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The Ogden standard. [volume] (Ogden City, Utah) 1913-1920, September 25, 1915, 4 P.M. CITY EDITION, MAGAZINE SECTION, Image 13

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i in THE OGDEN STANDARD jjjggijigjl 1
i """ " - m I'l
iv ' ' -Bill
r 1 I HL AilErVTr ART AcStt fc Jpi 8 I
I: 7 r 1 & mw I V 4P"M r MjtmiwP. FA r. aPMfcfe llyAvic 7wnA Hill
' General -VllIacIls-tliBUiJitcd"
y Stales It can "go to h ." Mexican
ttoops cross the border and shoot
4 down American ranchers ind all in
all it seems that the nation south
of the Rio Granue would just as soon
j defy and fight the mighty Uncle bam
as to continue its own internal wnr-
And why?
Are the Mexicans becoming a
i migbtiei and braver lace, or in the
j language of Teas, are they becom
11 ing "locoed0"
I Reports received here indicato
that tlie sudden burst of bravery on
the part of the Mexicans is duo to
' an increased use of the weed known
as Marihuana, which has much the
; same effect as opium or morphine on
its users
l It is believed that a dose of this
t weed, administered by an enemy,
caused Queen Carlotta, wife of L'm-
'" ; peror Maxlmillian to lose her mind.
She now Is living alone in a castle in
; France, still hopelessly insane, fifty
, ears after the potion was admin-
't istered
or DRUG.
The authorities here report that
, large quantities of the weed are be-
f ing Imported into Texas from Me-
Ico and causing the Mexicans on this
Tl side to nerve themselves to all kinds.
I of daring crimes. The lower class
of Mexicans and Indians are obtain-
j ing and using quantities of the d'-ug.
, : "When a Mexican is under the In-
". . fluence of Marihuana he imagines
- that he can, single-handed, whip the
; entire regular United States army,
while If leinforced by several other
Mexicans, also under the intiuenco
of the drug, he might include a few
: European, nations in his dream ton-
', quests.
While under the influence of the
marihunana Mexicans aro liable to
1 . commit murder and when arrested
: give the authorities great trouble.
In fact, a number of Mexicans re
cently have been shot by Rangers
when they resisted arrest, and tried
i, to kill the officers.
. ; In El Paso tho devotees of tho
$ alluring drug are so numerous and
such menace to law and order that
f an ordinance recently was passed
'& by the city council making It "un
f lawful for any person, firm or cor-
poration or association of persons
to sell, barter, exchange or givo
away or to have in his or their pos-
session any marihuana or Indian
I hemp." The ordinance lurther ects
f forth that the dangerous propeitics
f of marihuana and the increasing
sale, with resultant injury to public
f health and public morals, creates a
' necessity for the law's rigid enforce
. ment. ,
i The torriblo effects of the weed
were realized by the late President
I Parflrlo Diaz and during tho latter
years of his administration an order
! was in effect making it an offense
punishable by death for any person
I f to sell or give away to any soldier
marihuana cigarettes or the weed
tk in any other form.
The favorite method of using the
t weed is to roll the particles into cig
arettes. Mexicans who arc addicted
to the habit say that the indulgeuco
in one cigarette places them in the
,v "seventh heaven." It brings to
i j
them a sense or pleasure and"delight
that is incomparable and indescrib
able If a limit of one cigarette were set
no great lasting harm might come
to the indulgcr, but in order to keep
up the feeling of elation another and
perhaps another of the paper
wrapped poison is consumed, until
the victim Is in a state of wild fren
zy. "When in this condition ho often
goes on a rampage that brings death
to whoever- crosses his path The
period of temporary Insanity lasts
for seveial hours and is followed bj
the victim falling into a deep sleep
that lasts 24 hours or more He
awakes with no knowledge of what
has transpired while the full effects
of the drug w ere upon him. It takes
only a few months of constant in
dulgence in the cigarette haoit to
bring on permanent insanity.
It is stated that the marihuana
weed grows profusely over a largo
area of Mexico and that it is found
in considerable quantities on tho
Texas side of the Rio Grande river
In some districts it is a menace to
live stock The animals quickly
learn to like the weed and when
once they have obtained a taste for
it they will cat ? nothing else. It
In ings death to them in a short time.
In fact, the marihuana seems to
be nothing less than the loco-weed
that causes Insanity to both men
and beast. If the devastation of the
drug Is so great on this sldo of the
Rio Grande, with our Jails filled with
men who have committed crimes
while under the influence of tho
drug, and with our insane asylums
filled with those who have lost their
minds through the use of the mari
huana, imagine tho torriblo effect of
its indulgence on tho people of Mex
ico and then ask the question:
Whero do tho Mexican bandits get
their nerve to commit their attacks
on the Americans and where leaders
summon courage to defy the gov
ernment at Washington.
Then think of poor Queen Carlotta
in her castle in France, with tho
doors of her mind closed forever
from tho light of understanding, ap
parently from an overdoso of tho
drug administered in tho form of tea
by one of the enemies of her bus
band, Maximilian. Tho poor queen
in her castle has boon for fifty ycarB
and more awaiting death. Last j ear
when the Germans invaded France
they placed signs on this lone castlo
warning that anyone who disturbed
the mad queen as she is called
would bo subject to severe punish
ment. For Queen Carlotta is an Austrian
and the Kaiser desired that she be
protected, and the German soldiers
responded nobly to his wishes, even
refusing to fight In vicinity of her
The story of Queen Carlotta'a in
sanity Is ono of tho saddest In all of
history and ncr fatc B cven wrso
than that of her husband, who was
shot to death at the direction of tho
French. As retribution for this
deed they havo given tho queen tho
castle in tho northern part of thoir
domain and have maintained her for
fifty years qr more at their expense.
Here are tlie events that led to
Maximilian's regency in Mexico, his
tragic end and the Insanity of his
In 1S61 the Liberals and Conserv
atives in Mexico, while in the midst
of one of those revolutions such as
we have at the present day, seized
on tho property of foreigners In
consequence, Great Britain, Franco
and Spain concluded a Triple Alli
ance at London with a view to forc
ing Mexico to pay Indemnities. In
December, 1SG1, a force of the Triple
Alliance landed at Vera Cruz and
occupied It without resistance, tho
Mexican troops having evueuated.
After a successful conquest of many
states it became apparent thnt tho
Empeior, Napoleon III, Intended to
interfere with the government of
Mexico and perhaps establish a mon
archy The Britsh and Spanish
troops thcieupon were withdrawn
and tho remainder of tho conquest
was left to tho French troops
On June 10. 1S63, tho French
troops under General Forey entered
tho City of Mexico after it had been
evacuated by President Juarez and
his Republican troops General Fo
rev established a Junta of 35 Mexi
can citizens and permitted them to
establsh an assembly of notables
wheh decreed that Mexico in tho fu
ture would be an empire with a Ro
man Catholic priuce as sovereign to
bear tho title of emperor The crown
thereupon was offered to Aichduko
Maxmillan of Austria, of tho Im
perial House of Hapsburg.
The French were firmly estab
lished in tho heart of Mexico but tho
army of Juarez still were firmly
established in the southern and
western portion of tho country;
and tho contest of arms contiuued
with varying fortune until tho early
part of 1S64 -when the Archduke
Maxmillan of Austria arrived in tho'
Mexican capital to be proclaimed
Emperor of Mexico. Maximilian
illlr .'?W Mj? fsiwls u of mexic Jii WiMlllmpflil ill
MilviMm I aw rsN'NtOELCOE OF MFttlCO cited and the French were invited to which contained the deadly marlhu- ill Mi
iM.ir'MkuiN, cr-. cr -r- hcmw lcavo Mexico. Tho Fiench thoreup- ana. Tho potion was so strong that IIM
on evacuated tho country, leaving sho soon lost her mind. mWm
was accompanied by his Ill-fnted
wlfo who became the Empress Car
lotta and tho first lady ot the new
Empire. Maximilian, had been placed
on tho Mexican throne through tho
instrumentality of the Emperor Na
poleon. The year 1864 was an eventful ono
in tho history of Mexico. Tho
Trench captured tho city of Mata-
moras and tho whoio Mexican army
was forced to surrender and becomo
prisoners of war.
However, w hen the civil war in
tho United States closed the vital
ity of tho Maximilian emplro de
clined. Tho United States, because
of its internal affairs, was unoblo
to act before, but when peaco was
restored tho Monroo Doctrine was
cited and the French were invited to
lcavo Mexico. Tho Fiench thereup
on evacuated tho country, leaving
Maximilian and his Imperialist fol
lowers to defend themselves against
the Juarlsts, Maximilian remained
despite tho warning of Napoleon HI.
to lcavo the country.
In May, 1876, tho Juarlsts cap
tuied Maximilian and he and two of
his generals were shot to death on
June 19.
But before the death of Maximil
ian the Mexicans had taken rovengo
upon his queen. Several of her sorv
itors arc said lo havo given her tea
mv rait
which contained the deadly marlhu- 1U Ml
ana. Tho potion was so strong that IKilf
sho soon lost her mind. SRll
So tho marihuana is more deadly Mflf
today than it was in the lime of ifill
Queen Carlotta for tho Mexicans m3C
now arc using it in cigarettes ind Hfl
with each cigarotto tho desire to Hw
tako tho United States and annex it wM
to Mexico seems to become stronger. Ill uj
And so the victims of tho drug sleep 11 1
on with their minds wandering far ffcffill
into the legions of tho impossible IXjH
for it's marihuana after all and rot f Jftij
real nerve and courage that seema Imlfffi
to be behind Mexico. iXlr
if fiii

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