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The Ogden standard. [volume] (Ogden City, Utah) 1913-1920, November 19, 1914, 4 P.M. City Edition, Image 6

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I-WwT- Tv T unrVlPOn i the Soda ftr I Christmas Pictorial c-tt s jl T
JLOlfS: -IUllCilCUll Fountain . . UL, Gc, a copy of the Christmas Pictorial Review. WP liQjSjV 9 L
'T'Vs The popularity of this Fountain Luncheon is growing. Offering It is full of the Christmas spirit Xmas stories A mnnVpi?E TO TRADE
T A GOODVLACE TO TRADE choice of ham, cheese or peanut butter sandwich, tea, coffee, chocolate and all of the latest fashions. Now ready ... 15c A QLC W
or milk and pie a la mode. All for 20c ji
FASHION NEWS FOR THE WOMEN OF THE Jkp-S Millinery Special $.98 Savings on Notions DruK E
WORLD FOR WEEK OF NOVEMBER 16 TO 21. M Vfpw 1 O 7t1iTC A Every housewife who does any W
If the costumes now being designed by member, of the Fashion AH Jk PT 1l C W X V dlUC sewing Is constantly buying these Mum 22c
1 League of Amnrica are a criterion, the" full skirt is no longer a possi- WJL" fe J There's a stlinnitlP mimriOP in cfnro fiw 4UAC,rt ,U staple notiors and paying more for Domestic Ammonia 9c
billty. but an actuality. Practically every costume shown by this M " L M . ., SlUnnin& oUrpriSe 111 STOre IOr thOSC WHO them-look over this list-supply Borax 60c, 20c, 9c, 4c
fashion organization has a full skirt the only exceptions being the J A Jm. SSj VlSlt the ITlllIinery department today Or any daV this Week a" '0L,r wants now. Lavoris 43c
I tZ ZX"Zo: oM n,u ,ur, Xmmm W A sale of newest hats in such values that cannot be dupli- J- 4 CM" 8-' ",t0- , rH,rf Hon"
1880. It is laid in f..lds ai the waist line gradual!) Increasini in the mt JW ,..-,4,1 : dcrAn-n f a 1am fhon OIO VU L i A spo' c Crcam " I
flare as It reaches the bottom. Other skirts hang straight and full NIB CcilcU 111 UjUtll IOT leSS Hldll .plZ. V nethCr OU OllY 01' Il()t J. & P. Coats Darning Cotton, Cuticura Soap 22c I
from the waist line and come only to the boot tops. Wp want Vftll tfl cap thpP rPTrmrkuhlo vqIiidc spool 2c Vaseline Blue Seal 4c, 9c I
The bottom lino of the skirt Is very generally broken Sometimes TT V Wdfll yOU 10 See llieSe TemarKaDIe ValUeS. P pjns brass jap Melba Face Powder 45c
by scallops, again by being raised in the front and in the bac-u still Large and small velvet and plush hats and the new close fitted . ' ' a Meiba cold cream 45c m
again by being raised at the sides. One good-looking model in cloth hsrfisMM VWv rlevprlv trimmed with nstrirr. novelHen and flowrc JUi- 5c V UC' C3rd Richard Hudnut Face Powder . 50c J
had the full tunic at the sides lower than the front and back panels; turbans Very Cleverly tnmmea Wltn OStHCh novelties and llowers Th Safety Pins, all brass, card .. 3c Elcaya Face Powder 50c J
the tunic being outlined in fur many models which have not been seen before Values actually ' CW ' Hair pins' 5 pkgs 4c Marie Louise Face Powder 50c M
All of the dancing skirts are very short and ruffled in the character- ,A,rt-k CIO T-..., J c.f.,,,1,,, o qq ' iy Bow String Spool Cotton, card. . 4c Pure Castile Soap 69c 1
Istic 1830 mode, the tulle edges being outlined in ruchings of ribbon worm to 1 omorrow ana aturaay, $Z.yfl. fl Pearl Buttons 12 on card 4c Colgate Tooth Paste . . .20c j
I and tiny clusl ,. ol flowers dropped here and there Some ol these m BSBamMsj " Common Brass Pins, card 4c Kolyno's Tooth Paste 20c 1
frillv tulle frocks show a decided waist line marked by three rows T J 7 ' 1 dlTTfc rX iffl&Jml Cotton Tape, black or white, Pebeco 45c i
of narrow satin ribbon 4 A J LdUlC5 Xd.ll k3U.lltJ UT fP?n ' 1 roM 4c 1 'b- Absorbant Cotton . 28c I
j Many higli collars are shown. Some are of fur and others of the mn- W MJjk J ' -3 j Bone Collar Buttons, 6 on car. 4c Colgates Elder Flower Soap .. 9c C
teria'l of the bodice, buttoning in the front to the sery top of the r itv Kool ( 2 C V lllTOP I . ' I Curling Irons 4c or 3 for 24c I 1
collar. UU1 DCM DJJ V dlUCS ! Vyr ; Kid Curlers, bunch 4c .
A favorite bodice for the young girl is a simple little blouse buttoning V-.'. 1 J- Stocking Darners 4c SlPlfinfJT (iAlirtlC
from the waistline-slichtly raised-straight up the front to the neck There'll be fiftv suits here for vmir inanition fnrtinrrnu, VV ' M M' Hooks an E,yes' card 1C UUIIIIH UUVVll
and in the same line to the top of the collar. The skirts of these little 1 nere 11 De ririy SU11S nere For your inspection tomorrow X lW,M I Crochet Hooks 4c n
I frocks are full with the slit pockets at the side. handsome Suits which are of the $35 value. We have de- Vf f ' j, wfit ' CUV .V '4C d.es" Outing Flanne, Gown,,
The military influence is being shown more eery dav. Some of the ... . , . Warrens Slipout Collar Sup- made QOod auahtv of soft out 1
latest models are in the Freneh militarv blue with gTay trimmings, Clded to make this week an unusually busy one in this depart- porters, each 1c . f(anne,y MaHde ,' y .on amDie
the front being .strapped in the typical . -militaire" style. Even the . j styye8 with trimmngs9 on I
Red Cross band is being featured on the sleeve. Festoons of cords meni. y 11 A of finished braid 75c HP
arc also being exhibited draped as on the officers' dress coats. I AlllFQ T"7llCfl I 3 I Z value OJvi
The recent corset models sho a decidedly higher back, also an in- 1 he styles are all absolutely new, the newest tunic and tlUlCj uJ L y 1131 1 VUalj dl d '
crease in height at the sides, and some at the bust line in the front. I I JLi'l 0 i i r 1 C I f M 1 !
Though there is a nip in at the waistline in the hack, the line beiow plain skirts, long and snort jackets, ouits tor girlish or matron- 7inrt rkf 3 I hirH iSFP HI VlmfllP
5j--'t'' t ly figures. The materials are all of the newest, the finding, T u j j u j A WWU . JfllC Jl 1I1IUU1C5
j thb H W aoSSABD co. and workmanship of the best ; 35 values at $24.75. On these l jWO( ,7 handsome new coats will T Th. pul.r new middy wltj, th.
oTfers you this fashion forecast gathered through its world-wide or- . ... De ready tor those who shop tomorrow Or V b ue flannel cellar. In all sizes
ganlzation, witl the a suranc I I It uthentie. suits needed alterations will cost a little extra. WPPL Nr,t a c;nftL ao-,f k,, , .u, from 3 yc-rs to size 38. Many
I wcci. not a Single garment DUt wnat IS or JJI women buv these for house wear;
; .. i Oi 1 II C this season's best style. The fabrics all new B's wear them qo
Calicos and Maple ; Hosiery savings -splendid trimmings and f.uitie work. M i,sucehsool: $,2S "oc
Cottons Special lur Showing jfrr rtKlftirffi... Jft Ladies' Bath Robes I
'."co;nccov.r,ng CrU-.r Q-.tlTrr.-lX7 - V"Ufc 2 P"r" 25C !10 Fa" Coats-1914 styles. . .$6.95 LdOIca DalO KODcS
rquKt..etc. 1 OJTIOI OW CT CJdlUl UaV Pony h.m, my. might A 1 $12 Fall Coats 1914 styles. . $7.95 JSfmBBM A new line cf Ladies' Sweaters In
yard - Special per $3 FaU Coats 1914 Styles ... $8.95'TPA XMmMm ' J ordinal, white or gray; some have
a ,.f k . - Pa'f (,,,-r no , . - , - .JKfjKrjrg the rufl' ncr-,,: collars; others made
. Best calico, Ladies' Cashmere Hose double and q 1 5 h all Coats 1914 styles. .$9.95 l" , 1 jgM with the flat collar. All are made
Best Apron r O h" va ', T ' " ' T.", " 1 $23 Fall Coats 1914 models $14.95-W of superior quality or (jrjig
! '-r- 6C X hee,.p26c value, a., new stoch, j . f , (TO QC C J h enV!
Snch Cretonnes fcrqu.-t ft ,,07 e r , C -Second Ploor.
coverings, etc . 8JC PT' i heel. 25c value, Q Coats for girls of 6 to 14 years. iiffyl 9 Q I 4
i2rid2c Red seal Dress in JfeL V' r ' material is a good quality of cheviot, WflMM LdUieS OWeaterS
Ginanams, jQ ffiSh Kl OS A ChIa Af ClrU coats are tms season's styles, trimmed isiSifefef B D L
iBcToli Du Nord Ging-10 1 ijb j A Ot UfCSS bkfftS with fur. Special this week, $2.95- W tZcTTS.
h-nns. 10 fl J iBll; We offer a special purchase of Second Floor. V sortment is better now than ,t will
yard Hi mfl l ff cSB 'BMk'V V Ladies' Newest Dress Skirts and f 1 MITL! P i fl ! Af be later. Made of rcbe flanne. In ;
Ld:r 13c if?" 'A,fflHf :.,r. .,,,. h. c.Bd Girls White Coats $4.95 K Pspec,all!' $2 48
STL, u P,n,.h in ' ' t SM 'fv .r'rd::' Those popular white coats which arc being be9" " -s.cn- r,..r
y,":-"9" WC i AW, I;!) I :.u,.-on ,hc $1 75 worn by so many of the younger girls this sea- I j; w;. no
35c wood Pi.!-., 1, X, LjlaftfcSH W I valu son, are to be on sale durin? the Beet Harvest LdUKb yyaiSlSJOC
yard ItL Kr ji V Wbm9f ssk C Ladies' Dress Skirts in Fine Serges, Qolo Li 1 c'F A Tl t
12 1-2c Scottish Linen 5f; k " in navy blue and black. Tunic skirt OdlC. 1 WO SiyieS are OltereU. 1 lie Wlllte New Fall Waists of the usual $150
HIT": 9c t-Jmk rLVnoo' pleat $?75 velour coats in this season's jaunty models as luTZ!,:
35c Bath Robe Flannel, 1 ZJfSKW ' "' Va'UCs Well aS the white Chinchilla Both are Of the r r0" c0llar- Materials arc dainty
per )p I yfttiEuLry -" Ore?..-. Skirts in extra sizes for large , q. 1 r. , -n t i p i crepes and voiles with AO
yard tclt J W! women, made of good serge in navy USUaJ 1 U ValLie all S1ZCS Will DC il C PC lOf the trimmings of lace MX
!SM0rI.HcnmS. .nd 7C lJJ $295 fst customers. The sale price to be. . .$4.95 -J-"
i &jrS llc . Z $50Bungalow ADrons Plenty of Shoe Bargains $6 Silk Waists $3.95 I
yard . The greatest showing and Sale of Furs ever Wear Bunlow A Kwhlle Thye are plenty of s.zes and plenty of the shoes
! S k Deoartment conducted in Ogden will take place on the - VS ?T barganu f Jl who come F.nd the,e --5- - ;
U1IIV UUUll v VW r-B j o ; J are very handy garments. A new lot III the ihoe btore and in the Shoe Basement. light evening shades or dark ccl-
i 50c Serges, 36 Inches wide in all the SeCOIUl FlOOr tOIHOrrOW Hlld Saturday. rahbnTddyarMk0ncdo1orsf SSZk mn', ' , fu?"1 ,'d Lad'eS' Cmfrt' W'th d"n n C'Q QC
! atvles and colors such aa 9!1 , color6' net vO, $3 50 to $5 lace and button, tan lining or without, t p sale tomorrow and j 1
Sic" "t;tgi 33c The Miller Fur Company of Detroit will aptatterns-n.sale WC .SJSP "22 2at1"2 10 9' $1.69 week- at Second JJJ?
c''Aifrwoaor.dseraesV36' inches wide, have a special representative here with a great n iLp n Racpmpnf s"0"' J' X $2.89 ! 0ur new line 'of M and a- n econd F'00r
fcfifira brown-red 44c samPle line of furs such as is seen only in th; tSIS 9 5 - m";-;:; and a" scl1- $1.25 Corsets 69c
; oress-coods. Vn sts Ingest fur houses Many exclusive furs and T bl c s " aa SJS ttft The Empress Corset one ef the
and plaidsinches wide, all woo. ma- Tare SltUlS Will be ShOWR. c9a,ly indestructible ' $7 50 W AR ,a' tan tbZ.UU f ?U98c: CI 0Q newest of th' mason's mode.s-
terlals, suitable for skirts. QQ . , i -i -a. values . W nd calf T 8 1-2 to 11 Jl.LJ modeled to fit perfectly under the
dresses and suits, 5$C Our customers are invited to see the exhibit 10-4 S12e Table covers, 107 wh?te'n9kid SESTZ&S 2atr?to'R t1 now S,'0 jwn and ult' The
yard j 1 . j. j 1 U r 11 U 4- browns, greens and reds A 4 te kl7 ,ack ,sa whlte L 7 - $ are made of a 9ood strong coutlle
$1.00 Corduroy, in black, green, red, and Select any IUrS they WISh. PriCeS Will be at $2.50 values . . VA'UI satin, and all colors. oaten- 11 1-2 to 2 $1.43 with s.x strong hose supporters
tan, cream, etc., i-Q lcf third than tVlA 1111q1 rptnil pIp- RUGS leather suede vel- Q QQ Ladies' Shoes In patent, velvet, offered ,n ejtner tne medlum or
28 Inches wide, J($C "d&l d inirQ lefcfe llldli ine UhUdl rf Idll. OC1CC 27x54 Axminster RugS( in q vetr. 200 pairs up to Jlsj0 cloth and mat tops' gun button' ver7 bust and newest model of
yard tintm maV hp made nOW aild navment made Oriental and floral ' l X ?3.50 kind T and lace, and an wil-yelvet the long skirt. The pf
$3.50 Fancy Crepe de Chine and Crepe llUll llldy ue IlldUC IlUV 411111 des.gns . , ....Y1'01 Ladles' Shoes - Lace, button, shoe, sizes 2 1-2 JQ usual $1.25 value. hMf
Meteors, 42 inches wide, including the later. BLANKETS patent leather, calf and suede, to 8, l On sale VV
reason's latest Ti q 75c Blankets 58c patent with white top, also with at T
designs and MA ' 6Qc Blanketr 39c cloth toP- aM kmds and styles. Men's Heavy Work Shoes In tan Dl.IrdJ. Cl
coiors PrU , $1.10 Blankets 83c $3.50, $4 and $4.50 QCk QA and black with good calf mo- DfiallKCI 3316
T J- of the Usual $25 Kind 87c ByffiS&i SS Sfe,- 77?
4Ly MMneh Extra Hoivy OoucV M JO Up... In 8h.. B.Mm.n. All sizes, 2 1-2 to 8. Girls' and ".nd pty K
jSjtimftL Big price reduction in Men's Suits. Suits which vc- nn9.d.seoo 1LJ;;8sr"'- f " F,,t 3gc . 49,
lKSjSfV SILVERWARE 2 to 8, DuC 5 to 8 C'Lr'u border 're
aSSS you cannot duplicate under 25 to $30. Newest 5250 R0ger Br0S s0 d 07 a 9 to n 48C $1.35 white cotton Bian- AO
jfiMfffflWn N'ckel Silverware, kn.ves l.gl TT kets, stitched Xr
l;tMrail mixtures and plain materials. The splendid 'Cr ' m Knit Under Wear IW co B,a n
HHffi Hart Schaffner & Marx Suits also the excel- "C at Bid SLavintfc oe,ored0Vor9r' we,ohl:. P-O
I 25c French Plated Shaving 1 A O-I kJO. Vlllg Lrf& 'V 52 25 Lar?,e Slie Hcavy fl1
I HM lent Cloth Craft line the very best cream of our Mirror 14C These busy days are making Y "ors Blanket8' colored $Lw5
mWmS&k best $25 stock. Suits and overcoats on Electrir Sad frnD8IRfXS C9 00 many !)roken Hnes the knit under' ( ' W 63
iSrSliffii guaranteed wear department. Tomorrow you'll ) large
Sale at 19'75 tea cups find the counters filled with good gar- M; lT U Q8
!' tfSll - rh'te pemiPorcelain Tea mn ments to be closed out. We sell the iflpHililV ternsat -
S f, WlTfMUTaTi Cups, only with saucers, AiC. c n a. l R'S i Ml 4 75 Plaid Wool Blankets. fl0
ITStMH f 1 T 9 Ttt dk 6 'or " famous Munsmg wear at lower prices. jj f ,! .i,i;!'i l size eevso V hi
Jbf MfiCl JlTiril nfiVQ lk U ne White Crepe Paper L D. S. Garments, good grade of co-nhen ' :: inches ,Vl,,Je'
Dm'SK lilllll V JJU V 3 ill X J Napkins, 100 in M( bleach cotton, medium heavy weight, qq I $3 50 extra fine Plaid (Tf0'7
'LiH 0ZEtt! package . . a splendid $1 .25 value HAf V!: I Wool Blankets, fine .H X
pWtmVSi CirUn 4- 9 Stovepipe Collars P JOt V;,' ' value, at -4
1: VgifMN I I 1 f J I regular 10c ")( L. D. S Garments, natural color, or) . i' ' ; $3 50 extra large Cotton Q
Jt-t lfoSSf M.JLILU O for vv medium heavy weight, $125 value . . X p W Blankets, extra weight lX
JPIICkW ' ' 11 I- C D C . Black Japanese Coat and Hat f W .'. f for only ... J- -U
llffife Here S an exceptionally Strong line Of Boys Suits at Hooks, regular 15c, JJC Ladle.' Union Suit., made of a fine bleached $3 75 Wool Finish Cotton QC!
rjj IrSrSBfe $3.75 WOrth more. The COats are of the newest Nor- dozen cotton, high neck, long sleeve, ankle A A ' Blankets, taffeta binding X
iMmM folk .tyle with the .titched down belt. The panU are the ' .rZZXTr Rp lwh' "m 4& WV oo.ton and stitcnod L'n0
j M vfJBSl newest knickerbocker Styles and the whole Suit is excep- combination . .... Ladles' Un'on Suits, medium heavy cotton. UlM 'H Edges, Black Plaids, at S JJX
llflL Anally well made. The materials are all of the mannish 8llver Depo.SLGU.w.Ar.R v.M., Too-.n 't tXut LVh".!. 71- 1 " '- "'".-tfc'nC
; fV J; fjJcNjk sort and are selected with a view to their long wearing P"ck Holders, Bon-Bon Dishes, a kS YA, v ketc fcr Beeping out of VS 14
UgSgV Qualities For bovs from 4 to 16 vear 9 A Comert HorSe Radlsh' worth JlC Children'. Union Suite, fleece lined, op-, V doors, at .
f1 qualities. r or boys rrom 1 to lb years J.yb. A up to 75c. each . V crotch, 9rey-all aizes. Special AQ V $14 60 extra hecvy very fine Vo-l
Copynfhtnartbd-fsacr&M. dandy jackkmfe free with e very suit. Men's Basement. G,a" Celery Dishes, colonial per suit An Jjl Blankets fo, c? 1 AO
1 shapes, clear crystal JJC TOt 4 out of I 1
1 " gla vv " 1 door8 .UA,W

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