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I , jptattdawl.
Entared M Second-Clas MaUqt at the
PostoHlce, Ogden. Utah.
An Independent Newspaper, publUned I
every evening except Sunday, without a
mutxle or a club. i
The AaaocJated Pre I exclusively en
titled to the use tor republication of all
news credited to It or not otherwise
credited In this paper and also the local
news published herein.
What an uncalled for exhibition of
partisan hatred was the speech of Sen
ator Sherman of Illinois, made in the
senate yesterday!
In a most undignified assault, Sena
tor Sherman virtually called the Presi
dent a fakir and reflected on nearly
every member of the cabinet
No one need bp told th inspiring
motive. Sherman is one of those pet
ty politicians who would rather Bee J
the United State fail in this war than
to lose his political advantage Men
who are so selfish and narrow can do
more to retard our progress in this 1
war than if they were avowed ene
mies Their falso notes are discon
certing and produce discord where
there should bp unity
When Senator Sherman discloses
some constructive work in this war, '
and not until then, will he be worthy
I of thp confidence of thp American peo
ple. So far we do not recall one help
ful word from this cheap politician
We are beginning to believe with
R. W. Child, a writer in Collier's, that
there are very few capable men in
this congress. The great majority of
the lawmakers are toying with the na
tion's fate.
HolLand is in a serious predicament.
With Germany sending an ultimatum,
demanding the right to ship war ma
terials through that country, the
Dutch are facing two dangerous
courses to pursue. Refusal means the
making of conditions for another Bel
gium. Compliance places Holland in
the attitude of an enemy of the allies.
Instpad of a direct answer, the
Dutch may do as they did with Ameri
ca and Great Britian over the com
mandeering of ships simply protest
There is a significant dispatch from
Washington today, which states that
the United States government has pre
pared to withdraw its recent offer of
three ships to expedite grain ship
ments to Holland, owing to the harsh
and unfair comment of Dutch papers,
accusing the United States of duplic
ity in the condition that equal tonnage
should leave Dutch harbors for Amer
ica. This may mean one of two things.
Either it is a warning of what the al
lies can do, if Holland yields to Ger
many, or it indicates that already Hol
land has given way to the Teutons
and this is a retaliatory measure, and
the beginning of other restrictions to
be applied.
Holland, once under the thumb of
the kaiser, would forever lose its in
dependence and eventually become a
part of the German empire If the Ger
mans win, Holland, whatever be its
policy, will be absorbed, and nothing
less than an allied victory- will save
that nation from loss of sovereignty,
and, therefore, if possible, the Hol
landers should be slow to favor the
Gorman war machine.
Holland is supposed to have avail
able one million men capable of bear- I
ing arms and to have a well fortified
border. At this critical time in the
mighty conflict, Germany cannot af
ford to drive an army of that size into
the field in support of the allies. But
Germany may apply pressure and
make an outward show of force In or
der to intimidate the Dutch. On the
other hand, the Dutch cannot run the
risk of the Germans carrying out a
threat to crush the little kingdom.
What are the features of the third
Liberty loan? Here is an official an
swer: The bonds run for 10 years and bear
interest at 4 1 1 per rent. Thoy are not
subject to redemption prior to matur
ity. The Been tary of the treasury re
serves the right to allot additional
bonds to the full amount of the over
subscription to the loan i n the oth
er hand, the right is reserved to close
to subscription on an earlier date than
May 4, the elosing day of the cam
paign, also to reject any applications;
and also to allot less than the amount
Of bonds applied for. AJ1 subscriptions
for amount in excess of $10,000 are
subject to allotment.
The third Liberty loan bunds do not j
earn' the rlsht of conversion into or I
exchange for any government bonds
of a future issue. The war savings
Stamps and thrift stamps can not be
converted into third Liberty loan
bonds The bonds ma be used In
paying United States inheritance
The secretary of the treasury Is au
thorized from time to time, beginning
on the date of issue and ending one
year after the termination of the war,
to purchase bonds of this issue at a
price not to exceed par and accrued
interest. Such purchase?, however, in
any 12 months' period are not to ex
ceed one-twentieth of the amount of
?uch bonds outstanding at the begin
ning of the 12 months
The bonds of the third Liberty loan
are receivable as security for deposits
of public money.
With more of the same dash that at
tended the raid on Ostcnd and Zee
brugge yesterday, the British might
develop a weakness in the German
line of deff n se
Reports of the attack on the forti
fied Belgian coast towns indicate that
the Germans have left many vulner
able points which should be tested. By
repeatedly raiding, accompanied by
the landing of expeditions to recon
noiter and feel out the enemy, the al
lies at least could compel the Ger
mans to maintain large forces to guard
that part of the rear which is in Bel
gian territory.
Official statements of the men in
charge of the naval raid indicate that
had the British been prepared to land
a considerable force, they could have
swept over a great part of the district
near 06tend and Zeebrugge and per
haps have created a condition of pan
ic among the enemy forces
Nothing would so discourage Hin
denburg's plans as the sudden devel
opment of a drive on his lines of com
munication in Belgium
In all these entures. there must be
I losses, but the allies must expect to
lose ships and men, as every triumph
1 in war is hazardous.
The Germans, early in the struggle,
would have given up submarine war
fare, if the sinking of their boats in
large numbers had deterred them.
Our American naval officers un
doubtedly have been in favor of these
raids for the best traditions of our
navy are based on the assuming of
dangerous rinks, if the objects to be
attained warrant.
Farragut ordered his ships ahead,
regardless of the mines which were
thought to be a complete bar to their
Dewey won the battle of Manila bay
by steaming past Corregidor island,
which was supposed o safeguard the
Spanish srjuadron at anchor in tho
landlocked waters.
rwv .
We like the tone of an editorial in
the Salt Lake Tribune, advising Amer
icans not to get hysterical nv r Mi i
can outrages, and to be patient, in an
effort to defeat German propaganda
which is laboring both in Mexico and
the United States to bring on a clash.
But, if we are not mistaken, the Trib
une, in the last national campaign,
criticised the administration for not
I doing the very thing that paper now
condemns. The Tribuni says:
Americans, to be on the Bafe
side, must discount all Mexican
news. H is not only across the
Rio Grande that Gorman propa
ganda is at work. In this country,
a.8 well, the pro-Germans are stir
ring up animosities so that Amer
icans and Mexicans will b'gin
hurling challenges at one another.
We should be careful to direct all
ot our war spirit against Germany.
If we are compelled finally to di
rect it against Mexico it should be
due to thp fact that the Mexicans
have become the dupes of the
Our own pacific intentions re
garding Mexico have been empha
' sized in -every crisis. No nation
ever gave clearer proof of Its good
will. Whatever provocation to war
there has been must be ascribed
to the Mexicans themselves. There
were many reasons of a commer
cial nature which prompted us to
intervene in Mexico, but we placed
international law and morality
above the dollar.
Our grievances. In the early part of
the Mexican uprisings, were directed
against bandits operating along the
Rio Grande, principally against Villa
And his band. The people of the Unit
ed States had no well established
offenses for which they could hold
constituted authority in Mexico re
sponsible. The outrages were perpe
trated by the very men the Mexican
government was struggling with all
its might to kilL But of late compara
tive quiet has come to Mexico and the
I roving bands ot terrorists nave been
! reduced to small numbers. Today a big
percentage of the offenses against the
, Americans on the border is beingcom
mitted by the soldiers of Mexico, and
last year Carranza, head of the govern
ment of Mexico, instead of disclosing
sympathy for the great cause in which
the United States is laboring to pro
tect the weaker nations, sent the arch
conspirator in world conquest, a mes
sage of congratulation on his birth
day. Mexico every day is growing more
anti-American and is becoming less
trustworthy. Our duty is not only to
watch Mexico, but to give the head of
that nation to understand how great
is our distrust, and how determined
we are to end the whole uncertainty
whenever the offending once more be
comes so great as to be unbearable.
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Colonel of French Regiment
Sends Fine Report to Com
manding General.
FRANCE, Tuesday, April 23. The val
or and steadfastness of tho American
troops during the German attack at
Bi l n prej last Saturday Is given un
stinted praise in a report forwarded
to i he general commanding by the col
onel of a French infantry regiment
which took part In the Seicheprey en
gagement. "I Visited Renneres wood after the
counter-attack in which the position
was re-captured, and eramlncd the
situation In detail,1 says tho report.
"Everywhere traces of hand-to-hand
fighting show that the American sol
diers, despite two hours of heavy bom
bardment by large caliber guns, de
fender! themselves valiantly.
Machine Gunners Die Fighting.
"In the vicinity between the front
trenches and the communication
trench connecting the Jury and Ren
neres woods, two American machine
gunners died fighting on their wea
pons after covering the ground around
With German dead. The enemy suf
fered great losses, thanks to this he
roic resistance.
"Everywhere there are signs of Ger-
man wounded having been carried off,
while many German bodies remain be
cause the retiring enemy was unable
to remove them. Numbers of the dead
belong to the German storming detach
ments." Splendid Spirit of Combat.
The French soldiers who joined in
the fight declare that the Americans
displayed a splendid spirit of combat.
They relate that north of Seicheprey
an American detachment was separat
ed Into small groups and was cut off
from its company throughout tho
Behind the Americans and on their
left flank were German units, but they J
could have n'tired to the right How
ever, they elected to slick and fight.
Squad Holds Out With Grenades.
In Seicheprey a squad of Americans !
found several cases of grenades with
which they put up a terrific fight and
held out the entire day on tho north
ern extremity of the village. They
refused to surrender when summoned
to do so and. at the end of the fight - j
ing. only nine out of the original twen-1
ty-three were left, A cook, surprised
by the Germans and half stunned by j
a blow from a grenade, seized a rifle
and continued firing until he fell dead.
Hospital Blown Up.
Toward evening a hospital which
had been established in Seicheprey
was blown up along with the doctors
and ambulance men. The chief surgeon
of the American regiment engaged
"uuiru iu me sxi wiui riencn ann
American ambulance cars as soon as
he learned of the occurrences. The
res rue party parsed through a severe
barrage fire but eventually reached
the village where they tended to the
I wounded for many hours under a
heavy enemy fire.
An American lieutenant with only
six men patrolled six hundred yards of
the front during the entire day and
maintained communication with the
battalions on his right and left. Many
other incidents of bravery are record
ed by the French.
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Advertisement. I
; Confidential Correspondence from the
Devil to the Kaiser.
(Decoded by Eugene H. Blake of The
Infernal Palace. Hades.
Dear Wilhelm: My Infernal Keep
er of The Iron Crosses reports that
the last quart of this valuable material
received from you brings my holdings
In this class of decorations up to a
peck and a pint. Have just had him
select from my wardrobe a handful
of those conferred for choicest ser
vices and am wearing:
The Iron Crosses for assisting Bern
storff and your food burners In the
United States; for helping your Ger
man troops round up the citizens of
Saint -Maurice and burn them with
their village on the night of August
14, 1911; for inspiring your chivalrous
troops in Lfthiiania to strip those
young girls and publicly introduce
them to our kultur (but I hope the
world won't believe what that Ameri
can commission swore to about this
part of our work in freeing Russia);
the Iron Cross for suggesting to your
soldier that he carry that dying baby
on his bayonet through the streets
of Malines; also the three Crosses
among those received today for re
cently assisting in the execution of the
chaplain and two nurses of the hospi
tal of St Elizabeth at Antwerp
And I must tell you, my dear Kaiser,
with what Joy 1 am wearing, right,
above my heart, this Iron Cross labeled
"For assistance to my private work
SrS on American aeroplanes." We are
Superfluous Hair
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ferent principle from mmy tier
method, ft rottm faaJr of Its vlinj
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I Only b run in- DeXUrseie has
money-back roiraatee In each
I'oekaKt. .. toilet eonarera !n 60c,
91 and 92 almes, or by mull from
am in plain wrapper on receipt oJ
FREE book wfth tertmonlahi ot
h 1 m h e a t aathorttlea ex
plain what canaes hair on face,
neck and arm a, why tt roereaae
and how Dc Miracle de-ettnUaea It,
mailed ra plain aeaJed enaejlupe on
requeat. DrMIrarle. Park Ave. and
L2ftth SC. New York.
j .l7Tnr:L-1-- . Ttpr , jj m-i ijuri -T-.-rrTfrnTi- Pi.Ti. . - m M,r r. -i imtAjLg A
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to Help Conserve at Home and Keep
- America's Resources Your Town Prosperous j
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to move troops and supplies. Will you block our success
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I BmnaaaaanmananmnVantaaaaanVal
Baaaaaanaannannanaaannaaananv fq
potting practical results handicapping
Pershing's army, and our spies are still
alive and lauching, too!
But, Wilhelm. will you never learn
to be practical? When you turned
that new weapon on Paris to adver
tise German might and efficiency to
the world, didn't 1 tell you it would
advertise something else? As one of
the American editors said, other na
tions didn't invent such a gun be
cause no other nation would want to
slaughter women and children. And
now all the world is saying, ' The
Hohenzollems are mean enough to
spatter the blood of 165 worshippers
ovt r the altars with one load."
My friend, this work is mean enough
to suit me, and it may be impractical
enough to suit you Germans, but I
want results. So.. 1 am returning here
with the Iron Cross stamped, "For as
sistance in Paris on Good Friday."
Yours for practical results,
Elsie Forcruson was forced to tell it
and you will forpive her when you see
her at the Alhambra tonight in one of
her grandt Artcr.ift pictures present
ed this year. Advertisement.
An instructor and a cadet were burned
to death when the plane in which they
were riding exploded and fell to earth
near the camp this morning. Details
have not reached CaJl field headquar
ters. WICHITA FALLS, Tex . April 24.
Second Lieutenant Stephen R, War
ner, flying Instructor of Maplewood.
N J., and Cadet Edwin D. Cryer of
Alleprhaney county, Pennsylvania, were
killed two miles east of Call field,
near here, this morning when their
plane flylncr 50 feet above the ground,
suddenly burst Into flames and fell.
Both bodies were badly burned.
Mrs. H. Sheehy-Skeffington
Not Allowed to Speak in
SACRAMENTO, Cal., April 24. For
the first time in her experience as a
lecturer in the United States, Mrs. H.
Sheehy-Skeffington, widow of one of
the leaders of the Irish rebellion, was
prevented from making a Sinn Fein
address by the authorities here last
The meeting was advertised as a
reception to Mrs, Sheehy-Skeffington
under the auspices of the Friends of
Irish Freedom.
After she had been presented with
a handsome bouquet she launched into
a speech, but County Supervisor Rob
ert E. Callahan, member of the Coun
ty Council of Defense, stepped to her
side and. reminding her of a previous
ly given promise not to talk, told her
firmly that she could not be allowed to
Coming, Margery Wilson
in "The Law of the Great
Northwest," at the Cozy
CHICAGO, April 24 George F.
Vanderveer. attorney for the 113 L W. j
W. on trial on charges of violation
of the espionage law. declared last
night that "only an accident can pre
vent the final choice of a jury tomor
row." Two veniremen were tendered to
the prosecution for exanunaUon yes- j
terday and the defense must still pass
upon one member of the panel. Nine
men have been examined and tenta- j
tively accepted by both sides.
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