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If Monsignor Cushnahan Receives .
I j; , Highest Honors From Church
r- Rev. Father P. M. Cushnahan, V. G ,
l 1 was Invested as a domestic prelate yes-
r, terday amid Impressive ceremonies in
i' St. Joseph's church. Words of praise
were given by the Most Rev. Edward
jj J. Hanna, D. D., archbishop of San
f p Francisco. "A noble man, a faithful
f ' priest, an enlightened and patriotic cit-
izen, a loyal friend and a strong soul.
! ! kindly and tolerant, we have come to
" i honor this day," wore the opening
; words of Archbishop" Hanna.
j The church was filled with people,
jr many of whom came from quite a dis-
I : tance to witness the grandeur of the
j ) ! ;., service and greet the church dignitar-
; ) f. ies who gathered for the occasion,
f ; "What a thing of beauty and of joy
i it is to a loving heart," the archbishop
I L ' . continued, "to see a young man con
- I 1 1 secrate himself to any noble purpose,
V j and what a fullness of joy when his
L j j' consecration is attended by supreme
1 I sacrifice and Avhen his purpose is the
j 1 greatest conceived by man, to achieve
I the gJory of God. Thirty and six years
II f have passed since the day in far off,
' romantic Ireland, a young man offered
1 his lLfe to Christ for the saving of
1 men, aud we come to rejoice with him
I ' on a day when he receives reward for
I : service well performed."
These remarks were a portion of the
sermon of tho service connected with
f the investure of Monsignor Cushnahan.
i ' and speaking farther in kindly, yet
I intensely serious vein. Archbishop
I , Hanna brought the congregation into
t ' close understanding of the dignity and
I ! ',' great responsibility of his calling, "fhe
I : saving of the souls of men." ''Men's
I souls," he said, "are made in God's
' , image and their salvation is .worthy
of the blood of Christ. They are more
, . valuable than gold, sifver or precious
J " stones and the priest who performs
; ; . his mission has an inheritance far be
yond the flower of words to describe.
To perform his accepted service, h--must
have charity and love, must "be
patient, kind and unselfish and must
I possess a hope that wRJ cheer him on
to the guerdon of a life well spent
! "As the years roll on, the burden of
l the priest's responsibility grows great
er and likewise his quality of mind and
heart must grow to meet the greater
: burden so that his work may bo ful
filled. Ho must have the qualities of
Christ and as a man of dignity in this
changing world must stand unchang
. cd."
Many Are Present.
Catholics from all parts of the in
' 1 termountain country, members of the
Knights of Columbus, members of vir
tually every other religious organiza-
tion in tho city, the city commission,
s ' ' Including Mayor A. R. Heywood, Chris
s Flygare and Miles L. Jones, and many
;, other prominent citizens of Ogden and;
Salt Lake were In the audience.
The clergymen present at the serv
ices were:
The Most Rev. Edward J. Hanna, D.
D., archbishop of San Francisco; the
Rt. Rev. Joseph S. Glass, C. M., D. D.,
bishop of Salt Lake; the Rt. Rev.
Thomas Grace, bishop of Sacramento;
the Rt. Rev. R. J. Cotter, D. D., South
Pasadena, Cal.; the Rev. R. S. Kcyzer,
administrator of the Boise, Idaho, dio
cese; the Rev. John S. Laubacher, Ox
nard, Cal.; Major Edward H. Fitzger
ald, chaplain of the war prison bar
racks at Fort Douglas; Major W. J.
Kane, a chaplain at Fort Douglas; the
Rev. Thomas Gallagan of Park City;
the Rev. Joseph H. Reardon of Long
Beach, Cal.; the Rev. John Dunne, S.
M.; tho Rev. Joseph Schmitt, S. M.,
and tho Rev. Joseph M. Sullivan, S. M..
all of All Hallows college, Salt Lake;
Dr. Anzaloni of Salt Lake; the Rev.
Patrick 'Mannion, chaplain of the Holy
Cross hospital, Salt Lake; the Rev.
W. J. Flynn of Salt Lake; the Rev.
Timothy O'Brien, chaplain at St.
Anne's orphanage, Salt Lake; the Rev.
Clement Maloney of Los Angeles; the
Rev. George De Stoop of Tooele; the
Rev. H. J. M. Weintjes of Salt Lake;
the Rev. James O'Grady of Las Vegas,
Nev.; the Rev. John Ryan of Eureka;
the Rev, James P. Cantwell of San
Francisco, secretary to Archbishop
Hanna; the Rev. Father Kleley of
Grass Valley, Cal., and the Rev. Mich
ael Sheehan of St. Patricks church,
Salt Lake.
Imposing Sight.
Members of the congregation began
entering the church an hour before the
service bogan while tho visiting dig-'
nitaries gathered at the parish house.
Members of the Knights of Columbus,
777, acted as ushers in the church and
had the auditorium well filled before
the hour of eleven. The tones of the
big pipe organ under tho hands of
Prof. Philip Bansbach, organist of St.
Mary's Cathedral of Salt Lake, broke
into melody as the procession from the
parish house to the church, started, and
as the procession entered the church
the choir sang: "Exce Car Codos."
With the opening notes the congrega
tion arose and remained standing un
til the dignitaries and attendants had
assumed their positions within tho al
tar rail. All were in their robes of
office making the most imposing sight
ever witnessd in Ogden at a religious
celebration. The throne was occupied
by Archbishop Hanna with Rev. Dunn
and Rev. Laubaucher acting as deac
ons of honor, Bishop Grace with Rev.
Kleley and Rev. Maloney as chaplains,
and Monsignor Cushnahan, tho posi
tion of honor.
In the ceremonies that followed
Archbishop Hanna was assisted by Dr.
mui , Bf'.M h r.'i'HTIIWI.IJ.VJH.'AI'J
IT Women's Fall Apparel
' After careful selection of apparel for the women and
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H ' BrBPsepSBPjpjPKBBaseaBPappjpaBP0PsasBapapjssapjispB9fSfjBa9fB
I Cotter, Bishop Glass was assisted bj
Father Sheehan, with Rev. Lagan as
deacon and Rev. Ryan as sub-dcacon
of the mass, and Father Cantwell,
master of ceremonies.
The brief conferring the honor of
domestic prelate on Rev. Father Cush
nahan, from Pope Benedict XV was
read first In Latin and then in English
by Rev. Anzaloni. previous to the cere
monies of the investure, which were
performed by Archbishop Hanna. Fol
lowing the Investiture the pontifical
high mass was sung by Bishop J. S.
Glass, accompanied by the choir of 26
voices and the organ music.
Sermon by Archbishop.
The occasional sermon, or sermon
following the gospel of the mass, was
preached by Archbishop Hanna. Turn
ing to Rev. Father Cushnahan in clos
ing, he said:
"We are this day filled with a spirit
of joy and love and congratulation be
cause of the honor which has been con
ferred upon you and through you up
on all of us for the years of noble and
loving toil in bringing to the Kingdom
of God the precious souls of all with
whom you have lived and worked. A
feeling of love and gladness permeates
our being this day and we sincerely
hope as the years roll on, that the
glory of your holy calling, your suc
cess as a priest of Christ, may ever
be euhanced. We pray that your
years may be many and that in their
fullness you may still bo storing wis
dom and charity to bring honor to Je
sus Christ and salvation to the souls of
men. God bless and keep you for us
ever in love, ever In God's holy serv
ice." The pronunciation of the benedic
tion by 'Bishop Glass concluded the
ceremonies The Bishop, in behalf of
himself, Monsignor Cushnahtn, and
the people of the diocese, then thank
ed Archbishop Hanna. Bishop Grace
and the other visiting dignitaries of
the church for honoring the occasion
with their presence. He concluded his
remarks with a tribute of lovo and re
spect to Monsignor Cushnahan, thank
ing God for "such a helper, counsellor,
and wise adviser" and wishing him
years of happiness and good works.
Excellent Choir.
The music, as a part of the impres
sive ceremonies furnished by the choir
and soloists under tho direction of
Miss May Conroy, included "Mass in
F" by Schnecker, the offeratory quar-
tette. "Ave Rerum" by Rampis, the
I benediction. "O, Salutaris," and chorus
"Tantum Ergo." The soloists in the
mass were Mrs. F. H. Smythe, Mrs.
Raymond Morrissey, Mrs. F. Smith,
Mrs. Jack Fisher, Miss Bessie Ahern
and Messrs. Albert Splllman, Jack
Fisher and J. A. Junk. The quartette
was sung by Miss Frances Smith and
Mrs. Bodel and Messrs. Junk and Spill
man; the benediction by Mrs. J. P.
Dlnneen and the "Tantum Ergo" by
the choir.
After the service the twenty-seven
visiting clergymen were guests of Mon
signor Cushnahan at .a dinner in the
parish house. A banquet at tho Sacred
Heart Academy was given early in the
evening and the eventful day was clos
ed with the following program of en
tertainment given in the Academy as
sembly room:
At the Academy.
Our Heart's Titles
The Minims.
Piano, Miss Tripp.
March Papinl
Violins, MIsso3 Toy Blessing Fol
ey, S. Albert; 'cello, Miss Dorothy
Nichols; pianos, Misses Fulmer, '
Love's Greeting Miss McKenna
Vlenese Waltz Gurlitt
, First piano, Misses Fulmer, McCal
lum; second piano, Misses W.
Astill, Parker.
Goodbye Summer Lynes
Dl'ckory, Dickorj'i Dock Schartau-
Misses Humphreys, Stander, K.
Erickson, H. Fulmer, Kowski, Mc
Kenna, Hunter, L. Richey, McCal
lum, Trapp, Parker, Hankins. Al
len, Kelliher, Brennan, C. Erick
son, E. Covert, M. Mullen, K. Cos
grovo; piano, Miss W. Astill.
Ave Maria .BachGounod
Believes Mo if All Those Endearing
Young Charms
La Cinquantine Gabriel-Marie
'Cello, Miss DoYothy Nichols.
Piano, Miss Fulmer.
Military Drill
The Physical Education Department
Nella Calma D'un el Sogno Gounod
Those Songs My Mother Used to
Sing H. Wakefield-Smith
Mrs. Edna Hamilton-Dlnneen, '10.
Hcrjc Kati Hubav
Miss Toy.
Piano, Miss Carroll.
Chorus, "Pralce Ye the Father"
Senior and Junior Chorus Classes.
Pianos, Misses Fulmer, W. Astill.
The popo's letter, as read by Dr.
Anzaloni, is as follows:
Benedict XV Pope. '
Beloved Son, Health and Apostle
Whereas it appears from the splen.
did testimony of your bishop that
you, who are of great assistance in
administering the affairs of the dio
cese, Join keenness of intellect to
Official precinct maPI I
I Ogden. weeer county, utahi ! I
j I I " JVocth . city LimU.r ' " ' j
VAt-i--- IOth X3 -I,:-.... I fl
lli .4 th 1 3 ed 15th3 16th. I 'j
jj! - T"WEjSTTY- M . EIGHTH -ST. B
ij! ll , Harry Hales, County Clerk of Weber County u flj
5 0 Utah, do hereby certify that this map was adopted as the !
THIETIE TH ST official plat of election districts within Ogden City, Utah,
f ' ) by the board of County Commissioners of Weber County, I
1y on the 4th day of June, A. D. 1906. JJ
j -. ' H yoTK n 52itnPfiB Stirrrnf. have hereunto set my i
J V . ; rH Sll3 hand and affixed the seal of Weber County,
116T v (j fefcovHTYxX 15th day of October, 1917. ' H
1 1 A lv clerk fla I
ti i$ XKQgJ C. M. RAMEY, ? I K
ill g&r County Clerk. Ml b
South City Limits r fa
Registration Agents for Ogden City, Weber I
County, Utah M
District Name Address Phone District Name Address Phono IH
First Wealthy Plncock, 163 Thirty-third 2310-R Ninth Nettie Drumlller, 535 Washington Ave.
Second Hedvlg E. Brown, 2901 Childs Ave. 2109-VV Tenth Christina Harrop, 283 Harrlsville Road
Third Ellen J. Stevens, 2603 Grant Ave. 2021-J Eleventh Elizabeth Fife, 2122 Adams Aye. 2831
Porh a j j. A c -e , ! Twelfth Callie E. Cave, 2202 Adams Ave. 2131-M
Fourth-Add.c A. Fellows, 126 Poplar Ave. 1917-W Thirteenth-Adeline Greenwell, 2422 Monroe 2809-M
Fifth Margaret A. Moyes, 2129 Grant Ave. 2651-J Fourteenth Effle Wallace, 1139 Twenty.fourth St
Sixth Lllla. Kennedy, 2246 Grant Ave. Fifteenth Rose Packer, 478 Twenty-eighth St. 1882 IH
Seventh Alice Bowman, 2331 Grant Ave. . Sixteenth Edith L. GUI, 2527 Gramercy Ave. 1990-J
Eighth Anna Power, 537 Canyon Road Seventeenth Clara Snedaker, 3104 Adam Ave. 144&J
splendid qualities of mind and that
you are a man of most distinguished
character and profound learning, we
' esteem you very worthy of a spe
cial sign of our bonevolence. And
we do this moro willingly because
among tho noble deeds performed
during your ministry of thirty years
in the city of Ogden, to the great
joy and admiration of all, you have
erected a beautiful church dedicated
to St. Joseph, the chaste spouse of
tho Virgin Mother of God.
Hence, by these, our letters, we
constitute and pronounce you a Do
mestic Prelate of Holy Church. And
we grant to you, our beloved son,
the privelege of wearing the purple
and the rochet, even in the Roman
Curia. We therefore bestow upon
you every privilege, prerogative and
honor with others of, the same integ
rity use, enjoy or shall in future en
joy, all things to tho contrary not
withstanding. Given at St, Peter's under the
Fisherman's Seal, the eleventh day
of May, 1917, the third year of our
Secretary of State.
Bolovcd Son, Patrick M. Cushna
ban, V. G., Diocese of Salt Lake.
Continued on Page 12.
Miss Olga Dorfiner, Philadelphia's
sensational swimmer, dived 48 foot in
an exhibition held recently in Balti
more. no
Miss Beatrice Castleton, recently ad
mitted to practice law in Atlanta, is
the first ivoman to bo allowed to prac
tlce law in Georgia.
Headquarters were opened in the
now building at 2604 Washington ave
nue this morning by Mayor A. R. Hey
wood in his race for re-election in the
coming city election. They are in
charge of George Watts, the mayor's
campaign manager.
Miss Edna Ladwig will hold a series
of meetings in the country districts
adjacent to Ogden this week. She is
representing the extension division of
the Utah Agricultural college and the
U. S. department of agriculture. At
these meetings she will discuss all
phases of food conservation with the
women of the county. The schedule
has been arranged as' follows:
Monday afternoon, Pleasant View.
Relief society hall.
Monday evening, North Ogden meet
ing house.
Tuesday afternoon, Riverdale meet
ing house.
Wednesday and Thursday, Eden,
Liberty and Huntsville.
Friday, Taylor ward meeting house.
It is requested that all persons in
terested in tho conservation of food
atteud tho meetings.
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ward Ave., Detroit, Mich., and for 75c
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They reduce two, three or four
pounds a week without exercise, diet
ing or any unpleasant effect whatever.
If too fat, try this today. Advertisement.
Over 1,600 women are employed in
municipal positions in Philadelphia.
no .
Miss Fay Moore, of Kansas, Mon.,
whose father is a wealthy ranch own
er, has applied for a job as a farm
laborer." . .
District Attorney S. P. Dobbs ha WM
written Attorney General Dan BT
Shields concerning the advisability of' jH
appealing- the case of the state of IH
Utah against the liquor found at tho jH
Ogden Sales company's office.
The district court ruled that liquor
bought prior to August 1, is not sub
ject to seizure and destrutcion unless
It is proven that the liquor was kept
for other than private use. All tho J
facts in the case were sent to the at- jH
torney general and on his advice the
matter will either be appealed or al
lowed to rest on the decision rendered
by Judge Pratt in the local district
The case is the one brought about ,H
by the seizure of a quantity of liquor H
from the attic of the office of the Og-
den Sales company some time tgo. No ' BBfl
one ever came forward to claim the ''H
liquor, so the court appointed an at-
torney to defend the liquor. ,
Mrs. Marion N. Horwitx, widow of a 1
widely known Philadelphia attorney, ,
has been nominated for mayor t.H
Moore Haven, -FJa. ?

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