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1 ill
? lead, $7.00 at $7.05; spelter, $10,50 at l f ' V '' ''' WEATH ER Utah : Tonight, and
$10.75; copper $29.00, $29.25; $28 25 at r' 1 mm . Thursday Fair; Cooler Tonight, 1 IH
$28.50. I ' 4 J Warmer In North and Western Por-
- tlons Thursday. IH
Forty-siyth Year-No. 278. Price Five Cent.. OGDEN CITY, UTAH, WEDNESDAY EVENING, NOVEMBER 8, 1916. En ered as Second-Clasc Matter at the Postofflce, Ogden, Utah. Ill I
I Wilson Will Be Elected by Vote of I
.1 Either Minnesota or California 1 1
I' !
j Democrats Are Fully
j Confident of Re-election
of President Wilson
J New York, Nov. 8. With .the coun-
,j try's choice of a president in the al-
most unprecedented status of doubt on
j the day after election both Democratic
and Republican headquarters wero
; scenes of nervous activity and ten-
l sion. Although both sides claimed
; majorities in the electoral college,
j; there seemed nevertheless to be a
-j feeling at both places there was a
,j chance that the determination of the
final result with so many states doubt-
' H ful might be prolonged perhaps for
another day and there was some unof-
I ficial talk that the decision might
sj eventually be thrown into the house
, :) of representatives.
J There were suggestions also that
j.j there might be in some states bitter
contests over the integrity of the re-
'; turns which might be drawn out for
J days with the result hinging on a re-
d count George W. Perkins at Repub-
f$ lican headquarters, commenting upon
l the close vote in some states, de-
, clared that a recount might be neces-
' sary. Chairman McCormick early to-
v"a5j I day sent telegrams to every state and
; county chairman where the result ap-
troj , pears close commanding them to per-
njSI I sonally see that the ballot boxes are
guarded and protected.
:Ifi Chairman McCormick shortly after
wfa 11 o'clock claimed President Wilson's
aeta i election with 2S8 electoral votes,
toi ! "i am basing my conclusion on the
M , official canvass of pivotal states," he
9 t added. "It is a sweeping victory."
j Mr. McCormick claimed Kansas
nee 0 with 10 and Ohio with 24 electoral
era ij votes.
Ing Both Sides Claim Election.
Q? I Democratic Chairman McCormick
aZI in a statement declared President Wil-
$ son surely would have 304 votes in
asS, aj the electoral college. Republican
r2 it Chairman Wlllcox at 6 a. m. claimed
?i; f every state generally classed as doubt-
JlS it ful and counted 323 votes for Mr.
jg If Hughes.
hS- j The actual returns, considering def-
yjl Inite and indicative figures, gave Pres-
'M ft ident Wilson 232 votes and Mr.
JH - Hughes 212. On the votes of Califor-
13 f: nia, Delaware, Idaho, Indiana, Kan-
31 j sas, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New
j-l I Mexico, Oregon, Washington, West
i II Virginia and Wyoming, the decisive
j II ; result on the presidential contest
1 I i turned.
- 'a Safe States for Wilson.
. II , There seemed, to be no doubt that
II j President Wilson had safely carried
' II t Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Colo-
II rado, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky,
' II Louisiana, Maryland, Missouri, Mon
'i II I tana Nebraska, Nevada, North Caro
II lina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma,
'- II South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas,
1 II Utah and Virginia.
! In the Hughes column were counted
; II j Connecticut, Illinois, Iowa, Maine,
l J Massachusetts, Michigan, Now Jersey,
1 l ; New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Isl-
l and, South Dakota, Vermont and Wis-
1 V consin.
'fl Steady Wilson Drift.
'I I i From the doubtful states, the re-
1 II t lurns continued to point first toward
J y one candidate and then toward the
other, but toward morning there was
1 noticed a steady drift toward .Prosi-
dent Wilson. 1
-.- i When word went over the country
!f II - PresMent Wilson had been de-
m feated the Republican hosts were ju-
" a II 'I bilant. Although Now England re-
II i turns supported the predictions of a
J l . Republican victory, as the ballot
; J! l counting started in the middle west
jll 1 and on the coast, it dawned on those
3 I ' assembling the vote that President
, j I ' Wilson was far from defeated, that
I- confined to the east and that in the
: states which will make up the ma
t jority in the electoral college a very
! close race was being run.
: Other presidents have been elected
without New York and some of the
so-called pivotal states. Hayes lost
New York and Indiana and five others
to Tllden, but was seated in his close
; contest. While Cleveland carried New
York in each of his successful cam
'v paigns, he lost in one or the other
i of them Indiana, Massachusetts, Ohio,
a Michigan and Pennsylvania.
1 Fargo, N. D., Nov. 8. Returns on
president from 676 precincts out of
1 1859 in North Dakota give Wilson 22,
f 642; Hughes 21,882.
Illinois for Hughes,
i Chicago, Nov. 8. Early returns
from president from 1739 precincts
: out of 2973 in Illinois outside of Cook
1 county give: Wilson 293,785; Hughes
I 390,208.
Oregon for Wilson. 21
! Tillamook, Ore., Nov. 8. Incom
? Plete reports from Tillamook county
l; gave Hughes a majority of 147.
Medford, Ore., Nov. 8 Twenty-six
precincts complete and incomplete
out of Blxty Jackson, county give
Hughes 820; Wilson 1160.
Grants Pass, Ore., Nov. 8. Incom
" Plete returns indicate Hughes and
Wilson wore runnlag even in Joseph
ine county.
; Laramie, Wyo., Nov. 8. Thirty-
eight out of 52 precincts in Albany
county give Wilson 1406; Hughes
Ohio by 80,000.
Cincinnati, Ohio, Nov. 8. President
Wilson will carry Ohio by more than
80,000 votes if the ratio of voting con
tinues that has prevailed throughout
the state except for the temporary
lead that returns from Cincinnati
gave Hughes. Returns from 4,436 of
the 5,570 precincts in Ohio at noon
gave Wilson 454,323; Hughes 386,032.
Hughes Losing In New Jersey.
Trenton, N. J., Nov. 8. Charles E.
Hughes' early pluralities of 22,634 in
President Wilson's own, state, with 777
districts missing, was reduced to
9,196 with the receipt of returns from
315 of these missing district.
The president's -total vote with 462
missing districts is 184,660; Hughes
New Haven, Conn., Nov. 8. The
complete vote in Connecticut was
Hughes 105,324; Wilson 99,932.
Governor: Holcomb, (Republican),
109,066; Beardsley, (Democrat) 96,015.
Senator: McLean, (Republican),
105,264; Cummings, (Democrat),
Massachusetts, 14th district, Olney.
Spokane, Wash., Nov. 8. Partial
returns from all counties Fifth con
gressional district give Dill, Demo
crat, 12,283; Corkery, 10,758.
Indiana Claimed for Hughes.
Indianapolis, Ind., Nov. 8. While
reports from state headquarters claim
ed that Hughes carried Indiana by
25,000, more conservative estimates
placed the plurality between 10,000
Returns from 1617 precincts gave
Goodrich, Republican, for governor,
204,240 and Adair, Democrat, 192,357.
Both New and Watson, Republican
candidates for United States senator,
continued their leads over Kern and
Portland, Nov. 8. Two hundred and
fifty-six precincts out of 1,630 in Ore
gon give Hughes, 13,923; Wilson, 13,
383. Alaska.
Juneau, Alaska, Nov. 8. Of 5,549
votes cast in 25 Alaska towns for dele
gate to congress, Sulzer, Democrats,
has 3,001; Wickersham, 2,946.
Juneau, Alaska, Nov. 8. Of 5,549
votes cast in 25 Alaska towns, 3,512
were for prohibition nnd 2,037 against.
New Mexico.
Santa Fe, N. M., Nov 8 Returns
from 112 precincts in New Mexico
give Hughes, 5,419; Wilson, 5,614.
Seattle, Wash., Nov. 8. Returns
from 1,218 precincts out of 2,385 in
Washington give Hughes, 94,711; Wil
Bon, 103,516.
Republicans Gain.
New York, Nov. 8. With seventy
six congressional districts to be
cleared up, Republicans now have
gained nineteen seats over their
quota in the present house, while the
Democrats have gained ten, a net gain
of nine for the Republicans, which re
duces the present Democratic majori
ty of 23 to five. Two Democratic
districts in New Jersey now reported
doubtful would, if reversed the ma
jority of each party.
Wilson Leading Minnesota.
St. Paul, Nov. 8. Two hundred and
sixty-five precincts in Hennipeil,
Ramsey and St. Louis counties had
given Wilson 42,657 and Hughes 28,
763, or a lead by Wilson of 13,849 at
8 a. m. today. Form 235 scattering
precincts ovor the state outside three
largo cities, Hughes receives 22,111
and Wilson 17,786, or a lead by
Hughes of 4,325.
Wilson Leading in Minnesota.
SL Paul, Minn.. Nov. 8. Five pre
cincts in Minnesota including 78 pre
cincts in Hennipen, 137 in Ramsey
and 60 In St. Louis counties give Wil
son 58,762 and Hughes 50,711.
St. Paul, Nov. 3. One hundred and
thirty-seven precincts in Ramsay
county (St. Paul) out of 148, givo Wil
son 20,533; Hughes 12,333.
One hundred and thirty-one pre
clnts out of 204 in Hennipen county
(Minneapolis) give Wilson 26,242;
Hughes 18,402.
Wilson 7000 Ahead.
St. Paul, Nov. 8. Six hundred and
eighty precincts in Minnesota out of
3024 in the state give Wilson 72,587;
Hughes 65,369.
St. Paul, Nov. 8. Returns on presi
dent from 945 precincts out of 3024 in
Minnesota give Wilson 83,470; Hughes
Wyandotte County for Wilson.
Kansas City, Mo., Nov. 8. Presi
dent Wilson held his lead in Wyan
dotte county, Kansas, which includes
Kansas City, Kan., this morning. Com
plete returns from 52 of the 108 pre
cincts gave the president 8,108 and
Hughes 7,188.
. Kansas City, Mo., Nov. 8. Presi
dent Wilson continued to hold his lead
in Kansas. Returns this morning
brought the total precincts reported
to 10S3 out of 3474. The standing
then was Hughes 144,512 and Wilson
Kansas City, Mo., Nov. 8. Jackson
county including this city complete,
except for five precincts gave Wilson
42,934 and Hughes 32,368.
The vote on governor was: Gard
ner 39,870 and Lamm 35,395 and on
Senator Reed 42,256 and Dickey 33,
243. j
St. Paul, Nov. S. Returns from 724
precincts out of 3,024 for president
in Minnesota give Wilson 73,445;
Hughes 63,05S.
St. Louis, Mo., Nov. S. SL Louis
city, complete except four precincts,
gives 12,978 for prohibition and 239,
791 against.
Kansas City, Mo., Nov. 8. Jackson
county which includes this city appar
ently gave a majority for prohibition
in voting on the proposed dry amend
ment yesterday. With all but nine
county precincts reported, the vote
this morning stood 29,136 for the
amendment and 28,185 against it. The
returns include all of Kansas City and
the missing precincts are expected to
show a dry majority.
Wilson Leading Race.
St. Louis, Nov. 8. Returns from
22S5 out of 3459 precincts in the state,
including 308-in St." Louis, gIveWilsoir
239,494 and Hughes 221,060.
Democrats Are Leading .
St. Louis, Mo., Nov. 8 Returns from
2476 out of 3459 precincts in Missou
ri, including all but four in the city
of St. Louis, give Wilson 26S.973 and
Hughes 254,304. With four precincts
micctni' in T.mite Mm oitv rro vn
Hughes a plurality of 9922, insufficient
to overcome Wilson's plurality out in
the state.
Returns from all but four precincLs
in the city of St. Louis gave Lamm
(Republican), for governoi', a lead of
nearly 4000 over Gardner (Democrat).
Returns from 2110 precincts out of
3459 in the state gave Gardner 251,
929 and Lamm 255,857. 1
Dickey (Republican), nominee for
United States senator, took the lead
over Senator James A. Reed (Demo
crat), candidate for re-election, when
all but four of the precincts in the city
of St. Louis were in.
Kansas City, Mo., Nov. 8. This city
voted for prohibition yesterday by
a majority of 1,131, the total count of
all the precincts in the prohibition
amendment showing a total of 31,546
for the amendment and 30,397 against
Kansas for Wilson.
Kansas City, Mo., Nov. 8. With
complete returns from 1,224 of the
2,474 precincts in Knnsas, President
Wilson had received 170,890 and
Hughes 157,778 votes.
Kansas Conceded Wilson.
Kansas City, Mo., Nov. 7. The Kan
sas City Star, which, supported
Hughes, concedes Kansas to Wilson
by about fifteen thousand.
Both Sides Claim State.
San Francisco, Nov. 8. The chair
man of Democratic state committee
claimed California for Wilsno by 10,
000. Chester H. Rowell, chairman of
the Republican state central commit
tee, reiterated his earlier statement
that HugVs would carry the state by
at least 600.
Republican Leading for Congress.
Seattle, Wash., Nov. 8. Two hun
dred and thirty-two precincts in Se
attle give Miller, Republican for con
gress, 29,526; Cotterill, Democratic,
26,606. Returns from Kitsah cuouty
are lacking, but Miller appears to be
sure of election.
Wisconsin for Hughes.
Milwaukee, Wis., Nov. S. Wiscon
sin gave its electoral votes for Charles
EvanB Hughes, the state having given
him an estimated plurality of 20,000
over President Wilson, based on re
turns from about two-thirds of the
precincts in tho state at yesterday's
United States Senator Robert M.
LaFollotte, Republican, returns to the
upper house of congress with a plural
ity estimated at 45,000 over William
F. Wolfe, Democrat, and Governor
Emanuel L. Phlllpp succeeds himself,
having defeated Burt Williams, his
Democratic opponent, by an estimated
plurality of 40.000.
Governor Phlllpp, the returns indi
cate, will have a safe majority in both
houses of the legislature.
Republicans have been elected in at
least nine congressional districts Jn
Wisconsin, with two districts, the sec
ond and the fourth, still in doubt.
Socialists were given six seats in i
Hopes Rise as Complete Re
turns From Western States
Come In.
Long Branch, N. J., Nov. 8 An ex
hausted but confident group of men,
including Secretary Tumulty, waited
today for more complete returns from
yesterday's election after having been
up all night In the executive offices
at Asbury Park, N. J., with their hopes
slowly rising as more complete re
turns from western states came in.
President Wilson, who retired late
last night, was up t shortly before 8
o'clock and was immediately notified
of the shift in his favor in returns re
ceived during the night. He expressed
pleasure, but reserved judgment.
While Secretary Tumulty and other
members of the president's official
family believed this morning that the
president had been re-elected, they is
sued no statements. The president
expected to remain almost constantly
at Shadow Lawn, reading returns.
New York, Nov. 8. In claiming the
re-election of Wilson, a statement was
made at Democratic headquarters that
the president could lose both Califor
nia and Minnesota and still be elected.
the state assembly and two to the
state senate, according to returns in
Milwaukee county.
District Attorney W. A. Zabel was
re-elected by a safe plurality over Er
win C. Wurster, Republican. Patrick
McManus, Republican, was elected
sheriff by a good margin, displacing
a Socialist Incumbent,
Hughes Leading Wilson.
Indianapolis, Ind., Nov. 8. Returns
up to 10:30 this morning showed
.Hughes still leading Wilson in Indi
ana by 10,379.
Twenty-one hundred seventy-eight
precincts out of 3142 in the state gave
Wilson 242,764; Hughes 253,143.
Democrats Elect State Ticket.
Wilmington, Del., Nov. S. Returns
at 11 o'clock showed that Hughes car
ried Delaware by 800. Senator Du
r-x i. .i - f i t : v. r
ironi, was ueieuiuu uy juaiuu j. vui
cott, 900 to 1000 votes. I
The voting for congress was close j
between Representative Miller and
Albert Polk, with probabilities in fav-1
or of the former. The Democrats
elected their state ticket with the
possible exception of attorney-general.
Democrats Ahead in Nebraska.
Omaha, Nebr., Nov. .8. Returns
from 199 of tho 1567 precincts out
side Douglas (Omaha) and Lancaster
(Lincoln) counties give: Hitchcock,
Democrat, for senator 21,589, and Ken
nedy, Republican, 18,432.
Hughes Leading Lane County.
Eugene, Ore., Nov. 8. Twenty-one
out of 97 precincts in Lane county
complete give Hughes 2,010; Wilson
1,623. The normal Republican plu
rality in Lane county is 4,000.
Hughes Leading County.
Oregon City, Ore., Nov. 8. Nine
teen complete precincts out of SI in
Clackamas county gave Hughes 1,49S;
Wilson 1,157.
Wilson Leading Wyoming.
Cheyenne, Wyo., Nov. S. One hun
dred seventy-nine pregincts out of 5S3
in Wyoming give Wilson 8,228;
Hughes 5.S40.
For United States senator, 1416 pre
cincts give:
Kennedy, (Democrat), 5,539; Clark,
(Republican), 5,232,
Washington for Wilson.
Seattle, Wash., Nov. 8.-1,071 pre
cincts of 2,385 in Washington give;
Hughes, S2.6S1; Wilson, 90,665.
Fargo, N. D., Nov. 8. President
Wilson's lead over Charles E. Hughes
in North Dakota increased slightly
early today when additional reports on
yesterady's election were received
from the rural districts. It was tho
country precincts that turned the tide
in favor of the president after the
larger cities had given Hughes a
strong lead.
At the present ratio, Wilson's plural
ity would be about four thousand and
half of the leading Republican news
papers of the state have conceded
victory for him at this figure. Demo
cratic state headquarters here pre
dicted that the president's Tote would
exceed Hughes by 8,000.
Porter J. McCumber was re-elected
United States senator over John
Burke, federal treasurer; three Re
publican congressmen were chosen
and Lynn J. Frazier, candidate for
governor, led the Republican state in
a decisive victory.
Charleston, W. Va Nov. 8. Re
turns from 995 precincts out of 1713
in West Virginia glvo:
Hughes 49,771, Wilson 45,797.
Phoenix, Ariz., Nov. 8. Additional
scattering returns gavo Arizona a de
cided Democratic trend early today,
with President Wilson leading the
ticket, but figures still wero indefinite.
Figures at 9 o'clock indicated the re-
RL Hon. A. J. Balfour.
Although far advanced in years,-,
Rt. Hon. A. J. Balfour, former pre
mier of England, is taking an active ;
interest in the war. He is not at,
present a member of the British'
cabinet but on more than one matter,
of gTeat concern his counsel has been
sought by the government. This is
his most recent photograph. '
election of Senator Ashurst and Con
gressman Hayden.
Denver, Colo., Nov. 8. Returns
from 657 precincts of 1451 in Colo
rado 'give:
Hughes 47692, Wilson 77,443.
Returns from 649 precincts for gov
ernor give:'
Carlson '(Republican) 53,616, Gunter"
(Democrat) 64,024.
Nevada for Wilson.
Reno, Nev., Nov. 8. Nevada's three
electoral votes will be cast for Presi
dent Wilson, incomplete returns from
all parts of the state indicating that
he will have a majority of approx
mately 15,000 votes. The senatorial
contest is in doubt with Pittman,
Democrat, leading PlatL E. E. Rob
erts, Republican, is re-elected to con
gress. Hughes Leading Oregon.
Astoria, Ore., Nov. 8. Hughes was
returning between 200 and 300 ahead
in Clatsop county on the face of par
tial returns today.
Wilson Leading Idaho.
Boise, Idaho, Nov. 8. In Idaho
228 precincts out of 743 give Wilson
24,467, Hughes 19,486.
West Virginia.
I Charleston, W. Va. Nov. 8 Re
turns from 760 precincts out of 1713
in West Virginia givo Hughes 60,905
and Wilson 58, 352.
Secen hundred and eleven precincts
give for governor, Robinson, Repub
lican, 5S.934, Cornwell, Democrat, 59,
245. Seven hundred and eleven precincts
United States senator give Suther
land, Republican, 59,363, Chilton, Dem
ocrat, 55,305.
Butte, Mcmt., Nov. 8. In Montana
284 precincts out of 1239 give Wilson
33,979, Hughes 23,672.
Nebraska for Wilson.
Omaha, Neb., Nov. s. With little
more than one-tenth of tho state heard
from, estimates of President Wilson's
plurality in Nebraska ranged early to
day between 20,000 and 35,000. In
Douglas county (Omaha) 61 precincts
out of 124 gave him a lead of 4539
and in 150 precincts out of 1635 out
side Douglas county his lead was
Senator Hitchcock's re-election
seems assured by a majority of 10,
000 to 15,000, while the vote on gov
ernor is close with Neville, Democrat,
maintaining a small lead over Sut
tlon, Republican.
For congress, Lobeck and Shallen
berger, Democrats, and Kinkaid,
Welse, Republicans, are re-elected, ac
cording to latest advices with Ste
vens, Democrat, leading in tho third
district, although Warner, Republican,
claims the victory.
Tho majority for the prohibitory
amendment seems to be large, esti
mates ranging from 20,000 to 40,000.
Wilson Leads Wasco.
The Dalles, Ore., Nov. 8. Thirty
threo precincts complete out of 37
in Wasco county give Hughes 1991
and Wilson 2089.
Twenty-four precincts out of 30 In
Tillamook county give Hughes 934 and
Wilson 768.
Fourteen precincts out of 75 in Mar
ion county give Hughes 984 and Wil
son 819,
St. Paul, Minn., Nov. 8. President
Wilson's lead over Hughes in Minne
sota, was gradually being decreased
this afternoon by returns from the
rural sectidhs of the state. In 1,590
precincts of a total of 4,024 Wilson
had 120,080 votes to 113,166 for
Willcox Declares Minnesota
and California Are Safe for
Chas. E. Hughes.
New York, Nov. 8. Chairman Wlll
cox of tho Republican national com
mittee at 12:50 o'clock issued this
"California and Minnesota, are sure
ly for Hughes. This means Hughes
is elected."
The statement, he said, was based
upon advices from the respective stale
headquarters, claiming California by
10,000 votes and Minnesota by 20,000.
Chester H. Rowell telegraphed from
San Francisco that the Republicans
could concede everything that the
Democrats claim and still carry the
state by 600j.
Republicans Hope to Cut
Down Democratic Lead in
Rural Districts.
St Paul, Nov. S Returns from the
rural districts shortly after noon to
day gradually cut down President
Wilson's lead over Hughes in Minne
sota, 1029 of the 3024 precincts in the
state giving Wilson 92,066; Hughes
In the precincts outside the three
largest cities of the state, Minneapolis,-
St. Paul and Duluth Hughes
showed rapidly growing strength. In
691 of these rural precincts Hughes
received 42,172 votes to Wilson's 34,-
139. Republican leaders expressed con
fidence that this ratio would be main
tained, which would mean a plurality
for Hughes of at least ten thousand.
St Paul, Nov. 8. Further Inroads
into 'Wilson's lead in Minnesota had
been made by Hughes when nearly
half the total precincts of the, state
had reported early this afternoon. In
1439 of the 3024 precincts, Wilson
polled 111,173 votes and Hughes 103,
690. nn
Long Branch, N. J., Nov. 8. Presi
dent Wilson late today received this
telegram from Senator Chilton of
West Virginia:
"I did not want to wire you until I
had something definite. 1 congratu
late you from the bottom of my heart
and rejoice with the country that we
are still going forward and not turn
ing back. You carry West Virginia
and we will guard it and see that you
get it. We elect our state ticket, a
legislature and will have certainly
three and possibly five members of
congress out of six. I am elected by a
safe majority and I owe it to your
splendid administration."
"That means we certainly win," said
Secretary Tumulty as he read it He
immediately read it to the president.
"How many electoral votes has
West Virginia?" asked the president
"Good, good," he said when it had
Secretary Tumulty told the presi
dent all the late returns Indicated his
re-election. Mr. Wilson was plainly
delighted. He laughed at Tumulty's
Los Angeles, Calif., Nov. S. 140
complete citv and county precincts
gave Hughes 12,970; Wilson 11,694.
Los Angeles, Calif., Nov. 8. 142
complete city and county precincts
gave Hughes 13,239; Wilson 11.S90.
Los Angeles.
Los Angeles, Nov. 8. Semi-official
figures announced today by Thomas
McAleoi', registrar of voters, showed
412 completo city and county pre
cincts gave Hughes 41,412; Wilson
Los Angeles.
Los Angeles, Cat, Nov. 8. One huu
dred and thirty-five completo city and
county precincts gave Hughes 12,202
and Wilson 11,209.
L03 Angeles.
Los Angeles, Nov. 8. One hundred
twenty-seven complete city and coun
ty precincts give: Hughes 11,342; Wil
son 9657.
, California.
San Francisco, Nov. 8. Three thou
sand seven hundred twelve precincts
of 5,917 givo Hughes, 284,900; Wilson,
For senator: Johnson, 214,611; Pat
ton, 102,061.
Fresno, Cal,, Nov. 8. Ono hundred
and sixty-nine precincts out of 201 in
Fresno county glvo Hughes, 10,451;
Wilson,. 12,490.
American-Hawaiian I
Steamship Columbian I
Being Shelled by I
London, Nov. 8, 5:06 p. m. The IH
American-Hawaiian steamship Colum- IH
blan of 8579 tons gross is sending out ) IH
wireless telegraphis calls for help,
stating that she is being shelled by j
a submarine. j
London, Nov. 8. The Peninsular j I
and Oriental liner Arabia, received no j j
warning from the submarine which I 1
sank her in the Mediterranean, on f j
Monday, acocrding to a statement is- '
sued this morning by the admiralty. IH
All the 437 passengers including 169- .
women and children and all the crew
with the exception of two engineers, j.
who were killed by the explosion was
saved by vessels which went to the
Forming of International Com- ' jH
merce Commission to Steady j IH
Prices Being Discussed. i
(Correspondence of the Associated
Press). ;
London, Nov. 8. Representatives of '
thirteen of the trans-Atlantic steam- I
ship lines, in a meeting just held in '
London, listened with great attention
to arguments in favor of the pro- I
posed international commerce com
mission by David Lubin, of New York
and California, who succeeded in get- i
ting through congress resolutions in
dorsing the idea, which has for its ob- J
ject the steadying of prices of staples j
through the fixing of freight rates on j (
ocean bulk traffic j
Mr. Lubin has succeeded in Inter
esting the big shipping men hero in
his plan, among them being Walter rl
Runciman, president of the board of
trade, who is a member of a wealthy , ' f tM
shipping family. The meeting was 115
called by Sir Norman Hill, a great jHi
Liverpool shipping magnate. Among ,
the lines represented were the Amer- IH
ican, Allen, Atlantic Transport, Asso- . j
dated Lines, Canadian Pacific, Cu
nard, Dominion, Furness Withy, Har- Ml
rison, Leyland, White Star and Wil- H
Mr. Lubin's address was followed I'H
by question from practically all at
tending that revealed general interest j
in theplan. To questioners who fear- !H
ed the result of such a strict control ,H
of the lines as to compel them to con- jH
form tospecial rates, Mr. Lubin point-
ed to the .benefits sustained by the iH
railroads in tho United States from IH
the interstate commerce commission's jjH
"Before the interstate commerce (H
commission came into being the price
of tho loading American railway jH
stocks on your market here wero as lf
uncertain as those of common wild- IH
cat schemes offered to the public," ho H
said. "But the stabilizing effect of IhI
the interstate commerce commission's ,H
control has, as you know of your own
personal knowledge, converted them
into tho highest gilt-edged securities," J
San Francisco, Nov. S. Lilliuoka- jH
lani, former queen of Hawaii, is very m
ill at Honolulu and may pass away m
at any time, according to information m
received here today. . M
Democrats Still Leading.
Albuquerque, N M.f Nor . Four
nreciucts of Bernalllllo out of 21 glie
for congressman: Walton, Democrat,
1 640; Hernandez, Republican, 1,450.
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