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The Ogden standard. [volume] (Ogden City, Utah) 1913-1920, October 15, 1917, 4 P.M. CITY EDITION, Image 4

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I '1 ffitattfoi
I? An Independent Newspaper, pub-
I. fished every evening except Sunday
I without a muzzle or a olub.
Si PRE38
I The Associated Pres Is exclmlvoly en-
j titled to the use for rcpubllcaton of all
J , lnewc oredlted to It or not otherwlso
I , credited In thla paper and alto tho local
I now published heroin.
m i
1 t After 48 years' service as bishop of
I tho Second ward, Robert McQuarrie
I: rotlres to bo succeeded by George
I'' -Browning.
I J Bishop McQuarrie is one of tho pio
I neers who laid the foundations ot Og
I den. He was laboring with his people
I lin the days when Ogden was a Yil
dage made up of farms. During all the
years since, he has administered to tho
' spiritual welfare and has shared in the
;f joys and sorrows of those who Joined
with him in prayer. No man in this
community is held in higher respect,
r. because his stewardship has been ond
of sacrifice and his wholo life has
$ been filled with deeds of sympathy
&" end kindness.
1 1
I Because a body of taxpayers urged
I Frank Francis to become a candidate
I for mayor, the organ of the opposition
li t eays Mr. Francis has a "machine."
i j Mr. Francis has requested no ono
f to proposo him for office, has asked
j no one to support him, ho did not
f know he was to be indorsed by the
If taxpayers and up t6 date he has not
If ( -spent a nickel, directly or indirectly,
I I or promised any person privilege, po-
I- ; sition or emoluments.
I J j So the alleged "machine" must be
ffl Iff ihe strangest mechanism that ever
r I was labelled with the brand ot politics
I '! that has been odiously known as a
M 'machine."
Jl I ' A "maohine" in politics must be fed
11 j and sustained on dollars and offers
I j of fat office; it runs best in the dark,
1 j and its attendants must wear gum-
boots to throw off the muck under-
B foot and oilcloth coats to catch the
l I I splashes of grease from over-oiled
J i j cogs.
1(1 jl j II The morning" paper says the Staud
Ijj 1 ard has overlooked the following s ce
ll i if on corruP practices act:
f ' Sec. 27. Publication of False
ml il l m Statement Relative to Candidates
M$ n j l Prohibited. No person, firm or
HI l corporation shall knowingly make
1 or publish, or cause to ho made
j i I or published, any false statement
j: I in relation to any candidate, which
11 ! 1 statement is intended or tends
If 1 1 u to affect any voting at any pri
ll " mary or election.
I j! U This is one of the moBt important
l j' I sections of the new law. The Standard
h jl 1 had not lost sight of this part ot the
l J' ; law, and does not intend to do so dur
1 r Ing any part of the campaign.
Newspapers should be held strictly
j j! to the truth, and it is the aim of the
' i Standard to make no accusations or
J j charges which are not supported by
I ; the truth.
; And it is true, as the morning paper
v J' , states, that individuals likewise are
j 1 1 restricted by the corrupt practices act
: .to tho truth.
jj A man 'n politics should be as care-
iful in making statoment3 affecting the
j f rgood name of candidates as he would
J j -be in private In dealing with the repu
j 1 1 tation ot a friend.
J 1 1 ' no
H j j Our President has appealed to the
H i aiatlon to obsorve October 24 as Lib-
H I erly day. We note that the bond sub-
Hj scrlptions are falling far short of ex-
B j i jpectatlons. It would be a national ca
H ' lamlty to fail in this movement to
fl ' place the dollars of this country back
H I I of the soldiers.
H j On October 24 the American peo-
7 I rple are called to assemble to pledge
B I rto one another the fullest measure of
Hl j financial support. Let us, as loyal
H I Americans, respond to this appeal.
i The President, In his proclamation,
The second Liberty loan gives
j f the people of the United States
j another opportunity to lend their
LwM I funds to their government to sue-
J tain their country at war. The
HH I might of the United States is be
Hjj J . ' lug mobilized and organised to
Hj Jl strike a mortal blow at autocracy
jj in defense ot outraged American
Hj I rights- and ot the cause of liber-'
1 ty. Billions of dollars are rc
quired to arm, feed and ototho the
1 bravo men who are- going forth to
Hi j fight our conntryE battles and to
Hi I assist the nations with whom we
j are making common cause against
HI j a common foe. To eubeorlbo to
j the Liberty loan is to perform a
H; service of patriotism.
HI l Now, 'therefore, I, Woodrow-Wll-
I son, president of the United
HI 1 .fJtates of America, do appoint
. pWedneaday the twonty-fourth of
l j lp October, as Liberty day, and urge
WmWi 1 l' advise the peoplo to aeaem-
H jj ble in their respective communi-
H tiea and pledge to one another and
I to the government that repre-
tJ ' r sents them the fullest measure of j
financial support On tho after
noon of that day I request that
patriotic meetings bo held in every
city, town and hamlet throughout
the land, under the general direc
tion of the secretary of the treas
ury and the immediate direction
of the Liberty loan committees
which havo boon organized by the
federal reserve banks. Tho peo
ple responded nobly to tho call of
the first Liberty loan with an
oversubscription of more than 50
per cent. Let the response to the
second loan be oven greater and
let the amount be so large that It
will serve as an assurance of un
equalled support to hearten tho
when who are to faco the fire of
battle for us. Let the result be
so impressive and emphatic that
It will echo throughout the om
pire of our enemy as an index ot
what America intends to do to
bring this war to a victorious con
clusion. For tho purpose of participating
in Liberty day celebration all em
ployes of the federal government
throughout the country whose
sorviocs can bo spared, may be ex
cused at 12 o'clock, Wednesday,
the twonty-fourth of October.
Tomorrow is the last day on which
to regi6tor prior to tho primaries on
October 23.
Those who did not vote at tho last
general election in Ogdon or have
failed to havo their, names placed on
the books, must register tomorrow, If
they desire to vote at. the coming pri
maries. The law prohibits anyone employing
ftn automobile or other conveyanco in
carrying citizens to the registration
places. During this campaign the peo
ple, must learn to walk in the per
formance of their duties as citizens.
It is essential to good government
that registration be attended to, as on
tho registering, in large measure,
will depend the size of the vote at the
primaries and the election.
Every good citizen should become a
committee of one to urge friends and
neighbors to register.
If there is a light vote at the primar
ies on October 23, a comparatively
small force of officeholders will have
a decided advantage because back of
the entrenched is a concerted move
ment, headed by a campaign commit
tee, with evidence pf much quiet
We regret the mayor has made the
chief of police a part of his campaign
committee, because police aotivity Is
not generally conducive to the best in
politics, and, as we read the corrupt
practices act, the injecting of the chief
into the pool ot politics is contrary
to the law. Section 34 reads:
Sec. 34. Publlo Appointees Not
to Serve as Delegates or Commlt
teejnen. No holder of a salaried
position othor than an office fillod
by tho voters shall bo a delegate
to a convention that nominates
the officer or board under whom
he directly or indirectly holds
such position, nor shall he bo a
member of a party committee for
the state, district or municipality
by which he is employed.
The city recorder also is a member
of the mayor's committee. Would it
not be more in keeping with the spirit
of the law, and look better from every
point of view to withdraw those pub
He servants from the strenuous du
ties of buttonholing and reconnoiter
ing, and hold them down to the duties
of their official employment? If they
are being paid to servo the people,
they must have mifflnlnnf
keep them closely engaged, as other
wise their jobs would bo sinecures.
We believe the people are watching
all these moves and are sizing up tho
situation with unerring judgment.
We further .believe tho people are
ready to demand the getting away
from the old political method. They
are putting two and two together,
drawing a line and reaching a total,
and then thoy are making deduotions
which arc bound to count when the
votes are recorded, if the voters gen
erally go to the polls.
Have Acquired Royal Mail,
Lamport and Holt and Con
trolling Interest in Ar
gentina Lines.
LONDON, Oct. IB. The entente al
lies have increased their shipping, ac
cording to the Times, through the ac
quisition of tho Royal Mall Steam Pac
ket company and the Lamport and
Holt line and the controlling interest
in the Argentine Navigation company
which has a oapital of $10,000,000 and
owns more than 300 vessels. Three
of the leading French lines and ono
Italian shipping company participated
in tho transaction.
NEW YORK, Oct. 15, Lord Nort
cllffe, head of the British war mis
sion in this country, loft laBtMrfght for
Toronto where he win open the autumn
campaign in Canada for the British
Red Gross, It was announced here -toddy.
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Mr- JljUix 1 u 1 mm
t e73e tirTm?bkt 1 EW-
' r73r"- jKMjH

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