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t ' " . "
Spjf We are exclusive selling
B agents for Mimeograph sand
roll Neostyles and. Sup.Jies.
Im Far Subscription mnxS Advarttayag
Vh :pNtctmas, Call ona jSS.,,
!SB IRISH & IRISH, Chlropractoraj 209,
IlWt 210, 211 Col. Hudson Bldg. Phoite 27b.
HB '' 3193
IiB Forgery Frank Voat, the 19-jyear-
iK old youth arrested hci;c last Friday on
aflB a charge of altcmpjted, forger, is
IlfHr wanted in Evanston a charge of Xo$-
IK gcry alleged to haVe.Tjeen winmUted
ilB there recently', according tip advllces
IjjR' received by the police department!
oWB Wanted Elevator boy. Rbed hotel.
sB Cases of Draft Men Attorney E. T.
IK Hulaniski, who is appeal agent for the
government in cases. o draft Jcpen, has,
cB appealed the case of Frederick H.
Im Bond, who was granted, defend cass,
ification on the ground, of dependents.
IIW We have moved six doors ronth to
IK 2430 Washington avenue." Ogdan Elec-
?Hf trie Co.
Ik Returns Home Andrew T. Ba?gs, of
i:K' Whitehall, Mont, w;ho has. tyepn visit -
H? ing in Ogden with relatives, has re
turned to his homo, in, the njacthern
ffHh state.
IB Old papers for sale. Ogden SJtand-
ik ard.
jHh Sad News Mrs. Nelson. Freeman of
K Twenty-seventh street, received the
IB sad news of her father i George Long's
B death in New York City., last v.eek, t.le
funeral was held Sunday! Internment
jB was in the beautiful Greemvood ceme-
fE tery. Mr. Long was a native of; Eng-
land but had lived "mdst'al his life in
jH this country. His wife survives hhn.
We have moved six dpons north to
2430 Washington avenue. Cjgdeh Elec-
IB trice Co.
jV Wrestler "Strangler-V' Ld.wis, the
K wrestler, passed through Onden yes-
rB' terday morning on. his way1 to meet
IVi some of the topnotchors on the coast.
WOjM S b. & G. is the butter for you,.
iK On Inspection E. E. Carter, who is
rHf- in charge of the Washington (office of
jK toe Branch of, silviculture of Ute forest
IH service work, was in, Ogden for a, few,
:K days last week and went to Denver to
IK Denver to make inspections there.
'm Mrs. West Home Mrs. Sadie West,
m who has been visiting with the family
IH of her son, Mr. and Mrs. Earl West of,
:K Salt Lake, has returned home.
IK Body 'Taken to Coast .L.H. Dodds,
Bl superintendent of the Ogqen, V.nipp.
Railway & Depot company,. to.o.k the.
body of his wife to Los Angeles Satur-
day. Funeral services were to have
been held there today.
Plenty of all. kinds o coal. M. L.
Jones Coal & Ice company. 3492,
From Pocatello G. Y. Bywator, car
HK distributor for the Oregop, Short L.in,e
Raiay company Uh headquarters
at Pocatello, Idaho, was a business vis
itor to Ogden this, morning.
In Seventh VVard-rJudge George S.
H' .Barker gave a yen' interesting talk
last night at the Seventh ward.
Trees, Plants, ylnes, Roses and
Shrubs-Of,' all, kinds. Moose's nursery,
jH& 126G Washington avenue. Phono 32,
Jm 3841 1
iK Spoke to El.de rs-nEldor Alma J.. Po-
H terson pf the, Ogd.en stake high co.un-
fBm fl cil doUver4 a most Interesting lecture
'! f on "The Problems, pf the Day," a,t the
IB meeting of the Fifth ward, elder's quo-
rum yesterday morning.
IB Da,nce . "Peanut Sqoial" Fourth.
lB ward next Monday, where the select
lB gather. 3998
(B To Entertain The Royal Neighbors
of-America will celebrate' the Tw'enty
lB third anniversary, of the order tonigh.t
IB at the Odd Fellows' hall.
I We clean rugs and carpets. Ogden
Steam Laundry. 3634
Returns H.qme pelljert Campbell
has returned, t,o, his home in Ogden val
ley aft,ev a pleasant visit in Long
Beach, Cal.
Q.ur dry cleaning d,?Dartment will,
clean, your rugs and carpets satlsfac-
to'rily. Ogden Steam Laundry. 3634,
Hewitt and Blair Plead Andrew
Hewitt and Otto Blair, charged with
grand larceny by the Oregon Short
Line Railroad company for the theft
of 83 sacks of flour from one of its
box cars, entered, p.teaji. pf not guilty
this morning when arraigned before
Judge A. E. Pratt of the district cour.t.
Ten per cent discount on. monumen
tal work. Mitchell's, opp. City Cemetery
Suit Aga.tnsA R.qa,d Milton N. Mc
Coy started suit today against the
j. Utah-Idaho Central Railroad company
w for $2500 damages for an injury to his
let foot- The foot -yras injured, Marph
30, 1917.
When you cean house send us your
rugs, curtains and draperies Ogden
Steam Laundry. 3634
DOWNING Hclon Kathryn Down
ing, the 9-months-old baby 4augh,ter
of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Downing pf
the Argyle apartments died this morn
ing about 2 o'clock ut a loca.1 hospital.
One of the intestines had became en-,
folded within itself causing strangula--tion
of the alimentary tract. Nothing
Hi LOST. y'
B- SATURDAY, between Adams nnd
B- Washington on 23rd or between. 23n
Bi; and. 24th on Washington, cUU.d'q "white
i fur neck piece. Phone 3257 -M. Call at
B 878 24th st. 4Q46
GIRL for general houseworU. Stafford
r Millinery store. 4045
m "
. .
Another Ogden boy has communi
cated with his parents from France by
cable to inform them that he has ar
rived over the seas. Corporal Harold
Tripp, son of Mr. and Mrs. G. W.
Tripp, 320 Twenty-fifth street. soa(
the following cablegram to his par
ents which was received this morn
ing: "I have arrived safely overseas."
Tie, city exemption board moved to
day (fpm its quarters in tHe. University
Club, building to the new offices at '41S
Twenty-fourth street.
This morning the men who are tp
leave for Camp Lewis on Sunday,
March 31, reported at the offices and
yere given instruction. They vill m,pct
again at 5 p. in., Sunday, and, prior to
their departure at 9 p. ui., Sunday, will
bo entertained at an informal dinner
under auspices of the pressmen of the
city, with cpunty and city boards and
the contingent pj drafted, men, as hon
ored guests.
The Morgan, Rich and Davis coun
ty men, vf-Ill arrive In Ogdtcn, u, t.ho
afernopn and thero will also b.e two
men from Twin Falls who are leaving
Ogden with this contmgen,L
A revised schedule wis received by
the board todaj;. The official time for
departure is no,w- fixed at 9 p. m. over
a special Oregon Short Llnp train.
The twp. extra, men are David D.
Dpnaidspn and Fnk S. Faulkner.
PBDVfl .
The fifth annual convention of the
Utah Elks' state, asspciaion will be
h,eld .June 5 and 0. at ro.vo, a.ccprd,ing
(o. announcements made today b'y
local membars of the lodge. At a meet
ing yesterday of the executive com
mittee of the-state association a tenta
tive program was. outlined for the pon
yentibn, Haioid J. Packer is secre
tary of the state association and at
tended the convention with John
QuHey. Mr. Culley was named chairman
of' the committee on constitution and
The tentative, program was mapjje
out as foists: Wednesday, June 5,
11 a. m., ojierring session; second ses
sion Wednesday, 2 p. m,; third session
Thursday, 10. a. m., at which officers
for the ensuing year will bo elected.
A grand parage will be given Thurs
day afternoon and a banquet in the
evening. Patriotism will bo the key
note of the conventipn.
The member.? of the executive com
mittee who meil last night, are as fol
lows: Oscar Au Forslund, president,
Park ity; Harold J. Packer, secretary,
Ogden; P. P, C.tristensen, Salt Lake;
George Huss, OgUen; Eugene Henroid,
Pro.vp; L. P. MctGarry. Park City, and
Edward Pike, Eureka.
Fresh German livisipns Press
Forward Withwut Waiting
for Artillery' Support.
LONDON, March 5 . The Germans,
says the correspondent, are relying
upon sheer weight of numbers in thejr
heavy attacks, on the Pritish ljnes, re
lieving their tiijcd troops' by fresh
dlvisipns which presp. (prwar'd wtyh
pul wai,ting fo artQlerji support-
The-enem ali day .vestefday and
through the mppnlight last night kept
up, his. hammering pf (,h,j Brjtlsji ppsi
tlp.ns, the inessagp stasis, the Brish
troops resisting with, valileht stubborn
nes&I T,he Germana arQ emp,Bqypg many
small bodies pf Uhlans, njafnly as
spotting patrols, i,t is ad,le4.
The new. Ogden City directory, com
piled by R. L, Polk &. Co., is Ibeing dis
tributed in tho city by P. B. FInley,
traveling sales agent. It places Og
den's population at 36,348.
could, be done to sayp tho, life pf the
chiid. The body vas taken' to the
Llndciuist undertaking chapell tp he
prepared, for burial.
This evening the parents") will take
the- body to Boulder, Colo. "
Divorce Suit Filed SuiUlIgr divorce
was fie4 today by Verne Henjka
against Louis E. Henika. The plaintiff
Qhrges that tho defendant lhas failecj
tp provide for her for more than a year
althpu.gu able to do so. Thcre are no
children. The couple was married Jan
uary !7 1915 in the sLate of'Mng
tOA. 00
"What are that couple oven at yon
den table "scrapping aboutV
"I thjnk, sjr, they're fighting over
tho war bread."
Read th Classified Ads. ,
I Read tbff Classified Ada. ' i
I On account of the increase In the
bnsiness of; the Ogden Union, Stock
Yards, It was found necessary to build
many more pens.
WorK on, t'ho building of the pens
began a. week ao. Forty pens, each
iO feet square and covered so as to
make them into ventilated sheds are
being built by Contractor C. J. Hum
phries, who has a force of carpenters
rushing the sheds, and pens to comple
tion. Those shedj? are for the accom
modation, of th,e horses that are con
stantly coming in to Ogden.
The Ogden Horse Sales company, of
which Otto Meek is manager, has in
creased its business within the past
year until It is known among stock
men all over the west, and It has no
King George and President
Wilson Congratulate Field
Marshal Haig and Pre
dict Victory.
LONDON, March 25. King George
today sent tle following message to,
Fipld Marshal Haig:
"1 can assure you that the fortitude,
courage and self-sacrifice with which
the' troops under your command con
tinues heroically to resist greatly su
perior n,uija,bers are realized by me
and, my p.eop.lp. Tho empire stands
calm and confident in its soldiers. May
Gpd b.less them and give them
strength in this time of trial."
WASHINGTON, March 25 Presi
dent Wilson, today cabled Field Mar
shal Haig congratulating him on the
British s.ta.n,d against the German of
fensive and predicting a final allied
The pres,ideit's message reads:
"May I not express to you my warm
admiration for the splendid steadfast
ness and valor with which your troops
have withstood the German onset and
the perfect confidence all Americans
feel that you will win a secure and
final victor)'."
IVIajpr General to Explain Gen
eral Military Situation in
WASHINGTON, March 25. Major
General Leonard, Wpp.d,, wh,p. recently
returned from the battle (rp.n(, was
called before tho senate military com
mittee late yesterday to inform, the
coiumittee regarding the general mili
tary situation and esjpepially as to the
American expeditionary forces.
WASHINGTON, March 25. The
war department bill empowering tho,
president to requisition timber and
lumber to conduct logging operations
for the army, tho navy and the emer
gency fleet corporation, was passed by
the senate today and now goes to the
The conference report on thp $150,
PPP.OPO prgent deficiency appropriation
bill including riders authorizing sale
of al enpniy properly in this country
ahd fpr purphase by' the go'ye'rnment of
German wharves and docks at Hobok
cq, Ni J., was adopted tpday by the
senate sixty to, one and sent to the
QHICAGP, llarph 25. Final arti
cles closing a heavyweight chainpjon
ship match between Jess Wjllard and
Frpd jTuVtqn of Rochester, Minn.f the
phaljenger,' TTPrP signed today.
Willard, jt was revealed in thp npw
s.et of nrficies, is to dcriye 75 per cpnt
pf the net profits mride by' Colonel j.
C. Miller, promoter, whie Fullop is to
receive a Ijat sum pf 20,0,00. The
agreement also Sttlputatfis" that Miller
shall have the right 'ko sell pr trans
fer th'p bo.ul" tP such person, pr per
sons ag he may see fit."
"If t am successful in selling te
match for 100,Q00 or more In fact
any anipunt 1 will haye to pay Fulton
?20,000 and givp Wilard '7o per ccni
of thp balancp,1' Miller explained. "I
may not bo able to sell the' match. It
I don't, I shall promote it myself.
There's one hn certain Willard
and Fulton will fight some place for
the pharapionshlp the next Fourth of
The articles stipulate ihaj. Willard
and Fill ton shall o'poh' training quar
ters in the vicinity' of the city where
ihc cRntest is staged for at leat three
weeks prior to the bout. The number
pf rpundB to ho fought will depen'd'en
tirely on the laws "of the tate."
LONDON, March 27. Thp capture
lay the Grprmans of the towns, pf Nesle
ang Guificard, apnpqnced h.y'Berjin tq
daj, it' ponfirmed In this pypnifig's
.BriuhiQffijJiarsiatcnien ' '
little share In making Qgdpp known
as a stock center.
The Horse Sa,le pompany has been
purchasing UPrPf ntl m.ules for the
government and high blood stock for
individuals. Sales are held very often
and those wishing to b.uy can do so in
6gden in the ppen market. A sale is
running for the first throe days of this
week. Mr. Meek states that he has on
hand for his auction 600 head of
horses, and ruu,les; 200 "bulls and pne
carload of fine blood stallions, pn,e car
of 'Jacks,' a.n,d a load, of blooded cows.
All this stppk, except tho 6.00 horses
and mujps is o fino'blood. Thc'b.ulls
and cows are of the Short-horn, and
Hereford breed. Many buyers, are coin
ing here, from various places, a num,
hpr of (bom, from San Francisco.
Imports More Liquor- Than
Any Other City of Size
m. IJ. S.
CHEYENNE, Wyo., March 24.
Gheyenna statiticians claim tha,t to.
day this little clty'pf 12,000 persons
imports' more! whisky th,an any. city pf
equal size in the United S"tates.
Cheyenne imports an average of one
carload pf, liquor a, daj'. Recently
promulgated shipping orders provide a
car loaded wi(h liquor shall contain
from 90 to 110 barrels. On the basis
of but 75 barrels of wiskpy each car
would coh(alh 3700 gallpns as a stan
dard whiskey Vrrel contains forty
eight galipns. or 29,00 pjLnls.
Now 'the Cheyenne staticians figure
there are eight average sized drinks In
a pint, making the car contain 236.S0O
A total of 236,800 drinks would gly.e
every man, w6mau and child fh Chey
enne twenty drinks apiecp daily,
enough, say Uiese same statitiians to
keep everj' man, woman and child per
petually intoxicated if thoy were "the
only ones to drink tho liquor which
arrives here.
But now it is said that but 10 per
cent of Oheyenne's population or even
less drink liquor. This would make
200 drinks daily for the 10. per pent.
And each pcrspn included in this 10
per cent would havb to take a ' drink
every seven minutes of the twenty
four hours.
Colorado officials charge that Chey
enne is the chief hasp for bootleggers
who operalo into Oxy Colorado". They
point to these figures as conclusive
It is figured that the 14,800 quarts
imported daily represent a retail value
of 14,400.
Shell Splinter Strikes Him in
the Chest During the Ger
man Bombardment.
PARIS, March 25 An American
corporal of marines was struck In the
chest by a shell splinter of one of the
first shells which fell during Satur
day's bombardment of Paris by the
Germans. He was wounded seriously
but his life probably was saved by the
deflection of the splinter by a cigarette
case. So far as has been reported he
is the only American victim of the
Thp Matin says one of the shells
fired in the direction of Paris yester
day struck a church in tho suburbs.
Several persons who were attending a
Palm Sunday service were killed.
FRANCE, Sunday, March 24. (By th,c
Associated, Press.) American artil
lery on the Toul sector contirmpcj to
day to shpil effectively enemy first One
and cpmmunipation trenches, the towri
of St. Baussaut, tho b.IUets and dumps
north of Boquetpau. Many of thp Am
erican shells have fallen in tti'o Ger
man trepches and thp first two, lines
in at least pnp pjacp hayo bepn vir
tually abandoned,'. " "
Onp American patrol frpply inspect
ed this point In, the enpmy liup vith
morning and rpmainpd there sovernl
hours. There have bepn no contaefs
between the infantry during the last
twenty-four hpurs.
LONDON, Feb. 4. Alfred Charles
de Rothschild, pf thp banking fapilly of
that name, who died a 'few days ago,
was. a great hpst and did pot confine
his hospitality to ljis'oyfn home or to
onp class. He daily spnt from his kit
Phen tho best of his cook's' efforts fqr
his many friends, especially those who
were sick, and sent many supplies to
tho poor.
The thr.cp Rpthschild brothers had
pprtajn rptjemblances to ' Dickon's
Chceryblp brokers. They' mef. every
day, except foe a mpntli in the year,
and spent inost of the day t'o'gethpr,
having iqqst things in corunion. They
ajl dipd withjft three' years.
Alfrpd dp Rothschjjil was a clqso
frjpnd of Lprd Kitchener arjd was also
on jntimate terms "with Kiifg Ecjv;'r,d
wj9 sought his agyicp'bn'piany "occa
sion. " " " tv
The city fire department made a
record, run this morning when an
alarm parpe in at 1:3,0 o'clock from
2374 Hudson avenue., a tirp repair shop
operated by W. M. MUller. -The depart
ment succeeded in reaching the scene
oC thp fire almost tas soon as the
parties at the shpp finished tele
phpning and the flVes were extin
'gulshed in' quick limei.
The fire started in the rear of the
place in the vulcanlzl ng rpom. t is
believed that a can oCj high test gaso
line which "was used l?or' vulcanizing
purposes, became ignited frppi the gas
lumes. ppming in pan(act with the
flamo of thp vulcanjzey. No ono was
In the room when the tflames started.
Tho attendants were in the sales room
in front Several "hupdrpd dollars.
yort of iires and tubes werp horned
b.ut insurance covered' all the damage.
The rnoral is simpjy, jip .man
cares a pin,
For a vife that )oo,ks Jjke what
the cat has dragged in.
So, girlls, jf your ijqme life is
slon and depressing.
Just take our adyjee keep
you j husband a-uessing.
See.- Clara KinibaJ) y.9jang
and b er rown company jn 'The
Marionettes," ew'.LJtah, ,tor
day a xid tomorrow.
. mm.
A meeting at the hJ'sh schopl .this
moruing, attended by Warren L.
Wat Us, Dr. E. I. Rloh anil .Superin
tend ,ent H. .G. Johnson, ratified the ac
tion previously taken by thp .student
bp.djy, hy which the .f,upds derived from
the r.epent .Classical la' and' the forth
pom ing pr.oduptipn pf "jOver jipre" are
tp. l)e .turned .over entirely ,to tie Red
Crqss. Proposals to en4oy aja ambu
lant '.e, inyest thp inpneV n war sav-irg-.
stamps or.thr patriotic services
weu.o r.pfijcied in fay.or-of ,the' Red
Cra ss as .offering ,fhe opportunity' vf or
tho most good.
T he .Classicalia and th.c Junior dra
ma! Jc production are annual eyents
alni. Qd at securing mpn.ey tp gi,v;e the
a.nc ,ual junior pr.pm., the feature dance
of- th,p s.ch,opl year. The higji sphool
stu dents were unanimous in agreeing
thai this yearns festivities should be
sul jugated to thp natl.on's pe.Q,ds.
l .Varrcn L. Wattis, jn behalf' of the
Re d .Gross, vthanked the students 5pf the
hij ,-b scup.pl Jor .their patriotic offering.
ROY STEWART in "Faith j
Ei.idurinY a jaig new Triangle
p cture in five parts, and pearl
"Vhite and Antonio Moreno in
fhe House of Hate iji e
siown at the Cozy tomorrow
and Wednesday.
- 00
E inemy Airplanes Bombard
Town Inside U. S. Lines
' With Gas Shells and
High Explosives.
R RANCE, Sunday, March 24. (By the
A ssociated Press.) Fqr the third con
si cutive day Gorman artillery today
bj imbanled heavily with gas shells a
c Ttain town within the American
111 ics. Today's bombardment was made
iri two periods, each a half hour in
e lglh. M.orp gas shells an.d a few
hi ;h explosive shells fell on the Amer
ica ji positions.
The weather was .especially suitable
toe lay for aorial work and the Germans
toe -k advantage pf i,L On pnp portion
of the sector fourteen enenjy airplane's
cro ssed between noon and 6 o?clock in
the evening while' four friendly ones
wei 0 over the American lino in tho
sain e period. One group of seven
end uy machines, apparently on a
bom b)ng expedition, was .discovered at
mict night and driven off by the rapid
fire of American antl -aircraft guns.
Ai 1 American patrol has brought in
quail tities of valuable papers from tho
bodi s of five Germans killed in a
shell holo by American artillery fire
a te J days ago. Among the papers
takpqt from an elderiy Soldier was a
letter fr.qm hjs .daughter saying:
" e are being fold now that peace
will a, urely come in July or August.
Everj body was highly elated when tho
ne'ws ( )f the Russian peace was receiv
ed." Thp entire Anierican contingent
from penerals to privates eagerly
awaits lews from the British front. All
arc con fldent that the Germans even
tually 'ill be defeated severely, even
if they tshould strike hard at tjie put
set. Tbj 3 German offensive is the sole
topic or conversation pn the Ameri
can sept r. Bj-itish official communica
tions arc caught by wjrcless operators
and new papers are circulating widely
and rapid ly along the front.
An enej ny airplano early th)s mprn.
ing cut off its engines at' a great
height ov r the American lines north
west of 1 oul and planed dpwjj. Wljifn
close to t ic ground "itdropped'a quan-
LET US 1 1 1
Vulcanize Your I
Tires and Save I
You Money I
( H
i D.OTi't throw away a tube or casing H
until you'ye consulted us. We may be ' I
able to show you a big additional mile- j H
age at little cost. Our men are experts. H
Our equipment is complete. H
Bring in your tires and casings, We I
will tell you wliat can be along and to : H
cost, then you can decide. . . ;
We have just installed a machine for H
half-soling rubber boots. You won't H
haye to throw aay the olp! .ones apy H
more. We can repair them.
. ;
Inter Mountain I
Vulclanizing Works I
2220 tWaAYet Phone 760 H
,tity of bombs. Some were of a npw
variety which pxpfpdp in mid-aip wjth
a blu)sh-red flash' and giye off a .cloud
of niustard gas. "fiefng heavier than
the air thp mustard gas quickly de
scended tqward some of our jsattery
positipns and a road.
After thp machine disappeared the
Gernian gas bombardment' hegan. An
other enemy airplane hovered over thp
town while the bombardment with gas
sheljs was in progress.
to -
FRANCE, March 25. (By the Asso
ciated Press.) .On the Tqu front
there was consjdorable artjllery activ
ity during the pight. American guns
heavjjy shejlp.d th6 .German', front Jine
ppstUPns. Eneniy batteries' replied,
using many gas he)ls. ater photo:
graphs were takep from ajrplaijes of
.the damage inflicted by thP Americans!
Spends Hour at Buckingham
Palace Pjscussing Aienca's
Efforts in War.
LONDON, March 25. Secretary
Baker was presented to King (reorge
at JDuckingham palace tpclay by 401
b'as's'adbr1 Page. ' The secretary re
mained for an hour with the king, dis
cussing America's efforts in EurPpe.
Mr. and Mrs. Page remained fpr
luncheon with the king and queen, but
Mr. Bakej had tp hurry away tp cajl
oh Premier Llpyd-Ceorge at 12:30
.O'clock. Tater he gave a Juncheon to
tho members of his staff and to Vice
Admiral Sims and Major-General Bid
die. The secretary spent the remain
der .pf thp day at the war ofllce in
conference wth the Earl of Derby,
secretary of state for war and other
British military officials.
LONDON, March 25. Prince Henry
of Rousse, head of thp younger branch
of the Reused "family, has'b'cpn kHjed
In the figh'Iing on the' Jsreslern front,
according to a Central News agency
!dlspalchsj3u6ting advices received Irani
Officers and Privates Deco-
rated for Distinguished
Bravery in Action.
FRANCE, Sunday, March 2l Lieu-
tenant H. B.' Davies of the United
States army medical rcservo, serving'
with the British army, has been
awarded the distinguished service jH
cross, one of tho four new American J
decorations for bravery. Lieutenant
Davies on January S entered a dugout jH
undpr continuous shell fire and re- 1
maiued attending the occupants after
t had leen blown in. He performed
an amputation operation and saved the B
life of a British soldier. He received
the first mqdal ponferred oh any Amer- 1
lean serving with the British forces. 1
Patrol s Rewarded. jf
Thp lieutenant,' who as previously
recorded, took a prisoner in a listen- B
ing post in the Toul sector 'is from IIH
Charleston, S. C. He and all the men
n the palrpj h.epP given ten days
leave in recognition of their services. V
Corpora) Burke Decorated. HBSJ
The distinguished service" cross has HVH
bepn awarded tp Corporal Charles H,
Burke, 'infantry.
His citation reads:
"Severely wounded while patrolling
bp refused' to Icuye his platoon com-
mander, who also vas soverely wound- nBVBV
ed. HP stayed at his side during an
intense bpmbardment and assisted in KVH
firivinf nff an pn'omv natrol." IH
VVar Cross Spiked to Coffin. BVJ
The French cbhima"nder of a divi- HBVI
slon with which American troops are IH
being trained, today awarded tho cross
of war to an American jnfantrj'mcin. IBSJ
w"ho'two nights ago gave his life rather
tpan abandpn his ppst of duty. The
war cross was spiked to the coffin he- BSJ
foro burial.
Two infantrymen entered an aban- ,flBVJ
doned trench to establish a sniper's BVBv
post when "they observed several Ger-
ipans ip the wjrp before the American J
trenches. Gather Germans arrived. They H
ihegan an .exchange of rifip fre which BBflJ
rculf e'd iii a barrage' frpm both sides.
At the end of iu hour the enpmy gave
up his attempt'to enter the American
lines and withdrew. BVftV
Then it was discovered that one of IBVKV
Hie 'two Americans had been killed. ftVKV
Tierc was plenty of cover within a few BVBVJ
yards but he" remained at his post ftJBSJ
throughout the artillery battle. jH

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