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Boston Has Rebuilt Team
Systematically May Figure
in World's Series.
BOSTON, March 7. "When the
time comes for the annual Avorld's se
ries show I think the Red Sox will
have earned a chanco to meet the Na
tional league champions."
Thisi's the way Ed G. Barrow, for
mer .president oC the International
league and now manager of. tho Boston
Red So.v, looks at the baseball map
this season.
Two months ago every fan predict
ed that the Chicago Sox delegation
would "repeat," but with systematic
work the Boston club has been rebuilt
until it now looms up as a probable
contender in the minds of not only its
manager but the whole baseball world.
When Jack Barry. Lewis and many
other Red Sox stars signed to play
with Uncle Sam in the war game this
year, things looked dark for the Sox.
Now, after collecting stars for other
clubs,-taking up some of the Interna
tional league players and practically
incorporating tho whole of tho once
world-beating Athletics, Frazee's out
field is a well-rounded-out organiza
tion again.
Besides gathering in players from
other American league clubs, Johnny
Evers has been added to the roster.
Evcrs, who has the distinction of win
ning a world's series -with tho assist
ance of Merkle's bone, is still a valu-
ablo asset to baseball.
Tho Boston manager has not been
i inclined to discuss tho intricate prob
lems of how and where ho will play
his men in tho coming pennant race,
but has been studying the playing abil
ity of the men for some time.
""I am still after players." declared
1 Barrow today. "Wo cannot afford to
let any grass grow under our feet and
, expect to cop the honors."
I mm lie boys
The Twelfth ward basketball team
defeated the Fourth ward five, Wed
nesday night, in tho Twelfth ward hall
50-31. The gamo was fast and feat
ured by spectacular basket shooting on.
both sides. The lineup was as fol
lows: 4th (Ward., 12th Ward.
Van Dyke rf B. Paine
West If B. Paul
Taylor c W. Stevenson
Wotherspoon. . . .rg A. Paul
Doxov lg C. Waterfall
Fiekl baskets. Van Dyke 3, West 5,
, Taylor 2, Doxey 5. Paine 9, B. Paul 13.
W." Stevenson 3. Fouls, Van Dyke 1 out
of 5, B. Paul 0 out of 2( Paine 0 out of
2. Referee L. Paul.
CAMP DODGE, Ta.t March 7. Cap
tain John L.. Griffith, director of ath
letics at this cantonment, announced
today that he would resign March 12
as athletic director at Drake univer
sity, Des Moinos, in order to devote all
r his time to the work here.
LOS ANGELES, March 7. San Die
go may get in the Coast league after
This became known hero today with
information brought from the south
that James W. Coffroth and J. P. At
kin are behind a movement to obtain,
a franchise for the Camp Kearny su
burb. Coffroth is president of the Lower
California Jockey club, which chased
the ponies around the Tijuana track
until tho state department put a fatal
crimp in the racing gamo thero by its
quite recent passport ruling. Atkin
Is a large stockholder in the chab and
at one time owned ihe Sacramento
team in the Coast league.
The two possible magnates havo op
' ened negotiations with owners of a
club in the Coast circuit, have sur
veyed San Diego with a view of se
1 lecting a site for a ball park and are
only waiting tho exhibition games to
bo played here by the Angels and Chi
cago Cubs to learn just how San. Diego
will patronize class AA ball.
1 Read the Classified Ads.
Read the Classified Ads.
. Vj:.aj,TiiiiW.. - - . -1 '
This is a story about a great
pacing maro which Is not temper
amental. That's ono of the rea
oon's Bhe's a groat marc. Other
reasons aro hor breeding and tho H
fact she has speed and a great
. racing heart.
Tho maro is Miss Harris Mv' who
last year set a new mark for pac
ing mares by stepping a mile in
Seats 3,000 Soldiers and Af
fords All Kinds of Amuse
ment Has Splendid
CAMP LEWIS. Tacoma. Wash.,
March 8. When the men of the na
tional army left their homes and came
to Camp Lewis to take their place in
preparing to fight the battles of de
mocracy, they did not leave behind all
the pleasures and entertainment they
enjoyed at home. In fact many of them
found living at Camp Lowis had many
attractions of a nature not provided at
Particularly is this true of the Lib
erty theater, a large structuro seating
3000 persons on its only floor and pro
viding fir3t run motion pictures, en
tertainments by soldier talent and
soon to give the soldiers the best in
vaudeville and other entertainment
through the effort of Col. E. A. Brad
en, prominent theatrical manager and
director of camp entertainment.
Though the plain wooden scats form
a strange contrast to the elaborate up
holsterings of the metropolitan thea
ter, the distinction between the Liber
ty theater and the playhouse of the big
cities ends thero for the stage equip
ment, settings and electrical arrange
ment aro the best to be had any
where and the acoustics arc so perfect
ordinary conversation from tho stage
can be heard distinctly in the farthest
corner of the house.
The orchestra pit is large and roomy
and provides plenty of accommoda
tions for the twenty-two musicians and
the $1575 concert grand piano. Four
of the men are from the symphony or
chestra of San Francisco, three from
the Los Angeles symphony and four
from the Seattle symphony.
There are twelve excellently
equipped dressing rooms for the per
formers, all carpeted and well fur
nished. A spot light from the rear, made dou
ble the usual strength brings out in
full relief the performers on the stage
and the projecting machines and
rooms, in the rear, for motion pictures
are of the latest models.
The theater already has proved a
popular part of life at camp. Only the
best in motion pictures Is being played
and frequently the theater cannot ac
commodate the men who seek admission.
BOYES SPRINGS, March 7. Jupe
Pluvius made a visit to this section
during tho night and left things in a
damp condition.
Groundkeepcr Williams had been
longing for a shower to settle the dirt
on the grounds nnd by tomorrow tho
diamond should bo in perfect shape.
2.00. Even moro wonderful ,than
this was her raco record for tho
year. She won 12 out of 15 races
in tho free-for-all class against the
greatest pacers of the year, finish
ing second one year and poorer
than second only twice. 4
Tommy Murphy, one of tho
greatest drivers and trainers on
the grand circuit ha3 bought Miss
This gave tho OaKs a day off and
everybody took advantage of it.
Bill Prough trotted out his checker
board and challenged anyone desiring
io get walloped In that branch of sport.
The sun came out after lunch and a
tournament for bqrseshoc throwers
was begun. Everybody from the mas
cot of tho camp, Edwin Arlett. to the
big boss himself enjoyed the holiday.
The news that Speed Martin had
signed his contract was flashed about
the camp this morning. Martin is one
swell pitcher, and Del was glad to hear
that the youngster would be In camp
in a few days.
Indian Lockhart, the Willits hurler,
has also promised to report. Eddie
Mensor's father, the man who recom
mended the Indian, declares him to be
as good if not better than Casey Smith
of the Seal squad. Catcher Honus
Mitze Is to report Monday.
Lindsay Goes Into Singles by
Remarkable Score J. Porto
in Doubles.
CINCINNATI. 0.. March 7. Expert
bowling characterized today's double
and singles In the American Bowling
Congress tournament hero as Mort
Lindsay and J. Porto of New Haven,
Conn., by rolling 12S2, went inio third
placo in the doubles, and an hour
later, Lindsay bowled himself into
tenth place in tho singles, with 661.
Shortly after these two teams had
finished G. Stewart and C. Moses of
Toledo made a total of 1267 in the
doubles and went into fourth place.
Lindsay's bowling was sensational
and he succeeded in establishing him-'
self In second place in the all events
with 1921.
The standing of the five leaders fol
lows: Individuals: .
C. Styles, Detroit 702
C. Kagner, Newark, N. J 6S0
H. Steers, Chicago 675
E. Herrman, Cleveland 673
G. Leonard, Detroit 672
Two -men teams:
Steers and Thoma, Chicago 1335
Goodman and Jenks, Canton 1287
Lindsay and Porter, New Haven. .12S2
G. Stewart and C. Moses, Toledo. .1267
Doehrman and Farnan, FU Wayne 1259
Five-men teams:
Aquilas Cigars, St. Paul 3022
Pago Dairys, Toledo ..2961
Champion Spark Plugs, Toledo. . .2908
Athearn Hotel, Oshkosh, Wis 2892
Clausius, Chicago 2892
All events:
H. Steers, Chicago 1959
M. Lindsay, New Haven 1921
F. Farnan, Fort Wayne 1871
S. Thies, Cleveland ;.1S61
E. Herrman, Cleveland 1861
J Read the Classified Ads.
M.anrl will u"so her' In' ana
tempt to realize his greatest am
bition, that of breaking tho world's
record for harness marcs. Mur
phy will direct Miss Harris M.'s of-
fort3..this year with the view to
drive her a mile In 1.58 or less
and shatter tho record for marcs,
made by Lou Dillon In 1905.
Skipper Thought Fresno Ideal
for Training Camp Bali
Field a Lake.
FRESNO, March 7. Tho skipper of
the San Francisco Seals picked out
Fresno as the one place in the world
where he thought thero was sure to be
good weather for training his squad of
hopefuls' His judgment has been
knocked into a cocked hat during the
last few days, for it now looks as if
the crowd will have to play under
water if they play at all.
The ball ground is afloat and tho
streets are afloat. The only troublo Is
that the water Is so sold. It was out
of the question to attempt any outdoor
exercise today, but tho men availed
themselves of the hospitality of the
Y. M. C. A., where a light workout at
Indoor baseball was held, followed by
a frolic in 'the big swimming tank.
Phil Koerner put in an appearance
today, and a recruit from Tulare
county was added to the meal roll. His
name is Clinton Luke. Everybody fell
in love with him when he got Into ac
tion in the gymnasium today. Every
move was a picture and he did not
make a false motion with cither the
ball or tho stick.
Graham is beginning to worn' about
Jocko Calvo, the Cuban, who has not
put in an appearance and neither
does ho reply to many cables to
NEW YORK, March 7. Miller Hug-.
j;ins, new manager of the Yankees,
vrill start tomorrow morning for the
South with the advance guard of the
Yankee players. By March 15 every
member of the club will be at Macon,
Ga., for the spring training season.
"I have never started for camp with
a more likely bunch of men."
This is the way the little optimistic
manager summed up the situation to
day. "We have tho nucleus of a mighty
strong ball club. To be sure, I have
seen but few of them in action, but I
can see a bright future ahead from
what study I have made.
Seventeen players are now under
NEW YORK, March 7. The New
York American league club completed
a triangular deal today which added
Frank ("Ping") Bodie to the team as
an outfielder.
Bodie was obtained from the Phila
delphia Athletics in exchange for
George Burns, first baseman of the
Detroit Americans, whom the local
club purchased for cash In .order to
put the deal through.
1: FOWOMSi, I i
i New arrival of Sport and Walking Shoes, for spoil 'or. I i i
I street wear; in brown, tan, gray and black. X
j f Fancy Braids, regular 15c to 25c values, closing out. . .8c 1 i lv
t. Braids and Trimmings, regular 25c to 50c values, closing I J
out, 15c, or 2 for . . ,25c -
1 i I if II W Mil M M MmtkM Hill i'HiWPWHil W M 1 1 r?. 1 i
Stages a Come-back on Prob
able Winners Tooele Also
Surprises Branch A. C.
LOGAN, March 7. In ono of the
biggest upsets of tho basketball sea
son, Boxelder tonight defeated the
strong B. Y. U. high school five, look
ed on as probable slate titlo winners,
23 to IS.
The Provo team led at tho end of
the first half. 10 to 9, but the Boxelder
boys showed a style of ball in tho
second period that was not to be de
nied. Close guarding held the score down,
each quint finding difficulty in getting
clear shots at the ring. The Watklns
brothers In the forward positions for
the Brigham City quint were the
mainstays of their team, while Brown
and Willis performed in the best style
for tho B. Y. U.
Branch A. C. hit a snag in the sec
ond contest and lost to Tooele, 34 to
22. Superiority of basket shooting and
passing won for the Smelter quint, as
Branch A. C. failed to follow the ball
with any degree of consistency.
Coach Christensen's mon were slow
in passing and had few shots at the
basket. The game was marred to some
extent by technical refereeing, twenty
fouls being called on Branch A. C. by
Harris of Tooele was the star per
former, as he held Leigh, who was
high man against Boxelder last night,
scoreless, and annexed two baskets for
himself. Kirk of Tooelo and Uric and
Eyro of B. A. C. alpo played well.
Tho games tonight leave all teams
tied in the fight for the pennant and
for this reason it will be necessary to
extend tho play to Saturday. Boxelder
and Tooelo will play tomorrow night
and Branch A, C. is to meet the B. Y.
U. in tho second contest. The two win
ning fives will decide the leadership in
an encounter Saturday while the losers
will contest for third place.
In games played this afternoon
Grace, Ida., lost to Kamas, -16 to 2S,
and the Aggies defeated Lehi high
school, 3S to 21.
The lineup and summary of the Box
elder B. Y. U. game:
B. Y. U. Boxelder.
Brown If D. Watkins
Willis rf T. Watklns
M. Keeler c Cornin
Swenson lg Lilywhito
Page rg G. Watkins
C. Keeler.
Field baskets Swenson 1, Willis 3,
Brown 1, D. Watkins 3, T. Watkins -I,
Cornia 1, G. Watkins 1.
Fouls Willis, S out of 10; Cornia, 5
out of 9.
Referee, Tommy Fitzpatrick; um
pire. Lee Simmons.
The lineup and .summary of the B.
A. C. -Tooelo game:
B. A. C. Tooele.
Urie If Staples
Leigh rf Kirk
Jones, Gardner. . c Stephens
IC Wood... rg Cooper
Eyre lg Harris
Field baskets Uric 2, Jones 1, Eyre
3, Staples 3, Kirk 1, Stephens 3, Coop
er 3, Harris 2.
Fouls Urie 6 out of 12; Staples, 0
out of 3; Harris, 0 out of 1; Kirk, 10
out of 16.
Referee, Simmons; umpiro, Fitzpatrick.
PORTERVTLLE, Cal., March 7.
Walter McCredie and his crew of
eloven Bees put in a hard day play
ing Kelly pool. A perfect torrent of
rain today not only disposed of any
plans for practice, but also put Into the
discard any prospect for the recruits
going out to take their first workout
Fortunately, the baseball diamond
which the Salt Lake boys will use is so
laid out that only a day of sunshine is
needed to put It Into good shape for
Plans for an exhibition gamo next
Sunday are about off. Contracts were
signed.today by the publicity organiza
tions for a game next Sunday between
the Bees and the fast marine corps ag
gregation from San Diego. oj
As thero are a number of big
leaguers and minor leaguers on the !
marine team the Bees will find them
selves face to face with a real base- '',
ball game. ;
The recruit list was increased by ,.
two this afternoon when Lyman Smith
and Jack Gomes reported. Tho former
Is an outfielder from the Pasadena "
club, the samo one Which turned out ; I
Dick Cox, whilo tho latter is a Los
Angeles semipro catcher whose work
made a hit with Skipper McCredio '
during the winter. ;
PRINCETON-, N. X, March 8. : ;
Princeton will bo the training center ;
of the first contingent of 500 Young , ; t
Men's Christian association workers ; i '
who are soon to be sent to Franco in '
response to a request from Premier ?
Clemenceau, to serve with tho French W.
army, it was announced here tonight. JfM.
The Princeton faculty, particularly ilf
the French department, has volunteer- m j
ed its services in the Instruction of the v F.
200 men who will take charge of 1 1
French Y. M. C. A. huts. j F
! !
Above Army aviator using new camera from plane. Below Tuning np ; fjg
engines on one of dirigible balloons at Pensacola. '. li
The photo at the bottom shows that Uncle Sam is not overlooking the
dirigible balloons even though they are not so widely discussed as tho 5'
planes. Students at the naval training station at Pensacola, Fla., are fast ,
mastering the operation of the lighter-than-air machines. In the upper J:
picture an airman is shown using the new camera which will be used to
photograph enemy trenches from above, t p
It is time to plant that VEGETABLE GARDEN you 1 !
I have had in mind all winter. 1 4 pi
& are what you need. 1 j f
I . 332 24th St. life
I How about some day-old chicks to reduce the H CL? I
1 We sell them.
1 nil 'i iiTT7BPhWWV'ii'-rrTr d4
Scoop and Daisy ' Which' proves that ignorance is bliss By "Hop." H

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