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1 quiet" East St. Louis spot offered at 8.60c. JS J 7. V J ' T T W V T - - ; ture. jH
: Eiahth Year-No. 263. phcc fiv. cenu. OGDEN CITY, UTAH, FRIDAY" EVENINGrNQVEMBE8r T9I8. LAST EDITION 3:30 P. M, J
Ij WASHINGTON, Nov. 8. The German armistice delegation entered conference with' Mar- j
I rshal Foch at 9 o'clock this morning, French time., the state department announced officially today,
f j 'Announcement was made also that if it is found that the German delegates must transfer the
(armistice terms to Berlin they would be given 72 hours from the time that decision was? reached in
I Which to answer. The 72 hours will end Monday morning. j
WASHINGTON, Nov. 8. Information reaching Washington through diplomatic channels
I today indicates that if the German armistice envoys are not ready to accept immediately the stir
j irender terms offered by Marshal Foch the marshal will give them only until Sunday to sign. No
' efforts at compromise or evasion by the Germans is to be tolerated; they must take what the
Mies and the United States offer and Say down their arms or there will be no interruption of the
igreat offensive which is destroying the German military machine.
Time is given only for consideration of the drastic terms by the envoys and for communi
cation by them with Berlin if they desire. In view of The Associated Press dispatch from Paris
saying 72 hours would be allowed, it was assumed that an additional day had been granted be
; cause of the delayed arrival of the Germans.
PARIS, Nov. 8, (noon). If the credentials of the German armistice delegates are found
adequate they will be informed officially what the terms of the armistice are and that they will
' have a time limit of seventy-1wo hours in which to reply. '
' ' i
PARIS, Nov. 8. The white flag bearers reached the left '
wing of General Debeney's army at ten o'clock last night, j
They arrived at the place indicated by the Allied supreme com
mander within the French lines about two o'clock this morn-j
ing and passed the remainder of the night there.
PARIS, Nov. 8. The German delegates which came
within the French lines last night to receive from Marshal,
Foch the Allied terms for an armistice, proceeded this morn-!
ing to the meeting place designated by the marshal. '
LONDON, Nov. 8, I2c36 p. m. The German armistice
delegates arrived at Marshal Foch's headquarters at six o'clock
this morning, according to advices received here.
WASHINGTON, Nov. 8. An official diplomatic dis
patch from France today emphasized that Marshal Foch is em-
powered to deliver military terms to the Germans and receive
. their acceptance and that peace negotiations are -not the
province of the military commander, j
WASHINGTON, Nov. 8. Any suspension of hoslili-j
ties before the armistice is signed, even if asked on philan-j
: thropic grounds, is declared to be out of the-question. j
(By The Associated Press.) j
Germany's armistice plenipotentiaries, having entered
the French lines under a white flag last night, met Marshal '
Foch at 9 o'clock French time, Friday morning. From him
they will receive the armistice terms of the Allies and the
United States. The historic meeting occurred in a little vil
lage in the department of the Aisne.
I Germany will be given seventy-two hours in which to
J reply to the terms presented by Marshal Foch. It is declared
i there will be no cession of hostilities. The German delegates
will not be permitted to haggle; they must accept or go on
British, French and American troops maintain the pres
! sure which has driven the enemy from many square miles of
territory in the past week. . On the north the British are mov
ing on Maubeuge and Mons and are less than three miles
: from Maubeuge. i
While the Americans command the situation at Sedan, '
although they apparently do not hold the entire city, the j
French are pressing toward Mezieres and have occupied Singly,
less than eight miles to the south. Elsewhere on their front
the French armies continue the rapid advance of the last three
days. At no point are the French more than 30 miles from
i the Belgian border and at most places the distance over which
: they still have to drive the invader is much less.
Virtually all the German navy is in the hands of the
evolutionists, who also are reported in power in Hamburg
I)' and most of northwestern Germany adjacent to the North
sea. Revolts are also reported in Bremen, Schwerin and Tilsit
( 2nd Wilhclmshavcn .
Armistice News Will Be!
Promptly Given
WASHINGTON, Nov. S. The Amor
Jean government was notified just be
fore noon today that Marshal Foch had
received the German delegates seeking
armistice terms behind the French
lines at 9 o'clock this morning, Paris!
In announcing that the conference:
which may end the war had begun, the,
state department disclosed that the
Gorman envoys after reading the sur
render terms handed them would be
allowed a brief time to consider j
whether they must communicate withi
Berlin and then would be given 72 J
hours In which to reply if they requir- ;
ed a decision from Berlin. i
Anxiety among officials of the gov
ernment today over the renewal of
wild premature peace demonstrations
started yesterday by the false -report
of the signing of an armistice almost
equalled interest in the outcome of the
Everywhere it is believed that the
Germans are beaten and that their
surrender cannot long be delayed.
Word that the drastic conditions,
under which tho American and allied
advance may stop, will be accepted is
awaited with calm confidence.
But it is realized that the premature
celebrations, in which lives already
have been lost and property destroyed,
may create a grave situation, resulting
j in material Interruption of industrial
and business activities. President Wil
son himself has taken cognizance of
the danger and at his direction Secre
tary Lansing issued an official state
ment denying persistent statements
thai news was being withheld and
promising an announcement as soon as
tho government received Information
I that an armistice had been signed.
Wealthy Munitions
Manufacturer Very -
Seriously Injured
KNOXVILLE, Tenn., Nov. S. Wil
liam J. Oliver, wealthy munitions man
ufacturer, was knocked down by an
automobile truck and seriously injured
today while on his way to the federal
court for a preliminary hearing on an
indictment charging graft by turning
out defective shells or the govern-
meut. ,
! ' TIES
Port of Hamburg Com
pletely in Hands of
COPENHAGEN, Nov. 8. Revolu
tionists have cut the north German
railvay line couth of Flcnsburg in
Schleswig-Holstcin. This breaks com
munications from the north with Ham
burg. AMSTERDAM, Nov. 8. The great
German maritime port of Hamburg is
completely in the hands of the revolu
tionists, according to reports from
Hamburg newspapers printed by the
Cologne Gazette. The red flap: is fly
ing on all the ships in the harbor.
The headquarters of the commander
of the port has been occupied by the
soldiers' council after exciting occur
rences in which machine guns were
All kinds of excesses took place in
the neighboring city of Altona. The
port commander there agreed to all
the demands submitted by the soldiers'
LONDON, Nov. S. The movement
which resulted in the seizing of vir
tually the entire German navy by revo
lutionary forces was carried out in a
fairly peaceful manner, according to
the Exchange Telegraph correspond
ent at Copenhagen. The red flag was
hoisted quite generally, he adds.
All the large . wharves connected
with the naval service also wore taken
over by the revolutionists.
At Wilhelmshaveu the naval officers
agreed to hand nuthority over to the
rebels If they would promise to mako
resistance should the British attack
that naval port.
Sonderburg in Revolutionary Hands
LONDON, Nov. S Sonderburg, a
Prussian, town in Schleswig, 13 miles
northeast of Flensburg, is in the hands
of tho revlutionaries, according to a
dispatch from Copenhagen to 'the Ex
change Telegraph company. The red
flag has been hoisted on the ships
LONDON, Nov 8 The Third infantry
regiment, according to these advices,
has taken possession of the Airdrome
at Oldenburg in Holstein. Blanken
stein, a county in Westphalia 24 miles
northeast of Dusseldorf, has joined the
AMSTERDAM, Nov. S The Cologne
Volks Zeituhg says the revolution at
, Bremen was effected in two hours.
Germany Determined to
Cloud Issue in Every
Prince Warns Peace
Must Be Had at
Any Price.
PARIS, Friday, Nbv. 7.-4:20 a. m.
German delegates sent to the French
front to receive from General Foch al
lied terms for an armlGtice crossed the
allied line near La Capelle last night.
They were taken to a house where
f preparations had been made to receive
them. They stayed there during the
night and this morning will be con
ducted to a place In the department of
the Aisne which is a. jjicetlng . place
fixed by Marshal Foch. This trip will
take about four hours. Marshal Foch
will have with him Admiral Sir Rosyln
Wemyes, first sea lord of Great Brit
'ain, and Major-General Maxine Wey
gand of the French army, Marshal
Foch's assistant.
WASHINGTON, Nov. 8. At 8
o'clock this morning state and war de
partmcnt officials who had kept an all
night vigil still were without informa
tion that German plenipotentiaries had
signed the armistice terms. . On the
basis of press dispatches from France
that the envoys would meet Marshal
Foch today, officials did not expect any
definite news as to Germany's decision
for several hours.
Foch's Powers Military.
PARIS, Nov. 8.-6:50 a. m The
powers conferred' upon Marshal Foch
are strictly confined to the conclusion
of an armistice, according to the Echo
de Paris. The amendments to the
terms placed in his hands by the Inter-allied
council are closely limited,
the newspaper says.
PARIS, Nov. 3 The text of the
wireless exchanges botween Marshal
Foch and the German high command
shows, tho morning newspapers de
clare, tho Germany is still delcrmined
to cloud the issue in every possible
way apparently with the object of at
leak gaining time if they cannot gain
anything else.
The Matlu says:
"Berlin and all Germany are strid
ing rapidly toward a revolution. The
substitution of a responsible secretary
of state for an Admiral von Hintze
was inspired by this grave peril. The
commission sent by the German gov
ernment must have with it men able
to sign immediately wlthouC referring
to Berlin. An attempt must be made
at any price, in the phrase o Prince
Maximilian of Baden, to open negotia
tions In favor of peace, needless to
say the German government is tho vic
tim of a persistent illusion. Marshal
Foch will refuse to como out of his
province which is strictly military nnd
he also avIH certainly refuse any' sus
pension of hostilities until the armis
tice is accepted."
Other commontators write in the
same vein and invariably conclude- by
asserting that German capitulation is
not far away.
NEW YORK, Nov. 8. Thousands of
shipyard workers threw down their
tool" in State Island yards today,
crossed the harbor on ferry boats and
began a march up Broadway, resuming
their celebration of the false peace re
ports circulated yesterday. Apparent
ly, they had stripped the yards of most
of tho metal which could be used as
noise making devices.
ST. LOUIS, Mo., Nov. S. The foot
ball game between Drake university
of Dcs Moines. la., and Washington
university of St. Louis scheduled to be
plaved here Saturday, has been can
celled because of the influenza ban, it
was announced today.
Tho marines enticed the soldiers to
join them after which a. meeting was
held. This assembly demanded the
creation of a social -democratic repub
lic. Women joined with the marines
in opening the. prisons. Order is be
I lug maintained by the marines,
ROME, Nov. 8. Triest dispatches announce that Ital- 1
ian warships have entered the port of Zara. The Italian flag j
was raised by Captain Deboccard, who has .been appointed fil
military governor. The monuments of Francisco and Tegeth- '11
off, former commander-in-chief of the Austrian navy, were ffl
overthrown by the crowd. The occupation of Lussinpiccolo ill
by Italians also is announced. IKI
Zara is a seaport in Austria-Hungary and is the capital 11
of Dalmatia. Lussinpiccolo is a town on an island belonging 11
to the crownland of Istria. It is the principal seaport of the :
Quarnero islands, between Istria and the Croatian coast.
AMSTERDAM, Nov. 8, 1 1 a. m. The great German H
maritime port of Hamburg is completely in the hands of the 9
revolutionists, according to reports from Hamburg newspapers j
printed by the Cologne Gazette. The red flag is flying on all
the ships in the harbor. j
PARIS, Nov. 8. French troops resumed their advance ,
along the whole front this morning. The war office today re-
ports that French units have reached the railway junction of !
Liart, about twenty miles north of Retheh
On the right where the French line joins the American,
the French earl' today captured Singly, less than eight miles jH
south of Mezieres and Frenois, about one mile west of Sedan. Ifl
Fifteen hundred prisoners and much material were captured !
LONDON, Nov. 8, 9:30 a. m. The cities ofBremen, J H
Schwerin , and- Tilsit have joined in the GermanrevolutionTc- IH
j cording to a Copenhagen dispatch to the Exchange Telegraph
company. Dr. Karl Liebknecht is said to have arranged for
(the formation of a soldiers' council at Bremen.
LONDON, Nov. 8. The Britishare continuing their ad- -
Vance along the actual battle front. Marshal Haig today an
Inounced the capture of two villages in the region between IH
jMons and Maubeuge.
ROME, Nov. 8. Monsignor Bonaventura Cerretti, papal H
junder-secretary of state and former apolostic delegate to Aus- H
itria, will leave next .Wednesday or Thursday for the United j H
States as special envoy.of the Vatican. ' I H
COPENHAGEN, Nov. 8 Prince Henry of Prussia. I
brother of Emperor William, arrived at .Kiel on Wcdnesda' in H
an automobile flying a red flag, the Schleswig Volks Zeitung H
says. He was pursued by marines who fired a dozen shots H
at him, the newspaper adds. H
Prince Henry of Prussia is the commander-in-chief of the ,
German navy and the only brother of the German emperor.
In 1 902 Prince Henry visited the United States, spending one
month here. In March 1914, Prince Henry visited several
South American countries. H
LONDON, Nov. S Tho German j
majority parties have held a final tfls-1
cussion on the question of Emperor
William's adbication and will without
doubt unanimously demand that ho
abdicate, according to a Berlin dis
patch to the Copenhagen Politiken,
forwarded by the Exchange Telegraph
correspondent. The abdication, it is
added, will probably occur tomorrow.
Marshal Foch's Powers.
WASHINGTON, Nov. S. "The pow
ers conferred on Marshal Foch only
concern the conclusion of an armis
tice," says the dispatch. "The modi
fications which he is qualified to grant
are strictly limited. Any suspension of
armistice even if it is asked for on
philanthropic grounds is out of the
"It is slated that there should be no
doubt that the armistice and peace
considerations are two distinct ques
tions and while Marshal Foch Is duly
qualified to negotiate the armistice the
peace negotiations arc concerns of the
allied governments.
"Marshal Foch will do nothing more
than to communicate to tho delegates
the already prepared conditions of the
BASEL, Nov. S Field Marshal
Mackenseu of the German army has
arrived at Budapest from Bucharest to
confer with Premier Michael Karolyi
of Hungary on the passago across that
country of German divisions in Ru
mania," according to a Budapest dis
patch received here.
Artillery Fire at Sedan.
p. m .(By the Associated Press.)
Beyond artillery and machine gun flro
which was particularly active in the
region of Sedan, there has been little
to report from tho battle front since
last nighL No infantry action has been
reported on any sector of the Ameri-1
can front.
Lanslno Issues Statement. '
Associated Press.) At President Wil H
son's direction Secretary Lansing is- ' H
sued a statement shortly afternoon to- H
day that any statement that now J H
reaching the government concerning H
armistice negotiations was withheld , H
was utterly false and that as, soon as a H
decision in regard to the arralstico was H
reached it would be. made public im- H
mediately by the government. JH
Mr. Lansing's statement said: 1H
"I am requested and authorized bj H
the president to state that no informa- i H
lion reaching the government concern- j H
ing the armistice negotiations in ) H
France has been withheld, that any H
statement to the contrary is utterly j H
false and that as soon as a definite do- . j H
cision in regard to the armistice ha? H
been reached it will immmedlately be H
made public by the government." H
Third Squadron Faithful. H
LONDON, Nov. S. A Berlin wireless jIH
dispatch received here today says:
"Tho third squadron remains faith- jH
ful to the government." (!H
j Boy Dead and Four ; I
! Injured in Peace j I
Celebrations in East j
NEW CASTLE, Pa., Nov. 8. An un- I
identified 11 -year-old boy is dead and
five other persons arc In hospitals to- H
day suffering from serious injuries as j ;
a result of accidents which marred the ) t H
premature peace celebration here last j JH
night. The dead boy and four injured i'll
men were the victims of a noise bomb JH
explosion. i IH
During (he colobralion Jack Mc- JH
Donald, foreman at a Jocal tin plate H
factory, was beaten and shot by a IH
crowd when he was mistaken for a j M
foreigner, who is said. to have-defiled s IH
un American flag. ; IH

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