Ford Touring
,6079 Ballingham Bros Grou6e Creek Ford Touring
6080 A L Peck Willard Ford Touring
60S1 Mrs. B L. Thayer Eureka Ford Touring
6082 J. B. Middleton Price Studebaker Touring
. 6083 E. P Levy Salt Lake Studebaker Touring
6084 W E Smith Salt Lake Buick Touring
6055 W. J Wall Aurora Ford Touring
6056 C. H Burton Ogden Hupmoblle Touring
6087 Mrs. James W. Reeve Salt Lake Reo Touring
6088 Hill Blankenshlp Salt Lake Maxwell Touring
I Hf ' iROBqjl knows;
uRm IW IpoxOrL Baby's Grand- I1!
3ff J vs9x 1 mother, "what
Fjl f2T we'd do without
LVSfiN this Perfection
; 'jSjjp Smokeless Oil
pWVj "If Fd only had one
i when you were a
baby, you'd have been saved many a cold and
croupy spell."
For warming cold corners and isolated upstairs rooms, and
for countless special occasions when extra heat is wanted,
r jou need the Perfection Smokelew Oil Heater.
The Perfection is light, portable, inexpensive KAJ!
to buy and to use, and easy to clean.
No kindling; no ashes It is guaran- fflnnfif
teed smolieless and odorless and free from I K8W I'
mechanical defects. At all hardware and gen- II nt JL
tral stores. Look for the Triangle trademark. 4s.-ljfijs
(Incorporated In Colorado) o f
Denver Pueblo Albuquerque Chrrennt jj
Butt Oou Salt Lkc City
Missoula. Mont, Oct 2?. The Amer
ican league all-stars defeated the Na
ticnal leaguers 10 to 3 in the exhi
bition game played at Hamilton today.
In buying syringes you must
depend largely on the judg
ment of the druggist for qual
ity, as exterior appearances
would rarely show a defect.
We buy syringes from re
liable makers only and use the
same care in selecting our
stock as we do in buying drugs.
"Wearevcr" Fountain
Syringes, Water Bottles, and
many special syringes are the
best we can buy.
1 Phone 321 j
I Office 408 25th St. j
flroceryman nor butcher to extend
credit to you unleo3 you could show
that your previous record warrant
ed It apply this to your nances.
Deposit reouiarly, either check
ing er savings account, In the well
managed and substantial
Four per cent on
8avfngs Accounts.
In an interesting contest last night
in the Bank Smokery alleys, the
Wo Ik-Over howling team defeated the
Fred M. Nye team, taking two sets
)U1 of ihree. "Rummy" Sorenson
with 568 points was high man for hc
fei me. while Ted Watkins. with 38,
v,at high man for an Individual set.
The game was watched by a large
i rowd of enthusiasts and the complete
score was as follows
1st 2nd 3rd Totals
Flelshmann 159 171 122 452
AniOld 164 149 123 436
Sorenson ,212 166 190 5SS
Camp 150 203 16C "1!'
Watkins 228 165 128 521
Totals 913 854 7292400
1st 2nd ;:rd Total?
Miller ... 190 159 163 r1
Greenwell 205 179 169 553
Ke'lingsworth . .113 124 149 380
' Seager lis 147 167 1X3
.Patterson 174 157 166 497
Totals 801 766 814 23!
Moudaj night a uamo is scheduled
with the t'igarmakers and Forestry
t. unis as contestants
Syracuse, N Y Oct 2.'' -Twenty
,10m Michigan football players itH
( oacb Foil and Trainer Earrell ar-
riven hi re today to meet the Syracuse
I university eleven in the stadium to-
Duly one of the men was started
arair.st the Orange last ear is in
(flu line-up, Lons alone having re
tained his position Most of the oth
pr players are comparatively green
Svrneusc will use nine of the men
' 1 started against Princeton this
Splawo Michigan's star, kieked
eighteen out of twenty-one field goals
attempted from dropklr ks this after
roon He remained behind the thirtv
lle yard line.
- rvn
Chicago, Oct. 24 Following are
Clhei games scheduled for the centnl
vesc today:
'(.rupll vs. Knox at Mt. Vernon.
Grlnnell vs. Carleton at Grinned.
Kansas vs. KanBas Aggies at Law
I rence
I Ames vs. Missouri at Columbus
Case vs. Worcester at Cleveland.
Obcrlln vs. Ohio Wetdevan at Ab"r
I lin.
Marquette vs. Ripon at Ripon.
Princeton. N. J., Oct, 23 The
Trinceton football team had n short
scrimmage and a long signal drill
today In preparation for tomorrow y
game with Dartmouth Critics de
clare that the team work Is not yot
(By J F. KENNY.)
Raw material plentiful and market
Our shoe bill over three million dol
lars per ear
A neglected industry that should be
started In Ogden.
In a radius of, say the Intermoun
tain district, over one million pairs
of shoes are sold annually at an av
erage price of $2 50 per pair. This
would mean an expenditure of over
$2,500,000 at the present time.
There is one shoe fnctory in Salt
Lake City, but none In Ogden, and
there should be many shoe factories
here There should be at least two
thousand people emplosed in the man
ufacture of shoes In Ogden where
nature helps industry most, and all
this vast Bum of money is being dis
tributed among eastern cltieB, while
a large amount of It could he kept
here, giving a great payroll and in
creasing the prosperity of all the in
termountain district, and in building
up Osden, which is the natural shoe
center of the west.
Shoe factories in Portland. Tacoma.
and Seattle hae been in operation for
man years A. B. Allain went to
Spat tie from New Orleans and start
ed to manufacture shoes some fifteen
years ago. The factor Is known as
the Washlnpton factory and is con
trolled by Milwaukee capitalists and
has made money for its owners In
I fact all the shoe factories have done
: well
There is room in Ogden todav for
' several shoe factories, in fact, there
is a demand for them and they can
be established If the people of Og
den only get together and show the
eastern manufacturers the advanta
ges of Ogden as a shoe renter
St. Louis, in the middle west, has
become In the past ten years the
greatest shoe center In the world, and
the large manufacturers are going
farther west to build factories on ac
count of help for they have found it
more practical to establish factories
in different cities in order to get help
W e have the help in Ogden We
could supply a fartorv with two
thousand men and women and not half
try We have the market at our
door a'so we have our possessions,
j the Philippine ishlands: which afford
a growing market There are over
600.000 pupils In the publie schools
of the Philippines, besides there are
as mnnv more in the private schools
We can look to see a large demand
for American shoes from the Phillp
' pines. In fact, even Australia is
'buying American shoer. also western
Canada to the north of us is buying
shoes manufactured in St. Louis and
Boston. This market would come
to Ogden
New England has something over
1000 shoe factories located In about
100 of her cities, but Ogden has not
- cmi'ii, nnp tr its credit.
New England has over one hundred
million dollars invested In the shoe
Industry which brings $400,000,000 an
nually. Ogden has not one dollar In
vested in a local shoe factory, but the
people have many thousands of dol
lars which could be profitably placed
In such enterprises.
Massachusetts has been a big shoe
center Three of her cltieB receive
over one hundred and fifty million
dollars each year; these cities not
only receive millions of money, but
thev get priceless advertising in .
ery, Corner of the world where shoes
are worn
More than all this, they possess the
payrolls that tflve sustenance to their
people and that real stabillt upon
which every truly prosperous cit
must be baspd
Shoe factories arc invading the mid
dle wrst and must Invade the Inter
mountain district and Ogden Is th
logical point
Let Ogden he the shoe center of
the intermountain country.
Ogden has all that is necessary.
Ogden has all the requirements for
the successful manufacturing of
shoes It has cheap power, good,
healthful climate, easy to gel th"
right kind of help At this point.
J may remark that on Labor day I
saw the finest and most Intelligent
body of factory employes that I ever
had the pleasure of seeing. The
body of young women who paraded
the streets of Ogden. who are em -ploed
by the John S w rott K- Sons
company, who manufacture Ogden's
famous Never Rip" was the finest
body of womanhood thai I ever saw
In one body representing any fac
tory. It is 8 great credit and should
be a greut pleasure for Opden to have
and bo able to furnish factories with
such help, and apparently there are
many others of such help that COUld
Well supply a reasonable sized shoe
While our city Is In Us infancy as
regards shoes and leather concerns,
there being but one shoe factory In
the state, it Is not because of the
scarcity of leather.
e should have many tanneries
Th'' supply of hides is ample Utah
water is well adapted for tanning
purpofi06. and tan bark can be ob
tained here, and in Ogden, In fact.
It is estimated that there are in the
forests of Oregon over one half mil
lion cords of standing bark suitable
for tanning nurposes Oregon I one
of the world's greatest bark produc
'lug sections, and the bark fromour
lnttrmountaln district and from Ore
gon contains at least 50 per cent more
tannic acid than the bark produced in
Virginia, West Virginia and Pennsyl
vania. There is no reason at all why
shoe factories cannot he operated buc
OeSflfully here if they are sufficiently
capitalized and in the hands of capa
ble management. There is no reason
Wbj BUCh factories could not obtain
all of their leather supply in the In
termountain district.
How to Get a Factory.
Why not get a branch ot one of the
large manufactures to establish a
factory in Ogden? All the shoe manu
facturers have found It good business
to establish factories in different
parts. They find it better for dis
tributing points, better for the. help
question, and better for getting the
raw material. Thla has been proven
H This w-orierti watnujy cost iryotxxooo xnd irivcvod .1 nmc--ni!? cjk throu ,i mounttin, U .lr R ATirlin rr 1 n;.k . ShB !
thc.rrcctiOQof japtirsofpjfinnckxka and a dam iso hij;h ?id a rrdc W. Th dis- DeCKCl DrcWlUg ( Uutributor. jJfyFJCCT !
I riLicif it rives 6,000 ijLc-i will revol'.Kiorj2c corrnncrcc and pUcu th 'Jratfu iuccj fcest jj q . , . , BSMBfBfeT8l
1 tn.onz die '"3 nations of ih Tlw Wveuicr-Busch co9t ho-Jt one-seveu&i JJ Q lYlBitlll V0 J "S"60 UtaLQ i'ajjBjgf
b the larRM Massachusetts manufac
turers First, they came west to
Mississippi, then into St Louis-. M .
and then later the St. Louis factori
built smaller factories throughout the
state of Missouri Today shoe fac
tories are being built In many of the
middle west eities and towns. She
factories have been the making of
many a Missouri town. Illinois has
also taken advantage of establishing
6hoe factories. Many of these cities
have given great Inducements to the
Let Ogden shoe dealers write to
i.t shoe f acton the kno'.v and
explain to them why Ogden should
have a shoo factory, send them a
copy of the Standard with this ar
ticle marked; ask them to conic 1
Ogden and look the field over; tell
them that there is more ready money
In Ogden wailing for good invest
ments, especially investments that
will help Ogden, than any city of its
size In the United States.
Let every shoe man get busy at
once and if they can get the right
men. or company. Interested, Ogden
business men and capitalists will do
their part
Opdcn will welcome a shoe facton
Let It come quickly. (
r, r
Another big Indian feature, J
Miller Bros.' 101 Ranch pre
sents "When We Were
Young," at the Lyceum Sun
day and Monday. Advertise
ment. 00
Mr. and Mrs Joseph Streng have
returned home from an extended
pleasure trip through the eastern
iuats. They visited principally In
New York City, Boston and Chicago.
Mr Streng stated last night that
there was a noticeable inactivity In
business circles In the east and ap
peared enthusiastic regarding condi
tions in Ogden, saying that this cit
was the most prosperous one of its
size in the United States.
Three celebrated dramas are to be
seen next week In photoplay form at
The Ogden theatre The first will
he the Bosworth-Paramount produc
tion of "Burning Daylight," Sunday
and Monday, and the second a return
engagement of Hazel Daws (Hasel
Tout of Ogden I In the Fumous Play
ers' four-purt production of "One of
Our Girls," Tuesday and Wednesday
In connection with Hazel Dawn,
The Ogden will show on the same
program the first two-reel feature
Keystone comedy ever produced, call
ed "Dough and Dynamite" and fea
turing their greatest mlrth-provoker,
Charles Chaplin.
For Thursday, Friday and Saturday
the big Paramount feature at The
Ogden will be "The Making of Bobby
Rurnlt" by the same author as "Brew
ster's Millions," and with Edward
AbelOB who became famous in "Brew
ster s Millions." taking the leading
No finer story of the struggle for
gold has ever been written then Jack
London's "Burning Daylight," a tal
of Alaskan trails and trials. Five
reels are required to tell the thrilling
story and Hobort Bosworth, the Ideal
Jack London star, takes the leading
role. Thfc remarkable photoplay will
he the nff,Tinv tnmnrTnu' :i twl fnnft.qv
Hazel Tomt of Ogden, under the
stage name of Hazel Dawn, has risen
rapidly In things theatrical scoring a
whlrlwiud success in "The Pink La
dy." As n star of the Famous Play
ers sbe has recorded her art for the
photo-screen In "One of Our Olrls."
This picture was shown several
weeks ago at The Ogden but owing
to popular demand, it has been
brought back for a return engagement
next Tuesday and Wednesday only.
The story is one of Intensely inter
esting International romance and Miss
Tout is delightful in the leading role.
The same program will Include the
first two-reel Keystone. "Dough and
Dynamite." which Is said to he ono
of the most excruciatingly funny com
edies ever staged by the Keystone
The Lasky company which made
"The Virginian." also produced "The
Making of Bobby Burnlt." a breezy
play of modern American life in
which Edward Abelos the world fa
mous star of "Brewster's Millions,"
Is the star. Bessie Barascale, a
prominent Belasco leading woman,
and Theodore Roberts, a famous char
acter actor, are In the same cast of
player? and 6 other artists of note
"Tlie Making of Bobby Burnit" Is in
four parts, over 300 scenes It Is c
comedy-drama Of exceedingly great
entertainment value A new first-run
Keystone comedy will be offered on
the same bill The Thursday, Fri
da and Saturday bill therefore prom
IseB to be one of the most popular
of the many great programs offered
at The Ogdet
All of the three programs for the
week will be accompanied by special
music of the usual excellence provi
ded by Prof Marcollus Smiths popu
lar Ogden Theatre orchestra. Advertisement.
St. Paul's German Evangelical
Corner Jefferson and Twenty-third
street B. H Leesmunn, pastor. Sun
day school at 10 a m.; morning B( r
vice. German, at 11; evening service,
7 30; confirmation class meets on
Monday ;ind Friday at 3:45 p. m.; in
struction In German, Snturday. at 10
2457 Washington Ave.
Now open for business Just in
time for Xmas.
Duplicate orders from negatives j
taken In thls place may be had
We are new in town, but not I
In the business Give us a call.
;u m. If you have no church home,
come and worship with us.
Elim Lutheran Corner Jefferson
avenue and Twenty-third street. Erik
Floreen, pastor. Residence, 156 South
Fourth East, Salt Lake City. Meeting
of the Inter-Mountain district; 10 a
ra., Sunday school. 11 a. m , Services
In Swedish, 8 p. m., services In Eng
lish; Z:sv. Wednesday afternoon,
met ting of the Ladtes Aid at the
home of Mrs. Theo. Johnson. 201S
Jackson avenue.
First Presbyterian John Edward
Carver, pastor. Morning worship at
11; Sunday school at 12 1". regular
men's meeting at 1"; Endeavor at
6:30; evening worship at 7:30. A
series of evening sermons on "The
Si Bd Time and Harvest of Political
and Social Sins." Sunday jilghi
theme. "The Sins That Appeal to
Self." Morning soloist. Mrs. Kim
ball, evening soloist. Miss Scott; an
nual Congregational meeting, Novem
ber at 8 p m.
First Church of Cchnst, Scientist -
Masonic building, Washington avenue.
.Morning service nt 11, subject. "Pro
bation After Death." Sunday school
at 9:45 a. m. Wednesday eenlng tea- I
timonial meeting at 8. m
Church of the Good Shepherd (Epls- t fl
copal) Twenty-fourth and Grant Ave. '-rlfvS 1
William W. Fleetwood, rector. Hoiy .M
communion, 8 a m.; Sunday school. Ass
9 15; morning prayer and sermon b' 1
the rector 11: II F 'dridue and .
R White, soloists. No afternoon ser- I
hall, 7:30, Rev Ward Winter Reese jj
will speak on Christian Socialism, I
special music.
First Baptist On Grant. Rev. H.
D. Zimmerman, pastor. Bible school 1
at 10 o'clock; 11:15 morning worship II
with sermon on "Sewing Beside All
Waters.' 6 30, n Y. P. U . mission- II
ar topic on "Missionary Opportunity
In American Cities, " meeting in '
charge of missionary committee, 7 30. .1
--.ire. theme, ' A Studv on I
Self-Reliance." Especially for young I fl
people. ; Thursday, mid v-k
service; topic. "To Each His Work" j'R? .
Mrs. T. J. Fitzgerald. 2424 Jackson
avenue, will be hostess to the Li- IH
dies' Kensington Wednesday f MlSC
noon at 2:30 Ladies of the churcb Kr
and congregation are invited. 1 ffik
Read the Classified Ads. Kj,
I I Buyers Share in Profits i I
Lower Prices on Ford Cars jf
Effective from August 1. 1914, to August 1,
101! 5, and guaranteed against any reduction dur- r .
Ing that time. r
Touring Car - $565 j f
Runabout - - $515 f
F O. B Ogden. all cars fully equipped. Fur- f
Itber. we will be able to obtain the maximum in
efficiency In our factory production, and tho , to
minimum cost in our purchasing and sules de
" HI mont If we can reach an output of 300.000 cars f ,
between the above dates I
And should wo reach this production we F;
I agree to pay as the buyer's share from $10 to K
$Go per enr' (on or about August 1, 1015) to
every retail buyer who purchases a new Ford
car between August i. 1014. and August 1. 1015.
For further particulars regarding the low C
prices and profit-sharing plan seo jE
James Auto Co.
We have our mill re built and are prepared to roll, chop or clean fafl
all kinds of grain and seeds as before. jt..
A fresh new stock of all kinds of grain and 3eeds job lott at jl?"
wholesale prices. I I li
THE W. D. BROWN CO., Wholesale Grain. JB
2255 WALL AVENUE. PHONES 691-692. 1

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