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Who Killed this Motor?
It could have been prevented by
A Few Minutes' Time of Our Motor Man.
Only Complete Stock of Motors in Town. New Bearings,
Re-winding, Repairing.
Auto & Electric Supply
2564 Wash. Ave. Phones 325-326
Gained I. W. W. Information
While Masquerading as
Members of Organization.
CHICAGO, May 7. Governmrnt in
vestigators who examined the seized
records of the Industrial Workers of
the World, and seeret service men
who pained information while mas
querading as members of the organl
. zation, were called to the stand this
afternoon in the seditious eorpiracy
trial of 112 leaders of the I. W. W.
With the testimony of two more
publishers, the prosecution completed
its investigation of publication of great
quantities of books and pamphlets by
the I. W. W. shortly before America
entered the war and during the three
montbB' period following.
Alexander Berger, a Chicago pub
lisher, said that a month before the'
declaration of war against Germany
booklets were ordered in large lots
and that William D. Haywood, general
secretary -treasurer, himself placed an
order for 20,000 copies of one publication.
We have filled oar south display
Mndow with new stock auto tires, on
each of which we have made a bar
gain pnec. No doubt the size you 1
U6e is here. Come early and -ave half
your tire cost
Advertisement. 1
SALT LAKE, May 8 Evidence that
the attempt of a prisoner to cut
through the two fences of the Third
war prison camp at Fort Douglas Sun
day night was part of a well -laid plot
designed to bring about a wholesale
delivery of civilian enemy aliens has
been discovered by the prison author
ities after a careful search of the
The evidence is in the form of a
score or more home-made clubs, sand
bags, saps, pieces of iron pipe and
other weapons of offense which the
prisoners had carefully concealed in
various places, handy to their reach,
but out of sight of the guards.
Among the home-made weapons
discovered was a wooden revolver, an
exact duplicate in size and appear
ance of the old army Colt's revolver.
This weapon had been carefully and
cleverly whittled from a board by
some one of the prisoners, painted
black and fitted so that at night it
would be easily mistaken for the genu
ine article. The revolver is a marvel
of workmanship, being complete in
every dotail, even to the oldfashloned
trigger guard, which had been care
fully whittled out of the wood This
dummy weapon was found concealed
in one of the barracks and it is b U
ed by the officers that the maker had
intended to use it at night either in
the planned general escape or in an
attempt on his own part by getting the
drop on a guard and bluffing his way
to liberty.
Clubs Are Unearthed
In addition to this dumm weapon, a
lot more of a more formidable nature
were unearthed. Among these wer
several sections of iron pipe which the
prisoners had fitted up to be used a?
effective elub8. The officers also found
a number of sandbags which had been
prepared for convenient use. Ther
were also some home-made saps and
slingshots, made of rocks and other
material' whirb could be gotten In the
prison camp.
All of this material was found bid
den away in the barracks occupied by
the prisoners, and the prison officers
declare it was evidently prepared with
the intention that it would be used in
a general brak for liberty if the man
Bent out to cut the fence succeeded in
cutting through both fences.
A further evidence to the officers of
the general plot, and that a large num
ber were involved in it, is furnished in
the fact that a score or more of the
prisoners gathered in the open near
the northwest corner of the compound
and held the attention of the suard at
that point, while the prisoner who at
tacked the fence was cutting the wires.
SALT LAKE. May 8. That John L.
Halroan. who was promoting the pro
posed wool scouring plant here some
months ago. is a thoroughly patriotic
American who has not in any way b"jen
connected with any wool plan of Ger
man origin or taint, is the declaration
of H. A. Smith, attorney for Mr. Hal
man in his scouring plant promotions
fy CmitVi titK,-. V o cr inc( rotiimprf
from California, where he was with
Mr. Halman in a proposal to purchase
and operate a scouring plant that had
alread been established, declares the
intimation that Mr Halman was in any
way connected with plans of German
design is unfair and is not founded
upon fact.
I have known Mr. Halman very inti
mately and there Is not a more pat
riotic man to be found He is doing
cvon thing he can to help the covern
ment win the war and it cannot be
said he has knowingly been connected
with other than patriotic efforts.
"In his proposal to establish a wool
scouring plant here be was absolutely
on the square and was prompted by a
desire to help the government and the
woolgrowers by eliminating the middle
man Charles J. Webb 4.- Co offered
to finance the plant here, but that
; company wanted to include In the con
tract some provisions that were not
satisfactory to Mr. Halman or myself.
j When the company insisted upon these
provisions. Mr. Halman dropped the
j whole matter. He has no connection
whatever with the Webb company."
Mr. Smith says Mr. Halman is now
financing the wool scouring plant in
The National Woolgrowers' associa
tion, which lias asked the war indus
tries board to investigate the alleged
purchase of wool in Utah by the Webb
company, allegedly in violation of the
government agreement, has not re
ceived information as to the action of
the board.
ST. LOUIS, May 8. Lieutenant W.
W. Smith of Topeka. Kans , an in
structor at Scott Field, a government
training eamp for aviators at Belle
ville, III., was killed at 7 o'clock last
evening when he lost control of his
machine and fell 500 feet. A cadet in
the aeroplane with him was not seri
ously injured.
Planting of Utah's Prize
War Garden and Cleveland
j Tractor in operation, at Or
j pheum Theatre May 9, 10, 11.
' Don't miss this picture.
i .
Mr. J. M. Hunter. Longmont,
! Colo., writes "I have been taking
Balmwort Kidney Tablets for my
rheumatism and find they help me
more than anything I ever took."
etc. Some forms of rheumatism arr
caused b failure (,f the Kidneys to
secrete and throw uff the waste and
poisons of the body. If Kidneys and
bladder are not doing their full
duty, Balmwort. Kidney Tablets will
thoroughly revive their activity.
! Sold by all druggists. Advertise -menL
yi Tf Benjamin Franklin were now livmp in thef strep. I t
P9 nous war-times, he would no doubt, exercise eenn- filii
gl omy in both food and fuel for he always practiced Wffli
mi what In- preached
Let us all follow Franklin's crood example by savin?; (
WW all we can. Start, an account with us. v
4 per cent interest paid on deposits, compounded P."
WM quarterly.
W Z384 Washington Ave, Ogden, Utah
Failure of Aircraft Program De
bated and Various Attitude
Assumed by Senators.
WASHINGTON, May 7 The senate
today in debating the alrernft charts
was considerably stirred up. Senator
Reed said:
"I don't doubt ther has been blun
dering of the most colossal character.
The aircraft program has been under
the supervision of Mr Coffin and this
failure has come because Mr Coffin
thought he could standardize airplane
5ncines so they would fit any ma
chine on earth."
Production of airplanes for $3000
apiece, Senator ned declared, was "a
I physical impossibility" The Liberty
motor, be added was only adaptable to
two or three planes.
Senator MrCumbr insisiod li i esti
mates were correct. explainiUK they
were based on the production of a
standardized machine
Senator Smoot of Utah, Republican,
declared that when tho $640,000. 000
appropriation was made it was de
clared by nviatior officials to be
"ample ' tn build 22,000 airplanes
Summing up his announcement.
Senator Chamberlain declared that
not only would aviation be investi
gated by the commltttee, but it also
would continue it war inquiry' "with
rrferonce to everybody in every
branch of tho service "
Will Bring Out Truth.
"And the charge made that those
who want to secure Ibe truth are pro
German and serve the enemies of our
country will not deter any individual
member of the committee from per
formance of his duty." he said in con
clusion "M whole desire is to bring
ihe truth to the attention of the peo
ple and I have no doubt that those
who have served the American people
faithlesslv will be brought to task by
the people "
Many Liberty Motors Ordered.
Senator Norris of Nebraska, Repub
lican, remarked that larcre numbers of
Liberty motors had been ordered by
the allies. Senator Chamberlain said
England had ordered a large number
bin did not deem It advisable to dis
Close confidential information about
"If the senator will come to my of
fice," Senator Chamberlain said, "I
ui I how him what happened to that
Senator Hitchcock of Nebraska,
Democrat, interjected that the number
of Liberty motors asked by England
and France had been "merely nom
inal because we have not been able to
supply them for ourselves."
No Liberty motors now are in oper
ation abroad, the Nebraska senator
Senator Brandacpe asked to whom
Attorney -General Grrgory would make
his report.
"To congress?" he demanded.
President Is Scored.
"No, to the president, who already
has two reports and the Lord only
knows if he would make this report
public if there is anything bad in it."
"The war," the Connecticut senator
declared, "can't be won with privacy.
secrecy ano mystery, 11 mere is any
virtue in co-ordination, let's co-ordinate.
This war is noi going to be won
by Colonel House or by any favorite
of the president."
Must Get Down to Business.
"We can't win this war by talking
about woman suffrage and prohibi
tion." he continued. "We can't win
the war by sitting around at pink teas
and talking about putting pink chem
ise on the men and knee breeches on
the women. Let's get down to brass
tacks Let's find out the facts. Let's
investigate these irregularities in the
non-partisan way and report to the
Senator Poindexter of Washington.
R publican, quoting from official re
ports, said the aviation program up to
July 1 presents an aggregate cost of
?1. 115, 950. 000, including appropriations
made and now pending
Not only has the aircraft wasted
money in securing spruce on the Pa
cific coast for airplanes, Senator Jones
of Washington, Republican, declared,
"but it has very seriously endangered
the spruce supply by the lumber oper
ations of inexperienced men.
Holly mill, 1430 Wash.
Ave. and Riverdale mill are
licensed by the government.
; We pay full government price
1 or grist for your wheat. 5600
uu 1
WASHINGTON. May 7. A naval
I board of inquiry appointed to investi
gate the loss of the naval tug Cheio
1 kee which foundered off Cape Hen
lopcn Del., Februarj 26. lias reported
the loss of the ship as attributable in
some measure to the failure by her
commanding oflieer to report iho ship
was overloaded and to his failure to
heed a storm warning.
Holly mill, 1430 Wash.
Ave. and Riverdale mill are
licensed by the government.
We pay full government price
or grist for your wheat. 5600
MIAMI. Fla., May 7. Lieutenant
Melvln E Sullivan and Sergeant Cal
vin E Cronk of the marine corps, were
killed at the Curtiss marine flying
school near here late today when
their airplane from which they were
practicing gunnery', fell about 700 feet.
Some ".0,000 or :!5,000 typewriting
machines havi- been supplied to the
British Government departments at
home and abroad.
The cost of maintaining a family in
this country has doubled since 1000,
according to the United States Bu
reau of Labor Statistics.
Read the Classified Ads.
Read the Classified Ads.
Notice Is hereby given in accordance
with Section 2655, Compiled Laws of
Utah, 1907, as amended by Chapter
114, Session Laws of Utah, 1911, that
Weber County, Utah, by and through
its board of county commissjoners,
will, on Monday, May 20, 1918, at 12
o'clock noon at the front door of the
County Court. House, in Ogden City,
Weber county, Utah, offer for sale in
separate parcels for cash, all of the
real estate hereinafter described, to
gether with all other real estate held
by Weber county under tax deed, and
on such sale the county clerk of We
ber county, Utah, will execute and do
liver to the purchaser all of the title
of the State of Utah, County of Webpr.
City of Ogden. or any town or schcl
or other taxing district -- -p(j in
the real estate so ' excepting how
ever, any interest held by Ogden City,
under fax sale, made to Ogden City up
to and including eales for delinquent
taxes for 1894.
No bid will be accepted for less than
all taxes, costs and interest to date of
sale herein referred to.
Board of County Commissioners of
Weber County, Utah.
C. M Ramey, County Clerk of We
ber county, Utah
Dated April 15, 1918.
First publication April 15, 1918.
Last publication Mav 18. lf)18
Being Lbe S 50 ft of the W. 30 ft. of
Lot 2, Block 2. Plat "A", of Ogden
City Survey.
Being the W. 2.5 ft. of Loi 1, Block
9, Plat "A", of Ogden City Survey.
Being the N. 117 ft. of the S. 202 fL
of Lot 5, Block 10, Plat "A", of
Ogden City Survey.
Being the S. 4L25 fL of the N. 85
ft. of Lot 5, Block 10, Plat "A",
of Ogden City Survey.
Being the S. C6 ft. of Lot 9, Block 11,
Plat "A", of Ogden City Survey.
Beginning 120 fL N. from tbe S E.
cor. of Lot 2, Block 13, Plat "A".
'gden City Survey; th. W. 37 ft.
N. 20 fL, W. 50.5 ft., N. 4 fL, E.
87.5 fL, S. 24 fL to the place of
beg. The taxes herein include
personal tax in Book E, page 85.
Being the W. 1-2 of Lot 7, Block 31,
Plat "A", of Ogden City Survey.
Being the W. 80 fL of Lot 8, Blorn 44.
Plat "A", of Ogden City Surrey.
Being the E 2.9 ft. of Lot 2, Block 55,
Plat "A", of Ogden City Survey.
Being the E. 33 ft of the. W. 66 ft- of
tire N. 1-2 of Lot 8. Bcok 4, Plat
"B", of Ogden City Survey.
Being the E. 66 fL of the W. of Lot
1. Block 11, Plat "B", of Ogden
City Survey.
Being the N. 66 ft. of E. 148.5 fL of
tbe W. 181.5 fL of Lot 8, Block
15, Plat ' B", Ogden City Survey.
Being part of Lots 3 and 4, Block 16,
Plat "C". Ogden City Survey. Beg
165 fL N. and 33 ft E. from tbe
S. W. cor. of Lot 3, Block 16. Plat
"C". Ogden City Survey th. N.
14.6 ft.. W 157 fL. S 14.6 ft-, K.
157 fL to tbe rlace of beg.
Being part of Lots 4 and 7, Block 16,
Plat "C", Ogden City Survey. Beg.
165 ft. N and 8 ft E from the S. W.
cor. of Lot 4, Block 16, Plat "C",
Ogden City Survey; th. N. 341.3 ft., E.
17 ft., S. 311.3 ft, W. 17 ft, to the
place of beg.
Being part of Lots 6, 7 and 8, Block
16, Plat "C", Ogden City Survey.
Beg. 125 ft. S. from the N. W. cor.
of Lot 6, Block 16. Plat "C", Og
den City Survey; th. S. 14.6 ft., E
297 fL, N. 14.6 ft., W. 297 ft to
the place of beg.
Being the N. 165 ft, of the E. . of
Lot 10, Block 31, Plat "C", ugden
City Survey.
Being the N. 41 ft. of the E. 14S.5 fL
ih V L'37 ft. of Lot 5. Block
39, Plat ' C", Ogden City Survey.
Being tho E. 50 ft of the W. 297 ft
of Lot 6, Block 39, Plai "C", Ogden
City Survey,
Being the S. 50 ft. of the W 125 ft.
of Lot 2, Block 71. Plat "C",
Ogden City Survey.
Being the N. 2 fL of the S. 96 ft. of
the W 125 ft. of Lot 2. Block 71,
Plat "C". Ogden City Survey.
Part of Lots 2 and 3, Block 10. S. O. S.,
Ogden City Survey. Beg. at the
intersection of the N. line of 32nd SL
and W. line of Hudson Ave , in
Ogden City, Utah, th. N. 110 ft
W. 41 5 ft., S. 110 ft.. E. 42.5 ft.'
to the place of beg.
Being the E. 50 fL of the S. 20.8' fL
of Lot 13, Block 10, S. O. S., of
Ogden City Survey.
Being the N 82 5 ft. of the S 344 ft
of W. 53.75 ft. of E. 161.25 ft. of
Lot 13, Block 10, S. O. S of Ogden
City Survey.
Lotfl 12 to 15, Block 1, Brummitt's Ad
dition Lots 1 and 2, Block 2, Brummitt's Ad
dition. Lot "C", Brummitt's Adoltion.
Lot "D", Brummitt's Addition.
Lot 43, Capitol Addition.
Being the West 5 ft. of lot 6, Block
3, Central Park Addition.
Being all of Lot 11 and S. 11 ft of Lot
12, Block 5, Central Park Annex
Add to Ogden City.
Lot 26, Block 7. Central Park Add.
Lots 23 to 44, Block 2, City Park Add.
Beg. 270 JO ft. N- from the S. W. cor.
of Lot 4, Block 1, Cropsey's Third
Add., th. N. Ill ft., N. 5S deg. 56
mln. E. 264.8 fL, S. E to a point
86 deg. 22 min. E. 395 L, to the
place of beg.
Being Lot 33. Dankowski's Subdivision
of Lots 5 to 8, Block 56, Plat "A",
Ogden City Survey.
Lots 1 to 6. Block 1. Dunn's Addition
Lots 44 to 17, Block .!. East Park Ad
dition. Lots 24 and 25, Block 13. Florence
Park Addition to Ogdon City,
Ix)ts 1 to 5, Block 1, King's Addition
to Ogden City. Being the E. 34
ft, of W. 68 fL of Lots 1 to 5, Block
1. King's Addition to Ogden City,
Being S. 17.5 ft. of Lot 12, Block 26,
Lakeview Addition to Ogden City,
Lots 13 and 11, Block 26, Lakeview
Lots 1 to 3, Block 28. Lakeview Addi
tion. Lot 8, Block 40. Lakeview Addition.
Lots 24 and 25, block 46. Lakeview ad
dition Lots 25 to 36, block 47, Lakeview ad
dition. Lot 8, block 1. Monterey addition to
Ogden City. Utah
Lots 13 and 14, block 1, Mountain View
addition to Ogden City, Utah.
Lot 32, block 1 Mountain View addi
tion to Ogden City. Utah.
Lots 39 and 40. block 2, Mountain View
addition to Ogdn City, Utah.
Lots 20 and 21, block 10, Mountain
View addition to Ogden City,
Lots 1 to 5. block 15. Nob Hill addition
to Ogdon City, Utah.
Being the oast 16 foot of lot 7. block
16, Nob Hill addition to Ogden
Cirv, Utah.
Lots 10 to 12. block 22. Nob Hill addi
tion to Ogden ,City.
Lot 14. block 15, Nob Hill Annex addi
tion to Ogdon City.
Lots 21 to 25. block 15, Nob Hill Annex
addition to Ogden City .
Lot 2, block 4. Otto Bergcr's addition.
Lots 1 to 4, block 2, Prospect Heights
LoLs 41 to 44. block 2, Prospect
Heights addition.
Lots 9 to 14, block 2, River Park addition-Lots
1 and 2, block 3. River Park ad
dition Lots 3 to 8. block 3. River Park addi
tion. Lot 1, block 5, River Park addition.
Lots 2 to 4, block 5, River Park addi
tion. LoLs 27 and 28, bloc 3, River Park ad
dition. Lots 29 and 30, block 5, River Park ad
dition. Lots 5 and 6. block 7, River Park ad
dition. Lots 17 and 18. block 7, River Park ad
dition. Lots 13 and 14, block 11. River Park
Lots 17 to 20, block 12, River Park addition.
Lots 5 to 8, block 13. River Park ad
dition. Lots 17 to 23, block 13, River Park ad
dition Lots 1 and 2, block 14, River Park ad
Lots 28 to 32, block 15, River Park ad
dition. Lots 7 o 9 block 16, River Park ad
liUon. LoU 28 to 32, block 16, River Park ad
dition. South hi of lot 12, block 1, Rivervlew
Lot 45, block 1, Riverside Park addi
tion. Lots 20 and 21, block 4, Rushton addi
tion. Lots 26 to 38, block 4, Rushton addi
tion. Being tho S. 16 iL 4 in. of lot 20 nd
N. 16 ft. 8 in. of lot 21, block 1.
South Park addition to Ogden
City, Utah.
aii ot lots 22 to 28, and s. 20 fL or lot
29, block 1, Stephens First addi
tion to Ogden City. Utah.
Lots 15 to 17, block 2. Stephens First
addition to Ogden City, Utah.
Lots 18 and 19, block 2, Stephens First
Lot . block 2, Stephen's first addition.
Beg. 20 ft. E. from the NE. corner
of lot 1. block 2, Stephen's first ad
dition to Ogden City, Utah, the
south 587.3 fL, east 67.5 fL, north
587.3 ft., west 67 6 ft., to the place
of beginning. (Except that part
redeemed by John P. O'Neill as
Being the south 30 ft. more or
Less of the east 67.6 fL of that
part of the above described land
which lies south of 33rd sL, in
Ogden City, Utah.) (Note) Since
the sale of above real estate In
1912. the description of this (
property has been changed to
Sec. 1, Twp. 5 north rang 1,
west in northwest J,4 of said
Lot 3, block 1. Taylor's addition.
Lot 1 and south 4 ft. of lot 2, block 5.
Terrancc Sub.
Lot 3, block 6, Terrace subdivision.
Lots 7 and b, block 8, Terrance subdiv
ision. Lots 13 to 16, block 8, Terrance sub
division. Lots 36 to 40, block 2, Valley View ad
dition. South 10 ft. of lot 12 and all of lot
43, block 2 alley View addition
10 lt;u. u t 'H) . Utah.
Lots 41 and 42, block 4, Woodmanste'3
Lots 4 and 5, block 7, Woodmansce's
Section 5, township 5 north, range 1
west. Beg. 432.13 ft. south and J3m
h. east from intersection ol east
lino ot Washington avenue and
north line of section 6, township
5 north range 1 west, S. L. M., U.
S. survey, th. north 56.5 ft., east
33.3 tt.. south 56.5 fL, west 33.3 ft.,
to the place ol beginning.
Section 5, township 5 north, range 1
west Beginning on the west lino
of Grant avenue, 294 rt. south troni
north line of section 5, township
5 north, K, 1 west. S. L. M., U. S.
survey; th. south 6 1L, west lb 7 fL.
north 6 ft., east 187 lu to place of
Section 9, township 7- uorth, range 1
west Beginning 21.15 chs. east and
8.905 chs. north lroru southwest
coruor ot the noribwsi section
9 township 5 north, R. 1 west, S.
L. U. S survey, th. north 70
tu, east 100 ft., southwest to a
point 145 fu east from the point of
beginning. West to the place of
N. W. &of S. E. M of Sec. 9. Tp. 5
North. Range 1 WesL Beg at the
S W cor ot Block 33, South Ogden
Plat A. th S. 570 fL, E. 167 fL. N.
570 fL, W. 167 IL to the place of
E. V of S. E. Vi of Soc. 15, Twp. 5
North. Kaug.- 3 WesL Beg. 10.12
chs S from the N. E. cor. of the
S E of Sec, 15, Twp. 5 N.. R. 3
W s' L. M.. U. S. survey; th. W.
11 'ft. S 10 chs. E. 11 ft, M. 10
chs to the place of beg.
S E U of N. E. 14 ol Sec 4, Twp. 6
North, Rrange 1 WesL Beg. at
the S. E. cor of the N. E. hi of
Sec 4. Twp. 6 N., IL 1 W.. S. L. M.,
U S- survey, th N. 5 chs. W. 1.25
chs, S. 13 rds. W. 13 rds, N. 13 rds. W.
'to center of county road, south
westerly along road to a point 5.64
chs. W. of beg., E 5 61 chs. to tho
place of beg.
S E hL of Sec. 16, Twp. 6 North.
Range 1 West. Beg. 236.3 ft. s
from the N E. cor of the S. E. J4
of Sec. 16, Tp. 6 N., R. 1 W., S- L.
M U. S. survey; th S. 88 deg. 16
min, W. 343.5 ft. S. 50 min., W.
1243 fL. E. 349.3 fL N. 1258 6 ft to
the place of beg.
Sec 17. Twp 6 North. Range 1 West,
J 66x211. S6 fL Beg. 421.14 ft W.i
and 262 ft S. from intersection of
5 line of Second SL and W. line
of Wash. Ave. in Ogden City, Utah,
th S 66 fL W. 21186 ft, N. 66 fL
E. 211.81 ft to the place of beg
N. W. K of Sec. 29, Tp. 6 N.. Rang 1
West and N. W. 34 of Sec 30, Tp.
6 N Range 1 West (J0 acre). Beg
145 5 ft S. from the N E. cor of
Sec 30, Tp 6 N., R. 1 W., S. L. M..
U. S. survey; th W 82.87 ft, S 66
ft., E. 132 fL N. 66 ft. W. to place
of beg.
M 1 rt C -n m m .. aa. t,
... a utv,. ow, 1 p n rs orun, n.ange
1 W. (135 acres). Beg. 82.3 ft W,
from the N. E. cor of Sec 30, Tp.
6 N R. 1 W . S. L. M U. S. sur
vey, th S. 261.5 fL E. 82.87 ft. S.
399 ft. W. 107.68 fL N. 660 ft, E.
24.8 ft to the place of beg. Also
beg 660 ft. S. from the N E. cor of
Sec 30, Tp. 6 N.. R. 1. W., S. L. M
1 S. survey, th S. 37 deg. 57 mln.
W to C P. right of way. E. to east
line of said section, N. to tho place
of beg.
S. E. K of Sec 30, Tp. 6 N., Range 1
West (1 acre). Beg. at the inter
section of E line of "A" Ave and
S line of 25th SL, in Ogden City.
Utah. th. E. 146.66 fL S. 298.7 fL
W. 146.66 fL N. 298 7 ft. to the
place of beg.
S. W. 14 of Sec 33. Tp. 6 N., Range 1
West Beg. at the intersection of
the S. line of 32nd St and W.
line of Sec 33, Tp. 6 N.. R. 1 W., S.
L. M., U S survey, th S. 165.26 fL
E. 29 4 fL N. 166.25 ft. W. 29.4 fL
to the place of beg.
W. V of S. E. 14 of Sec 5. Tp. 6 N.,
Range 2 W. (2.50 acres). Beg.
1233 fL S. and 1173.26 ft E. from
the N. W. cor of the S. E. li, of
Sec 5, Tp. 6 N.. R. 2 W., S. L. M ,
U. S. survey, th N. 550 fL westerly
and southerly along river to a
point W. of beg., E. 400 ft. to the
place of beg
W. of N E K of Sec 22. Twp. 6
North, Range 3 W. (28.5 acres).
Being the S. 937.7 ft of the N.I
2257.7 ft of the W V of the N. E.
hi of Sec. 22, Twp 6 N., P.. 3 W.,
S. L. M., U. S. survey.
N. E. K of N. E. hi. of Sec 23, Twp.
6 N.. Range 4 W. (12.70 acres).
Being all of that portion of the N.
E. hi. of the N. E. hi of sc. 23,
Twp 6 N., R. 4 W., S. L. M.. U. S.
survey, lying east and north of
Great Salt lake.
N. E. hi of N E. hi of Sec 19, Twp.
7 N., R. 1 W. (15.63 acresc). Beg.
4,-t4.86 ft W. from the S. E. cor of
the N Vz of the N. E. li of Sec.
19, Twp 7 N. R. 1 W.. S. L. M .,
U. S. survey, th. W. 895.14 fL
46.9 fL to creek, northeasterly
along creek to county road, south -asterly
and southerly along road
to the place of beg
N. E. hi of N. W. hi of Sec. 30. Tp.
7 North, R. 1 W. (1.85 acres). Beg.
140 rods N and 11.48 rods W. and
1 deg. E from the southeast cor
ner of the N. W. hi of Sec. 30, Tp.
7 N., R. 1 W.. S. L. M.. U. S. sur
vey; th. N. 77 deg. W:. 16 rds, S 1 deg.
W. 19 rods, S 77 deg. E. 16 rds to
the place of beg.
N. E. hi of Sec. 22, Twp. 8 N., R. 1 W.
(160 acres). Being all of the N. E.
hi of Sec. 22, Twp. 8 N., R. 1 W.,
S. L M., U. S. survey.
Being all of Sec. 1, Twp. 6 N., R. 3 E..
S. L. M. (587 20 acres). U. S. sur
vey. S. E. hi of S W. hi of Sec. S. Twp. 7
N.. R. 1 E. (21 acres). Being the
E 61.10 rods of the S. 55 rods of
the S. E. hi of the S. W. M of Sec.
8, Tp. 7 N.. R. 1 E., S. L. M., U. S.
S. W. hi of N. W. hi of Sec. 20. Twp.
7 N , R. 1 E. (1 acre). Beg. 52
rods 11 fL E. from the N W. cor.
of the S. W. hi of the N. W. hi of
Sec 20, Twp. 7 N., R. 1 E., S. L.
M . U. S. survey; th S. 10 rods, E.
16 rods, N. 10 rods, W. 16 rods to
the place of beg
Sec. 35, Tp. 7 N , R IE (1 50 acres)
Btg 9.5 chs E. and 4 rods N. from
the S. W. cor of the N. W. hi of
Sec 35. Twp. 7 N.. R. 1 E., S. L.
M,, U. S. survey; th N. 1 deg 30
mln.. E. 4 92 chs, S. 8S deg 30 min
E. 3.25 chs, S. 1 deg. 30 min W.
4.92 chs , W. to the place of beg
S. E. hi of Sec 13, Twp. 7 N., R. 4 E.
(160 acres). Being the S. E. hi
ot Sec 13. Tp 7 N., R. 4 E., S. L.
M., U. S. survey.
- Ogden Petroleum company, princi
pal place of business. Ogden City,
There are delinquent upon the fol
lowing described stock, on account of
assessment levied on the 25th day of
March, 1918, the several amounts set
opposite the names of the respective
shareholders as follows:
Shares No. Amt
No. of Cert. Due
Albert Greenwell 400 IP 2 00
Howard Goddard .. 2.000 117 10 00
C. H. Gosling . ..25,000 ... 125 00
H H. Goddard . .18.750 75 93.75
W. A. Hickenlooper 1.0U0 33 5.00
E. S. Hall . . 2,000 53 10 00
F. Hickenlooper . . 1.000 22 5.00
F. Hickenlooper ... 600 270 3.00
Catherine Howe! .. 180 206 90
Ensign Herrick . . . 1.000 . . . 5.00
A. J. Johnson 1,000 ... 5.00
Charles Immes 2,000 ... 10.00
Tom Karademoa .. L000 262 5.00
Lillle Light 250 ... 1.25
J. M. Leinen 200 ... 1 00
D. O. Minnock ... 500 143 2.50
Mrs. C. H. Murphy. 125 59 .62
Louise M. Allison.. 500 130 2 50
Walter Blair 1.000 26 5 00
A. T. Doxey 1.500 126 7.50
A. T. Doxey 500 157 2.50
Mrs. E. C. Bybee. . . 1,200 ... 6.00
W. S. Bosgieter ... 200 205 1.00
George F. Brophy.. 300 251 1.50
Emil Bachman .... 1,000 273 5.00
W. C. Clark 10.000 70 50 00
Craig Canning Co. . 2.500 11 12 50
Mrs. C. C. Child ...25.400 156 127.00
Mrs. Goldie Clark ..1.000 134 5.00
Hat tie Prout Carter 500 ... 2 50
Tillie E Dalton ... 1,000 136 5.00
Margaret Dodson . . 2,000 107 10 00
Thomas Farr 2,000 45 10 00
Adrian Farr 15.500 ... 77.50
Ralph W. Farr 5.000 ... 25 00
C. L. Farr 1,000 . . . 5.00
Julia Flvgare 250 287 1 25
Jessie Flvgare 250 28S 1 25
Mai Mallendorf . 8.000 187 40.00
Mrs. Ella Nicely .. 125 158 62
Ogden Examiner . 3,000 269 1.". 00
Ezra M. Peterson . 3,000 65 15 00
Rudolph Paul! 1.000 147 5 00
J. W. Reeves 200 38 1.00
Charles M. Ramey ZOO ... 100
Leonard Rackham . 100 250 .50
R, Stark 1.000 58 5.00
Jeff Slade 1,000 99 5.00
D. D. Smith 1.000 119 5.00
Margaret Sullivan . 20 207 .10
Geo O. Stevens .. 100 .50
Fred E. Williams.. 1,000 118 5.0(1
C. A. Wright 1.000 111 5 00
. ft. Worrell 200 164 1.00 J
W J. Young 100 151 .50
And in accordance with law no I
many shares of each parcel of Boch
stock as may be necessary will be sold
at the office of said company, No, 364
Twenty -fourth streeL Ogden, Utah, on
the 20th day of May at the hour of 10
a. m. to pay delinquent assessments 1
thereon, together with the cost of ad
rertialng and expense of sale.
Secretary - Treasurer-1
360 Twenty -fourth St., Ogden. Utah.
Office of the State Road Commis
sion of Utah. Salt Lake City, Utah.
April 12th, 1918.
Sealed proposals will be received at
this office until ten (10) o'clock A.
M. May 6th, 1918, for grading, and
constructing pavement on the Ogden -Box
Elder State Road, from the north
limits of Ogden City to North Ogden,
together ith work incidental there
to according to plans, specifications
and profiles on file in the office of
the State Road Engineer.
Instructions to bidders, together
with plans, profiles, specifications and
forms for contract and bond, can be
obtained upon application at the of
fice of tbe State Road Commission up
on tbe depositing of five ($5.00) dol
lar. The right is reserved to reject any
and all bids, and to waive any de
fects. By order of the State Road Com
mission of Utah, this 12th day of April,
State Road Engineer.
And Secretary. State Road Commis
sion of Utah.
In the District Court of Weber
County, State of Utah.
Evona Investment Company, a Cor
poration, Plaintiff, vs James E Jen
sen and Mabel Jensen, otherwise
known as Minnie May Jensen, De-'
The State of Utah to said Defendant:
You are hereby summoned to ap
pear within twenty days after service
j of this summons upon you, if served
I within the county in which this action
is brought; otherwise, within thirty
days after service, and defend the
above entitled action; and in case of
your failure so to do, judgment will be
rendered against you according to the
demands of tho complaint, which has
been filed with the clerk of said courL
This action is brought to recover a
; judgment foreclosing plaintiff's mort
I gage upon the land described in said,
I complaint, for a deficiency judgmenL
if necessary.
Plaintiff's Attorney.
P. O. Address, 515 David Eccles
j Building, Ogden, Utah.
In the District Court of Weber
County, State of Utah.
1' V. Zinn. plaintiff vs. Thomas W.
I Freeman, defendanL ss.
To be sold at sheriff's sale on the J
1 9th day of May, 1918. at 12 o'clock
noon of said day, at the south front
door of the Weber County Court
House, in Ogden City, Weber County,
Utah, the following described propert,
Situated in Weber County, Utah, and
(particularly described as follows:
All of Lots Thirty -seven (37) and
Thirty-eight (38) in Block Twenty
three (23) of Lakeview Addition to
Ogden City, Utah. Together with all
and singular the tenements, heredita- 1
ments, and appurtenances thereunto j
belonging, or in anywise appertaining.
Sheriff of Weber County, Utah.
By Curtis Allison, Deputy Sheriff.
Wade M. Johnson, Esq., Attorney for
j Plaintiff
Dated at Ogden City. Weber county,
I Utah, this 17th day of April, 1918.
i Cocviult County Clerk or the Retpeo
tlve Signers for Further
In the District Court of the Second
Judicial District, in and for the County
of Weber. State of Utah.
In the matter of the estr.te of Corne
lius William0. Peecasod.
Creditors of the estate of Cornelius (
V illimus, deceased, will presen: their
j claims together with vouchers, to the
undersigned administratrix, at the law
offices of Chez & Stine, at rooms 41'-403-404
First National Bank building,
at Ogden Utah on or before July 2,
Chez Siine. Attorneys for Estate.
I Canadians are discussing the quec
! tion of having aliens now in intern
ment camps in Canada employed on
: the highways of Canada
Read Hie Classified Ads.
In order to assist my patrons to
purchase more Liberty Bonds, I
wish to announce ihat I will accept
the Bonds in payment of Life,
Health and Accident Premiums, on
new business as well &8 n the old
business, during the balance of the
current year.
A. W. WRIGHT, General Agent,
Columbia National Life Ins. Co.
710 Kearns Bldg.
B"- m "-Li
J. A. HOGLE & CO. 1
2409 Huson Ave. Phone 322 I
Stocks, Bonds, Cotton, Grain.
Members Chicago Board of Trade,
Salt Lake Stock and Mining
Resident Partner.
Members Denver Consolidated
Stock Exchange.
Bankers 1st National Bank, Denver
210-11-12 Empire Building. 16th St
Stocks Bought and Sold on All Mar
kets In U. S A and Canada.
Price Lists Mailed on App.1c.1t
Denver, Colo
V , '

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