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f 1 i
B Mrs. Belle C. writes: "I am Informed
I; that I have kidney trouble and that it is
U fast approaching a serious stage. "What
j nould ou prescribe?"
Jf Answer: If youi symptoms aie the
If tnual ones, such arf puffs under (ho eves
l swelling- ankles scant, copious or foul
It , smelling mine, accompanied by head
K : aches, palna. depression, fover, chills, etc .
' I would advise the Immediate use of baJm
jj: k wort tablets, a very fine romedy for
i , such difficulties, sold in soaled tubes
,( v.ith full directions for self-administui-;'.
Miss Bertie L. Asks. "What remedy
j ran you recommend to reduce obesity
, ; e fel" I v-nm to reduce about thlrtv
' pounds "
Answer I lely on five-gi.ain aibolone
5 . tablets as bcinp the most offoctivo and
. convenient troatment to reduce abnormal
fat Drugpists supply this in sealed tubes
', , with complete diicctfons. Aftoi the first
j : few das a pound a day is not too much
i: : reduction
I , Mr G R writes. "Ploasc loll me -what
fm to tako to set rid of pimples, boils and
ft bid blood, I Know I need a constipation
w remedy "
jm Answer It is probable neglect of con-
stipation that has made our blood bad
M Begin a thorough treatment of threo
H grain sulpherb tablets (not sulphur tab
JM lets). Continue for several months.
9 Miss C W R asks- "I havo tried fo
w tuo years to diet so a? to incraso my
m weight and improve the auahu of m
Jr blood but in am Please prescilbe for j
ts;1.. i.1 ,,''' - ' 'iiif."'i-i.'i.'-,")A.,Aa!-''""J"
I iiEunt i iiiOuiaLnD mil
SALT LAKE, June 21. The second
detachment of prlEoners of war and
alien enemies arrived in Salt Lake
jeslerdav from San Francisco and
were placed m the prison camp at
I Fort Douglas yesteiday afternoon
The comprised Lieutenant Henry
Bock of the SMS Cormoran and
six sailors of the same ship. The
alien enemies were Baron I. von El
pons of San Francisco, Herr Jacob
ion Webber of Berlin, who is said to
be a German agent who was at work
creating sentiment against the allies
and the United States in Central and
South American countries, and a Ger
man plotter interned in San Fran
cisco, whose name could not be
The baron was accompanied to Salt
Lake bv the baroness, who will be
quartered at the Wilson hotel Owing
to her husband's being interned as an
alien enemj, the baroness will be the
"" '" ' "''"" " I II I I III ... HI I 1 I ..
x -f A$ WV. (a
The questions answered below arc gen
oral in character, the symptoms or dis
eases are given and the answers w 111
apply In any case of similar nature.
Those wishing furthci advice, free, may
address Dr Lewis Baker, College Bldg.,
College-Elwood otreots, Dayton, Ohio, en
closing self-addressed stampod envelope
for roply. Full name ojid address must
be given, but onlv initials or fictitious
names will bo used in my answers. The
prescriptions can be filled at anv ell
stocked drug store Any druggist can
order of wholesaler
Answer Thin. scra-nv. bloodies1? peo
ple need assistance In absoiblng nutri
tion from the food eaten, and for thl3
particular purpose I alwa s prescribe
three-grain hypo-nuclane tablets, a most
effective preparation If regularly and per
sistently used, as It ocoms to Increase the
red and white corpuscles of the blood,
thus affording health, strength and in
creased weight.
Geo V. G writos. "Perhaps ou can
prescribe for me, as I am at a loss to
understand my condition Tor the past
year hove suffered extreme nervousness,
trembling and extremities cold Have
poor apoetlto, am weak, Ustlcs3 and no
ambition to work or seek recreation. Am
tlicd all tho time and in no sense the
strong capable man I was a few years
ago "
Answer- A powerful rejuvenating norvo
medicine should revive the dormant slug
gish condition, and put now ambition and
energy Into jour blood and nerves Ob
tain three grain cadomene tablets in
soiled tubes, take na per directions
NOTE For man ears Dr Baker hai
been giving free advice and prescriptions
to million'? of people through the press
columns ind doubtless has helped in re
lieving Illness and distress moie than
anv single individual in tho world's hls
toi Thousands ha written him ex
pressions of gratitude and confidence,
similar to the following
Dr Lewl3 Baker Dear Sir I happened
a few das ago to lead The PlttGburg
Leader and there I noticed vour column
of questions and answers I also noticed
that vou advised those that are suffering
from "constipation to use Sulpherb tablets,
and have tried To mv amazement it has
made a new man out of me I have been
suffering irom constipation for the last 5
vears and have tried various remedies
without avail I am so grateful to you
that I don't know how to thank jou for
It, Would be very glad to recommend it
to anvbodv Verv trulv yours,
021 "VVeiser SI
dvHrtiscment Pittsburgh. Pa
w"j f iimi-i'ii. in.JJ.ua' nran.--fffJ..-.Am5
guest of the United States government
until the end of the war
The prisoners were brought to Salt
Lake under the guard of a detachment
of the coast artillerv, commanded bj
Captain Norris Stayton They were
met at the Western Pacific station by.
Captain A J. McDonald of the war
prison camp. No guard from Fort i
Douglas was present, and the coast
artillery guard took them on the regu
lar, street car to the prison camp.
None of the guards carried a rifle, the
only weapons being side arms There
was little show of restraint over the
Sword Is Surrendered.
The first sword surrendered by a
German naval officer in Pacific waters
was exhibited during the time the ,
prisoners were being transferred from
the train to the street car The sword
at one time belonged to Lieutenant
Bock, but was surrendered when he
was taken prisoner of war by the
United States officials The sword
was carefully wrapped in chamois.
The lieutenant was held in San Fran
cisco when the first of the Cormoian
prisoners arrived on account of sick
Lord Derby, in describing the kind
of woman wanted in the aeroplane
factories in England, said they should
have an engineering turn of mind and
some education.
Read the Classified Ads.
IS! Everyday Working Speed 1
ji Q Talking about typewriter speed it is well to
remember that the mechanical construction which
allows keys to be operated rapidly is only part of j
the story. jp
Any standard typewriter can be operated
much faster than the speediest typist can manipu-
late her fingers. The question of speed, therefore, j
resolves itself into how quick and how accurately pi
the average operator can turn out the different
kinds of work that are required on the same ma- jj
chine in the course of a day or a week. g
The task may include making out bills, writ-
ing cards, checks, cutting stencils, writing labels,
tabulating work, or filling in ruled forms.
Q The L. C. Smith & Bros, typewriter is so con- p
m gs, structed that quick changes can be made from jiff
B one kind of work to another and back again,
jj with a minimum waste of time between.
Hp Our booklet "The Silent Smith," explains B9
tl how all of this can bo accomplished LM
' ! It will bo sent for tho aoking. fe3
fe L. C. Smith & Bros. Typewriter Company
: 111? Factory and Home Office: Syracuse, N. Y. h$
: rata Branches in all Principal Cities, . . mi
; ; 338 S. Main St. . Salt Lake
ij A meeting of the UNIVERSAL AIRLESS AUTO ji
TIRE CO. will be held on Friday evening, the 22nd day i;
'"';. of June, at 8 p. m. sharp, in Municipal courtroom.
All stockholders are requested to be present. Im
portant business,
I; By order of Committee.
.wv-wwwu-.r-rij u.. J10) I
The monster patriotic parado and
celebration of July. 4, which will have
a large representation of soldiere, en
listed men, and registered boys, is not
to end there, but is to be open to the
public at large to participate m.
The committee of preparation and
safety, which has charge of the ar
rangements for the day, reported yes
terday that the preparations are near
I ly perfected and that one of the big
gest celebrations, If not the biggest
parade of its kind ever given in the
state, is to be seen.
The following invitation to all Web
er club to participate was Issued last
"From the bottom of her heart Og
den reaches out to her country cous
ins of Weber county a soulful invi
tation to come into our city and be
our guests on the Fourth of July, and
make that immortal day one long to
be remembered
"Quietly Ogden set about prepaiing
for the occasion and did not want to
advertise thp affair till the foundation
was woll laid But now matters are
auspicious, everything is ready for an
old-fashioned Independence Day cele
bration, and the battle Is on.
"Further along the program will be
published, but the voung fellows and
their sweet girls must be ready to
parade our street and show the mol
lycoddles the stuff out of which our
country cousins are made
"The climax will be held in Lester
park, maybe, but the crowning splend
ors will be our streets crowded with
the gay colors of Weber's fair maid
ens, their husky beaus with faces of
tan, splendid badges of honor, and
over all the shimmering folds of Old
Glory that never sought a fight and
never lowered an arm By order of
the committee (Signed ) Joseph
Chez, Chairman
. I
Cincinnati authority tells how
to dry up a corn so it
lifts out.
You corn-pestered men and women
need suffer no longer. Wear the
shoes that nearly killed jou before,
says this Cincinnati authority, be
cause a few drops of freezone applied
directl on a tender, aching corn stops
soreness at once and soon the corn
I loosens so it can be lifted out, root
land all, without pain.
A quarter of an ounce of freezone
costs very little at anv drug store,
but is sufficient to take off every hard
or soft corn or callus This should
be tried, as it is inexpensive and is
said not to Inflame or even Irritate
the surrounding tissue or skin Ad
vertisement oo
In his suit for damages against Ger
rit Fort. Jr , et al , A. S. Berrett was
awarded damages to the amount of
$560 Tho trial was held in Judge
Agee's court josterday Tho jury re
turned the verdict at 9 o'clock last
night, awarding tho plaintiff but $560
of the $5,060 asked.
Judge Agee denied the motion foi
non-suit made bv Attorney Holllngs
worth, counsel for Foit, on the ground
that he was not convinced that when
one drives from a dry town to a wet
town and then back at reckless speed,
he Is not liable before the law.
After instructions to this offect the
jury was out for soveral hours The
amount of the damages will be split
among the three occupants of the car,
as the court ruled that one was equal
ly as much to blame as the other. At
torney George Halvorson was tho
counsol for Berrett.
The disagreement between the
steamfJtters of Ogden and the em
ployers has been adjusted. The em
ployers have agreed to grant the in
crease demanded, and the men re
turned to work this morning. The set-
I' iifWfBCSBaaaematiu iiin-iai gsa
TJXON'S selected
JlJPfe&ernotor graph- I
ite is the only form of I
I graphite fit for auto
I lubrication. It won't I
I ball-up or squeeze out I
I under pressure. Try 1
Eliminate friction and wear H
Your dealer has a Lubrl- 0
eating Chart that tella H
Juat what Dixon Graphite
lubricant to nie in every
part of the car. He'll give
you one on raqaeat. 1
lil H
1 1 1 pggB5HEN harnessed up by science it is one of NatureVmost valuaBle gifts. When it I 1 111
111 RIG k not un(er contro ft often spells, ruin. There are few things wholly evil .or wholly E 1 1 IPI
1 1 1 1 tkAM goodWe all know dyspepsia arises from immoderate eatings but it is also unhealthful 1 1 i IIH
1 1 1 Ifimmmmmd t0 ea- too little. Over-indulgence in anything is bad. Because of this Vg w,ere given 111 itll
1 3 1 the heaven-born power of reasoning., in the not-too-much of anything. ' 1 i fl H
I Oursovereign brew BUDWE1SER has for sixty years been a bevera"g6T sarle motfer I I M
1 1 1 ation. It has untold numbers of friends in every civilized land because of its Purity. Quality 1 1 1 1 M
Mildness and exclusive Saaer Hop Flavor; BlipWEISER sales exceed other beer$ b ; 1 M
1 1 1 millions of bottles. ANHBUSE&rBUSCH . ST. JtOUlS, VSJit 1 1 1 1 I
C EEf Visitors to St, Louis are courteously invhc ; gg jui H
S3 to inspect oir glyitT-Covcr? I'U.acrc 2l? 3 II H
f!P Becker Brewing r Malting Co, JSI II
RuaiimujiimiuiiiumujmimuuJjJiiH J H
U m..' 1. U ll-l. Jill ILI .. .-..-.... i i I i Ll 11- JIIIIIUM III iiimn 1U.I -1. . ' - III II I I .. i um H j ., UL -A. j m ll -J.I llLJ.-l-l-l ll I I I I u I 111 H
Uement was brought about at a meet
ing in the citj hall -esterda aftei
C O Young American Federation
of Labor organizer, came up from Salt
Lake, for the meeting He, with the
employeis and the strikers, reached an
amicable settlement. The journey
men fitters will got, beginning July
first, an increase to 5.50 per day,
and the Junior fitters and plumbers,
wl'l receive an increase to ?i.00 per
"OO " 2r
The ' Come-back' man wns rcall never
dOTn-and-out His weakened condition
becauflo of oonork lack of exercise im
proper catlnp and lling demands stimu
lation to satisfy the en for a health-giving:
appetite and the refreshing sleep es
sential to strength, GOLD MEDAL Haar
lem Oil Capsules, tho NatlonalRomedy of
Holiand will do tho work Tloj aro
wonderful' Three of these capsules each
daj will put a man on his feet before lu
knows It. whether his trouble comes from
uric acid poisoning the kidneys gravel
or stone in tho bladdci, stomach derange
ment or other ailments that befall the
over-zealous American Don't wait un
til ou arc entirely down-and-out, but
take them toda lour druggist will glad
ly refund our mone If they do not help
jou Accopt no substitutes Look for
the namo GOLD MEDAL on ever box,
three size" Tho are the pure, original,
imported Haarlem Oil Capsules Adver
tisement no
Boys are responding to the call of
the Council of Dofense in largo nnd
increasing numbers. They Jtre pick
ing chenies, berries, thinning beats,
and performing other useful services
with as much efficiency as the adult i
workers But while so many have re
sponded to contribute their share tow
ard making tLls year a bumper ciop
in all the ossentials of foodstuffs,
there is still need for more boys. Each
boy is tieated fairly and his rights
are secured by an especial supervisor
whose express business it is to look
after his physical, moral welfare and
geneial wellbeing One hundied and
one boys have enlisted in tho agricul
tural army of Weber county in the
last few days, and fifty boys came to
the aid of Davis county farmers. It
is as essential to have this farm worlc
done, and boys between 15 and 18 can
do it.
It Is only by the harmonious work
ing of even' unit that war and all that
it entails can be won There are more
battlefields than those on which the
gun is shouldered Thoro is especial
need of farm workers just now.
When "women complain of weari
ness, loss of strength and vitality,
backache, pains in sides and hips, dull
headaches, dizziness, floating specks,
and similar ailments, thoy too often
accopt these troubles as their lot be
cause they are women, when the uil
ments may be the icsults of disor
dered kidnoyb Mrs Mary V. Bunker,
Mllton-on-the-Hudson, N. Y., writes: "I
am now on my second bottlo of Foley
Kidney Pills Thoy seem to bo just
what I needed " Try them. A. R. Mc
Intyro Drug Co Advertisement.
Women conductors on street cars in
the near future was predicted by trac
tion employers, members of the Penn
sylvania State Rnilroad association, at
their semi-annual meeting.
Toledo, Ohio, organized sheet-metal
workers have established the 44-hour
work week and a minimum rate of 50
oents an. hour. f
t e
The local tennis tournament start
ed last Sunday and already tho satal
ltes are moving toward the champion
ship finals The matches are being
played on the Ogden Tennis club
courts and every evening one will
find a large crowd of tennis enthus
iasts groaning and applauding for
their favoriteB.
All of tho games so far have been of
a high rating and as a result few of
the winners have overcome their op
ponents easily. This has been the
case especially in the men's singles
Among those who have won their first
matches and are looking the best for
the championship are Hugh Crea, Earl
Harris, Dale Pingree, C Tuttle, Flet
chor Scowcroft, M. Jefferles and Jos
eph Tltley
Everything is going fine in the la
dies' singles Miss Arcadia Culver,
Miss Grace Jennings and Miss Ferll
Hess are now lined up to play for the
championship A critic yesterday
stated that Miss Culver played like
a world champion.
E O Johnston, who must play the
new champion in defonso of the lov
ing cup won last year is fast round
ing into form and as he is taking on
all of the'tourney contestants he will
be perfectly capable of defending his
A large placard In Browning Bros
gives the details of the tournament as
it progresses The trophies are also
on display there
mm m
George Beban, the Italian character
actor, will arrhe in Ogden net Sun
day to do some more work with tho
Ogden Motion Picture corporation
There are many pictures in which
Mr. Beban has appeared, but perhaps
the most popular and universally be
loved is the dramatized and picturlzed
poem. "The Sign of the Rose " There
is a delicate touch of sentimental pa
thos mixed with delicious wholesome
humor, in this picture that has won
its way irresistibly to the hearts of
every man. woman and child that has
seen iL This picture, which is a
characteristic picture of the quality
and character of work that Mr. Beban,
in his inimitable style, has turned out,
Ks to be followed by "The Roadside
Impressarl," another picture-poem,
written by himself and directed by
Donald Cusp. In tho latter drama ap-
H tfikOTNilSrtw comparable ak
AiiW Makei detUata k
XWSS'K'V! tii htolthy; heept Y
Hii-'fc'Yarit to Mother t' Milk" M
' V& A Pirfl Focd alto for Invalid. LP
nEK. Put up In 11 o. Tint ,-Op
pears Harry DeVere, who is support
ing Miss Lilian Walker, loading lady
of the Ogden company. Mr. DeVere
will be recalled as the district attor
ne in Mr Beban's His SweethearL"
He also played the benefactor to the
Italian's daughter.
When Mr. DeVere was interviewed
with regard to his engagement with
Mr. Beban, he replied.
"It was one of the most pleasant in
my experience. Mr. Beban is alike won
derful as man and arti3t, loved equal
ly by the public and the profession
for to know him is tolove him. Miss
Josa Melville played a small part in
the Ogden picture soon to be released,
taking the part of Beban's Italian wife,
and deserves mention for her credit
able work."
Barney Oldfield, the veteran speed
king, who has bagged the big prize in
many a racing contest, now comes to
the fore again, this time in the role of
creator of a speed-chariot which he
confidently expects to smash all rec
J ords.
He has dubbed this new car of his
tho "Flame of Fury," and he expects
it to toddle along at a mere 300 miles
per hour clip.
Barney is going to spring some inno
vations in construction as well as iiiul
speed. He expects to iew the fleet- lullH
Ing landscape through a periscope. A SlIH
huge twin-six motor is being built by kj H
Harry Miller, celebrated In his line. Ill- lH
Furthermore, he plans to give his m jH
lightning-rivaling racer its first official I H
tryout over the new Philadelphia mo- 1 H
tor speedway, now nearing completion. H
But in one particular Barney will iH
make no change. He will keep -his IH
meteoric "Flame of Fury" free from H
friction by lubricating with Dixon's H
graphite, automobile lubricants. EH
A general wage increase has been H
secured by the National Brotherhood Ll
of Operative Potters as a result of con- H
ferences with the United States Pot- EJ H
ters' association Clay workers are H
advanced 5 per cent; women workers, Hi H
10 per cent, and slipmakers 16 2-3 per W H
cent. vn M
oo Kj M
At San Juan, Porto Rico, tobacco lj M
workers employed by the Porto Rico ffi j
American Tobacco company have or- j M
ganized a local of the Tobacco Work- w H
ers' International Union, affiliated n M
with tho A. F. of L. I IH
nit Bfl
A British munitions worker was B fl
sentenced by a Birmingham magis- II) M
trate to 12 months' imprisonment for 111 H
attempting to restrict the production Em M
of munitions. It! H
oo am h
Practically even' Kansas City, Mo, 1 H
electrical contracting firm has signed Ml H
the agreement of Electrical Workers' ll! H
Union No. 124. Wages are increased p H
from $5 20 to $5.50 a day. fjjli fl
Maa in ii it ilium nil i i r -ht'. '!' mi 1 1 I i.i I i i i n -tr, r i--a ij,ii bbj
What 5s Castona HII
C ASTORIA is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Paregoric, 8 1
Drops and Soothing Syrups. It is pleasant It contains neither If II
Opium, Morphine nor other Narcotic substance. Its age is its guar- Hill
antee. For moro than thirty years it haB been in constant use for the relief il
of Constipation, Flatulency, Wind Colic and Diarrhoea; allaying Feverish- fM
ness arising therefrom, and by regulating the Stomach and Bowels, jiifl
aids the assimilation of Food; giving healthy and natural sleep. U
Tho Children's Panacea The Mother's Friend. mH I
i The Kind You Have Always Bought, and which has been in use for over Iffi
I 80 years, has borno the signature of Chas. H.Fletcher, and has been'made under g
his personal supervision since its infancy. Allow no one to deceive you in this. Jfj
All Counterfeits, Imitations and "Just-as-Good-" are but Experiments that ml
trifle with and endanger the health of Infants and -- ' 11 I
Children Experience against Experiment f yu--- ill
Genuine Costoria alwnya bears tho signature of -&&-? J!c4cLtA I jj wk
0 iuill
in I IIBIIMIll-BB-ll . - M-i.1. - i- - - i I'l-iM. n.u-11-i..nMtiHH-.i.iiJj I ll ni II m
111! I
Oemont Fillluga 50c Gold Crowns fnono better) ....95 ! I
Silver Pillingb J.75o and up Porcelain Crowna (true to g
1 colors) nil I
Gold Fillings $1.00 and up Bridgework, as good aa monoy 1 I
I Porcelain Fillings ....$1.50 and up can buy. fSGlf-oleanslng) $o jl 1 1
! Painless extraction of Teeth or no pay (Mecham Method) ILI
50 Cents. A written guarantee for 15 years with all work paid Mm
Iri fulL Ask your banker if we are reliable. j 1FI
Dr. N. Ray Mecham 11
and Associate Dentists I
2469 Open evenings by ap- 260)6 H
I polntnient for pooplo who fl
I Washington oi-lc So. Main,
j Wo challenge a com-
Ave Oeden parlson in prioos and Salt Lake City II
Ave., usuc" quality of workmanship. J WM
I Uai, . - y II
i M

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