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I ! : . Attend the Auto Show This Evening
IJ Demountable j
I .im LOCIl No Locks No Bolts No Tools.
j '' I was approved hy hundreds of visitors-at the recent
Auto Show in Salt Lake. It will be exhibited in j
I demonstration at the Annual . j
i I Ogden Auto j
I This is a Utah invention; it can be applied to the i
I -I I wheels of any automobile. A manufacturing com-
pany has been organized and a limited amount of j
1 I y stock sold. 1 0,000 shares only, at $1 .00 per share, j:
j I will be offered at the Ogden Show. jj
N BRUCE E. BAIRD, the company's assistant I
I manager will be at the show the entire week with jj
1 Mr. E. V. Straight, Ogden representative. Ask I
j;i 1 him particulars. - g
; I Baird Demountable
i I Rim Lock Co.,
X 1 OFFICERS Don M. Shaw, Paige Motor Sales Co.; Daniel Alex- J
1 . ander, Attorney; A. F. Savage, .TVliite-Savage Motor Co.; J.. EX
j 1 Windel, Paigo Motor-Sales Co.; Malcolm McAllister, W. Eccles j
I Baird. ?
"The turnover is vital to successful
"In that case," said the baker,
"maybe I'd better put more turn
overs in the oven." Louisville Courier-Journal.
j Read the Classified Ads
The doors 'of Ogdcn's automobilo
show "frill bo 'thrown open tonight .at
7:30 o'clock and those who visit the
show will see the finest collection of
motor cars that lias ever been gathered
in Ogden city a statement which all
the participants who have seen tho
show behind closed doors vouch for.
With the spring-like decorations, ferns
and auto trimmings, the room will pre
sent a gala appearance.
Each of the (booths wllf be fitted up
with tables bejaring brochures and de
scriptive catalogues about tho cars
displayed so pat visitors may satisfy
their own curiosity as to the merits of
tho cars. Tb-ore will bo salesmen or
representatives in attendance also who
will take ordprs or explain to Interest
ed persons anything which they may
wish to know.
The formal opening of tho show -will
bo at 7:30 ip. m. Mayor T. Samuel
Browning wfill deliver tho opening ad
dress sometime during the evening. He
will be accompanied by Commission
ers Chris Flygaro and Miles L. Jones.
After tonight tho show will open
each day at 2 p. m. and remain open
until 1.1 p. m. There will be special
features for each evening.
There are several cars at the show
which will no doubt attract more than
usual Interest. One of these is a beau
tiful Jordan brougham, four passen
ger. This car was shown in New
York's last automobilo show and also
at Salt Lake's and was hailed as the
prize car of the show. Another beau
(liful machine on display is a Chandler
1 Six sport model painted, in a light blue..
This machine has attracted constant
attention since arriving in Ogden.
Tho Jordan' brougham is being ex
hibited by the Mercer & Jordan Sales
Co., and the Chandler sport bj C.A.
Quigley, Inc.
The show room is divided int) three
rows of exhibits. The accessory men
and body builders have taken tlhe en
! tire east wall of the room, tho center
j and west walls being used for auto
I mobiles. t
Starting south from tho west door
the exhibits are ranged as .follows:
Burrows. Auto Co., Oakland six;
Chalmers six; Cadillac eight, standard
of the world.
Browning Bros. Auto & Supply Co.,
'Oakland and Willys-Knight; Overland
six, sport model, Willys-Knight six.
Both with white wire wheels and spe
cial trimmings. j
C. A. Quigley, Inc., Standard Steel
Car eight, Chandler six, sport model,
Chandler touring car. special hoqd.
J. G-. Read & Bros. Co., autp top
shop and McLaughlin Co., Paige, with
Not A Common Car " "
j THE aCt te Auum Six is not one of the commonest cars on .
the streets appeals to a good many people, first because they - do ;
not want die same car as everybody else lias, and second, because -they
feel that there may be a little something tacked on- to the price of a-car
H that is extremely popular.
HL Comparison of the Auburn Six with other cars of equal price reveals a. marked superb
K" ority in Auburn size, power and beauty. In fact-to equal the Auburn Six in size ancfl
1 Power and in all the other points that make motor car quality, ypu will have to pay.
$200 to $300 more than the Auburn price.
. The Auburn Six is- one of the best-looking,, most styfeh cats in America. It ap-
f peals to people- whose taste has been educated to -appreciate harmonious,' simple lines ancj.
H fine finish,
1 i Auburn-Six models include: Frvepassenger Touring-Car-and Four-Passenger Road'.
H I ster at $1345; a smart, high powered Sport-Model at 1395,. a Seven-Passenger Touring
! You cannot afford to overlook (Ms car 'whether you are seeding j
H simply the most jar your money or ator thais dlstmcthQ m its class. '
H ' Mountain States Motor Car Cfifc..
Hlf 2366 Hudson Ave.
Read made top and .McLaughlin body
Center Row.
Mountain States Motor Car Co.,
three-door sport model, Auburn six,
deep .maroon; Inter-state.
Noblitt Motor Car Co., Hupniobilc
six, with special Victoria top and spe
cial upholstering; Kissel Car six, spe-
Mercer & Jordan Sales Co., Jordan
brougham, four passenger, finished in
Brewster green; Jordan six, sport ma
rine; Mercer sport model, four passen
ger. Special Exhibits.
The special automobilo exhibits and
accessory displays are listed as fol
lows: Ogden Tire Filler Co., Baird
Demountable Rim Lock Co., Willard
service storage batteries, tho Univer
sal Airless Tire Co., Sidney Stevens
Co., body . builders; Ogden Electric
Supply Co., Utah Tiro Repair Co., Elec
tric Starter & Storage Battery station,
Gates Half Sole Tiro Co.
SALT LAKE, March 25. Members
of the l-15th (Utah) regiment are in
tip-top condition from overy conceiv
able military standpoint, and aro fig
uratively chafing at their bits, await
ing tho order that will tell them to
break camp and begin the long march
to Berlin. This was the information
brought back to Salt Lake by Colonel
Richard W. Young, wh6 returned yes
terday from Camp Kearny on his way
to Fort Sill, Okla., where he has been
ordered to rqport as a member of the
efficiency board to examine the quali
fications of United States army offi
cers. Colonel Young said it was his be
lief that no other regiment in the
country could surpass the l-15th in the
efficiency to which it has been trained
during its stay at Camp Kearny the
last six months. That it is holding jus
own with any of them, is as far along
.and as well advanced as any, he said
he felt no shadow of a doubt, and ex
pressed the conviction that his state
ments would be fully substantiated
when the men were given an oppor
tunity to show on the actual field of
battle what they could do. "I hope
this opportunity will come soon," he
"Tho fact tnat the war department
is calling men from other canton
ments throughout the country for serv-lre-
in France does not discourage us
in the least," he added. "We know we
are up to full requirements, and al
though we cannot fathom the purposes
of the war heads, we are content to
rest in the belief that they understand
what is best and are doing it. We have
no idea when the call for us will come,
but we shall bo there when it does
come, be assured of that."
Need 135 Recruits.
, Owing to the fact that many men
have been discharged from Cam?
Kearny on account of physical defects,
and to the large number of transfers
which have- been made from time to
time, Colonel Young said, tho regiment
is at present suffering from a shortage
of men. He said about 135 additional
men were needed to bring tho regi
ment up to full war strength. Although
the voluntary induction of draft reg
istrants has been ordored stopped by
the adjutant general, Colonel Young
said those who are outside the draft
ago limits could enlist and that they
would be welcomed at the camp.
Asked whether he thought tho l-15th
regiment would be denuded of officers
when the time comes for forming
skeleton regiments, as was done at
Fort Douglas not long ago in the case
of the Twentieth to form the Forty
second and Forty-third, Colonel Young
said that such would inevitably be the
case, as no reservoir except the reg
ular army exists from which officers
who aro efficient can be drawn. Tho
training schools, he said, are not able
to provide trained officers, and the
regular army is thus the only source
of supply.
Tho reputation of the men of the
115th for shooting accuracy is as high
as any regiment in. tho camp, said
Colonel Young, as may be readily seen
from the fact that they were selected
to fire the exhibition artillery barrage
fire a short time ago.
The arrival of the new Enfield
rifles at the camp', he said, has re
sulted in accelerated vigor in target
practice and training. Tho boys show
great prido in keeping their rifles in
first-class condition, and feel more
than ever a keen desire to get a
chance at the Boche.
00 1
Tho funeral of'Ben Morlensen, well
known commercial traveler of Ogden
and former baseball player, was held
yesterday afternoon in the'Ninth ward
chapel, with Bishop W. O. Ridges offi
ciating. The chapel was thronged by
the many friends of the deceased who
had como to pay respect to him and
many were unable m gainfan entrance
to the chapel. The bier and the chapol
stand were banked with flowors sent
by many friends and acquaintances.
Delegation of Woodmen of the
World, B. P. O. Elks, and United Com
mercial -Travelers - attended . the. -aexv-
. : : : :
Chandler Leads !
: All Sixes I :
r 1
npHE Chandler leads all Sixesrindeed ' j
. all medium-priced higfa-gracle cars-
because it offers so much more for so
much less. . I
, . - Vt"
The powerful and flexible Chandler motor, brought U) a point ap- i;; t
(;. . promixating perfection by five years of refinement Wthout radical t ' :,
u "Z changes. ;
Bosch high tension magneto ignition, the world's finest system. ( i' .
. , (Used by Pierce-Arrow, Locomobile, Winton, White,. Stlitz, Marmon, ' '
': Mercer.) :
Solid cast aluminum motor base, extending from frme to frame. . t i
(Similar design and construction used by Packard, Locomobile, ) ;
(bronze), Winton, Stutz, Mercer.) .
Silent chain drive, instead of noisy gears, for motor shafts. (Used
by Packard, Winton, Mercer, Cadillac.)
' , Annular light-running ball bearings in transmission. (Used y. Pack- i
ard, Pierce-Arrow, Locomobile, Winton, White, Stutz, Mercer, Cadil- ' .1 ' '
lac, Marmon.)
Annular light-i-unning ball bearings in rear wheels. (Used by '? i
Packard, Locomobile, White, Stutz, Mercer, Marmon.) ' ; . !
And scores of other features of design and equipment' of equal . " v " ,
" excellence.
Seven-Passenger Touring Car, $ 1 595 Four-Passenger Roa'dster," $ 1 595
Four-Passenger Sport Model, $1675
' ;Severi-Passcnger Sedan, $2295 Four-Passenger Coupe, $2 195
if 4 ,; . Limousine, $2895 " ; '
:- C. L QUIGLEY, Inc., Distributors
Of Standard and Garford Trucks and Chandler Sixx;s . :
Wasatch 3996 33 Exchange Place I
v j j
ices and preceded to the cemetery.
Special music was furnished as fol
lows: Quartets, "Come Ye Disconso
late" and "In the Times of Roses," Jed
Ballantyne, Walter Stephens, Agnes
Warner and Mildred Ware; solos, "A
Perfect Day," Myrtle Ballinger Hig
ley; "Beautiful Isle," Gerard Klomp,
and "O Rest in the Lord," Mildred
Ware. The speakers, all of whom re
viewed thejr personal acquaintances
with Mr. Mortensen and highly eulo
gized his life, were W. G. Fisher, rep
resenting the Commercial Travelers;
Patriarch George W. Larkin, President
Alva L. Scoville, Bishop W. O. Ridges
and Elder E. A. Larkin. Interment
was the city cemetery where the ritual
service of the W. O. W. lodge was ob
served. The grave was dedicated by
Patriarch G. W. Larkin.
Cap. C. T. Smith, of the medical
corps at Camp Lewis, spent a few
hours in Ogden Sunday with parents,
brothers and sisters.
The captain had been given a fur
lough of a few days to run down to his
home in Pocatello and see Mrs. Smith,
who had been under a surgeon's care
in the hospital for the past week.
Finding her doing so well, he took a
day off and came down to his old home
and took dinner with the folks.
BRIGHAM CITY, March 25. The
benefits of the Devil's Gate irrigation
project will soon bo realized by the
land owners south of this city, accord
ing to the announcement of Engineer
H. K. Chatfield of the Brigham Con
servation company, that his concern
will begin work at once, on the con
struction of a four-mile canal from
Box Elder canyon, where the water
will be taken out, to a point this side
of Perry.
The Brigham Conservation company
is a corporation composed of Salt Lake
capitalists. The company has been
working for the past three or four
years building dams in Devil's Gate
for the conservation of the spring
flood waters, of which there is an
abundance for several" hundredd acre3
of land if conserved instead of flowing
to waste as it has done in. the past
The company has completed the
first of two dams to a height where it
wilt be. possible tochegiaselllngper-
manent water rights. The dams will,
be built higher just as fast as the
company can do the. work, but this
summer, it Is presumed, the company
will devote its energies to the con
struction of the canafl which will car
ry the water to the arid land lying
between Brigham awfl Perry. The res
ervoirs are located about ten miles
from this city, but 'the water will be
turned into the regiilar streams, meas
ured, and an equal flow taken out at
the outlet at the mouth of the canyon
and converted to the land by the new
canal. When the fcanal system is in
operation the conlpany will resume
work on the dams. About fifty men
and teams will be bmployed this spring
in building the crjnal. The ditch will
bo lined with cedent.
BRIGHAM iClTY, March 25. The
teachers of lox Elder county have
made an appetal to the board of educa
tion for an increase in salaries. The
teachers are represented in their ef
forts 'to get an increase by tho follow
ing committee: J. W. Ward, principal
qt the Lincpln school; Orson A. Chris
lensen, J. W. Peters, Mrs. F. A. Hinck
ley, Miss Veda. Hunsaker, of the high
school faculty; Supervisor of Agricul-1
ture Walter J. Glenn and A. C. Olsen,
principal of the Central schooL Follow
ing is the substance of their appeal In
"First: That you find it possible to
carry into effect the recommendations
of State SupL E. G. Gowans in the
matter of increasing teachers' salaries.
"Secoqd: That teachers shall bo
employed for the school year as a des
ignated period of time, during which
time tho teacher shall be at the full
service of the board.of education, and
for which he shall receive full school
yearly salary without being subjected
to deductions for any unforeseen clo-
sure of schools over which the teacher 1
has no control. i
"Third: That in case of sickness of 1
the teacher he shall be paid in full f
for the first week and one-half salary
for the period of sickness exceeding
one week with provision for the rea- :
sonable safeguard of the board of edu- i
In replying to the request of the
teachers, tho board of education as
sured the teachers that their request
would be given careful consideration I
and that everything within possibilitv J
will be done for them. 4
oo . I
Judge Why did you hurl this bot- :
tie at the umpire? I
Fan It m-as empty, Boston j
Globe. ij
We Repair Anything I
Electrical I
Electric Motors I
Heating Devices D
Fixtures Ml
Auto &' Electric 1
Supply J
- 2564 Washington Ave I
Phones 325-326. I
I (Standard of the World.) 1 H
1 ..-("Sensible Six.") I I
1 , ("Quality Cars.") 1 I
In buying one of these high grade cars you will be guar- 1 ' I
1 anteed high class service. 1 H
I 2532 Washington Ave. phone 694-W. 1 H

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