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The Ogden standard. (Ogden City, Utah) 1913-1920, May 02, 1917, 4 P.M. CITY EDITION, Image 3

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I ' Streets Lined With Soldiers as
-1 Head of Mexico Leaves
the Palace.
J MEXICO CITY, May 1. Venustiano
Carranza took the oath of office late
' J today as tno first constitutional p'rcsl-
l dent of Mexico since the assassination
' of President Francisco Madero on
1 February 23, 1913. Backed by a nia-
1 fority of nearly 800,000 votes, given
1 ijjpj by the Mexican people at the
i March elections, President Carranza
l drove from the national palace to the
it chamber of deputies and swore to up-
."& hold the new constitution.
' president Carranza left the presl-
' dential gate at the palace at 5 o'clock
in an open carriage. Seated beside
! jjm -was General Obregon, minister of
i -n-ar in the provisional cabinet. The
carriage was escorted by the survivors
j of the signers of the plan of Guade-
- 1 loupe, which formed tho basis of the
J revolutionary scheme.
The streets were lined by double
ranks of soldiers, who presented arms
as the cortege passed. As the presi-
' dent emerged from the palace a presi-
f i dential salute of twenty-one guns was
fired to play the national anthem.
I At the chamber of deputies Presi
j dent Carranza was received by a com-
mittce of congressmen, who led him
-f to the rostrum, where tne president of
1 , the chaniber administered the oath.
j The ceremony was extremely simple,
j consisting of the reading of the oath
J and General Carranza's reply, "I swear
j u." The president then re-entered his
I carriage and returned to the palace.
' The-members of the diplomatic corps
! ittended the ceremony and subsequent-
j y returned with the president to tho
j palace, where United States Ambassa-
' dor Fletcher, as ranking member, of-
' fered the president the congratulations
.. of foreign nations on Mexico's return
j 1 to constitutional government.
' 1 Later in the evening a parade of
-' more thnn 20,000 persons, composed of
I j joldlers, students, government em-
h ) ployes, labor unions and commercial
, organizations, formed at the Juarez
r' monument and marched to the palace,
t ' where it was reviewed by the presi-
dent As the parade reached the plaza
t j in front of the palace all lights were
i- extinguished for five minutes while
i fireworks and electrical displays
i1 l blazed from the cathedral. At the
t ; same time 5000 carrier pigeons were
v ( released to carry the news of the in-
j? , auguration throughout the republic.
Lv" i The German minister. Heinrich von
h 1 Eckhardt, and other diplomatic repre-
C i sentatives, were received in silence.
' President Carranza's first official
I ;' act was to pardon E. Velasquez, a la-
p bor leader, who has been in jail since
, August oncharges in connection with
' the strike at that time.
' ' oo
I . WASHINGTON, May 1 The Hara-
I burg-American liners Portonia and
Clara Mennig at New York have been
I turned oer by the American govern-
B ment for use of the entente allies. One
I ship will go to France and the other
K to Italy.
m oo
g "Bridget, why have you put the fly-
n paper out on the grass?"
R "They ain't no more flies to ketch
E ! In tho house, . mum." New York
B ' World.
N oo
l "If loafers and parasites are driven
from the pool halls and saloons and
from the sunny sides of the streets
j and are compelled to go to work; if
j middlemen are eliminated and food
!1 "gamblers are forced out of business;
I i If combinations of manufacturers or
u :,' middlemen are broken up, and the pec-
pie have the opportunity to buy their
J tood more nearly direct from the pro
lyl ' ducer, it will not be necessary to im
jj ''! (port orientals to do the work of Am-
jerlcans, and It will not be necessary
yj , ior America to face a food f amino or
IH " jto pay famine prices," declared Gov-
Jernor Bamberger last night in a scath-
! 3ng arraignment of present day indus
8 trial and social conditions. He con
ai itinued:
"r ! "I believe the federal government
ought to fix the minimum and maxl
' pum prices of all foodstuffs. The gov
i1 temment, If it does this, will certainly
' ftx prices that will be fair to both tho
r iproducer and consumer.
j "Tho government should cut out tho
j speculator. The principal cause of
J Itroublo today, in bo far as food prices
'are concerned, is duo to tie spccula
"Tho report or the rumor of an ex
plosion on Wall street was started, I
firmly believe, in an effort to create
a chance for these vultures to Increaso
their prices. These false rumors al
ways have a motive behind them."
No Need for Orientals.
"There is no necessity for Import
) fag orientals to do the work of Aineri
i 'cans. There are enough Americans
i to do their own work and to fight their
j jown battles. Walk down any of the
' business streets any day and tho ques
tf ) Itlon of where the men are to come
fA j (from, will find Its own answer.
i l "Take tho loafers off the sunny sides
q vt the streets; drive them out of the
gjl IPool halls and tho saloons and put
(thom to work. There will then be no
ri j excuse for tho suggestion oven that
t i orientals are neoded.
j? j "A thousand men could be rounded
J i Ud xrom tho streets, from the saloons
1 I and pool halls In Salt Lake a thou
IK ' Band idlers, living without labor while
others bear more than their share of
Pj toll. Salt Lake is no exception. Tho
ire .j same condition prevails to a greater
ti 1 or less extent in every town In the
Sir rtateand, I daresay, In tho nation.
Wj) Put these mon'to productive labor, and
J?ll e 1 have enough honest, earnest,
Jr mdUBtrious men loft to do our work
Jr t.,,why don't theao-men enlist? The
H 7 M I 1111111
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army and tbc navy can use thein. In
stead of that, look at the statistics of
the recruiting offices. The greatest
percentage of recruits to tho army and
the navy, tho guard and the marine
corps are from tho country. They Hie
the boys who should stay on the farms
and till the soil and go on with their
productive, constructive and beneficial
labor. Instead of that they have to
answer tho call of their country be
cause the loafers do not fill tho gaps
in. Uio service.
SayG Farmers Won't Oppose.
"Governor Frnzler of North Dakota
told tho senate committee on agricul
ture yesterday that he did not believe
tho farmers of bis-state-would opnose..
minimum mid maximum price fixing.
I don't bolievo tho farmers of Utah
would oppose it either. I agrco with
him that the prices are fixed by tho
gamblers to a great oxtont. Tho farm
or would get moro nnd the consumer
would pay loss if tho middleman were
cuot out.
"Look at tho Bugarbuslnoss in. our
;.,-m.nnnm ,.m in n, TT -n.n.i. I -1
own state. There is a sugar factory
at Elslnore, for example. Tho people
there cannot buy from tho factory. Tho
factory ships it to tho market, thou
It goes to the Jobber, then to tho re
tailer, and then to tho people.
"Cement went up 60 cents a barrel
yesterday. About two years ago it
vas-Bold-to-the--govornment for 1 a
barrel. There Is no shortage of ma
terial. Thcro are great mountains of
material in this state that could not
be ground up into commercial coment
in a thousand years. Yot the price of
cement is $2.27 a barrel, aB compared
with tho price of a dollar two years
ago. Tho labor, 1 am sure, does not
cost tho-manufacturers over 10 conts
- H
a barrel more than it did two years j
ago. Why this groat advance In tho
cost? How can that be explained? I J
can tell you. Combinations.
"Put these combinations out of bus- !
inoss and wo will go a long way to- :
ward solving the food problem, tho !
price problem and a lot of other prob-
lems that harass us." H
1 I

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