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I m
l All Paris Newspapers Call War
Aims Speech Finest Political
Document of Time.
"War May Be Great Movement
for Civilization Instead of
Monstrous Sanguinary
' ' PARIS, Jan. 10. The passage in
President Wilson'!? address 10 congress
relating to Alsace-Lorraine is cmpha
i sized by all the Paris newspapers. Tho
-Matin says Chat restoration of the lost
I 'territories is tho foremost condition of
j peace, not only of France but of her
1 nllies. It refers to Mr. Wilson's speech
i ns an immense effort at conciliation
by a sincere democrat.
I Tho Petit Parisien says:
"It is the finest piece of political lit
erature of our time. It lays down tho
l .basis upon -which the world, after be
!' Ing rid of the perpetual menace of
armed conflicts, may be reconstruct
ed." L'Homme Libre, Premier Clemen
ceau's newspaper, says Mr. Wilson's
thought Is that of tho whole American
Tho Humanitc, a Socialist nowspa-
l per, says President Wilson's speech
t Is tho starting point toward cither an
i ?arly peace or the certain and final de-
j feat of the Central empires.
Alfred Caupus writes In the Figaro
i that President Wilson, like Premier
Lloyd-George, has given an admlr
nblo expression of tho conditions es
nential to a stable peace which will
Inako this war a great movement for
civilization Instead of only a mon
strous sanguinary adventure.
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, LONDON, Jan. 10. Viscount Bryce,
former British ambassador at Wash
ington, said today in regard to Presi
dent Wilson's war alms speech:
"The address is admirable in spirit
and contents. Mr. Wilson rightly
points out that an international com
bination to arrest the ambitions of sov
ereigns and military castes and upset
tho principles of peace-lo'Ing peoples
. is essential to the well being of man
kind. "Those in Great Britain who know
Ihow abominable the rule of the Turks
has been, heartily welcome this decla
ration and that recently made by the
I ' British prime minister that the "allies
1 and the United States regard the lib
eration of tho Christian and Arab peo
j pies of Armenia, Syria and Palestine
I as an essential condition of any Just
and durable peace."
Ii oo I
Mrs. McNab I want three salt her-
I ring, please.
I Shopkeeper I don't keep them. You
j i see, 1 am a temperance man myself,
J an I don't want to draw my custo-
1 mers Into temptation.
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B I as the standard cough and cold jg
B I remedy. Successful and satis- 1
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K j stomach nor does it nauseate. I
H I Use it for that mean hacking I
B 1 cough, and in all stages of grippe. 1
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Always Lead to Better Health
H Serious sicknesses start in disorders
H 1 of the Stomach and Liver. The best:
B corrective and preventive is Dr. King's
H New Life Pilla. They prevent Con
H stipation, keep Liver, and Bowel? in a
B healthy condition. Effective, mild. 7
L. F. Kncipp, district forester, has
received notice that by reason of a
recent ruling, settlers on government
lands will be permitted to use coal for
homo consumption, without co?t.
Notwithstanding tho fact that In
many sections of the forest reserves
there are large areas of coal depos
its, no ruling was ever made upoii the
right of tho settlers to use- it. In cases
where the coal was used, it was report
ed as a part of the usual routine. As
a result of tho notice just received, tho
settlers will bo permitted to take coal
in such quantities as are necessary
for their own use.
Old Folks Saved
From Suffering
Mrs. Mary A. Dean, Taunton, Mass
In her 67th year, says: "I thought J
T.-ao beyond tho reach of medicine, but
Foley Kidney PIUb have proven most
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Mr. Sam A. Hoover, Hlph Point,
r. C.t Tvrltei: "My kidney trouble was
wonio at night and I had to get up
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not havo to get up at nlEht.vand con
Blder myself In a truly normal con
dition, which I attribute) to Foley Kid
ney Pills, as I havo taken nothing
rs, M. A. Bridges, Robjneon, Maas.,
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ments for two years. I commenced
taking Foloy Kidney Pills ton months
afjo, and though I am CI years of age.
I feel llko a lG-year-old girl."
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Real Estate Transfers
D. A. Smyth and wifo to Charles- J.
Humphrls, lots 21 to 24 inclusive, Rid
er's subdivision. Consideration $1.
Warranty deed.
J. Weatherston and wife to Oscar
Richardson, part lot 10, plat B, Plain
City survey. Consideration $600. War
ranty deed.
Frederick Froercr to Cary A. Cra
mer, lots 38 and 39, block 3, Woodman
see's addition. Consideration $275.
Warranty deed.
George B. Watson and wife to J.
J. Brummitt, parts blocks 3 and 4,
Prospect Height's addition. Consider
ation ?1. Warranty deed.
J. J. Brummitt and wife to Nephl
Andorson, lots 1 to 4. 10 to 11, 16 to
18, block 3, Prospect Heights. Con
sideration $180. Warranty deed.
PATERSON, N. J.. Jan. 10. Clos
ure of the DuPont powder plants at j
Pompton Lakes and Haskell, engaged
exclusively on war work, was declared
to be only a matter of a few hours by
tho management today unless fuel was
received promptly.
" -
How Ogden Soldier
Dispersed Attacks
"For two years my stomach troublo
was very' bad, my doctor had to Inject
morphine on several occasions when
I was stricken with these attacks.
Since taking four bottles of Mayr's
Wonderful Remedy I have been entire
ly well and am serving in the United
States artillery, having been pro
nounced in perfect health by govern
ment physicians.'' It is a simple,
harmless preparation that removes tho
catarrhal mucus from the intestinal
tract and allays the inflammation
which causes practically all stomach,
liver and intestinal ailments, Includ
ing appendicitis. One dose will con
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MEMPHIS, Tenn., Jan. 10. Dyna
mite In coal shovoled into the engine's
tboiler this afternoon exploded a
freight locomotive at Harahan bridge
spanning the Mississippi river here,
fatally Injuring several persons. At
least two men are reported to be dying.
BRIGHAM CITY. Jan. 10. The Box
I Elder County Exemption board has
I placed tho following men, who have
returned their questionnaires, in class
I one:
i Woodruff Reedor Nelson, Horace
Madson Dowey, Thomas Clifford
(Woodland, Thomas OdeU Grover,
; Christen Petersen, Peter Andreas,
Charles Albert TJdy, Jr., William Reed
or Stenquist, John Robert Glbbs, Iloto
'Duccl, Charles Johnson, Thomas Nich
ols, Otto Lee Ruckor, Walter Leroy
Taylor, Frank Jj. Foregren, Leo Facer,
Cyrus Caldays Jensen, Amos Chester
. Hatch, Golvannl Tomhjlo, Mark Lona
Warburtoo, Robert T. Rhode. Fred
DeBoto. Troxell, Leslie J. Olsen, Glen
Walter Bueenbarg, Mario J. Miller,
Earl Lewis Harper, Elwood PettinglU,
i John George Braegger, Jr., Charles
' Vivian Kimball, Lewis M. Oleen, James
! Francis Eck, Fern Baer Stauffer, Nor
man B. BurrowD, Thoma3 J. Baty, Les-
I Ho J. Walker, Walter Hansen,' David
Bradshaw. John Gustav Landvsttor,
Norman Dwight Anderson, William
.'" .
g Military engineers rebuilding Belgian bridge.
Even though tho German artillery is still busy destroying in parts of ;
Belgium tho littlo nation's military engineers aro already at work on re-i
construction in reclaimed parts of tho kingdom. Bridges arc being robuilt,'
&vcr canals and rivers and railroads arc being rehabilitated.
Lee, Alma Walter Compton, Jr., Ed
ward William Bowcutt, Wynn Leo Pet
tingiU, James Thomas Steed, MarvJn
Jensen, Othorne Motts, Anier Chndic,
Thomas Norton Brunker. Clarence
Fenton Estop, Parker Henry Davis,
David E. Stander. William Hirschi,
Hober J. Ransom, Owen Alsines Wells,
Ivan Clifford Hoist, John Earl Ander
son, August Peterson, Clifford M.
Secrist. John Richards Bates, R. P.
Peterson, Charles Nelson. Jr., Harris
Floyd Allen, NoichI Kuramoto, Joseph
Clarcnco Montgomery.
You May Find
It In Stocking
Cincinnati authority says your j
I troublesome corns just
loosen and fall off
Sore corns, hard corns, soft corns or
corns between tho toes Just loosen in
1 their sockets and fall off tho next day
if you will apply directly upon tho
corn a few drops of a drug called
freezone, says a Cincinnati authority.
You merely put a drop or tow of
this frcqzono on tho tender, touchy
corn today and instantly the corn
stops hurting, then tomorrow some
time you may find the old torturous
pest somewhere in your stocking, hav
ing fallen off entirely without a par
ticle of soreness, pain or irritation.
The skin surrounding and beneath tho
former corn will bo as healthy, pink
and smooth as the palm of your hand.
A quarter ounce of freezono Is suffi
cient to rid one's feet of every corn
and callus, and any druggist will
charge but a few cents for It It Is a
compound made from ether. Advertisement.
WASHINGTON, Jan. 1Q. Measles
epidemics are subsiding in both na
tional guard and national array divis
ions but pneumonia persists, according
to the detailed health report for the
week ending January 4 mado public
today by the army medical corps. The
tables show 100 deaths during the
week In the national guard, 80 due to
pneumonia, and 167 in the national
army, 111 being duo to pneumonia.
The deaths totals for the previous
week, wore 108 for the national guard
and 98 for the national army.
A sharp outbreak of meningitis oc
curred at Camp Beauregard with 27
now cases against seven the preceding
week and several deaths. ElBcwher'e
in tho national guard meningitis is
rapidly declining.
LINCOLN. Neb.. Jan 10. A snow
storm is general over Nebraska today,
with the heaviest fall in the western
part of the state, where several inches
bavo already fallen. Tho storm is con
tinuing and the temperature, which at
7 o'clock this morning was zero bore,
at 10 o'clock was 4 below. Weather
forecasts aro to the effect that a fur
ther drop of several degrees is in
The snow, it Is said, will bo bene
ficial to winter wheat, which lias suf
fered from a lack of moisture for
several weeks.
GUAYQUIL, Ecuador, Jan. 10. The
volcano of Tunguragua In central Ecu
ador, has been in eruption for several
days emitting showers of stones and
ashes. It is reported that the town of
Banos, at the foot of the volcano has
been destroyed.
uu .
Tho evening lesson was from the
Book of Job, and the minister had
just read. "Yea, tho light of tho
wicked shall be put out," when im
mediately the church was In total
"Brethren," said the minister, with
scarcely a .moment's pause, "in view
of the sudden and startling fulfillment
of this prophecy wc will spend a few
minutes in silent prayer for the elec
, trie-light company."
SALT LAKE, Jan. 11. Study of the
benefits to bo derived from tho gov
.ornment's plan of war risk insurance
tor enlisted men is urged by the civi
lian relief department of the Ameri
can Red Cross, according to Informa
tion given out yesterday at the head
quarters of tho Salt Lako county chap
ter. It was stated that while a great
many soldiers and sailors had taken
advantage of the opportunity offered
to secure for their dependents insur
ance at a cost formerly held impossi
ble under wartime conditions, the at
tention of the local officials was daily
called to cases where tho opportunity
had been neglected.
Under the terms of tho govern
ment's provision the insured may take
out a policy for any sum from $1000
up to $10,000, there being no policy
in which hundreds aro used. At tho
age of 30 years the holder of tho $1000
policy pays 72 cents per month, tho
holder of the $10,000 policy $6.90 per
month, the payments being graduated
between these amounts, according to
tho size of tho policy carried. These
policies run for 240 months, twenty
years, the amount for which the in
surance Is written being returned in
monthly instalments in case of death
or permanent disability.
Monthly Reports Made.
The $1000 policy brings back a
monthly return of $5.75, the $10,000
policy a monthly return of $57.50. The
instalments aro payable Immediately
upon the permanent disability of the
insured, or if death occurs without
such disability, or, II death occurs fol
lowing such disability, for a suffi
cient number of months to make 240 in
That the enlisted private, even at
his lowest rate of pay, $30 per month,
may comply with the regulation of as
1 signing half of his pay to a dependent
wife, carry $10,000 insurance and still
have enough left for his incidental ex
penses is stated to be proved in hun
dreds of instances, Inasmuch as the
government allowance of food, cloth
ing and shelter Is ample, while the
Red Cross and various other agencies
furnish for nothing entertainment and
many things not strictly essentials.
oo :
By order of the president, certain
lands in Grand county have been re
stored to entry after having been with
drawn for classification purposes. Tho
lands have been approved by tho di
rector of the United States geological
survey and aro portions of sections 14,
lo, 16. 21, 22, 23 and 26. township qo
south, range 20 east Gould B. Blnkoley,
register of the local United States land
office, reports a great deal of inquiry
for lands in that section of the state.
Marvelous Story of Woman's
! Change from Weakness
! to Strength by Taking
I Druggist's Advice.
I Peru, Ind.7-"I suffered from a dis
' placement with backache and dragging
I down pains so
J&t badly thatat times
I 0rl could not boon
. I my feet and it did
ffg j notseem as though
fflgjk fe. Jjgjl could stand it. I
kH Y tried, different
ffflni It &satmedicine8 without
' IP lL-Geveri doctors
OflpSS IjjN&ssJ but an operation
WflifPItfii(l wou'd do mo any
I 4ljHWjja good. My drug
HEff )kf gist told me of
wis ,'iJ 'I kydia E. P i n k-
yffl Ml ham's Vegetable
ZSsV Ml Compound. I took
V V w'"" St Wltn tho result
c i that I am now well
'I and strong. I get
ud In the morning atfour o'clock, do my
housework, then go to a factory and work
all day, come homo and get supper and
feci good. I don't know how many of
my friends I have told what Lydia E.
Pinkbam's -Vegetable Compound has
done for me." Mrs. Anna Mbteriano,
86 West 10th St, Peru, Ind.
Women who suffer from any such ail
ments should not fail to try this famous
root and herb remedy, Lydia E. Pink
ham's Vegetable Compound.
Kerensky Envoy and British
Socialist Against Identifying
Russ Democracy With
LONDON, Jan. 10 Henry M. Hynd
raan, leader of tho British Socialists,
and Dr. William Gavronsky, who was
special commission or of tho Keren
sky government to Great Britain, to
day sent a cablegram to President
Wilson protesting against what they
termed the president's identification
of tho Bolshevik! with tho democracy
of Russia. Tho cablegram said Mr.
Wilson was "strengthening tho hands
of autocratic despotism and support
ing lawless rule which is destroying
the foundations of Russian freedom
and Russian power of resistance to
the Gorman enemy."
M. Gavronsky issuoll the following
statement at the Russian embassy:
"Tho allies made a big blunder in
relation to revolutionary Russia. Thoy
did not deflno tholr war aims clearly
during the timo of Mr. Kerensky's
government and thus thoy placed a
dangerous weapon in the hands of tho
Bolshevik! in their fight against the
allies as well as against tho Korcnsky
governmont which always supported
the war policy of tho allies. Were It
not for this blunder wo would not be
witnessing tho unfortunato spectacle
of Russia being drawn into an abyss
by Bolshoviki rule, and an alleged rep
resentation of Russia carrying on
peace negotiations. Another blunder
must bo prevented at all costs. The
allies ought to baso their policy In
Russia on their friends, not on their
enemies, tho Bolshoviki." .
Wanh the polsono and toxins from
oyotcm before putting moro
food Into stomach.
Wash yourself on the inside before
breakfast like you do on the outside.
This is vastly more important because
tho skin pores do not absorb impuri
ties into tho blood, causing Illness,
whllo tho bowel pores do.
For every ounce of food and drink
taken into the stomach nearly an
ounce of waste material must be car
ried out of the body. If this waste ma
terial is not eliminated day by day it
quickly ferments and generates pois
ons, gases and toxfns which are ab
sorbed or sucked into tho blood
stream, through the lymph ducts,
which should suck only nourishment
to sustain tho body.
A splendid health measure is to
drink, bofore breakfast, each day, a
glass of real hot water with a tea
spoonful of limestone phosphate in it,
which is a harmless way to wash
these poisons, gases and toxins from
tho stomach, liver, kidneys and
bowels; thus cleansing, sweetening
and freshening the entire alimentary
canal before putting more food into
the stomach.
A quarter pound of limestonep hos
phate costs but very little at the drug
storo but is sufficient to make anyone
an enthusiast on inside-bathing. Ad
vertisement. ft
NEW YORK, Jan. 11. Conviction of
four officials of the Hamburg-American
lino, including Karl Buenz. man
aging director, on charges of violating
tho customs laws by sending supplies
to German cruisers early in the war,
was affirmed by tho United States cir
cuit court of appeals here yesterday.
Tho decision also upheld the convic
tion of the HamburgAmerlcan line,
which had been sentenced to pay a
fine of $1.
Besides Buenz, who is more than 70
years old. and who Is a former Ger
man consul general in this city, the
defendants are Adolph Hachmelster,
purchasing agent of tho Hamburg'
American line who died after his con
viction in district court; George Kot
ter. superintending engineer and Jo-
seph Poppenhouse. a second officer.
Buonz, Hachmelster and Kotter had
been sentenced to eighteen months
each in the federal prison at Atlanta,
' Ga., and Poppenhouse to a year and a
I day in the same institution.
I Through a system of falso mani-
! fests. the government contended, the
steamship officials concealed the des
tinations q'outgoing ships which they
had chartered, under an agreement
with the German government in the
winter of 1914 to see that German war
ships in the north and south Atlantic
were provided with coal and provi
sions. Among the steamships char
tered w6re the Bcrwind, Lorenze and
Gladstone, it was charged.
After telling the story of the wan
derings of the Israelites in thewil
derness a teacher the othor day asked:
"When at least after forty years
they found themselves out of the wil
derness, what would they bo?"
She expected the answer that they
would be old men and women, but a
littlo girl who put up her hand
promptly replied:
"Out of breath."
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For 15 Days
on Auto Repair Work and I
Overhauling. 8
2354 Hudson.
How careless it is to accept alcoholic medicine for m
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gives, to improve their nutrition and repair waste caused by
youthful activity. During school term all children should fl
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Cruiser Submarines With
"Wet Guns Are Now Doing
Damage to Shipping.
LONDON, Jan. 10. The submarine
warfare has gradually taken on n now
phase since tho wintry weather set
In. Submarines of the so-called cruis
er typo now are doing most of the
sinkings, while the smaller submarines
apparently are confining their worsk
largely to mine laying.
Tho reason for this shifting of Ger
man technique is that small subma
rines aro not good surface craft in
stormy seas, while the cruiser type
has proved wonderfully seaworthy, be
ing actually moro manageable than the
modern torpedo boat destroyer In
heavy weather.
These cruiser submarines carry two
5.9 guns and sixteen torpedoes and
can remain at sea six weeks. The
Germans have built a considerable
number of these submarines sinco the
first ono visited American waters, but
so many of them have been lost that
there are now not more than seven or
eight operating. These, however, are
manned by the pick of the whole Ger
man navy, and their power for harm
may be judged from the fact that sev
en or eight vessels are able to keep
up such a heavy toll of sinkings among
allied shipping
"Wet Guns" Used.
A considerable proportion of' the re
cent sinkings have been accomplished
by gunfire. The cruiser submarine
guns no longer are of the old type,
which folded into the body of the craft
when It submerged and had lo bo un
folded before a U-boat could get into
action. The new guns are of a species
known technically as wot guns, being
constructed of material which Bca wat
er does not harm. Thoy are mounted
on stationary platforms. Therefore,
they are always ready and can be
fired the instant the deck of an emerg
ing boat is above water.
An American torpedo boat destroy
er had an encounter with one of these
submarine cruisers a few days ago.
The German was engaged in. sinking
threo armed merchantmen from a
range of four miles and had fired
about thirty shots when tne American
destroyer appeared on tho horizon at
tracted by the sound of the guns.
Escaped From Destroyer.
The destroyer opened fire at six
miles with the wonderful American
naval guns. The U-boat, however, was
lying with decks almost awash and,
therefore, was a most difficult tar-
get, and, as the American drew in to
Iward her at full speed she submerged
suddenly. The smoking muzzles of
j hor wet guns disappeared beneath the
waves only an instant after their last
j shots had been fired,
j The Americans were unable to de
stroy tile U-boat, but the destroyer es
corted two of the three merchantmen
safely to port after having rescued
tho crew of the third, which already
was sinking.
If not convoyed, merchantmen have
a small chance against these super
submarines. Little fishing vessels,
which the Germans do not disdain to j
attack at every opportunity, are still I
helpless. Yesterday morning the i
armed British fishing trawler Premier !
was at its peaceful work with nets in I
the North sea during a blinding snow - I
storm, when a super-submarine sud-!
denly appeared on the surface a thou-;
sand yards off and sent two six-Inch
Green Chile Cheese
Is the only way
to buy cheese
shells without warning into the hull i r
of the 90-ton boat.
Trawler Turned Turtle. 4
The trawler turned turtle from tho w -Jf0l
vlolen'cc of the explosion and the crew 1
of 'twelve jumped into tho water md yfal
then climbed upon the overturned m -
hulk. The submarine came up in lols- 1 $sSl
urely fashion within a stone's throw f p
of the wreck as If to tako the men off, t 'C
but scemlugly thought better of tho I V-
momcntary humanitarian impulse and WmP
submerged suddenly without a word
from anybody on board The crew of UN1
the trawler was rescued some hour3 flj
later. Ono man died and the others
suffered from exposure.- Ml
Southeast Ireland has been thrown K'''
into mourning during the last fortnight
by the work of the submarines, which Hf
have sunk two steamers, the crews of S
which were mainly Irishmen, seventy H
of whom perished. The catastrophe is HU"
called in Ireland "the first declnra- 1 ijjV
lion of war by tho Germans against jsiir
Ireland," and has aroused a great f $ji
wave of indignation throughout the J -
Emerald isle. Ireland also I3 feeling I fl
lhn effects of the submarine warfare .A
most acutely owing to a coal famine, f
due to submarines sinking recently jJL
three boats bringing to Ireland coal, : jT,
for which she is entirely dependent j
upon England. ; r
Mine Layes Active. :
Mine-laying submarines have been Jjjx
very active in the Mediterranean dur- , to &
ing the last month, and here again ' ifej
heavy weather has been no friend of f
the allies, for it hampers mine-sweep- ; L
ing. Nevertheless, shipping has to go i hr
on just the same. : fcjj.
It is a remarkable fact that during ' fer
tho entire course of the war only nine : lL
British transports have been sunk. b
with a total loss of less than 2000 i; JL.
lives, although frequently a quarter of r p
a million soldiers aro at sea on a sin- 'I
gle day, and altogether more than 11,- "
000,000 men have been transported
safely by water. 1 ' : S
The weather also is against the al- .5 9rr
lies in a continuance of their success- r
ful aviation work against submarines, e - .
For the past two months the vacillat- it 1
ing barometer has not permitted much V r-9i
use to be made of the aviation arm of y
the anti -submarine service, which was $
responsible during the summer and au- atoi
tumn for a considerable number of I
submarines being destroyed, , Jj v'
OMAHA. Neb., Jan. 11. Snow has ty
fallen on every wheat field in Nebras- S&f:
ka and the increased production of ; J! 1
wheat will feed many thousand sol- , S!
diers next fall. The snow lies inches ' nEa
deep everywhere and is still falling :
nn !
Ohio unions hope to establish State fft
inspection of ropes and scaffolds iH
'lift HH 1
I The Old Eagles' Hall
50c Couple. j Jbctii
j New Management 1 ijESjc
0 krmmfEsiHKZMW&ii&AieM jiJ
Lowest prices. Small monthly
payments. No Interest charges. 0 It Bftft c
Written guarantee. Old regis- M Sffflj
ters repaired, rebuilt, bought, S (kSti
sold and exchanged. S lim-
Sales agent National Cash Reg- s Mj--
Isters, No. 249 State street. Gro- ft BilHED-
shell-Forshee Building, Salt W Hcim
Lake City, Ogden Headquarters B ,BqBox
in Arlington Hotel. lpAK
We buy and sell Cattle, Hogs and Sheep on com- I i
mission only in small or carload lots. I j;
We get you the highest market price. " wCT
We always have calves and milch cows on hand. I
Come and ace us and talk it over. ' i ,-' 1 jlR
Consign your live stock to the

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