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The Ogden standard. (Ogden City, Utah) 1913-1920, July 20, 1916, PIONEER CELEBRATION EDITION, Image 11

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i Big Result GettersLittle Standard Want Ads I I
j' Female Help
. UNEMPLOYED experienced girls;
apply Model Laundry. 7-20-tf
;: WANTED at onco, two experienced
female solicitors, must bo competent
and give references. Apply in own
:' handwriting, stating age and experl
; ence to Box 125, Ogden Standard.
CAPABLE woman to represent THE
2t Brigham, Willard. Splendid opportu
ff nity for energetic workers. Business
flwjj established; good commission; in
W structlons and' training in professlon
Wk al corsetrj' free. See Miss Nora
; unaney, state organizer, iuuisuuj
' from 10 to 2:30 at The Marlon Hotel,
' Room No. 244. 7-12-lt
1 CHAMBERMAIDS. Apply to the
" housekeeper at Healy, In person.
: Male Help
' PORTER wanted Greenwell's confec
tionery 7-20-tf
r ROUGH carpenters, 4 day; long job,
i ; railroad carpenters, 3 ' and $3.25,
: helpers, $2.25. Burt Linn Emp. Agt.,
I 225-25th St. Phono 581.
'. -
Real Estate
.'SMALL modern home from owner.
'On Bench. Box. B. S. Standard.
m A GOOD, elderly man and with a
good home and all alone, is willing
and very anxious to share it with
f some good woman that will be his
; wife, that has no homo. Address Box
? E. T. T., Standard. y 7-13-lt
; s
p Situations
11 ; RELIABLE man wants position as
E . night watchman. Phone 1118-W.
M : 7-20-lwk
iI!IRIJ wants work part of day. Phone
634-W. 7-20-lwk
LELIABLE woman to do day work,
ood irouer. Phone 2488-M. 7-19-lwk
uVDY wants work. Phone 1269.
7-12-1 mo
'RICES reasonable. Mrs. M. J. Cal
oun, 269-27th St. 7-11-lmo
)RESSMAK1NG and ladies' tailoring.
Irs. Ryan, phone 1932-M. 3-10-lyr
)RESSMAKING 2726 Madison. Phono
544-J. 5-27-lmo
VILL call for material and fitting;
resses, 2 to $.7; Mrs. Chas. Slater,
4U6 Jeff. Phone 2111-J. 6-211mo
l COUPLE of persons to read aloud
or about 2 hours evenings. Address
. C, care Standard. 7-20-lwk
JHICKENS wanted. Phono 307.
iECOND-hand bicycle or frame;
lust be reasonable. Phone 1990-J.
rOUNG Japanese boy wants an Eng
Ish teacher evenings for 2 or 3 hrs.
yeek. P. 0. Box 418. 7-19-2t
VANTED at once baby buggy; must
(lifbe cheap. Care Standard Box 30.
lli 7-15-lwk
Tel CAST iron, copper, brass, lllumlnum.
J( W ester n Foundry & Machine Co. 2-S-tf
TWO or three rooms; pantry, clos-
;et water and light; house by itself.
KBox N, care Ctandard. 7-18-lwk
Sm Board and Room
cueJM- '
ilflSMfcXCELLENT rooms and board. 2639
ifulgB-JeCf. C-28-lmo
wK Furnished
IWFURN. and uufiir. rms. for house
Jkeeping. Prices moderate. 2468 Wash.
JB&-ROOM Apt.; sleeping porch; gas
MtTange. 725-22d St. Phone 102.
S2 MODERN furnished housekeeping
-"rooms with bath. 336-21st St.
B 7-18-lwk
IK Rend the Classified Ads.
6-ROOM modern furnished house. In
quire 842-23d St. 7-17-lwk
ONE Avon Apt. furnished. Call 2412.
PURN. housekeeping room; strictly
modern. 569-27th St. 7-15-lwk
THREE nicely furnished modern
rooms for housekeeping. 2442 Mon
roe Ave. 7-15-lwk
PURN. h'k'g rms., gas; oheap, 536-31.
3 MODERN housekeeping. 2671 Wall
Ave. Phone 1285-M. 7-14-lwk
THREE modern housekeeping roomB.
2630 Adams. 7-14-lwk
PURN. rooms for housekeeping. 427
24th St. 7-14-lmo
TWO furnished housekeeping rooms,
2846 Hudson. 7-14-tf
3 ROOMS mod. Apt. Tel. 443-W.
FURN. housekeeping Apts. Gas, bath,
no children. 2203 Wash. 4-2S-tf
MOD. furnished rms., beautiful lawns,
shade trees, desirable for summer;
1257-24th. Tel. 1594. 7-12-tf
COOL rooms, south porch, 2532 Lin
coln Ave. 7-8-lmo
3 HOUSEKEEPING rooms. 2334
Wall Ave. 7-6-t
ONE Rich flat, 2467 Jeff.,$30. Phono
609. 6-30-tf
ONE or two furnished rooms for light
housekeeping. Colonial apartments,
362 Twenty-fourth street; prices rea
sonable. 9-3-tf
SLEEPING rooms. Colonial Apts. 362
24th Street. 9-3-tf
MODERN housekeeping rooms. 437
Herrick. 6-23-lmo
FOR the summer, beautifully fur
nished Apt; large porches. 5C0-23d.
FURNISHED rooms for housekeeping.
2220 Lincoln. 7-6-tf
BATCHELOR Aptf. 2526 Adams.
FOX Apts.; just renovated; cool, well
furnished; laundry In basement. 447
21st St G-6-tf
PEARL APTS 2 and 3 room, hot
water, just renovated, 2711 Grant.
HOUSES and flats. 2634 Grant
HOUSE for rent. 7-20-lwk
3- ROOM Apt. 2209 Wash. Phone
2390-W. 7-19-lwk
4- ROOM house, patch sweet corn, $8
per mo. Inquire 859-20th St 7-15-lwk
5- ROOM modern house. 3524 Jeff.
Ave., 15 per mo. Phone 612. 7-15-tf
5-ROOM modern house on bench;
gas range, garage. Phone 2143-J.
4- ROOM modern apartments Monroe
and 26th St.; cheap. Phone 957-W.
5- ROOM modern house. Inquire.
Phone 2008M. 7-17-lwk
2-ROOM mod. Apt. Tel. 443-W.
3 MODERN office suiteB for rent. In
quire Reese Howell &. Sons. 6-24-tf
6- ROOM cottage with garage. Mrs.
Downs, 2747 Washington Ave. Phono
1834. . 6-8-tf
ROOMING house over Ogden Theatre.
Steam Heat Apply Peery Est
TEN-room modern house on paved
street No 2731 Madison avenue,
$36 per month. Phono 967. 5-27-tf
MODERN steam heated 5-room apart
ment. 660-23d St. 4-11-tf
ONE or more unfurnished rooms. Co
lonial Apts., 362 24th St. 9-3-tf
Bargains in Used Cars
1916 FORD Touring: Run less than
2000 miles; good as new; $400 includ
ing extras. F. S. West, Ogden Motor
Car Co., phone 460. 7-18-tf
STUDEBAKER 7-paBsenger, 1915
model; fine condition, 5700; Cadillac,
7-passenger, 1912, good condition,
$500. E. M. F. 6-passenger, $250. King
8 Auto Co., 25th garage, phone 55.
5- 26-tf
OVERLAND roadster, first-class con
dition. Apporson Motor Car Co.
6- 24-tf
OVERLAND delivery; first class
shape. Stoddard-Dayton Truck, cheap.
Wotherspoon & Jost Auto Co. 6-l-3mo
2 FORDS, 5-pas.; good condition,
1914 model, $250 each.
1912 E. M. F. Demountable rims,
1913 Sfcudebaker, No. 85, 7 paa. elec
tric lights and starter; 6 new tires,
They were! at an afternoon recep
tion and were absorbed in watching
the finely gowned women.
"I think "Mrs. Cameron is so sweet,
don't you, Helen?" asked Inez. "You
can read her character In her face."
"Yes," replied Helen, sarcastically,
"you can If you road between the
lines." National Monthly.
6-ROOM, polished oak floors-, fire
place with mantle, furnace heat, book
cases, laundry room with tubs, elec
tric fixtures, etc. beautiful location ,on
the Bench. Price $4500; $1000 down,
monthly payments on balance. Fed
eral Land Co. Phone 540. 7-20-2t
4-ROOM modern house; gas, cellar.
$1850; $200 down, $20 per mo. 2079
Adams. 7-20-lwk
BY owner almost new 5-room modern
brick bungalow; garage; close in;
small payment down; balance like
rent. Phone 1197-M. 7-20-tf
NEARLY new 5-room brick sleeping
norch and carase: east front Price
right. Fred B. Watke, 2669 Quincy.
Phone 2044. ' 7-19-2wks
A NICE, sightly lot on Bench, well
located; only $25, $5 down, $5 per
month. J. J. Brummitt, under Utah
National Bank. 7-19-tf
I STILL have some lots in King's
addition, near the new cereal factory,
at $12 per front foot; very desirable;
any kind of terms. J. J. Brummitt
50x138 CORNER lot block from
good school on Bench, 349-26th St
CHEAP for cash, 5-room modern
brick, 294-21st St. 3203 Adams, Tel.
163S-M. 7-14-tf
IN beautiful Lakevlew addition, at re
duced prices for 30 days only; very
easy terms, low rate of Interest or
will build your home to suit on month
ly payments. Bothwell & Swaner Co.,
under First Nat'l bank. Phone 301-W.
A GREAT snap in rooming house on
25th Street Very cheap. J. J. Brum
mitt 7-19-tf:
IN city many lots, one 50 ft. lot cor.
Washington and 35th Sis. All taxes
are paid; only $500.
ONE five-room house, modern, No.
3112 Adams, only $2200; easy instal
ment plan; 21 acres, plenty water,
near Lagoon, $100 an acre. See H.
Van Braak, for anything you want,
3519 Adams. Tel. 974-W. 7-3-lmo
5-ROOM modern, close In on Bench;
i block to car line. Specials In and
paid for. Will sell on almost any
terms. . $2650.00.
on bench and car line; close in; house
floor covered with best carpets, lino
leum on kitchen and both rooms;
kitchen range and all window shades;
garage, fine lawn. WalkB, sewer, curb
and gutter in and paid for. Lot 69x
140 to alley; one of the finest homos
In the city at less than cost of biPld
ings; will consider rade for smaller
place; snap price, $4700.00.
AN elegant lot near cereal factory
for only $12 per front foot. Any of
terms. J. J. Brummitt. Phone 59.
BEAUTIFUL homes. Built to suit
you; easy terms. Call at 215 Eccles
Bldg. or Phone 1427. R. C. McBrlde.
MONEY to loan on real estate secur
ity. J. J. Brummitt 6-21-tf
REAL ESTATE, Mortgage and Loans.
Kelly & Herrick. 6-15-tf
ON R. E. only. Bichsel, 235 Ecclea
,Bldg. 11-19-tf
SHORT time chattle mortgage loans.
Kelly &' Herrick. 10-2-tf
MORTGAGE loans on farm and city
property. O. A. Kennedy, basement
Utah National Bank Building. 9-IVtf
MONEY advanced salaried people, or
on furniture and pianos; easy pay
ments. Dlx, 21S Hudson Bldg. 5-16-tf
1 " ,
A GOOD lot on the Bench for good
automobile. J. J. Brummitt, under
Utah National Bank. 7-19-tf
SALE or trade part or all of 160
acres on famous Parma Bench, -in
Boise Valley, dark sandy loam, 3
miles from railroad center; partly
Improved under Reclamation project,
can be dry farmed; trade for acre
age or Ogden residence, 35 dollars
an acre. Inquire 137-28th St 7-19-21
21 ACRES, house, stable, coop, fam
ily, orchard 5 miles from town. Call
1804. 7-15-lwk
APT. nouse with lease, close in, -good!
money maker. Rooms full. Call at
2715 Grant Ave. 5 C tf
GOLD open face Elgin watch with
fob; initials D. W. C. on back. Re
turn to Standard. Reward. 7-19-lwk
BY a widow woman, two $10 bills
In canvas bag; between Lincoln and
Washington on 25th St Reward. Re
turn Standard. 7-19-2t
LOST Pair noso glasses; black
leather caso. O. K. Morton, Healy
Hotel. 7-17-lwk
Read tho Classified Ado.
FURNITURE for sale on easy terms.
2515 Lincoln. 7-20-lwk
GROCERY stock and fixtures com
plete, In best part of city. Phone 540"
for price. 7-20-2t
$8 for refrigerator; cost $22 new.
Phone 14S3-W. 7-20-lwk
FINE hay on stand. 121 North Wash
ington. 7-20-lwk.
SMALL safe, cheap. Phone 1731;
must sell quick. 7-20-3t
GOOD team, harness and light wag
on; weight ilOO pounds each. All In,
good condition, $200. C. H. Smith,
278-25th St. 7-20-lwk
WORK horse; weight 1200 pounds;
3218 Adams. 7-19-lwk
ICE box, washing machine, lawn
mower; 1 lot J 2-qt. Mason fruit jars.
Phone 1762-R. ' 7-18-3t
SEWING machine, rocker, oven
chickens, refrigerator. 2630 Adams
Ave. Phono 1472-W. 7-18-lwk
WHEEL. Bargain. Phone 856-R.
WE meet and beat any competition
in pianos and players; besides saving
you interest Pantone, 29th and Hud
son. 7-17-lmo
GOOD range with water jacket and
pipes; cheap. 2032 Ballantyne Ave.
FISHERMAN wanting live minnows
call 2193-W, 7-14-lwk
WHEAT for sale, $1 bu. H. Keller,
R. F. D. No. 2, Harrlsville. 7-13-lmo
PIANO. Rear 321-20th St 7-11-lmo
6 LARGE eackB of kindling wood $L
Oak wood for fire places. J. H.
Wheelwright 2348 Hudson. Phone
828. 1-11-tf
WELL bred driving mare. Tel. 679-R.
ALMOST new Spalding buggy with
pole; also rubber tired buggy. 285
24Ui St 6-6-tf
New York, July 20. A break of
six points in Mercantile Marine pre
ferred, presumably in consequence of
cable advices that the British gov-
nrnmnnf JnfnnHc fn Jmrmeo o to,, nf
77 per cent on excess profits of ship
ping companies, featured today's early
dealings. Atlantic, Gulf and West
Indies which does not come under the
ban of the British -auth'oritiee, rose 3
points to the record price of 66.
Specialties of the more direct war
class, including the prominent muni
tions, motors, Butte and Superior and
Industrial Alcohol were variably high
er, Alcohol adding 3 points to yes
terday's rise. Rails were heavy, ex
cept "Soos," which rose a quarter.
Trading became unsettled during
the forenoon session of the stock mar
ket today, Marine preferred falling
back 7 points after a 2 point rally with
a decline of 3 5-S for the common.
Alcohol after an extreme advance of
4 3-4 receded 3 and other specialties
were similarly affected, though ,iii
more moderate measure. Baldwin and
Crucible developed reactionary tend
encies, with Boet Sugar and Tennes
see Copper. Rails displayed increas
ing heaviness, Canadian Pacific los
ing two points. There were some
gains to countor balance these losses,
but mainly in issues of miner Import
ance. Bonds were Irregular.
Omaha Livestock.
Omaha, Nebr., July 20. Hogs Re
ceipts 13,000; market lower. Heavy
$9.259.95; light, $9.10g9.30; pigs,
$8.00(g)9.00; bulk of sales, $9.209.30.
Cattle Receipts 2000; market
steady. Native steers. $7.2510.25;
cows and heifers, $6.257.55; west
ern steers, $7.009.00; Texas steers,
$6.757.75; stockers and feeders,
Sheep Receipts 6000; market
steady. Yearlings, $6.758.25; weth
ers, $6.507.E5; lambs, $9.7510.65.
New York, July 20. Raw sugar
firm; centrifugal, 6.27c; molasses,
5.50c; refined, steady, fine granulated
The market for sugar futures open
ed firmer. The strength in raws led
to further buying by commission
houses, as well as some demand from
Cuban interests. At noon prices were
six to seven points higher.
Chicago Grain
Chicago, July 20. Assertions that
the spring crop would be affected
generally by black rust led to sub
stantial rise today in the price of
wheat. Unqualified reports were re
ceived that tho pest in North Dakota
had spread to the stom. Unfavorable
crop conditions in Europe, especially
Franco, tended also to lift values.
The opening, which ranged from a
shado off to 3-8l-2c up with Sep
tember at $1.12 3-8 to 1.12 5-8 and
December at $1.15 to 1.15 1-2, was fol
lowed by continued additional gains.
Scattered Bhowers and cooler tem
perature had only a temporary bear
ish effect on tho corn market De
clines encountered big orders to buy.
After opening 5-8c lower to a shado
advance, prices rallied around yester
day's finish or above.
Oats wore governed by the action
of corn. Offerings appeared to be
readily absorbed.
Absence of gelling pressure allowed
provisions to rlBe with grain. De-
Two Modern Apartments, close
In, with home comforts, to respons
ible parties.
One 3-room, one 4-room; bath
and sleeping porches, cement base
ment; lawn and shade trees with
garage. 2923 Washington Ave.
Phono 442-vv. 6-31 tf
' J
mand, however, wa8 not active.
Estimates that 20 to 40 per cent
damage had already been done to
wheat by rust and excessive heat In
the best producing district of South
Dakota resulted In a decided jump in
quotations. The injury was said to
be the gravest since 1904. Prices
closed strong 2 3-4 2 7-8 to 3 l-2c
net higher with September, $1.15 1-S
(7ir.l5 1-4 and December at $1.17 7-8.
The advance in wheat had some
bullish influence on corn. Closing
prices wore nervous at tho same as
yesterday's finish to l-2c higher.
Summary of the Local Market.
July 20, 1916. Trading in local
mining stocks was active again this
morning 59,300 shares changing
'hands. Paloma was the feature of
the trading 1S.500 shares changing
hands and on the open board the
price advanced rapidly from 4 to 8
cents. The dividend paying stocks
with the exception of Silver King
Con. were all slightly weaker.
Quotations furnished over the pri
vate wire of J. A. Hogle & Co., Brok
ers, 2438 Washington.
Sales Morning session:
Albion, S0013c; 70012 l-2c.
Big Cottonwood, 1000(9)3 3-4c.
Croff, 20005c; 20004 l-2c.
East Prince, 4000lc; 2000ll-4c.
Emma Copper, 100(g37c.
May Day, 200(a)12 l-2c.
New Quincy, 1000 17 l-2c.
Opohongo. 10002c; 2000(1 3-4c.
Paloma, 20004c.
Rico Argentine, 10004 l-2c.
Silver King Coalition, 800$3.05.
South Hecla, 100(g)$2.97 1-2.
Santa Chief, 50001 l-2c; 1000
1 l-4c.
Texan, 50022c.
Wilbert, 5006 l-2c.
Walker Copper, 1400$1.15; 1700
$1.17 1-2; 200(0$1.20, buyer 60.
Open Board.
Big Cottonwood, 1000 3 3-4c.
Cedar Talisman, 40005c.
Colorado Ext., 1000015c.
Iron Blossom, 400$1.47 1-2 bid;
$1.45 asked.
Michigan-Utah, 500(0)27 l-2c.
Paloma, 16.5004c bid; Sc asked.
Wilbert, 10006c.
Bank Stocks.
Commercial National, $400 bid.
Deseret National, $307.50 bid; $315
Desert Savings, $1000 bid.
Farmer & Stockgrowers, $83 bid;
$S5 asked.
First National, Ogden, $420 bid.
First National, Logan, $195 bid.
First National, Brigham, $300 bid.
McCornick & Co., $287 bid.
Merchants, $90 bid; $95 asked.
National City Bank, $139 bid.
Ogden Savings bank, $420 bid.
Ogden State bank. $432 bid.
Stite Bank Brigham City, $225 bid.
Security State, $140 bid; $145
asked. .
Salt Lake Security and Trust, $11S
Thatcher Bros., Logan, $170 bid.
Utah State National, $212 bid; $216
Utah Savings & Trust, $95 asked.
Walker Bros., $220 bid.
Zioil's Savings Bank & Trust, $423
Barnes Banking, $200 bid.
Davis County, $290 bid.
First National, Layton, $150 bid.
Industrial Stocks:
Amalgamated Sugar, $180 asked.
Beneficial Life, $198 bid.
Cement Securities, $98 bid; $100
Consolidated Wagon, $106.50 bid;
$107.50 asked.
Con Life Ins., $97 bid.
Ever Fresh Food Co., $10 asked.
Guardian C. & G. Co., $15.65 bid.
Home Fire Ins., $307 bid; $310
Utah Fire Clay. $71 bid; $72 asked.
TTtnh.Trlnhn 3iiiTn- 51R nclro1
Z. C. M. I. $390 bid; $395 asked.
Utah Power & Light, $101 asked.
Utah Cereal, $95 asked.
Lion Coal, $68.50 asked.
Layton Sugar, $180 bid.
Inland Crystal Salt $95 bid.
H. J. Grant & Co., $27.25 bid.
Hotel Utah Op. Co., $125 bid.
Inlermountain Life, $13.55 bid.
Mountain States Telephone, $111
bid; $112 asked.
By tills time Old Sol has been vory
impartial in distributing coats of tan.
crops of freckles and patches of sun
burn, and If you are at all susceptible
to his rays you have doubtless receiv
ed your share.
That freckles are caused by the
heat from the sun seems to be an
exploded theory now; the light Is
given as tho cause, and In order to
protect the skin from the too Btrong
rays, the coloring matter, or brown
paint, as it were, absorbs the sun's
rays to protect the thin-walled blood
vesola so closo to tho surface.
While sunlight is very necessary,
only a certain degree of It is good for
us; beyond that It does us harm.
Some people can stand so much more
of the sun's rays than others without
browning, such as those who live in
the tropics; their brown pigment pro
jects their bodies. We would rathor
endure our northern winters than to
be brown as berries, I am Bure.
Freckles, so regular in their annual
return, have annoyed milady from
time immemorial. Thoro are many 1
homo remedies to make use of, such
I J. A. HOGLE &;C0. 1
2438 Wash Ave. j
Phone 322.
as buttermilk, lemon juice and horse
radish water that should not be despis
ed. By bathing the face In hot water
for a few minutes to open the pores,
and afterward in buttermilk or what
ever you wish to use, allowing it to
dry on, you can bleach the skin con
sldeiably. If you have opportunity to
do this several times during the day,
at night you can apply your massage
cream or bleaching cream.
Massage Is valuablo for removing
the vexing marks, for whatever tends
to promote circulation helps the skin.
When we deal with sunburn we
have something altogether different
from freckles and tan, as the skin
is injured and should be very carefully
treated so as not to Irritate the burn
ed places.
We should first of all try to allay
the inflammation by tho use of olive
oil, vaseline or cold cream.
(From the Manchester Guardian.)
A postal correspondent sends the
following extracts from letters that
have recently been addressed to the
"Dear Sir: My husband has been
away to the crystal, palace and not a
four days furlong and has now gone
to the mind sweepers."
"Dear Sir: I am his grandfather
and grandmother. He was born and
brought. up in this house in answer
to your letter."
"Dear Sir: You have changed my
little boy into a little girl; will it
make any difference in the future?"
"Dear Sir: I have not received no
pay since my husband gone from no
where." '
Another correspondent who had a
grievance replied: "In previous cor
respondence with your office I am
always described as-'Mrs.' You would
form a different opinion if you saw
my whiskers."
Misrule is bad enough, but Mrs.
rule is worse so a married man says.
Read the Classified Ads.
Read the Classified Ads.
United Spanish War Veterans,
Harry A. Young, Camp No. 2, meets
every first and third Thursday each
month at the U. S. Navy Recruiting
Office, 2408 Washington Ave. R. A.
Norrls, commander. R. H. Weatherby,
Ogden Lodge No. 1314 Loyal Order
of Moose meets every Friday night,
8 o'clock, Knights of Pythias hall,
2351 Grant avenue. A. T. Hestmark,
Dictator; J. H. Knauss, secretary, 201
Colonel Hudson Bldg. ' j
Knights of Maccabees, Silver Tent
No. 1, meets every second and fourth
Friday in W. O. W. hall," Fraternity
block, 2320 Wash. Ave. Visiting
Knights cordially Invited to attend.
Harry L. Poterson, Commander. J. D.
Harris, Record Keeper, 2475 Hudsun.
Tho Woman's Benefit Association of
the Maccabees, Silver Review No. 1,
meets every first and third Friday
evenings at 8 o'clock, and every sec
ond and fourth Friday afternoon at
2:30 o'clock In the Woodmen Hall,
Fraternity block, 2320 Washington av
enue. Visiting members cordially in
vited to attend. Anna Holden, L. C;
L. Jennie Prout, R, K., 2455 Van
Buren avenue.
Brotherhood of American Yeomen,
Ogden Homestead No. 1505 mee'ts on
every Tuesday evening in W. O. W.
HUH, " fc.... .,wu..0.wu
avenue. Visiting Archers are cordial
ly invited to meet with us. E. M.
Reid, foreman; J. A. Junk, corre
spondent, 3203 Washington avenuo.
Queen City Rebekah Lodge No. 4,
I. O. O. F., meets second and fourth
Saturday evenlngB at Odd Follows
hall. Visiting members invited. Hazel
Wolhampter, N. G., Lulu Cloudman,
Recording Secretary, 2516 Van Buren.
American Masonic Federation (Uni
versal Scottish Rite). Meets every
Monday, 8 p. m. at 2414 Washing,
ton Ave. Visiting brothers . always
welcome. W. H. Toller, R. AV. M
2834 Adams Ave., G. A. Muller, Sec
rotary, 2636 Wash. Ave.
Tho Order of Railway Employes,
Ogden Division No. 41, meets every
first and third Friday's of each month
at the Eagles' hall, at 8:15 p. m. Vis.
itlng brothers cordially invited.
Adrian Schipper, secretary.
The Royal Highlanders, Ogden Caa
tie 525, meetB In the Eagles hall on
HudBon avenue, ovary 2nd and 4th
Tuesday eveningB at 8 o'clock. Visit
ing Highlanders cordially invited.
Robert C. Williams, 111 Pro., P. F.
Planz, 2535 Lincoln, secretary-treasurer.
Royal Neighbors of America meetB
every aocond and fourth Monday
nights of each month at 8 o'clock j,t
tho new Odd Follows hall. Fraternity
building. Visiting neighbors invited.
ary Crawford, Oracle, 2G7G Lafay
ette. .Nettle Tumor, Recorder, 2C4.1
Van Buren.
i Masonic Queen Esther Chapter
No. i, o. E. S regular meetlngB held IH
at Masonic hall on Washlngtqn Ave H
between 25th and 26th Sts., the first
and third Fridays of ach month. So- M
journing members cordially invited to H
attend. .Iola Blackman, W. M.; Linda H
L. Irwin, Secretary. H
Fraternal Order of EagleB, Ogden
Aerie No. 118, F. O. E meets every ,
Wednesday ovenlng at Eagles' hall,
Hudson avenue, at 8 o'clock. Visit- M
IDS brother Eagles are invited to ai
tend tho Aerie meetings. Club rooms IH
open at 11 a. m. T. s. Shaughnessy,
W. President; E. R. Geiger, Secretar-.
Drs. H. B. Forbes and Paul Ingebret
sen, Aerie Physicians. 1
nen o th0 World. ber
CaJ?P No. 74 meets In tho W. O. W.
nail, Fraternity block, 2320 Washing
ton avenue, every Thursday evening
at 8 o'clock Visiting Woodmen cor
dlal invited to attend. LeRov Farley,'
S C,'ioiy- M- PiSBott, Clerk, p. O.
Box 488 H
Ogden Lodge No. 5 Independent Or
der of Odd Fellows, meets in I. o. O.
f- ha" eyory Tuesday ovenlng. Vis
Itlng brothers cordially invited to be
present J. w. Randall, N. G.; Henry
Kissel, Secretary. jH
Women of Woodcraft, Ogden Circle
No. 581, meets every Wednesday night
at 7:30 o'clock, new Woodman Hall,
Visiting Neighbors invited. rTues will
bo collected on the 5th of each month
at Misch Drug Store. Nina I. Wat
kins, G. N 159 Poplar Ave. Marie
Crites, -Clerk, 2731 Monroe Avo.,
Phone 1913-R.
Ogden Lodge No. 2, Knights of Py-
thias meets every Monday evening at
8 o'clock in Castle Hall of the Pyth
ian building, 2351 Grant avenue, vis
iting Knights welcome, D. J. Thur
man, Jr., C. C; George B. Hart, M.
R. S.; H. E. Palmer, 2262 Washing
ton, M. F.
Utah Camp No. 9990 Modern Wood
men of America, meets every Wednes
day night in the I. O. O. F. harl, Fra
ternity block. Out of town members
cordially Invited to meet 'with us.
Fred E. Williams, Consul; J. R. Hinch
cliff, Clerk. jH
Order of Owls, Ogden Nest No.
121, Order of Owls, meets every Fri
day evening in their own hall (the old IH
Elk club rooms) at 8 o'clock. Visit-
ing Brother Owls are Invited to attend
the Nest meetings. W. D. Watson,
President; C. A. Knowlden, Secretary,
DgSeii Business I
Directory - I
DONE in all lengths, 25GS Cole's
Court, rear 240 26th St. Tel. 11S0-M. jH
N. J. FEIBUSH, Lewis Blk. none
771-W. ''3-27-tf
EKOHLER, carpenter and cabinet
maker. Mill, Wash, and 20th. Phone IH
42S-W. 4-26-tf
2733 Grant. Bell phone 201S-W.
K. VAN KAMPEN, phono SS3, for
upholstering; carpets cleaned, altered
and laid. Re-making of mattresses.
mercial National Bank Bldg., 369 24th
Street Phone 11. tf
New and Second-Hand Goods '
ANYTHING A to rL, new or second, IH
bought, sold or exchanged. Phone IH
NEW and 2d-hand furh., clothing, IH
bought and sold; trunks, suitcases yk
cheap; highest price lor 2nd-hand
furn. Phono 1321; 179 25th. 2-29-2yr. jH
RED front. 2547 Grant Phone 611.
5-26-1 yr.
Loose Leaf Sheets and Covers
BOOKKBINDING, ruling and mfg. IH
stationery. J. Wilson, J2465 .Wash.
Phone 850. 5-26-lyr.
DR. A. FERNLUND, Physician and
Surgeon. Office hours 11 to 4 p. m.
New Peery Bldg., Hudson Avo. Phono
1900-W. Residence phone 2129-W, 646
Washington Ave.
FOR good printing call Dee Noute
boom, Phone 1166. 6-28-lyr.
B. F. THOMAS, Printer, 2476 Wash.
Phone 147-J. Let me estimate. 5-26-lyr. jH
SANITARY Garbage Co. All kinds
of rubbish hauled and ash pits clean
ed. Prices reasonable. Phone 620.
$10 and up. Rent, 90c. per day, de
llvered. Phono SS. 425 24th St
P. A. Vellinga, Tuilor, 410-25th.
Cleaning, pressing, repairing; prlcos
reasonable. 7-14-lmo
: llrl QQI-flrl P citC 1 cent a word--no 1st insertion less than 25c All Ads Payable I
; iLC3v3111CU. id 2 or more lines 25c a line a week, 75c a line a month In Advance
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