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I Who Killed this lotor?
It could have been prevented by
A Few Minutes' Time of Our Motor Man.
Only Complete Stock of Motors in Town. New Bearings,
Re-winding, Repairing.
Auto & Electric Supply
2564 Wash. Ave. Phones 325-326
The board of county commissioners
H have purchased a new road grader
H which is one of the largest in use in
H ihc state, and will use the new ma
chine for a considerable araouni of
work in Weber county it is a mat Mm
of S400 pounds and cost in the neigh
borhood of $1200. It is known as the
n-iin "Rip Snorter." Commlsslonei
M P, Brown today said the grader is
capable of two kinds of work, pradin;,'
H and scarifying, and will be put to
l use in the county. There was ab
solute need for such a machine, he
H declared, as the smaller graders were
H continually out of repair and entirely
inadequate to the work demanded of
H them. The new' grader was to have
arrived in the city today It will prob
abljr be firsi placed on roads in Opd n
H Work on the Ogden to Cache Valley
I "skyline road" is being pushed as rap-
I idly as possible. There Is consider
I able brush cutting to be done, so
I progress has been rather slow. A
I force of thirty men is engaged in this
work under direction of VY. H. Taylor,'
I -'ate road agent.
I The county commissioners. Moroni
I skeen, Martin P. Brown and D. H.
I Ensign, will make a trip to the valley
tomorrow and will inspect the new
I road
I Bids will be opened May 6 for the
construction work on the north city
limits to North Ogden road which iu to
be built this sprlnp The road will
I he paved. The first estimate of cost
will be slightly exceeded because ad
ditional items have come up which are
I oo
Get after that cold, cough,
grippe with Dr. King's
New Discovery.
Don't wait until it "sets" into your
entire system and approaches the dan
gerous stage. Go to a druggist, as
millions of others have done during
the last fifty years, and get a fifty cent
bottle the same price it alway'6 has
sold at.
Throat-tickle is relieved by the first
rpoonful, eyes stop watering, chest
phlegm loosens, sneezing ceases, cough
eases up, sniffling is done away with,
quick relief follow.;.
Good for every member of your fam
ily from grandma to the youngster.
Just say '"King's New Discovery," to
your druggist he'll have it.
Keep Bowel Movement Regular
Dr. King's New Life Pills cause a
healthy flow of Bile and rid your Stom
ach and Bowels of waste and ferment
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druggists. Advert isement
WASHINGTON. April 26 "Send at
once as many men as you can; build
as many ships as your shipyards can
turn out. and we will, all together, win
the war."
Edouard deBllly. deputy high com
missioner. Just back from France, said
this was the message he brought to
the American people from the front.
Materially, as well as morally. M. de
Billy said the French army is in splen
did condition and the long war with
its great losses and trying periods,
has affected neither quality.
"I want to tell you," he said, "what
a high opinion all the French officers
There are thousands of such
boosters for Sulpherb Tablets
and that is why hundreds of
thousands are sold by druggists
every year. Mr. Robert Clem
ence, 233 South Wilbur avenue.
Syracuse, N. Y.. writes: "I have
taken three packages of Sul
pherb Tablets and my bowels
are moving regularly now and I
am a great deal stronger than I
was when I started taking
them. I was all run down and
weak from the long, continued
stomach, liver and bowel
trouble. I know four or five men
that work with me, were
troubled the same as I was. I
told them about Sulpherb Tab
lets and now they are all taking
them, and say they are the best
medicine they have ever tried,
etc." Sold by all druggists. Be
sure of the name. Suiptrb
not ";-ulpbur " Advertisement.
who have seen yjour boys in the
trenches, have expressed over the
American men and soldiers I heard!
thit unanimous pral.se from the com
manders of our armies as well as from
the Officers ol lower rank, neighbors
Of your battalions un the battle line,!
and I am verj happy to bring you this'
message irom France."
The action of General Pershing in1
puiiing the American forces at the j
command of General Foch and the!
pari played by the representatives of,
ihe United States in obtaining the
agreement to co-ordinate, which led:
to the appointment of General Foch ,
as generalissimo, the deputy commie
sioner declared, went to the heart of
everv Frenchman Regarding the fu
ture, he said
I will answer franklv (hat I look
forward to the future with absolute
confidence, notwithstanding the enor-1
ninus difficulties of the moment. and
providing every one understands his
duty towards our common cause. And
your dut, Americans, is to make
"The collapse of Russia has allowed
Germany to bring new troops to the'
n itern front The are now outnum
bering the allies The question of man
power on our side is thus becoming the;
vital point. Consequently, the train
Ing of American troops and their
transportation to the other side must
be carried out on a scale unforeseen
a few months ago.'"
Ogden Housewife Be
comes New Woman
"All of our best dot tors had given i
me up. I was unable to leave my
bed for 16 weeks and was yellow as a
pumpkin, besides the terrible stomach
pains I suffered. Our druggist advised
my husband to try Mayr s Wondertul 1
Remedy and it has saved my life. I
am a new woman now.'' It is a sim
ple, harmless preparation that re
moves the catarrhal mucus from the
intestinal tract and allays the inflam
mation, which causes practically all I
stomach, liver and intestinal ail
ments, including appendicitis One I
dose will convince or money refund-1
ed Mcln'yre's Drug Store Adver-1
t isement.
WASHINGTON. April 25 Drafting
of men who have become 21 since last
June 5 was approved this afternoon I
by the house Under an amendment
by Representative Hull of Iowa they1
will be put at the foot of the list, in1
their classes, and called onlv when'
available men under last year's reg- !
Istration have been taken into the
This and another provision which
does away with military exemption for
divinity students, will necessitate a
conference with the senate
Chairman Dent of the military com
mittee announced that the war de
partment will order the registration ofj
ihe men eligible by this bill June 5,1
the anniversary' of the first enrollment.
All men who have reached 21 by that
date must register; they wiil be
classed, after answering question
naires. on exactly the same terms as
men enrolled a year ago.
l'nder an agreement proposed
amendments to register men from 21
to 41 were postponed, to prevent com
plicating and dclaing the principal
j measure.
If such men are registered, how
ever, it will be June 5 also
Representative Hull won his fight
to put the 1018 class of young men at
the foot of the list after reading a
statement that the war department
neither favored nor opposed the
amendment The vote favoring the
amendment was 119 to 81.
Divinity students lose their exemp
tion, military committee members said
because there has been abnormal in
crease in the number of pious young
men the last year. Under President
ilson's recent regulations these men
will be used in non-combatant divi
sions. Final action on the bill was unanimous.
GUNNISON, April 25 Funeral ser
vices were held yesterday for Freder
ick Ludvigson, 81 years of age, who
died last Saturday The Bpeakers were
John A. Larson, Joseph Chrlstenseu,
Austin Kearns and Bishop E. L. Swal
berg of Gunnison: James Jensen of
Salina and Andrew Jensen of Center
field. Music was furnished by a quar
tette. There was a large attendance
and many beautiful floral offerings
were in evidence.
Mr. Ludvigson was born at Albeck
Denmark, October 5. 1836, and for
many years was a member of the
Mormon church. He had been a resi
dent of Utah for a long period. He
served as a missionary in Denmark for
the church from 1883 to 1885. He also
served many yeans as a member of
the local school board and took a
prominent part in the advancement of
local affairs.
He is survived by the following chil
dren: Mrs. T. F. Kearns and Mrs
Homer Porter of Salt Lake, Ludvlg
C. Ludvigson. Orson H. Ludvigson and
Mrs Leo N. Gledhill of this city; also
by thirteen grandchildren and one
I great -grandchild. 4
Harsh Punishment a Thing of
the Past in the
Many So-called Bad Ones
Often Make First Class
Fighting Men.
SAN FRANCISCO, Cal.. April 24 -Harsh
punishment for ' ineorriglbles"
is a thing of the past in the navy. Ac
cording to Captain E3, H Durell, eom
mandanl at Goal Island, tin- naval
training station in San Francisco bay,
punishment will not help an) condition
Which kindness cannot cure. Hun
dreds of fine upstanding young Ameri
cans are turned out here every few
weeks to man the ships of the United
States navy
Captain Durell takes keen Interest
In the boys rated as ineorriglbles "
and turns many of them oul to be First
class lighting men.
Songs Help Morale.
The question of morale is always up
permost. After inspection on Satur
days the men are lined up in a gre&1
square, with the band standing a little
to one side. A song master takes his 1
place in the square and leads the men
In popular melodies, with the band
playing a subdued accompaniment.
This tends to keep the boys in good
spirits at all times.
Hard work is always accompanied
by music. If the men are hea Ing I oal
or engaged in other trying labor the
band is close by, playing .constantly,
'It makes them work twice as hard
and twice as effectively," Captain Dur
ell said.
All Complaints Traced.
In addition the life of the island is so
adjusted that every just complaint Is
traced to its source and corrected. Jus
tice is meted out by the small group I
of officers on the Island, and acute
cases of wrong doing arc few and far
During the detention process the
man is selected for the school In which
he is best fitted. If he has had ex
perience as a seaman he is given a
chance in the yeoman's school In ad
dition there are wireless, cooks, and
bakers and diverse other schools, and
a hospital corps that has grown to be I
one of the bigge-t and most important !
adjuncts on the island. This corp.- has
itfl own quarters on the top of the is
land, its tent being placed under '
straight rows of trees that afford pro
tection both in winter and summer
There is a station hospital, and three
big isolated wards for the treatment
of contagious and infectious diseases
The hospital plant includes a fully '.
equipped laboratory drug and store
rooms, operating rooms, denial offices i
and rooms for the treatment oi eye,'
ear. nose and throat diseases.
The operating rooms up to the corps
quarters on the floor above, permit
ting the corps members to look down I
directly on the tables and get an inli- j
mate view of all operations.
In addition a semi-circular trench i
containing a first aid due-out has been I
constructed for the hospital corps near
its special parade grounds. This trench
Is an exact reproduction of the
trenches in Flanders, and in it the men
are given the identical first aid work
that they expect to be given abroad.
Goat Island a Fine Station
Goat Island is one of the five major!
training stations in the United States.
Only its geographical limitations pre-1
vent it from being one of the biggest
of the five. Every available inch of
land on the island is being utilized
for the purposes of the big school. Be
cause of these limitations, oerflow
schools have been established at Mare
Island, Cal.. and San Diego. Cal., un
der separate jurisdictions.
The drills on the island consists of
calisthenics, the usual navy manual
of arms, and instruction in the 1 se of
machine guns, and the small artillery
used by landing marines. The island
now accommodates approximately six
times the number of men it was first
intended to serve, but Captain Durell
has found room for all of them, and Is
sending them efficient! trained at the
end of a four months' cours
At the end of the training period the
men are placed on board ships, or are
sent to the four corners of the nation
on land du t
Cadomene Tablets
Absolutely Restore
Vigor, Vitality. Strength to
Weak Men and Women
Sold by All Drug.qi- I
. nr- .
GALLUP, N. M.. April 24 "Don't '
)e a twenty-five cent patriot when you
:an be a five thousand dollar patriot."
Secretary of the Treasury McAdoo to
lay advised a crowd assembled to
neet his train at the Santa Fe depot i
lere. Speaking from the steps of his I
?oach the secretary appealed for F
V -j
H: JggP ' : SH
Brig. Gen. Samuel L. Johnson.
One of the few recorded cases, in
the present war at least, of an army
officer accepting a lower rank that
he might reach the fighting front
sooner, is that of Brig Gen. Samuel
L. Johnson, commander of the Ha
waii division of the national guard,
who has accepted the rank of major
in the national army in order to see
service sooner in Europe.
heavy subscriptions for the third Lib
erty loan.
"Lend the government the money
and the boys at the front will finish
the kaiser," he declared. "Don't spend
25 cents on a thrift stamp when you
can buy five thousand dollar bonds."
Kaiser Monopolizes Killing.
The secretary declared the monop
oly on killing beloneed to the German
emperor. I
"When the kaiser attempts to cross
the dead line of American liberty,"
he continued, 'the American people
must fight to finish kalserism."
Mr. McAdoo predicted 1.800,000
American soldiers soon would be in
the lighting.
Must Back the Soldiers.
"America must back the soldiers
with full production of necessities of
war." he added. "Slackers at home1
are stabbing our soldiers In the back
and are more dangerous than German
bullets. Differences at home must be!
settled without lowering the produc
tion of copper, coal, ships and farm
products The kaiser can never own I
America "
Says glass of hot water with
phoophate before breakfast
washes out poisons.
To see the tinge of nealt?iy bloom
in your face, to see your skin get
clearer and clearer, to wake up with
out a headache, backache, coated
tongue or a nasty breath, in fact to
feel your best, day in and day out.
just try inside-bathing every morning
for one week.
Before breakfast each day. drink a'
glass of real hot water with a tea-
spoonful of limestone phosphate In It
as a harmless means of washing from
the stomach, liver, kidneys and bowels!
and previous day's indigestible waste.j
sour bile and toxins; thus cleansing,
sweetening and purifying the entire)
alimentary canal before putting more
food Into the stomach Tho action1
of hot water and limestone phosphate'
on an empty stomach is wonderfully
invicorating. It cleans out all the
sour fcrnientntions. gases and acidity
and gives one a splendid appetite for
A quarter pound of limestone phos
phate will cost very little at the drug
store but Is sufficient to demonstrate'
that just as soap and hot water!
cleanses, sweetens and freshens the
skin, so hot water and limestone
phosphate act on the blood and In
ternal organs. Those who are subject
to constipation, bilious attacks, acid
stomach, rheumatic twinges, al60
those whose skin is sallow and com- i
plexlon pallid, are assured that one!
week of Inside-bathing will have themh
both looking and feeling better in '
every way. Advertisement
SACRAMENTO. Cal . April 24 An
nouncement that he would "pay no at
tention whatever to the organized
sending of telegrams and letters, nor
to strikes or other demonstrations de
signed to influence" him in the case of
Thomas J. Mooney. sentenced to hang,
was made today by Governor William
D Stephens.
An appeal for a pardon for Mooney
who was convicted of murder in con
nection with the Preparedness Parade
bomb explosion July 22. 1916. in San
Francisco, Is pending before the gov-
Grand Farm Machinery
To the Farmers of Weber County:
You are cordially invited to attend our 1918 demon
stration to be held at our big store, corner ?3rd and
Washington Ave., Ogden, Utah.
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, April 29th, 30th and
May 1st. AH modern and uptodate Farm Machinery
will be set in operation ON OUR SALES FLOOR. I
We aim to demonstrate and prove to you that our
many years1 experience in this business has given us the
opportunity of securing the best lines manufactured, and
that the lines we now carry cannot be excelled in
Quality and Durability
Come, bring your wives, children and sweethearts, we
can and will entertain you all.
L E. DUFFIN, Mgr. Ogden Branch
Recent reports of plans of labor or
ganizations in Seattle and other
places to strike May ! as a demonstra
tion in behalf of Moonev. coupled with
the receipt of many letters and tele
grams caused the governor to issue
the statement, it was announced.
The governor's statement follows:
"The Mooney case will have full and
fair consideration, but in orderly
fashion Time is necessary to review
the evidence and read the briefs. In
the meantime. I shall pay no attention,
whatever, to the organized sending ot
telegrams and letters, nor to strikes or
other demonstrations designed to in
tluence me in the matter."
NEW YORK. April 26. Josephus
Daniels, secretary of the navy, while
In this city last night to attend the
banquet of the American Newspaper
Publishers' association, gave out tho
following message to the public
through the Associated Press:
"The American navy is on its toes
War was declared April 6. We had
destroyers in European waters May 6,
more on the 17th, more on the 21st and
others later on. The co-operation be
tween Admiral Sims and the four
other American admirals and the Brit
ish is perfect and the results speak
for themseh es
Secretary Daniels when asked if
he would comment on the British
naval exploit In raiding Zeebrugge,
said that he did not feel free to make
any statement until he had received
the official report of the British ad
miral! y
LONDON. April 26. The official
statement on aerial operations issued
by ihe war office last night reads:
"Mist again hampered the work of
our aviators on Wednesday. Our air
planes engaged the enemy's attacking
troops in the neighborhood of illers
Bretonneux with bombs and machine
gun fire from a very low height. Two
hostile machines v. . r brought down
in aerial combat and another was shot
down In our lines by our infantry. Two
of our machines are missing.
"During the night the southern por
tion of the front was covered with
mist and our machines were unable
to leave the ground
"In the north, however, five and a
half tons of bombs were dropped on
Esiaires. Armentieres. Roulers and
the railway stations at Courtrai and j
Thourout. All our machines returned!
safely." I
It's Easy If You Know Dr.
Edwards' Olive Tablets
The secret of keeping young is to feel
' young to do this you must watch your
liver and bowels there's no need of
having a sallow complexion dark rings
under your eyes pimples a bilious
I look in your face dull eyes with no
I sparkle. Your doctor will tell you ninety
I per cent of all sickness comes from b
I active bowels and liver.
Dr. Edwards, a well -known physician
in Ohio, perfected a vegetable com
pound mixed with olive oil to act on
the liver and bowels, which he gave to
his patients for years.
Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets, the substi
tute for calomel, are gentle in their action
yet always effective. They bring about
that exuberance of spirit, that natural
buoyancy whicQ should be enjoyed by
everyone, by toning up the liver and clear
ing the system of impurities.
You will know Dr. Edwards' Olive Tab
lets by their olive color. 10c and 25c pel
box. All druggists.
PARIS, April 26 An official note
describing the work done by the
French aviators during the German
advance says that reconnonenng was
carried out at very low altitudes. After
Nov on was occupied French airplanes
Sew over the town Jun above tho
roofs of the houses. Sometimes thov
descended along the roads until the
wheels almost touched the heads of
the soldiers in column, who scattered
or threw themselves on the ground
terrified. French machines often re
turned with more than 100 bullet holes
in their wings i
The war department is asking the
naval recruiting officers to take appli
cants for the naval reserve corps for
a special pipe line unit.
A notice was received at the local
recruiting offlve t... Chief Carpenter's
Mate B. W. Gray, instructing him to
furnish as many men as may be asked
for by Forrest M. Towl the notice
states that the men, when enrolled,
will be transferred to the commandant
of tho naval distict In which they are
enrolled, for further transfer to the
commanding officer of the receiving
ship Philadelphia at Philadelphia, Pa.,
for the special pipe line unit.
All nun who de.sire to enlist in the
naval service, and who are eligible to
voluntary enlistment, are requested to
call at the naval recruiting office with
out delay.
j WASHINGTON", Apr. I 25. The
j hcu.se gave Speaker Clark a demon
stration as he entered the "baruber.
Democrats nnc. Republicans applaud
iug. Among the house Democrats today
the talk was that in event of Mr.
Clark's acceptance the seniority rule
probably would prevail and Majority
Leader Kitchin would become speaker.
Senators Underwood and Hardwick
and many bduse members urged the
speaker to accept. Mr Clark told
I them he was puzzled as to what he
ought to do.
Republican house leaders assured
j Mr. Clark that if he accepted the sena
torship the Republicans at this time
would make no fight to elect a Repub
lican speaker in his place.
Keene (N. II ) local of bookbinders
has reduced the working week four i I
and one-half hours and. increased
wages $2 to $6 a week.
ifftae andfJI JvlIMp SHOE i
I Overseas V KiW
( Keep your shoes p tfBffi ftBk wJ lvLidHEd
U jieat and preserve jj (Sg!dS fiPt f
A-l- CORPORATIONS. LI MrTEX) fl j' mTEF1 fcg Ti J '

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