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IPrexy Lane Sees His 1918
Ball Team in Close Game
at Training Headquarters.
EAKERSFTELD, Cal., March 24.
President Billy Lane saw his 191S
basebaU team in action for tho first
time here today. Tho Bees came over
from Porterville for a practice game
and ebat a club composed of Bakers -field
boys and overflow. Bees four to
Manager McCrcdie inserted himself
into the game and played a distin
guished center field and hit the ball.
At the conclusion of the festivities
here, the president proclaimed to all
the world that ho was well pleased
I with tho efforts of his hired men anu
was not a bit ashamed to say so.
Three young pitchers heaved this
afternoon: Arkenburg, Conkwright
1 and Morton, and they heaved to good
purpose. From today's indications, it
looks as though there will be hitting
strength in tho outfield. It was tho
first glimpse the homo observers had
of Larry Chappellc and ho acme up to
advance notices.
Box. score:
I B R. H. PO. A. E.
Farmer, cf 4 0 1 3 0 0
Pepe, 2b 4 0 1 3 1 0
Chappelle, rf 4 2 2 0 0 0
Sheely, lb 4 0 1 7 0 0
. Ryan, If 4 0 1 7 0 0
Orr, ss 4 0 2 0 2 0
Connick, c i 0 1 13 2 1
Conkwright, 3b-p .. 4 0 0 0 0 0
Arkenburg, p-3b ... 4 0 2 0 2 0
Totals 36 4 13 27 7 1
AB. R. H. PO. A- E.
Jacoby, If 4 0 0 1 1 0
I Ewing, rf 4 0 0 2 0 0
1 Simpson, 2b-6 3 1 0 3 5 0
Fisher, lb 4 0 2 10 0 0
McCredie, cf 3 0 1 0 0 0
Claflin, 3b-p 3 0 1 0 1 1
Newman, c-2b 3 0 1 5 1 0
Sands, ss 3 1 1 2 4 0
Morton, p-3b 3 0 0 1 1 0
Totals 30 2 6 24 13 1
Summary: Two-base hits Chap
pelle, ,Shecly, Ryan. Stolen bases
Ryan, Sands, Simpson. Struck out
- By Morton, 3; by Claflin, 3; by Arken
burg, 6; by Conkwright, 6. Bases on
balls Off Conkwright, 1. Wild pitch
j ConkwrighL Double plays Simp
son to Fisher; Sands to Simpson to
Fisher; Orr to Pepe to Sheely.
I FRESNO, March 22. After practice
I today Charlie Graham announced that
I ' j the probable Seal outfield in the open
1 j ing game of the league season would
I i be Herby Hunter, Goldie and Hum-
I mel. Herby blew into town today on
I the wings of a regular summer zephyr
I and said he was feeling fine as silk.
I He went out to Recreation park at
I once with the squad and did a little
I light practice to get the kinks of the
I long trip out of his sinews.
I The Seals were out all day and the
I sunshine was of the variety that is
N advertised in the booklets that go east
N As a result the Seals had a fine work-
out, chiefly devoting themselves to
, fielding and batting. In the afternoon
I they played a few innings with the
high school lads, trying out young
I Jack Johnson in the box and allowing
Phillips to work out his arm.
Duffy Lewis and his All-Navy team
p i i will arrive tomorrow for two games
1 t with the Seals, one tomorrow and one
, Sunday. Duffy is bringing the navy
band along with him and a big parade
L will announce the game.
Mayor Toomey has set apart tomor
j row as navy day and many of the
' . stores will close1. On Monday the sub
marine baseball team will be here to
play the Seals, so with the three games
1 and a continuance of the preesnt fine,
sunny weather, both Charley Graham
and Jerry Downs are optimistic over
the outlook for a fast start in the
league season.
' MARLIN, Tex, March 24. John.
fc Ganzel, manager of the Kansas City
club, and Manager McGraw of the
Giants have made an agreement
whereby Ganzel will furnish positions
in the minors for all the Giant rookies
to be "fanned out" and return them
to the New York club at the end o
the season.
' The plan is the came as that which
I existed between the two managers
r when Ganzel was piloting the Roches -
ter club of the International league.
Clubs of International
Coast League Will
Be Counted In
SEATTLE, Wash.. March 23. Tho
Pacific Coast International league,
formerly the Northwest league, will not
be cut from six to four clubs, Robert
Blewott of Seattle, president of the
league, has asserted. z;iowett mado the
statement, he said, in answer to ru
mors that tho league will bo reduced
in size because, it is very probable, it
will have no Montana representation
this year.
Last year Butte and Groat Falls had
teams In tho league. Because of lack
of support and the high cost of the
long railroad jump, Great Falls has al
ready dropped from the rolls. Blewelt
predicts Butto will bo dropped for tho
same reason.
Portland, Ore., will replace one of
tho Montana clubs, and from present
indications, Vancouver. Wn., will re
place the other. Reports received here
from southern Washington said Van
couver seriously was considering ap
plying for a berth. As Vancouver is
just across the Columbia river from
Portland, and as grounds are reported
hard to find in tho suburbs all of Van
couver's home games may bo played
in Portland thus giving tho Oregon
metropolis continuous baseball.
Tho other teams in tho league will
bo Seattle, Tacoma, Spokane, and
Vancouver, B. C. Games will be played
regularly at Camp Lewis, Tacoma.
The league directors meet here March
27 to make their final plans and ar
range their schedule.
Columbia Will Be
v Host to Wrestlers
and Fencers!
NEW YORK, March 22. Several in
tercollegiate contests and conferences,
tho outcome of which will have im
portant bearing on eastern cdnege.
sports, will be held hero tomorrow.
Columbia university will act as host
to both varsity wrestlers and fenc
ers who will compete for the annual
individual and team championships.
Cornell, Lehigh, Pennsylvania, Col
umbia, Princeton and Pennsylvania
State have entered teams in iho
wrestling championships, and Yale,
Pennsylvania and Columbia will bo j
represented by foilmen. j
A group of the eastern colleges
which support rowing will have dole- j
gates present at a special conference
of crow managers and captains to I
consider plans and dates for the ,
various dual and triangular regattas :
which are to form the season's row- j
ing program. "i
The executive committeo of tho
National Lawn Tennis association wiil I
meet to pass on tho dates to be as
signed for the important tournaments
of the season, including national, state
and sectional championship series.
While the dates and places for the
more important tournaments may be
announced, tho complete list of sched-.
uled play will not be made public for
another week or ten days. Other
matters aside from, the assignment ot
tournaments may "be considered at
this conference.
Changes in Lineup
of Both the Boston
Ball Teams
NEW YORK, March 24. Boston
fans will scarcely recognize their two
major league clubs this summer as
the ones that finished the season of
Changes in the personnel of both
teams, largely caused by conductions
brought about by the war, have made
many changes necessary, and tho Red
Sox, in particular, will present a
strange front to the fan in the Hub.
Starting from the top, with Ed Bar
row in place of Jack Barry, the Sox
have been rehabilitated. Then" there
is Johnny Evers, formerly of the
Braves, but now Barrow's "first lieu
tenant. Bush, Schang, Strunk and Mclnnis,
in Red Sox uniforms, will look strange
to the Boston fan, and there are oth
ers, Including Hack Elbel, from he
Richmond club, a first baseman; Paul
Smith, Montreal outfielder, and George
Whitman, veteran minor league out
fielder, purchased from Toronto.
The Braves, with Charley Herzog
' acting as first deputy to George Stal
Hngs, will also look strange. In ad
dition the Boston Nationals have se
cured Outfielder Al Wickland from In
dianapolis; Jack Henry, the former
Washington catcher; Jimmy Smith,
1 t--: , 1
"Long Tom" Hughes
"Long Tom" Hughes, tho old
American Jeagpe veteran who has
been pitching- in tho Pacific Coast
leagnc in recent seasons, says he is
tired of the coast and would like to
come back to the American Associa
tion, or perhaps majors, now that,
veterans are doing it. It is likely
that St. Paul will sign the old man.
secured from the Giants in the Her-zog-Doylo
deal; Dick Conway and
Jack Nealon, infield recruits, and two
new pitchers, Murray and Brumeistor.
Barry, Shorten. Shore, Lewis, Mc
Nally, Bentley, Pennock, Walsh, Ba
der. Janvrln, Wilder and probably Del
Gainer will be missing from tho Red
Sox. All of these players are either
in ihc service or eligible. Gardner,
Cady, Walker, Thomas, Gregg and
Kopp, who were all tho property of
the Sox last winter, will spend 191S
with tho Athletics.
The Braves lost a pepperbox in Rab
bitt Maranville, R'co a catcher and
Schreiber. an infield recruit, aro also
in tho service. Tyler and Barnes, two
seasoned pitchers, havo been- swept
away by player deals, and Art Wilson
will don the mask and protector for
the Stallingsites. Kelly, Powell and
Rheg of last year's outfield, arc com
paratively new players to Boston fans.
NEW YORK, March 24. Mike Dono
van, former middleweight champion
pugilist, and widely known as boxing
Instructor of Theodore Roosevelt when
tho colonel was president of the Unit
ed States, died of pneumonia at a hos
pital hero early today.
"Professor" Donovan, as ho was
called by Colonel Roosevelt and those
under his instruction during the thir
ty years he supervised boxing at the
New York Athletic club, held the
friendship of many of the most promi
nent men of the country. He retired
recently, but 'was serving as physical
instructor with a New York field ar
tillery regiment when taken ill.
The former 'champion was born in
Chicago 71 years ago. Ho served with
the Seventy-first Illinois volunteers
throughout the Civil war. It was in
1S66 that he won his first ring victory
over Bill Crowley at Pittsburg in a
bare knuckle battle.
Later Donovan claimed the middle
weight championship of the world and
successfully defended the title, until
his retirement. Although he never
weighed more than 15G pounds during
his ring career, Donovan twice met
John L. Sullivan and other heavyweights.
LOS ANGELES, March 24. The
Cubs started their $75,000 battery,
Alexander and Killefer for the first
time and doubled their winning streak
by downing Vernon, 2 to 0. - Vernon
got only one fluke safety and one drive
past the inner defenses in the three
innings tho battery was on duty. The
score: n. h. E.
Chicago 000 000 002 2 7 1
Vernon 000 000 0000 0 0
Batteries Alexander, Tyler, Hen
drix and Killefer, Elliott; Quinn,
Sheck and Donormer.
r -
In the Baseball '
. World
v j
NEW ORLEANS, March 24. Joe
Wood's homo run In tho eleventh with
a man on, broko the tie and gavo tho
Cleveland Americans a 9 to 7 victory
over tho New Orleans Southern asso
ciation team today.
R. H. E.
Cleveland 9 15 3
New Orleans 7 11 3
Batteries Covcleskio, Morton,
Groom and O'Neill; Smith, Martina
and Peters.
SAN ANTONIO, Tex., March 24.
R. H. E.
St. Louis Nationals 7 11 1
San Antonio Texas league... 3 7 2
Batteries Ames, Meadows, May and
Snyder; Hydern, Ross and Anderson.
DALLAS, Tex., March 24. (Exhibi
tion). R. H. E.
Chicago Americans' 16 17 1
Dallas Texas leaguo 9 10 5
Batteries Danforth, Musser, Schal
Ienberg and Lees. Schalk; Connolly,
Lewis, Wilson, Compere and Dowie.
HOT SPRINGS, Ark., March 24.
R. H. E.
Brooklyn Nationals 1 7 2
Boston Americans 7 11 3
Batteries Mammaux, Marquard.
Coombs and Miller; Ruth, Mays and
DALLAS. Tex., March 24. Ed Corey,
a recruit of the Chiacgo Americans,!
broke his right leg just above the!
anklo hore this afternoon during the
game with the Dallas Texas league j
team. He was taken to a local sani
tarium. JACKSONVILLE, Fla., March 24.
R. H. E. j
Pittsburg Nationals 3 5 0,
Camp Johnson 0 5 4
Batteries Carlson, Jacobs, Hamil
ton and Smith; Daly and Rehor.
FT. WORTH. Tex.. March 24. Sox
Yannigans got plenty of revenge here
today, beating Ft. Worth 9 to 0. The
locals walloped the regulars yesterday.
The. Yannigans clinched tho game in
a hurry, scoring five runs In the open
ing inning. Tedeschi and Benz
pitched good ball.
Score: R. H. E.
Ft. Worth 0 5 4
Sox 9 9 J.
Batteries Watchell, Leo and Gems;
Tedeschi, G. Williams, Benz and Lynn.
FRESNO, March 24. The San Fran
cisco Seals made it two straight this
afternoon when they defeated Duffy
Lewis' All-Navy team by the largo
margin of 8 to 1. The Seals took most
of the jazz out of the game and also
the navy band by their ambition to
show their fastest gait to tho valley
fans in the final holiday game in
which they will be seen on the local
For the navy team, Pitcher Rbse,
Duffy Lewis and the band did the sen
sational playing. Duffy's two long
throw from deep center to tho home
plate brought tho big crowd to their
feet. One of the throws hold McKeo
cn third in a critical stage of the game
and the other throw would havo
caught Koorner at the plate had Rit
chie, the Seal catcher, who was back
stupping for tho navy team, been fast
enough in handling the throw.
Spider Baum showed form in the
five innings he pitched, but O'Doud
was still wild and gave the navy many
chances to score. Each chance was
lost, however, as the Seals' big offen
sive took the pop out of every man
that came up.
OAKLAND, March 24. The Oaks
made themselves look good at home
today for they took the St Mary's
team into camp In the morning, 5 to 1,
and then downed the Marines in the
afternoon, 5 to 1. So, up to date the
Oaks look liko a regular ball club.
"Bus" Arlett, tho young man who is
being ballyhooed like a circus in a
the morning and ho behaved nicely. If
country town, pitched for the Oaks in
he lives up to his press notices, he will
be as big an attraction as Speed Mar
tin was a few years ago, when police-
i pleas, Grand- I
I "Why Bobby, if m i
1 yoo wait a bit for j
I no argument wii) ' :
I 'caose the flavor ffikjcilW 7 I
I fasts, anyway!" o! I f
men halted traffic in order to let the
popular pitcher get into the clubhouse.
In the afternoon the Marines fought
nobly and for six Innings they had the
Oaks whipped, 1 to 0. In the seventh
Inning Captain Roxy Middloton drag
ged a bunt down the first baseline and
boat it out. Lelffer bunted him to
second and huge Hack Miller drove
him home with the tying count In
the eighth, the Oaks slipped over four
runs and stowed the game away.
NEW YORK, March 24. Miss Marie
Wagner, national indoor tennis cham
pion, will not defend her title in tho
tournament which begins tomorrow at
the Seventh regiment armory here.
She won the title last year when
Miss Molla Bjurstedt sacrificed tho
honors by default. Miss Bjurstedt will
bo among the players tomorrow.
Harry (Moose) McCormick, formerly
pinch hitter for the New York Giants,
now a lieutenant with a regiment in
France, has written President Tener of
the National league asking that the I.
league see to It that his regiment is
supplied with baseball equipment Mc
Cormick reports having met Captain
Til Houston and Sergt. Hank Gowdy
somowhere near the front and that he
found both well and happy.
The St Louis Browns having g-ac-quired
that needed right-handed hitter
for their outfield in Tim Hendryx,
scribes of the Mound City are now
worrying about left-handers for the
pitching staff.
Nick Cullop and Albert Leifield are
the only southpaws in sight just now,
but the club hopes to land another be
fore the season opens. Bobby Quinn
will get one if he has to open the
gravo of Rube Waddell.
DES MOINES, la., March 24. Earl
Caddock of Anita, la., who has just
been made a sergeant in the national
army at Camp Dodge, will meet Joe
Stecher of Dodge, Neb., in a finish
wrestling match this summer, prob
ably July 4, either in Omaha or Des
Moines, Caddock's manager announced
-" - --- ' " " 4v Li
Ken Bidding for ( F
Wlard-MoH '
sf$ Match, July 4 s
. se
CHICAGO, March 24. Reno, Nev., 24i
scene of the Johnson-Jeffries heavy-
weight championship battle, may bo W.
tho scene of the Willard-Fulton match, euj
July 4. This information was given I dem
out by Colonel J. C. Miller tonight. rr
Appropriation has been made by
the chamber of commerce of that city lty
and it looks good to Miller. He will rt
place it before Willard and Fulton to- je
morrow morning, when they meet at .
10 o'clock to officially close the con-
Ex-P. C. X53110 (just back from LJ
patrol) I saw this 'ere person loit OtiM
ering about under suspicious circum- m- I
stmces and with weapons hindicating I
that 'e contemplated committing a B
felony so 1 runs 'im in, yer worship! y&M
Passing Show. 1
Road the Classified Adi .
( W THIS HOTEL, j SX Cop- WUo) ffi ) ooJ-"ot VoJ JJE HEZJ0 ( &ONT CaJ fAV J
' -7 Tonight I ?JPP- Here I sthnoc ) other. Guests . I THmG Tic 7xE4o) : VM
V -here: I V ?iL.0- J V vi A55L yf?riAG- come v . y , oSM
' - )
i i

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