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f (Fafe and Fashions) Woman's mt f Household Helps Jj
Ij Dorothy Dix Talks I
By22 Paid Woman Writer
I Who are the wickedest -women in
the -world, the women who do the most
inarm, and who aro the most absolutely
callous to the misery and suffering
they bring on others?
That's easy to answer, you say. The
wickedest women in the world are the
vampires, the degraded women of the
, siums, the women who are thieves, the
women whose hands are red with
Not at all. These poor creatures
that you have mentioned, at their
worst, hurt only a few people. Life
dealt hardly with most of them and
they had little chance to be other than
what they are, and neither Gor nor.
society enn hold them to much ac
countability. The wickedest women In the world
are the sweet, gentle, pious, respecta
ble, church-going mothers who are
deliberately raising up children to
1 - wreck tho lives ot tne innocent ana
unoffending people they marry, to
r bring grief and sorrow Into tho homes
' they enter and to add another sorrow
, to the hearts of their husbands or
! parents.
" In all the calendar of crime there Is
no other act so brutally cruel. It is
far worse than theft because to be
r robbed of one's money Is nothing in
B comparison with being robbed of one's
peace and happiness. It is far worse
. ,, than murder because it takes only a
! second to slay one physically, while
I one who is miserably married is slow
' y tortured to death through long
I years. It is a crueler and a subtler
r lorm of parasitism than any vampire
J,' ever devised, because it sucks cour
3 ge and enthusiasm and tho ability to
ucceed out of a man or woman, and
ihere is no way to free oneself from it
save through scandal.
Every woman in the world knows
' ; that not only doos marriage make or
mar the life of the individual but that
it affects all those who are nearest
and dearest te hlra er her. When a
beloved daughter marries a man who
I is cruel and brutal to her and who
, makes her life a purgatory, not only
P docs the girl suffer but her parents'
hearts are wruns: with hers. When a
dear and splendid son sets as a wife a.
virago who makea his days a burden
I to hiia, he does not frieve alone. His
mother and father, bis sisters and
brothers, softly and silently tread his
Gethsemane with him.
An unhappy marriage is like a
pejblc thrown into a sea of trouble.
Its waves spread on and en until they
toich every edge of the family circle.
Dnce upon a time a woman said to
m? of her sister and her sister's chil- j
dien: "God sent Louise angels but she
m is doing the be3t she can to turn them
K Into devils."
m And Louise was emiently successful.
K The tv.'o children were unusually
K "handsome and intelligent and of a
most winning charm. They should
R have made a splendid man and wom-
an. but their mother spoiled and pam-
IH pered them. She indulged them in
their every wish and desire; she
lm never taught them any self control or
H any consideration for the rights of any
B other human being on earth.
H The boy grew up to be a good look-
B injr. fascinating, gay young chap, with
B plenty of ability to do anything: had it
B ever been turned in any definite direc-
B tion. He married a splendid young
B girl who tried te make him a coed
DIB wife, but he broke her heart by cruel-
ty, neglect and abuse. If she dared
II to cross his will he would curso her
IOjB In shameful language. He was too
I M lazy and selfish to work and he drifted
I down and down until he became the
town loafer and drunkard.
II In trying to save their daughter
$ X from want the girl's parents impov
3 m crished themselves so that their old
&T Wt age v,as iart anxious, Instead of
ice ft heing comfortable and easy, and ( they
ft I too were tho victims of this wicked
rG t woman who raised up her son to be a
t m curse to those who wore nearest to
$ji K The wicked mother's daughter grew
ilil m UP into a beautiful and attractive girl
jj m and she married as fine a young fellow
am 13 "as n e communit3- girl
foriB had been raiscd t0 tne belief that she
IK was the one who must always have
her heart's desire, no matter how she
m attained it, and as she was gay and
K liked to go about, and as she was
pretty and liked to adorn herself, she
B embarked upon a career of extrava-
m gance that soon swept away all of her
m husband's fortune and brought him to
K bankruptcy.
M Faced by bills that he could not pay,
I hounded and harassed by debts of his
I wife's making, ho ended it all by put
ting a bullet through hia brains a
1 murder for which his wife's mothor
was just as much responsible as if she
had first tortured him and then slain
It did not take tho pretty young
3pa widow long to marry again. This time
fig she married a gifted young man who
flffi : was full of ambition and who had al-
: ready begun to climb the ladder of
38 J success. He will never get any higher
fa than ho is because she has ma.de a
H , pack house out of his Pegassus. He's
9 sot to do the drudgertbat comes near-
13 ost to hls lland Decause she's sot to
a have money. He has got to wear him-
'B sel out trottInS around with her to
3Es I places of amusement. If he doesn't
jfS I Eho rages at him liko a fish wife. She
I shrieks and has hysterics liko a luna-
isJPj' I tic when she is crossed, and she
igflg I makos bill and bills and bills that must
I e pa' and sbe nevcr In any way cver
ttm considers him or his ambition, or even
his ys'cal comfort.
V The young man's heart and. spirits
'm are broken and his parents, who had
iayv centered their hopes on him, who had
wQfM sacrificed to give him the education
ej?j' and training to fit him for his career
ttfSii are broken hearted, too, for their life
8H 1 Work and tneIr ambiUons aro also
preSj? blasted by tho work of tho wicked
woman who raised up a daughter to
ffl ght the happiness of all tnosc who
come within hor sphere of influence,
ri n( tns "kicked woman who has
5rtf$ ne soj.much harm in the world is
.Jm PUcb a gTod Avoman sho doeBn't even
E , .realize the crimo she has committed!
,1fj . And so many other mothers are
iUL ' t c lhe Bamc thing. Ono wondocs
'jjw ?ow a woman, who isn't a perfect
&m r uend, can sleep at night when she
l$?3 ro1Izos that sho is raising up a boy
ll' rfljl ii ,s soing to mako some innocent
sMl . 51 curse tho day pho married him ;
and wish that she had died so that her
bridal veil might have been her
One wonders how any woman who
has even a shred of conscience or
heart in her can face the knowledge,
that she is raising up a girl who is
going to turn tho life of a good man
Into utter desolation and blight his
hopes and ambitions.
Yet this is what every mother is
doing who js bringing up her children
to be selfish, Extravagant, high tem
pered and without self control, and
that is why the wickedest women in
the world are the mothers who are
rearing such husbands and wives who
turn matrimony from the heaven that
it should be into the hell that is onlv
too often is.
Surely, it is the crime of crimes
that these wicked women must an
swer for at the judgment bar.
"Breakfast is ready!" Does that And
you snuggled in bed, or, hands in pock
ets, on tho alert, waiting smelling
those delicious corn cakes and ready
to start a food riot to got one of them"?
And the best of it is, you're helping our
cause against tho kaiser by eating
Corn Cakes
Ifaplo Svrup
Colfeo Milk
Breakfast II.
Baked Apples
Cornmeal Griddle Cakes
Boiled Liver
Breakfast III.
Oatmeal with Dates ,
Golden Corn Cakes Corn Syrup
Reccipc for Corn Cakes, Cornmeal
Griddle Cakes or Golden Corn Cakes
1 cup corn racs.1
1 cup boiling sailk
teaspoon salt
1 tablespoon drippings
1 tablespoon molasses
1 teaspoon baking powder
2 eggs.
Put corn meal in bowl, cover with
boilinr milk. Ald the salt fat and mo
lasses, and when cold the baking pow
der aad eggs which have been beaten
until light. Mix all well together and
bake on a hot grid.dlc.
n r
FBOftfl camp mm
The weeding out process, selecting
those net absolutely up to standard
physically, at Camp Kearny came in
for another round yesterday and sev
eral men were riven certificates of
honorable dischajge fcecauso ef phvil-j
cal disability. The certificates were en-!
graved and elaborate. Private Clar-I
cen Y. McCoy was the only member
of B battery to be discharged. All of
the boys expresoed creat regret over
the action, after serving with the bat
tery for so asany mouths.
A wind storm swept across the camp
yesterday morning, starting lato in tho
night, and levoled every tent and loose
building on the ground. The artillery
men got out of their shelters with the
first puff of the GO-milc gale and hold
down tents, equipment and clothes.
Fine red dust covered them liko snow
and sifted into the bedclothes, the
windows and in fact everywhere.
Heavier guy ropes were Issued after
tho storm had subsided and several
hours wore spent in brushing the camp
out of the dust.
When Few Women Used Face
Powders, Creams or
Now, almost every woman uses
them and without concealment. It Is
conceded that sho has the right to re
tain her youthful look as long as she
can. For this reason, many women of
unquestioned refinement now use Q
ban Hair Color Restorer to retain the
youthful beauty of the hair. If your
hair is gray, streaked with gray or
faded, you, too, can bring back all its
natural color with this simple, harm
less preparation.
Q-ban is not a dye. You can prove
this by trying it on your combings.
Dyes will color them but Q-ban leaves
them unchnnged. It is a wonderful
and delightful toilet requisite which
keeps the hair glossy and youthful.
Does not stain the scalp, or wash or
rub off, and does not interfere with
washing or waving the hair. Removes
dandruff and keeps the scalp healthy.
Easily applied.
Sold bj-' all good druggists every
where on Money-Back Guarantee.
Prico 75c. Advertisement.
An appeal has been issued to loyal
Americans to he,lp in the campaign
against pro-German propaganda a
propaganda that is tending to create
confusion and prevent fullest possible
co-operation in civilization's war upon
tho Hohenzollerns.
The plan is to urge every person to
note tho namo and circumstances of
any person offering disloyal criticisms
and caluminous accusations against
tho American government. It is ask
ed that the name and the circum
stances bo forwarded to the nearest
bureau of the department of justice or
to the state headquarters of the Coun
cil of National Defense.
It is expected that government op
eratives or official's connected with the
Council of National Defense will run
down tho charges and ascertain tho
source which inspired the remarks or
criticisms. The campaign is fltartpd
because of the energy and surprising
ly compact organization of the pro
Germans or tho peace-at-any-priccrs.
Their work, it is declared is merely
postponing tho victory over the Teuton
autocrats and the more quickly thoy
are exterminated the more quickly tho
kaiser and his savage horses will rea
lize that their rule is doomed.
Here are only a few of the myriad
storios which these pro-German prop
agandist" are civciiinting:
That r-wrators knit by patriotic
women for tae Red Cross have 1-cen
found on sale In department frr.':.
Thai soldiers in cantonments must
buy their own frod or starve :o Jea:h.
That the pt.rf-'ifment, propp-a r
confiscate "ji1 moneys dopositid in
banks for w;tr ic.
That because -r alleged Ti-lsl: dis
loyalty the w-'.vnt has ordered all
Catholics removed from office.
That drafted men are dj-ing by hun
dreds because they have not been fur
nished blankets. (Every soldier hns
thiee doublo blankets.)
That Secretary Tumulty has been
executed because he was a German
That tho death rate of allied troops
on :ue western front is 50 per .cent.
(Less than three men of everv 100 die
iu tho trenches.)
That troop transports have boon
submarined on their way to Franco
and tho government has suppressed
the drowning of thousands of soldiers.
The purpose of Beauty is to refine
the native uncouthness of human na
ture. Wa all bow to its -power. It is
the only autocracy that has no nihi
list shadow. Alas! this means the fat
woman must serve instead of rule, for
beauty in woman is a composite of
both lino and feature.
Tkuoands of fat women aro beauti
ful of faco. But they lag behind in
I the race for proferenco because a too
'Ponderous outline dashes the favor
their face has gained them.
Now, pretty fat women can reduce
that fat (not the good pure-lined flesh)
in a very simple way. No exercise
no dietinr is necessary. Let them take
ne Ifaratola Proscription Tablet aft
er each meal and at bedtime for a
month. The fat will simplv fade. No
wrinkles or pouches of skin will form
but the loss will be uniform. Tho fat
will go as stealthily as it came; fade
away. Tho health will Improve, the
eye grow mora brilliant, the wit
sprightlicr. Marmola Tablets are a
! boon and harmless (being made from
! the famous fashionable prescription
' Vs oz. Marmola, -i on. Fl. Ex. Cascara
Aromatic. 4i or. Peppermint Water),
and are likewise cheap, a larre case of
the druggist or tho Marmola Co., $64
Woodward avenue, Detroit, Mich., cost
ing only 75 cents. Advertisement.
WASHINGTON, Jan. 10. Senator
James H. Brady of Idaho Is critically
ill at his homo in Washington, suffer
ing from' another heart attack. Tho
senator was stricken on the train
shortly aftor leaving Chicago on his;
way to Washington last Saturday, and
since his return has been In a serious
condition. Nothing was known of his
illness until this morning, whon grave
fears for his recovery wero enter
tained. Senator Brady's absence from
tho senate this week had been ex
plained on tho ground that ho was
resting after his trip east from Poca
tello. Tonight the senator's physician
stated that ho has shown some slight
improvement, though he is by no
means out of danger. His heart is in
poor condition and much depends upon
his reserve energy. Two years ago
Senator Brady had a heart attack very
similar to the present and for several
days his life hung In the balance.
If he recovers, his doctor says, ho
will have to exercise extrcmo care for
many months and will not bo able to
resume his place in the senate for
some time.
To test the validity of the city ordi
nance passed September 24, 1917,
petition for a writ of habeas corpus for
Juan Zamala, a Mexican serving a six
months term in tho county jail for
violation of tho liquor ordinances, was
granted yesterday by Judge Agec of
tho district court. Attorneys Sam
Powell and J. M. Kimball represent
Zamata and they claim tho ordinance 1
under which he was convicted andi
sentenced to Jail does not contain
propej authority. Zamata was sen
tenced to Jail on December 22.
The hearing on tho writ of habeas
corpus is to be held January 11.
Tho attorneys claim tho ordinance
was passed by tho board of city com
missioners without due or legal auth
ority and that, therefore, the authority
which Chief Thomas Browning holds
Zamata In jail is not valid.
Walter Cup o' tea, penn'orth o
glngor, nuts, a small lemon, a stone
ginger, a munition beer and one 'am
sanwidge. Wot the bloomin' business
is a-comin' to I don't know! Passing
Recruiting officer But what would
a boy liko you do in tho army?
. Lad Don't you need a caddie to
carry the swords and things? 1
Warm knitted garments and
other comforts for every Sammy
leaving for France is what the
Army Service League, headed by
Mrs. Mills, aims to provide Mrs.
Mills is tho wifo of Major General
; Mills.
Says Phosphate Doubles
Strength and Health.
Numerous notices have appeared in
tho press from time to time telling of
tho remarkable benefits to be derived
from the regular use of a digestiblo
organic phosphato known among drug
gists as bltro-phosphate. Investiga
tion shows that bltro-phosphate which
is obtainablo of any good druggist, en
joys its great popularity because of its
peculiarly valuable property of quick
ly restoring tho strength and vitality
of the depleted nervous system. Neu
rasthenia, nervousness, sleeplessness
and physical and mental weakness are
almost invariably duo to starved ner
vous system. This condition can only
bo corrected by supplying to the nerve
centers the necessary phosphoric food
eloments, the lack of which has caused
all the trouble. For this purpose spe
cialists highly re'eommend taking with
each meal a tasteless 5 -grain tablet
of the organic phosphate now so gen
erally known as bltro-phosphate,
which, while being inexpensive, is un
doubtedly the most remarkable nerve
food and restorative of health and
strength known to medical science.
Bitro-phosphate is sold in this city by
Cullcy Drug Co., Mclntyre Drug Co.,
Sullivan Drug Co., and all good drug
gists. Advertisement.
LONDON, Jan. N 11. Preaching in
the city temple yesterday the Rev. Dr.
Joseph Fort Newton, the pastor, who
was formerly from Iowa, made refer
ence to his recent sermon in which
he dealt with tho question of drink
ing among Amorican soldiers and sail
ors. Ho said ho wanted tho British to
understand tho American point of
view. Americans, ho added, hold that
if tho government has a right to con
script a man on behalf of tho groat
cause, it has the right to conscript his
conduct and keep him fit to do that
"In America," ho continued, "it is a
criminal offense to soli liquor to men
in uniform. On this side, of course
you cannot enforce this regulation. I
mado tho request that you shall help
us to do so. Most of tho men are able
to resist temptation but we must not
set traps to catch the loose feet of
those who aro fighting with a weak
"When the fact was published that
increases in tho amount of grain wero
being allowed brewers, it filled Amer
icans with amazompnL Of course,
there has been a great improvement
In the matter of drinking. It is 40 per
cent better than two years ago. While
rejoicing over tho Improvement, it is
a great pity to tako a step backward
by allowing an increased output by tho
MT. PLEASANT. Jan. 10 At a re
cent meeting of tho city council, Uio
following were selected as heads of
tlie several municipal departments for
the term of two years, beginning Jan
uary 1, 191S:
City attorney. J. W. Cherry; justice
of the peace, Thomas West; city mar
shal and flro chief, A. H. Poulson; city
watormaster, E. C. Freston; city sex
ton, S. W. Johnson; city road super
visor. Andrew Norman; city pound
keeper, Henry Erickson; city superin
tendent of waterworks, Vance Mcin
tosh. E. W. Wall was appointed on tho li
brary board, to fill tho unexpired term
of H. LeRoy Ncilsen.
Co-operatlvo companies aro In pro
cess of formation at Taylor, Texas.
, X Say Cream Applied in" Nostrils $
J Opens Air Passages Right Up. 4
ni.iuu, n-iici, no waiting, "i'our
clogged nostrils open right up; the air
passages of your head clear and you
can breathe frcoly. No moro hawking,
snuffling, blowing, headache, dryness.
No struggling for breath at night; your
cold or catarrh disappears.
Get a small bottlo of Ely's Cream
Balm from your druggist now. Apply
a little of this fragrant, antiseptic,
healing cream to your nostrils, It pen
etrates through every air passago of
the head, soothes thol nflamod or swol
len raucous membrane and relief
comes instantly.
It's just fine. Don't stay stuffed
up with a cold or nasty catarrh. Ad- 1
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