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Following arc the musical numbers
for the Rob Roy entertainment at the
Orpheum tonight
Overture Scotch Selection
Scene 1. chorus. "Soon the Sun Will
Gac to Rest
Scent 1. Solo, "My Love Is Like a
Red Red Rose" Francis
Scene 2. Solo, "t arn' Ye By Athol '
Diana j
Scene 2. Ptiet, "Tho I Leave You
fl Now in Sorrow"' Diana and Francis
Scene fi. Chorus, "Hark' From St.
Mungo'a Tow'r."
Act II.
Scone 2 Solo, "A Highland Lad My
Love Was Born" - Diana
1 Scene 3. Solo. "A Famous Man Was
H Robin Hood" Major Oalbraltb
H Scene 3. Chorus. "Auld Lane no"
Act III.
1 Scene L Chorus. The Lament. "O i
Hone-a rle."
H Scene 1. Chorus. "Roy s Wife Of
H General Rejoicinsr, Highland chincinc.
H Scene 2. Solo, 'MacGregor'fl Gather
H ing" Francis
H Scene 2. "Forlorn and Brolcen Ueat-
H cd" . . Diana and Francis
H Scene i Chorus. "Hail to the Chief"
H Scene 4. Chorus, "Rob Roy Mac
H Gref-or O!"
I SALT LAKE. April 24 Mike
H Churchich, Serbian, 29 years of ape.
I was shot and instantly killed at 5 30
I o'clock yesterday afternoon by Deme- I
tris Bosanavich, 3S years of age, also
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2463 Washington.
d Srrbiun. The shooting occurred in
the soft drink resort of Pete Sudoko
ich nl Highland Boy, and ll believed
to have been an accident At the time
of the shooting, Bo anavlch bad dou
bit barreled shotgun in his hands. The
pun was discharged in some manner
und the back or Church ich's head was
torn off.
Bosanavich is firm in bis declara
tion that the shooting was an acci
dent, adding that he vn.- simply ex-
aminlng the weapon when i was 91b
charged accidentally. This is the view
taken bjj five men who wore In the
resort at the time of the killing.
Churchich went to Bingham abo-.it two
years ago and had been emplovd at
th HiKhland Boy mine. Bosanavich
rea lud there about two months aco
and has been in the employ Ol Sudo
kovioh For some time past tfoaans
rich and ChUfOhloh have roomed to
gather, and so far as muiual acquaint
ances know, have been the he&t of
Bosanavich made no attempt to rs
capo after the killing and was placed
under arrest by Chief of Police Al
Pautch and Patrolman William Rob
bins The five men who were in the
room at the time also were taken in
to custody. Ppon being questioned,
the witnesses declared that there hadi
been no trouble between Bosanavich
and Qhurchlch and that they did not
sep the shot fired as they were read
ing or talking and were paying no at
tention to the two men.
Churchich was standing a few feet
from Bosanavich when ihe gun was
discharged and death was instantan
Bosanavich was brought to the I
county jail at Salt Lake by Deputy
Sheriff Oscar Fullmer, where ho will
be held pending a further investiga
tion of the killing.
W, casualties'
v. j
WASHINGTON April 24 The cas
ualty list today contained forty- three
names, divided as follows:
Killed in action six; died of wounds,
three; died of disease, elovrn, wound
ed severely, ten; wounded slightly,
Lieutenant Renville Wheat is the
only oMlccr named. He was slightly
The list follows:
Killed In Action.
Sergeants Joshua K Broadhead Or
vllle (j Fuller, Corporal Frank P Gor
don, Privates Charles W Fote. Felix
M. Oliva, Roger Wilson
Died of Wounds.
Corporal Frank D. Brooks, Wagoner
John C Burwell, Private Charlie B.
Died of Disease.
Sergeants James A. Mllligan. Pri
vates Guisseppc Baldl. Clarence Bas
haw. Leroy Cook, Donald H. Munn.
Ben Newell, Ors Newton Tidd John;
n Tweten, Winifred R. Vaux, Karl
Wagoner, John Hodges Weston.
Severely Wounded.
Corporal Vlnal B. Rldeot. Privates;
Steve Adams, Hormldas Desrochers,
John W. Gosminskl, William E. Loper. i
ESdward P Monohan. Thomas Morri-'
son, Louis H. Palner, Gerrard SUUJngs, J
Karl L. Wltham.
Slightly Wounded.
Lieutenant Renville Wheat. Battal
ion Sergeant Major Joseph E. House
worth. Jr.. Sergeant Charles W. Cook
Brill, Corporal Arthur D. Muirhead.
Buglers Frederick r Hurrcll, Earl H.
K.i mage.
Privates Waller E. Cheever. Ray
mond E. Crowell, John Crowley. Will - j
lain J. Graham, Gaze Guernsey, An -
thony Kowalozyk. John R. Stoddard.
PARIS. April 24 Major William
Thaw, commanding the LaFayetie
f '. ing corps. IS now counted among
Hie aces'' in aviation in France, hav
ing brought down his fifth adversary
and a captive balloon on the same day.
Major Thaw within the last month
has accounted for three opponents In
aerial encounters.
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jf . cent interest, payable scml annually. Bring or send us a
fg. your subscription. 'vr
rr. jMi
M 2384 Washington Ave.Oqden. Utah ffl
ySs&2z TgSty c.cl
Who Killed this Motor?
1 could have been prevented by
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lEDlfiD en DID!
The condition of Ireland durinc the
elphtles of the lust century was de
plorable Failure oi crops hnd led to
famine in many cliflincis, ami political
action WM very BtrenuOUB, as that was
the period of the land league. H WM
ai this period Edward Brown, F. L, s,
of London, England, who la to i II
Ogden on M;i) 7, undertook. In asso
ciation with tin ret ki Freeman of
Dublin, Ireland, his first freal com
mission. At that time the export of
eggs and poultry to Great Britain from
Ireland was in value about eight mil
lion dollars The methods, howevt r,
of production and i marketing, and
the breeds of fowls kept were deplor
able Mr. Brown visited even district of
Ireland, studying local conditions and j
possibilities, after whic h he wrote a I
series of articles Indicating how Im-j
proement might be made, which j
were afterwards issued In book form1
and received high praise from the
gre.ii statesman, W. E. (Hailstone. Al- I
so. that work led to a lifelong mem
bership With Lord and Ladv Aberdeen,
with whom Mr Hiwn has frequent
ly stayed as guest.
As an indication of the value of this
remarkable piece of work, in which
Mr. Brown was pioneer, the exports'
of eggfl and poultry from Ireland have!
advanced to upwards of forty million
dollars per annum I'pon his sugges- I
tion. the first breeding stations In the
world Mere established by public au
thorities in Ireland which method has
led to vast Improvement in Btoch and
has lifted the whole Industry on to a
higher plane. The oxaraple has been
Widely followed all over Europe.
Amendments Pending in
House Deal With Election of
Directors and Various
Washington. April 24. Changes
In the federal reserve bank laws,
pending in the house, deal with elec
tion ol directors, permission for na
tional banks to act as In fiduciary ca
pacities, authority to Issue new de
nominations of federal reserve notes,
reserve requirements and other vital
banklnc operations
These ohangea are proposed in a bid
based on administration recommends
tlons and have been favorably report
ed from the bonking and currency
committee. T'nder the bill the pre.--,
ent law is modified to leave to the
discretion of the federal reserve
board the grouping of the memborj
banks of each district Into three gen
eral groups without the present re
quirement that each group shall con
tain as nearly as may be one-third of
the banks in the district The pur
pose of Ihifi modification Is to equalize
representation on the directorate of
the federal reserve banks large, med
ium sized and small banks.
The bill extends fiduciary capacities
of national banks to Include "'guardian'
of estates, assignee, receiver, commit j
lee of estates of lunatics." and other!
fiduciary capacities permitted to stale
banks, trust companies or other cor-1
porutions which compel, with na-j
tlonal banks under the laws of some
Issue of federal reserve notes in
denominations of $500. $1,000. $5,000;
and $10,000 in addition to the denom-'
Inations under present law. the larg
est of which is $100, is proposed by I
the bill. Banks are constantly seek
ing notes of larger denominations and.
there are dally withdrawals of gold
certificates from the federal reserve i
banks It is asserted that federal re
serve notes of large denominations
would conserve the gold supply
A practice whereby any officer, di
rector, employe or attorney of a bank
stipulates for, or receives a coramls- j
slon, or some other thing of value for
procuring for some one else a loan or
the purchase or discount ol paper or
similar obligation Is prohibited under;
the bill, The pa ment of a greater
rate of Interest to anv director, at
torney, officer or any employe than to!
any other depositor, is prohibited.
Danger of Complications Over
Interned Orchestra Leader
Is Eliminated.
WASHINGTON. April 24 The
Swiss government has decided not to
press Its claim of Swiss citizenship
for Dr. Karl Muck, formerly leader of
the Boston Symphony orchestra, now
interned at Fort Oglethrope, Ga , as a
dangerous German This eliminates all
danger of complications with Switzer
land over the case.
The Swiss minister, Hans Suizer,
feels satisfied, it was said today, that
Muck repeatedly claimed German i Itl
zenship and consequently the United
States was justified in interning him.
The precise nature of the govern
ment's evidence against Dr. Muck may
be made public shortly.
MINNEAPOLIS, April 23. Charles
Jackson, outfielder, who played with
Spokane in the Northwestern league
last year, has been purchased by the
local American association club from
Pittsburgh, It was announced here
today. William Gray, catcher, who
played with Fort Worth in the Texas
league last season, has been obtained
from Milwaukee.
The Minneapolis team will leave to
morrow for practice games with Des
Moines, Camp Dodge and St Joseph
before opening the season at Kansas
City May L,
Tlu local federal employment bu
reau, which Is operated under the de
partment of labor Is receiving many
more calls for men than It Is able to
fill, and Kmplovnient Examiner W. II.
Beckett, Sr., has asked the co-operation
or the police department in get-tint--
idle rucn to go to work.
Mr Beckett bai taken the matter up
With Chief ol Police Thomas E. Brown
ing and nsks that the idle men who
art n the streets be ordered by the
police to go to work or get out of
town .Mr. Beckett wrote the follow
ing letter to the chief of police con
eerninK the matter:
'Mr Thomas E. Browning. Chief of
Police: Ogden.
Dear Sir It seems impossible for
this office to secure anywhere near
the minibi r of common laborers want
ed Of work in the city, on the State
hiffhWay, and by the railroads. We
have places now for nearly 200 men
for this class of work, yet the street;,
seem lo he thronged every day with
unemployed men. In spite of the fp.ct
(hat cood wngcR and good working
conditions are in most Instances of
fered by employers. I feel that you
would be doing a patriotic duty, by
having your officers round up these
men and either compel ihem to go to
work or leave town The l S. em
ployment service will direct all men
who register at this office to such
jobs, without charging any fee. and it
would seem under such conditions that
there is little excuse for men loafing
slreeis. Respectfullv,
"Employment Examiner."
Senator King Holds Confer-
ence With President Wilson
on His Resolution.
WASHINGTON, April M Definite
opposition to a declaration of war on
Bulgaria and Turkey at this time was
i n 1 n . i r . t, president W ilson today at
a conference with Senator King of
I tab, who recently Introduced a reso
lution calling for war with both coun
tries. Senator King sought the president's
1 as a result of debate in t ho sen -ate
yesterday on a resolution by .ena
tor Brandegee of Connecticut, akln;
the senate foreign relations committee
for immediate action on the King res
olution Senator Kins announced after the
conference that he would not press his
resolution at this time.
The Brandegee resolution was laid
aside after the debate, although sev
eral senators announced they were
willing to vote for a war declaration.
Declines to Tell Wilson's Views.
s.'iiaini kins dv lined to discuss the
pi nl. mi's views, but from other sen - I
ators it was learned that the prcsl- j
dent was ready to present his infor j
matlon to the senate with his reasons'
for opposing present action. Arrange
nu nts wore made for members of the
senate foreign relations committee
soon to call upon the president.
Considerations of diplomacy and
safety of Americans in Bulgaria and
Turkey are understood to have
prompted tho president's decision. '
There is reason to hope it was said
that both Turkey and Bulgaria may
yet drop out as belligerents The ad
ministration was reported to have in-'
formation that, if it were possible.
Turkey, as well as Bulgaria, would be
glad lo take advantage of an opportun
ity to break away from tho Central '
Prc&ident Has Good Reasons.
So earnest was the president re
ported In opposition to declarations of1
war that he was said to bo ready to '
give his reasons by personal appeai-j
ance either before the senate In execu
tive session, or the foreign relations
committee. The president was said
to be opposed, however, to making
public the information and the ar-'
rangements. therefore, were made for
the committee to call on hlni.
After the senators were Informed of
the situation It was said that none of
the resolutions having to do with the
matter would be pressed.
I i-() ln-ri' I" icr. eu In the dust'"
r . 1 1 . r v . i (he Impassioned youth, as ne
nanlc on the parlor floor.
"1 don't know what you mean by
dust." replied she coldly "I look after
tills room Carefully myflflf every morn
ing 'Tho Pathfinder.
Absolutely Removes
Indigestion. Druggists
refund money if it fails. 25c
r x r -T A rd7 for tnNetloD
I DJc4ti f fJ taTrlBf w tnst
Z" V l fJ I I PIdIm. Don-polioooa
(LiliLLJ iJ lUli.Tei in I to 6 dJ.
Prcl rot if dilrl-Pr1c. SI. or 3 btttfi tl.78.
f'rnprd by
East Side Washington, be
tween 24th and 25th Street
2468 Washington Ave.
I "They were nervous and restless
huddled in the dugout, waiting for the gray dawn that was to send them over
the top. I would wind the Grafonola. slip on the record of the ' Humorcsque'
and as the soft, sweet, haunting strains floated out, I'd watch the grim faces
relax; and the tense mood pass.
"Again in a shattered Belgian village a group of American lads truck dmers
going up to the front would be caught and held by a tornado of shellfirc There
was nothing to keep them occupied; to leave the hut was certain death we'd
play band music on the Columbia, lively selections that would take their minds
off of the whine and screech of shells outside.
I "We had 120 Columbia Grafonolas in our 'farthest up' huts. Over 300
Gfafonolas and 5,009 records were in use in the Canadian area alone. They were
an important part of our equipment "
These extracts from a letter from Captain H. A. Pearson, Senior Officer,
Wa" ' ' utn tnc Canadian Expeditionary Force in France, paint vividly the
part P'a-vcc ky tne Columbia Grafonola in the gnm events "over there."
IV Am 5) Cantata Pearson, who was invalided last June, after being severely wounded when
V0L?oy his hut was destroyed by shellfirc, writes, "Give your soldier tobacco, give him
xGrttX music "
Send some records to yoar soldier boy
FeHxcrfi'tfn III r, There is a Columbia Grafonola in his V M. C. A or Kn.ghts
DnVuc. ' Of Columbus Array Hill Anv Columbia Dealer will be glad to
1 show you how to ship them afely.
OF ,. I
Mahogany, Oak or Fumed Oak$55
Mahogany, Oak or Walnut $120. $1'00 a Week-
"Ogden's Phonograph Headquarters"
Tel. 181 2472 Hudson Ave. p

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