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I I At the Ogden
H William Collier, Jr., Anna Lehr in the exciting1, keenly in-
m terestmg and perfectly produced photodrama
J I "The Bugle Call"
K In addition, the latest Keystone,
j M Will Make You Laugh, Giggle and' Roar
m On July 20, 18-17. the Utah Pioneers
M were descending Big Mountain, just
m east of Emigration canyon. They
X were on a steep and dangerous slide,
S where wheels were double-locked lest .
m teams and wagons should rush o
jm ' destruction.
I Fop Subscription and Advertising
Department, Call Phone No. 56.
Good waizihQ.H Price. 27S 25th.
Nevada Sheriff C. S. Crain, shei'iff
of White Pine county, Nevada, is an
Ogden visitor. He joined members of
his family, who have been visiting
relatives here for several days.
B & G Butter Is the apex of excel
lence. From Montpcller George Cunning
ham, formerly depotmaster at the lo.
cal union terminal, is visiting friends
and relatives in Ogden. Mr. Cunning
ham is now assistant -superintendent
of the Oregon Short ,Linc, with head
quarters at Montpelier, Idaho.
DR. MORRISON Osteopath, Eccles
; Bldg. 5-13-6mo
Outing. The members of the morn
ing shift of local street railway em
ployees enoyed an outing yesterday
at the Hermitage in Ogden canyon,
i Tho afternoon and evening shift will
i hold its outing at a later date.
Open an Office. Dr. E. TV.
Browning, son of Postmaster TV. TV.
Browning and for several years a suc
cessful practicing dentist of Roosevelt,
' has returned to Ogden. and will open
' an office here.
Diamond mounting or general jew
elry repairing. Paul TV. Stecher, 352
24th St.
Dog Catcher The weekly Teport ot
the dog tax collector shows taxes
collected amounting to $2-1.50; 14
dogs impounded; ten killed, and three
i declared vicious and ordered tied up.
A large family compartment tent of
five rooms besldos dining room and
kitchen; well located in Ogden can
! yon, for sale or rent. Phone 1816.
'454-24U1 St.
Appraisers "Fred Foulger, Anson C.
1 Call, and Benjamin Oppman have been
; appointed appraisers of the estate of
Charles Middleton, deceased.
! Horrocks Bros.Ve closing out their
W men's $4.00 and $5.00 Oxfords for
if $2.50.
un inspection. ouijl. o.. x-.
i lands of the Salt Lake division of the
Southern Pacific departed yesterday
afternon on an Inspection trip over
i the division. He expected to be away
about a week.
We sell Diamonds less than others
-pay. Uncle Sam.
Floods Stop Traffic Traffic has
been interrupted on the. Southern
Railway in the western part of North
Carolina, according to a notice re
ft ceived today at the local office of the
N i operating department of tho Union
I ' Pacific. The interruption is due to
flood conditions in the territory and
n no tickets can be sold for transporta.
tion between Morristown and Ashe
I ville, Ashevllle and Salisbury and
f Asheville and Spartanburg, until fur
ther notice is given.
S Maternity cases cared for by Clara
Berges at her home, ICS Doxey. Tel.
Departure Miss Mabel TVysong de
1 parted today over the Southern Pa-
ciflc, for San Francisco.
' Dr. TV. G. Frelday and Dr. R. A.
McCune have moved to Lewis block.--
Pocatello Visitor Miss Alice New-
v ton of Pocatello, who has been visit-
I ing at tho home of her uncle, D. M.
Newton, traveling passenger agent of
the Oregon Short Line, returned
home yesterday.
Births The following births were
reported today at the office of the
city health inspector: To Mr. and
Mrs. Leonard B. Dout, a daughter,
July 19; to Mr. and Mrs. Martin P.
Hansen, a daughter, July 19; to Mr.
and Mrs. TV. C. Lybrovsky, a daugh-
ter, July 8; to Mr. and Mrs. George
F. Wright, a daughter, July 11; to
Mr. and Mrs. George TV. Hoggan, a
son, July 17; to MY. and Mrs. Philip
L. Fisher, a daughter, July 17; to Mr.
and Mrs. McGary Garr, a son, July 3;
! f to Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Parker, Jr.,
! a daughter, July 8; to Mr. and Mrs.
:f George Bcrgland, a son, July IS; to
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Murphy, n
son, July 18.
Scarlet Fever City Health Inspec
tor George Shorten reported today
that tho local scarlet fever situation
now seemed to be under control. Sev
eral homes were released from quar
antine today and no-rrTew cases have
been reported this week. There are
still thirteen homes under quarantine
for the disease.
Vf Marriage License A marriage II-
Bfp cense was issued to John Knicker-
Iff bocker of San Dlego, Calif., .age 3S,
mi oud Edith Edna Griffin ago 20 of
ft Seattle.
HS, Fire Alarm-rhe burning of a large
pile of rubbish in the local Southern
Pacific railroad yards caused consid
erable excitement this morning. An
excited resident of west Twenty-second
street, sent in a fire alarm and
the entire equipment of city fire sta
tion No. 1, was rushed to tho scene,
Union Pacific System
July 22; August 5, 19; September 2
and 16. Very Low Round Trip Fares
to Idaho and Northern Utah points.
For rates and full particulars call
ington Ave., or phone 2500. Advertisement.
A couple appeared at the office of
tho county clerk yesterday afternoon
and requested a marriage license. To
(he clerk a marriage license was an
item of routine, consequently he pro
ceeded calmly to accede to the joy
seekers' request. The girl possessed
a super-abundance of mirth and spilt
it in to dainty ripples of laughter,
which at first annoyed the clerk but
later aroused his suspicion. When he
looked up from hjs writing tho young
bride-to-be straightened her giggle
some muscles so quickly there was
danger of facial distortion. The con
tract was all ready to sign. She gave
her age as 18; he as 21.
"How odd," mused the license dis
penser, "that they are both just over
Ihe marriageable line."
As the winsome visitors departed,
the fairer one cast a sheenish look of
explosive gleo over the shoulder of
her life's guardian towards the be
wildered clerk and cackled:
"Gee; didn't we put one over on him
on our ages; this blow will kill moth
er; oh, you sixteen-year-old liar!"
"Not so loud' admonished he with
masculine wisdom, "we aren't out of
the court house yet!"
The marriage licenses issued to
day were as. follows:
Vandy H. Layman 23, and Ceralla
Tucker 22, both of Ogden.
Franklin G. Walton, 21 and Leona P.
Goalen, 18, both of Salt Lake City.
John Williams and Belle Mason,
both of Ouray, Colorado.
. sum?
Lewis W. Sh'urtliff, the venerable
president of the Weber stake, will he
the recipient of special honors next
Sunday at the stake quarterly confer
ence to be held In the tabernacle.
The program will be arranged to com
memorate the passing of his thirty
first year of service as president ot
the stake and his 81st milestone of
life. Members of the high council, tho
ward bishops and auxiliary associa
tion stake boards will furnish flowers
to decorate the interior of tho tnber
nacle and the services of the day will
be featured with special music.
The principal speakers will be Apos.
tie James B. Talmage and President
Joseph TV. McMurran.
Sells-Floto circus has been granted
a license to show on the corner of
Twenty-seventh street and Grant ave
nue the latter part of this month.
Immediately following the departure
of the Great Robinson Shows a num
ber of citizens residing near the place
where the carnival was held, sent a
petition to tho city commissioners re
questing that no more shows be allow
ed to give their performance on that
lot as it was obnoxious In many ways
and the debris left by them was of
fensive. The commission deferred tho
license to Sells Floto, until tho sign
ers of the formeY petition agreed to
withdraw their names. It Is said that
the reason for the withdrawal of the
protests is the fact that a circus for
one .night is less objectionable than
a noisy carnival operating for a solid
Read tho Classified Ads.
On Pioneer Day', the parade will 4 Irish
form at 9 a. m., and start promptly 5 Holland,
afc 9 :30 . m. The order of floats 6 Germany. '
will be as follows: r 7 Hawaii."
ORDER OF FLOATS. ' -French. ,
1 9 Japanese
1. Pioneers and escort. - 10. Chinese.
1 State officials. 11. Negroes.
2 City and County Officials. 12- Filipinos.
3 Invited Guests. ,: 13 American.
4r-Pioneers. . , IV. Progress of . Utah.
II Historical'. ' ; i state, County and City Of-
1 Primitive Utah. ' ficials.
2 Indians. ' 2 Agriculture.
3 Franciscan Fathers. Factories.
4 Trappers. 4 Mining.
5 Log Cabin. 5 Evolution of Transportation:
6 First Company. . (a) .Wagons-
7 Mormon Battalion Fife and (b) Street Railway.
Drum., (c) Automobiles.
S Ox Teams. ' 6 Volunteer Firemen and Mod-
9 Hand Cart Comapny; ern Fil.c Department.
10 Mule Teams and "Wagons. T, rt A,
11 Pony Express. V- Community Growth.
12 Stage Cpach. , VI- Special Features.
13 S'ea Gulls. l-Bee'lLve.
14 Scgo iLily. 2Boy
III Coming of the Nations. 3 Kindergarten.
1 English Daughters of the Pioneers.
2 Scandinavian. ' 5 Conservatory of Music.
3 Scotch. VI. Miscellaneous.
ROUTE : Form parade at 28th St- and Washington Avenue ;
move north on Washington Avenue to 24th St. ; west on 24th Street
to Wall Avenue ; South to Wall Avenue to 25th street ; east on 25th
Street to Washington Avenue ; north to Washington Avenue to 17th
Street; 17th Street to Glenwood.
Program at Glenwood 11 a, m. " n F!'; 1 (
Mixed Chorus ...tt.. . .
Address of .Welcome. Mayor A. R. Heywool
orfc . . ...... .i.i.-.i. . .i.i.-.t.r.-.,.i. - Male Quartette
Address . ..... . .. . ... w... .Governor William Spry
Reading Moroni Olsen
Address Right Rev. Bishop Joseph Glass
Male Quartette .u ,.... . . . .
Address -. ...... .i... :. . . .. .President Joseph F. Smith
Mixed Chorus w. . .-. . ... . . . -
Squire Coop, director; Lester Hindi cliff e, pianist.
Male Quartette
:. .Jed Ballantyne Douglas Brian, Leo-Madsen, .Walter Stephens
Banquet at Idlewild 1 p. m.
Toastmastcr .-. 1 David 0- McKay
Toasts President Lewis W- Shurtliff, Rov. John Edward Carver.
Vocal selections ..Mary Greenwell Farley
Instrumental Music Nylander Quartette Ralph Swenson, violin-,
Leith Pearson, cello; Axel A. Nylander, flute; Lawrence Maddock, I
pianist. I
Baseball game, Glenwood park, 2 :30 Utamades vs. Utah Power I
Baby buggy parade downtown streets, 7:00 p- m.
Fireworks in Lester Park 9 :30 p. m. '
Children'-s Program at Glenwood 2:30 to' 5 pm.
Dances. -Mountain
March Direction, 'Florence Powell. .
Dainty Step Direction, Zdna Pingree.
Danish Clap Dance and Norwegian March Direction, (Lucy
Games, races and other outdoor sports for children, under the
direction of Fred C. Naisbitt-
ST 18
Calling of a Democratic County Con
vention at which delegates will be
named to the state judicial district
and congressional conventions, togeth
er with announcement of a date for
the judicial district convention, start
ed the political ball rolling in the Dem
ocratic party. Tho call, as Issued by
the county chairman, S. S. Smith,
and secretary S. P. Dobbs. announces
that a convention will be held August
5th which will select fifty delegates
to attend each of the three major
conventions, sets out that the said
conventions state, judicial district
and congressional will be held In Og
den on August ISth, next which is
news so far as the judicial district
convention is concerned, and leaves to
the delegates to the August 5th meot
Ing the task of setting a date for that
county convention at which the coun
ty ticket will be named. j
Primaries for the election of dele
gates to both Democratic conventions
in Weber county that at which dele
gates tot he big conventions will be
selected and that at which the county
ticket will be named will be held In
tho county precincts at such times
and places as may be selected by tho
chairman. The call announced thai
the city wards would all meet at the
Court House on the evening of August
1st, but some opposition to this plan
Is said to have arisen, with the prob
able result thnt a meeting will be
held in each municipal ward.
Weber Democrats believe that Jo
seph Chez should be, and will be, the
party's candidate for Congressional
nonors m tlio First District oi utan
Mr. Chez, who Is now state senator
from this county, has so 'far refused
to make a statement of candidacy, and
close friends said yesterday that he
was not in any sense a candidate.
From the higher ranks of tho county
Democracy comes, however, the inti
mation that Mr. Chez is believed to
be the strongest man whom the party
can nominate, and tho further intima
tion that the Ogden attorney is too
good a soldier to refuse to obey ord
ers, If tho convention sees fit to issue
For the county officers, numerous
candidates have been mentioned, but
as yet. with the date of selection still
unfixed, there does not seem to be
any great amount of activity. It is
intimated that tho Bourbon legislative
ticket may provo a surprise In many
ways, and that the party leaders hope
to put into the field an exceptionally
strong slato for those offices. D. D.
I McKay is probably tho most talked of 1
I man for legislative honors at the pres
ent time.
"Peg o' the Ring," third epi
sode, at the Lyceum today.
j! - i .
The Knights of Columbus and their
friends had a most enjoyable outing
at Lagoon yesterday. Tho local
Knights won the championship cup
by defeating the Salt Lake Knights,
11 to 3, in a game of baseball.
I will not be responsible for any
bills run except by myself.
Attorney George Halverson, in an
swering the complaint of Joseph G.
Crompton, denies that the lost two
promissory notes payable to the plain
tiff, but ho states that Crompton came
to him with the notes and requested
that he collect them. Mr. Halverson,
according to his answer filed in court
today, Informed Mr. Crompton that
the notes would have to be taken to a
collecter, that he was not In the col
lecting business. Then the notes were
delivered to the Creditors Liquidation
Company and that the latter lost them.
myrtle mm
A decree of divorce has been grant
ed to Myrtle Drysdale from John Drys
dalo on the grounds of failure to pro
vide. The couplo were married in
Ogden, June 14th, 1910. The wife
claims that for five years her husband
failed to provide for her minor child
until she could endure it no longer.
The defendant failed to answer his
wife's complaint and judgment was
entered against him by default.
Read tho Classified Ads. J
Jhe Classified Ads.
. . 7
March"Progress I
A Million New Savers in I I
1916 I
I , This year, the one hundredth anniversary I I
of the opening of the first savings bank in Amer I H
Iica, will be observed by the enrollment of "a I H
million new money savers." I H
Will You Be One of Them ? I I
There is every reason why you should save money. Your future I
demands that you do it. - I
Life's opportunities are grasped by the money savers. Homes are I
built and paid for by the money saver. The world's industries are fi- I H
nanced by the money savers. The stores, the factories, the railroads " 1
all enterprises, great and small, are made possible by thrift personal 1
I capital acquired by self-mastery. I
Do you want to cut a figure in the world's progress? Do you want I
to rise to your best possibilities? Do you want your dreams of success 1
' to come true? I
Then Be a Regular Money Saver I I
If you are already a spasmodic "once-in-a-while" money saver,
be a regular upstanding, honest-to-goodness one. Build up that ac- I
. count of yours. Wear a path to the bank window. I
If there is someone in whose success and happiness you are inter- .(! i
I ested, guide him or ner to the savings bank window. ( ,f I
This Year is Full of Promise for You - I I
!'' Be A Saver A-. j I
The Ogden Savings Bank j I
f 2384 Washington Avenue, B
I Ogden, Utah. 1 H
jj M. S. Browning, President . John Watson, Vice-President I
L. R. Eccles, Vice-President Chas. H. Barton, Cashier mi
La Follette Continues Vigor
ous Attack on Naval Program
and Proposed Increases.
Believes People Will Stand
Overwhelmingly Against
Putting Flag Behind
Investors in Mexico.
Washington, July 20. Resuming
his attack on the naval program today j
Senator LaFollette reiterated his de
claration that the' proposed doubling
of expenditures for military purposes
had been actuated by selfish Inter
ests, Instead of patriotism, and assert
ed that there was not a military, econ
omic or political reason to warrant the
proposed appropriations.
"The logic of the whole world situ
ation is against necessity Tor these
proposed increases," he said.
During his speech Senator LaFol
lette turned to tho Mexican situation
una senator Liowis, Democrat, astveu
if he stood with President Wilson
against Intervention in Mexico.
"I sincerely hope" replied Senator
LaFollette, "that the standard bearer
of the Republican party in the com
ing campaign will not feel himself
constrained to take tho position that
it is the duty of tho government to
put the flag of the Unied StatcB be
hind investors In Mexico. President
Wilson declared In his -Detroit speech
that ho would not stand for that prin
ciple and that ho would not become
the collecting agent of Investors In
Mexico. The American people. If that
issue is made between the Republi
can candidate and Mr. Wilson on thnt
proposition, will stand overwhelmingly
by the president." - .
FUNERAL designs, cut flowers, l)ed.
ding plants, lowest cash prices. Og
den Wholesale Florists. Phone 825-W.
or 52, Grant blk. north of 17th St
i Advertisement,
New York, July 20. William R,
Wilcox, chairman" of the Republican
national committee, called tho cam
paign committee together here today
for tne first time for the purpose of
discussing the general features of thoj
Republican campaign which opens ac
tively next month with a month's touri
throughout the west by Mr. Charles
E. Hughes. '
Mr. Hughes conferred Informally
with each member of the committee
present, telling him what his ideas
were in regard to the itlnerarj'. Of
the seventeen members of the com
mittee twelve were present, the ab
sentees, with one exception, being
from points on the Pacific coast.
"Special consideration will be giv
en lo the campaign in Maine," read
a statement by Chairman Wilcox.
"The committee is thoroughly im
pressed with the desirability of car
rying Maine in the September elec
tions and will exert every - effort in
conjunction with the national com
mittee to that end."
To this, Senator Weeks of Massa
chusetts, chairman of the senatorial
committee, that between August 12
and September 10, ten Republican
senators and 25 representatives would
be sent Into the Maine campaign.
Washington, July 20. Senate: Met
at 10 a m.
Resumed discussion of naval ap
propriation bill.
House: Not in session; meets Fri
day. oo
Washington, July' 20. The public
health service regards danger of a na-1
tlonnl opidomlo of Infantile paralysis
as over. State boards of health JM
throughout the country have reported
themselves able to combat any a'p
pearance of the disease.
At a tim ewhen there Is a tendency
toward well-merited criticism of Fed
eral appropriations for River and Har
bor improvements In the United IH
States, it is worth while to focus at- IH
tention on at least one notable pro-
Ject of this nature, against which no
indictment for uselessness or extrava
gance can lie, which has had an enor
mous influence on the development of 'M
internal commerce, and which is still a
most valuable artery of communica- jH
tion. Such is the Saint Marys Falls
Canal at Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan,
through which passes annually a vol
ume of freight traffic over twice as
largo as that going through the Sue. IJ
Canal. Indeed in a single day, Novem
her 14, 1915, there passed through
these American and Canadian canals
125 vesels whose aggregate registered
tonnage was 386,700, laden with freight
amounting to 024,916 tons.
From a small passage through which
the bateaux and canoes of the trap
pors and traders of 179S wore hauled
by oxen in order to surmount the
strong and dangerous rapids at this
point, there have been developed on
both sides of the river canal systems
with elaborate locks that can handle
the largest bulk freighters of Lak
commerce. Indeed the encourage
ment thus given to large craft has
made possible the economical ship
ping of ores from Minnesota and MI
chigan to blast furnaces in Ohio, New
York, and Pennsylvania, not to men- IH
tion llie iransporiauun ui
other commodities to eastern States
nt a minimum of cost. When it is rea
lized that in the seaso nof 19 lo, 17,
699 steamers, 1SS4 sailing and unrig
ged craft, and 1650 unregistered ves
sels passed through the American nnd Vm
Canadian canals at Sault Ste.. Marie, IH
laden with freight amounting to 71,
290,304 short ton3. valued at Sbbd,
341 and carrvlng -50,336 passengers,
the importance of this great system of
locks and canals will be appreciated,
Alaska has forbidden tho employ
ment of boys under 16 years of ago
underground in mines; Hawaii has
passed a curfew law for girls under
16 in Honolulu; the Philippines have
provided for dental clinics In schools,
and created a public welfare board to
establish and maintain social con
tors; and Porto Rico has passed a
modern juvenile court law. JM
-oo iH

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