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Wteffe-, jLAV SkVflvXVV'"1 4 P. E CITY EDITION I
rl vL III S U v v 1 1 Ivt l IU ell U . I
I ; '. ?7.007.10; spelter, $10.875 J-' -L V C W TZTT I
. . tlons Friday.
I --S""H YarN- 279" tl OGDEN CITY, UTAH, THURSDAY EVENING, NOVEMBER 9, 1916. . 8...-.c,... m,., .t the Po.,om. utMJ I
I Wilson Elected by the Votes of I
I California and North Dakota I
I n
I California Gives Wilson 889
J After a Big Reduction in
! President's Los Angeles Vote
, j Nev York, Nov. 9. Democratic Chairman McCormick
h at 4:50 o'clock issued the following statement:
j "We have got the thing sewed up. President Wilson is
!) re-elected beyond any shadow of a doubt."
'j San Francisco, Nov. 9. 5,569 precincts out of 5,870 in
3 California give Hughes 454,357; Wilson 455,246. Wilsons
,) plurality 889. The swing back to Wilson's favor was oc-
: casioned by rectifications made by county clerks in nine coun-
"1 ties in checking up unofficial returns.
.1 San Francisco, Nov. 9. Revision by the county regis-
I trars of voters in Los Angeles and San Francisco counties left
i Wilson a plurality of but 500 voters. These figures were based
I on 5,561 precincts out of 5,870 in California, giving Hughes
:, 453,972; Wilson 454,472.
i, San Francisco, Nov. 9. 5,676 precincts out of 5870
j give: Hughes, 458,154; Wilson, 460,075.
3 This was a jump of more than 1 ,000 for Wilson, most of
j which came from Siskiyou, a mountain county scarcely repre-
j sented in previous returns.
J - San Francisco, Nov. 9. At this
Hj 3 lime but nine precincts were yet to
jw fj be heard from in Los Angeles county,
j Hughes' greatest stronghold, while
:9 ; more than 200 precincts in northern
jH I California; expected-mostly to give-
8 ! Wilson pluralities, -were yet to report.
H These northern precincts are in iso-
V 1 lated mountain counties and nil may
IvM -l not be available beforo tomorrow.
m '
JVi I San Francisco, Nov. 9. Fife tbou-
Jfl I sand five hundred and thirty-one pre-
S ; cincts out of 5870 in California give
I Hughes 450,561, Wilson 453,123. Wil-
Jjnl I son's plurality, 2522.
U ?J This drop of about 500 votes' from
-3 the last previous tabulation was occa-
H jj Bioncd by the rectification of the Ala-
H meda county (Oakland) vote, the
H I county clerk announcing a correction
H !j in Hughes' favor of 492 votes.
mB I Registrar McAlecr of Los Angeles
)ral d. announced a rectification which gave
rje$ J Hughes a net gain of 1,930 and said he
rns would complete a recheck late today,
iaa "f He said he thought the present count
Sjn 5 accurate. Wilson gained 15 votes by
;Jve v Registrar Zemansky's recount in San
Jit 'I Francisco.
3lu! ' The Los Angeles figures are on 1,207
out precincts out of 1,215 in that county, j
fll A leaving but eight to be heard from
there. Returns from isolated moun
tain counties, in northern California
expected to give Wilson pluralities,
were slow in coming in.
Seattle, Wash., Nov. 9. President
Wilson's plurality in Washington
jumped above the 10,000 mark early
today when returns "wero received
from counties -which previously had
been meagerly reported and which
went strongly for the president. With
less than 500 precincts to be reported,
all widely scattered, President Wilson
was leading Mr. Hughes by a margin
of 10.74S votes with every indication
that complete returns would send his
plurality above 12,000.
Governor Ernest Lister, Democrat,
apparently will defeat Henry McBride,
Republican, for governor, by more
than 10,000 votes.
Senator Miles Poindexter. Republic
an, who was re-elected, will have the
largest plurality of any of the candi
dates on any ticket.
British Ship Ashore.
Santiago, Chile, Nov. 9. The Brit
ish steamship Madawasca is ashore
at Corral bay.
The following table presents the electoral vote by states in accordance
's with the returns up to the time of going to press. They are not complete
' returns. Those states are given to Hughes In which he has a load and
'! those states to Wilson in which ho has a dead on the incomplete returns.
The doubtful states are those In which the fluctuations are such as to show
now a lead for one and now for the other candidate.
State. Wilson. Hughes. Doubtful.
Alabama 12 ..
Arizona 3
'-' Arkansas 9
: California 13 -;
Colorado 6 . .
f: Connecticut .; 7
Delawaro ' -?
Florida 6 '-.
Georgia .;. . 14
Idaho ' 4
Illinois 29
'' Indiana ,15
Towa -' 13
;: Kansas "10
Kentucky ..'..... 13 .
' Louisiana 1
Maine v '6 t""
:, Maryland '3 . r-
; Massachusetts .. 18, ;.
; Michigan 15
I Mlpnesota , . 12
Miasissippi 10. ' . ;
, Missouri f 18" i. -
i Montana 4 . f'gfjf ,
Nebraska 8 .f , v
, Nevada 3 ,
New Hampshire ; 4 ) ' '
i New Jersey v . ; - V-f' .'
New Mexico ' -' f " ' . ' 3
n i, New York ' 4S
North Carolina 12 (
; NorUi Dakota 5 . ; .
Ohio .24 , ,
J Oklahoma 10
; Oregon ' ' $ r
; Pennsylvania 38 r ,.
Rhodo Island J ; 5
South Carolina 9
j: South Dakota ' ' 5
Tenneaseo : . 12 .
Texas ' 20 . r; . ,
Utah 4 .:.
Vermont 4 1 '
.; Virginia .12 - ; ( ...
f Washington .' 7 -. j. -. ;
West Virginia - .8
Wisconsin ' - ; 13
Wyoming 3
Democratic National Commit
teeman McNab From Cali
fornia Sends Message to
Long Branch, N. J., Nov. 9. To
day President Wilson received this
telegram from Gavin McNab, Demo
cratic national committeeman from
"I have the honor to inform you
that California has decided to cast her
13 votes for the man who stands for
the rights of men, women and chil
dren, first and secondly for the rights
of property Woodrow Wilson. Cali
fornia feels that her 13 votes are ai
lucky number or humanity, progress
and the nation."
New York, Nov. 9. Frederick M.
Lynch, Democratic stale chairman,
telegraphed to McCormick shortly be
fore 5 o'clock that tho count in North
Dakota was complete and that Wilson
had carried that state by 324 votes
He said he had relayed the message
from the North Dakota chairman.
Lynch added that Minnesota would
go for Wilson by 500 votes.
St Pnul, Nov. 9. Returns from 2,
821 precincts out of 3024 in Minne
sota give Wilson 173,950 and Hughes
174, 911. Hughes' lead, 961.
State official were agreed today that
the vote of the Minnesota guardsmen
at the Mexican border might decide
the presidential contest in thig state.
Secretary of State Schmahl received
a telegram this afternoon from the
commissioners who took the bordor
vote Tuesday Informing him that
2.53G votes had been oasL
The result of this vote will not be
known for several days. It requires
some time for the ballots to reach
the secretary of stale who must for
ward them to the auditors of the coun
ties in which the soldiers live.
Moreover, the law provides that
the canvassing shall not bo closed
until more than one week after the
eloction until the votes of all the na
tional guardsmen residing in all the
districts hnve been received and can
vassed. St. Paul, Minn., Nov. 9. Returns for
president from 2,846 precincts out of
3,024 In Minnesota give:
Wilson, 173,946; Hughes, 174,839.
St. Paul, Minn., Nov. 9. Returns
for president from 2843 precincts out
of 3024 in Minnesota give Wilson 173,
821, Hughes 174,765.
National Chairman Sends
Word to Buy Redfire and
Start the Music of
Now York. Nov. 9. Chairman Mc
Cormick of the Democratic national
committee announced late this after
noon that ho had sent word to all the
state Democratic chairmen telling
them to "engage bands and buy red
'fire to celebrate tonight the re-election
of Woodrow Wilson."
Fargo, N. D., Nov. 9. Tho vote of
the North Dakota guardsmen at tho
Mexican border was counted with the
other ballots today. The state troops,
' privilege to all legal voters absent
from tho state, made out their ballots
several days before election day and
they were forwarded to the proper
precincts and tabulated with the other
San Francisco, Calif., Nov. 9. Both
Republican and Democratic state
chairmen at noon today claimed New
Mexico for their respective national
candidates. Chairman Seligman of
tho Democratic central committee, as
serted "I am confident we have won,"
whllo at Republican campaign head
quarters the state was claimed for
Hughes "by a small majority."
Ballot boxes and forwarding of bal
lots was said to be guarded by secret
service men, upon Instructions from
national chairman from New York.
United States senator 336 out of 638
precincts give:
Hubbell (R) 18,4899; Jones (D)
For congress these precincts give:
Hernandez (R) 19,441; Walton (D)
Governor: Bursum (R) 19,203; De
Baca (D) 18.138.
Santa Fe, N. M., Nov. 9. Returns
from 374 out of 638 precincts in New
Mexico give WllBon 21,424, Hughes
Santa Fe, N. M., Nov. 9. Unofficial
returns from 336 precincts of the 638
in New Mexico early today showed
Hughes still maintaining a slight lead
over President Wilson. These pre
! cincts gave:
I Hughes 14,794; Wilson 14.53G.
1 Among the missing are Eddy and
Roosevelt counties, normally heavily
Democratic. Great difficulty was ex
rienced in securing returns. In the
remote sections of the state ballot
boxes were closed at midnight and no
additional returns were available ear
ly today.
Missing counties also Include seven
normally Democratic counties, six
formally Rgpjibljcnn and to Jn which
majorities arc small and variable.
Several of these are romote and the
outer portions of all of them are with
out telephone or telegraph facilities.
Missing counties Include:
Guadalupe, Lincoln, McKinley,1
Mora, Sandoval, San Juan, Sierra,
Socorro, Terrance, Union and Valen
cia. Luna and Santa Fe counties are
, . New Mexico.
Santa Fe, N. M., Nov. 9. Four hun
dred fifty-two of 638 precincts in
New Mexico give Hughes 23,4 S2; Wil
son 24,702.
Concord, N. H., Nov. 9. The com
plete figures of New Hampshire show
ing a plurality of 117 for Wilson pres
idential electors are based on certi
fied returns to tho secretary of state
from 292 precincts out of a total of
294, added to press returns from 546
precincts. The secretary is checking
up the press returns with those certi
fied as the latter to come in.
The two precincts which were miss
ing until this afternoon gave a total
of eleven votes for Hughes and seven
for Wilson.
Cheyenne, Nov. 9. Returns from all
except a few scattering precincts in
Wyoming indicate the election of
Frank W. Mondell, Republican, ovor
John D. Clark, Republican, for con
gress by a majority of 304 with seven
hundred "maverick" votes mailed in
by absent voters which will not be
counted until the official canvass is
made, but are not expected to over
come Mondell's lead. Kendrlck's ma
jority over C. D. Clark for tho United
States senate is 2836 and Wilson's ma
jority 5617.
St. Paul, Nov. 9. Charles E. Hughes
was holding his slight lead over Presi
jdent Wilson in Minnesota when re-
turns from 2,800 precincts out of 3,024
in the state had been compiled at 2
p. m. today, the count standing: Wil
son, 173,213; Hughes, 173,652.
Woman Elected to Congress.
Helena, Monu, Nov. 9. The state
Republican central committee, upon
revised and fuller figures from the
state today, claimed the election of
Miss Jeannetto Rankin to congress
and the entire state ticket excepting
governor and possibly lieutenant governor.
Detroit, Mich., Nov. 9. With ro
turns complete from all except three
precincts In tho second congressional
district of Michigan, Samuel Beakos,
Democrat candldato for re-election,
waB leading Mark Bacon, Republican,
by 143 voteB. It is expected that a
recount may be demanded by the
Republicans Allege Many
Voters Cast Ballots for
Presidential Candidates
Instead of Electors.
Fargo, N. D Nov. 9. When Presi
dent Wilson's plurality in North Da
kota had mounted to 1,500 this after
noon, several of the leading Republic
an newspapers conceded that ho had
carried the state. Returns from 1,745
precincts out of 1,859 in the state gave
Wilson 53,125 and Hughes 51,586.
Albuquerque, N. M., Nov. 9. Re
turns from 411 of 638 precincts in New
Mexico give Wilson, 22,448; Hughes,
Long Branch, N. J., Nov. 9. Mes
sages received by Secretary Tumulty
'at 3:30 o'clock, this afternoon con
vinced him that President Wilson had
carried New Hampshire and California
which, on the basis of states previous
ly tabulated, would give the president
enough electoral votes. The New
Hampshire message was from Senator
Hpllis and said that on a recount Mr.
Wilson would carry the state by 500.
The president made no comment, pre
ferring to await the full count.
State Is Conceded to the Presi
dent by Leading Repub
lican Papers.
Topeka, Kan.. Nov. 9. Charles H.
Hession, Republican state chairman,
stated today that legal counsel had
been engaged to investigate the con
stitutionality of the electoral vote in
I Kansas. He would not say whether or
not the vote would be contested.
It was claimed at Republican head
quarters that tho voters east their bal
lots for the presidential candidates
rather than for electors. The vote for
electors this year was made for the
group instead of for individual elec
tors as in the past.
Republicans say that this manner of
voting was unconstitutional.
Next Year Allies Will Be Fac
ing Boys of 17 in Ger
man Army.
London, Nov. 9. (Correspondence
of tho Associated Press.) The war
threatens soon to become a struggle
between mere boys. The pace Is said
to be entirely too fast for the older
men long to endure.
It is declared here that next year
the entente allioB will be facing boys
of 17 in the German army.
General Sir Douglaa Haig, command
ing the British expeditionary forces, is
said to have objected to tho sending
out of men of middle age. He wants
young men of from IS to 25. After tho
latter year it is said the fighting value
of the human unit shows a rapid and
steady decline.
The good soldier of today It seems
must bo of the age which excels in
the more strenuous athletic games
the football player type. Tho older
men have their place, but generally
speaking It is said now to be in "the
army behind tho army" the men back
of the line, in the supply and trans
port divisions where the strain is not
so great. These older men are too
Eusceptiblo to trench diseases to be of
great use on the firing line.
England already is registering boys
born In 1899 preparatory to calling
them up when they attain thoir elgh
teenth year.
Washington, Nov. 9. Pernambuco,
Brazil, has built a municipal slaugh
terhouse, said to bo one of tho largest
and finest in South America, and In
tends to lease it for a term of years
to the highest bidder. Tenders will be
opened December 15 and the Depart
ment of Commerce is calling attention
of Americann to the opportunity of
leasing, and-operating the- abattoir.
Big Parade of the I
Democrats of Utah I
in Ogden Tomorrow I
Tomorrow night, from 7 to 9 o'clock,
the people of Ogden City and sur
rounding towns, visitors from Salt
Lake City and all parts of the state,
will celebrate in a joyous and fitting
manner the re-election of President
Woodrow Wilson and the unexampled
Democratic victory in Utah.
A great street parade, with phalanx
after phalanx of citizens marching on
foot and hundreds riding in autos and
other vehicles, attended by torch
bearers, with red fire and bugle corps
and music by the Ogden City band,
will form at Democratic headquarters
on Twentyfourth street at 7 o'clock
and march to the City Hall square,
where a review will be held by Governor-elect
Simon Bamberger, Senator
elect William H. King, Representative
elect M. H. Welling, State Chairman
M. Thomas, County Chairman Donald
D. McKay and other distinguished
Special Transportation.
Special transportation rates have
been arranged from all outlying towns
and a special train will probaly bring
a large delegation from Salt Lake City.
Special cars wll be provided from
Huntsvllle and Ogden Valley.
Special invitations have been sent
to the people of Logan and Cache
Valley, to the Progressives and Re
publicans of Salt Lake and the peo
ple generally, to attend tomorrow
night and join in the celebration of
the president's re-election and the
united forward movement of the peo
ple of Utah without,.regard to partj'.
All who marcffeain'costume" in the
Fourth of July parade have been urg
ently requested to take part In the
John Scowcroft & Sons have donat
ed any number of brooms for the
marchers. Everyone is invited to at
tend armed with noise-making instru
ments, anything from a dish pan to a
bass-drum, horns, bugles, cymbals
anything and everything to add gaiety
and enthusiasm to the jubilee.
Donkey to Lead Parade.
According to the arrangements com
mittee at Democratic headquarters,
either Chairman Donald D. McKay or
Secretary Lorenzo M. Richards will
have the honor of riding at the head
of the parade a haughty Wasatch
donkey, symbolizing the Democratic
party, which, 'tis said, has been m
training for the event for the last two
Governor-elect Bamberger today
sent, through a friend, this greeting to
his supporters of Weber county a
solemn repetition of his campaign
statement: "I shall fulfill all my par
ty's pledges."
Peace, preparedness and prosperity
will be watchwords of the celebration.
Young Democrats, Attendl
All young Democrats, who will vote
their first time for president In 1920,
and all those who voted In this elec
tion, have been cordially Invited to
form among themselves a special bri
gade, marching behind the band as
representatives of the country's ruler
ship in the golden era of development
and prosperity now dawning.
Women have been especially Invited
to take part in the parade. H
At, the rendezvous at City Hall j H
square there will be an unsurpassed H
outpouring of enthusiasm and some of H
the most eloquent orators of the state i H
will express the general feeling of sat- j H
Isfaction over the triumph of the pres- j H
Ident, and the certainty that the coun- H
try is entering upon an era of unpar- J H
alelled progress and prosperity. j H
Members of the railroad brother- J H
hoods all who are in the city will f H
march in a body. H
All kinds of vehicles, besides auto- ! H
mobiles, will be welcomed in the pa- j H
rade and everyone is invited to take H
part without regard to party. j H
"The election is over. We are all H
patriots, brothers and sisters. No H
trace of bitterness is left on either t H
side. The people decided on four H
years more of Woodrow Wilson. Let H
the people rule." This Is the final H
word of Chairman McKay, echoed in J H
equivalent terms by all of the Demo- H
cratlc campaign workers. H
Bandit Chief Victorious , H
Body of Carranza General i H
Is Sent to Monterey. H
Laredo, Tex., Nov. 9. Severe fight
Ing between Carranza and Villa sol- i j
dlers at Santa Rosalia with the Villa
victorious is reported by persons 1
reaching the border from Monterey.
The body of Qeneral Fortunato May
cotte, Carranza general, is said to j
have been brought to Monterey.
Garrison Evacuates OJInaga. ' I
8an Antonio, Tex., Nov. 9. An offi- 1 j
clal report reached General Funston's
headquarters late last night that
Ojlnaga had been evacuated by the
Carranza garrison commanded by '
Colonel Riojas. The advance of Villa
troops in the territory south of Ojin- ' IH
aga was given as the reason. ; j
New York, Nov. 9. Alton B. Par- j
ker, former Democratic presidential j j jH
candldato, and Morgan J. O'Brien, f'l
both lawyers, called upon Chairman h jH
McCormick at 3:30 o'clock this aft- . jH
ernoon. It was reported that they had j
come to consult with tho chairman in J JH
reference to taking legal action in JH
case "there should be a recount of the ,
ballots in doubtful states. 1 JH
Weber county majorities for the heads of tho ticket are, as follows:
Wilson 3425; King, 2866; Welling, 2398; Bamberger, 2545. Wilson's major
ity in Ogden, 2874. The total county vote for the leading offices, with- 'IH
out Plain City, is given below:
U,?inSreU' f Governor H
dent ntor gross ,
-. , a , 3 w g w if s r w"
o o - - tr 2- cr '
-r w - 5 O W 'H
V c. : o : J?
Hooper, No. 1 I 75 411 71 41 Jo 42 70 42
Hooper, No. 2 Gl 82 62 80 59 83 65 72
Kanesville 29 54 33 50 32 49 45 37 IH
Marriott 1 18 75 22 66 31 61 44 52
Roy 70 105 71 104 69 103 80 102 lH
Uintah 32 46 32 45 32 45 34 43 'H
West Warren 19 26 18 24 17 28 16 31
Huntsville 131 185 146 181 138 180 128 189
Warren 34 47 35 45 35 45 36 45
Randall 21 30 19 31 23 27 22 28
Rlverdale 72 81 75 77 7J 71 73 76 ' ll
Pleasant View 58 67 61 63 62 62 70 54 jH
Harrisville 56 117 65 115 59 112 60 112 j
North Ogden 162 183 164 ISO 168 176 170 174 J
Slaterville 59 84 59 80 62 78 62 78 I JM
Burch Creek 36 101 37 99 39 98 41 9J
Eden 62 93 67 87 74 85 78 80
Farr West 48 86 54 77 61 75 55 7( f
Liberty 46 68 46 57 61 52 60 53
Taylor 42 78 46 77 47 75 48 7-
West Weber 68 73 71 71 79 66 6- I
Wilson 87 135 96 95 127 J2L
Total county MM ISI IsJo 1776 1364 1740 1357 1720
Total city 3276 6150 3609 5939 3774 5806 3640 5822 j
, Grand total ......... J5S 5 715 iBMM'w

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